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Faced with the abundant options in plaque removal, gum disease protection, fresh breath, and teeth whitening featured in Oral-B dental products, knowing which ones offer the best results can be confusing. All deals for Oral-B dental products are collected and shared on the special ‘oral-b’ tag page on HotUKDeals. Read more
Oral-B Smart Series 6000 CrossAction Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush - £62.99 @ Amazon​​
Found 18 h, 8 m agoFound 18 h, 8 m ago
Oral-B Smart Series 6000 CrossAction Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush - £62.99 @ Amazon Amazon DoTD

Change the battery and keep it going. I may have posted about it on here a long time ago. Otherwise look online for a video. Something along the lines of: Remove brush head. Carefully remove the plastic ring near where the brush head fits on. Take charger and use the tool on it to undo the toothbrush base. Carefully pull bottom of toothbrush out. Remove tags of the existing battery carefully... Best to look it up as I might have missed out a step.


been way way higher than 80... just not quite low enough for me to replace my triumph 5000...although i should as the battery is getting tired now


No, still 12 hours.


good deal


Just the way the site works, have a look at past deals I am sure they are plenty hot at this price.

Oral B Satin Tape (Dental) 99p at Savers instore Wakefield
LocalLocalFound 18th AugFound 18th Aug
:) Normally I pay about £2 in Sainsbury for this,so for 99p for a 25m dental tape to keep my teeth in tip top shape ,it is a bargain.
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floss does not remove all the plaque as teeth are not square. the tp interdental sticks are better or possibly a water flosser.


Same price at home Bargains


Hot - great price for this...Thank you, I'll stock up!

Oral-B Pulsar Twin Pack Toothbrushes £2.99 with Free Delivery at Groupon Uk
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Oral-B Pulsar Twin Pack Toothbrushes £2.99 with Free Delivery at Groupon Uk Great price for a battery buzzing toothbrush Don’t forget TCB or Quidco for additional 10% cashback a… Read more

So I’ve just tried it again with the app and got a different error message. It appears the discount code is account specific…


Daydreaming whilst typing. I think I had a brush called pulsonic in my teens. Amended now


I know. I have been pointing that out to you for a while. Was wondering were you got pulsonic from


Sorry should read Pulsar


Where did you get pulsonic from anyway

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Oral B Precision Clean Replacement Toothbrush Heads £8.48 @ Superdrug
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Better than 1/2 price for pack of 4. It's £8.48 so that's like £2.12 each. Very good reviews aswell.

About 10 Years ago I bought a sink drain plunger (similar to a balloon pump) from Pound land for ,Yes you guessed it, a Quid. It had a small defecton the finishing edge on one of the plastic components, ti wasn’t quite straight. It didn’t affect the working of the item at all. Couple of weeks later I was in B&Q and saw the same type of pump for £9.99 it had the name B&Q printed on the side of the pump. Was that a better version of the Pound land one. No because the B&Q one had exactly the same fault on the same part of the pump as the Pound land one. Did the B&Q name printed on the side make it a better tool. B&Q obviously thought so, but do you think that also .


You are right. I know through experience those unbranded things are rubbish. Well done.


You probably might not have had a good experience with unbranded things that's why maybe you don't agree.


Sometimes even unbranded things that we use daily turns out better then branded stuff!


I don't agree.

Oral-B Vitality Cross Action £15.98 at Groupon Delivered (Plus 10% chasback using Quidco) and Free Delivery Code NOCHARGE
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Free delivery weekend at Groupon makes deals a lot more attractive, alongside cashback using Quidco, etc. This basic oral B brush is lowest you will see. Amazon is £19.98

NOCHARGE code doesn't work on this deal.


Use a bit of Topcashback £5 bonus on £10 spend plus the 8% Groupon, this beats ASDA by miles


These are £15 in ADSA at the mo


I think Topcashback have £5 for over a £10 spend


top cash back is 8% :D

Twin Pack Oral-B Smart 4900 Electric Toothbrush with 10 heads £72.99 at Argos
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
Bonus pack including 2 Oral-B Smart 4000 electric rechargeable toothbrush handles, 10 replacement toothbrush heads, Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste, and Oral-B 3DWhite toothpaste. Exp… Read more
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Thanks, I couldn't see where it said that when I checked the page (y)


Says they are the Li Ion batteries on the Argos page.


Does anyone know the type of battery in these models? People are saying the more recent models have better batteries?


