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VR Bundle XXXII 9 Games Steam Keys from IndieGala £3.11 plus 56% Discount on SuperHot VR
Found 19th OctFound 19th Oct
Crashed Lander Conjuror's Eye Drunkn Bar Fight on Halloween SUPERHOT VR 56% OFF Coupon Code inVokeR The Tavern of Magic NightKnight Science:The world is in your han… Read more
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It's not Drunken Bar Fight, it's Drunken Bar Fight On Halloween - a one level spinoff game.


Worth it for Drunkn Bar Fight


Thought I'd saw it for £13 somewhere. Might of been on a deal


It seems to be £18.99 on Steam and Indiegala. The discount should make it around £8-9 from my quick head math (which will be flawed..)


Isn't super hot cheaper on steam even with the discount?

Deus Ex Mankind Divided PC £ 2.37 / Digital deluxe edition £5.97 / Superhot VR for Oculus rift & HTC Vive £10.87 @ Greenman Gaming
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Prices should drop on these 2 around 4pm and will last a week. Next best price for Deus Ex Mankind divided is £2.99 at Humble Bundle so great for £2.37. Deus Ex Mankind divided… Read more

Still awfully broken the last time I tried to buy it on Steam, cost £2.97 and I managed to get a refund. Constant crashes, that have work-arounds, but I wasn't willing to take the risk on it. (Deus Ex)


Mankind Divided was a bad game, it ends abruptly after 10 hours and requires a sequel. Stealth was way to easy. Each of the 3 DLC last 4 hours and they restart your characters progress with no choices carry over to the main game. This is suppose to be an immersive RPG! Eidos blew so much time and money on the pay2win breach mode that is now a free standlone and they expected the players to pay for that. It's a shame, the game could've been great but it isn't and 5 years wasted and requires another 5 years to finish!. Cypberpunk2077 shows us what it could've been like.


excellent game!


excellent price!

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Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset and Touch Controllers £249 John Lewis & Partners Edinburgh
LocalLocalFound 18th AugFound 18th Aug
Found this in the clearance section.
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Pretty pointless posting it if it's (presumably) the only one there and you bought it...


Had a go on one today for the first time. Amazing.




Got me excited for a second. Been looking for one at a lower price for a while.


Damn no Flee games.

Oculus Rift with Controllers + Game £399 Overclockers
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
Oculus Rift Limited Edition bundle with Marvel game and unique packaging, Oculus Rift Headset + Touch Controllers + Game, Limited availability – while stocks last
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How strange that Aircar is my all time favourite vr experience ever, nothing comes close for me!


Its good, has more pixels so better screen, and cheaper if you go on eBay you can get one like the Dell visor very cheap! The tracking is slightly worse on the controllers but I believe a better Bluetooth adapter can help. I ended up getting a Vive Pro too in the end so that's my main one now, but 5x the price, not 5x the value though so yeah I'd say a cheap WMR set would be good for your son to get into VR. As I said it does use more pixels than a rift or original Vive so make sure your son's got a graphics card in his PC that can handle it.


HOw do you find the windows reality set? I am unsure what one to buy my son so would welcome your feedback thanks Lisa


I get terrible headaches after it and feel dizzy


Wow interesting as I had zero motion sickness with it. It is so odd that people react differently to certain games. I could not stomach this game where you throw disc echo arena or something. I thought that I am going to puke but DOOM VR and skyrik zero issues. I spin, jump, run, fall and I am ok.

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Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers Bundle £349 @ Amazon Prime Deals
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Product Description Rift is unlike anything you've ever experienced. Whether you're stepping into your favourite game, watching an immersive VR movie, jumping to a destination on … Read more
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if your PC can handle it - this.


Is this all I need to start playing? I think I know the answer to this but, this or psvr?


then that's really good. those free games will keep you going for a good while. esp robo recall.. Rec Room is also alot of fun and free.


You still get the free games robot recall, Lucky's tale etc


good price.. no freebies, but pair this with the giftcard offer and the prime student deal you can get it for 325

Lone Echo - 25% off £22.99 @ Oculus Rift Store
Found 1st JulFound 1st Jul
Best price in a while.

No I haven't played it yet. I did take the plunge and purchased it before but not had a chance to play it yet. I do understand where you're coming, I've just be jaded by a few poor quality full priced vr games in the past. I'll let you know what I think after I've managed to try it.


Have you played it though? Not asking in a snotty way, but I paid full price RRP for this a while back and it was worth it even then at the higher price. It is head and shoulders above anything else I have played in terms of being "the VR experience". Nothing has come close since for me on the Rift, which is a shame. Not that it matters, but it also took me way longer than 5 hours, and the polish on the game is mental with no filler or stupid time stretches. Took me about 5 evenings, and value wise I put it better than any film I've gone to see at the cinema in recent years. It has a good story that is well acted, it's graphically superior to 99% of VR titles, and the controls are (eventually) totally immersive. I have Skyrim VR, Elite, Payday 2, Project Cars 2 etc and other almost "endless" playtime titles, but this is the one where I felt no compromises have been made.


