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Oculus Rift S Virtual Reality Headset - £399.99 / £403.94 delivered @ Argos
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Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Not a deal I know but a heads up that many Argos stores are now showing stock that available to reserve to be collected from store next week. 2019. Oculus Rift S designed in co… Read more
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Yeah I totally agree. PCVR using an HMD of any repute from the past couple of years will provide a fairly similar experience up to a point. The Index is twice the price of the Rift S but it provides nowhere near twice the experience. Perhaps nigh on 15% - 20% better of an experience if you include the finger tracking controllers, much higher refresh rate much larger FOV etc. As for immersion I guess the most sceptical VR user may struggle to get immersed in a Valve Index whereas I get fully immersed in even just Quest native games like Echo VR as I'm seriously into VR and extremely willing to take that leap via my imagination.


Well last Christmas you could get the rift s for £350 direct from Oculus. With the reverb being £600 all told £350 Vs £600 means they are in different brackets and will appeal to different markets. The reverb 2 price might affect index demand mind you. I have been thinking about updating my Lenovo explorer to one of the newer headsets but I saw an amazing review saying Lenovo explorer compared to index means 90% of the immersion for 25% of the price. Cheaper and lower spec doesn't necessarily mean poor quality, just lower quality.


A budget Valve Index with a lower refresh rate and standard Oculus Touch style controllers Twice the resolution of the Index though $599 "Doesn't have Lighthouse tracking, same gen 1 fov (114), stuck with WMR tracking, stuck with gen 1 wand-style controllers, is only 90hz. But BMR audio and really great clarity! Lots of compromises for this kit. It's better to buy an Index for the money."


The reverb announced walks over the Rift S in many ways, I would expect to see the Rift S get a more permanent price reduction as a result.


not sure why this is expired, it's still available to order from more than one of my local branches.

OCULUS Rift S VR Gaming Headset at Currys for £399 delivered
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Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Product features Full virtual reality experience at home Over 1000 games and apps in the Oculus Store Simple setup with no external sensors Includes controllers for Oculus Rift Int… Read more
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Yep, pretty shoddy stock control. They should at least sweeten the deal and offer free P&P


Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for making your recent purchase with us. It has been brought to our attention that there has been a delay in the dispatch of your order. We are now expecting stock week commencing 7th June 2020 As soon as we receive stock we will dispatch your item and we will email you once stock has been received to confirm delivery arrangements. If you do not wish to wait please give us a call on 0344 561 1234, we would be happy to issue a full refund I would like to take this opportunity to apologise wholeheartedly for any inconvenience caused. We look forward to hearing from you. ----- DSG being awesome as usual. Selling items before they even had stock in. Cancelling my order


Update: I received my rift s today (purchased directly from Oculus). I'm impressed with the speed of delivery. It looks like the rift is out of stock now on their website, but the quest is still available (both 64 and 128gb)


eBay curry’s not been dispatched yet


Curry's main site. Within 5 minutes of the deal being posted here. I almost cancelled and bought from eBay but couldn't see an easy way to cancel. eBay seemed to list 100ish in stock at the time.

Arizona Sunshine on Rift S £10.99 Oculus
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Oculus has their 1 year anniversary sale and this title has gone down from £29.99 to £10.99 *Includes the free two-handed mode, Old Mine & Undead Valley updates* VR meets … Read more
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Great deal


It is between steam and rift store versions, not sure about quest


I signed up for Viveport Infinity when it was half price at £54 for the year... Arizona Sunshine is included in the infinity games!


CDKeys worked great for me just now. tested and working on quest via steamvr (y)


I know it's not cross buy, but is it cross play?

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Oculus Rift S VR Gaming Headset System with Touch Controllers £419.99 + £11.50 del at Scan
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Oculus Rift S VR Gaming Headset System with Touch Controllers pre order due today

Scan.. more like scam! Absolute rubbish




Really, for luxury electronic goods (confused)


Share it here so we can all report them.


