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Free Golf Beginners Lessons - save £60! (London)
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
LOCATION: World of Golf London Beverley Way New Malden Surrey KT3 4PH Our Beginners Golf Course includes: Six weekly lessons, one hour long, learning golf with one of our PGA Quali… Read more

Range balls not included, it doesn't say wether there are extra costs beyond that.


Is it okay to vote cold otherwise?


Plz don’t vote cold if you live nowhere near London or you hate golf

Taylormade M4 6 iron set - £399 @ Clubhousegolfdirect
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
This is the cheapest I have seen this set, I purchased these earlier this year for ALOT more. They are often complemented on the course and I have been happy with the look, feel an… Read more
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My Mizunos are now 10 years old and still in great condition, original grips too (lamkin full cord) believe it or not.


It could be said a good set of irons could last you 15 years if you regrip them and look after them regularly


That’s not what the marketing departments say! “The new TaylorMade MX add 20 yards to your shots!” - I should be driving the ball about 500 yards by now!! (lol)


But they won't be out of date! Just because new models come out, that doesn't mean that the old models suddenly stop working. Just buy what you want and keep them for 5 to 10 years if they suit you. There is absolutely no need to change a set of irons more often than 5 years unless you have bought a bad set that don't suit you.


Yes they would do a beginner. They are a good quality set and much better than the cheap ones that throw in every club but won't last. There's no reason why these clubs won't still be fine in 10 years......certainly 5.

Confidence Power II Ladies Hybrid Golf Clubs Set + Bag £99.99 + Free delivery @ The Sports HQ
Found 27th Aug 2018Found 27th Aug 2018
Confidence Power II Ladies Hybrid Golf Clubs Set + Bag £99.99 + Free delivery @ The Sports HQ
Been looking for a cheap golf set for the wife to come golfing with me. As she is new to it and wasn't sure if she would enjoy it been looking for a cheap set and came across these… Read more
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No idea what you mean


Ok tiger, maybe just get a cheap introduction set and see if the games for you... HOT


“No point buying a driver” because she can’t hit it properly? Do me a favour and have a word with 95% of the golfing population then, please mate!! XD


Hahahahaha. What have I let myself in for


She'll be fine with the driver , remember Ladies drivers are normally 14 -16 degrees loft (about a mens 3 -4 wood loft) and there is a lot more face area to hit it with . All in all not a bad price for all that gear and it will certainly suffice for a few months to see if she likes the game . Buying the set will be the cheapest part of it - You know what women are like (shock) ! Before long she'll want the latest Nike or Under Armour shirt then matching shorts , jumper , jacket , cap , trousers etc . Could be the most expensive £99.99 you will ever spend :S :D .

BIG Adams clubs reductions e.g. Mens iron set £164.99, Ladies hybrids £25.99, Mens Hybrids £38.99 + £4.99 Del @ Sports Direct
Found 8th Jun 2018Found 8th Jun 2018
BIG Adams clubs reductions e.g. Mens iron set £164.99, Ladies hybrids £25.99, Mens Hybrids £38.99 + £4.99 Del @ Sports Direct
About time we had a golf post on here and these are great prices on Adams clubs. Adams was bought by Adidas/Taylormade a few years back but were always a good brand and mostly resp… Read more

Picked these up a couple of weeks ago from here, great clubs for the price. Good deal

Cleveland Golf CG16 Black Pearl Irons (4-PW) from for £169 after code
Found 26th Apr 2018Found 26th Apr 2018
Cleveland Golf CG16 Black Pearl Irons (4-PW) from for £169 after code
For anyone looking to kick off the golf season with a new set of sticks, you could do a lot worse than these. They've been around for a little while but you're getting 7 really go… Read more

Keep at it. Just got back into golf after an 8 year hiatus and now can't hit the one club I had confidence in off the tee.... Driver. Muscle memory helps with every other club but that one (lol) (lol) . I think golf drives me more nuts than the missus!


