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Posted 21 August 2023

Sim Only 5G 100GB Data - £6.99pm + Roaming (EU) + 100 International Mins For 12 Months

£6.99£1030% off
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It's a 30 day sim reduced in price for 12 months, so you are free to leave at any time, Cracking deal this one, you get 100GB every month for a cost of only £6.99pm, if you need big data, and need an EE connection, then this is a fine choice, £20pm thereafter

Note no WiFi calling with lyca
Note also that Lyca exclude some 4G EE bands

  • Eu Roaming Data Cap – 9.5GB
  • Auto-Renewal Enabled

Why choose Lycamobile?
  • No contract, change/cancel anytime
  • No Credit Check
  • Keep your number
  • 4G / 5G at no extra cost

*EU Countries includes EEA countries. The full list is below:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

*International Calling Countries

Austria| Belgium| Bulgaria| Canada| China| Croatia | Cyprus Greek| Czech-Republic| Denmark| Estonia| Finland| France| Germany| Greece| Hungary| Iceland | Ireland| Italy| Korea South| Latvia| Lithuania| Luxembourg| Netherlands | Norway| Poland| Portugal| Romania| Slovakia| Slovenia| Spain| Sweden| Switzerland| United States

Lyca Mobile terms and conditions for provision of services also apply.
Lycamobile More details at

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  1. jaju123's avatar
    Do they include all same bands as EE? I read on some post it was slightly downgraded or something? Is that true?

    I know they don't have VoLTE but am curious about the rest?
    Ali_Boro's avatar
    Yes it is true, I got this lyca deal for £10pm few weeks ago, I have both EE and this lyca SIM in my mobile, lyca signal is not same as EE and no good in my house, plus no WiFi calling on lyca. I got the 1p SIM deal of here few days ago, £10 pm but only 25gb. 1p shows same signal strength at EE and also WiFi calling, my number is getting ported over from lyca to 1p mobile tomorrow. Lyca have put this latest deal on as they can see ppl are leaving lyca after joining them
  2. maxyone1's avatar
    Advice to anyone ringing customer support.
    To contact them you have to pay 1p per call using the 322 number.
    Ring the following number on #31#02071320322 and you won’t be charged. It’ll count as a normal call.
    Hope it helps.
    I have been burnt once after I top up my number for the next plan renewal which failed because I had the audacity to ring customer support.
    I was left with £14.99 which wasn’t enough for my £15 plan I was using.
    I did ported one of the numbers the next day.
  3. hammerick's avatar
    This website is useful for checking what frequency bands and their respective advantages...

    It's not fully up-to-date on MVNO's - but hopefully, they will fix that.

    It's interesting to note that LOWER frequencies penetrate buildings better - but provide lower speed/capacity - in the end though slow speed/capacity is better than no speed/capacity when you don't get a signal.

    Until the 3G switch off, Vodafone and O2 have the advantage of 900Mhz in addition to 800Mhz - so GENERALLY INSIDE Vodafone and O2 are more likely to get a signal and SOME connection/data/calls.

    IF Lyca do NOT have the 800Mhz band - then INSIDE Lyca is likely to struggle with signal as EE only have 800Mhz lower frequency. Without WiFi calling (which will use WiFi to compensate for a poor indoor signal) then Lyca will struggle. When the 800Mhz band arrives and/or WiFi calling on Lyca - I will add this a second SIM - especially now Lyca are offering e-SIM - it will be an amazing deal on the EE network.

    Everyone's individual experiences will differ - so if you're near a mast you might get better signal even on the higher frequencies - but overall from my travels I've found indoors Vodafone has been the best overall network (I use Lebara for this).
  4. ssc1's avatar
    Doesn't link to this deal though.
  5. maxyone1's avatar
    It might be a good deal now but be aware of their incompetence and horrible customer service.
    crabeyed's avatar
    Great network, terrible CS. The automated menu on the helpline kicks you out half the time. Try it!
  6. winchman's avatar
    Be great, if there was actually a signal..
    It may be on EE, but I can tell you from experience, it's not the same... I left
    michaelflowers04's avatar
    Me too! It was brilliant piggy backing on O2. I went to Spain, come back and it was useless! Coincided with the swap to EE. No signal on calls or internet, I also left!
  7. emz_bail's avatar
    They’ll cancel it after a month if my experience is anything to go by.
    azzap's avatar
  8. Thislife79's avatar
    No 4G/VoLTE calling for HD quality calls. No WiFi calling for when signal esp indoors is weak. Missing certain EE frequencies. Pathetic overseas customer service if you ever encounter any issues. (edited)
  9. prodromo's avatar
    5G from Lyca doesn't work on iPhone and Pixel phones. No fix yet and Lyca customer service doesn't give a straight answer about it. You can do a quick search online to find plenty of info on why it's not working
    kris1234's avatar
    not true. works on iPhone 13 Pro.
  10. Rudidudi's avatar
    AVOID like the plague.