Cold more than RRP

Superhot vr oculus rift £9.55 at Oculus
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Lose track of what’s real. Commit yourself, body and mind. Confront the evocative, elegantly brutal world of SUPERHOT VR. Enemies pouring into the room from all sides, a dozen bull… Read more
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What an awful game this was. I played for xbox achievements and it was one of the worst, most boring , mind numbing slogs I've had achievement hunting Poor gameplay


will this work on my Samsung Odyssey Plus?


No buddy you need the game it's self to say it's cross play game in description. If it's cross play you buy the cheapest version then go to the store on your head set and it will be listed as either purchased or free for you to just download. Only if it's says it's cross play game look at creed that's cross play so use that games example so you know what your looking for


Just looking for info please, my son has just received a Quest for his birthday this week and today we tried using the link cable. So if we buy a vr game that's made for the Rift then there's no guarantee it will work on the Quest if its not 'Cross play'? Thanks


Nope... This, Beat Saber and a lot of other developers like to double dip. Just from a quick sale check Thrill of the Fight, Space Pirate Trainer, Robo Recall Untethered and The Apollo Creed boxing game seem to be cross buy.

Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset £399 @ Amazon
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Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Back in stock

Not really I have a 1060 in the laptop and it runs them fine. Higher demanding ones it’s a bit of an issue on max but the Med setting is fine. I dock the laptop to the amplifier and hits the 2070 super and it’s fine If you get a laptop make sure u go Alienware for this reason the ability to use an actual gpu to 80% helps prolong the laptops life Don’t bother with the other thunderbolt ones they are balls. Quest is only good for having no GPU to run from other than that the rift S has so much more if ur willing to go looking for those things you can use it with. Reddit is ur friend


I’ve got a couple. (y) Just need to spring for the graphics card first...


They've just released a beta update that makes the cable in the box compatible, but I'd still get a usb 3 cable just to be sure.


I can’t offer much in the way of comparison, as I’ve not done much PCVR, but I have played a bit of PlayStation VR and I can say this: If you can free up a couple of square metres of space to play in, the Quest is phenomenal. I like tech, and I hate Facebook (who own Oculus) and I can say hand-on-heart that I am more impressed with the Quest than I have been with any tech product in years. As a dyed-in-the-wool HUKDer it galls me to see that some games are cheaper on Rift store (or Steam) than they are on the Quest, but frankly, I’m having such a great time playing Beat Saber and Thrill of the Fight That I don’t care! Plus, if I can bring myself to spring for a powerful enough graphics card, I can play PCVR games too!


To caveat this the rift s offers no option to change the ipd of the lenses, which can make it completely unplayable depending on how close/far you are from the optimum value. I had one and sent it back because anything that required reading text was unplayable. It has software compensating but I found it made no difference personally. I'm planning to get a quest once I can find a decent deal (unlikely for a while given these are selling out instantly at RRP) and hoping that it gives a better experience given my understanding is it retains the ability to adjust the ipd on the lenses still.

Robo Recall On Sale - £17.24 @ Oculus
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Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
It's not often this comes up on sale albeit a measly 25%. Still, better than full price :)

This was on sale for what... 24 hours? Damn I just went to buy.


Thanks for the detailed update. (y) Considering RR unplugged from Quest store to get the cross play on the Rift


Robo Recall was free when you purchased Touch Controllers or a Rift with Touch controllers... Not anymore. SImarly you could also now refuse to pay for Vader Imortal which used to be free with the Quest but isn't anymore. Robo Recall is for the Rift and Rift S whereas Robo Recall Unplugged oddly is the wireless version for the Quest. If you buy one you get the other free so you will have to buy Robo Recall Unplugged on the Quest Store to get the offer now as it has expired on the Rift Store. I just bought the Unplugged version for the Quest and was able to get the Full Rift Version then for free on the store.


Robo Recall was the rift version (i.e you needed a PC to run the high end graphics) and Robo Recall Unplugged is for the quest (with reduced graphics) As for the comment about there are better shoot them ups, your probability right, however this is the best rip the arms, legs and head off the robot and make them die in imaginative ways gave I have played.