Keep at it! You’ll improve! (strong)


Just paid £100 for a set of used ones on Ebay the other day , didn’t realise these had been around as long as 8 years? Is that right or do you mean cg7? Btw I only started golf in April so I literally can’t even hit anything below a 7 iron ffs




Great price for a good set of irons... yes there are newer models. But spend the extra getting these fitted for you.

All-in-One Travel Putter Set - £16.14 @ MyMemory
Found 24th Jan 2018Found 24th Jan 2018
All-in-One Travel Putter Set - £16.14 @ MyMemory
Includes: Putting machine Golf ball Four-segment self-assemble putter Carrying Case Get the extra 5% off using the code MMLOYAL Free UK Delivery & Returns
Avatardeleted1884687Get dealGet deal



My apologies, point taken


Uh, no. That's just the standalone machine, this is a set that comes with a self-assemble putter, ball and carry case. It's also £7.99, not £7. (Clearly you didn't even check..) Maybe actually make sure you know what you're talking about before crapping on a deal in future?..


£7 at Mr Ashley's place so very chilly here!


Omg they still make these things!!

Taylor made m1 driver £279 @ Jam Golf
Found 18th Jan 2018Found 18th Jan 2018
Taylor made m1 driver £279 @ Jam Golf
£279£2997%Jam Golf Deals
Looks like they have a sale on m1 2017 clubs

I am, nice of you to say so! (flirt)


You talk like a vegan tree hugger.


That's not hot hot/cold works on this site... if you only add/subtract one degree, it's because you haven't contributed enough to the site. Increase your contribution and the amount you change the temperature is increased, so its less than 122


Useless to 122 people....


Beacuse it's not useful to you doesn't mean it's not useful to anyone! Golf deals aren't typically popular on here

Mizuno MP-5 Golf Irons RRP £800,Now £449.99 @ ClubhouseGolf
Found 16th Sep 2017Found 16th Sep 2017
Mizuno MP-5 Golf Irons RRP £800,Now £449.99 @ ClubhouseGolf
Don't see many golf deals on here. Thought i'd share this as I think it's a good deal. They have a few other sets on sale - Nike Vapor etc. Mizuno MP-5 Golf Irons Blade Like Per… Read more

Stick to my Ben Hogans!


Hot deal, Mizuno are lovely clubs, but worth pointing out only 4-PW, so only 7 irons in the set. Probably only me that will miss the 3 iron, but nonetheless....


I was told never to buy new, there's so many good clubs 2nd hand - don't be the one buying new!


Mmmm, shiny. Really like my MX200s...not sure the Missus would allow! Enjoy!


These are lovely clubs, but not ones to use if you are just starting out.

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[PS4/Xbox One] The Golf Club 2 - £16.49 - Argos (Amazon Price Matched)
Found 2nd Aug 2017Found 2nd Aug 2017
[PS4/Xbox One] The Golf Club 2 - £16.49 - Argos (Amazon Price Matched)
Amazon link - Exclusively for Prime members Argos Xbox One link Rise to fame and fortune in one of the largest, most dynamic golf games ever created. Assemble and join onlin… Read more
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Bought. Thanks op


It keeps tumbling... I'm guessing it's because of the release day (and beyond) server problems... I'm gonna hold out for a tenner and at this pace, that won't be long :D Heat :)


Yeah, it's not without issues admittedly


Me too. With the societies, you essentially get to play daily competitions 8)


Was tempted but I think Everbodys golf is more my style.

Golf Club 2 @ Sainsburys instore - £17.99 for both PS4 & Xbox One
LocalLocalFound 29th Jul 2017Found 29th Jul 2017
Golf Club 2 @ Sainsburys instore - £17.99 for both PS4 & Xbox One
Whilst shopping this morning, I noticed that my local Sainsburys (Livingston) have dropped the price of Golf Club 2 to £17.99, hopefully this is a nationwide drop. This was for bot… Read more

Personally i think the second one is a complete mess.Why is there such a shortage of good golf,boxing and tennis games on the newest consoles !!!!!


