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Microsoft Flight Simulator £51.90 from Xbox Iceland Store
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Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
KR 5599 Standard KR 8449 Deluxe KR 11199 Premium Deluxe You get additional 20% off all choices if xbox ultimate game pass is active. To pay around £26, £39 or £52. Game pass ulti… Read more

Thanks OP. Just purchased Premium Edition for around £52!! Absolutely Great Price!! (y)


it works really well, looks good too, not the same as my pc but nothing too different to make it less enjoyable - series s is amazing really


Shows you how stupid the voting can be on this site sometimes, this is cheaper for all versions of this that went to 322 heat in June. I reckon if something is cold people just copy and vote cold without knowing what they are doing.


Thinking of buying a series s just for this game. Is it worth it?


That's right, the games and dlc are region free so can be purchased from anywhere and will work together fine, I usually buy from Brazil or Hungary. It's just the credit that's region locked. You can also buy X and S consoles from other regions, the Swiss store usually has a good rate but I could never catch it when in stock. Bought from Argos in the end (y).

Microsoft Flight Simulator £32.29 or £25.77 with GamePass Subscription [Xbox Series X|S / PC] Pre-Order @ Xbox Store Iceland
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Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul

Still working, and also worked fine with UK address.


Does anyone know if there's an in game map, it's just I've left my local airport in search of my house 10miles away and I'm completely lost, think I could be going in the wrong direction.


Oh I know. GTA is more of my type of game than a flight sim to be honest. I hope I see GTA 7 in my lifetime! :P


;) GTA is far from being a simulator. Was a joke. :)


So what you're saying, is that Microsoft Flight Simulator is a different game to GTA? :p

Xbox Game Pass Additions - Battlefield V, Cris Tales, Crimson Skies, Microsoft Flight Simulator & More
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Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
Xbox Game Pass Additions - Battlefield V, Cris Tales, Crimson Skies, Microsoft Flight Simulator & Store Deals
Battlefield V (Cloud) EA Play Enter mankind’s greatest conflict with Battlefield V as the series goes back to its roots with a never-before-seen portrayal of World War II. Lead… Read more

Can i play, microsoft flight simulator on the xbox one s..? Thank you (y)


Kind of. They did say Xbox One when it was announced. I believe at the time that any and all news games announced had to support current and next gen hardware, and that was the reason for this. They later reneged on Xbox One support, but then later again revealed that the game will be playable via xCloud, so with streaming you should be able to play MSFS on Xb1 - that's my current understanding. Don't know when or how well it will run though.. I got a xb1s for msfs over a year ago, now just got an XsS for it too! See above, playable via xCloud at some point. £250 is for your Series S!


My GP sub expires on Sunday. Anyone know of the best deal now that the EA loophole is closed?


100+ games at say £5 month = Approx 5p a game at the most. Not quite free, but you know what I meant.


Free games? Have I been paying for gamepass all this time like a sucker?

Microsoft Flight Simulator (Xbox Series X) PRE-ORDER £50.36 with code at ebay / thegamecollectionoutlet
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Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
Microsoft Flight Simulator (Xbox Series X) PRE-ORDER £50.36 with code at ebay / thegamecollectionoutlet£50.36£62.9520% offeBay Deals
Microsoft Flight Simulator (Xbox Series X) PRE-ORDER via thegamecollectionoutlet

Even though the game arrived 3 days before the official launch date, I was not able to play until the 27th because it has been blocked by Microsoft.....




Id forgot about the Argentina route (y)


Yes, that's exactly what I did, I'd used my trial before but just bought 12 months of gold from Eneba and converted it


MS have announced other titles that will only be playable on last gen via streaming on release (Starfield etc) , good news as the devs are no longer being held back by last gen hardware.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator £32.67 / Deluxe Edition £49.30 / Premium Deluxe Edition £65.35 [Xbox Series X|S] Pre-Order @ Xbox Store Iceland
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Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Note - the Standard Edition of the game will be arriving on GamePass in July, however for those who do not have GamePass or wish to purchase the game outright all editions of the g… Read more

Thanks OP, went for it. Just have 70 GB update to download!


Thank you I've let him know (y) thank you


@Ian_Beniot When I pre-ordered STALKER 2 from the Iceland store it automatically saw my payment options on my UK account. I didn't have any credit on it at the time but if I did, it would have been available to use it as either part or whole payment if selected. Word of warning, if your brother has already cashed in reward points for credit, that reward credit MUST be spent within 90 days of being created. If you make any part payment using reward credit against a pre-order that is more than 90 days out from being released, it will expire as Microsoft only start the payment process using part reward credit and credit/debit card's approximately 10 days before release. Seeing as Flight Sim is released this month, he should be fine to make either a whole or part payment using reward credit if he's cashing in now OR the credit doesn't expire before release.


Erm it's my brother he has around £40 in reward points and asked me if he could redeem them for credit then use it to buy the game at this price lol I didn't know what to say as I've already got it ordered


Not sure if I’m reading your question correctly but I’ve found you can redeem and use points from punch cards where a game hasn’t been purchased from the UK store, but the punch card does need to be activated before buying the game.

[PC Windows] Microsoft Flight Simulator: Standard - £23.53 & Premium Deluxe - £41.17 with Game Pass @ Microsoft Store (Brazil)
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Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
[PC Windows] Microsoft Flight Simulator: Standard - £23.53 & Premium Deluxe - £41.17 with Game Pass @ Microsoft Store (Brazil)£23.53£41.4943% offMicrosoft Store Deals
MS Brazil store offer. No VPN, to buy : You need Brazilian BRL (R$) gift card, no other way. Standard GB store : £59.99 £47.99 with your Xbox Game Pass membership https:… Read more

I expired it because CKeys trick is over :) However I found another CDkeys trick but I keep in mine, sorry, I shared too much on Pepper sites and for what ? (:I


Why has this deal been expired? Was there problems with this method? The prices are still the same. Thanks


just done this and it works, thanks op beat to have googler translatge open MS DC = Rua Santa Teresa, 64 - Centro Histórico de São Paulo, São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil Zip code to use - 01000-000 gutted i could use the facebook 2% off code, couldnt get the code, used top cash back though so evens out LOL


Yes as specified, a Copacabana hotel for example :)


Confirmed working however be aware you probably need a brazillian fake address to add the gift tokens (I used Microsofts own data centre in Brazil).Can't grumble at £42 for premium deluxe when thats still way less than Vanilla version with lots of extra planes and airport content, and now i can dump gamepass as already have the games I care about.