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Dimplex Xpelair - £46.74 With Code @ eBay / Currys PC World
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Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
This was posted last month around £45 From Costco and needed membership but didn't go ahead with it as it wasn't worth it for me. In the end I bought a cheap screwfix desk fan and … Read more

I know you're messing but next week is actually going to be boiling!


Just out of curiosity: When does it ever get so hot here, that you need a fan? Isn't this a website for the UK market?


Bought one of these for about 50 quid from curry's a week or two ago. It's powerful but folks it isn't quiet. On the second of the 3 speeds it's just about at a level where I could sleep - on the most powerful one there's no chance. Also I don't get the programmes, the changes in noise would for sure wake me up during the night even if the changes in breeze are nice. I think I'd still buy it again because its powerful for the size and the remote is handy but I'm disappointed with the noise levels more than anything.


cheaper at Costco by a few pennies if you have a membership https://www.costco.co.uk/Appliances/Cooling-Air-Treatment-Heating/Cooling-Fans/Dimplex-Xpelair-Cooling-Desk-Fan-White-XP360CF/p/360360


Out of stock. Drat!

Dimplex Xpelair Cooling Desk Fan White £45.99 @ Costco.co.uk
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Dimplex Xpelair Cooling Desk Fan White £45.99 @ Costco.co.uk
£45.99£59.9923% Free P&P FreeCostco Deals
Compact, yet packing a powerful punch with its high-velocity motor, the Xpelair 360° fan is the easiest way to cool you down on a hot day. Easy to move and position where you need… Read more
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buy the Meaco one - much quieter


wish another retailer would price match.... don't have costco membership


Bought one of these last year from Costco. Very sturdy and compact - was useful in our tourer caravan when we ended up in France in almost 40 degree heat last summer I can tell you! Could set it to be on for an hour then go off I think which was useful at night. Was just looking around to see if there were any offers on to get another (before the heat comes back) so will be ordering another methinks :o)


Same here, don't think you can...


Does anyone know whether you can turn the beeping off when you press a button? We want this for the little one’s room but he wakes up at the slightest noise!

Dimplex Xpelair Mont Blanc Tower Fan, White - £44.89 delivered @ Costco.co.uk
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Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Dimplex Xpelair Mont Blanc Tower Fan, White - £44.89 delivered @ Costco.co.uk
£44.89£57.7722% Free P&P FreeCostco Deals
The Dimplex Xpelair Mont Blanc tower fan is a stylish way to keep cool at home or in the office. The tall, slim frame with a white finish has been designed with both practicality a… Read more
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Only available to Costco members. Online membership is £15 for the year and is available to anyone.


Hi @catdevnull Do you anyway to order this product without purchasing costco membership. cheers Ankit


Hi I dont have costco membership. Can anyone help me how to buy it without purchasing membership.


Mine arrived too. Getting it out the box was a tad tricky; was stuck in there good! Agreed that it’s a bit wobbly but seems like it’ll be very effective. Left in a corner out of the way it should be good!


Got the fan today, build quality is not the best and it's a little top heavy so it wobbles a little but the cold air is brilliant. I really like the slim profile and that the bottom half is blocked so it won't blow air under the bed. Thanks OP

Dimplex DDF250 Personal Desk Heater with USB Charging Port £10.38 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
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Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Dimplex DDF250 Personal Desk Heater with USB Charging Port £10.38 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
£10.38£13.8725%Amazon Deals
Dimplex Ddf250 desk Friend personal ceramic heater with USB charging point Freestanding with safety cut-out Standby thermostat A compact, highly portable personal ceramic heater… Read more

Cheers OP. I would’ve been surprised if this deal went ‘cold’. ;) Ordered


Its good, got one, but beware you can't turn it fully off except at the mains socket. When set to zero the red light goes out and you think its turned off but it still cycles on and off if the room temperature goes 'too low'.


Thanks bought one for me and one for my daughter.. reviews look good but will update when they arrive


i remember the days when you used to get middle age woman sitting in the office (you know the ones, chat and drink tea all day) with at least one of these blasting hot air all year round. I remember one i worked with who left hers on overnight as she didn't want her desk to be cold when she came in in the morning.


Pointless for camping. If your paying for electric you mite aswell use a decent one that pumps some heat out. Had one and it struggled heating the van up.