10 for £13 is the discount price for Oral B heads. I paid more for 8 when recently on sale.


Only if you pay full price for the heads - does anyone do that? :/

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Oral-B Pro 600 White & Clean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush £19.97 @ Asda
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
Oral B Pro 600 3DWhite Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush - White & Clean Now £19.97 was £50 at Asda.
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Is this the one with the new li-on battery?


I have got for £15 last time on offer. I guess it was in boots.




isnt this the same one? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Oral-B-Electric-Rechargeable-Toothbrush-Powered/dp/B00CPZ74Y8/


The price is perfect! My old one can be replaced.

Oral B Brush Heads 8 Pack from £17.08 (£13.28 after quidco cashback) with Groupon Code Stack
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
Bit of a code stack, but you get 20% back via Quidco (£3.80) and 10% off with discount code UNLIMITED

8 for £15 in Morrissons (£1.88 each) cheapest I could find: https://groceries.morrisons.com/webshop/product/Oral-B-Power-Refills-Cross-Action/362008011 Will be going along later today to see if they are really this cheap. I was going to buy from Ebay but seems they are mostly counterfeits, seller address being someone's flat kinda gives the game away.


Not in robroyston, they're on roll back, usually £18


No they're not! That price is for a pack of 4 - just checked.


8 for £12 in asda


Can pick up pack of compatible brushheads from Poundworld for a quid. Work just as well.

Oral-B 123 Indicator 35 Medium Manual Toothbrush @ Amazon Pantry
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
Exclusively for Prime Members with indicator bristles that fade halfway so that you know when to change your brush 35 tufts Indicator bristles Long handle

two half orders really but same principle


So it went like this, you ordered 2 pantries, first one had a few items and the second one was with the item only + 2.99 delivery paid for, they removed the £3 and merged the item into the first full pantry. Right?


I just went onto the live chat and asked them to "merge" two orders, they were happy to just knock the price off the 2nd order :)


Can I add this to my existing pantry order?

Oral-B Advance Battery Powered Toothbrush @ B&M (In store) - £5.99
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
Have no idea if these are any good, but I saw them at Newcastle, Slatyford B&M earlier in today. Didn't buy one, just wanting opinions. It seems you can use the regular brus… Read more

"...perfectly fine..." sounds like 'damning with faint praise' to me. I did say they are better than manual brushes but, really, unless you use the better ones you can't really tell. Sorry but you're wrong on the 3D issue: the 3D action is in the handle, not the head: confirmed to me by Oral B when I was hoping a new head was a cheaper way to 3D. That's why there isn't a choice of 2D and 3D heads when you buy new ones. The reason for the difficulty with the battery cover is not 'toothpaste-spit' (though that probably doesn't help!), it's the rubber seal swelling from moisture. Putting a suitable lubricant on it (Vaseline maybe?) does help but the underlying problem is still there and they become a pain to use. If it doesn't seal properly the contacts inside get wet and rust. I raised this issue with Oral B too and they just sent me a new brush - which had the same problem after a few weeks. These brushes are supplied with Duracell disposable batteries (1.5v); rechargeables are 1.2v so the brush will have less power/speed. The best value point is the simple 600 model (sold as a 650 with free toothpaste or 670 with free case) at £19.99 in Savers at the moment and has been lower elsewhere as it's the old Ni-mh battery type with a 7 day charge life. The newer ones with Li-ion (2 weeks charge) have been as low as £30. I agree you don't need to pay through the nose for ridiculous features, though the timer does help ensure you brush each quarter for 30secs and the pressure sensor is handy: most of us press too hard, let the toothbrush do the work. I've tried other types of electric toothbrush and sought advice: all roads lead back to Oral B 3D. Ask your dentist; chances are they'll agree. Am I some sort of toothbrush nerd? Well, maybe I am now but after the shock of a £2,600 bill for a single implant I was keen to look after my teeth as well as possible and sought advice from dentists and hygienists. Interestingly, they also said don't bother with mouthwash as it doesn't help (and if alcohol based adds a theoretical cancer risk).


I have one and if you use decent rechargeable batteries they last about 2weeks before they are better charged up again. Just as good as more expensive ones imo. And it's handy that you don't have to put toothbrush in bedroom or somewhere silly to charge up. Infact since my wife started using one too, she used to have to go on 6month dentist check ups, now it's yearly like me, definitely worth it if you use a manual toothbrush. Think mines 3yr old now. No problems with it so far, just clean it every few weeks and you won't get gunk building up.


