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Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Co-Axial Chronograph 44.25mm Watch £6100 at Lister Horsfall
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Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
Like it or not this is a GREAT deal for this watch. In fact, you would have to pay 10% more for a used one!

How do I tell the time?


I rest my case, m'lud.


No i dont... And drivel. Again i googled. I answered someone. And then a barrage of responses from people whose panties got twisted. The ppl on this app are toxic. Im sorry i can tap my phone screen and get pinpoint accurate synced time. Im sorry that this old tech feels relevant to you. Stinking up your wrists. Im sorry that you all took offense to the "perceived price" bit that came up in google. Im sorry that i at least looked for some information about the product while you decided to do what Trump would do. Attack me as a person. Genius...


I posted this watch and I wouldn't buy it! But someone else did and got a bargain.


I've had a mobile phone since 1998 - not the same one, of course, although it is the same number! However, I continue to wear a watch and always will (granted, not these types of watches).

Omega Speedmaster Racing Men's Black Rubber Strap Watch 40mm £3120 / £2808 with 10% newsletter discount at Ernest Jones
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Posted 6th AugPosted 6th Aug
This Omega looks much better in real life than wot it does in the photos! To achieve that price you must sign up too the newsletter for 10% off.

I’d imagine this to be fine as it isn’t actually in a sale seen as the code dosent work on omega. It’s shoddy they do that with their sale watches, no excuse not to have a competent computer system to check stock.


Were you the guy that left a review saying pretty much the same on the page for an Aqua Terra? If so, nice one. They do this a lot.


I like the watch though.


Chuck decides whether it is a hot deal.


If you ordered this, dont expect it to arrive. Instead, expect a dent in your credit report (if you applied for the interest free finance) and an email (if your lucky) from good old Ernest, telling you it is not in stock (yet it is on their website, and now back at full price).

OMEGA Speedmaster 38 Orbis Co-Axial 38mm Mens Watch 32430385003002 - £3272 delivered @ Leonard Dews
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
This is SHOP WORN but is over 800 quid off with the 5 year warranty. You can send it back if you don't like it I assume under distanc selling etc.

Hot- I wish I could buy this omega


Haha I like that. I wasn't being a mook. I was just saying to help people that didn't know have an idea of that recent price


heat added




OMEGA Speedmaster '57 Automatic Chronograph Men's Watch £4720 Beaverbrooks with code
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Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
Great looking watch and with the coaxial movement you can use the right sub-dial as a second time zone. Paying homage to inspired 1950's design, this stylish OMEGA Speedmaster '57… Read more

I’ve been told by a couple of watch dealers now that if you watch doesn’t have an original Omega part or strap it can devalue your watch from a few hundred pounds to thousands depending on model. Each has a serial number that is traceable in what original spec it was sold. I know someone that changed the dial face an lost over a thousand pounds as it was now blue and not the original black...ce la vie...




Absurdly beautiful do you mean?




There really isn't that much difference in them, looks wise. My one has three sub-dials the one on your link has two. Mine is also manual and they released a limited number of them.

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Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph 42mm watch with free Omega NATO strap – 311. £3128 at Hepinstalls
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Great price on a brand new speedmaster moonwatch here from Hepinstalls. Full box, papers and 5 year Omega warranty included The OMEGA Speedmaster is one of OMEGA’s most iconic ti… Read more

I used to like the Hestalite on my old one, I like the blue haze in certain lights. However I prefer to buy a watch I can wear day in day out and not worry about scratches.


I get that. For me I want it as close as possible, even though it is a replica... Like a football shirt. For me the glass is part of that original story of passing the stringent tests where others failed. I get the not wearing it, it's quite an investment given its a manual wind... Not one you can just chuck on an leave the house. With that in mind, though, if you're seeing it as an everyday watch and you're prone to bumps and scratches then it may save you some emotional heartache getting the sapphire. As I said, I'd personally rather it scratched and polished it out or replaced, but I totally understand why someone might want to not have to worry about that


Each to their own as you say, but personally unless you have the original Buzz Aldrins watch (first on the moon) then you only have a replica. I did have one, don't get me wrong it was an early one, but ended up selling because I never got around to wearing it.


That's because they are independent of Omega. This list will help you find a local Horologist, prices will vary.


Thats interesting, I assumed it would be a standard flat rate (I could understand it would increase due to number of movements)

Omega Speedmaster 38 Men's Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch £2592.50 @ Ernest Jones using code.
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Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Had to post this up after finding it! The speedmaster from Omega in the Ernest Jones sale for £2592.50! Absolutely amazing value here. Possibly the cheapest this model has ever bee… Read more

I think that could be write tbf, I can’t recall seeing a quartz omega in years!


