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Christopher nolan collection 4k + Blade Runner The Final Cut 4k + Alien Covenant 4k - £76 at
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
Part of the buy 3 get 50% off promotion. For me it comes to 88 Euro Posted :) The 21 disc set contains Nolan’s three Batman films ( Batman … Read more
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Location is only EU/US etc. Not country specific and UHD is not region coded so not sure how it would do that


I think they pick up the location of your player and play that regions default language.


Really appreciated your feedback, mate. Looking forward to order them! :D


All confirmed as English language and English subtitles - checked Chris Nolan boxset and Harry Potter set along with Covenant, in fact English is the default setting so only difference I suspect is the writing on the discs and box itself :D


Even better deal with the price drops. Picked up Nolan collection, Harry Potter collection and wonder woman, all 4k for £80. Bargain!

This Week's Deals with Gold & Spotlight Sale [Monster Hunter World - £32.49 / Forza Horizon 2/3 VIP - £4.00 / Firewatch - £4.00 / Alien Isolation - £7.50] - Xbox Store
Found 1st MayFound 1st May
* indicates Deal with Gold / [BC] Backwards Compatible Alien: Isolation - £7.50* Alien: Isolation - The Collection - £12.50* Battlefield 1 - Premium Pass - £10.00* B… Read more
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Shame there is no OG titles on the list, I wouldn't mind that Panza Dragoon for a descent price


Been wanting to play Alien for years so bit at that price. £2.50 more than I wanted to pay for the collection aint bad


Thanks went for FireWatch just as something a bit different....


Great effort - you have certainly raised the bar here my friend (highfive) . I am very much looking forwards to this post each week from now on (popcorn) although I can see my wallet taking a hit :/


If you like Firewatch, you'll love Kona

Alien: Isolation Collection - £6.89 @ Indiegala
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
Items included in this bundle: Alien: Isolation Alien: Isolation - Corporate Lockdown Alien: Isolation - Crew Expendable Alien: Isolation - Last Survivor Alien: Isolati… Read more

Was intrigued, then watched a let's play and remembered how much I disliked the facehuggers in AvP (1999). Good game though!


Only a little more on Humble Bundle.

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FLASH SALE! at Playstation PSN Store US and Canada *Prey, The Evil Within 2, The Inpatient, The Last of Us, Until Dawn, Saints Row, SOMA, Alien Isolation, Bioshock Collection, Darksiders 2,  Arizona Sunshine and MORE *Plus PS3 and Vita titles added*
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
PS4 Game Price % Off 101 Ways to Die $3.99 60% 2Dark $5.99 80% Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space $2.99 80% Alien: Isolation $8.99 70% Alien: Isolation - THE COLLECTION $11.99 7… Read more
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Man I feel your pain I’m the same, sometimes I go to play something but end up dicking about looking at the PlayStation Store for another game to add that I won’t probably play for like 2 years (lol) . It’s like you don’t want to leave the games unbought at such good prices. Ended up with just the 6 games from this sale! Took a gamble on Arizona sunshine and it’s a half decent PSVR game for just over a tenner. The only way for me to save money is for you to retire from HUKD


Ended up buying 16 games from this Flash Sale, I don’t think it’s helpful to me personally stacking all this cheap PCGamesupply credit in advance because I feel compelled to use it when a half decent sale comes along. It’s not affecting me financially or anything, I mean we’re talking $80 worth of credit and I’ve had far more expensive hobbies over the year, but I only have so much time to play games. Sometimes I spend more time looking at these sale lists than I do playing the games.


It’s a discount from the entire cart contents


I have a 20% off code (Far Cry 5 I think). If I add 3 games to the cart, will the discount be off the entire cart or just the first item?


Left, mid and right formulas are great for picking bits out of text... Find is really good for determining where to start a text formula... =mid(a1,(find("$",a1)+1,100) This would start the text excerpt after the dollar (the +1 means the character after), through to the end (100 characters is overkill but at least you won't miss anything) Trim just removes leading and trailing spaces. Beyond basic text formulas, =vlookup and pivot tables are the most powerful parts of excel - really good for matching and grouping data.

Alien Isolation (Steam) £3.12 @ Instant Gaming
Found 8th Dec 2017Found 8th Dec 2017
Discover the true meaning of fear in Alien: Isolation, a survival horror set in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger. Fifteen years after the events of Alien™, Ellen R… Read more
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Amazing game. Would have been happy to pay full price.


Would any of you kind souls be able to help me to order a key? Really want to get this as a pressie for a friend - alas, I just can not find any photo ID to allow me to complete an order.


