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Synology DiskStation DS920+ NAS £517.98 @ Amazon
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Not in stock until 9th August, but available to order for about £30 cheaper than elsewhere
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Thanks, much appreciated (y)


this is the memory Ive been told is problem free.


To be honest my intention is to use it with apps I’ll be running in a Docker. Not sure how much other use it would have. I’m already running a number of containers and plan to add a handful more. This way there will always be enough ram for other standard use regardless of what I’m running in Docker.


What does the increased RAM past the 8GB max if you used their additional 4GB RAM actually do performance wise please any idea? Cheers.


Apparently an 8GB stick is just fine. I’ll find the link I’ve been recommended and post it back here shortly

Synology DS920+ 4-Bay Desktop NAS (Network-Attached Storage) Enclosure DS920+ £546.99 @ Box
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
SYNOLOGY DS920+ 4-BAY DESKTOP NAS (NETWORK-ATTACHED STORAGE) ENCLOSURE DS920+ KEY FEATURES CPU - Intel Celeron J4125 64-bit Architecture System Memory - 4GB 4 Bays 2x Gigabit Et… Read more
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Back in stock on Amazon for £517.98


920+ appears to be back on Amazon but OOS


It seems it was a misprice as Amazon have now removed it. So well done for getting it in time.


Ordered from Amazon for £517.98


Cheapest 918+ went to, recently on Amazon, was £469.99. I just found Amazon now have the 920+ for £517.98. Although its a pre-order. I have personally opted for the 920+ with a faster processor for the price difference.

Synology DS218+ 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £244.49 @ Amazon
94° Expired
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
Amazon lightning deal 30% already claimed so need to be quick.

Same here. Been eating for a good deal for months


Thanks for sharing @VIN2DEEP (y)


Can anyone advise on a good set of hard drive for these? So much to pick from (and so expensive)!


how did i miss this :(


Mine has arrived, and is set up. It seems nice. Tiny bit of clicky fan noise, and some noise from the disks which aren’t as young as they used to be. But the sound seems to be coming from the ikea cube shelf unit that it’s been placed in, so I’m going to get some vibration proof feet, or maybe move it to somewhere more solid. If I lift it up it’s fairly quiet. im still not sure why I bought it - but I have a house full of stuff which falls into the same category so I’m not going to dwell on that. The interface is very nice, and I’m going to Delve into that a bit later.

Synology DS918+ 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £469 @ Amazon
397° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
I know most are waiting with baited breath for the DS920+ however this is the best price for the 918 I've seen since September as its been hovering around the £500-520 mark on Amaz… Read more
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Cool. I just want to future proof it and separating out surveillance station from old NAS to minimize wear and tear. Gen 8 just to play once in a while.


Yes, I went for e3-1265l v2 (around £50), but if you do not mind, some other options are much cheaper (1260l I think, and i3/i5 with t are very cheap on CEX). I dont think real NAS like Synology ever needs 16gb memory... I ended up having a WD mycloudex2ultra for about 120 (new from WD website) holding 4TB red x 2 running all day, Gen8 is only on when needed Still need to get rid of my Microserver Gen7 .... which is pretty weak even with 8gb ram, CPU is not good enough.


Nevermind. I found it after googling. Just bought e3-1265l v2 to upgrade CPU on my Gen8 HP Server This guy recommended a few CPU upgrade How to (should be simple) . Already have brand new MX-4. Best thing is I bought Synology DS218+ recently from here and straight away upgraded to 16GB (what the heck 16GB in a NAS!! yes!!!) Only using half a gig. My Old DS115J which has whopping 256MB. I removed all the memory intensive app except Surveillance for CCTV.


I have the same, wondering wether to upgrade to this


Hey mate. I have HP gen 8 micro server. I didn’t know you can upgrade cpu. Do you have link for which cpu you upgraded. ?

Synology DS218+ 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £277.98 from Amazon
369° Expired
Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Price drop on Amazon to £277.98. Been watching this NAS since the deal from Box was postedby Mark, that deal has now expired....
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are you on drugs or something? there is no 219.


most of that price is for software included, not for the HW.


Yes. Synology are the "Apple" of NAS. They give an easy-to-use interface and setting up doesn't require you to be an IT expert.