Same price on Amazon with Prime if anyone interested. Contrary to @Besford above, myself and all the kids have these and find these are perfectly fine - maybe not quite as good as the very best ones, etc. but with fresh batteries have enough power and I just then move it around as well, since you still can't beat good technique! I don't know about other brands, but Oral-B 3D is to do with the cup part of the head design and not the handle, so using a 3D head is the same on any compatible handle and there is no difference between handles other than battery type, power (I suppose) and then additional features, which some may feel could be seen as gimmicky anyway (pressure sensor, app on phone, etc.) Granted, the battery cover can become difficult to remove with the way may kids use theirs and fail to clean so that toothpaste-spit becomes like cement at times!! However, whilst I appreciate for others there is convenience of using a rechargeable brush, with using AA rechargeables, the benefit for us is no need to worry about charging points etc (especially for the kids as we have no sockets wired in any of our bathrooms) and easier to replace degrading AA rechargeables than a built in battery.


I agree with a lot of what Besfordsaid except these cheaper Oral Bs are just as effective as the more expensive ones - just make sure you use good quality batteries otherwise you won't get good performance, as with any battery operated item. And you don't need to pay top prices for the replacement brush-heads, as there are copies available for lower prices but I haven't tried any of them yet - check any reviews. Watch out buying on Ebay - very deceptive pricing e.g. they will show you 12 repacements for £3.95 but when you go to the details page, the price for 12 is £29.95! You in fact only get one for £3.95!


Contrary to some comments above these are not good. Decent electric toothbrushes have a 3D action (Oral-B 600 model and up, available for £19.99 or less) and this is what your dentist/hygienist would recommend. Cheaper rechargeable ones and this battery one do not. This one lacks power too. Also, these have a design/material flaw: after a little use it becomes extremely difficult to remove and replace the battery cover. Further, the real long term cost of your electric toothbrush isn't the handle, it's the replacement heads and these are the same as those on the good handles so very limited saving in the long run. These things are offered cheap to help Oral-B flog the heads: think ink for your cheap printer. Yes, I did get one (they're always available around this price) with a view to using it for travel but after a while I realised it just doesn't do a good enough job by comparison with a 3D model. Possibly better than a £1 manual toothbrush but that's about it. Sorry OP but you did ask! Added: Appear to be £5.50 at Wilko (doesn't make them any better though).

Oral-B Smart Series 6000 CrossAction - £69.99 @ Amazon
Found 9th AugFound 9th Aug
Oral-B Smart Series 6000 CrossAction Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity Powered by Braun: The first of its kind electric toothbrush from the #1 dentist … Read more
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You can replace them. Look at ebay for replacement battery.


I have this toothbrush... I believe it uses the old batteries and therefore died slowly over 3 years. Personally I would buy a lithium iron battery one. My 6000 just sits there, it pains me to throw it in the bin. Now have the 'Genius' one (8000 series I think)


Yes, that's right. But still the price difference is double.


The 9000 has that


Not sure that this option is available with Braun. There is a such in Philips ones.

Oral B Pro 600 Cross Action Electric Toothbrush, £17.99 at Superdrug/members only
Found 2nd AugFound 2nd Aug
10% off at checkout for members only. The Oral-B PRO 600 CrossAction electric toothbrush provides a clinically proven superior clean vs. a regular manual toothbrush. The profession… Read more

Good price for this old battery technology brush as long as you understnd it has 7 day battery life vs 2 weeks for the newer Li-ion ones. Has been as low as £15 (ASDA) and is still £19.99 in B&M and Savers with either free case or free toothpaste if preferred. HOT with those provisos.

Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush £15 at Asda instore & online
Found 2nd AugFound 2nd Aug
Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush £15 instore, £26.99 on amazon.

It's worse than that - it's 2D not 3D - this is one your dentist would NOT recommend. Spend another fiver (or less) and get the 600 model with 3D action; still Ni-Mh but it'll clean your teeth properly.


How do you identify new/old tech?


Charges much faster and holds the charge for longer.


Whats difference/advantages of new tech?


Old tech battery then.

Oral B Genius 9000 Black, gold, or white Electric Toothbrush + 4 Brush Heads £94.99 and possible 10% off for students
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
Cheapest I have seen this. If you have a Health and Brautey card and a NUS student card you can potentially get another 10% off £94.99. (You can get an NUS extra card for next wit… Read more
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Can't bring myself to buy it when I just missed out at £85 (with uni days code).