Dimplex DDF250 Personal Desk Heater with USB Charging Port, 250 Watt, White with Silver Trim £13.95 (Prime) £18.44 (Non-Prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Dimplex DDF250 Personal Desk Heater with USB Charging Port, 250 Watt, White with Silver Trim £13.95 (Prime) £18.44 (Non-Prime) @ Amazon
Slowly creeping down in price. EDIT - Now £13.95 No need for extra jumpers and gloves at your computer this winter with the Dimplex Ddf250 desk friend, a compact, highly portab… Read more

£13.95 now


Have one for last 2.5 years.It is a desk heater not a room heater.250 watts is a low output.Costs about 4p an hour to run.You can set it on your desk and direct it towards you for heat, away from anything flammable.Fan is loud for the size but not an annoying noise.Never used the USB.Good price.


That's ok I want it for using at work...


Yea 14cm is cute usually.


A heater with a usb port. I'm sure they design some things with the sole intent of burning your house down!

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Dimplex DXAPV3N Air Purifier £49.99 @ Argos
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Posted 12th MarPosted 12th Mar
Dimplex DXAPV3N Air Purifier £49.99 @ Argos
About this productThis Dimplex air purifier has been specially designed to improve the quality of your indoor air, reducing the presence of polluting agents such as dust, cigarette… Read more

Shame no UV fto zap Virus


£46.99 in Costco


new low price

Dimplex Leckford Optiflame Electric Stove in Matt Black & White £219.99 at Costco
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Posted 2nd FebPosted 2nd Feb
Dimplex Leckford Optiflame Electric Stove in Matt Black & White £219.99 at Costco
£219.99Costco Deals
The Dimplex Leckford Optiflame 2kW enamel effect electric stove in matt black is a great maintenance-free alternative to a solid fuel stove and offers heat at the flick of a button… Read more
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Also I forgot to say these are good for people who rent too since you can't take a real wood burner everytime you move home but you can easily put this in the car


Keeping wood in the cupboard of our house?? Something tells me you're not married. :D I'm not really sure why you are getting so indignant, I've already conceded nothing beats a real flame, all I'm stating is the reason my desire for a wood burner cooled was watching my neighbour deal with his. Each to their own. And, can't lie, our OptiMyst fire really IS for show, we've never used the fan heater in all the time we've had it (cheeky) We have gas central heating but to make it more exciting every radiator in our house is one of those designer types (off eBay so didn't pay a lot of money for them). I do find traditional radiators very dull. Oh, and to keep gas costs down we have Evohome fitted. At my stage in life I've come to the realisation that it's best to keep things as labour non-intensive as possible. (y)


So you can't keep wood in a garage, shed or in the cupboard/in the room of your house? Huh What's cheaper running this thing on electric or buying a packet of fire wood from Asda, can always order online too I personally would probably get this over regular not because it's better but because flats don't usually have a fire place and chimneys Still can't beat a wood fire, the smell, heat and noise are worth it These things seem are bit more for show than practical Even Gas is underwhelming for me, I'm not an arsonist but The Crackling from the Wildfire, The Smell, The Astromophere are one of the most satisfying things


Yes and 2 things, it negates the supposed savings and you still have to put it somewhere in your garden! And you need some sort of structure to keep the rain off it as you can't use wood with a high moisture content unless you aren't bothered about the longevity of your expensive stove. Plus so few back gardens have access for a truck which basically means carting a ton of smallish (but heavy) pieces of wood from the place they were dumped to the storage area. Like I say I was all set on getting one until my neighbour did. I decided it's not the way I want to spend my retirement. (y)


Thanks for the vid and info. I'll be moving soon, and would love something like the optymist system. Definitely warrants further investigation.

Dimplex OFC2000 Electric Radiator, White £66 & Free Delivery @ Amazon
-67° Expired
Posted 14th JanPosted 14th Jan
Dimplex OFC2000 Electric Radiator, White £66 & Free Delivery @ Amazon
The Dimplex OFC2000 oil filled column radiator is designed to offer a pleasant radiant heat that warms the body rather than the air. This gives a pleasing warm atmosphere because i… Read more

Almost triple the price of our oil filled radiator


Why isn`t this cold ?


Bought same from Lidl £30


That's what I thought. I think you may be paying for the name. We use heaters like this at work and I tend to buy them from CPC - like this one for less than £32 in black or white... https://cpc.farnell.com/pro-elec/pel00917/9-fin-2000w-oil-filled-heater/dp/HG00996?st=oil%20heater Not had a problem with any of them (yet)


What am I missing? This seems very expensive for a oil filled radiator

Dimplex Forte 20L Dehumidifier £119.89 @ Costco
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Posted 6th JanPosted 6th Jan
Dimplex Forte 20L Dehumidifier £119.89 @ Costco
£119.89£17933%Costco Deals
Good price for a quality brand, not the best (Meaco) but definitely a deal. If you haven't got Costco, chances are you know someone who does. Robert Dyas £179.00 and Screwfix have… Read more

Oh yes you're right, should have known as the original poster haha.