This is worth the money, I still try to justify VR experiences at around £5 an hour which this fits into. Most people are happy to pay this hourly rate to go and see that latest film at the cinema


True, but this game is special and demonstrates VR's full strengths better than either of those titles.


Definitely the most accomplished VR game I've played on my oculus.

New Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset £359.10 pickup (£363.05 delivered) @ Argos Ebay with Voucher code PICK10
Found 25th JunFound 25th Jun
For those looking for a £40 discount on VR. Cheapest I can find (the previous excellent John Lewis deal was store specific and limited) Rift is a headset for PC-based immersive v… Read more

Good price. Not great but best about ATM. Heat added. I am obsessed with VR. It has really pulled me back into gaming big style. Here's a list of some of my fave games/experiences so far - Beat Sabre (makes you a sweaty mess) Pavlov VR (Counter Strike in VR and only £7) Fallout 4 VR Hotdogs Horseshoes and Hand Grenades (gun ranges) Payday 2 Standout VR (PUBG in VR) Google Earth


Mate I'm so ****ing lazy haha, I really need to get it set up lol


Wasting 300 quid of tech for 20 minutes of installation effort?! Pull your finger out, get it done! ;) I returned mine 'cos it didn't play well with spectacles; not something so easy (or cheap) to fix. :( Though I also had some misgivings about the long term durability, and Oculus' lackluster support for their hardware.


I used it for about 2 weeks and haven't touched mine since and are gathering dust haha, I think the main issue with mine is that I haven't been able to hook my sensors up on the roof or wall and have them sitting on my desk which takes up a lot of space.


This was £350 new for a few months

Oculus Rift (with touch controllers) £279 @ John Lewis (in store) (perhaps local only in Norwich)
LocalLocalFound 21st JunFound 21st Jun
Went into John Lewis to buy a TV and saw this cracking deal. A number still available in Norwich. There are a number of items available on clearance in Norwich. Their clearance sa… Read more

Also mine didn't even look like it had been set up. Plastic still on sensors and cables perfectly coiled as from factory. Just ask to look in the box, you'll soon know if it's been used or not. Might even just be a display one that's been in display case.


You don't have to use a code to activate games. They just showed as free for me. Think they are essentially useless if you don't own the Rift anyway.


Yeah every other game I've tried it is overkill but with that combo and a grid of 26 cars, you can only run at medium high settings. Mostly medium with a couple of less intensive bits at high quality. Its not bad by any means but it could be better, if I could play with everything cranked up to ultra and run at 90fps the Oculus would look better but I suppose I'll have to wait for the 11 series cards and see how they fair.


Well obviously I am almost certain a used unit will actually be used If the PC wasn't fast enough they would have to test it therefore activating it and testing some games


You're all assuming it's actually being used let alone games activated. It's either an opened return or they had trouble setting up or the pc wasn't fast enough for it. It's unlikely someone has used for 30 days and returned.

Drunken Bar fight £4.99 @ oculus
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
It is probably time to stop drinking. Lately it has only gotten you in trouble. It was fun at first but now it only seems to cause conflict. One leads to ten which leads to stitche… Read more
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It's been one of the VR games I regularly go back to. It's a pretty good workout and although there's little variation and no depth - It's still fun.


Or spice :/


Probably stoned out of his mind. ;)


I have tried the latter, rather than a fight, it almost ended up as a Cuckold type scenario :S


You can get a realistic experiance, all you have to do is go into a bar, take a sip out of someone's drink alternatively you can go up to someone's wife and ask her for the succy succy long time

Skyrim VR [PC/Steam] - £28.89 @ Razer Game Store
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
Should it have been released as DLC? Perhaps, but for now this is the lowest price around for Skyrim VR on PC. Activates on Steam and currently rated as very positive. Apply cod… Read more

They work but not great, the default setting are just terrible, trying to aim the bow makes it feel and act like a kango hammer is straped to it. lol


Played through skyrim twice before I bought the VR version for 40 quid and it was worth every penny. You'll spend most of your time modding but it's in a different league. 🔥


One can indeed, the Touch controllers work in-game with no workarounds required. (it even works on the DK2 though you're limited to a control pad and head aiming).


Can one play on oculus rift? Best way to?


Not played skyrim (although I have the game on steam from somewhere, not got round to installing it). How does it compare to say, witcher 3? Fancy another VR game to get in to after star trek and doom, was going to be this or fall out 4, which I haven't played either

DIRT Rally £5.99 & EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone £5.99 @ oculus
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
DiRT Rally is the most authentic and thrilling rally game ever made. It perfectly captures the white-knuckle feeling of racing on the edge as you hurtle along dangerous roads, know… Read more
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Can anyone install games - I keep getting errors


I'm partnered up with hurk and his mam. Lethal them two but if it's missions you need to save something ie. A helicopter, you've had it. I've had to get rid of them both on some missions. Far cry 5 is going down legendary for me along with creed origins. Ubisoft has come out of nowhere to become my favourite devs/Publishers. I don't even mind Uplay :D


I am currently addicted to Far Cry 5 and in love with Boomer. I want a Boomer game now.


