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New Squire Locks Mako Combi Heavyweight Bike CN6900 Bicycle Lock £19.20 at Black Outdoors / eBay
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
The Mako CN6900 Chain Lock is perfect for locking up bikes or any other leisure activity equipment which is minimum risk. The chain is made from a hardened alloy steel chain with a… Read more

I assume less weak based on the rating... "25mm of hardened steel cable" sounds chunky (and possibly heavy).


Are those locks pretty weak? Aren't they just a wire, with metal caps and over that some plastic topping?


This might be a bit more secure as Sold Secure Silver rated, from Millets: https://www.millets.co.uk/activities/143923-suire-locks-mako-combi-ad251200-bike-lock.html £24.70 including £4 delivery using NEW10 code - might be cheaper on their ebay shop?


Robbing gits will still get ya bike

Clarks Lock on mountain bike Grips £7.30 ebay / laxzo
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Seem to be about £2 cheaper than anywhere else. Thought they would go nice with my Bizango which has awful grips. You can get cheaper grips, but not branded ones and the reviews fo… Read more
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I agree, and I often dont mind paying a bit more to get something there and then. My point this wasn’t a bit more this was FIVE TIMES the price. Absolute joke. Anyway glad your grips weren’t inflated as much. (y)


Have to agree with you here - I had these and they were, for me, really uncomfortable.. too hard and give me really bad hand ache/fatigue after relatively short rides. I've had a few sets of ODIs in the past and they've been amazing - wore them down to powder :) Will give uberbikes a go next. Oh - and the bar ends are naff :D


I always check prices before I buy. The grips I'm looking at aren't any cheaper elsewhere. I don't expect bricks and mortar stores to be the same price as random amazon or eBay seller's. Now and again I find a decent price and I'll pick up things then.


I wouldn’t bother. I bought some clarks pads in halfords a couple of days ago. £9 a pair. Later that day checked amazon out of curiosity and same pair was £2 delivered! Needless to say they went straight back to halfords. Pretty disgusting. Unbelievably greedy f*****s.


Handy. Someone stole mine off my sisters bike. Who does that? They also stole one of the microshift rubber covers. Any idea where I could get one of those from?

Phaze 275 Piece Tool Chest Set Kit Lock Handle Sockets Bits Screwdriver Pliers £87.50 Delivered @ Halfords / Ebay
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Phaze 275 Piece Tool ChestThe Phaze 275 Piece Tool Chest is a brilliant value tool chest with a good selection of tools required for most workshop and garage jobs. The sturdy met… Read more

Pound shop quality. Buy yourself some plasters if trying to undo anything really tight with this lot. Cheap tools plus plasters and possibly a hospital visit vs half decent tools = less pain. Voted hot for price only. Hotukdeals should let you vote twice......once for price and once for quality, giving a true temperature?


Good find. Will give this a miss in that case. Not gonna vote either way!


FYI from Halfords Reviews: Budget toolset 6 years ago 1/2 inch ratchet broke as soon as I used it.1/4 inch ratchet broke during use. No 13mm spanner,the most used spanner in any toolbox. No long reach 13mm socket No 1/2 inch extension bar. Bottom tray contains rawplugs etc,this is IMO what takes the total pieces up to 275. Disappointing product. Definitely a budget tool-set and will not stand up to being used for long. This set would be better without the bottom draw contents and replacing those pieces with the item I suggested. budge61 · Reviewed on Halfords


Not sure about the quality but if it’s decent then it’s a good deal. Never heard of the brand before though. Funny how you might get one or two tools from places like Halfords and they last you a lifetime and the other 90% break in the first few times of use. Heat for the price.

On-Guard 8012 Bulldog Keyed Shackle Lock, Black, 11.5 x 23.0 cm £19.99 Prime / £24.48 Non Prime at Amazon
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
OnGuard has long been known for producing the meanest, toughest locks in the business. We’re the junkyard dogs of security and thieves know that when they see an OnGuard lock it’s … Read more

Is this gold or silver secure? Just thinking for the insurance reasons. Thanks


OOS....just looked


Got a link?


Generally if the value of your bike is over £1K, they recommenced the Sold Secure Gold.


I’ll have to give that a watch

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OnGuard Pitbull DT Shackle U-Lock (Gold Sold Secure) + Additional Cable £23.99 @ Tredz
1169° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Decent offer on this bike lock :) The OnGuard Pitbull U-lock bike lock is accredited with insurance friendly Gold Sold Secure. This is the highest protection rating that a bike … Read more
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Cheers :)


Back in stock - you might want to unexpire mate @reindeer333


Just FYI, I did the same for my motorbike with a squire chain. It seized up! Must have taken 6 months left out in all weathers. Luckily it was detached from the bike when it did. It's still probably where I left it....


