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Synology DS118 1 Bay Diskless Desktop NAS £144.97 / £149.98 delivered @ laptops direct
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
Well-regarded brand, this price is the cheapest I can find. Only drawback is its ARM processor which might limit the availability of some of the usual Synology packages (apps). I b… Read more

Just set mine up today and quite pleased with it. The DS Audio app for Android is particularly handy for streaming. The main downside so far is that some Synology packages such as Docker are not compatible with the ARMv8 processor. The current Beta version of Plex seems to be to buggy to bother with at the moment but it hopefully shouldn't be too long until an update is released.


Have both, 5 and 6 bay devices. Symbology is miles ahead, in both tech and customer care.


I have a synology but qnap is the only way togo


From what I have read that is true. But I just need storage with only basic "smarts" that can send files to another box that does all the work.


Yeah, should be better than the 215j but nowhere near as powerful as the 118.

Synology DS218play 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure  £209.96 @ Amazon
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
DiskStation DS218play Your personal multimedia library Synology DiskStation DS218play is a feature rich, two-bay tower equipped with a 64-bit quad-core processor. Featuring powerfu… Read more

Now even better: currently available at £204.97


Really? MKV is so common that’s a bit of a downer


Works perfectly. Lightweight OS and a lot of the heavy lifting like transcoding is easily dealt with (the exception being MKV files which have never worked for me through Plex or the DSVideo app, regardless of file size).


Does this really only have 1GB RAM? I thought 4GB was the minimum for a NAS? (I have been looking at a QNAP - but a lot more expensive than this - so wondering if this Synolgy would suffice for my own needs (personal home NAS, for backing-up pictures and documents, and watching movies from different locations) Thanks


Which is great for you but not for anyone wanting a 118/218 with ARM processors (DS218+ excluded)

Synology DS216Play 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure - Amazon - £193.63
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
Good Price after long time 4K Ultra HD video transcoding on the fly Powerful dual-core CPU with H.265 codec support 107.7 MB/s Reading, 91.47 MB/s Writing DLNA certified for… Read more
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I attached a raspberry pi 2 (Kodi 17.6) to a DS 214+ and never had any issues with format or speed but will soon replace the raspberry with something more powerful.


Looking at qnap ts-231p2 which is in similar price band as this better than synology...any advice please


It’s a bit of a ballache. You need the the command line version of Handbrake as a prerequisite.


Nearly went for the 216j at christmas so glad i didn't. DS118 and Video Station work perfect for all mkv, mp4 and avi vids i've used so far.


All of my files are MKV DTS. Am I wasting my time looking at a NAS/Plex. If so can someone please suggest an alternative.

Synology DS418PLAY 4 Bay Diskless Desktop NAS - £294.97 at Laptops Direct
Found 14th FebFound 14th Feb
Been shopping around for one of these for a while, and suddenly Laptops Direct knock a good £100 or more off the price! (This model is normally more like £450) No prior experience… Read more
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Nice one. I saw your post, added one to the basket, then researched an online review, returned to hotukdeals to see the posts re price increase so went back and checked out, still showing at the reduced price. I paid, received confirmation email but a short while later received a phone call saying the item was out of stock at this price but I could order elsewhere for the RRP. I declined of course. Ah well... Oh and enjoy your new toy :)


I ordered immediately before posting the deal, maybe by 10-15 minutes or so? It arrived yesterday and is currently sat on my shelf waiting for some drives to show up!


Congrats! When did you order exactly


Seems like they're honouring it! Arriving tomorrow, according to DPD - hopefully some others got lucky too, and apologies if you missed out.


Good luck!

