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Posted 16 August 2023

HBO Max 12 Months via Brazil VPN

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I found this in OzBargain. (original deal here)
1. Enable a Brazil VPN. I used Express VPN. Nord did not work. Even Express I had to reconnect couple of times.
2. play.hbomax.com/signUp to sign up to a new account.
3. For payment I used a Wise Card. They ask for CPF number. To get one, click Generate CPF here : freetool.dev/cpf…tor
4. It will charge 239 BRL for 12 months annual
HBO Store UK More details at
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dave.richardsonskV's avatar
Try Argentina as cheaper, for some reason visa worked and MasterCard didn't for me, expected the other way round

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  1. neversay's avatar
    Can someone clarify: there's talk of buying from Brazil or say Argentina, but then people are using the subscription through Spain, is that correct?

    I'm assuming that Spain has HBO Max and fast VPN connections for 4k (correct me if I'm wrong), but can't see why the UK is geolimited but Spanish HBO isn't. Is it because Spain still has HBO Max for the time being?
    calinn's avatar
    You are taking out a subscription to HBO max. My subscription is Bulgarian.
    I can watch through a VPN in any territory that HBO max is still available. This is handy as various regions do have differing content eg Champions league broadcasts in both Mexico and Brazil.
    I find the Netherlands offers the best streaming experience for myself but obviously geographically the closer the server you can obtain faster speeds.
    Hbo unfortunately have a contract with Sky in UK are unable to launch here until it concludes.
  2. smackos's avatar
    Any major reason to get this rather than just grab cheap now tv entertainment offers?
    Janzi's avatar
    Now doesn’t support 4k does it? I personally want 4k since I stream on a big TV 😁
  3. nllinux's avatar
    to purchase in ARS yes I paid $5999 for 12 months, I'm using Spain VPN for usage (because its free and limitless for me via an old lifetime sub - the app won't work from UK)
    Hummernuts's avatar
    What card did you use to pay for it? Monzo and Revolut getting declined
  4. nllinux's avatar
    ok, I just managed this with free tunnelbear android app with argentina vpn, 23 ish quid for 12 months on my bank of scotland credit card. now can watch anything via my lifetime 'fastestvpn' sub via Spain.
    BodisBest's avatar
    Can you or do you need to be connected to Argentina ip address?
  5. hotdealsuk1973's avatar
    i think every region is different in some south american coutnries you get CL football i think
  6. HarryPloper's avatar
    I don't think this will work after the switch from HBO Max to Max.

    I've got an Argentina account and it stopped working since the change. Just waiting and hoping Max is rolled out to South America.
    Janzi's avatar
    This works as of this moment. I am watching White Lotus right now on my TV.
  7. HarryPloper's avatar

    I watch via Firestick. Its easier because I have set express VPn to autoconnect to Belgium on the firestick.

    I dont want to use VPN on all other apps that are available to the Uk, so they are installed on the TV itself.

    What version of the HBO app are you using?
  8. HarryPloper's avatar

    This works as of this moment. I am watching White Lotus right now on my TV.

    Oh man I miss White Lotus. Was half way through season 2 when mine stopped working.

    Are you watching it direct on your TV or using something like a Firestick?
    Janzi's avatar
    I watch via Firestick. Its easier because I have set express VPn to autoconnect to Spain on the firestick.

    I dont want to use VPN on all other apps that are available to the Uk, so they are installed on the TV itself. (edited)
  9. Hummernuts's avatar
    Does this work for the newly branded “Max”?
    calinn's avatar
    I haven't managed to get the max ap to work.
  10. Hummernuts's avatar
    Can’t get past this. I’ve tried Wise, Revolut & Monzo on both Argentinian VPNs and Brazilian VPNs. Any ideas why?
    andykirby0's avatar
    Exactly the same issue. I've tried HSBC visa debit, Barclaycard visa credit, Revolut (physical) along with Surfshark VPN & Tunnelbear (both Argentina and Brazil)? Cannot add payment method no matter what combination.

    EDIT: I'm going to conclude that the most common VPN server IP's have now since been blacklisted for payment. (edited)
  11. gilhusodo14's avatar
    So, I managed to subscribe from Argentina but I can only stream with active Argentinian VPN only.
    But if I change the VPN location to e.g. Brazil / US / Spain I always get an error message.
    I use KeepSolid VPN.