It’s still in boots for £99


Thanks for the heads up. I do have Amex points, but am currently saving them for Avios as I also have some Avios Upgrade vouchers to use. i guess I’ll just have to wait for another deal to come around. Where are all the cold voters with their alternative deals now :D


Thanks Mentos. You might be able to get it for £75ish, like I did. If you or anyone you know has an amex reward point card, there is a deal the gives you £15 off from Amazon (where the tooth brush is still £99) with a code, as long as you pay £25 with points. Amazon price (£99) - £25 worth of amex points = £ 15 off. In my case, I paid my mate the £25 for the amex points Hope it helps


Thanks OP, ignore the idiots, this is the cheapest price at the time. And with the 10% student discount (UNiDAYS also has it) close to the cheapest it’s ever been. I know because my old one has died and I’ve been searching around for a replacement. Unfortunately it looks like they’ve jacked their price up to £299 :( today

Oral B Pro 2 Electric Toothbrush 2000w Pink in Tesco £20
LocalLocalFound 28th JulFound 28th Jul
Reduced to clear in Tesco £20 Currently £35 on Amazon Found in Tesco Minehead

Thanks deanh18 I popped into my local Tesco after seeing this post and spotted one on the shelf and bought one for myself (y)

Oral B Cross Action electric tooth brush heads, 8 Pack, £14.39 in store at Costco
LocalLocalFound 26th JulFound 26th Jul
As per the title. ***Note I have have a feeling the offer may be expiring in the next couple of days*** There was some July date on the shelf sticker if I remember correctly. Che… Read more

I bought these a few days ago, the 3d white are even cheaper at £11.99 but I prefer these.

Oral B Power Refills Cross Action 4 Pack Original @ LloydsPharmacy (Free C&C)  Delivery Free on Orders over £35.00
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
USE CODE CLOUDV11 + 6.3% TopCashBack Oral B Power Refills Cross Action 4 Pack OriginalThe Oral-B CrossAction toothbrush head features a professionally inspired round head design t… Read more

Thanks. Expired


I don't think it is working at all now. Says in stock but when trying to add to basket - keeps saying none in stock :(


Might be a website issue then. Will try tomo then :)


I am on the LloydsPharmacy website ~ am thinking there may be a problem. Am loading basket & trying to add & remove items ~ at which point it isn't responding :/ . The site seems to be playing up. I recommend you try again in a few hours. (y)


No worries. Thank you though. Still a good deal (highfive)

8x Oral-B Precision Clean Toothbrush Heads £15.50 (£10.85 if first subscribe) (Prime) or £18.50 (non-Prime) @ Amazon
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
Pack of 8 Oral-B Precision Clean Toothbrush Head £15.50 Prime £10.85 if this is your first "subscribe and save", bargain!! Temporary out of stock, but you can still place order he… Read more

Only worked for us on the standard 8 pack, not the mail-fit pack, still a great price of £11.25 though, just 40 pence more and way cheaper than anywhere else for official heads....heat added.


Back in stock now!


Awesome deal if I could get it to work for me


Not working


Nor me

Oral B Genius 9000 Rose Gold Electric Toothbrush Powered by Braun £99.99 Boots
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
For those who missed the prime day deal yesterday, Boots have the same brush for the same price.

I don’t think they are paired to individual brushes. I presume it ignores any other brushes once it’s started the counter for a brush. I recall my old one worked with this last brush aswell. And you can get the guide on its own. But I think only certain models work with them.


Ye I think the smart guide’s are specific to each brush. Otherwise you’d have complete chaos if you had two brushes and one guide. I was a long term oral B fan but find the Sonicare better - longer lasting battery for one. The Pro 2 is actually as good as my previous 6500 provided you can do without the guide and you are not too bothered with the multiple modes.


Presume this wont work with my existing smart guide? Getting a little fed up with Oral-B, keep failing after a couple of years and they refuse to repair. When you open them up you see why, its completely rusted, so much for water tight :/ But I find they produce the best results for me, so keep persevering. Need to replace my current one as its failed, but I like the smart guide. And definitely wont be sticking my mobile into that holder so it can fall out and smash to pieces :/


Didn’t realise. Goes to show how much of a scam prime day was for some “deals”


Still same price at Amazon.

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