Almost £300 for enclosure only... without disks... xDDD


It’s cool to tinker with a huge learning experience but not everyone has the time to do so

Synology DiskStation DS218play 2-Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £233.67 From CCL/Ebay
275° Expired
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Main Features Ports: 1 x 1GbE (RJ45), 2 x USB 3.0 2-bay NAS with optimal multimedia solution for home users 4K video transcoding on the fly with 10 bit H.265 codec support2 Up … Read more

Convenience. I work in IT and could easily setup what you’re describing, but it’s overkill, and too big and ugly. I have an HP Microserver running the Synology OS (xpenology) and can do everything using my phone or iPad. I can’t be arsed manually doing everything when I get home. Plus the apps are really good and work away from home with minimal fuss. DS Download, Video, File, Photos etc all very good and makes the NAS easily a set it and forget it device. I haven’t had a screen plugged into it for over 8 years, never needed to. So, depends what you need, but it has saved me a pile of time and still serves up my 4K movies etc brilliantly


Great Price and great NAS but you'll be wishing you bought a 4 bay before long.

Copperface Is this the same for £209-97? Very tempted.....last question - does need to be sited near and plugged into a router or could I hide it away with just a power source but not physically connected to the router. I have an Orbi Mesh RBK50)? Looking to hide it in a cupboard in a little used room. Cheers


Unraid does it all for you much like synology would, you don't really need much more technical know-how. I'm not suggesting people start a homelab, just spend their money better.


Not everyone has the technical knowledge and time required to set this up. Personally, I run multiple virtual Synology NAS on an ESXi host with a Xeon CPU, plenty of RAM and disks presented via a mix of DirectPathIO, RDM and VMDK. I also use a physical Synology (DS216J) as a backup target. However, I would not recommend this solution to someone who just wants a NAS to store their files.

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Synology DS218+ 2-Bay Desktop NAS £289.99 Delivered @ Box
936° Expired
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Market leading price on this well reviewed 2 bay NAS by Synology. No drives included but the price reflects that, and allows you the freedom to select the drives and capacity that… Read more

Make sure everything has the latest driver and firmware to avoid running into issues they have been fixed in the past and play around with the wireless channels, maybe a close neighbour is using the same as you do what could slow down both of your networks. I have used ethernet cable at home to avoid this issues but I understand that this is quite a job.


Thanks greg666 for the support. I also experience slow speed with my wife's laptop. I would like to try to transfer a file from my laptop to my wife's to see if the issue is within my network or it is local to the router...


I guess then we nailed it down to wireless, are you able to install a dedicated wireless card driver for your laptop? Also, whats the making and model of the internal wireless card?


yes, if I connect via Ethernet my laptop to the router then the transfers speed to/from my NAS are very fast


Have you tried an ethernet cable between router and laptop just to check the speeds over a physical cable? Also, it would be good to cross check a different laptop if that is possible before you go into many other details you can check.

Synology DiskStation DS1019+ 5 Bay NAS £609.99 Delivered @ Box
278° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Synology DiskStation DS1019+ 5 Bay NAS £609.99 Delivered @ Box
£609.99£649.996% Free P&P Deals
Best current price that I can see for this very capable NAS enclosure from Synology. CPU - Intel Celeron J3455 64-bit Architecture System Memory - 8 GB DDR3L 5 Bay 2x Gigabi… Read more

Is it me or has the price gone up to £627.99? In which case, I'd rather buy from amazon for the guaranteed service!


not really the point - a £600 nas box should at least have the option of 10gbe.


You'll find the Plex Pass will allow you to transcode one 4k movie (at a time) in hardware on this NAS (and your 918+).


Under 40 watts when all bays are occupied and in use, under 15 watts when discs hibernated.


What's the power draw on these? You can get low wattage PSUs you know.

Synology VPN Plus - Free Perpetual license for Site-to-Site, and Client VPN
30/09/2020Expires on 30/09/2020Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
Synology VPN Plus - Free Perpetual license for Site-to-Site, and Client VPN
For those who have a Synology router and have VPN Plus app, Synology are offering a free perpetual license from today. From website: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Synology… Read more

£130 - 250 for a router is rather expensive for your average punter! That is high end Cisco pricing! And unless you have a high end laptop or pc with a decent Intel ac wifi card you are not going to get much more than 270mbps wifi speeds in reality!


