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Linksys Velop Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System 3 Pack - £259.99 Delivered @ Box
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
£10 less than the Amazon deal yesterday on this. Looks a nice set up overall for the money and the units aren't too in your face, like some other models that look a bit like cricke… Read more
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Wow all these mesh networks are expensive, wonder who's milking the paintent :/


Good deal but they were 160ish for the dual (months ago- I got 6 in total). When they work, they are great. We have WiFi across the whole house where a single draytek router couldn’t even cover the ground floor (lots of solid walks and floors). My proviso is that they can be a real pain to setup and even worse when it goes wrong. It must have taken several hours of messing before I got all our nodes to talk and it needed them setup right next to each other, then moved to final locations later. Occasionally it all goes wrong. Various nodes start doing strange things and resets don’t always work. In our case, the parent node (as connected to the router) needed powered down fully and this reliably sorts it out. With a larger mesh, this took a lot of working out, not least because that parent node tends to report good health when the issues arise. So good, if a bit buggy. I’d definitely not recommend if you aren’t at least slightly techy.


Very good price, especially for the Triband version!


Wow. Attractive price for the tri-band offering for those who need it.

Linksys Velop Dual Band Whole Home Wi-Fi Intelligent Mesh System, (AC3900)/Up to 4500 sq ft/Easy Setup, Maximize Wi-Fi Range and Speed for All Your Devices, Works with Alexa, White, Pack of 3. £149.99 Amazon Prime deal.
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
View larger View larger At a Glance: Mesh Wi-Fi system envelops your home in seamless Wi-Fi Modular mesh Wi-Fi network can be scaled with your growing Wi-Fi needs Links… Read more
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Was going to get this but then I relaised I dont even know what a backhaul is so im going to get a cheapo plug in extender instead. Google wifi looked slick but for 3 a piece package they want £319 so its a no go for me.


these devices should come built in with Powerline adapters. its pretty unlikely that someone has their house wired up for cat5/6 and as already mentioned, the backhaul would well cause issues with traffic congestion all going back to the single wired connection.


As others have pointed out, these are a newer dual band unit, rather than the original tri-band Velops. Reviews show much reduced performance :-(


Reviews are at a much higher price but look good for a 2 piece set but 3 pieces causes a load on the backhaul... two of mine will be wired so may take a punt as the backhaul will only be used for 1 node... EDIT: Is a new version without the backhaul


Reviews don’t look great...

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Still at £89.98 @ As per forums, works with davidc502 wrt32x custom firmware, a spin off from OpenWRT. Expecting mine today - Its a steal at that price - better still davidc0502 is committed to taking it to the final frontier (excited)


Wahhh not VR Ready! Cold, very bad router. (cheeky) :D


I bought one a few weeks back. Works well only with openwrt installed. Stock FW is far too basic and with ddwrt I had wifi issues


Fornite lol!


Still available at £89, just select amazon as seller. Temporarily out of stock.

Linksys WRT32X AC3200 WI-FI Gaming Router, £89.98 @ Ebuyer
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
A router

Report back (y)


I made a start on figuring it out but (bizarrely) found that tinkering with the LEDs for the radios actually killed the wifi! It's a nkown bug: I need get a look at a WRT32X running the stock firmware with LEDs turned off and see the output of 'cat /etc/config/system' to try and pop it on OpenWRT


I hate blue LED's. Can't figure a way with LEDE only the stock firmware has a toggle for it. Must be a way!


...and running a properly tuned SQM QoS system on one of these practically eliminates that. (Sorry, yes, forgot the blue LEDs, which I'm trying to figure out how to turn off as our device sits on a shelf under the telly and they're *very* distracting :-D )


Software plays a part too ISP routers are usually limited. QoS is important. Bufferbloat is a pain in the rear.

Linksys LGS105 Business 5 Port Desktop Gigabit Unmanaged Network Switch, £12.98 (Prime) £17.47 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 14th JulFound 14th Jul
Wired connection speed up to 1000 Mbps Attribute of five Gigabit Ethernet auto-sensing ports Auto power-down disables unused ports Smart power for short cable runs Easy plug an… Read more

That’s a bargain. Think it only just cropped up.