Nice one, thanks for that


Get that rift back out of that box! 8) There's been some amazing games released over the last year. Mines been tied up for a few weeks mind, due to creed origins and far cry 5, but can't wait to get stuck back in :D

Oculus 2nd Anniversary Sale - 30% to 80% off most titles
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Hi All, Might be a good time for Rift users to stock up on a few titles: Almost all titles with 30 to 80% off. Will be some good offers on Daily Deals too. Hope this helps
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I actually haven't, I didn't think it was possible?


Do we know when the store sales will end?


Anywhere doing the £50 credit with any discount on the £399 price? eg Currys have 5% quidco but no mention of this deal


Have you actually tried using it? Apart from the onscreen warning it ran fine on my old GTX760.....


I'd try and get a cheap 970 to set up your rift, they are sometimes £130 You should contact Facebook about when the offer expires to claim your games.

Thumper £5.99 (Part of the 2nd Anniversary sale) @ oculus
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Thumper is rhythm violence: classic rhythm-action, blistering speed, and brutal physicality. You are a space beetle. Brave the hellish void and confront a maniacal giant head from … Read more
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This is fantastic. Well worth 6quid.


I spent a couple of hours playing this at EGX a couple of years ago. I couldn't put it down until I finished it. It was on a 14" monitor and I thought it was brilliant then. In VR it must be amazing.


It's a strange game this, although excellent. I really enjoyed it.


Oh, I'm getting this. Thanks. Must admit, since getting my rift a few weeks ago, I've bought more games than I've played.... Thank you preschool son and 5 week old baby

Star Trek: Bridge Crew (PC with or without WMR, an Oculus or Vive) @Steam-£15.99
Found 25th MarFound 25th Mar
It is Star Trek! One of the first only VR games available, albeit with a limited content, but now with added non VR patch there is more audience. Use your imagination.
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Seemed they had grand ambitions but just like CCP are now dumping. They've removed the IBM Watson voice support now, no updates etc ..


You can play this on your Tod, but it's really, really dull


Do you need mates to play this or can those lacking social skills play with the AI ?


No, you should wear a cycle helmet and safety specs in case of Klingons :S


Can I play this just on my PC without a helmet?

The Climb and Job Simulator for less than The Climb on its own - £21.99 @ Oculus Store
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
The Climb and Job Simulator on the Oculus store in a duo bundle for £21.99, if you buy them seperately then The Climb on its own, with its new reduced price, is £29.99, and Job Sim… Read more
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Didn't know about their bundles. They're doing Superhot VR (£18.99) with Arizona Sunshine (£29.99) for £21.99 I highly recommend Superhot VR (once you get past the stupid shoot yourself bit)


Yep completely agree. I knew the risks. I only really wanted the climb so had checked revive for its compatibility before buying. My only complaint was the level of customer service from Oculus. I guess I've been spoilt with Amazon customer service and steam offering refunds if you play less than 2 hours.


Didn’t you try to use ReVive or whatever the software is to use Oculus stuff on other headsets?? At the end of the day you can’t complain about compatibility for a headset the oculus software should not support. I own the Rift and I knew the risks about buying LA Noire but I still bought it and it didn’t work well, I was disappointed but I knew the risks. Oh well...


I bought this to go with the Samsung Odyssey. I wanted the Climb so Job simulator was a bonus. The climb I enjoy, it looks nice and works well with the Samsung Odyssey. Job Simulator doesn't work. It forces you to have an Oculus Rift plugged in. I contacted Oculus and they simply told me in there T&Cs that they do not allow refunds on bundles. Worth noting this as it's put me right off using them if I can get away with it. The Climb is an Oculus exclusive so I had no choice but now knowing how un-helpful they would be I dont know I'd I'd risk it again. NOTE.... my comments are based on using a non Oculus headset however they didn't know this.


I've got the £11 compensation payment for my Rift account at work. Any recommendations that I can get for £11?

BlazeRush VR £2.29 @ oculus store
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Love this game. Old school top Down racer in VR. The VR in this is one of the best I've seen to date. Meet the new free add-on exclusive for Oculus Store - American football … Read more
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This is a great game - works on Vive with Revive no bother. https://github.com/LibreVR/Revive/wiki/Compatibility-list


Thanks OP, added to collection.


Cool thanks for the info would have been nice to get both in one package but mainly want to try out the vr


To my knowledge the steam version is 2d only. So pretty much. If you own it from previous to oculus store releasing the dev did at one point give keys out for oculus store.


is vr exclusive to oculus then?

Rick and Morty Oculus, 25% off - now £17.24 via Oculus Store
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Get Schwifty with 25% off, and possibly also £11 off via the guilt money from Oculus. Wubba lubba dub dub! Oh, and loads of other stuff is on sale on Oculus at the mo

Good way to use the free voucher, been waiting for a super deal for this


You can play Oculus store games on a Windows Mixed Reality headset using Revive.


Hope the Steam version drops at some point.


Give it a go. I've watched all 3 series so many times i've lost count.


You've got me sussed...

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