Hi, I'm a little confused about this deal. Looking on google ppl say Robo Recall is free or was free? Is this no longer free with the Oculus Rift anymore? Also there seems to be two versions Robo Recall and Robo Recall Unplugged can't find a answer what the difference is. Then to make it more confusing Epic has Robo Recall Mod Kit for free and according to above post only part game/demo?? I have a Oculus Rift, but not setup yet as I'm still building my PC to play VR. My question is should I spend money on this game while its on discount or is it free for the Oculus Rift? I'm kinda getting the impression this paid version is for the other Oculus headsets like Quest and Go maybe? Appreciate the clarification as I don't want pay a game I can get free. Thanks

Oculus Rift S £399 @ Argos (£3.95 P&P / Limited Delivery Stock)
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Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Been waiting for new stock and it looks like Argos have some in now, hopefully it could help some people not get ripped off on eBay :) Example of delivery location - ST1 4EF
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Thanks for this @Philkensebben Sure it might be RRP but it seems just like the Nintendo Switch that you have to be quick to get it. They're going for silly money on Ebay.


It looks like Rift S has been available on Oculus website


That’s subjective to what you want to use it for. The rift is no use if you don’t have a PC


I’m afraid it is


No it's not.

Oculus Rift S - taking Pre-Orders at Overclockers.co.uk - Free Delivery - £398.99
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Hopefully this may help someone (it did me). No Rift S units seem to be available at a decent price at the moment but Overclockers.co.uk is taking pre-orders for a quid less than … Read more

It's absolutely fine. I don't think your body realises after a while that you are in VR and you feel better than if you were watching Netflix on the sofa for 6 hours.


6 hours is unhealthy, don't think it's designed for such sustained use at one go I'm just bitterly envious (lol)


Honestly it's just detected by everything the same way my Rift was. I played HL Alyx, Pavlov & Beatsaber (and scored better on Expert+ than with Rift somehow). The only downside the comfort. I played for 6 hours yesterday but I had to keep adjusting it because it was too front heavy. People have had success with mods where they hung some counterweight at the back of the headset and they say that relieves the pressure from the front but I haven't tried it yet. I just rather be using the headset that is most supported because I hate having hardware that is not a company's flagship. I can only compare it to Rift but am really happy with it and am primarily a PC gamer.


Cheers pal. I’m so torn. I like the idea of it being wireless and seems to be what oculus are shifting to but visually it running off the pc will be so much nicer. Can you play any games on VR or does it have to be specifically compatible? I saw Sensua’s Sacrifice being one, shame I’ve already completed it this would be trippy as!


I just got the quest and am loving it. Works great with PC VR using an 8m USB2 cable after the update on Thursday. Only downside it is more heavy but I like the fact that you can run this wirelessly on its own, wirelessly with PC games or wired with PC games. Also Quest was designed by Oculus were us Rift S is more of a place holder (cheaper version) of the original Rift made by Lenovo and Oculus have really abandoned PC only VR headsets. Their new features don't even come out to PC only headsets since Quest was released.

Oculus Rift S Virtual Reality Headset and Touch Controllers, Black - £399.99 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
I think these have been pretty difficult to get hold of, so sharing for those who have been looking! Description Created in collaboration with Lenovo, the Oculus Rift S, working… Read more

Thank you for the tip! I ordered a 64GB Quest for collection from my local Argos on Sunday.


Amazon has been releasing small batches of Rift S in the last few. I managed to order one yesterday. Also saw some available this morning but you need to be quick


It's going straight to ebay


Ive just been able to order a quest 64GB from argos for collection on saturday. So might be worth checking your local stock on the site


Ahh yikes, that was quick... sorry shared as soon as I saw they were in!

Defector VR £8.15 at Oculus
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Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
A great game on all counts. And now at a decent price.

Maybe, but need a decent gaming PC and don’t have one.


Will work with Quest Link though.