These bike thieves need a good kicking when caught Think I'll change my picture to Atilla the Hun


No, I suppose not, just mildly amusing to some possibly, but it depends on your sense of -or lack of - humour..

Movie List This Week eg Gomorrah (HD) £3.99, Léon (4K) £4.99, Lock Up (4K) £4.99, The Deer Hunter (4K) £4.99 @ iTunes
228° Expired
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
£1.99 The Player American Summer Deceit Lords of Anarchy Becks What We Do in the Shadows The Head Hunter Strike Caught Demon Hole Tyrel Saturday Church £2.99 King of Ne… Read more
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I actually used to spend less on DVDs. Crazy that these digital purchases tend to cost more than I used to be able to have a DVD delivered for. And that I’m having to repurchase things I already own on DVD to be able to play them on iTunes (skeptical)


I went for Heat and The Rock. With so much content available on Netflix, Amazon and Disney £3.99 is a decent enough price for me to impulse buy. Crazy to think that I used to spend £20 a piece on DVDs.


There is the cheap charts app on the App Store, with daily notifications for price drops with the ability to create the same wish lists.


They send you emails through when the items on your wishlist have dropped in price. They also give you details of previous prices. It's invaluable!


that’s quality, thanks

20-Piece Lock Pick Set with Transparent Training Padlock  - £13.97 Prime / £18.46 Non Prime sold by OnTimeFox and Fulfilled by Amazon
606° Expired
Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Lovely lock picking training set. Looks like a lot of fun to kill a bit of time in 'lock'down. Reviews are pretty good What Amazon says: ALL-INCLUSIVE LOCK PICKING SET: The Lo… Read more
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Locks aren't that complex, it's mostly down to your skill/technique. Took me about 15 minutes as a noob to pick a door lock I bought on ebay identical to my own the first time I tried (having watched many videos on it over the months). Although it is easier when you're holding it in your hand as opposed to crouched down. If you did it every day then you'd probably get quite good at it. I reckon lockpicking lawyer could do it in 20-30 seconds.


Was good enough for what it came with. It was my first time buying a lock pick kit and giving it a try. I initially placed a lot more force than was necessary, and mine did not bend. I can't image what force you must have used or what you tried to use it on. I am pretty satisfied for the price.


I got one of these and tried picking my door locks, as I could pick them easily I decided I needed better door locks! - it's actually quite a challenge and a puzzle and I'm sure many pick locks as a challenge and nothing more. I'd agree that this kit is painful to use, the metal handles and rivets do dig into your fingers and the picks break quite easily... as a first introduction to locks and their vulnerabilities, this is a handy kit.


And as legal as selling petrol.



Single Bar Steering Wheel Lock £8.99 + £3.99 delivery @ Halfords
Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
Free c&c. Bright red design provides a strong visual deterrent to would-be thieves Sturdy metal bar that fits across the steering wheel Entry level security product - designed… Read more

Get one of these, especially if you have a late model Ford Fiesta (and some Audis) as thieves can easily steal these inside a few minutes without even damaging the car. All car owners with keyless entry need a fafraday box/pouch


In know click n collect is free - if not a bit irresponsible, so I can’t in all conscience, do CnC. Delivery is £3.99 and I can’t do that, either! Thanks to OP, anyway. Heat added


The scumbag moped bag/phone/motorbike thieves are still working so I expect the scumbag car thieves are as well. Just a cheap deterrent but if it buys you a bit of time all the better. They've managed to get round keyless ignition systems so anything that slows them down the better


Halfords 10% gift cards - Cardyard. 10% discount for using the Shell app and subscribing to offer emails


Come on guys use your initiative It's for self protection for what's to come.

Fulcrum Red Zone 700 27.5" Centre Lock TR MTB Wheelset - £76.99 Delivered Using Code @ Planet X
176° Expired
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
These are now at £90 from Planet X, but when you use code RINGFWD20 the drop to £76.99 (with delivery added) I can't find anywhere selling this set, although they 500s are still … Read more

No they're 11 speed xd drive.


Would these be compatible with Shimano 10 speed


Cold due Human error :( Aww man. Anyhooo thanks for letting me know, it's all been sorted


Links to Merlin for £233. 😞 cold.

