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Cannondale 27.5in Presta inner tube, 2.1-2.4, non-threaded valve. 5 for £10 + £2.95 p&p at Cycle Surgery
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
"27.5in Presta inner tube, 2.1-2.4, non-threaded valve. 5 for £10 on selected inner tubes! Please add 5 tubes to your basket in order for the discount to be applied. Only valid … Read more

Perfect! Thanks OP...........Hot


Probably be ok


Got loads of these - really really good quality tubes. Would recommend (y)


Great deal, shame my tyres are 27.5 x 2.6 so just a bit wider :-(

Cannondale Quick 2 Mens Hybrid Bike 2017 - £382.49 @ Start Fitness
Found 4th NovFound 4th Nov
Not too sure about the RRP but it's a pretty good deal now with the discount. It's half price at £425 but add the code 17TEN and it becomes £382.49. The ladies' model is £404.10 … Read more

What do you think to it?


I've ordered this for delivery on Monday so can't yet comment on the quality of the bike but I can say that I'm really impressed with their customer service. I cancelled another order with them to order this bike (at the previously posted £425 value), it was processed almost immediately, then when this deal was posted I called again to ask if they'd refund the 10% discount which they again did immediately. I'm really impressed and look forward to receiving my bike on Monday. And thanks for posting the deal OP :)


10-15% added if you want to buy through Cycle2Work scheme!! Very frustrating!


Crack n fail moniker came in the mid 90s as they pushed the envelope on weights a little too far with aluminium. However, they also gave a lifetime warranty to the original owners. 2009 is when they started closing their USA location.


Cannondale frames are good quality now because they are made in the far east but when they were made in the USA they had the joke name of Crack'n'fail as they were just too weak. Cannondale are nowadays part of Dorel of Canada, it is their premium brand but the same factory that produces many of the Cannondale frame produces many shop brands as well as many Italian brands, Raleigh and other Dorel Industries bike brands. I'm just making the point it's unlikely the frames are anything particularly special they will be fairly generic. As for lightness I feel there are many similar bikes close to this weight of 10.7kg or just marginally above for similar money. In my opinion this bike was never worth £850 but heavily discounted definitely worth considering if its the spec you want. While some hybrid bikes come with front suspension there are many options that don't and front suspension is a complete waste of time in my opinion on a bike destined for mainly road use or occasional very light off road use.I would agree that such bikes could be towards 30lbs but are best avoided anyway.

Cannondale Quick 2 Mens Hybrid Bike 2017 - 50% off £424.99 @ Start Fitness
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
All sizes in stock Details START THE CYCLE. This is where it all begins. When you decide to work out, not in. When you trade in four walls for two wheels. And you become… Read more

Triban 520 would be a lot faster than this bike, not only a lighter bike but much more efficient gearing. The only issue is the rider weight limits, about 85kg for btwin but I think Cannondale are at 136kg for rider weight. 100kg total load for btwin, 160kg total load for cannondale. Personally I'd prefer something like the Giant Rapid 3 which admittedly has a inferior groupset but a much better frame than either of these and can probably match the btwin for weight despite much higher rider weight limits. At this price level there is always some sort of compromise though. I also like the way Giant entry level bikes often get confused for much more expensive bikes due to some brilliant paint jobs on even their lower end bikes. Lastly Giant actually make their own bikes they are an actual manufacturer with their own factories rather than brand/importer.


Hmm, this or the Triban 520 Flat Bar.... So many choices!


Doesn't look bad for half price but how was that bike ever worth £850? Seems like a £250 premium just for the Cannondale name. The cheaper Quick 4 model (normally cheaper but not here becasue of the discounts) has a better spec in real terms. It will be easier up hills and faster on the flats. Off road a 1x drivetrain makes a huge amount of sense for rapid gear changes as you go over different terrain but on the road it can be a bit of a compromise.


It's horses for courses Mr .... it very much depends on the type of rider you are.....experience and so on....I ride drops in London... it's a piece of cake... Unless you're a hipster, with flatbars; Hoxton beard optional.... Interestingly a lot of women (sorry if this sounds sexist) do prefer do beginners... or newbies to cycling...


