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Free Audiobooks on Audible (via Alexa device)
Posted 5 h, 22 m agoPosted 5 h, 22 m ago
Audible offers free audiobooks and short stories every month when listening via an Alexa device. Until the 31st August, you can listen to: The Wind in the Willows 12 Years a … Read more

You can listen on a fire tablet and earphones if that's better


I always forget about this and it changes every month so thanks for the reminder BUT... I can't concentrate to it when I listen via Alexa. Thanks anyway, I'm sure it will suit some.


Discover Audible with a free audio book on us! Thanks @cocogumbo

Audible - 6 new sleep podcast series. Free for members
Posted 5 h, 48 m agoPosted 5 h, 48 m ago
Hope i'm posting this in the right place. Audible has released new resources free for members. If like me you struggle with sleep and relaxation something here might be useful. 6 … Read more
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Says £7.99 w/mship


I think so. I can still access podcasts after my subscription ends.


If I signed up for 30 day trial then cancel could I keep them?

2 for 1 sale on 300 audiobooks - Audible
16/08/2020Expires on 16/08/2020Posted 9th AugPosted 9th Aug
Audible have another 2 for 1 sale on, seems to be some good books in there this time.
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Bad Science and Bad Pharma are worth a listen


Thanks @James_Llewellyn-Smith Nice offer from Audible (highfive)


Just bough 2 books for 1 credit, £0. Great deal, thanks


I generally don't get on with audiobooks as i find it hard to keep up (I start daydreaming and lose track of what's happening). I love reading but keep trying to get on with audiobooks as I can listen whilst getting on with other things. My favourite was 'The Time Travellers Wife' which I found really engaging. Am currently trying 'My Cousin Rachel' but it hasn't enthralled me yet!


Audible's sales are getting worse. I've got three credits to use but don't fancy any of the ones they've got on 241. If you've got a credit to spare and are looking through the sale, the ones I've "read" and would recommend are: Artemis: I'll go against the grain and say that I actually really enjoyed Artemis, I found it to be just as enjoyable as The Martian. Animal Farm: Great book, really cleverly written. Without giving anything away it's really interesting to see how the power shifts slowly over the course of the story. Something Wicked This Way Comes: I read this because I enjoyed Farenheit 451 and I really like Ray Bradbuy's style; his descriptive writing makes you feel like you're right there in the book. I could listen to him describe sitting in a dentist waiting room and it would still be amazing. It can be hard going at times because it's set 80 odd years ago in a small US town, but it's worth reading.

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Crashed: How A Decade Of Financial Crises Changed The World by Adam Tooze, Kindle edition 99p (+£2.99 for audible audiobook) @ amazon
146° Expired
Posted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
668 pages Goodreads 4.3/5 1,815 ratings £0.99 for the Kindle ebook. You can also get the audible version (25 hours and 27 minutes) for an additional £2.99 at the same time. A well … Read more



Hasn't happened yet, due within the next 6-12 months.


Its missing the biggest one!


Gets great reviews but I fear it's beyond me intellectually


Heard great things. But with it's length, I'm a little fearful. If anyone likes this guy, he's often on the Talking Politics podcast: [TALKING POLITICS] Adam Tooze on the Crisis #talkingPolitics via @PodcastAddict

Audible 2 for 1 on The Great Courses Audiobooks (For Members)
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Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
Audible has a 2 for 1 on their Great Courses audiobooks. I’ve listened to quite a few of their courses and enjoyed all but a couple of them. They cover several fields including his… Read more

There is a good one in there by Ronald Siegel. If you like psychology..


Thanks, picked up a couple


Thanks for this! Picked up 2(y) (y)


I got this with a credit once, sounded interesting so I gave it a go. Honestly couldn't tear myself away until was over. Can't recommend this enough if this kind of thing appeals.


Agree. Familiarise yourself with the exact content structure. Otherwise I've had done excellent ones. Lifelong Health, China from Yao to Mao and my current one on modern China. I had one on Spanish history which was quick but enjoyable.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling - Free Audiobook for members
07/01/2021Expires on 07/01/2021Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
By: J.K. Rowling Narrated by: Warwick Davis, Noma Dumezweni, Jason Isaacs, Jude Law, Evanna Lynch, Sally Mortemore, Bonnie Wright Series: Wizarding World, Wizarding World Length: 1… Read more

Thank you :)


Thanks for sharing your first deal with us @ddrk Have checked and no duplicate post as the other one expired over 5 days ago so this is fine :)


Duplicate post

The Tales of Beedle the Bard for FREE - Audible
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Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
100% free for those with a UK Audible subscription - claim before midnight 17/07/2020.
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Thanks for posting. that was a great freebie @Denzil_Newman and welcome to hotukdeals (y)


You can find many deals. I believe revolut have a deal for 3.99 and £5 cashback.


£7.99 pm.


Yup... Though with the 99p sub for 3 months that went around 2 weeks ago.... Worth having! Heat!


Says it's free until 7/1/2021?

Echo Dot £24.99 via Audible UK (Account Specific)
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Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Was browsing audible to use some credits and they have a deal on for half price echo dot (one per customer) until the 21st - hope it's of use to somebody

Amazing thanks so much for the code, I've wanted one for ages


Just about to come post this


Does the code only work for audible account holders? Bit pointless them going on so much about it on the audible app if not.


