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Switch Joy-Com Mario theme comfort grip £5.99 @ Smyths (free C&C)
Found 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
Outstanding price. Never been anywhere near as cheap as this before.

No I don't think so as looks the same shade. Should match the light red joy cons though. I have been using a black Nintendo made comfort grip, that came with console, and the red Odessy grip, and the red Mario Pipe grip in this deal post since Christmas. I see no noticeable performance difference so far in any of the grips. To be honest at £5.99, it is pretty good buy right? for a nice themed grip whatever concerns over quality you might have.


Not made by Nintendo themselves, third party Power A stuff always feels inferior in quality and as somebody else pointed the red is a slightly different red to the mario joycons


Stock available at Smyths in Speke


Does that red match the Mario joycons ?


Sorry for confusion, I'm saying the red Mario grip looks nice with the grey joycons as pictured

Vegas Party SWITCH £14.85 @ Base (pre-order)
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
Pre-order , Due for release on 02/03/2018. Is £19.99 on Amazon, under 15 quid though at Base. The game takes the player into the gambling-friendly universe of this over-the-top v… Read more

I agree the game looks crap. Never played it before on any other format.


Manhunt made it on the Wii, so you never know. And yes reviewers probably don't pay for titles that's true, but it is the same across all platforms and that balances out any metacritic skew in that regard. Plus with all the loot boxes in games now, I'm pretty sure reviewers don't get those free!


Wii U probably didnt sell well because more of the same? I dont know as same argument can be used for PS4 Pro & Xbox One X I guess - incremental hardware upgrades for better graphics as all games must run on their lower counterparts. Releasing Wii U titles on the switch doesnt do anything for Wii u owners unless you want to relive the title again on the loo!


Aye have to wholeheartedly agree with you - this machine isnt intended for me. Lol@Metacritic - hard to find fault with that argument. Apologies for not being a paid reviewer - the profession (playing games) is attractive - the salary not so much hence why I didnt become a professional writer reviewing games but did start in the days of Atari, Game & Watch - so been around. Been lucky to own every single console to date inc. Neo Geo when launched! Damn those cartridges were criminally priced. 1 thing that does annoy me about all reviewers is the majority dont pay for the games/goods they review so that does impact the overall review if you ask me as someone that pays full whack for release titles so I want a genuine value for the money/ROI - hence the longetivity. That being said, I do agree with 80% of metacritic reviews but they tend to be movie orientated. Guess I'm a Rockstar gamer since GTA came onto the scene and cute and cuddly wears thin quickly after my APB! Imagine Manhunt on the Switch!


Personally I'm glad to see Wii U games coming across. Considering the user base for the Switch has grown to be higher than that of the Wii U in just 10 months it makes perfect sense to do this, but there's also a good amount of exclusives considering that it's still a new system. Mario Odyssey, Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Golf Story have been more than enough to keep me busy in between enjoying the novelty playing some old favourites such as Puyo Puyo Tetris, Steamworld Dig and Doom on a portable system. This has been as good a console launch as any in recent memory in my opinion, with the only drawback being a couple of shoddy third party ports, Nintendo's poor online infrastructure and the delay in launching apps that should really be standard by now such as Netflix and YouTube.

Mario Party Island Tour 3DS - £13.99 @ Tesco - Free Delivery
Found 31st Dec 2017Found 31st Dec 2017
My son got a Nintendo DS for Christmas and is loving his Mario games, this is next on the list and appears the cheapest I can find it for anyone else looking, hope it helps.

I think it has been this price previously, eg: But deal has expired. This is currently the cheapest I can see, so hot for me.


Show me where please


Thanks! Ordered


£13.99 is standard price.


Thanks, I haven't found Star Rush as cheap as you've mentioned, another to sort out for him, cheers.

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Mario Party The Top 100 (3DS) Pre-order £28.99 @365Games +£5.80 back in points!!!
Found 25th Nov 2017Found 25th Nov 2017
Nice little stocking filler this? Release date 22 Dec 2017. Super price to get it for Xmas and on date of release with the bonus 20% back in points offer 365games have on this wee… Read more

this game will probably go down in price very quickly since the 3ds is dead and its coming out after everyone has bought stuff for Christmas, also the game isnt exactly good, so i would say wait


Either way, I love Mario, always heat :D


Yeah it was my initial thoughts. The 100 games are apparently not even close to the best 100 games. MK8D was a lazy cash-in too. All they did was fix the dissapointing Wii U MK8, and cheat the gamers out of a MK9 game on Switch.


Supposedly another cash in, from what I have read.


I of course have no clue what your talking about, and there is no relevance to the post. We get your a emulator/hack type of gamer and your trying to be cool, that's fine not judging you for that, rock on and all. But can you answer the original Q. ? Since you say you have been playing the game for 2 weeks now, can you tell us something about it?

Nintendo eShop 3DS Summer Sale Up To 50% Off
Found 27th Jul 2017Found 27th Jul 2017
Looks to be some good deals for digital copies. You'll need to make a mynintendo account to access the discounts. Some are a little pricey but the Majora's Mask seems to be cheaper… Read more
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Same here too, all showing as full RRP, the ones in the capcom sale are showing up fine though.