I think flatbar is still best for commuting when you get traffic or more technical routes

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Cannondale Slice 105 Triathlon bike was £1999 now £1024.99 @ TriUK
Found 27th AugFound 27th Aug
105 Carbon tri bike. Perfect for your 3 mile canal path commute just watch out for those aggressive geese.

For me I see value in bikes at all price levels even rigid steel mountain bikes sub £100 but for me personally Cannondale at their normal pricing are excessively overpriced for most models. However I think that is because I am more product focused but others are more brand focused. I know Cannondale are actually Chinese fuji-ta bikes/frames with geometry tweaks and a few innovations here and there. However this is half price a huge reduction and surely an indicator that it struggled to be sold at it's original price or close to it. This is probably loss making for the importer who is struggling to shift stock unless it is Tri UK who are taking the financial hit. There certainly isn't the margin on this to just half the normal retail price surely.


Has hukd finally accepted that bikes costing over £80 from Tesco can be decent deals now? I'm sure if I posted this a few years ago it would be frozen! Interesting that Ashley owns Tri UK thought he just focused on low end brands.


Nice bike. Thanks for posting. Cant get this sort of thing in my area it would disappear quickly unfortunately.


Tri UK is my local cycle shop, normally very premium but they do have some decent end of season offers. I have no problem with him myself in fact it is good that he has invested so much money into retail and protected many jobs but Tri UK is owned by Mike Ashley.


Gave it heat to balance it

Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc 105 2018 Road Bike £1500 @ Hargreaves cycles
Found 27th AugFound 27th Aug
I realise this isn't for everyone as you can get a less well known brand for sub £1,000. That said some love the Cannondale frame geometry (me for one). So I'm posting as an owner … Read more

Hi just noticed this, I would look at the Giant series of bikes. The Roam is an excellent bike and with lockable forks makes a decent road bike also. It all depends on what you mainly want to do on the bike.


Yes I can give you more of a review, if you say please ;) Most people (including myself) post the ad blurb since they aren't attempting to run a sales pitch - it's just a good deal. Anyway it's a great bike, I can say that much. The hoods are bigger than say, the Ultegra equivalents, but I like how big they are because I find they are very comfortable to rest on. The frame finish is gorgeous although beware it's a metallic finish (ie somewhat sparkly in the sunshine). No issues there. As for the micro-suspension, I can't comment since this is my first road bike and my others bikes are MTBs (with suspension forks!). However, I have no regrets and I would buy it again.


As an owner, can you give more of a review of the bike? You posted some ad blurb that isn't too helpful. Are the hydro hoods comfortable - that's where my hands spend most of their time. I'm particularly interested in comfort (in road bike terms), and whether the micro-suspension makes an appreciable difference. It's hard to see how it can be really effective without removing the power efficiency and stiffness designed into the carbon overlay and geometry. Also, how is the finish on the frame? It seems that some brands are leaving a more basic finish to save weight, but I think good paint/varnish is important to protect carbon from delaminating and deep scratches.


This is only true for the person who is so non-practically-minded that they haven't the ability to check for all these faults before purchase. Anybody in this situation (and without an experienced friend they can drag along to view) should not be buying any expensive bike secondhand. For me, the main problem of buying secondhand is the danger of buying a stolen bike - bike paperwork is very rare, and bike thieves are increasingly knowledgeable about bikes nowadays, so it's getting very hard to detect them; but I object strongly to buying from them. I'll never be poor enough to buy from those cancers on society, and if justify it to yourself or you close your eyes to it while thinking of the money you're saving then you're just as bad as a thief, you just lack the guts to go out and steal yourself. I'm not a paragon of morality, just a bod fed up with bike theft, the situation is now out of control in most urban areas.