    Anyone knows why?
    dave.richardsonskV's avatar
    Almost certainly VPN issue try a different one it works for Spain Brazil Chile columbia Portugal(quite good library) and others (edited)
  12. Andre.W.'s avatar
    So was just playing around with free options on windscribe and it's €39.90 (£34.61) for a year if you buy it through Romania
    dave.richardsonskV's avatar
    Whts the normal rate and did u use windscribe to get offer on them
  13. sparx1981's avatar
    Do you still need a vpn to watch HBO Max in the UK or is it just needed during sign-up?
    sleepingwonder's avatar
    yes you do, it seems easier to access now than it was before. might be something to do with all the content they removed a few months ago to cut costs..but theres lots of good stuff on there
  14. MarkFrancisCunningham's avatar
    Brilliant deal as Brazil have rights to UCL......

    I buy from Argentina and works out about the same price...
    SoftwareBrah's avatar
    What language is the commentary
  15. BodisBest's avatar
    Good price
  16. uog's avatar
    Wise card worth getting is it?
    Janzi's avatar
    I guess- Wise also allows you to generate as many virtual cards you need without additional fees. Plus their user experience on the app is good.
  17. treb's avatar
    As a massive fan of the wire, sopranos, boardwalk empire, game of thrones, could someone recommend some newer hbo stuff to watch?
    Hummernuts's avatar
    Succession & White Lotus are two shows I can definitely recommend!
  18. hotdealsuk1973's avatar
    could it be the address your using ? i haven't done this as yet may well do so at some point
    Hummernuts's avatar
    It doesn't ask for an address
  19. Paddybargains's avatar
    I have just got this using Monzo card and express vpn. Will this work on iPad or is it firestick only? Can’t find a way to stream directly
    Hummernuts's avatar
    You need an iCloud account that's based in a country where HBO Max is available
  20. Paddybargains's avatar
    My iCloud is based in the US as using Peacock on iPad. Is it possible to just change iCloud address? My iPad is set up as US resident, thanks
    Janzi's avatar
    HBO app is available for US iCloud. So you can download the app. You will also need a vpn app on ipad to change country to a HBO compatible country
  21. nllinux's avatar
    If you have managed to sign up, the Chrome app is nicer for browsing than android (imo), instructions below, chrome browser required, VPN sill required for using the app.


    1.Open play.hbomax.com in Chrome 70+ on Windows 10.

    2.Go to Setting (option on top right corner next to address bar)

    3. Choose “more tools and create shortcut and click open as window. And your done

    4.You open it up and login (+/- pin app to toolbar)


    Lots of 4k content via Spain, I hear the champions league included if you VPN to Bazil / Mexico, not sure if that's true. (edited)
    Janzi's avatar
    Nice tip for anyone who has trouble setting up VPN on their TV
  22. bamolad's avatar
    I've paid the money but can't access the services. Keeps taking me back to the log in page
    calinn's avatar
    Have you tried a different VPN or location?
  23. dave.richardsonskV's avatar
    How to get this to work on firestick
    nllinux's avatar
    Download APK from links in this post, then sideload and use VPN. I have it working here.
  24. dave.richardsonskV's avatar
    I got this as trial from Argentina for 2.8£ per month for a yr it has 5 month off
    hasj2's avatar
    This method works out cheaper, I'm paying £1.47 monthly
  25. FOMister's avatar
    Anyone got this to work with Nord? (edited)
    dave.richardsonskV's avatar
    Proton Netherlands for viewing but need a VPN for Argentina to get cheap
  26. CallMeMcLovin's avatar
    Doesn’t work in other countries such as US ? Using surfshark
    calinn's avatar
    Hbo max is not available in US.
  27. dave.richardsonskV's avatar
    Black Friday deal for 2 months Argentina (edited)
  28. funkyfella's avatar
    well having no joys with lloyds or chase card,also are you putting a . between 3 digits for the cpf number ? (edited)
    dave.richardsonskV's avatar
    How r u subbing
  29. funkyfella's avatar
    whats vpn people using as ive tried surfshark and purevpn and no go on brazil romania and bulgaria hbo sites
    calinn's avatar
    Have you tried Spain or the Netherlands.
  30. FOMister's avatar
    Halifax clairty cards work by paying in origin country currency (though you'll have to approve through security checks) there are VPNs that work with Brazil so you get champ league which only makes sense to do this for all the hassle.
    Peew971's avatar
    I have a Clarity Card coming, now in the post. How do you pay in origin country currency, anything specific to do?
  31. vassy4u's avatar
    Thanks. Took a subscription using Brazil VPN. Using Proton VPN & Netherland server to stream 4k content.
    dave.richardsonskV's avatar
    Wht is the price
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