Picked up the virtual console games for the 3ds, then spent my coins on Zen Pinball 3ds. Wished they had put more VC games on sale, I would advise people to get them now if they want them as prices don't usually come down on them


Same situation here. Got a new 2ds XL today, set it up, linked accounts etc. Got Street fighter no problem but the summer sale prices are not showing up - just full rrp. Have emailed customer support but maybe it because the 2ds XL launched today and they have a big influx of new users?? 🤔


Same situation here mate. I've also read that it takes up to 3 hours for the prices to adjust after linking your Nintendo ID with my nintendo website. Well, its been 3 hours for me and no change so far. I was able to download a pinball game directly to my 3ds by using their website so I know everything is linked for sure.


Majora's mask is coming up as £39.99?


If you like easy 2D platformers, or it's for a kid, Chibi Roo is great and always cheap


There's a strong library so you're kinda spoiled for choice. What are your gaming tastes like? Super Mario 3D Land, Fire Emblem Awakening / Fates, Pokemon Sun / Moon, Virtue's Last Reward, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Steamworld Heist all come to mind


Any "must buys" for a newish 3ds xl owner?


Do these work on switch?


OMG 6% off Pokemon Ruby, where's my wallet? Heat for the rest! X)

Mario party star rush (3DS) £17.85 @ ebay via boss_deals
Found 3rd Feb 2017Found 3rd Feb 2017
This is the cheapest i think the new mario party has dropped to. Hope it helps someone out.
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I agree with you, but I did not think Mario Party Island Tour was anything other than a very good MP game either (appreciate your not saying it wasn't good). Definitely worth having both games, especially with MPIT being available cheaply.


Heat! <3 This game is worth every penny. It's better than the previous game on 3DS - Mario Party Island Tour. It's a hell of a lot more fun! :D


HEAT. Brilliant price for a very good game on the nations favourite small handheld. My kid has played this every day since Xmas day, I quite like playing it too with him. He loves the boss battles. There is lots of different game options and styles to how you play a game also, and one of the games uses Amiibo's. Worth noting anyone without the game can play local multiplayer with anyone has a cart for free. Nintendo have done this new thing by making a guest copy available for free download on the Eshop. Means no downloading or need for temp files, quicker to get started. Great initiative that, lets hope we see more of it.


Anytime! Everyones a winner!!


Thanks for reminding me I had £15 left on my Ebay account from the last promotion, free game!

Mario Party Island Tour 3DS £12.99 @ Very
Found 10th Jan 2017Found 10th Jan 2017
It's preorder for 20/1/17. But still cheap... Selects version. Argos same product: - Spasho

Never mind the Selects debate on pretty art work Vs cost Vs ugly art work vs budget vs original more collectible game. What about the constant issue of retailers misleading/misadvertising the games. So many instances now for a long time, and so many retailers at it, passing of Select games as the originals. Of course this is not Nintendo's fault, but they could just get rid of this Selects nonsense all together and recognise it really does not give consumers any benefit. RRP on games can be adjusted changed, to reflect time passed or market conditions. Does not need a new ghastly printed cover in the game case to have a different price.


​​plus are truly the worst retailer ever.


That would be fine, however they didn't send returns label with it, and their phone number doesn't work for some reason, even emails they never respond to


If you have a preference of original covers. I'm collecting specific 3DS games with its original cover so I definitely wouldn't order a Selects' version. That's unfortunate. Still, since it was their fault you're eligible to return it for free.


I had the same problem with stupid gameseek, advertised as original, sent me bleeding selects

Mario Party: Star Rush (Nintendo 3DS) £19.85 Delivered @ Base
Found 30th Dec 2016Found 30th Dec 2016
Team up with Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, and more in the most perfectly portable Mario Party game to date. Play with up to four players simultaneously, exploring different world… Read more

This is a very good game, particularly brilliant multiplayer. The feature to avoid download play, by downloading a party guest player version of the game for free from Eshop is brilliant. If I were being critical and this is super critical of a great game, I would have wanted the option to buy some extra content mini games from E-shop, but like I say that is being quite critical and still time for that anyway.


Meteroid Prime is £14.85 @ SG


Base has some good 3DS deals. SEGA 3D Classic Collection - £16.99 @ Pokémon Y - £24.85 @ Halo Prime: Federation Force - £17.99 @ Mario Kart 7 and the likes are still £30+. I'm only collecting new sealed 3DS games from my list because before, I did purchase 3DS pre-owned games and parts of the covers were yellowed for some reason. Don't want that.

Mario Party Star Rush 3DS £21.95 Delivered @ The Game Collection
Found 2nd Dec 2016Found 2nd Dec 2016
seemed rather cheap for this game A new approach to Mario Party: quicker play and simultaneous turns! Team up with Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, and more in the most perfectly porta… Read more
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not a fan of ebay sadly


Plenty good sellers on ebay that have it for under a tenner, boxed/manual in good condition. Bargain!