Is the Vr mod still working?


Ho doesn't lol, i for once have nothing to hide so couldn't care less. Man the post's and put your foil hat's on! Ps: our bank details is sold within banks itself...


Best alien game ever made

[Steam] Alien: Isolation Collection - £6.39 (Code: FANATICAL10) - Fanatical
Found 2nd Nov 2017Found 2nd Nov 2017
One of the cheapest prices I've seen for this. Use code FANTATICAL10 for a further 10% off as part of their launch sale. Includes the game and... Alien: Isolation - Corporate Lo… Read more
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Not showing OOS here :/


Sold out :(


This game is awesome but so scary that I stopped playing without even meeting an alien. It gets the atmosphere so right.


Do it ! Great game, mind you played through once but well worth it. Make sure you look up the graphic edit that adds some great fidelity to it on top ! ok found it for you :


The saving says 75% so £39.99 down to £9.99 makes sense unless my maths escape me. I think the misprice is the £13.59 on the previous page.

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Alien isolation the collection for ps4, full game plus all dlc. £7.99 @ PSN
Found 26th Oct 2017Found 26th Oct 2017
Good price for decent game, make sure you play in the dark with earphones on loud . Contains the full game and seven packs of additional content: - Last Survivor and Crew Expendabl… Read more

Expired now I think.


Thai could be amazing with a vr patch or updated version- imagine if camera could see u open ur mouth and alien would do the same!


Less reptitive, instant death ganeplay for my money, games are time consuming as it is without lods of unecessary padding and filler


I need to buy a hard drive too many unfinished games


So you wanted less game for your money?

[Xbox One] Alien: Isolation - £7.50 - Xbox Store
Found 10th Sep 2017Found 10th Sep 2017
I know it's in the weekly Deals with Gold, but I've finally decided to drop on this. There's two days left and I think it's a bit of a bargain, if not the highlight. Discover the… Read more
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Just installing it and I'm cacking ma pants after your comment ha !


I was merely saying that plenty of people are saying that it's a few hours too long. If you don't like reviews, you can check that on Steam too. I agree that game length doesn't translate to quality. Short or long can be good, but if the game is structured in a way that it makes finishing it a chore, then that's not good (looking at you Mafia 3).


reviews dont really mean anything to me a lot of games i bought have bad reviews but that doesnt mean i think there bad. I dont sit and pick apart games like the reviewers do i prefer to just play them. If im forking out for a game i aint gunna complain if it takes me 3 months to finish it but different strokes for different folks.


Currently, it just has Rift support (albeit at alpha - still very much playable though). I believe the developer is working on or planning to work on Vice support too. It was one of the main reasons I bought a Rift after already owning a PSVR. The recent Curry's PC World deal listed on here made it a very easy decision in the end!


How awarded this game only 6/10 is beyond me. I lost a lot of respect for them after that. Especially since they awarded Call of Duty Ghosts 8/10.

Alien Isolation Collection (Steam) £8.74 @ HumbleBundle Store
Found 24th Jan 2017Found 24th Jan 2017
I have been waiting for this to go on sale because it was actually hard to find anywhere to buy it from who didn't want £30 for a 3 year old game. I would like to try getting it wo… Read more

incredible game


Holy crap, this would be truly terrifying in VR! It's bad enough just on a screen!


lol I read 'space underwear'.

I think you got the concept wrong. The Alien hunts YOU.


Great game

Alien: Isolation Collection PC/Mac/Linux £8.74 from Steam
Found 23rd Dec 2016Found 23rd Dec 2016
Because crapping your pants is apparently what Christmas is all about. Includes all DLC and is roughly £2 less than buying the base version on its own for some reason.

how the hell is this hot


And the Specsavers award for turning up late to the party goes to.......Mike. (_;)


Good game! Definitely worth it at this price for anyone that hasn't played it.


Alien: Expiration... Congratulations to the time wasting hero voter getting this on to the front page though.


Great price. Recently completed the main story, and I thought it was fantastic. Just remember, that the total cost will be more than £8.74 - all depends how expensive your usual brand of underwear is :p

Alien Isolation collection 75% off at Humble Bundle. £8.74
Found 22nd Sep 2016Found 22nd Sep 2016
Not played Alien Isolation yet but at this price I will be getting all the content. Includes main game and all DLC content. Provided via Steam key. Alien: Isolation: The Collecti… Read more
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Got this on xbox. Very good game.


Is this the Brown Underpants Edition?


tempting, got this on my watch list along with MGS V Definitive Edition. I think I may have to wait till this hits the magic 3.74 and then purchase. Still got 350 games on the backlog and just started playing Witcher 3 on NG+ so that might take me up to november. Will keep an eye on this with the intention of playing it by 2020. Im not joking...