Only for Rift and Rift S not Quest. Shame. Good price though.


Any good ?

2MD: VR Football Unleashed Oculus Quest and Rift - £7.99 @ Oculus
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
2MD is a groundbreaking motion-controlled VR football game. Draw the plays, call the shots, and throw, hand-off, or run the ball before the clock runs out! ‣ Throw like a pro with… Read more
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I have it on Viveport and play it wirelessly via VrD on occasion. It's fine for what it is. A large playspace isn't needed as you just play quarterback so you don't run about a lot.


No it's because it's easier to pirate games on the rift. Throughout the history of consoles and game systems whenever a platform was difficult to pirate games on, they would push the prices up as much as they could.


would assume its because the oculus rift is a more mature market now while quest was only released last year the fact they can still get away with charging full RSP rather than any kind of discount or freebies and for it still to be sold out within an hour is another factor. I can see better sale discounts for games and the quest itself by christmas but then we will probably have the xbox x and ps5 on the market with oculus quest 2 sometime next year.


Hi,the sale on the Oculus quest store are pretty bad don't seem to discount much,I have a rift as well the deals on games better value.


Ah been waiting for this to go on sale!

Detached Oculus Rift @ Oculus Store £4
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Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
It's no Lone Echo but go in with an iron stomach, put a bit time into the controls and you should find at least £4.99 worth of value here. :) Warning This is an extreme VR exper… Read more
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Good little game this, very immersive but you need your vr legs3


Thanks mate, I have the virtual desktop app but my pc it's not vr ready I'm afraid


I just googled it. It's not even out on quest, let alone cross buy. You can still play it on quest via your pc though. You'll need a link cable or virtual desktop etc


Wish the Quest store had sales like this instead of the odd shameful £1.50 - £2 off


Have a nice big meal before playing maybe a few beers as well. (devil)

Wilson's Heart for Oculus Rift @ Oculus Store for £10.99
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Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Not sure about this one. Big Saving, was this price 26th December last year... Hoping Lone Echo follows it to the £18.99 it was on that day too.
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How do you guys check price histories?


Just that I never got to play it :) Bought it last time at this price, wouldn't install so got a refund. Seems some sort of odd glitch, had all my other Oculus Store games installed but this one would not (seems the fix for this is just to repair the Oculus install). Bought it yesterday,installed but not played it yet..


"Not sure about this one." Why not (confused) I got it full price at release and its a great narrative game, very immersive and interesting story and presentation. Combat is rare and usually VR mini game type things so don't go into expecting epic battles (which people shouldn't from an eerie horror game) and in general you'll have a fun time with it. 79% metacritic and user score. I'd say we need more fully realised satisfying VR experiences like this and eleven quid is a good deal. Its about 5h long but also worth going through again some time after first playthrough.

25% off all apps in oculus store
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Just been sent the code for 25% off all apps in oculus store. Runs from now until 8th May. Can't be used on bundles or discounted apps etc. Not sure if open to all, but might be wo… Read more
Read More

Thanks for the detailed advice (y)