I should say that I used this for a price match for a brand new one from Cycle Surgery 😁

Cannondale CAADX Ultegra 2018 Cyclocross Bike £1399 (£1,299 after trade in of any bike in any condition) @ Evans Cycles
Found 21st AugFound 21st Aug
Just bought myself one of these! For the spec (ultegra) seems like a very very good price. The price on Evan Cycles is £1399 (not seen it cheaper anywhere else) and if you trade in… Read more
mbd Even Cheaper here (without trade in) for £1359


Cannondale is owned by Dorel Industries who use fuji-ta in China for their carbon and aluminium frames. There is nothing wrong with fuji-ta but I really think the frame technology at Giant and Merida is better for both aluminium and carbon frames. You can see it even clearly stated on the fuji-ta videos on youtube that they make Cannondale and many other Dorel brands. Cannondale don't make frames nowadays and as end consumers we don't always know where they are importing them from. They seem to have had a long relationship with fuji-ta who are good quality just not top end but they could chose a completely different factory tomorrow how would we know. Even when Cannondale made their own frames they had the joke name 'Crack'n'Fail' because of the poor lifespan of some of their frames so for me 'finest aluminium frames ever made' just seems more like marketing talk than reality. Cannondale as a brand was always about innovation in the past and you paid a large premium to buy one. Strange frame designs, lefty forks etc.


It’s a decent deal and it’s tempting, but 90% if my cycling is on the road and I think I’d get annoyed by losing a slight bit of speed. Ordered the Ribble sportive deal so probably stick to having separate road and mountain bikes


Yeah, you're probably right.


Oh come on...that’s over once a week riding...pull the other one..gathering dust 99% of the time (highfive)

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Cannondale Bad Boy 2 Hybrid bike at Triton Cycles for £1099.99
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Cannondale Bad Boy 2 Hybrid bike at Triton Cycles for £1099.99
£1,099.99£1,399.9921%Triton Cycles Deals
I paid £1254.99 around 2 months ago for mine, I've never seen the Bad Boy 2 at this price. Usually retails for £1399.99 I'm sure you can get more bike for your money but I persona… Read more
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To you negligible. To me irrelevant as none of my bikes are left in public places. lockout skewers is viable alternative albeit with the leftie not needing to remove is a pro as the person asked. Agree proprietry hub is a con.


That has to be said is an negligible advantage compared to the disadvantage of having a proprietary front hub. You can use locknut skewers to achieve the same result. I like the look of the lefty design. But from a practical standpoint it's a waste of space.


most others covered - one that seems missed is the ability to change the front tyre/inner tube without taking wheel off - on a commuter bike, possibly stored with access to public it means you could use a fixed nut and only have to focus on securing rear and frame.


Ah, now you've misunderstood me and put an awful lot of words in my mouth. I don't claim to know more about making frames than that company. I do however reserve the right to criticise their graph for being generic nonsense because it provides no meaningful values. As you say it relates to their frames, not those of others so I wouldn't say X was better than Y just because their version of X was better than Y. Would I consider a generic Fuji Ti frame better than a Mason Alloy one? No way. Would I consider a Sarto carbon frame brittle compared to a cheapo steel frame, again nope. As I said before, read the trustpilot reviews. 1* given because Triton charged more for postage than the stamps on the parcel added up to. 1* given because an item said to be in stock took a week to arrive because they'd accidentally said they had an XL when in was an L ......and countless other petty gripes. So yeah, useless. Please don't say that I won't listen to facts, I bloody love facts and details and all the minutiae that go into bike design. Hence my dislike of that bloody pseudoscientific graph you like posting up when you throw generalisations all over the place! ;)


Mondraker Foxy Carbon RR SL 2018 Mountain Bike at Evans Cycles for £5999
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
Mondraker Foxy Carbon RR SL 2018 Mountain Bike at Evans Cycles for £5999
Frame F-Si Asymmetric, BallisTec Hi-MOD Carbon, SPEED SAVE, PF30A, 1.5 Si Head Tube, 27.5” (S), 29” (M-X) Fork Lefty 2.0 Carbon, 100mm, XLR Isolated Damper Technology with XC+ tun… Read more
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Oooh, I have my first stalker.




£30k is a lot for a top of the range Honda Civic £6k is a lot for a top of the range OLED TV £1k is a lot for a Smeg washing machine Basically, if you want the top model, you pay the premium, no matter what the object in question is.