Very nice product (y) Heat added

trustory this seems a better deal, £9.99 for an 8 port switch


Totally agree. Sky have inexplicably decided to give our Sky Q router just two ports (as well as WiFi with a range to maybe the end of our living room if there’s no people or cats in the way). I put a 5 port hub on it and almost immediately regretted getting a 5 port for £2 less than an 8 port. This was only 10/100 though. Definitely worth getting the 8 port if available and metal cased if only to stop the thing sliding around under the weight of cables.


Who needs more than 5 plus the ones on your router? I chuckled to myself years ago. An xbox 3 raspberry Pi's, a roku and 2 APs later, I wish I brought the 8 port. Remember 1 port is uplink its more of a 4 port.

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Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream AC2200 Simultaneous Tri-Band Wi-Fi Broadband Router £30.95 @ Amazon
Found 12th JulFound 12th Jul
Great price for Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream AC2200 Simultaneous Tri-Band Wi-Fi Broadband Router Usually around £80 !

Whatever helps you sleep at night you monster.


Great, I'll have the other one at the £30 then please to solve your problem of having two, there everyone's happy! (cheeky)


£89.99 now 😡


Nabbed one thanks. With these possible misprices you just need to order first and think (or cancel) later!


They sell everyday on ebay for £60 so the one I need just works out as free really.

Linksys WRT32X AC3200 WI-FI Gaming Router, £99.98 @ Ebuyer
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
The first router purpose-built to prioritize gaming The Killer Prioritization Engine identifies, prioritizes and accelerates gaming network traffic above all else, to reduce peak … Read more

Hahahahahahahahaha, either that, OR add Apple to the wording on there somewhere too perhaps?, lol. The only drawback with the 'Apple method' is, it's then likely to possibly shoot up in price ten fold+?! - 1 grand anyone?, hehehehehe. ;-)


Cool, thanx. :-)


The other option is 'home plugs' of course. It's worth buying good ones, as they're generally hassle free. That is assuming you don't have terrible house wiring! :/


Thanks for that. I've looked up some of the items you mentioned and it seems the complexity and skill required to mount, wire and crimp a whole house with ethernet cable may be beyond the average user. It certainly would be for me (embarrassed) . A decent WiFi router would be so much easier.


As someone who rents I have a lot of ethernet cable running around in that style of trunking that's curved to blend into your skirting boards.

Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream AC2200 Simultaneous Tri-Band Wi-Fi Broadband Route, £49.97 at Ebuyer
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
Back in stock and to low price...
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Arrived eventually (Ebuyer having trouble with Yodel), replaced the wifi portion of the Superhub 3 - much better now, more configuration options and doesn't take forever to update the UI on the managment page like the SH3 does.


Back up to £139.97


Mate I've got a billion 7800n doing wireless in modem mode with super hub 2 from virgin media. Problem is it's so old that anything going via that gets 60mb maximum. This one gets good speed? Was really hoping for a router that can replace the superhub. Want an ad blocker running as the DNS and permanently on VPN. But I think I've got so many devices wired in I actually need two routers... Unless someone thinks get a hub replacement and a cheap switch is better? Need 8 or so ethernet sockets


mine jump in price in my basket they refuse to honor price.


Now it's jumped to £139.98

Linksys WRT32X-UK AC3200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gaming Router - Amazon - £107.47
Found 23rd JunFound 23rd Jun
This was slightly cheaper at eBuyer a few weeks back but for anyone with Amazon vouchers to use or who simply prefer using Amazon this is a cracking deal. Product Description … Read more

And just have too different broadcast names i need todo that i think


You would connect one to the modem. And the other to the other router.


How do you connect 2 routers to the one virgin hub ?


This perceived USP is nothing more than a mouse click for non-killer hardware. You then get the same results. In fact, the true USP is the hardware specs and belies its true price a similar bit of kit should sell for. You probably didn’t do your home work and read the spec sheets to know that whatever marketing blurb that is copied and pasted here (and wrongly relied on) will show that this true £250 router is very likely significantly better than the £60 you have from several years ago.


