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Blaze Atari Retro Handheld Console at £24.99 with code  Robert Dyas
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
There are also other archade games Sega Arcade Portable Gamer - Black (30games) £24.99 with code Free c&c.

YouTube has reviews. My biggest gripe is the lack of SD card slot - no way to add games (unlike the ATGames version)


Is this any good ? I love the Atari 2600 console in the 80

Atari Vault USB Bundle £15 with ELF discount code - free delivery with a £30 purchase @ Urban Outfitters
Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec
Retro-inspired gaming fun that will unleash all the glory of the original Atari 2600 + old school arcades on your home computer. Features a new progressive design of the classic At… Read more

not the same, Amazon one has 50 games, this has 100 games and also 40% cheaper


different product and different packaging , no idea if its any good.


Ah, nostalgia. It's not what it used to be...

jazid Assuming this is the same product that has been re-bundled/packaged, doesn't appear to have good usability reviews. Shame.


This brings back memories

30% off selected items with code eg Atari knitted Christmas jumper was £14.99 now £11.48 delivered, Crash Bandicoot Plushes £6.99 @ Zavvi
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
30% off selected items until end of Saturday with code POWER30 at basket. 99p delivery per order. Get deal link takes you to all in offer for the 30% off Also sales with 20% off… Read more

Managed to get the Atari in large. Hopefully it'll shrink a little in the wash like everything else I buy in medium, that ends up small


Only S and XS.... 😣


Ha ha. Now I feel better.


Don't they call that a medium now? :)


Probably not invited to any.

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Atari Plug & Play with 50 in-built games £19.99 Smyths Toys. In store price. (add £2.99 online ordering P&P)
Found 21st NovFound 21st Nov
£19.99 in store price. Add £2.99 if buying online. An Atari Joystick Plug & Play from Blaze with 50 games Something for the gamer in your life this Christmas! I believe it i… Read more

£15 over at Urban Outfitters


Thanks. Free P&P if you create an account - worth updating the title!


cant believe that nearly 40 years ago I sooooo wanted this console and it was soooo expensive and I never even got to see one, even if my parents could have offered the console the cartridges were a fortune too, only played in Dixons and dreamed one day I could own such hi tech kit XD


If I bought home an Atari my kids would feel sorry for me. No touch, no 4k, no online, no dlc, no sidequests, no chat. Be way too humiliating to show them gaming back in the day


Actually I stand corrected. Later releases of the Atari Flashback did include these games. They appear to be up to v9 Gold now and it's a very confusing list and still not sure Invaders is the original (Flashback 4 had a custom version of Space Invaders on it). But artwork on the box for the 8 does look like the original. Of the 7 games pictured on the v8 box, the 4 games I mention are included! I must have been really lucky with the games I got my family to buy me back then,

Atari Flashback Classics Vol 2 (PS4) for £6.95 delivered @ Base
Found 6th NovFound 6th Nov
Low price The Atari Flashback Classics Vol 2 features 50 gloriously remastered (in stunning HD) classic Atari and arcade titles for the PS4 and Xbox One. 50 classic Atari a… Read more
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Did anyone receive their copy? Base emailed to say they still don't have stock and don't know when it will arrive....


It's not eBay. Base are a trustworthy retailer. You don't need PayPal.


Minutes of fun to be had.


Not including games never released outside of Japan XD


Better not let big daddy Harmful Park hear you say that. A copy of that on PS1 will set you back around 500 of your beer tokens.

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Official atari t-shirts £14.99 down to £5.63 (with code) at Funstock Retro (plus £1.99 delivery)
Found 1st NovFound 1st Nov
I got the distressed with classic logo in 2xl. Fit and quality look good. Thanks to r0b0m0nk3y for the code which drops the price to £5.63

Save more with the following discount code: GYL Brings the price down to £5.63.


On ebay search "esports atari T-shirts" they look pretty cool for £5.99.


The 2xl one I got is standard cut 100% cotton.


Thx any idea if there is a size guide? Are they standard cut or fitted?

Atari Flashback Portable Games Console with 70 Games £39.99 @ Argos
Found 5th OctFound 5th Oct
This Atari Flashback Portable Game Console comes with 70 built-in games, including some of the Atari 2600's greatest hits. Games include Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Galaxian, Pitfall! , Rive… Read more
Avatardeleted646063Get dealGet deal

River Raid, Galaxian I’m in. Is Defender too much to ask?