I think we both understand each others intended points. Given that there is no engine on the MTB and the 250 & 450 share chassis' I'm not sure why you think the 450 is a more accurate comparison, unless you can get 40kw+ from your leg muscles....... £6k is a lot of money for a bicycle, no matter how you stir it. I haven't voted on the deal itself, for the record.

Cannondale 2017 Quick Carbon 2 Mens Hybrid Bike - £845 @ Start Fitness
Found 22nd MayFound 22nd May
Cannondale 2017 Quick Carbon 2 Mens Hybrid Bike - £845 @ Start Fitness
£845£1,399.9940%Start Fitness Deals
If you're after a carbon hybrid bike, this might be a good option at this price. I have this exact model myself and it's a beaut. This is the model from last year (hence the reduct… Read more

Bob on, not given it much punishment yet but first impressions great and same for the company, good coms, and quick delivery.


Good bike?


Arrives tomorrow! #newbikeday


Let me know what you think. I love mine! I've changed the pedals for cleats etc, changed the stem for a bit more length/height in the handlebar, but otherwise it's a complete cracker.


So pleased, I saw this when it was first posted just after my bike was stolen but needed to wait on the insurance etc. Now all sorted I ordered one today as they are still available. Great deal and just the type of bike I was after.

Cannondale Long Sleeved Jersey - £35.20 @ Tredz
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
Cannondale Long Sleeved Jersey - £35.20 @ Tredz
Red/white version available in small and medium at £35.20. Seems decent, I've ordered one.


also squeaky voice thrown in for free... (y)


Hah that’s the first thing I thought. Spidey suit on a budget (lol)


Thanks - does the red one have "Cannondale" printed on the arms - I can see the print on the green version in the pic but not the red (hoping it doesn't, but I expect it does!)


this has got my spider senses tingling for sure

Cannondale & Nutrak Bicycle Inner Tubes 5 for £10 delivered (£6 each) @ Cycle Surgery
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
Cannondale & Nutrak Bicycle Inner Tubes 5 for £10 delivered (£6 each) @ Cycle Surgery
Had a tube blow out this morning so was looking for a new inner tube, when I spotted this offer on Cycle Surgery. Standard price appears to be £6 but they are 5 for £10. Might be a… Read more

It appears the Nutrak tubes are included in the 5 for £10 deal as well now - but can't say I know much about them.


Just received all of mine too, well chuffed!!


Great find, cheers OP! Arrived yesterday, individually shrink wrapped so ideal for carrying about.


Is this the cheapest place to get 700c tubes then.with this deal??


Don't need, but I'll be glad I bought them when I do, thank you!

Cannondale 2017 CAADX 105 Mens Cyclocross Bike - Grey at Start Fitness for £791.10 (With Code)
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Cannondale 2017 CAADX 105 Mens Cyclocross Bike - Grey at Start Fitness for £791.10 (With Code)
£791.10£1,04925%Start Fitness Deals
Price is unbeatable. Use code BLACK10 I ordered a 56 this morning and had a phone call this afternoon saying it will be delivered on Monday. Cannondale CAADX 2017 105 Groupset, o… Read more

Yes TRP Spyre, most say the best of a bad bunch. Need Ulterga Group-set for hydros. £1600


Mechanical brakes right? ....


58 still in stock.


oos 56


Looks really nice good spot! (y)

Cannondale slate ultegra 2017 from £1799 from £3000 @ Wheelbase
Found 20th Nov 2017Found 20th Nov 2017
Cannondale slate ultegra 2017 from £1799 from £3000 @ Wheelbase
Another Cannondale slate offer from This one is better speced than the apex model I previously posted. A good saving from £3000 to £1799. This one has the lefty O… Read more
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What's the code please


105 version available at start fitness for £1350 with a 10% off code seems better