Synology DS718+ 2 Bay Diskless Desktop NAS - £389.98 @ Laptops Direct
Found 31st JanFound 31st Jan
Powered by an Intel Celeron J3455 quad-core processor and AES-NI hardware encryption engine, DS718+ delivers excellent file transfer speeds. With the scalability to expand … Read more

If their link aggregation genuinely works by dedicating a port per disk, there's a genius out there that needs to be hit with a large stick.


this one you can upgrade the memory to 6gb it also has link aggregate which means if your router supports it, you can have 2 x gigabit ethernet cables writing to seperate disk thus increasing read/write speeds


Microservers have 4 drive bay slots, can have the memory upgraded, can be used to run VMs or dockers and anything else you like. You aren't limited by the supplied OS on a microserver. Synology boxes are very user friendly however compared to a microserver so it all depends on what you want it for.


What's the difference between this & setting up xpenelogy on a microserver?


I've got a really old Synology 4 drive nas, the software is really nice to use and they continuously update it.

Synology DS418J 4 Bay NAS Enclosure Diskless reduced from £349.99 to 288.83 (Amazon) £291.12 (Kikatek on Amazon)
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
Next cheapest from a creditable bigish company would be BT business direct at 299+about £7 pp. its a good NAS that provides 4 bays (versus similar price with 2-bay) which might be… Read more

Have a read on the model numbers on the Synology website. Although already mentioned, this is their new 2018 "budget" J version.. just saying incase anyone decided to impulse buy.


looks like a decent enough nas ORDERED :) looking forward to migrating my data across to this.


You tried changing the country to Ireland and use PayPal - that’s way cheaper vs UK... I think I will wait till I go over to the US and order the Gold 10tb (256) as they are $330 each using student discount from my friend’s kids - (note they don’t accept ISIC on their US site)


Only 10% off the 10TB with ISIC, plus postage makes it £339 for a single drive. You'd be better with the Enterprise Gold on Amazon for £328... Gonna need 4 of those bad boys right enough to fill the NAS and have at least SOME redundancy (and hope 2 don't fail at the same time!).


Ah it was you! Thanks!

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Synology DS216j 8TB (2 x 4TB WD RED) 2 Bay Desktop NAS Unit for £253.66 @ Amazon
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Fab price. Temporarily out of stock but you can order (y) A versatile personal cloud storage for everyday life Dual-core CPU with hardware encryption engine Over 112.75 MB/… Read more
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I got £5....


I had a hunch this wasn't going to come off which is why I cancelled on the 22nd Dec, changed direction slightly and went for the DS118. Very happy apart from Plex not working on it, but it's not a biggy for me. Commiserations to everyone that held on....


Just FYI - I complained to Amazon and they gave me a 50 quid voucher - might be worth a try too ;)


Received same email :(


Hello, We regret to inform you that we have been unable to source the following item: "Synology DS216j 8TB (2 x 4TB WD RED) 2 Bay Desktop NAS Unit" Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available. This item has now been cancelled from your order #204-8606863-8129921 and we can confirm that you have not been charged for it. We apologise for the length of time it has taken us to reach this conclusion. Until recently, we had still hoped to obtain this item for you.

Synology DS216J 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure (Amazon Prime) for £134.58
Found 20th Nov 2017Found 20th Nov 2017
Synology DS216J 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure. DS216j is specifically designed for home and personal users. It is intuitive and powerful, making sure users enjoy effortless data sha… Read more

My 212j been running 24x7 since March 2012 and has been through 3 house moves! Never missed a beat.


Awesome little device! its like a mini server, if you want it for Plex its fine locally but not externally, i use mine as a web server, ftp, email server, media server and plex, i fell in love with it!


Yeah - there are packages available and they work fine, at least for sab and Couchpotato. Not sure about sonar, but I assume there's something.


So it appears you got yours using Flubit?


I paid £126 in March... Just deal with it... £134 is NOT a bargain.

Synology DS415Play 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure - £268.98 @ Amazon
Found 7th Nov 2017Found 7th Nov 2017
Not a huge fan of these but they can be handy and this is a great price. lowest its ever been. You'll need to choose to buy from Amazon on back-order.

Mines arriving this weekend, apparently. Anyone else get theirs?