OnGuard (Gold Sold Secure) Pitbull DT Shackle U-Lock + Additional Cable £23.99 / Brute Lock Shackle U-Lock £24.63 @ Tredz Online Bike Shop
428° Expired
Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
OnGuard (Gold Sold Secure) Pitbull DT Shackle U-Lock + Additional Cable £23.99 / Brute Lock Shackle U-Lock £24.63 @ Tredz Online Bike Shop
Choice of two bike locks.... Thanks to @reindeer333 and @matwalaboy for posting this deal last year (highfive) Gold Sold Secure Rating The OnGuard Pitbull U-lock bike lock… Read more

Thx. Great deal. Plus Top Cashback bonus (y) 😁😁


Solid choice for a solid lock


Hmm... three people with the same issue suggests it's a common problem. Perhaps that's why it's cheap. Good price but I'm sticking with my Abus.


You can break off many modern stands with brute force, I saw a group of 5 kids doing it many years ago, but unfortunately didn't realise what they were up to until I next passed the stands some days later, and noticed the hoop that had a bike locked to it that they were surrounding was missing! It seems to be a common theme with novel lock demonstrations, always the wrong, unsuitable, or incorrectly adjusted tools, or incorrectly used. Like cable cutters designed only for use on copper on steel cables, and bolt cutters with the jaws miss-adjusted. But in his case, he should have never have been allowed to progress away from using child safety scissors. I would attempt to cut out the lock barrel first, but if that didn't work, then I'd fancy my chances with a hacksaw to cut away the aluminium shell, or cutting along the weld line between the two halves of the aluminium shell with the grinder and splitting it to expose the steel u-shackle. Or make an oversized safety guard and use a larger disc to finish the cut, if the grinder is man enough.


Hes cutting the wrong thing. Should be cutting the weak point, the steel hoop.

Oxford BIG Boss Alarmed Lock 16 mm - £47.15 @ XL Moto
193° Expired
Posted 26th FebPosted 26th Feb
Oxford BIG Boss Alarmed Lock 16 mm - £47.15 @ XL Moto
£47.15£119.9961%XL Moto Deals
Approved brake disc lock with built-in alarm. The lock is made from 100% hardened steel, while the powerful 16 mm shackle is impenetrable. The lock even comes with an ala… Read more

Can it be fitted to a loo roll? (confused)


I have one and the alarm is useless. You almost only hand to breath on it and it goes off. I get it should go off if someone tempers with it but it's extremely sensitive. Too much so in my opinion.


Smaller shackle less to cut through


Should ban portable angle grinders, Sure.


I had a good disc lock on my bike - they couldn't get it off when they tried to steal my bike so cut the disc off and left in in place of my bike with the lock still attached the scummy rats

MASTER LOCK Heavy Duty Padlock [Key] (Laminated Steel, Long Shackle, Weatherproof)[ Pack of 3] £15.75 at Amazon Prime (+£4.49 non Prime)
303° Expired
Posted 23rd FebPosted 23rd Feb
MASTER LOCK Heavy Duty Padlock [Key] (Laminated Steel, Long Shackle, Weatherproof)[ Pack of 3] £15.75 at Amazon Prime (+£4.49 non Prime)
£15.75£42.8063%Amazon Deals
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As with the majority of Master Locks, only use them to practice lock picking, never ever use them to secure anything.


Any advice on a reasonably priced padlock that can't be broken into quite so easily please?


I bought a lock picking kit just for a laugh and opened one of these very easily.


So if these last 18 months as some reviews say, that means for £15 odd i can expect a lock on my shed for the next 4.5 years, not too bad i guess but rather get another make after watching that video but cannot really compare this lock to Brinks..they seem to charge a ridiculous premium on their similar products.


Despite the name, Master Locks are considered complete junk by anyone with even a basic knowledge of lock picking. You can literally open them with a paper-clip, cat food tin lid or a piece of plastic. You are far better off buying a decent Yale or similar. For example, here's a video showing how weak Master Locks are (the guy doing the picking is a chap called Bosnian Bill - he currently works for the US Secret Service, and was formerly a bomb disposal EOD operator in the US military) More info here: https://nypost.com/2015/12/21/your-master-lock-doesnt-really-lock-anything-up/

Lock stars series 2 - £1 Each at Poundland
52° Expired
Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd FebLocalLocal
Lock stars series 2 - £1 Each at Poundland
Tamworth Poundland

99p in Home Bargains too.


They have the bigger version yo get loads of charms etc in it that was £2


Brought some from Luton Poundland. Entertained kids for a while. Nice little padlock for children’s bags

Yale Ventilation Window Lock - White - 2 Pack £5 @ Homebase
214° Expired
Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
Yale Ventilation Window Lock - White - 2 Pack £5 @ Homebase
£5£18.5573%Homebase Deals
Nationwide clearance price

These are great for kids rooms, sadly will not work with our windows. Hot!


Ordered. Ideal for little ones rooms. Thanks


I thought that but useful as safety for the kids on bedroom windows.