He isn't wrong, but he is the type that argues semantics. If you used anything over 32GB on an older PSP (I can't say for PSP Go, because I don't have one) then the XMB menu would cause slowness and headaches. For one very short period I had 2 x 32GB cards in a DUO adapter (64GB total), but immediately downgraded. It is compatible, but can be extremely bad advice for the Phat/Slim PSP's. If you're the kind of person to have many games/folders/emulators to load in a list, I wouldn't. Sometimes, even if I simply pressed the Home button the entire thing would freeze for a while (and that was only 64GB). The higher you go the worse it gets, I wouldn't and cannot recommend anything higher than 32GB (this is from experience). EDIT: As I expected, there are others reporting this all over reddit also. They didn't even have 128GB cards back then you're completely right, In light of this, it seems the hardware wasn't designed to cater for it.


I was interested in the arcade 1up cabs as they were priced very reasonable in the US, but as usual there’s been a huge markup on the uk price. £400 for the uk vs around £230 in the US, even taking into account VAT that’s a joke.


Pandora battery was what I used, but there was no mention of needing one. You did misinterpret my answer by assuming he needed one surely? I will clear that up now, because it was far from it. I could of explained it better, but I didn't need to since the idea here was to present a possible option, but, more importantly - a valid term 'Pandora Battery' for people to Google and find the latest info themselves from the scene. As for the Pandora Battery itself I didn't use it because I had a brick, it can work on non-bricks. There wasn't an exploit for my firmware at the time, so I needed one. I'm not a fan of people deeming something 'redundant' if it can still be used though. I mean each to their own, but you're not only assuming its useless everywhere, but dismissing it completely. Retailers sell Pandora Battery kits, so in reality it's still a perfectly good option to install CFW, just not recommended if you're a techie. Thanks for the updated info on the scene though. This all still doesn't affect me, but perhaps swapping these facts would useful for others. ;)


'phil16' asked "Can't you just run emulators directly on a PSP using custom firmware nowadays?" and the first line of your response was "Yeah, Pandora battery.". Did I misinterpret your answer? If so, why refer to the Pandora battery at all when you answered him as it has nothing to do with his question? It is redundant nowadays unless you have a brick (and even then it only works on the 1000 and some 2000's). I've owned every model of PSP apart from the 'Street (e1000)', and since sold my GO. Still own the 1000, 2000 and 3000. The Phat and Slim PSP's do support larger cards. You just use a cheap Pro Duo to Micro SD adaptor. 256gb works on it too: With regards to the Go, realistically you're only going to get 32GB out of it because Sony used the M2 cards. There's the size and some voltage issues, hence no adaptors.

Atari Flashback 8 Gold down to £59.99 at Argos!
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
120 classic games, including the best hits of the Atari 2600 console and Activision titles Includes two wireless controllers & 720P HDMI output for connection to a TV.
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ffs lol (lol)


So many great games i remember!


I assume colour depth.


Same here you think its going to be great playing all the old games again but they get as boring as hell. The only game that kept our attention for more than 5 minutes was space invaders lol


Astro Chase, dropzone, the Atari cartridge version of defender were all good on the 800xl. I once won a magazine competition and the prize was a game of my choice, after several months they sent me a pretty lousy pool game instead as they'd failed to get any from the list I provided, then eventually published reviews of some of them, including astro chase, a couple of months later even claiming it was the best game ever! Which was pretty annoying. I played the atari console at a friends house once, it might have been a thing at the time, but I really wasn't impressed.

[Steam] Atari Vault (100 games) - £1.29 - Voidu
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
[Steam] Atari Vault (100 games) - £1.29 - Voidu
£1.29£6.9982%voidu Deals
Cheapest I've ever seen this is £2.09 at Fanatical, using code SUMMER18 at checkout will drop this to £1.29 and includes... 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe Atari 2600 1979 Adventure Atari 2600… Read more

Comes up every time these are posted :D It's a compilation of games made by Atari. Sadly, River Raid wasn't.


Was on both


I was looking for that too. Used to play it a lot at my friend's. I had an intellivison. I remember spy hunter being a good game but was that for spectrum or that gen console?


Appears to be back in stock.


OOS :(

Atari Flashback Classics Volume 3 (PS4/Xbox One) £15.85 (Preorder) Delivered @ Base
Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
Atari Flashback Classics Volume 3 (PS4/Xbox One) £15.85 (Preorder) Delivered @ Base
£15.85£ Deals
£3 drop on this. Pretty good price, IMO. Pre-order , Due for release on 28/09/2018. Base takes money on dispatch. Atari Flashback Classics Vol.3 brings the iconic games of yeste… Read more

The nation's most powerful console (strong)


I'd like Cannon Fodder and Dune on the PS4. Plus maybe the Desert Strike games. Of course they aren't Atari but still....