No. You need a Synology Router like RT2600AC or the MR2200AC


Router? Do you mean NAS? Edit: Apologies, this is for router

Synology DS218+ With 2x 8TB Toshiba N300 Drives £347.93 Amazon
221° Expired
Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
Synology DS218+ With 2x 8TB Toshiba N300 Drives £347.93 Amazon
£347.93£756.5054%Amazon Deals
Very decent price IMO. Dispatched and Sold by Fuzion (32k 96% positive reviews) - Only 6 left. Synology DS218+ 16 TB 2 Bay NAS Solution | Installed with 2 x 8 TB Toshiba N300 Dr… Read more

I think the problem is Amazon makes a lot of money, and they don't really care about few not happy customers.


That's awful. Amazon are becoming more and more dodgy from taking payment immediately, to things like you've mentioned. I currently have a major issue for a laptop I returned which was tracked and received by them. Asked why I haven't received my refund after a few days and they're telling me it's a different laptop to what they sent (was a warehouse deal and obviously exactly as what they sent). Demanded they send me what they 'received' but amazon won't do that due to their T&C's - taking it up with small claims as it's £800 down the drain otherwise. (mad) .


Ended up cancelling in the end. Don't think they will have stock anytime soon and the longer I wait less chance for a refund.


Ok. Thanks. Good luck with your purchase. You may get it. Will see.


I am guessing because they don't want it to have an affect on there selling account. You can leave feedback through Amazon though. I haven't cancelled yet although I am going to email them asking for an update and a email to say they marked it as dispatched when It's not. I'll keep waiting and see what happens. (y)

Synology DS1019+ 5 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure 8GB £399.99 @ Amazon
258° Expired
Posted 25th FebPosted 25th Feb
Synology DS1019+ 5 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure 8GB £399.99 @ Amazon
£399.99£665.4840%Amazon Deals
Click on other items, fulfilment is 1-2 months but awesome price if it pays off CPU Quad-core 1.5GHz, burst up to 2.3GHz Memory 2 x 4GB DDR3L memory module pre-installed Scalabi… Read more

Look for amazon exec email for both us and uk and try them ;)


I agree. Amazon Customer service is useless now. I bought a kitchen mixer tap and they sent me the wrong one (chrome instead of copper). I returned it and asked for the correct colour to be sent. Again, wrong one turned up. I then phoned Amazon support and the idiots suggestion was “I dunno, try ordering the wrong colour and see if the right one turns up” - rather than actually looking to see if he could fix the error in the system! He could not have cared less if he’d tried.


Refused for me also. Not even a gift voucher


I've just been on the phone for an hour with them. They really don't care. Save yourself the hassle. They truly are See You Next Tuesdays.


For those that got messages from Amazon cancelling saying the supplier would no longer be able to source this due to it being discontinued, it's now in stock dispatched and sold by Amazon: £645 though :/ Might be worth you getting your complaints in as they said in the emails the item was discontinued and it clearly isn't.

Synology DS218J 8 TB 2 Bay NAS Solution | Installed with 2 x 4 TB Western Digital Red Drives £350.97 at
289° Expired
Posted 12th FebPosted 12th Feb
Synology DS218J 8 TB 2 Bay NAS Solution | Installed with 2 x 4 TB Western Digital Red Drives £350.97 at
£350.97£ Deals
Little save! A versatile 2-bay NAS for home and personal cloud storage Over 113 MB/s reading, 112 MB/s writing Dual-core CPU with hardware encryption engine Synology DS21… Read more

The NAS is running Media Server (Synology's app) and the TV (2016 LG Oled) has a native App called Photo and Video which is DNLA compatible. You then just turn on the indexing service in the NAS App and set it pointing to your folders with media in. It's basic but it's all I need.


Yeah there's a risk. However, all my important stuff on the PCs in my house are backed up to the synology. So there's a 1:1 copy (think Dropbox sync) so if that single drive in the synology fails then you still have the copy on the PC. You can also backup to the external USB. Just be aware that the external USB drives won't be NAS HDDs so you shouldn't keep them running all the time.


What app do you use on your tv? Plex or video station?


Each to their own. I just select 'Personal cloud' from the TV inputs and all my folders and content are right there. Didn't need an app or to set anything up. No need for extra devices or remotes. Can cast from the Seagate app tho but tend to find navigating on the TV is just as fast.