Thanks Noahsdad got my son a 2ds for xmas so may try island tour to see how he likes it!


i want mario party for the DS but thats still rather pricey at the moment


Why not both I would think. If you had to choose one, although I have not played the new Star Rush, by all accounts it is MP with improvements such as the no waiting for a turn and simultaneous board action. There has not been a bad MP game on 3DS/DS. Island Tour was excellent and the DS one before that, with Wigglers Garden and so on (forget the name) still plays and looks great now too. If for a gift, could buy Island Tour just as it is so cheap for a kids Xmas, and wait till their birthday for the new Star Rush when will also be cheap.

Mario Party 10 - New - £25.00 delivered - Tesco Direct (Original case artwork - NOT 'Selects' edition)
Found 6th Oct 2016Found 6th Oct 2016
Fantastic price for a great game in its original artwork format, before only the 'Selects' version is available for purchase brand-new.
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garbage is harsh, but its certainly not up to par with the previous MP games. The putting everyone in the car was a fundamental flaw, I can see the idea behind to it, to keep people involved without long delays, but it should have just been an optional choice in a menu. I believe 3DS MP Star Rush has compromised with what should be a more workable method of players being able to take their turns at the same time. Will need to see how that goes. The sucky multiplayer battle option on MK8 was a fundamental flaw also. I have to play MK7 online for some worthwhile and more entertaining traditional battle map action. Lets hope these fundamental flaws are not repeated with MK9 and MP12.


Gradually building up a nice budget release collection! ^_^


Grainger games sell it for £15 Pre owned. The non select version


The game is garbage. As soon as they started shoving everyone in the same car


​£7 more is not exactly worth it to get it without the Selects packaging.

Mario Party 10 (Wii U) £14.99 Delivered (Preowned) @ Grainger Games
Found 30th Sep 2016Found 30th Sep 2016
Not a bad price. I suspect this is not a select version. But if you want to buy a new copy, Base is selling the select version for £16.85 (… Read more

Given Grainger have been known to send preowned in poor condition it seems like a lot of risk to save so little. And yes the other option is in the description, highlighting I think that is a better offer :) depends on whether £2.50 is worth the risk to the buyer :)


Two reasons; you are saving £2. You are buying a none select version (original) which to many is more preferable. The option for a new select version is also mentioned in the description.


not sure why you'd spend £15 on a used copy which could be not in the greatest condition when for another £2 you can buy new now it's on Selects!


He meant used dude and that was the whole point of the joke. X)


You meant new but the whole preowned got in the way. :P Yeah, folks, don't buy "new" from them as you'll receive a used copy.

NEW Glow in Dark Boo, Daisy, Waluigi Amiibos £10.99 each pre-order @ GAME
Found 4th Sep 2016Found 4th Sep 2016
This new wave of Amiibo's are released on varying October-November release dates. Cheapest pre-order price of £10.99 is at GAME. The long awaited Daisy, Waluigi & Boo figures a… Read more


You absolute nutter you, what on earth you on about. It is 4 months after the deal post. It is hardly £1.99 either, a few quid off + delivery charge unless you spend £20+ or have Prime. I bought the newer Mario Amiibos I wanted in December in the 3 for 2 Smyths deal posted on here, which is better than your suggested deal. Has anyone ever said "no amiibo will ever drop in price" myself included? BOOM your contributing nonsense as usual.


Boom, noahsdad WRONG...and talking out of his rear end as usual? SUPER MARIO COLLECTION amiibo, £7.99 and dropping: He was so sure they'd NEVER drop too, hahahahahahahaha.


Quite the chipspert eh Noah, must admit I much prefer proper roast spuds though. Though if chips is on the menu I tend to prefer our British chip shop style fat boys to the European skinny fries variety. I'll make an exception in Holland though, lashings of their Rema fritessaus 'mayo' lobbed on of course


I had home made spicy chips for dinner last night. I used ASDA's universal white potatos, cut them chunky and stuck them in my Tefal Air fryer for 30 mins (often available on deals on here). After they were ready I mixed them with Sharwoods Spice Mix, and Sharwoods Spice & Herb Mix. Absolutely delicious. Sometimes I put chopped chilli, onion, garlic, green pepper, a lil salt & pepper and mix them with the chips for 2 mins in a wok with a little oil. This is nice also, and more Chinese style "salt & pepper chilli chips". The more simplier sharwoods spice mix last night however, was delicious on its own too. No photos taken (sorry).

Mario Party Star Rush 3DS £28 at Tesco Direct (pre-order)
Found 1st Sep 2016Found 1st Sep 2016
Also known as Mario Party 11, this is the game many of us have been waiting for. Released on 7th October, this is the cheapest pre delivery price is 50p less than Argos and include… Read more

Don't you know? He speaks for all of us.


Yes I work in the media they have held closed door demos of mario party


How did you manage to play a demo, when a demo has not been released? Are you working in the gaming industry?


i wouldn't consider it a review but yes I've played a demo of this


i want Mario Party DS but it seems expensive elsewhere

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