These look lile they could be snapped with a screwdriver

adidas Originals Lock Up Backpack Now £10 @ JD sport + £1 Click and Collect or £3.99 delivery
343° Expired
Posted 8th FebPosted 8th Feb
adidas Originals Lock Up Backpack Now £10 @ JD sport + £1 Click and Collect or £3.99 delivery
£11£2556%JD Sports Deals
adidas Originals Lock Up Backpack Was £25 now £10 £1 click and collect or £3.99 delivery Exclusive to JD. Get some classic adi style that keeps your essentials close by w… Read more
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I know probably not many left at that price. I'm sorry too


Thanks (y) I’m just saying these accessories deals often fly oos. I’m sorry you missed out.


I was just updating you that's all 😄


Must have gone oos :( I imagine at this price it will have been popular. It was in stock when I posted I popped the photo in the description.


Your request cannot be completed, as the product you wish to purchase is not available in the quantity you requested.

Yale Ventilation Window Lock - White - 2 Pack - Free C&C £6 @ Homebase
256° Expired
Posted 1st FebPosted 1st FebLocalLocal
Yale Ventilation Window Lock - White - 2 Pack - Free C&C £6 @ Homebase
This Yale Ventilation Window Lock is a surface fixed lock that offers restricted opening and locking in position to allow ventilation.
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Yes just screw it in


Excellent price....HOT


It says that they are suitable for wooden window frames, but couldn't these be used on a UPVC window frame as well (seeing that you can screw handles onto a UPVC window frame)? Thank you.


You need more than 5?


Damn...and there's 5 in stock, local. :|

TACKLIFE Auto Hose Reel 20+2m, Wall-Mounted Hose Reel with Wall Bracket and Spray Nozzle, Any Length Lock and Easy Rewind £29.99 @amazon
62° Expired
Posted 26th JanPosted 26th Jan
TACKLIFE Auto Hose Reel 20+2m, Wall-Mounted Hose Reel with Wall Bracket and Spray Nozzle, Any Length Lock and Easy Rewind £29.99 @amazon
£29.99£65.9955%Amazon Deals
Auto Rewind System】 - A robust and durable spring and inner self-layering design automatically rewind the hose without any kinks, tangles or effort. 【180° Wall Mounte… Read more

Thanks for posting I see another seller on amazon has the 30+2 for £49.99 which i purchased as a good deal compared to amazon prime at £68.99. Cheers


Showing as £64.99


Bought one after missing out on the last time this was on offer! Thanks OP, this came at the right time as my Hozelock wind up one is now completely unusable with all the kinks in it (annoyed)

Home Klip Lock Storage Set 900ml x3 £4 @ Sainsbury's
236° Expired
Posted 15th JanPosted 15th JanLocalLocal
Home Klip Lock Storage Set 900ml x3 £4 @ Sainsbury's
Saw this while shopping online Item code: 131433551 Description Water tight, freezer safe and microwaveable. No kitchen should go without our klip lock set. Three 900ml containe… Read more

Not sure


Heat op


Bpa free?


Great storage boxes & just what I need! Thanks very much for sharing. Heat from me 8)


Have some heat.

Abus Premium 65 Brass Padlock 20mm £1.45 delivered at FFX
163° Expired
Posted 9th JanPosted 9th Jan
Abus Premium 65 Brass Padlock 20mm £1.45 delivered at FFX
£1.45£4.4567%FFX Deals
Good price for this decent padlock. The padlock locking is automatic, it does not require a key. The body is made from solid brass with the inner components being produced fro… Read more

Hahaha that's what I get for just impulse buying, I thought this would do my shed, it's freaking tiny (lol) (lol)


Mine have already arrived and yup, they're tiny. Looking at the keyway, I'm not even sure my tensioners will fit, let alone my picks.


Thanks OP, managed to order 4 in the end. They’re tiny but will be brill for suitcases and locking small stuff up temporarily.


Yes i see youve expired it now. Thanks anyway, looked like a great deal


Expired, sorry

Yale X6 Window Screw Lock Set £4 & 2 Yrs Guarantee @ Homebase (Free Click & Collect)
311° Expired
Posted 3rd JanPosted 3rd Jan
Yale X6 Window Screw Lock Set £4 & 2 Yrs Guarantee @ Homebase (Free Click & Collect)
Was £21.50, Now £4, free C&C. & 2 Years guarantee ;) Yale 6 pack screw lock set . Amazing value at approx 66p per lock. Now Christmas is over I thought it would be a good… Read more
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the ones second down in the pictures can ;)




Anyone know if these can be used on Sash windows?


Welcome (angel)


Ordered, Thank you, you’ve reminded me we need some replaced. :)

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