Are those definitive edition?


People actually buy that?


Bought for Asteroids (and maybe Astroblast)

[PS4] Atari Flashback Classics Collection Vol.2 - £5.95 - TheGameCollection
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
[PS4] Atari Flashback Classics Collection Vol.2 - £5.95 - TheGameCollection
Last few remaining, so how many exactly is anybody's guess. The Atari Classics Collection vol.2 features 50 gloriously remastered (in stunning HD) classic Atari and Arcade titl… Read more
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Atari Flashback Classics Vol 2 *NEW* [PS4] £6.95 including FREE delivery @ The Game Collection
Refreshed 28th JunRefreshed 28th Jun
Atari Flashback Classics Vol 2 *NEW* [PS4] £6.95 including FREE delivery @ The Game Collection
The Atari Classics Collection vol.2 features 50 gloriously remastered (in stunning HD) classic Atari and Arcade titles for PS4. 50 classic Atari and arcade titles remastered and… Read more



Thanks, I'm still gaming at 46. Actually watched the fortnite 'Live event' yesterday. While its not a game I love to play often, I really appreciate what they have done and the way they have monetised the game. My main machine was a C64, I was actually part of one of the biggest Demo and Cracking groups Genesis Project / G*P.


That's why I said 'console' lol my parents wanted a gaming computer that was also a learning machine (lol) comend you on your Atari knowledge though it's always nice to hear from an old gamer :)


My original comment was relating to 70's kids playing Atari 2600's. The Atari ST was way ahead of the Atari 2600 as it was released in 1985, it also as such was a computer and not a console. I thought the thread was more Atari 2600 related than Atari products/games in general. A little like saying Fat Boy slim made his music on an Atari. He did, but certainly not a 2600. :p


First 'console' I had was the Atari ST 520. I was born in 1983 and Paperboy was very much available as an Atari Floppy so maybe he played it on an Atari? ;)

Atari Flashback 8 Standard Console with 105 Games was £59.99 now £39.99 @ Argos - more in OP inc Sega Mega Drive / Portable Console
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Atari Flashback 8 Standard Console with 105 Games was £59.99 now £39.99 @ Argos - more in OP inc Sega Mega Drive / Portable Console
£39.99£59.9933%Argos Deals
Great price reductions on some Retro themed consoles at Argos today. Get deal link goes to all in the offer & will pop some individual links / info on the better buys below. … Read more
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Hi The benefit of the Pi is that its tiny, and you can keep it separate. I have mine under the TV as just an additional console, to dip into and out of when i have a desire to play some old games. Its incredibly slick, and very easy to set up. Essentially you just preload an SD card with everything and then it autoruns when you open the program from the SD card. After that its set up, you can just dip in and out of your arcade and its connected to your TV on the wall like a console, not tethered to your PC. In reality i play my PS4 and Switch a lot more, but it was nice to show my kids what old games looked like.


Emulation on the Pi can be hard work, partly because it's actually not a very powerful system. It can barely emulate the SNES era. I did get Final Fantasy V working without choppy music eventually, but it took a lot of tweaking with the settings and even still there are occasional moments when it just isn't 100% smooth. For those who have a Mac though OpenEMU is excellent. It's a shame it's not been ported to Windows and Linux.


If you even get a hint that setting up a RPi is too complicated for you, then it is. My opinion is that they're a complete nightmare. SD card issues, millions of settings, learning Linux command line nonsense, I would stay well, well clear. TBH, I'd buy a Nintendo SNES Classic Edition, and then use the much much simpler process of adding roms using an app called haxchi (I think it's called) on your PC (not Mac or Chromebook). You can use an old iPod charger, or even the USB ports on your tv to power it, comes with HDMI cable, and 2 very very decent controllers. And it looks cool as f**k.


My experience of retro gaming is sticking a SMS emulator or two on my PC and downloading roms, used MAME a lot for the arcade classics too. I call that simple. The Pi stuff which I am completely new to gets described as simple, just do A, B, C, then get X, Y, maybe Z, and do D, E and F, is really that easy. But it does not really sound that simple, does it? Not compared to running MAME on your PC anyway. But yeah thanks to cgap for the good info. I am more tempted now also to get my finger out and get into it, and at least give it a try.


Balti and Vimto and Spangles Were always crap. Regardless of the look back bores

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Official Collector's Edition Guide £11.83 / God of War £12.99 / Atari Flashback: The Essential Companion £4.15 Delivered @ AGreatRead (More in OP)
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Official Collector's Edition Guide £11.83 / God of War £12.99 / Atari Flashback: The Essential Companion £4.15 Delivered @ AGreatRead (More in OP)
£11.83£19.9941%A Great Read Deals
Some good prices! Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Official Collector's Edition Guide God of War £12.99 Atari Flashback: The Essential Companion £4.15 The Essentia… Read more

I picked up Atari Flashback: The Essential Companion £4.15. Thanks !