I have one of these and 'shucked' 2 x 14TB WD drives into it, setup as Raid 1. Worked fine, even comes with a small adaptor for differing screw hole positions on 'shucked' drives. No issue with 3v pin either. Sucks up files at Gigabit speed which is fine for me and serves files to my TV with no issues (note I dont need to transcode as I have a 4k tv which plays most things and I don't watch on mobile devices).

Synology DS218+ 2-Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £271.85 with code @ eBay / CCLComputers
234° Expired
Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Synology DS218+ 2-Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £271.85 with code @ eBay / CCLComputers
£271.85eBay Deals
Not bad, cheapest I can find currently. If you add 2 x WD RED 4TB drives it maxes out the discount perfectly to £74.99 (£75 is max) meaning you get the box and two drives for £460.… Read more

Love it when people are concerned about RAID1 but are not worried about UPS :). Sadly if power goes down and your NAS is saving something to RAID1 it can get corrupted. So I'd rather not to use RAID, but use one HDD to make copy of the other one, every hour or so. But this is only my opinion.


Cold, better of with this one:


The spec on says limited to 6Gb?


I you like low power and more bays the new DiskStation DS420j 4 bay ARM 64 bit quad core should be around this price.


Great NAS, great software. Heat. For a few quid more (30) The new Asustor 5202T is very good. Newer, faster CPU, DDR4, 2 x 2.5GBe ports, 4 camera license and VM support. If you're in the market at this price point, it's definitely worth your consideration.

Synology DS218play 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £183.99 @ Amazon
318° Expired
Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Synology DS218play 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £183.99 @ Amazon
£183.99£194.996%Amazon Deals
Also same price at Ebuyer. Lowest ever price according to 3xcamel. Edit: Amazon appears to have sold out, Ebuyer link here:… Read more

i don't think a 2 bay NAS is worth anything


Newbie here. Can I transfer files from my phone to this? And can I stream movies from the nas directly onto a tablet?


Go for 4 bays , Intel /x86 CPU, will run more software, more apps and you could run Raid5 , But syno do charge a LOT for smal upgrades in ram/cpu/bays. Good software tho.


go for the DS218+ model


I originally had the 218 Play and swapped it for the Plus some months ago. Also added 4gb of additional Crucial ram for £28. Been extremely pleased with it. Will watch with interest when the new model is launched but I can't imagine it will be enough to prompt me to upgrade just yet.

Synology DS120J - Single Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure (no drives) With 2 Years Warranty £85.99 Delivered @ Box
315° Expired
Posted 20th JanPosted 20th Jan
Synology DS120J - Single Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure (no drives) With 2 Years Warranty £85.99 Delivered @ Box
£85.99£ Deals
I didn't think this was a bad looking enclosure for those that maybe already have a drive they want to add. You can of course spend more and get something beefier that takes more H… Read more

Update : sorry to say this seller is fraud and to my order replied saying cancel the original payment to Amazon and send money by bank transfer to his account in Spain!! Reported as fraud to Amazon and refund in process. Guess there is good reason hukd don't allow marketplace deals and that's why I posted the comments to spread the word.


You can buy the Synology DS916+ 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure with 2GB RAM for 300 quid plus 5 quid ish DHL postage from Germany. It’s marketplace seller but money is safe and delivery assured by Amazon. Look for item ASIN: B01EMSGNCY Please comment if you ordered and had any experience, good or otherwise.


Don't see how you said that off my comment. You need to read the punctuation.


Given you don’t know the difference between backup and redundancy I’ll leave you to it.


They were asking why you would have this in addition to cloud. They compliment each other. Backup isn't something that is applied to a service, it is applied to data. and you should have redundancy. Cloud archiving is critical for this.

Synology DS218J 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure only - £134.08 @ Amazon
88° Expired
Posted 3rd JanPosted 3rd Jan
Synology DS218J 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure only - £134.08 @ Amazon
£134.08£148.3410%Amazon Deals
"This is a superb NAS, offering excellent file transfer speeds and an easy-to-use and powerful operating system. I’m also impressed by how simple Synology makes it to access files … Read more

Looking forward


Wouldn’t worry too much about getting the latest model. I’m still using a 212j and it’s brilliant. Decided I don’t want my back up solution to do too much other stuff but it’s great at streaming hd video to my tv.