Never played this and always fancied it. I have a massive backlog as it is though.

alien Isolation pc £5.99 (£5.70 ish with fb 5% code) cdkeys
Found 4th Jun 2016Found 4th Jun 2016
alien Isolation pc cdkeys ( around £5.70 ish with fb code ) hopefully will be of use to someone as I believe its the best price yet Discover the true meaning of fear in Alien: Iso… Read more
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The original film terrified me as did this game lol


Wasn't of a fan of this but still a very good price.


Some info on VR support, not sure how reliable it is though >


Maybe so but unless you own a time machine to go back and get that bundle then this becomes the best deal


try the mods with the game ;) google for pc mods fyi. enhanced harder alien , more faulty equip , no ammo, enhanced textures , etc ;)

Alien Isolation Xbox One (used) £8 @ CEX in store
Found 2nd May 2016Found 2nd May 2016
Decent price for Alien Isolation if you don't mind pre-owned -especially good for anyone with stuff to trade in. Add £2.50 for delivery if you don't want to go into store.
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​People give up on other as it's a pretty bland game. Once you've seen the alien a couple of times, the attraction starts to wain and the game reveals itself to be a boring corridor simulator. This would have worked better as a smaller, finish it in 3 hours arcade game over a full priced title.


It gets boring, but in the grand scheme of things, I think if you didn't keep revisiting sections you wouldn't get the oh so thats where that leads. Also, in a spaceship you would expect to move about naturally. I think it would have made the game way too linear if it didn't feature backtracking and revisiting.


I was going to say best new-gen game (not really new though anymore is it I guess?) but Witcher is probably it. HOWEVER, alien held it for a long term and apart from the Witcher is miles above most games. Worth 100% the trophies/achievements, I really enjoyed the challenge. No deaths run kept me sat on the edge of my bed for a good 8 hour run through. I hope they make a sequel, but if they don't, it's a game I'll remember for the forseeable future. Just soooooooo good.


Been playing it since February wanna get it finished by uncharted 4 next week. It is a bit of a long grind to be honest. Repeating the same sections more than once. Good game tho


Anyone interested in Nostromo Edition DLC? If so, I'll create a for sale thread. £2 code by email? Matt

Alien Isolation: The Collection Edition (Full game plus all DLC) PS4 Digital Code £10.10 from Amazon US
Found 29th Apr 2016Found 29th Apr 2016
This is obviously a US region code so you will need a US region account to activate it. Canadian accounts may work also, I'm not 100% sure. Once the game is activated it can be dow… Read more

I know what you mean Sony sale items finish at different dates it's confusing...I've missed a few trust me :p


I thought the firesale was last weekend and finished on Monday? EDIT: Sorry I've just checked and you're right, it's a separate sale just for this game. The price amount is identical but should work out a bit cheaper because of the Canadian dollar value.


You can also get this for just over £8 on the Canadian PSN store should you have an account.!/en-ca/games/alien-isolation-the-collection/cid=UP0177-CUSA00363_00-AIGOTYBUNDLE4PS4

Alien Isolation for PC £6.40 at Green Man Gaming
Found 26th Mar 2016Found 26th Mar 2016
Green Man Gaming currently have Alien Isolation at 75% off making it £7.99 but if you use the code STORML-ESS20S-VEGAME you get 20% off that price. Bringing the total down to £6.40… Read more
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15 minutes isn't very impressive. If you'd been playing the original Half-Life, or Half-Life, 2 you might have given up at the starts and missed out on playing fantastic games. The whole point of games like Alien Isolation is to get you completely immersed in the universe and atmosphere. So that once bad things do start happening the shock/horror is intensified and all the more engaging. In the same way they did with the original Alien film (and Aliens). You might like 'Monstrum' it's exactly the same kind of game mechanic, but from the very start you are trapped (on a ship) with a monster. There are three different types one of which will appear in each playthrough. I'm sure you'd be (un)lucky enough to run into it well before 15 minutes into the game.


I agree that 15 minutes is a sad effort, however it just didn't engage. However I don't think you can judge me on what kind of "gamer" I am based on that statement... I have competed in the World leagues for StarCraft & StarCraft 2 (my user name is LV426 ), you certainly need patience for that kind of gameplay!


There's a bug?!


