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Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 WiFi 8.0 Inch £191.58 delivered @ GeekyBuying
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Posted 9th May 2020Posted 9th May 2020
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 WiFi 8.0 Inch £191.58 delivered @ GeekyBuying£191.58geekbuying Deals
NoteIt is not installed with Google Play Store, google services, or multi-languages (only English and Chinese). Kindly note with thanks. Highlights MIUI 9(Android 8.1 Oreo) The … Read more

There are quite a few ROMs on their forums,I'm using the Bliss Rom with Android 10,works well.


My last one ;(


I want one too but personally don't want to pay more than £150 they have been lots cheaper than that before... But tbh even at this price it's better spec'd then any other tablet you will find..


i’m looking to buy one, is this a good price for it? i know people have bought it for cheaper but i’ve only seen the price get higher


Highly recommend putting lineageOS17.1 onto it

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 (3GB RAM/32GB) £80.26 @ Deal extreme
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Posted 22nd Dec 2019Posted 22nd Dec 2019Shipping from ChinaShipping from China
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 (3GB RAM/32GB) £80.26 @ Deal extreme£80.26£18757% offDealExtreme Deals
Seems very nice for the price. Usual precautions when ordering from China! Add to basket and it should automatically add a discount code making it £77.20. You can also pay by Pay… Read more

did anyone at all actually receive one of these in the end?


Why is it impossible resetting my password ??


Sadly I was robbed! :( XD


I got £81.66 back into my bank via PayPal.


Never ordered anything tried to cancel got an email saying dispatched again (lol) (lol) (lol) curious what turns up (lol) (lol) (lol)

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 WiFi 4GB + 64GB £141.07 Delivered using code @ Geekbuying
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Posted 13th Nov 2019Posted 13th Nov 2019
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 WiFi 4GB + 64GB £141.07 Delivered using code @ Geekbuying£141.07£181.9222% offgeekbuying Deals
Good price when using the attached code. Shipping from Hong Kong so customs may be a factor. Use the code 40G0QV6U at checkout. MIUI 9(Android 8.1 Oreo) The Latest syst… Read more

For thoe that did get the deal, I received mine today.


Are there any deals around at the second for this? If anybody has seen any could they kindly post it please. I'd be really appreciative. Thank you


And you still have nothing that compares to this in terms of grunt, not that I can think of anyway.


What tablet with an extra £50 would be comparible? With 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage and Snapdragon 660 CPU?


Great tablet, I have one with the nova launcher. Don't think this is the LTE model, worth paying a little extra for this. Also if this item is sent via direct air, I suspect you will get stung with duty.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 (SD660/3GB RAM/32GB Storage) - £131.98 - Ali Express (Amazfit Tech Store)
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Posted 14th Jun 2019Posted 14th Jun 2019
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 (SD660/3GB RAM/32GB Storage) - £131.98 - Ali Express (Amazfit Tech Store)£131.98AliExpress Deals
Haven't seen many deals for this on HUKD so I thought I'd post one. Puts my long johns on in case it gets a bit nippy in here... The Mi Pad 4 is Xiaomi's MIUI Android tablet, as… Read more

How difficult will this be to install Google Play store while still keeping MIUI? I like the Spaces feature of MIUI (hopefully the tablets have it too) which allow different users to login with different PIN codes to get the own custom user profile. Is it only the larger 10" models which have the fingerprint scanner?


I've never had a tab a but had a nexus 7 and an Nvidia shield tablet and this beats them both, I doubt he'd be disappointed


How does this compare to the latest version of Samsung tab A, want one for my 9yr old


Ordered this from AliExpress, Amazfit tech store to be dispatched from Spain. Paid on debit card (stupidly) and had to chase them to see when it would ship, didn't order from China so that I could have what I thought would be speedy delivery. Nothing happened for a week, then finally the tracking updated to say it was awaiting collection. So I nudged the sellers for them to inform me that actually it will not ship, no explanation. They asked me for my paypal address to give me a refund. But I haven't had one come through and I've had no further response from the seller. Now I'm chasing AliExpress to get me my refund but I have to wait a further 5 days before they'll do anything, and then even if they think I am due a refund it will take them 5-20 days to issue it!!! What an absolute joke of customer service. Will, never, ever use any of these Chinese oulets for bigger ticket items So we'll see, hopefully I get my money back after one month


That's not the actual result of the conversation though, I feel you're misrepresenting what happened.

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Mi Pad 4 64/4GB - LTE + GPS Version - 8,1" Tablet - Snapdragon 660 - Android 8.1 £157.51 @ Banggood
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Posted 21st Apr 2019Posted 21st Apr 2019Shipping from ChinaShipping from China
Mi Pad 4 64/4GB - LTE + GPS Version - 8,1" Tablet - Snapdragon 660 - Android 8.1 £157.51 @ Banggood£157.51£187.9816% offBanggood Deals
Banggood currently offers the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 LTE for £157,51 incl. shipping. The shipping is already included in the price and is being fulfilled duty neutral within 7-12 days. Yo… Read more

I'm not going to the stock EU rom undating all the underlying stuff like vender image etc to improve touch latency and other things then going to paranoid Android which is ASOP based..


I was planning to do that, but worried I might brick it. Where are clear instructions for installing EU rom? 😁


Same here waiting for the stupid 360 hours are up so I can unlock my bootloader, sent the request last Thursday... Hardware good software terrible but I'll sort that once the bootloader is unlocked..


Mine arrived a little over a week ago. Everything was pristine packaged. Got a microsd card and when I opened the sim tray... Boom, Chinese Sim card. Still, its a great device, so not fussed that it's not that new.


Well done Bat Man. (highfive) Oh wait ... (flirt)

Original Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 LTE Wifi 3GB 32GB £127(New User Coupon) @ Xiaomi Online Store/Aliexpress
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Posted 15th Apr 2019Posted 15th Apr 2019
Original Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 LTE Wifi 3GB 32GB £127(New User Coupon) @ Xiaomi Online Store/Aliexpress£127£14915% offAliExpress Deals
Excellent price for a well reviewed (mainly on hukd) Tablet, 3 32 version LTE. No warranty though and a long wait, pay by credit card or PayPal ideally. May be customs to pay too… Read more

Mr Switch mate :)


Ok, I'm going to ask, Mr Switch or Mrs Witch? Always wondered...


:D Always said it, they are one of the best android tablets available


Fantastic tablet. I have the non LTE 64GB version and it's perfect for me. If you are worried about Chinese spyware, you can flash a custom ROM based on the latest Nexus phone version of Android. Then you only have to worry about Google spyware (lol)


Exactly, they didn't respond to my reply.