I have an Oculus Rift, a decent PC and quite a lot of games. Here are my recommendations; Essential - Lone Echo. The best game on VR by a mile. I've been playing games since Pong came out, and this is one of the most amazing experiences ever. Quality through and through. Just superb. - Beat Saber. Slice shapes in time to the music. More fun than I make it sound. Fruit ninja for the VR crowd. - Bullet train. (free). It's a short demo that lead to the next game on my list. Great fun for VR beginners and for showing your mates when the pop round.. - Robo Recall (free). Swat bullets out of the air. Beat robots to death with their own limbs. it's glorious. - Superhot VR. Clever and possibly unique shooter where time moves at the speed you move. - Aircar. (free) It's just a small tech demo set in a Blade Runner like city. Great as an early example of the kind of experience VR can give you that 2D gaming can't. - Showdown. (free). Another (very) small tech demo that leaves me begging for more. You just sit there in middle of a massive slow motion fight. It's awesome! - Arizona Sunshine. First person zombie shooter. I was put off by the premise at first and only bought it in a deal. It's a top notch shooter, and you have to be really, really accurate with your aim. It's not got any jump scares, which I would have hated. I hate horror games, and this is not that. Recommended - Richie's Plank Experience. This is the first thing you put your VR noob friends on and then video them crapping themselves and falling over. Hilarious and short. Top off the experience by actually having a physical plank in the room. Recommended party game, but not much to keep a solo player coming back. It's a fun gimmick. - Vader immortal Episode 1. Great but slightly short VR experience, hence not listed as 'essential'. Light sabers baby! Do not bother with the other episodes. Unimaginative and waaaay to short. - Socralith. Bows and arrows. You are invincible but most protect your vulnerable soldiers with your awesome bowmanship. - Space Pirate Trainer. Stand still and shoot stuff around you. You have to dodge and duck their missiles. Great fun, for a while anyway. Get hard and repetitive I thought, but I don't regret buying it. - I Expect You To Die. Almost made the 'essential' list, but puzzle games are not to everyone's liking. It's got a James Bond vibe as you attempt to escape from yet another trap you've fallen into. Quality stuff. - Elite Dangerous. The poster-child for VR. But if you don't like Elite Dangerous VR won't help much. This is the game where voice activated commands are essential owing to the number of controls you can no longer see (see voice attack software). Cool thing - you can buy voice packs recorded by famous people (e.g William Shatner). Awesome if you like E:D. - Blade & Sorcery. Good fighting game, but ultra violent. - Crisis VRigade. Fun PvE shooter, but brutal difficulty. - Sprint Vector. Prepare to get exhausted. Hi speed racer that requires a lot of physical effort. Combine with Creed for a half decent VR workout :) - Assetto Corsa: Great racing game made awesome in VR, but you really need a steering wheel and peddles to make it truly shine. Still fully workable with an Xbox controller or whatever. Good, but depends on what kinds of games you like - Creed: Rise to Glory. Boxing game. I also have Thrill of the Fight and Box VR. I think Creed is by far the best. - VTOL VR: Flying sim. Low quality graphics because they've gone for a good quality sim that doesn't kill your PC. Warning: steep and long learning curve. - Job Simulator. One for the kids to enjoy (like 12 and under). - Invasion. (free). One for young kids. Short and non-interactive, you just watch. - Minecraft. Do I really need to describe this? - Acron. Fun party game as one person can be on VR and up to 7 others can use a free app to play against the VR player. Great family fun. - In Death. Roguelike bow and arrow shooter. Get as far as you can before you die. - No Man's Sky. Controls are a little shanky, but if you like NMS why not try it in VR at no extra cost? - Star Trek Bridge Crew. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Only really shines if you have other people to play with, but fun-ish solo too. - Moss. Cutesy adventure game. Very well polished. - Lucky's Tale. Much like Moss really. - Gorn. Cartoon ultra violence. - Serious Sam 3 VR. Fun-ish. - Fallout 4 VR. Frankly it's easier to play the 2D game as the controls are better, but VR adds a whole new dimension, and the control challenges to go with it. - Skyrim. Same comment as Fallout 4. The game is great, VR is cool (those dragons are ****ing massive in VR!), but VR is also a bit of a chore for games like these. - Budget Cuts. Sneak about and don't get caught. Gets rave reviews but didn't quite hit the spot for me. Not played but could be good - Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice VR Edition - Contractors VR. Counter Strike for VR. - The Talos Principal VR. Puzzle solver. - Half-Life: Alyx - Project Cars III. Assetto Corsa competitor. Dunno which is best. All of which is in my opinion, your mileage may vary.


Just got a code emailed to me. Can't decide what to use it on. So many games I think I'd like. The temptation is to use it on the most most expensive. Shame the store doesnt get HL: Alyx :(


Does steam vr work on rift s easy enough? Is it easy to set up?