Great deal kratos...following you now. .


I think Omega don't bother because unless I'm misremembering they do not sell any quartz watches anymore (I do have a quartz Seamaster...)


Yeah that’s odd, I thought if it’s auto they should have automatic on dial. Tbh I think they should get rid of auto wording. I mean any watch enthusiasts should be able to tell the difference by looking at quartz & auto movement.


But this one doesn't, I don't think. Aren't all watches nowadays automatic? They don't need winding :) What a pleb like me likes is a spring reserve hand. Now that needs to be explained to the unitiated :)

Omega Speedmaster, Moonwatch Professional Chronograph 42 mm £3119.98 @ Costco (Wembley)
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th JulLocalLocal
First time posting on here so sorry for the short description, but I'm sure the first watch on the moon doesn't need much! I was surprised to see this in Costco for the price, unfo… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

These look like good deals vs when I do a quick price check. Though to be fair, watchfinder is a Swatch Group subsidiary these days... Does anyone know how Costco sources these watches? Is this a case of Swatch group flogging off excess inventory through Costco as an "unauthorised dealer"?


I did it 3 weeks ago for a tudor pelagos. Offered to buy a tudor pelagos £3,440 and managed to get them down to £3000 over the phone as I was a cash buyer and bought same day no messing around. I belive I could have got more off the asking price as well in the end purchased with work vouchers saving an extra 8.5% so paid £2,775 some of these watches are selling more than that used on eBay. Dealers do want to make a deal but if you want 0% finance you will not be able to negotiate a price they don't have margins to do so.


This is a decent enough deal but as others have mentioned you should be able to get 20% discount at an AD if you shop around. If the BB58 is the best watch under £3000 then this is surely the best under £4000. I'm also sure it won't be long before Omega upgrades the basic moonwatch model with the 3861 and raises prices accordingly, so don't hang about if you want one at this price!


You can add the odd Baume & Mercier and U Boat to that list.


That makes a difference, Omega give 5 years on new watches so losing that is a big factor. Still a great price for a great watch.

Omega Speedmaster Men's Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch £3,000 @ Ernest Jones
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Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
The iconic Speedmaster from Omega for sale at Ernest Jones for £3000. Very good price brand new for this model. Possibly the cheapest it’s ever been. Omega presents classical and… Read more

No it is not? It’s saying you saved up for something you want. As said before, there’s always a cheaper or more expensive alternative for everything in life. Literally everything. Here is a deal for a £15,000 car with 1200 heat. Is that saying 5uck you as you’d put it to someone with a cheaper one? No it’s not.


Grow up


You're being ridiculous. £4000 for a watch is basically saying 5uck you to the poor.


was there this morning before the introduction of 15% off sale


Out of stock I just checked

Omega Speedmaster Men's Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch - £3,050 delivered using code @ Ernest Jones
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Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
Nice looking watch with 3.3% TCB. In stock online Update- blue out of stock, but white available: Product code: 6940102 Model number: 324. Omega presents classi… Read more

Being the “reduced” version at 38mm it won’t rise in value, lovely watch never the less. You’d get it insured for £60 a year, no different to driving a car you could say.


There’s appreciation / depreciation tools on certain apps for watch models that are very handy.


I have a TAG and a Rolex. I've hady Rolex for about 18 years approx and TAG for about 30 years. I haven't worn the Rolex for 15 years because people looks at me as though I'm a w***k*r. The TAG hasn't been worn for 20 odd years. Both are being kept for my youngest daughter.


Damn! Sexy sexy watch! I kinda regret getting a tag instead of an omega! Why? Coz 007 has one and it goes boom!


Omega Speedmaster 38mm Automatic Watch - £3272 delivered @ Leonard Dews
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Probably the cheapest new Speedy in town. Sadly, no bell included this time...

Nobody asks but watch enthusiasts notice (y)


Good point XD Nobody would notice because its just a watch and no normal person walks up to someone and asks what watch they own.


Who wears the same watch as their butler. Pffft. (lol)


Cold - no bell. (lol) have some heat.


Thank you very much :)

Omega Speedmaster and Seamaster watches - £3255 with code @ Burrells
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Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Omega Speedmaster and Seamaster watches - £3255 with code @ Burrells
£3,255£3,83015% Free P&P FreeBurrells Deals
Multple Omega deals worth looking at with the promo code ' REOPENING15 ' at Burrells. Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Chronograph 39.7mm £3,830.00 £3,255.50 Omega Seamaster Aq… Read more

It’s the smaller version and not the official ‘moon watch’ and doesn’t include the extras in the set you’d normally get - steel strap, two extra omega straps, paperweight, watch tool and viewing glass. Don’t think it’s a great deal.