This is an online ‘hot buy’ and was not available in stores. I queried it in store last week and they showed me the leaflet which showed it was online only.


OOS now


The sound doesn't seem intrusive though, sortof like a loud air con unit. I've left it in the hallway, apparently it's powerful enough for a 5 bed house (I wish I had one of those). 40db is probably accurate but the library comparison is inaccurate unless that library is in a zoo. Update- It seems the water collection tray adds to any noise, make sure this is securely in its place.


Just got mine, is indeed far louder than advertised, Could only recommend if you have a non-used space for it or run when not around.

Dimplex Forte 16L Dehumidifier FTE16, 24m² for £99.99 delivered @ Costco
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Posted 1st Dec 2019Posted 1st Dec 2019
Dimplex Forte 16L Dehumidifier FTE16, 24m² for £99.99 delivered @ Costco
£99.99£153.3235%Costco Deals
Good Black Friday offer. Spend 1p more on anything else from Costco online and you can use code BLACKFRIDAY10 for free £10 discount The Forte dehumidifier is designed to remo… Read more
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I got this the other day and it's brilliant, highly recommend it.


129.99 now.


Gone up to 129.99?


Yes, although dessicant ones do less drying and more heating because they can't recapture energy from condensation in the same way.


I suppose that applies to Desiccant Dehumidifiers as well?

Dimplex 3KW 403TSFTie Electric Convector Heater with Turbo Boost and Timer £58.99 at Amzon
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Posted 16th Nov 2019Posted 16th Nov 2019
Dimplex 3KW 403TSFTie Electric Convector Heater with Turbo Boost and Timer £58.99 at Amzon
£58.99£86.9932%Amazon Deals
Dimplex electric convector heater was £86.99 now £58.99
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Yep, so much utter nonsense in this thread. Any 2 heaters of the same power rating output exactly the same heat. (Unless one of them has a mini black hole inside (lol))


Oil filled radiators, convectors and fan heaters all have the same efficiency (100%), because they use exactly the same operating principle, the Joule effect.


I should have googled, this suggests bottled gas cost between 14p to 32p per Kwh in 2018, depending on bottle size, I think I currently pay about 13p per kwh for electricity. Electricity is expensive compared to mains gas due to the inefficiency of generation and transmission, plus covering the subsidies for green and nuclear energy.


A standard domestic gas heater uses a 13kg propane bottle in about 50 hours at a 3kw output. The cost for a refill (once you have a bottle) is about £42. A 3kw electric heater will use about £22.50 for the same period (0.15*3*50) so using bottle gas would cost you £20 more. While you are correct energy generation isn't particularly efficient, you are paying at point of use so from a financial point of view it's not your problem.


Wouldn't bottled gas still be a cheaper option than electric, I'm pretty sure it used to be. More than half the energy used in electricity generation is lost and another 10% or so is lost in transmission. https://www.mpoweruk.com/energy_efficiency.htm

Dimplex Cadiz Eco 3kw CDE3ECC - £109.89 @ Costco
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Posted 11th Nov 2019Posted 11th Nov 2019
Dimplex Cadiz Eco 3kw CDE3ECC - £109.89 @ Costco
£109.89£134.8919%Costco Deals
Oil free Radiator

If you had a mobile thermostat for the heating system & took it into the office with you, with all the other rads off that would work. However, easiest option & fairly inexpensive to run would be one of these heaters, you could program it to come on 8.50am to 5pm mon to fri at 20 degrees, but youd probably find youd need to turn it down a tad.


Come the winter I use an oil filled radiator also in my home office, similar in size to yours. And it works well. I think you'll be pleased with this in your situation too.


I work from home and my little office gets quite cold in the winter. Victorian terrace. Gas central heating, all one zone, TRVs on the rads. What's cheaper to heat just my very small 2.5x3.5m office between 9-5, after which the central heating turns in for the whole house. This 'oil free' heater set to 20 degrees, or all the radiators in the house turned off except for the one in my office, and the central heating on, thermostat set to 20 degrees. I currently do the later, and have no idea how much it costs me in gas but I'm tempted to try and dedicated heater.