JeffD (Oculus Support) May 3, 18:33 WEST Hi Andrew, Thanks for contacting Oculus Support. I understand you are wondering if you qualify for credits via the store. At this time, credits are actually handed out randomly. It's possible you could receive these soon but it's just not possible for us to know for sure. Oculus will send you a notification or email listing the details when you do receive an credits going forward. Look out for these and please let me know if there are any other questions or concerns you may have. I would be happy to assist you. Kind regards, Jeff Oculus Support

Oculus Rift S Virtual Reality System - VR Headset and Touch Controllers - £398.99 in stock at overclockers.co.uk
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Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
back in stock at Overclockers.co.uk, £1 off RRP, free delivery, but most importantly in stock :) Free Next Day DPD delivery 9 in stock at 2:13pm be quick!
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I think they had stock, but maybe some confusion over the back orders placed previously. I ordered 24th and it dispatched after they sold out. My newer order was then cancelled due to the same issue of oversold


yeah it’s all a bit of a mess at the mo it seems, oculus clearly don’t have a lot of stock and are trickling it out to stores as they get them in. Not ideal, as with most things at the moment, but it’d be nice if stores could manage stock properly and only accept orders for items they have, or at least be a bit more clear about preorder queues etc without having to contact customer services.


In case anyone does attempt to order via scan.co.uk instead, I've just spoken to them and they have 600+ preorders and that's after the stock received today. Am told it'll likely be June until the order is fulfilled.


Think I might just keep it to stay "in the queue". Just re-reading the oversold email, two spelling errors make me think someone screwed up big time and it was a rush to get the "aplogies" out XD


you keeping the preorder?

Oculus Rift S £399 at Oculus
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Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Oculus Rift S back in stock
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This is now back in stock for anyone interested


Thanks man - if it helps, from what I've read, they often get stock in on a Tuesday, so hopefully if you don't grab one before then, next time it'll work out! It looks like a few were available in Very this morning, and there were some in JL last thurs - so maybe they are worth keeping an eye on tomorrow in case they have a weekly restock too :)


The order has just been simply cancelled. No 'processing for shipping' message. It looks like your order might be on track.


That sucks!! Sorry dude. Do you mind if I ask, did it move to 'processing for shipping' first? Just want to brace myself for the worst, as it seemed to have trouble accepting my credit card info yesterday, and then later miraculously worked.


My yesterday order has been cancelled

Dance central Oculus rift and Quest £18.39 @ Oculus
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Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Dance Central includes a 32 song soundtrack featuring chart-toppers from the 1970s through to today’s biggest hits. With two difficulty levels and unique routines choreographed for… Read more
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There's limited songs and no way you import your own. Also there's rarely someone online to play against so your are stuck with single player which gets boring quite fast. My missus enjoyed it though - for a few days only...


Nice quick review hope it helps - I play it daily though I absolutely love it!


This is one of the few Quest games I didn't pick up. The demo that comes with the Quest didn't really sell it to me. Anyone have any thoughts on whether it's worth £19?


What do people think vs other dancing games ?


It's my daily exercise

Oculus Rift S VR Gaming Headset System with Touch Controllers £419.99 + £11.50 delivery @ Scan
-284° Expired
Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
You can pre order the Rift S at scan.co.uk They said their shipment is coming through on the 28th of april. On other websites such as ebay, the rift s is going for about 550 second… Read more

Oculus is still saying notify me


I cancelled mine last week after they changed it back by 3 weeks & stock now in at Oculus.


They must have taken hundreds (someone said over 600 a couple of days ago) They are taking money on order and they have no idea when they will get stock (they and Overclockers had some yesterday but this looks like it was in the 10's). I think Oculus should look at this and stop it as they are an approved re-seller. I asked them to cancel today and was told I would get a refund but my status of "picked" it's very strange and looks very dishonest.


scan have said that may 12th is only the date they’re due to get stock in from oculus. They can’t guarantee how many they’ll receive or how many orders they can fulfil, so it’s still a bit of gamble as to whether you’ll get on even if you “preorder“ this.


Have you got it yet?

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