Most likely, but I paid less for this same model so it's not discounted much.


Is it not pretty likely they'll announce a 2020 successor at CES next week?


Sorry to Sorry to hear that, think the available stock from that seller must have been taken :/

Synology DS918+ 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £451.88 at ebuyer_uk_ltd eBay
319° Expired
Posted 5th Dec 2019Posted 5th Dec 2019
Synology DS918+ 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £451.88 at ebuyer_uk_ltd eBay
£451.88eBay Deals
Not as cheap as some of the historical deals for this NAS but after voucher code on eBay works out to be 451.88

Yes agree


Your right, those sneaky B^£%"^&s!


People have been saying that for months and months, but I've waited this long so I can wait a little longer. Either new models or a better better price drop on this.


As RobBraz said, it's been lower as i paid £405.99 back in September supplied by Amazon. Even shows up on camels if you pick the right entry, Synology DS918+ 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure (B075DDZ894) (y)


It's been around 400 at Amazon in September. There are multiple entries on the camels. The x19 series should be coming out so I'd expect reductions then.

Synology DS218 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure - £204.22 Amazon
285° Expired
Posted 19th Nov 2019Posted 19th Nov 2019
Synology DS218 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure - £204.22 Amazon
£204.22£226.4310%Amazon Deals
Best price I've seen on Amazon but should I buy this close to black friday? Sorely tempted.....
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The price of 218+ seems high, is it worth waiting for it to fall in new year if newer models launched?


Guys, does the Synology products accept any hard drive? I have a spare add and a spare hybrid sshd drive taken from an old computer I could reuse, can hard drive technology be mixed and matched or do both drive have to be the exact same spec.


Yep, MQTT is my next project when I get some time!


I understand the observation, but having used a 218+ for the last year I wouldn't be without it now. I run a personal VPN, IP cameras, stream videos over the network, download torrents, operate an MQTT server, Home Assistant and Node Red (All in Dockers) automatically backup all photos from the family mobile phones to the personal cloud, and conduct regular backups of the local PCs. The list goes on - and all this is then protected with the 2 disk RAID setup (to a high degree). I've used cheaper NAS units in the past but the Synology wins hands down. Brilliant machines and regularly updated software.


Definitely go for the 218+, Docker is amazing. I have Home Assistant (Hassio) running on mine with Motion Eye looking after 5 IP cameras. And pi-hole & Plex.

Synology DS419SLIM 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £302.40 @ Amazon
196° Expired
Posted 18th Sep 2019Posted 18th Sep 2019
Synology DS419SLIM 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £302.40 @ Amazon
£302.40£329.978%Amazon Deals
Deal of the day Out of stock but a good deal if you can wait.
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If it's Amazon they generally will still ship it if it's not a pricing error, which it doesn't look like.


Expect the savings would be lost in the additional drive lost?


2.5" drives are quiet and cool (temp) but I find them to be way more prone to failure than 3.5". I never used wd red 2.5" though to be fair, but those drives are so pricey!


416Slim was pants IMHO. Mine ended up back at Amazon. Most likely there will be some of these on Amazon Warehouse for half this price before long.


And wait for what? Another order cancellation email? Ehmmm...Nope.

Synology DS918+ 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £405.99 @ Amazon
219° Expired
Posted 18th Sep 2019Posted 18th Sep 2019
Synology DS918+ 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £405.99 @ Amazon
£405.99Amazon Deals
Just spotted this Synology DS918+ 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure on Amazon. Best price I've ever seen for this. Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months. Hope it helps someone
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Well this deal was great..wonder if it will be back again..ever!


Sorry not sure what else to do with that, my action menu let me edit the volume, then I had a button to extend it to the maximum size.


Something isn't quite right. Despite me having 4x 8tb drives it's saying the total capacity is 15.87tb. the action menu doesn't allow me to change anything. I think I'm going to have to reformat all the drives and start a storage pool from scratch.


Hmm. Thanks for the reply. I will try that once I get home tomorrow and report back. Hopefully it is that easy.


Go into the volume section, select the volume, action menu, edit. You should be able to give the volume more space. The way this works is that you have allocated the data to the storage pool, but that doesn't increase the volume size automatically.

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