I know. But it is not worth £100. This brand is market this as a RADIATOR. And it is directly comparing itself with performance of a radiator and making claims on that basis. It is a convection heater and it should just simply come clean with it. I suspect they don’t want to call it a convection heater is because the automatic association of cheap metallic convection heater you can get for £10. And Oil radiators can actually be £100 quid. Which I still find it crazy. But at least the oil ones has actual engineering behind it. The oil thermal capacity, viscosity, radiator internal piping and also the fin designs all have direct impact on performance. But solid element convection heater. No no. It is straight up no brainer.


If you forget about what the material it is made out of and think of the way the heat from the heater escape the enclosure of the heater and how it deliver the heat to the room then that will tell you what that heater is. As I said. Convection heater has grills to the top. Rads is usually exposed, fan heater has fans behind heating elements, ceramic heater is effectively the most over powered radiation heater. This is basically a convection heater as heat primarily escape through the top vent to heat the room up. Whatever they use inside that enclosure as heating element it doesn’t matter. The physics they are using is convection. As I said in my first post, they also appear to have additional elements that is able to be switched on for radiation through the side. But all that tech is very basic. Ok if the heating core is ceramic then yes it will be a bit more pricey but not £100 vs £10 realm.

Dimplex Dehumidifier 10L £35.70 / Moretti 10 litre Dehumidifier £26.71 (16 Litre version £35.71)  @ Homebase
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Posted 11th Jul 2019Posted 11th Jul 2019
Dimplex Dehumidifier 10L £35.70 / Moretti 10 litre Dehumidifier £26.71 (16 Litre version £35.71) @ Homebase
£35.70£10967%Homebase Deals
Dimplex Dehumidifier 10L for £35.70, not loads of stock but is available at a number of locations when I tested. Looks to be selling for £109+ elsewhere such as Wickes, B&Q so … Read more
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My unit is throwing an "EC" error every now and again. If I unplug it for a while the error clears. Has anyone experienced the same?


Thanks for the heads up. Fortunately mine isn't in the dodgy batch.


Everyone who bought the dimplex should check this site https://www.dimplex.co.uk/product-recall They had a recall on some of the 10s and 16s I checked mine and it was from the recall batch! They will replace them with a new one!


The Moretti 16l is actually a great dehumidifier, pulling a full tank (3l I think) per half day in my cellar at 50% humidity. Very happy for the price even if getting it from Homebase was a faff (had to go back twice because they gave it to someone else)


If the bottom of the box hadn't been a bit bashed in I would have done the same as you. Just trying to help with some more info - don't think they are mentioned on the box, and was surprised to find them. Thanks OP for the deal.

Dimplex Xpelair Desk Fan White. £41.98 instore or £45.99 online @ costco
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Posted 30th Jun 2019Posted 30th Jun 2019
Dimplex Xpelair Desk Fan White. £41.98 instore or £45.99 online @ costco
Compact, yet packing a powerful punch with its high-velocity motor, the Xpelair 360° fan is the easiest way to cool you down on a hot day. Easy to move and position where you need … Read more

Your point about humidity and evaporation is true. However, when using a fan, the temperature of the room remains the same, so your last point is wrong. It is not actually cooler, it just seems cooler and certainly feels cooler.


Great all purpose fan, but the lowest setting is too powerful to have on your desk, if, for example you have it on your desk at work. Needs to have a bit more variation in the output for it to be a quality piece of kit.


Only if you don't take humidity into account. The higher the humidity, the more resistant the atmosphere is to your sweat evaporating. Less sweat evaporating means that you don't cool yourself as quickly, hence why humid days feel warmer. A fan will allow your sweat to evaporate more easily, allowing you to actually cool down better. It doesn't just seem cooler, it is cooler.



A fan doesn't cool a room, it just blows the air around making it seem cooler.

Dimplex Mont Blanc Cooling Tower Fan £44.89 Costco
-26° Expired
Posted 27th Jun 2019Posted 27th Jun 2019
Dimplex Mont Blanc Cooling Tower Fan £44.89 Costco
The Dimplex Mont Blanc tower fan is a stylish way to keep cool at home or in the office. The tall, slim frame with black finish has been designed with both practicality and style i… Read more

I know, was being pessimistic :D


You can but hope it will get hot in July and August at some time as well though :)


I've had this for 2 years and it's still going strong. Display lights up blue.