Agree , brilliant game and is this price in Sainsburys Castlepoint Bournemouth .


Apparently there are 'controller issues' on older Dualshock 4s. I have on Xbox One - brilliant game!


Hmm, might just pop down my local. Don't know whether to get this on PS4 or Xbone.


This was also in my local Sainsbury's in Sunderland

The Golf Club 2 (Xbox One) £17.85 @ Base
Found 27th Jul 2017Found 27th Jul 2017
The Golf Club 2 (Xbox One) £17.85 @ Base
Rise to fame and fortune in the largest, most dynamic golf game ever created. Assemble and join online Societies with friends, compete in tournaments, and earn money to climb the r… Read more

Ps4 sold out?



Can't beat Turf Masters on Neo Geo imo :)


Proper golf game, much more of a simulator than EA games


If you hated the 1st, it's unlikely you'll like this one. Some things have been addressed but at its core, it's still a golf simulator with a very steep learning curve. Personally, I love the 1st despite its bugs and shortfalls but I can understand why many people don't put in the required effort and are put off early. Do 3-4 rounds and you'll have nailed everything except putting... 3-4 more and it will all feel very natural. If you want an arcade golf game where you can use a wood in a bunker or apply backspin after hitting a bad drive, Rory McIlroy or Everybody's Golf may be more your thing.

The Golf Club 2 Xbox One £25 at Tesco. Click and Collect
Found 30th Jun 2017Found 30th Jun 2017
The Golf Club 2 Xbox One £25 at Tesco. Click and Collect
Best price I can see at the moment. Click and Collect or delivery to local store

I've gone for the digital version for £29.99 from Xbox, as not a game I will sell on. Hopefully have a blast in the morning


PS4 version is £24.99 on Very


Anyone who orders this, fancy being in a Society? lol none of my mates seem to wanna buy it


Hahahahaha Mario Golf!!!!!


Ordered. Had £10.50 in vouchers too! Loved the 1st one! Hoping this one is better with the community aspects of things as it was hard to find decent tournaments that weren't flooded with people playing off 48 and shooting stupidly low scores!

The Golf Club 2 £24.99 (+£3.99 del = £28.98) + some cashback via quidco at
Found 4th Jun 2017Found 4th Jun 2017
The Golf Club 2 £24.99 (+£3.99 del = £28.98) + some cashback via quidco at
£28.98Very Deals
Not seen this game at a lower price. Due to be released later this month. Fabulous price! Seems to be Xbox One only, I'm afraid. Delivery costs, but c&c is free!
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quite shocked they are making a second. the first is so unfinished


Which is why I said I'd rather pay less.


You're paying less if you go in-store, base deal works out to be the cheapest delivery wise (And on both platforms)


Fair enough. I'd prefer to pay less, personally.


It's also £25.85 Delivered @Base, better deal than this imo (On PS4 + XboxOne too)

The Golf Club 2 PS4 & XB1 £25.85 @ + a bit of Quidco
Found 8th May 2017Found 8th May 2017
The Golf Club 2 PS4 & XB1 £25.85 @ + a bit of Quidco
I never pre-order but want this the day it's released. Cheapest I can find. Would much prefer digital version but can't see it on PS Store. So pre-ordered from Base with the idea o… Read more

Available for pre-order on PSN now @ £29.99. Decisions Decisions!!!


Ah, see what you mean now. I got the digital version & the DLC so happy I got the lot.


In the 1st Golf Club, the physical copy comes as "Collector's Edition" which includes a Season Mode and about half of the available items in the course designer. The digital version comes without that lot - it can be purchased within the game (about £7 I think) but it's not obvious that it's missing when you buy the game from the store so when I replaced my disc version, I ended up spending more to get the same functionality.


Interested in this but could you clarify a bit? Ta


At least it's good that they haven't split the user base, as they did with the "Collector's Edition". Every physical copy came with it but the digital one didn't... and what's more, the content isn't listed in the store so you've no idea you're missing it until you try to load up a user-generated course with the blocked content.