I have this exact model and after 6mths and almost 2000 miles of riding I can't praise it enough. It is quite a niche bike and it won't suit everyone but I found coming purely from a mountain biking background it suited me perfectly. Tried loads of road bikes with extended demo rides before buying this and always found them to be way to harsh and after an hour or so riding I'd feel fatigued just from the amount of road buzz transferring up through the bike. Took a punt on this Slate with it's front suspension and cushy tires and couldn't be happier, very little vibration, road imperfections and minor potholes can just be ridden over rather than avoided and I can easily do a long 5-6 hour ride in complete comfort. I usually ride a 30 to 40 mile loop that's about 75 percent tarmac and then a mix of bridal and tow paths with a couple of woodland trails and this bike can handle all that with ease. Previously I was having to ride a mountain bike to do the same loop as a traditional road bike would take a real hammering along the rougher parts of my ride, but sold my hardtail MTB after about 2 weeks of buying the Slate as I couldn't ever see me ever choosing to ride it again instead of the Slate. If you usually ride a MTB on the road or on gravel paths, bridal ways or light trails then I'd recommend trying the Slate as it'll be a lot faster and just as comfortable, if you want a super fast ultra light race bike purely for tarmac rides then this isn't the bike for you. Fantastic bike and well worth the price given the high spec and the quality of the fork.


Good price; don't think these have sold at all well..

Cannondale slate apex 2017 at £999
Found 20th Nov 2017Found 20th Nov 2017
Cannondale slate apex 2017 at £999
Cannondale slate apex 2017 being offered at wheelbase for £999 from £1700. Large and medium available. Really cool adventure gravel bike with lefty fork.
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I got a F29 and I've been stopped and asked about it, quality bike for xc and really fas


The cool thing about the Slate is the lefty suspension fork. But this version has a rigid lefty. It’s still a good deal for what it is however.


No matter how often I see them, lefty just doesn't look right!


Awesome bike, but I’m biased see my avatar.


N+1 (y)

Cannondale Caad12 Disc Ultegra Road Bike  2017 £1559.75 - Cycle Store
Found 14th Nov 2017Found 14th Nov 2017
Cannondale Caad12 Disc Ultegra Road Bike 2017 £1559.75 - Cycle Store
State of the art road bike, perfect for autumn/ winter, lightweight with disc brakes size 54, 56 & 58 in stock

indeed it has, maybe look up some of the tech you can get nowadays for internal hubs.... even the belt drives you can get now.... but to suggest this bike is perfect for winter is horse manure. You will have to clean you drive-train after every outing else it will 1) rust and or 2) wear down quicker. Also, you will get covered in crap off the road. It's not rocket science is it mate? Lovely bike, I'm sure, just don't go labelling it up a winter hack.


Cycling has moved on a tad from 1985


I'd suggest "Perfect for winter" would actually involve a bike with an internal hub gear and mudguards...

Cannondale Supersix Ultegra Disc 41% Off - £1,649.99 @ Triuk
Found 9th Oct 2017Found 9th Oct 2017
Cannondale Supersix Ultegra Disc 41% Off - £1,649.99 @ Triuk
£1,649.99TRIUK Deals
Just purchased this Supersix from Tri UK. A lot of bike for the money. It’s difficult to find a descent carbon frame with Ultegra spec for under £1800 these days. It’s usually £280… Read more
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Looking at getting something really decent. Any tips on where to start looking. I do day rides of 70+ miles and multi day rides avg. 100 per day. Currently using a 3 Yr old £330 decathlon Road bike.


The levers and hydraulic brakes are £400 to buy so we’ll worrh the extra


There is the caliper brake one for £1249 on Wheelbase..


Have some heat... But I won't be buying. Could do with dusting the Cannondale Mountain Bike down.

Cannondale Supersix Evo Ultegra 2017 41% off. £1249 @ Wheelbase
Found 9th Oct 2017Found 9th Oct 2017
Cannondale Supersix Evo Ultegra 2017 41% off. £1249 @ Wheelbase
Fantastic road bike (minus pedals) for sale at Wheelbase. Was £2099, now £1249. In size 54, 56 and 58. Have done a bit of a search around and by far the best price I could find by … Read more

56 and 58 now in stock


They have in 58 still...



First - depends on what amount you are able/willing to spend


Expired ?