Anyone know what colour the display lights up in? Love blue led displays


I know that is cheap, but my god it is ugly (zombie) . I really wouldn't put it in my house even if I was given it for free. The one in this post looks a lot better. I suppose for students or if you don't really care about aesthetics, then the Srewfix one is better.

Dimplex GDC Group Ltd OFRC20N Electric Heater 2000 W, White   £43.99 @ Amazon  Free Delivery
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Posted 23rd Feb 2019Posted 23rd Feb 2019
Dimplex GDC Group Ltd OFRC20N Electric Heater 2000 W, White £43.99 @ Amazon Free Delivery
£43.99£54.0619%Amazon Deals
Good deal if you are needing a heater. £87.99 Argos £90.00 Debenhams Free delivery for ALL not just Prime Today only !
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Posted already. Beware, these dimplex radiators are non serviceable, so when the temp sensor go's... it go's to the landfill dimplex, ...you may as well buy a chinese non re-badged unit from CPC

Dimplex 2 KW Electric Oil Filled Column Radiator @ Amazon Deal Of The Day £39.99 Delivered
-73° Expired
Posted 22nd Feb 2019Posted 22nd Feb 2019
Dimplex 2 KW Electric Oil Filled Column Radiator @ Amazon Deal Of The Day £39.99 Delivered
£39.99£76.9948%Amazon Deals
Features a 2 KW heat output. This product is only suitable for well insulated spaces or occasional use Choice of two heat settings Thermostat with frost setting Cable tidy Easy… Read more
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'For well insulated spaces and occasional use' - um! (skeptical)


and if its cold enough to warrant an electric heater put a jumper and some socks on!


I had one of these from my old house. My new house, with a new distribution board and circuit breakers throws a hissy fit whenever I try to use it and shuts down all the downstairs sockets


cold for bad photoshop skills


No problem, this is my experience with their oil race with & without timers, & failure of what I can only assume to be a bi-metallic strip, (or whatever) that sticks / fails & the unit simply goes full tilt heat mode, ..the woman on the phone claiming to know about the model I was referring too simply ...erm, *didn't* yet still it's deemed a premium brand is old Glen dimplex

Dimplex OFRC15N 1.5 KW Oil Free Radiator Heater with Thermostat [Energy Class A] for £39.99 Delivered @ Amazon UK
-90° Expired
Posted 20th Feb 2019Posted 20th Feb 2019
Dimplex OFRC15N 1.5 KW Oil Free Radiator Heater with Thermostat [Energy Class A] for £39.99 Delivered @ Amazon UK
£39.99£6134%Amazon Deals
It's selling for £69.99 in most of the shops afaik. Product Description Features a 1.5 KW radiator Dimplex OFRC15N 1.5 kW Oil Free Column Radiator Dimplex OFRC15N 1.5 kW Oil… Read more

Thanks, was looking for delonghi dragon but those seems to be extremely heavy compared to others with similar output KW.


Over the years I've taken many electrical items as checked baggage, computers, monitors, printers, etc. and never had an issue, but be aware that it may get opened for checking. I think you'll be fine provided its within the size and weight limits.


Does anyone know if I would like to take it abroad, with that be okay as a checked baggage or it's something airlines can decline.


Nothing whatsoever. Pay no attention to the idiots who think that one brand is more energy-efficient than another. Every electric heater, no matter what brand shape or colour emits as heat 100% of the electrical power it consumes. Every time anyone posts a thread about a heater you get stupid comments about its efficiency, or lack thereof. They are all 100% efficient, how hard can it be really?


I was under the same impression until I bought one last summer to use this summer (cheaper to buy off-season). I rely on it so much now that I actually took delivery of a second one yesterday from Amazon. I picked mine up for £89 (used-acceptable from the warehouse) and it came in pristine condition albeit the packaging being damaged. I'm terms of energy efficiency and how quickly it heats up an ice cold room, you cannot fault it at all.

Dimplex Studio G 2.5 KW Ceramic Tower Heater £69.99 sold by Amazon
60° Expired
Posted 8th Feb 2019Posted 8th Feb 2019
Dimplex Studio G 2.5 KW Ceramic Tower Heater £69.99 sold by Amazon
£69.99£99.9930%Amazon Deals
RRP was £250 (never seen it at that price, is £90+ everywhere else). I just had one arrive for the office, is great - looks smart and is quiet enough to run while having a meeting,… Read more

Now £84.30


If you are a Costco member these are £10 cheaper there. I bought one in Southampton Costco today,


Had this heater for 2 years now..... Great heater and I would highly recommend it. It's located in the loft space and within minutes it's lovely and warm

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