I don't think it makes either of us those things, its just generally accepted that if somebody states something they should be able to back it up with a source, I did take the trouble to google it after your reply but as I say I still can't find anything stating that those publishers "have warned against using GMG". I'm guessing you can't either and are insulting me as a diversionary tactic? Anyway this is dull and pointless, but maybe get Elevator to give you more info next time if you're gonna be his errand boy.


Perhaps my fault there. When I see something new to me and I'm not sure it's true, I generally just hit ctrl-t to check for myself. I don't know if that makes you overly-lazy or me overly-polite, but that's just what I'm used to doing. Sorry! For example, Spark's earlier comments about the CDPR/GMG situation being resolved - I've spent about ten minutes trying to prove Spark right without any further help from them, because shouldn't that be the Internet way? Everyone helping everyone, or at least not bothering them for exceptionally-simple tasks? Sadly, I've yet to come up with anything, which then forced me to ask Spark for a link. But considering their mistakes with the Ubisoft list update timing, I'm starting to think Spark was just spouting nonsense. :( (I think that everyone knows CDKeys aren't an authorised reseller, but with GMG it's a relatively new issue that they're hit and miss.)

Alien: Isolation PS4 £9.99 / PS3 £7.99 on Playstation Store.
Found 3rd Mar 2016Found 3rd Mar 2016
Just saw this on Playstation store for both PS3 and PS4.
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Grrrr, I get nothing but glitches with these downloaded games. Return to Dr.Kuhlman with the keycard and passcode and he is just sitting there. Will have to reload and start again.


​Well I'm gonna sleep better tonight :{


Not as good as a physical copy for £9 odd Ripley edition as well from game a couple of months back but ok.


Its $29:99 = 15.81


£9.99 in Game stores, physical copy

Alien: Isolation (Xbox One) £9.99 Delivered @ Base
Found 24th Feb 2016Found 24th Feb 2016
Discover the true meaning of fear in Alien: Isolation, a survival horror set in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger. Fifteen years after the events of Alien, Ellen Ri… Read more
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One of my favourite every experiences.


same price in sainsburys instore today also (irvine store)


I'm an Alien fan and I love this game its one of the best Alien games ever made, its well worth a tenner, Heat added!.


​I agree. Sorry but this deal isn't anything special.


Great price. Heat added.

Alien Isolation PS3/XBOX360 £3.99 @ Boomerang Rentals
Found 7th Jan 2016Found 7th Jan 2016
Just ordered a copy on PS3 from Boomerang rentals. Also same price on Xbox 360. Free delivery. Ex-rental disc but the box will be as new. HOW WILL YOU SURVIVE? Discover the true… Read more
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Yeesh. I paid 9 last week for the Ripley edition new. Worth it for the extras and the knowledge that if I'd bought this id first have to scrape off the mystery gunk from the disc before playing. Top tip if your rental disc comes "coated" when you clean off the gunk don't I repeat don't smell your fingers.


I believe it's about £7 something for the digital version on Xbox One now but due to end soon i think.


Well I wouldn't think so. :) I just thought I would mention it. Sometimes people do not like to receive beat up looking boxes.


Out of stock thanks guys


Well I won't be playing the BOX, will I?

Alien: Isolation (Standard, Nostomo & Ripley editions) PS3 £8.99 @ Game
Found 29th Dec 2015Found 29th Dec 2015
The very excellent but very underselling Alien: Isolation for PS3 is £8.99 over at GAME both online and in store (if you're lucky enough to find stock). There are 2 editions featu… Read more

Bottom line its more expensive elsewhere. It a good price for the ripley edition. Show me cheaper people!


I get that though people here when they see something else cheaper than another retailer they either say "ripoff", "overpriced" or whatever but matter of the fact, besides X price it won't be any cheaper.


yeah i commented on that, but that wasn't the ripley edition and it might or might not have been in stock in northwich. + and i dont have to get off my **** to go get it. Heat!


A Sainsbury deal post shows to have Alien Isolation for £5.


am i missing something? why the hate? £9 for the definitive ps3 version! ordered.

Alien Isolation (Steam) £7.99 on Humble Store
Found 30th Oct 2015Found 30th Oct 2015
The Alien Isolation base game is down to £7.99 as part of the Humble Store's halloween deals, which definitely beats Steam's current sale. On top of that, the season pass is down … Read more

Why? The DLC will be on offer at the same time as this magical £3.74 deal and will probably be cheaper than £5 anyway


this game is fantastic.. not a bad price either


A Steam newbie here with a Q: would it be possible to buy the Season Pass before buying the game and just have it sit in my account? Like others I'm looking for a bigger Steam discount later but am thinking about pulling the trigger on a fiver for all the DLC.


"cheque please"


"cheque please"

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