So you've had previous purchases from them just like me. :D


You got the same email as I did, I see. :p


Call of Duty deployment kit is £44.99 after the code. Currently reduced from £80 to £56 on Amazon so seems a good deal for anyone interested. The Call of Duty®: WWII Deployment Kit Contains: • Flashlight: WWII-themed flashlight, branded with Call of Duty®: WWII logo. • Canteen: Call of Duty®: WWII-themed metal canteen and pouch. • Dog Tag: In-game character, Ronald "Red" Daniels' dog tag. • Hardcover Collector's Edition Guide: Contains a hardcover version of the complete strategy guide. • Hardcover Journal: A 192-page writing journal with a ribbon bookmark and inside pocket. • Poster: An 11”x17” poster featuring Call of Duty®: WWII character artwork. • Propaganda Print: An 8”x10”, high-quality replica piece of propaganda artwork. • WWII Visual Encyclopedia by DK: Step-by-step visual history book covering the major events of World War II.


Thanks :D nearly paid about £13 each for ESO and AC so to get both for just over £20 is great :) AC does say "temporarily unavailable" though but still allows to order so hopefully they get some in stock

Atari Flashback 6 Classic Game Console & 100 Built-In Games £31.99 @ Argos eBay
Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
Atari Flashback 6 Classic Game Console & 100 Built-In Games £31.99 @ Argos eBay
£31.99eBay Deals
Atari flashback console - includes two wireless controllers and a 100 built in games. Free delivery Take a trip to your childhood with this Atari Flashback 6 Classic Game Conso… Read more
Get dealGet deal

Still in stock, and available to buy. Not sure why this is expired.


For the console then 20-30 quid for a cartridge with if lucky a few variants of the same game .... so in relative terms much dearer than todays games - obviously {insert fav PS / xbox game} has not yet reached the heights of Tanks, or Space invaders and we'll be years before they get to Pong


I have my first exposure to software development on the Atari 2600 via the BASIC Programming game. Too say it was limited was an understatement -


Encore Encore


How??? (Ha - that’s entertained me that has)

PS4 Atari flashback vol2 £8.99 @ Base
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
PS4 Atari flashback vol2 £8.99 @ Base
The Atari Classics Collection Vol.2 for PS4 features 50 gloriously remastered (in stunning HD) classic Atari and Arcade titles. Features 50 classic and legendary Atari and arc… Read more
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Showing back in stock now, un-expire requested. (y)


I wonder if one HD TV would fit all the games on at the same time?


Just ordered and didn’t show as out of stock...


Wow that was fast! Glad I ordered just before posting


Welcome to the site and thanks for taking the time to post @stompingchimp unfortunately the item is now out of stock.

Atari Flashback 6 Classic Game Console £31.99 in-store @ Argos
Found 24th FebFound 24th Feb
Atari Flashback 6 Classic Game Console £31.99 in-store @ Argos
Includes two wireless controllers and a 100 built in games. Currently in stock in a few counties when searching.
Avatardeleted1023990Get dealGet deal

I can still play C64 games (emulated) and enjoy them, even some Spectrum games, but Atari 2600 games have aged a million times worse. They're all so simple and they play like crap.


that depends on if you love a bit of Atari retro or not. I just bought the 8 for roughly this price (which is not much different) and would say it's worth it if you do love a bit of old school Atari.


5 minutes after plugging this in you'll realise that you shouldn't have bought it.


Decent amount of games.

Atari Flashback 6 - Classic Game Console & 100 Built-In Games £39.99 @ Argos
Found 29th JanFound 29th Jan
Atari Flashback 6 - Classic Game Console & 100 Built-In Games £39.99 @ Argos
Take a trip to your childhood with this Atari Flashback 6 Classic Game Console. It gives you 100 Games Built-in so you can start playing straight away. Simply Plug & Play on yo… Read more

Agree, I just don't know what is wrong with Sega. They seem dysfunctional, is like they don't want to make any money.


100 or 6 games this and all the other retro consoles are a waste of money and space, Play for 2 hrs and get bored this coming from a original gamer from the 80s


Just run Retropie or Lanka, plenty of single board PCs around not just Rasp Pi of course you’ll need the games which of course you legally have and not need google to find them ;-)


Horrified, no ET (devil)


heat just for jungle hunt! :)

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