Has anyones arrived? Mines listed as expected Dec 25th - I've got the hard drives sat ready!




My always on N40L micro server is dead :( Looking forward for some good BF deals on SYnology box.... Can't decide whether the 216Play or the 216+II....


Synology devices aren't great for transcoding with Plex Might be worth getting a i3 NUC (or SHIELD) to do all the grunt work and have Synology as your storage Big fan of Synology boxes (but one day I'll give the Microservers a try)

Synology DS115j DiskStation 1-Bay 3TB Network Attached NAS Storage w/ 1x 3TB Hard Drive 151.93 delivered. @ Broadband Buyer
Found 17th Jun 2017Found 17th Jun 2017
Compact, lightweight, and energy-efficient, the Synology DS115j DiskStation 1-Bay Network Attached NAS Storage device is perfect for budget-conscious home users looking for a simpl… Read more

good os but poor hardware. so slow. try ds116 for a snappier solution. more ££££ but worth it


Have one of these 1tb version use it to watch movies on my tv excellent and extremely reliable NAS highly recommended


I use mapped drive as it's easier for wife and kids to use. I have a full back up on a removable drive done once a week. And a second removable back up of the really important stuff. E.g documents and photos. Overkill but worst case I nuke computers and diskstation and lose very little


Cannot recommend synology enough. I've had a ds210j for about 6 years and it's superb for all the above reasons. took the time to clean about 2 inches of dust off the fans and it still runs quiet.


Don't have it as a mapped drive in that case, most ransomware will encrypt that as well! Use ftp or make sure you have an offline backup of this too!

Synology Diskstation DS416Play enclosure now only £312.35 delivered @ Amazon
Found 17th Jun 2017Found 17th Jun 2017
After my previous Synology NAS deal fail, I think this one might be a bit better - hopefully a lot better as I've just ordered one.

​Add a camera or two to it and you'll know why Synology is worth every penny. The cctv app is comparable to some of the best cctv systems.


I've now got my DS416Play NAS up and running. It wasn't all plain sailing as the first 4TB Red HDD I ordered ('Like New' from Amazon Warehouse) was a dud as it was dead as a dodo on arrival, so it wasn't until last night when I managed to stick the second 4TB Red HDD I ordered in and got the thing up and running. I haven't faffed about with much of what it can do as it wasn't difficult to get Kodi on my Fire TV to see the NAS via FTP, but I'll have a look at what it can do next week when I'm on annual leave. I bought a 4GB RAM module for it but I don't think it needs it - at least, it doesn't seem so having copied a few files to the NAS last night and then played them flawlessly through Kodi (which, fwiw, will be my primary digital media front end) - but I'll install the RAM anyway seeing as it's here now. I also bought another 4TB Red HDD (the second in real terms as the first was a dud as aforementioned), but that won't arrive until the end of the month as Amazon are out of stock at the moment. Following a successful test drive last night, I'm now wondering why I never bought a NAS years ago lol :)


Windows and Synology DSM are very different OSs. I have apps on my phone to access my music, transcoded video, my IPcams, etc. that would be far harder to set up with Windows.


I agree, RAID 6 at least or don't bother. The principle of running RAID with just one redundancy is silly IMO. If one fails then the stress of restoring the array is then put onto the other drives increasing the odds of another one failing, and because the likelihood is that the drives are the same age that they are also at an age where they are more likely to fail during the restore. Still a small percentage chance, but if the data is valuable enough for RAID to begin with then it ought to be valuable enough to not want losing during a rebuild. Obviously RAID 6 isn't bullet proof, and other backups (especially cloud or in another building) are also recommended, but if there is (off the top of my head) a 2% chance of failure per drive restoring RAID 5 then that will be a 6% chance of being screwed on a 4 bay. With RAID 6 that would go to 0.24% (4% of 6%) which is far far safer than 6%! Of course the 2% chance is just a number picked from my head so could be more, could be less IRL but I think the maths involving that figure is correct. Also worth noting I had two drives start to die within a few days of each other (lots of bad sectors) in my 413 so I had to replace them and rebuild my RAID.


