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Chocolate Free For Oculus Rift and Rift S @ Oculus Store
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Posted 14th JanPosted 14th Jan
Chocolate Free For Oculus Rift and Rift S @ Oculus StoreFREE£0.01Meta / Oculus Deals
The game can be picked for free. Full credit to @WizardofSonic for the spot (highfive) Description Set to the song of the same name by Giraffage, Chocolate is a wondrous experience…
Avatar matwalaboy
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It's not worth the effort for this title, it's a pretty basic and short experience set to a song (not a game), it's also a few years old now and looking it.


Airlink it ;)


I saw free chocolate … (cheeky) hmmm OK (popcorn)


that's not the chocolate I was hoping for :(


I was going to post this earlier, but never got around to it, it would be much better if they made it a Quest title.

The Eastern Edge (PCVR) now free @ Meta/Oculus Rift Store
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Posted 13th JanPosted 13th Jan
The Eastern Edge (PCVR) now free @ Meta/Oculus Rift StoreFREE£10.99Meta / Oculus Deals
This is only for PCVR (not one of my usual Quest deals, sorry). I spotted this a while back, but forgot to post it. This is a highly rated survival wave shooter that looks amazing. I can s…
Avatar Dribbles_MacTavish
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With a gaming PC, yes.


Nice find!


And by that time will be a Quest 3 or Pro which would be more powerful anyway. It might even have a built in PC. Who knows for sure. Cheers


I'd personally always go down the desktop PC route, otherwise your stuck with the hardware you decide on until your next full purchase. Saying that, now isn't the time to be buying gaming gear, chip shortages mean that prices are double or more at the moment on GPU's. For example, the cheapest buy it now on a EVGA GTX 1080 FTW on ebay is currently £465, I bought the same card 3 or 4 years ago for under £300, can't remember the exact price. Prices will go back down in a year or two I reckon.


Thank you

SuperHotVR £9.29 @ Meta/Oculus Rift store
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Posted 27th Dec 2021Posted 27th Dec 2021
SuperHotVR £9.29 @ Meta/Oculus Rift store£9.29£18.9951% offMeta / Oculus Deals
This is only the PCVR version, it is not a cross buy title, so no good for Quest owners (to run standalone), sorry. Blurring the lines between cautious strategy and unbridled mayhem, SU…
Avatar Dribbles_MacTavish
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Sorry, didn't read it all! Thanks


No, hence the first paragraph of the post ;)


I get a warning saying i haven't set up a rift headset, but this is cross buy for quest 2, yes?


Ah ok, apologies (I’m still half asleep). It is very rare for the actual headsets to be on sale, although it is possible that there maybe something in the New Years sales maybe.


Yes the actual quest 2 headset!

Star Trek: Bridge Crew for Oculus Rift £12.23 @ Fanatical
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Posted 23rd Dec 2021Posted 23rd Dec 2021
Star Trek: Bridge Crew for Oculus Rift £12.23 @ Fanatical£12.23£33.9964% offFanatical Deals
Ok, so this might seem a little confusing, so bear with me... Fanatical are selling Star Trek: Bridge Crew for £12.23, reduced from £33.99 (although it is only £20.99 on the Rift store and …
Avatar Dribbles_MacTavish
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I dont have the Quest version, all of my mates play the Steam version (which is good fun). 1 of our friends has the quest version and while she was able to join our game, some party members couldnt see she had joined and others lost all control of their station (in game voice also broke). As soon as she left, it fixed it self, same happened again when she rejoined. Crossplay was unplayable. I agree, it has indeed been abandoned by the devs


Again as a fan of Star Trek, I like it, even if I’m just sitting on the Bridge environments, but to actually go on missions is great. It’s a shame they removed voice commands, but it’s still fun to play (for me anyway).


I'd read in a fair number of reviews that it's very buggy on Quest and none of the issues have been addressed by the Devs. Some think it's pretty much been abandoned by the Devs. What's your experience with it?


While this is cross play, it may as well not be. Its a complete mess if you mix PCVR with the native Quest version. Great game between PCVR though


the problem is that the new ship only goes up 351,210 feet with William shatner on it (cheeky)

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Lone Echo Oculus PCVR Game - £7.99 @ Oculus Store
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Posted 20th Jul 2021Posted 20th Jul 2021
Lone Echo Oculus PCVR Game - £7.99 @ Oculus Store£7.99£29.9973% offMeta / Oculus Deals
The sequel to Lone Echo is due out on 24/08/21 so this reduction will relate to that Lone Echo is PCVR only I'm fairly certain that the best previous price was £15.99 which is what I paid …
Avatar AmFearLiathMòr
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Yikes that's a fair bit of time. I'm the same, got it a bit before xmas, bought a few titles. Only 30% codes for me. Maybe I should hold off buying anything for another while.


I've had my Oculus for around 10 months, and last week was the first time that I received £8 credit. I have bought a handful of titles from the store prior to that.


Wish they would put more rift titles on sale (skeptical)


Best deal on their store. Get it! Great game, great production value


I’m not sure to be honest, I think this is the 4th or 5th time they’ve given me one and it’s pretty much the only time I buy anything there.

PCVR car racing games on sale @ Oculus Rift Store (including DiRT Rally for £4.49, DiRT Rally 2.0 for £10.99 & Project Cars for £3.99)
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Posted 21st May 2021Posted 21st May 2021
PCVR car racing games on sale @ Oculus Rift Store (including DiRT Rally for £4.49, DiRT Rally 2.0 for £10.99 & Project Cars for £3.99)£4.49£18.9976% offMeta / Oculus Deals
I've had these on my wishlist for a while hoping for a sale, very good discounts that rival a Steam sale for these titles (y) DiRT Rally was £18.99, now £4.49 (76% off) DiRT Rally 2.0 was…
Avatar Dribbles_MacTavish
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Follow this guide, worked for me ;)


You purchase them on Steam, but have to have a high-ish spec PC that is VR capable in order to stream them to a headset.


These are on Steam. Oculus rift is compatible with Steam VR.


Sorry to be so dim, but how can I get these onto the Oculus, if I were to buy them for my boys? I am just the paymaster and know nothing about the workings of the VR headset. Thanks.


Nope, unfortunately not ;(