    Poor service, awful
    Never again will I use Lyca. Never. Ever.
    edd13's avatar
    Agree, just left them after taking the £10 previous deal. They could not explain why I don't have Internet at all
  11. kazkdp's avatar
    Not having WiFi calling is a massive deal breaker for me personally.
    Ali_Boro's avatar
    Same for me, I got this lyca deal few weeks ago and have already decided to switch over to the 1p mobile deal posted few days ago
  12. shef0072's avatar
    No Wi-Fi calling
  13. The_Codfather's avatar
    Tbh I just use it as a burner sim, since my phone takes in 2 sims and I travel quite a bit so if I can't get signal on my unlimited data main sim then I'll switch to this or if I need to call without giving out my main number then I can do so but I wouldn't recommend fully switching over lol (edited)
  14. matth5182's avatar
    Bought this and used it in an old handset alongside my bt sim (EE Network). Tested at home and on way to / from the office - signal identical, Speeds were actually better on Lyca. Took to Crete and speeds were again better on the Lyca SIM.
    Tethered the kids ipads in UK and abroad, no issues.
    Took the plunge and ported my number in - went through within 24 hours no problem.
    Lyca app is good for keeping an eye on usage. Yes I've lost WiFi calling but it will come soon. I'm paying half the cost for more than twice the data - very impressed.
    hotdealsuk1973's avatar
    how did you port the number over ? online or over the phone ?
  15. blonk's avatar
    £7 for 6m only now
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Expired now, cheers bud
  16. iconcreative's avatar
    Heads up to everyone. Lyca eSIMS DO NOT currently work on any of the iPhone 15 range. And they don't know when they will.
    afn's avatar
    Has this been confirmed anywhere as getting my 15 pro max today.
  17. Thislife79's avatar
    Wouldn't it be great if HUKD staff could be a little more like the Martin Lewis Consumer website when featuring 'deals' from brands such as Lyca... And in the interests of balance mention the drawbacks as well as positives in order to aid members in making an informed choice? How about a 'Why you shouldn't choose' as well as 'Why you should choose' section, or are we crossing into brand marketing territory here? Referencing 'EE' network in the headline but not mentioning the crucial fact that this EE 'MVNO' is missing one of the frequencies that aids indoor signal is poor in my opinion (never mind remaining silent on the widely considered poor customer service/No WIFI calling/No 4G VoLTE calling). What am I missing here? :/ 🤷😔🤦🤦 (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    I mean, does mse give you the info you need when just asking you to click through to the deal?
    Does mse give you the option on that page to chat or comment about the offer, and therefore make an informed choice, about the offer beforehand? I don't think they do, they present this 👇
    And expect you to do all the digging yourself.

    At least we have members here to help guide you to make that choice, some have had good experiences, some haven't, I can't force you to buy it, it's your choice at the end of the day

    Note that are also responding to users directly, something that cannot be said for mse cheap mobile Finder (edited)
  18. Jim1_Smith's avatar
    Life's too short to have to deal with these clown's! Never again!
    baldybob's avatar
    A joke of a company.
  19. rapid85's avatar
    Big fan of you switchy but the title is a bit naughty. Suggests it's EE when it's not. Lyca have woeful customer service and no WiFi calling.
  20. inzay92's avatar
    I recently got it at £10pm. Can I switch it over?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    You can only ask
  21. chris_clark's avatar
    Have a work SIM in my phone on Lyca and just been up in Scotland and it was the best connection mainly 5g where my talk mobile was barely 4g or would drop lower. Vodafone network is great for my work locations though but home and away ee seems to be best which is a shame but this is a cracking deal might switch this for my main and make my work the Vodafone network one.
  22. innocent's avatar
    Tremendous find. At this rate, Lyca is going to overtake Lebara 🔥
    Chris_James's avatar
    Not a chance their customer service is horrendous at all times
  23. luckylemon's avatar
    5g on Google pixel phones is not supported on Lyca. Only 4g.
    prodromo's avatar
    And I still don't understand why they don't make it work
  24. shuggyboy24's avatar
    Don't touch a barge pole if you have any issues take days to get through to anyone.
  25. 8ndy's avatar
    Received the SIM card this morning, can’t moan for £7
  26. Peter221's avatar
    Can I upgrade my sim to this or do I have to get a new sim? (edited)
    Lyca_Mobile_CS's avatar
    Dear Customer,

    The offer is applicable only when you order a new SIM card with the plan.