Thanks for the post~have just ordered. (y)


Good spot. Thanks OP. Not visible for me through the Audible app, but is through the website (y)

The Crow Road by Iain Banks - Kindle ebook 99p @ (+£3.99 for audiobook)
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Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
The Crow Road by Iain Banks 516 pages rating 4.05/5 from 19,636 ratings " It was the day my grandmother exploded. I sat in the crematorium, listening to my Uncle Hami… Read more



Totally agree. I was still reading the book when I spotted the VHS for this in HMV, and I bought it and watched it as soon as I had finished the book. Can recommend doing the same. Book and TV version are both incredible.


It's very good. Much less disturbing than The Wasp Factory, but then most books are.


Great book (y)


Loved Wasp Factory.. Looking forward to reading this!

Additional Free Month Of Audible @ Audible (Possibly Account Specific)
230° Expired
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Hey Guys; Just checked my emails and this came through for me about an hour ago.. Admittedly this is the email I use specifically for signs ups/potential spam (possibly account sp… Read more
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What happened to that 99p deal??


Thank you.


I agree that 7.99 should include unlimited access, I jumped over to Scribd for 9.99 which is unlimited in terms of audiobooks to listen to. I use this more than netflix so it's worth it for me.


i'm sure i tried this a while back and it locked me out of the offer for a few days, but, just tried it and it works. which means, this little hack is cheaper than even the annual one-off-payment membership w/ 24 credits too. and then you throw in the odd free credit offer when you cancel... surely they can't let this go on? 7.99/month is a rip off though, that's what you should be paying for full and unlimited library access.


There is none i don’t think. Cancel, immediately follow link, sign back up, simples!

Mark Twain - The Complete Novels 78p @ Audible
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Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Mark Twain - The Complete Novels By: Mark Twain Narrated by: Lee Howard Length: 58 hrs and 33 mins Unabridged Audiobook Release date: 03-09-19 Language: English Publisher: Page2Pag… Read more

doesn't have 'diary of adam and eve', one of my fave's. easily found online though, highly recommend. also check out Robert Ingersoll, one of Twain's bezzies.


Wow amazed this is still available considering the censorship going around.

Thank you


I've around 3 years solid listening ahead of me, need to live to 150 to get through all this. Thanks, purchased.


everybody needs some Twain in their life, even if they don't know it. especially, if they don't know it.

3 Month Audible Membership for 99p (New customers/ Selected Returning Customers) @ Amazon Prime
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Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Amazon are offering audible for 3 months for 99p which can come in handy during these lockdown/impending school summer holidays times. I think this is applicable only for prime me… Read more
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I got the 7 Harry Potter books and the complete Sherlock Holmes in 2017, and just listen on a loop


They get release every now and again...


Audible said i just missed out on this offer, it ended 2 days ago. There will probably be another one coming next month because of the extended lockdowns. Thank you to the OP for posting this offer anyway.




Would it be possible to buy this, cancel it straight away so that you don't get charged after the 3 months, and then later get Alan Partridge's new podcast (releasing on 3/9/20)

FREE Audio play - 149A. Doctor Who: Robophobia Part 1 @ BigFinish
168° Expired
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
Nothing has ever been officially confirmed, but there is a rumour that on a Sandminer, bound for Kaldor City, the robots somehow turned homicidal and nearly wiped out the entire cr… Read more
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For some reason Robot of Death was one of my favourite stories from the Baker era. Perhaps I always suffered from Grimwade's Syndrome!


Big Finish have many Doctors swapping monsters ;-) .


McCoy wasn't the Doctor for the Robot episode it was Tom Baker (confused)


Full set of Big Finish freebies here:

Dark Tower Stephen King audiobooks iTunes £6.99 each
67° Expired
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
All 7 main books at £6.99 each. Instead of a re-read, though I’d invest in a listen. Excellent series. (Wind Through the Keyhole £14.99)

Decent prices; thanks for sharing @lazybanana and a belated welcome to hotukdeals


Maybe Guillermo del Toro


The Dark Tower film was OK in parts. Matthew McConaughey was good, Although nowhere near my own view of the character - ditto with Idris Elba. Problem was trying to fit a couple of gallons into a pint jug. To do the Dark Tower, It'd need to be a series, not a movie. But who would you trust to do it properly these days ?


I just finished WITKH (currently on Wolves Of Calla) and I totally agree with you. Two thirds of the book was a story within a story within a story and had little to do with the Ka Tet (the main appeal of the books for me).


Brilliant series, I actually did the same thing as you're suggesting. I read the books a long time ago, then a year or two ago I listened to the series again on my way to and from work. I don't think I ever got around to "Wind in the keyhole" though, that was the one he wrote after the series ended wasn't it? But if we're talking disappointments, how about The Dark Tower film? They should definitely have made it into multiple films so they could tell the story properly, or it would have worked great as a TV series. What we got though was something that felt like it was only very loosely based on the books, with the basic outline of the story used, then a couple of nods to the books here and there.

Audible books for £3 - great selection of books Members Only at Audible UK
854° Expired
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
100 new Audible books every day available until 27 June for only £3 each, to celebrate its 15 year anniversary. I ended buying two of the books in today's list, which had a good va… Read more

I got 8!


5 here. Hopefully they're all as good as the reviews would suggest. Then again, there's always the return policy!


got 4 books over the week. Pretty happy with my cache. Thanks for posting


The monster collection seems to be a great deal. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Frankenstein and Dracula for £3.


Aww It’s not you, It’s them!!! X

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