Cannondale Contro 2 (2016) hybrid bike RRP 1500, now for £750  + £100 worth of free clothing @ Evans cycles
Found 25th Jul 2017Found 25th Jul 2017
So it's last year's model that they're getting rid of, but it's half its RRP, it has disc brakes, hub gears and a lefty fork. Also comes with the rack as standard. The specs re… Read more
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I understand where you're coming from, but... I don't think walking (being a pedestrian) is the same as cycling :) why? Cause you can walk outside the road, if you walk on the road on the other hand... I think if you are drunk and going walking in the middle of the road, you clearly have no idea of the highway code and you put people's life in danger (I am deliberately not touching the aspect of putting your own life in danger, let's say that's your own problem) So why hold a license if you clearly do not know the code? My reasoning here it's a bit rough around the edges, I know. Please note I started this from the observation that this is how Germans do it (when cycling and caught drunk). Not sure what happens in the UK if a cyclist is caught cycling and drinking... Defientely a cyclist can also kill. So can a drunk pedestrian, just by not walking straight, he could push someone in front of the bus. There a lot os scope for discussion


I disagree. Your assumed equivalence between cycles and cars is begging the question. I think cycles shoulld be punished for crimes and violations of the highway code. I don't think cycling and driving are the same thing, and I'm not convinced it makes sense to take away a driving license for something not related to driving. Yes, cycles are covered by the highway code. So are pedestrians. Do you think driving licenses should be taken away for drunk and disorderly offences? Don't get me wrong, nobody is saying those offences shouldn't be punished. Just.., removing a driving license seems kind of unrelated. What about loitering on a crossing while drunk. That's a strict violation of the highway code. Think you should lose your driving license for it? What about being fall over drunk on a bus? Lose your driving license for it? What about puking in a taxi? Nobody is arguing any of these things are right, or shouldn't be punished. Cycling and driving are different activities, they have different risk profiles, in general different laws apply to them. I don't think cross pollentation of punishments immediately makes sense. I'm open to be convinced, but if the best you've got is suggesting that I'm in favour of drunk driving because I don't agree with a very specific interpretation of how to punish drunk cyclists, I can't help you.


You should be banned from driving as you violate the road code. What you said is similar to "I am a pro driver, why should I be banned from drivi g cause I was dri king?"




You shouldn't be punished for risking your own life. You should be punished for risking other people's. Which is the case with drink cycling, don't get me wrong. Although the risk ratios are definitely different to driving, it's not like you can't maim or kill on a bike. That said, I'm personally a bit uncomfortable with the idea of being banned from driving for an activity that doesn't involve driving, even a dangerous activity.

Camelbak Podium Race Team Cannondale Garmin 710ml Bottle - £4.59 @ Wiggle (£1.99 P&P or Free delivery on orders over £9)
Found 11th Mar 2017Found 11th Mar 2017
Camelbak Podium Race Team Cannondale Garmin 710ml Bottle - £4.59 @ Wiggle (£1.99 P&P or Free delivery on orders over £9)
The Camelbak Podium 710ml Water Bottle is like no other. The innovative self sealing Jet Valve™ gives you a great flow of fluid when you want it but prevents any unwanted splashes,… Read more

Cheers OP,updated my old oneswith 2 of these


Great find. Been looking to pick up a second camelbak. Thanks.


Great find, used these on a few ultras and they've been excellent!


Great find, these are fantastic bottles and this is a great price, heat added and don't forget Quidco :-)


They have the insulated one for £3 more. Kept my drink chilled when I did a half marathon last year.

Cannondale Synapse Al 105 Disc Road Bike £699 @ CycleStore
Found 28th Jan 2017Found 28th Jan 2017
Cannondale Synapse Al 105 Disc Road Bike £699 @ CycleStore
Cyclestore is an Official Cannondale UK dealer and stockist. carries the full range of Cannondale Road and Mountain Bikes. To find out more about Cannondale bikes,… Read more
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It does taper fairly thin, but there is a white stripe at the front making it look even skinnier than it is in the images with a white background.






Looks like its really that thin, you can see the brake cable and brake mounting point in blue with a thin white portion of fork on the front.


Just loctite the BB30- it stops the bearings moving around in the frame. Cannondale actually put out a technical bulletin explaining how. You use bearing fit compound not normal loctite blue.

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