Exactly why people like yourself are bad for HUKD - Is this cheaper elsewhere? NO Next time you post a deal, read what HUKD asks you to do, they specifically ask you not to post marketing text or specs. I can't believe I am sitting here answering to you because you have a bee in your bonnet about something.

Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream AC2200 Simultaneous Tri-Band Wi-Fi Broadband Router. £49.98 @ Amazon
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Price matched ebuyer. What's not to like? Credits to the ebuyer deal poster:… Read more
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price is up now to £107


Yeah thats the way to do it :p. Sorry that I didnt reply earlier with the clear method of doing it




Seems a bit rubbish customer service if that was the Tech Support online chat.


Reviews are very poor, going to have to give this one the cold shoulder

Linksys LGS105 Business 5 Port Desktop Gigabit Unmanaged Network Switch, £13.98 (Prime) / £18.47 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
And Ebuyer. Wired connection speed up to 1000 Mbps Attribute of five Gigabit Ethernet auto-sensing ports Auto power-down disables unused ports Smart power for short cable runs… Read more

That is great for the community (cheeky)


Well, I was confused when I saw a 5 port switch going for almost as much as an 8 port switch and getting so hot. This is the first time I think I've ever seen a 5 port switch posted here, most posts have been for the more usual 8 port switch, but as none have been posted recently, I've just posted one.


You're confused :/


Why get a 5 port switch when you can get a 8 port switch for about £1 more?


Still useless

Linksys WRT32X-UK AC3200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gaming Router with Killer Prioritisation Engine £99.98 @ Amazon
Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
BUILT EXCLUSIVELY FOR GAMING Engineered purely for gaming, the Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router with Killer Prioritization Engine provides a dominating home network
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Wow, nice work OP, this is ridiculously cheap (on at £107 now, but still crazy cheap).


Interesting will have too check


Most motherboards have it


The main selling point is the price :D


Didn't say it was poor m8 but to use the main selling point of the router I have to buy more stuff ie their network card

Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream AC2200 Simultaneous Tri-Band Wi-Fi Broadband Route, £49.98 at Ebuyer
Refreshed 18th JunRefreshed 18th Jun
WORKS WITH AMAZON ECHO: Ask Alexa to turn on Guest network or retrieve your password INTELLIGENT TRI-BAND ROUTER with "Quad-Core" CPU and 3 offload processors to boost performance… Read more

Your welcome.


its back up again.... damnit!! Thanks for the message


the price is down again to £49.97


Just thought I'd update my experience bought Huawei Hg612 off eBay. Followed these instructions plugged ethernet from hg612 into Linksys internet port and all works flawlessly now. WiFi connection so much faster and pages load up a lot quicker. I'm on TalkTalk faster fibre, well worth the effort.


What are the Parental Controls like on this? They were supposed to be available on Virgin Superhub 3 but seem very fiddly to use if not impossible, and the ones I have set up don't seem to work. Just to stop my son being playing Fortnite/watching videos about playing Fortnite 24/7. Also does it work well with Amazon Echo? I had to separate out the two bands on the Superhub and disable the firewall before Alexa would come out to play.

Linksys WRT32X-UK AC3200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gaming Router with Killer Prioritisation Engine £91.98 @ Ebuyer
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Found this router, cracking price ordered one myself.
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You can create Guest network and Vlan with OpenWRT/Lede


£ 149.98 now ;(


Can you still have guest networks etc? How have you found it with the SH3? I'm on 350Mbps, are you achieving those speeds with it?


Wow! Hot deal


My USB2 led is on constantly (nothing is plugged in to the USB2 port) when running the stock firmware. Has anyone else got this issue?

