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Oculus Daily Deal: Ocean Rift £5.99 at Oculus
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Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Rated 4/5 Ocean Rift is the world's first VR aquatic safari park. Explore a vivid underwater world full of life including dolphins, sharks, turtles, sea snakes, rays, whales, mana… Read more

Not the cheapest it’s ever been, but 25% off is still pretty good. To be fair though, this game should be £5.99 normally, I enjoyed it (and still do when I demonstrate VR), but it is quite a simple, educational title. I find it quite relaxing :)

Oculus Holiday Sale for Quest and Rift - Arizona Sunshine - £22.99, Robo Recall- £14.99, In Death Unchained - £17.24 & lots more
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Posted 24th Dec 2020Posted 24th Dec 2020
Oculus Holiday Sale for Quest and Rift - Arizona Sunshine - £22.99, Robo Recall- £14.99, In Death Unchained - £17.24 & lots more Free P&P FreeOculus Deals
Just got a notification from the Oculus app about this. Quest sale here . Rift sale here . There's more choice in the Rift sale, and some of the games that appear in both sales a… Read more

Not expired, nearly 8 hours left


Lies Beneath is a very good action horrorgame down to 14.99 from 22.99. Often overlooked style reminds me of the Orcs in the animated Lotr film, half animation, half live action, very creepy


Half life Alyx is probably the best game I have ever played.


For the price dead drop is a class game (y)


Woke up with a notification for £8 credit in the Oculus store. Looked at all the Festive Sale offers and wanted most of them. Managed restraint and only went for Phantom Ops, which I've wanted since I saw it on BBC Click a couple of years ago - might be another couple of years before I play it though. Hot deal! ** edit - forgot to say, Holly happydays y'ule!

Titans of Space Plus for Oculus Quest £5.35 via Cross Buy at Rift store at Oculus
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Posted 8th Dec 2020Posted 8th Dec 2020
Titans of Space Plus for Oculus Quest £5.35 via Cross Buy at Rift store at Oculus£5.35£7.9933% offOculus Deals
Fantastic educational app about the planets of our Solar system. One of the highest rated apps in the Quest store and now the cheapest it has ever been. Yes the robot guide looks… Read more

Got this on the PSVR, Quest version is miles better though with the resolution. Well worth the offer price.


Thanks for the response and your helpful posts. My kid will hopefully get something out of this.


Had to look up Universe Sandbox, but I’d say that Titans of Space is more educational, but less customisable. Titans is also a standalone Quest title (Universe Sandbox is a PCVR title), so can be played anywhere without the need for a PC.


Is this worth buying if you have universe sandbox or are they very different?


No problem, happy to help :D

Moss Oculus Rift Store £10.99
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Posted 27th Nov 2020Posted 27th Nov 2020
Moss Oculus Rift Store £10.99£10.99£19.9945% offOculus Deals
Rift version. Moss is universally praised and down from the usual £19.99

Yep I have. No catch, I actually ended up subscribing for 2 months as there is plenty of games there which I wanted to try, some I tried and thought yeah it's ok but nothing flash, so moved onto the next game. Id highly recommend it as some game are worth checking out, like plank challenge, but not worth buying.


A little off topic, but just bought an oculus 2. Has anyone tried viveport infinity subscription? Seems good to me but looking for catch.


Sadly yes, it's down to the developer if they want to hand out a free copy to the other platform. I find it a little sad that many haven't bothered with this and then they only discount the rift side of things. Knowing more and more people will want the quest version and have to pay full price.


I saw a thread talking about cross compatible deals between rift and quest. Are only certain games cross compatible?


Absolute joke how they have separate prices for Rift and Quest when they are exactly the same game!

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Lone Echo in Oculus Store Sale - £14.99
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Posted 27th Nov 2020Posted 27th Nov 2020
Lone Echo in Oculus Store Sale - £14.99£14.99£29.9950% offOculus Deals
Great price for what is supposedly a great game, finally going to give this one a try! "In Lone Echo’s single player story, you’ll be transported to an advanced mining facility wi… Read more

One of the best AAA VR experiences I've played, with a sequel on the way. I still go back to it frequently to float around in space and skim through Saturns belt. Try to find the Extreme Drifter device and see if your stomach can handle it. If you're on the fence about this just try out the free demo for the sequel to see the quality of this. https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/2069106006465690/?locale=en_US


I might bite for this price. How does it compare to HL Alyx? Does it give you any motion sickness?


Absolutely. I'm a bit of a space nerd and have always dreamed of being in 0 gravity/piloting a spaceship so it tickled a childhood itch. Despite that, it is such an amazing, immersive experience.


For me virtual desktop is brilliant, it's pretty easy to setup too, plenty of tutorials online /on YouTube. Can always refund VD if it doesn't work out for you and you have used for less than 2 hours


Yeah, aware of that - and also that the easiest option is using Oculus Link, but would like to try the wireless approach first as I've got a capable PC and a decent home network. (y)

Update of Cross Buy titles on sale for the Oculus Quest (via Rift store sale) e.g. "Bonfire" for £1.99 instead of £3.99 @ Oculus
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Posted 2nd Nov 2020Posted 2nd Nov 2020
Update of Cross Buy titles on sale for the Oculus Quest (via Rift store sale) e.g. "Bonfire" for £1.99 instead of £3.99 @ Oculus£1.99£3.9950% offOculus Deals
UPDATE: A couple of title swaps this morning (10/11/2020)... So we have a few changes to the new titles on sale for all you Questers (new and old). (y) For those of you who ar… Read more

You just made my day (y)


Quest now has 90hz https://www.oculus.com/blog/the-first-gift-of-the-season-oculus-quest-update-adds-native-90hz-support-a-new-fitness-tracker-and-more/ their sale starts on the 20th as it says in that post - store sale ‘only a week away’. That was posted on the 13th.


thanks matt


If the title supports cross buy, you can go to the rift section on the store via app or website, buy it and then inside the quest in the store you will see that title as “free” and installable. These are the cross buy apps/games you can buy https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/section/2335732183153590/


Which title?