Or save time and use Windows

Synology DS416PLAY 4-bay NAS Enclosure only £345.79 delivered @ AmazonFR
Found 13th Jun 2017Found 13th Jun 2017
The Synology DS416PLAY 4-bay NAS enclosure is currently £345.79 delivered at AmazonFR. It's £370.98 @ AmazonUK and as far as I can tell, this is as cheap as it gets. It might get c… Read more

I've been comparing prices with this one at Amazon; what's the difference between this and the one you posted if any? Is it simply a case of Amazon having two webpages for the same product?


£335.06 Amazon UK -


Looks like the price jumped from 368 euros to 393.73. Deal over then... if it ever was a deal judging by the cold votes.

Synology DS415+/24TB-RED (4 x 6 TB) 24 TB Network Attached Storage £554.80 @ Amazon
Found 21st Apr 2017Found 21st Apr 2017
Up to 24 TB Personal Multimedia Bank 1080p Full HD Video Transcoding on the Fly Concurrent Multi-Channel Streaming DLNA-Certified Media Server 1.6GHz Dual Core CPU with Floating Po… Read more

Just had an email from Amazon saying this is back in stock - for £850 - from a just launched 3rd party seller. Yeah - no thanks! :)


Guess it makes sense to stick with Synology then. I've decided to grab a HP Gen 8 and run Xpenology and either pfsense/openvpn appliance on VM's. Figure I can swap out the processor for one with AES-NI and get good throughput for openvpn remote access. Plus have the option of using the 5th bay for expansion.


I'm upgrading from a DS216J


What that they cancelled?


What... I can believe it, anyone else get the good news overnight? :D

Synology 214 4TB (2x2TB) NAS Drive £73.72 @ Amazon
Found 1st Apr 2017Found 1st Apr 2017
Just looking around at what upgrades are around from my trusty 1TB WD My Book World and came across this. Great price for a 4TB NAS let alone this one. I've just bought it but it… Read more

wizened up to hotukwheelerdealers


Unfortunately honoured glitches are becoming a thing of the past. A few slip through but not like the fun of 5-10 years ago.


Went on live chat and said I was disappointed that the order was cancelled and I expected better from them they extended my prime by another month they'll add a month of prime for late deliveries etc


Yes also cancelled. One day a Class Action against Amazon ? Establish a penalty 5 % of item value in compensation to all who ordered ?


Mine cancelled as well.

Synology DiskStation DS115j 3 TB (1x 3 TB) 1 Bay Desktop Network Attached Storage £147.84 - Sold and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 4th Mar 2017Found 4th Mar 2017
Size Name:3 TB | Style Name:WD Red Product Description Compact, lightweight, and energy-efficient, DS115j is perfect for budget-conscious home users looking for a simple, yet f… Read more

I see what you mean when now, I read your original comment to be just a non-cloud disk enclosure rather than a Synology. My mistake.


Clueless ?? Synology-DS115j Diskless 3TB Red WD Nas Drive Total For Diskless Synology-DS115j PLUS 3tb WD Red Hard drive £175.32 Saving On this Deal £27.48 And yes i have my own NAS which i stream all my movies and music with plex You should be looking for a Nas with a minimum of a Dual-core CPU if you want to Stream 1080p with out issues. The DiskStation DS115j uses a Marvell Armada 370 system-on-chip, running at 800MHz, which places it at the lower end of Synology's NAS range.. 256mb DDR3 that you can not upgrade. No USB 3.0 Synology DS216j Is Better With Dual Core Ram


Price went up.


Absolutely clueless.


​It is a good deal but the dim people on here think it's just an hdd and nas enclosure. They don't realise it's actually a fully fledged network & cloud server.