  27. thesimpsons_uk's avatar
    I took this out at £10, feel bit ripped off now lol
    rapid85's avatar
    Port in and out with a free Asda mobile SIM.
  28. jonmc1980's avatar
    do Lyca have access to the full range of EE bands?
    V1_98's avatar
    No they do not.
  29. skgwho's avatar
    Anyone know if you can get a lyca mobile sim without buying online? Can you get the same deals?
    Lyca_Mobile_CS's avatar
    Dear Customer,

    The offer is applicable only when you order a new SIM card online with the plan.

  30. preecey's avatar
    When I saw this deal I thought "WOW! A fantastic deal with the real EE!"

    Until I saw it was an MVNO, and Lyca at best

    Lyca are a shady company based on what I've read about them in the past.

    Lebara are good, but they use Vodafone not EE.

    If you want the best of EE for less, 1p Mobile will be better.
    Rob2210's avatar
    Just signed up for Lebara. Might as well give them a go
  31. Rob2210's avatar
    Just started a uswitch sim only deal to try them out as o2 signal for me as really gone downhill.

    I cannot get 5g with Lyca, only 3G or LTE. I’m using an iPhone 13 Pro so the phone is not an issue and their customer support said they will look into it days ago. Heard nothing, plus I have only managed to get through a number of times as they don’t seem to want to pick up the phone. Luckily its not a contract so I won’t be renewing. Pretty terrible! (edited)
    prodromo's avatar
    5G from Lyca doesn't work on iPhone and Pixel phones. No fix yet
  32. noonecanhelp1's avatar
    great deal, heat. but pray to all gods that you won't have issues. their customer service is one of the worst I've seen in a while. Chat constantly disconnects.
    On the Phone it goes like: Press 2 for x you press 2 and then it says>>Thank you, good bye....

    Email, nothing for a week, then they say please send us the info you've already sent, but I can't be bothered to read

  33. bennyboy92's avatar
    Great deal and may be OK for some but my one and only experience with Lyca a few years back was awful. I tried contacting customer services almost every day for 3 weeks and they ended up trying to offer me half of what I’d paid despite nothing even working - never again!
  34. amaddan's avatar
    Can i order the sim now and start using it like 3 months after?as I still got 3months left on my contract .
  35. Limmy's avatar
    Cheap but I do value WiFi calling so won't switch.. great value though .. especially if you have a 4G capable tablet etc even

    Cheapest roaming data SIM? Got a holiday in November and ee will be £ (edited)
  36. slipd's avatar
    Dealt with Lyca last at Christmas '22. New sim arrived, was unable to activate on receipt. Spoke several times to Live Chat - same story each time, "you should have an email with your activation code on it?" Well we didn't. Asked for it to be sent again and they said they couldn't. Went to Lebara after two weeks off faff - very frustrating because it was, like this one, a great deal.

    Tempted to try again? Anyone had any recent experiences? My previous experience was unfortunately repeated a couple of times round the office too, thanks to my recommendation - they all gave up in the end
    Gadgeteer's avatar
    I've successfully activated 2 physical SIMs & 1 eSIM with no issues. Currently have 1 PAC transfer in progress, which will be a bit of a test.
    I think the general opinion is that it's cheap with good coverage but don't expect decent CS if things do go wrong.

    Having said that, I've had nightmares dealing with EE & 3 too, so you don't always get what you pay for (edited)
  37. hotdealsuk1973's avatar
    i can see the advantage of buying an esim with very cheap data in addition to having a basic sim package on your main phone

    can't fault lyca so far with service i get the same speeds as my EE sim which is considerable more expensive when my contract is up for renewal i'll go for a mixture

    one question can you have lets say a o2 sim long with a lyca esim ?
    afn's avatar
    You can have 1 physical SIM and upto 8 eSIMS on your iPhone I believe but you can only have 2 lines active at anyone time. I use 3 as my main line and Lyca as a backup for data. (edited)
  38. lurch's avatar
    Damn I took out the £10 deal when it was on.
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Everything ok so far?
  39. raz00's avatar
    Recently got the Lyca deal with 45GB and so far so good, much better than O2 in my opinion in terms of speed and coverage. Heat
  40. blake4100's avatar
    I’m new to Lyca and only joined because they changed to EE, getting around 100Mbps.
    Had Lebara for a few years but since 3 weeks my speed at home dropped from 100-150Mbps to 0-3Mbps, lost hope it will get back.
    Lyca is great so far but I only hope I won’t have to speak to the customer service
's avatar