Yeah on their website, not often but occasionally they have some Gems come up.


Who? Tk maxx?


I already have a Seamaster Aqua Terra but I am severely tempted by the speedmaster! The box is, as you say, amazing and the watches are fantastic.


Oh definitely

Omega Speedmaster 38 Co-Axil Chronograph 38MM BROWNS - £3350
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Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Omega Speedmaster 38 Co-Axil Chronograph 38MM BROWNS - £3350
I felt bad that there hadn't been an Omega deal yet today so I found one! Pretty, pretty good price i think...

I apologise. On the internet nowerdays, it's hard diciphering whether the poster is being sarcastic or genuinely being obnoxious. It's generally 50/50!


I think that you can take anything back to Harrods. Like M&S is/was


you can't get a refund from Hermes.


Some people buy a hundred grand handbag, take it to China to the world's best forgers then take that one back to the shop to try to get a refund! They are so good they have to get the manufacturer in to verify


Tell me about it! My wife's handbags 2 birkins Kelly Constance

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional - £3,600 @ Swiss Watches Direct
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Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Model: 311. Series: Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Gender: Special Edition Watches Movement: Manual Winding Dial: Black (Hesalite Crystal) Strap:Stainless Stee… Read more

I disagree about alcohol!


There's far worse things you can buy than a watch like this - which is realistically Omega's most famous model and will solidly hold its value. It might not make you any money over time owning it but with the amount it goes up each year, minus the service costs every 5 years if you hold it for 5-10 years or longer you'll be able to sell it for what it cost you with no loss but also no real profit, you'll just break even. Great if you want it because you like it, not great if you treat watches like a money making investment like most new owners seem to do these days including all the people buying out everything Rolex produces causing wait lists because they all want to flip it for some quick profit. It's a far better thing to buy than an expensive TV that's worth 75% less after one year, or a flagship phone that halves in value within a year, or alcohol and drink which you don't even remember the next morning. The same doesn't apply to every Omega though, this is practically one of the only ones they make that actually holds value because it's been in such high demand for 60 years straight. This thing is Omega's Submariner.


Wow you have £3-4K spare to ‘stick in ISAs’ you must be sooooo rich. There you go, is that wanted you wanted when you posted that comment? Why do you feel the need to post how much you invest? You know there are people that couldn’t invest a tenth of that for their children’s future so why do you feel the need to blab about it? Pathetic.


I'm after another Omega and the Speedmaster has caught my eye. This is lovely but it's the cheaper model with more authentic (original) Hesalite crystal which isn't as hard or as thin as the Sapphire Crystal glass. If it was the Sapphire model, I'd buy this in a heartbeat.


thanks (y)

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 'Blue Side of the Moon' £7775 delivered @ Finnies
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Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 'Blue Side of the Moon' £7775 delivered @ Finnies
Quite an expensive Omega with a very decent discount. New! Cheapest I could find elsewhere was 9 grand

it is lovely though!!


Or a Timex :D


Well this is Daytona money, and those will certainly hold their value. But yeah my £4,000 Breitling cost me £2,500 after a staff discount.


If it had been £15,550 with 48% off I might have been interested; with a bigger saving it would be a much better bargain (confused) (party)


;( and I have a 2014 passat that costs me more in service than my Breitling :D hahahahah god especially if you have to have the DSG serviced

Omega Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometer Watch £4590 @ Banks Lyon
355° Expired
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
This is quite an unusual Omega with an excellent discount. 7 grand at EJ for example. Plus it's an authorised dealer with free delivery. It's 1300 cheaper than at Chronext. So, a d… Read more

That'll be why it's an expired deal I guess...


Shows as £7000 now , when click the link ?


For some weird reason this has been expired. But it's still available and I can't change it


I am aware of those 4x Clubcard points, and without a doubt, some cracking deals were obtained using them. I don't know who sucks up the £750, whether Goldsmiths just do it as a discount, or Tesco go halves with them, who knows. I am not saying that watches don't have a healthy margin, I agree 100% that they do, but you pretty much said that an Omega AD would pay £1750 for this £7000 watch, and I would argue that point to my last breath, it simply doesn't work like that at all.