Synology DS115j 1 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £72.99 @
Found 17th Feb 2017Found 17th Feb 2017
Just bought one of these last week for a CCTV set up. Now reduced to £72.99, the cheapest ever. Ideal NAS for somebody not needing any drive failure redundancy. Otherwise buy the … Read more
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Agreed, now it's just a front-end for dodgy plugins. Although as a media library I'm not sure where you could find legal content that would make the most of it...


I'm really tempted to get one for my cctv but the Surveillance Station software is way too expensive for 8 cameras.


How much do I have to spend to get the next model up?


I make my own.


I have one of these, it is excellent. Yes it is the slowest one, but that doesn't mean it can't do anything. I have it running my CCTV system, backing up phones, computers, downloading (stuff :)) and streaming music and video to prime stick etc. It handles it all. I am going to replace it with a larger 2 bay version, but only because i have found i use it that often i want the added security of raid for my data, saying that i will still be keeping this one and running it elsewhere. Brilliantly made, great software and really good support when you do something stupid (chmodded /etc/ by accident whoops), you do get what you pay for.

Synology DS216Play NAS - 2 Bay, Enclosure ONLY £205.18 @ Technoworld
Found 11th Feb 2017Found 11th Feb 2017
Typically £230 on eBay for the enclosure only. Of course you will need to buy your own HDD's but these can be found on eBay starting around £50 for a 1TB drive. Shipping is free… Read more

Heat from me, Buddy! One of the best, well thought out 2-bay NAS solutions available. I have the DS416play (4 drives), and it gives me an excellent day-to-day NAS capability, with up to 12TB of 'safe' storage available (4 x 4TB HGST NAS drives). I also keep an identical drive in the components cupboard, should one of the 4 drives fail. Swap out, and in a few hours, everything is back to normal. However, I do also use cloud back-up - after all, my house could burn down!

Synology DS115j DiskStation 1-Bay 3TB £162.68 delivered @ Broadbandbuyer
Found 7th Feb 2017Found 7th Feb 2017
Cheapest price I've found for this very good entry level media streaming NAS. Over 102.89 MB/s Reading, 61.59 MB/s Writing Runs on Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM)
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as people have said this is a 1 bay only device, you can plug an external USB hard drive in though and it'll automatically keep a back up on it.


Surely some kind of witchcraft.


RAID1 with one disk?


You'll need a 2-bay Synology box, like the DS215j.


Great little device, use mine all the time. The read and write speeds are better than advertised using WD red drives. Recommend you go RAID 1 with dual redundancy, then you've got very few worries about losing data!

synology with 4x 5tb £539 Dispatched and sold by ADMI Limited UK / Amazon
Found 8th Dec 2016Found 8th Dec 2016
Amazing price. The drives alone would cost more than this
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Had enough of mispriced populated NAS units for a wee while.......


yeah apologies. I had it in my basket for ,,£539. This company are clearly at it. I'll delete this post. sorry


Yup would have bought that; for sure. Looking to upgrade my ageing DS410.


Yup, not £539. Would be a bargain if it was.


Showing as £1079 now

Synology DS216j 2 Bay Desktop NAS - No HDD - £139.99 @ Amazon UK
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
My Seagate Centel 2TB NAs died just over 2 week ago and have been looking around for a suitable replacement. Synology, although a little bit more expsensive, seem to be a better r… Read more
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I bought this NAS as my last one died but before I got this one I was putting an external drive into the shield and I tell you what, it was a complete nightmare. I know for some dont mind but considering I was putting stuff on there daily, it became a pain as I always had to disconnect and reconnect. Thats why I like the joy of the NAS. Set it up correctly with Kodi and the job's a good un :)


Does it matter how powerful a NAS is if using something like a Nvidia Shield to stream the videos? Or is it just simpler to connect an external HDD to the Shield at that point?


Im currently running a VPN 24/7 on there (not the same i know) and the synology community is pretty good. Might want to have a quick google


can this be encrypted ?


I Use Kodi to play files as I have never liked Plex and the way it works. yeah I know its technically not a deal but was the cheapest I found that was still in stock :/

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