The Golf Club 2 - £26.86 Shopto (PS4/Xbone)
Found 27th Apr 2017Found 27th Apr 2017
The Golf Club 2 - £26.86 Shopto (PS4/Xbone)
Seems a great pre order price, includes day 1 bonus content. Love The Golf Club so looking forward to this! Released 27 June (not May per Shopto listing). PS4 http://www.shopto.n… Read more

Yes, know all about Everybody's Golf as it was me who posted the recent deal on here! Two totally different golf games - I'm getting both.


Worlds apart... You might want to get both tbh ;)


This baby is coming out soon though:


Never need another golf game, thanks to the course designer there are thousands of courses to play and a lot are very very good


What. A. Game. Heat!!

The Golf Club PS4 £7.99/ £5.09 with PS Plus @ Playstation Store/ PSN
Found 23rd Dec 2016Found 23rd Dec 2016
The Golf Club PS4 £7.99/ £5.09 with PS Plus @ Playstation Store/ PSN
Don't think it's ever been this cheap. Bargain for PS Plus members. It's supposed to be an extra 10% off but it's coming up as £5.09. Don't think it's been posted yet.
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Purchased over Xmas break, excellent game and well worth £5.


​This. If you buy this game you must sign up to Happy New Year folk.


Best golf game ever made. Bargain.


Thanks, ordered for just over a fiver and downloading to my PS4.


Ordered seems good value thanks OP

Double value on trade in's @ American Golf instore
LocalLocalFound 23rd Oct 2016Found 23rd Oct 2016
Double value on trade in's @ American Golf instore
This is one for all the golfers out there. I don't see this posted yet and it runs till 7/11/16. Basically they are giving twice as much as they normally do on trade in's. Which … Read more

It's still on. Tho somewhat limited now from what I hear 1, no longer taking wedges in trade 2, won't price match against other retailers 3, no custom fit orders ( just off the shelves) Cant confirm this tho not been in since boxing day but that's what am hearing now


Saw an ad on SKY Sports 4 that this back on?


Yeah I can't remember ever seeing a golf deal as good in time I am playing. As i stated above divide that by 0.75 and that gives you the GPB price @ the double value and all. It's confirmed to run till Xmas eve. But I heard again today they are running it till end of Jan.


this should really be scorching. Not only do they double up on your trade in clubs but they also price match any online golf site. Just got a set of Mizuno Jpx Ez 2016 model irons for £260 after double value trade in.


^^^^^^^^^^^^ Although I think he's wrong !

tesco junior golf clubs set - dtd mis-price glitch - £4.50 @ Tesco Telford
LocalLocalFound 20th Sep 2016Found 20th Sep 2016
tesco junior golf clubs set - dtd mis-price glitch - £4.50 @ Tesco Telford
Just been to tesco in telford - they had the mini golf set at £15 - reduced to £4.50... Scanning at £15... Double the difference means i got a £21 refund... Fill your boots! Bo… Read more
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not at Orpington. full price there


I clearly jumped the gun, paid £25 wen posted previously :(


Brilliant. I got these last week for £13.50 with staff discount. Look like a good wee starter set.


Jl Letters Pitching Wedge £410 sportsdirect
Found 5th Sep 2016Found 5th Sep 2016
Jl Letters Pitching Wedge £410 sportsdirect
Golf hitting club stick complete with gripper, FORGED PROTOTYPE. Reduced from £649

And you're one of the billy goats. I'm coming. I'm coming to gobble you up.


'Golf hitting club stick complete with gripper', op either not a golfer or just a troll, and considering the 'deal' he posted, is probably the latter.


​Forged wont perform any better but are more expensive than cast because of how they are made. The feel of a forged iron when you hit out of the sweet spot is much nicer and give greater feedback on well struck shots hence better players tend to play them.


I take you don't have to be good at golf when playing with this club. you just hit the ball and it goes in. It has to for that price!


£410 for a John Letters pitching wedge??!! Me thinks winter's coming for this one!!

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