Hate to be the one to trump it, but I’ve got a Rolex. :p

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional 42mm Mens Watch £4,230 @ Goldsmiths
645° Expired
Posted 4th AprPosted 4th Apr
Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional 42mm Mens Watch £4,230 @ Goldsmiths
£4,230£4,70010% Free P&P FreeGoldsmiths Deals
Having been part of all six lunar missions and endorsed by NASA as the first watch on the moon, the legendary Speedmaster family represents OMEGA’s adventurous, pioneering spirit. … Read more

Not an official dealer.... for the 10% IMHO i'd go to a reputable dealer.


Couldn't see them listed as an official stockist on the omega website


Any view on what that seller is like?


£3760 here for the same sapphire version


They even work in that you could have A Rolex as a dress watch and Tudor as a day / sports watch. The best thing is that having a cheaper sub brand will help Rolex (as in the whole umbrella organisation) if the luxury market collapses. Regardless of the watches the company is also one of the best at business and branding /marketing. Got to respect then.

OMEGA Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Digital Titanium Chronograph Men's Watch - £2,542 @ Beaverbrooks
-11° Expired
Posted 25th MarPosted 25th Mar
OMEGA Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Digital Titanium Chronograph Men's Watch - £2,542 @ Beaverbrooks
A watch that has been on adventures beyond the Earth’s atmosphere to below the surface of the ocean, this high-tech OMEGA Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Digital Titanium Chronograph Me… Read more

Mine wouldn’t illuminate when I picked it up - had to be sent back to Omega for new battery - took a week. On the plus side it came back in an Omega leather(ette) pouch. Beaverbrooks don’t have the dust and dirt free atmosphere that is required when taking the back off these watches so I was happy enough for it to be sent off.


"beyond the Earth’s atmosphere to below the surface of the ocean" How far below? 2" would not be to impressive 2 miles however would get an upvote.


Was tempted (again) but bought one last time on Beavers sale and battery went within one day (second hand jumps 5 sec intervals)- said would have to send to Omega to do proper as Beaverbrook not equipped for full service and would take 4 weeks (pre Covid!!) just check fully on receipt and use light function several times -I may just have been unlucky :((( The watch otherwise was cracking !!


Smoking hot. Great deal (y) 🏻


Great watch, I've got a replica somewhere...

Omega Speedmaster Men's Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch - £2,900 @ Ernest Jones
349° Expired
Posted 10th JanPosted 10th Jan
Omega Speedmaster Men's Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch - £2,900 @ Ernest Jones
£2,900£4,09029%Ernest Jones Deals
Omega Speedmaster Men's Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch - was £4090 NOW £2900 Product DescriptionProduct code: 3598845 Model number: 324. Posted as I think its a go… Read more

Now OOS ;) back in stock again


Also the ovals around the circles. Makes me want to pull my hair out in chunks.


Heard that said before.......... (lol) (lol) (lol)


That’s me. You got the hair right and everything........... (lol) (lol) (lol)


Objectively Ugly looking watch.

OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Racing CO-AXIAL Chronograph 40MM Mens Watch £2,200 at Goldsmiths
1405° Expired
Posted 28th Dec 2019Posted 28th Dec 2019
OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Racing CO-AXIAL Chronograph 40MM Mens Watch £2,200 at Goldsmiths
£2,200£3,20031%Goldsmiths Deals
Omega Speed master Racing brand new from Goldsmiths reduced from £3200 down to £2200

They sent me the £3200 offer. Not sure if I'm going to use it. If not I'm sure we could come to a mutually beneficial arrangement :)


Called earlier to see if they had any and a few coming back into stock due to orders not being collected. Picked mine up earlier today - very happy


Maybe he was, still doesn’t read correctly though. What’s more probable is that he used brought instead of bought, which is unbelievably common but totally incorrect. (y)


Maybe he was bringing stock to Goldsmiths to help them with the stock they apparently had! (horror)


Bought. Not brought. (y)

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon in Black men's chronograph watch, £7,000.00 @ Fraser Hart
-89° Expired
Posted 20th Mar 2019Posted 20th Mar 2019
Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon in Black men's chronograph watch, £7,000.00 @ Fraser Hart
£7,000£8,64019%Fraser Hart Deals
20% off this gorgeous speedy

Nah, that's more Hublot territory


Oh great, another speedy limited edition, said no one ever. For anyone thinking of buying this, don't. Omega are soft as poo.


I like it


You can ask the speaking clock many, many times to give you the time for £7000. This is ideal for overpaid footballers and the like who want to show how much money they have to waste.


Over priced watches... Hand bags and shoes for men

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