Linksys Velop Whole Home Mesh WiFi System, AC2200 tri band Pack of 2 @ £199.99 at Costco
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
Looking for a router to replace my superhub3 as I have been told it can't cope with my ever increasing number of devices using the wifi (22 and increasing). Was going to buy the N… Read more
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Ubiquiti is the techy/pro way, and will end up being cheaper and more configurable. But needs some knowledge and time. I've been using this Velop (the 3pack version) for half a year, and it works well. I have a three storey townhouse, 180sqm, 5 bedrooms, and placing two on oppoosite ends of the ground floor and one on the top floor gives coverage everywhere. Some niggles: - occasionally one of the nodes lose connection, and has to restart. I've encountered this about 3 times in the last 6 months (and who knows how many times its restarted when I'm not using my device) - The passing of signal from Velop to Velop has alot to be desired, sometimes it still stays connected to a Velop with much lower signal, even when I'm in the same room as another Velop! But I think it is also a function of the OS and your receiving device - if it doesn't want to give up the connection to the weaker Velop, there's nothing the Velops can do. - There's parental controls, and also through the app you can manually switch off connections (and also set times I believe) - Throughput is good. I have around 70mpbs BT fibre. When my laptop gets full wifi signal to my Velop, I get around 60mbps speeds downloading. - I don't game, so can't comment on the lag - My three Velop setup is handling about 11 connected devices pretty good - I use an ethernet backhaul for all three Velop. My setup is the BT HomeHub, the 3x Velops, and a neatgear 16-switch.


I have amended my misleading post. I meant their bt home wifi mesh solution.


You can configure the APs from a phone App. They then store all the config you need. The controller is optional but give much finer control if wanted.


I’ve had the Homehub 5 & 6. A terrible recommendation unless it is had for free. Even then the signal won’t be good enough for some.


Depends which one you have. This might help

Linksys WRT1900ACS Dual Band AC1900 Gigabit Smart Wi-Fi Router (1.6GHz Processor, 128 MB Flash, 512 DDR3 RAM, USB 3.0, eSATA, 4 x Ethernet, Open Source Ready) £99.99 @ Amazon
Found 1st MayFound 1st May
Very good router. Lowest price it has ever been new is £99 so a very decent price if you’re looking for a router with plenty of oomph without breaking the bank.

Excellent heat added!! if you guys dont want to wait for few days with amazin at 99.99, get it from ebuyer for same price.


This over MESH?


It doesn't. You need the 3200 version for that. I don't care at the moment.


so this doesn't have MU-MIMO but does that really matter?


Most likely interference. The BT hub isn’t as smart as it says it is, I had a similar issue solved by simply changing the channel in the hub menu manually. Type 192.168.l.254 into a browser and use login info on the back of the router. If you have an Iphone the Apple airport utitility app has a nifty simple trick of checking channels on nearby networks if you have the same channel as one of them it could be the issue. You want to choose a channel that you don’t see as often (or preferably at all) in the list to lessen any interference. There are lots of other ways of checking nearby channels. You may have already tried this step. Hope this helps. Edit: If this doesn’t work then I recommend a full factory reset and if no joy it is probably a hardware issue.

Linksys WRT32X AC3200 WI-FI Gaming Router Gigabit £154.98 delivered at Ebuyer
Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
A good price for this I think. It is £219.93 at Amazon and pretty much the same elsewhere. Only Ebuyer seems to be a lot cheaper.
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Now showing as £299.98


I bought the Netgear R7000 thinking it would be the answer to all my problems Found out that is flawed too! Between that and the superhub they don't seem to be able to negotiate 1000M successfully, so it drops me down to 100M even though I'm paying for 300+


"Gaming router" Lol


Draytek Vigor 130... I have one paired with an Asus RT-86U running Merlin's AsusWRT Firmware. The Draytek is expensive, but it has great performance, it's very easy to setup and has great support from Draytek.


No way, how annoying, I get really cheap BB too, £26 a month no phone line 200mb 😔

Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream AC2200 Simultaneous Tri-Band Wi-Fi Broadband Router - £88.98 @ Amazon
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
WORKS WITH AMAZON ECHO: Ask Alexa to turn on Guest network or retrieve your password INTELLIGENT TRI-BAND ROUTER with "Quad-Core" CPU and 3 offload processors to boost performance… Read more

I don't think so.


Nice to see a router with decent lightning conductors on it.


That's to buy off Ebuyer, u can still select amazon but its out of stock at the min


Glad I purchased when I did. Price has increased to £95. Thanks OP, voted hot.


Seems odd that you spend money to get a secure router, and then let amazon have access to change setitngs.

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