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Circulon Momentum non stick roaster £7 (Free collection / Selected Stores) @ Dunelm
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
This roaster features an ultra total ® hi-low non-stick system, that makes this roaster perfect for roasting any foods. With excellent heat performance, this roaster is oven safe t… Read more

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Good offer, however, I agree on the quality of these. I returned one Circulon roasting tray after one use as the coating just lifted clean away in places. After being constantly on the quest for good non stick bakeware I have to recommend Le Creuset bakeware (the best I have found so far) as the non stick lasts the longest on those. They are quite expensive but are worth it IMO as you don’t have to keep replacing them or scraping food off them. You can often get them on offer or at the outlet shops at Bicester / Cheshire Oaks etc. which makes them a bit more affordable, but they are still pricey.


That's not the only problem. I bought one of these a couple of years ago with a cradle you sit the meat on. The roaster just lost sections of coating after only a couple of uses.


I like this brand. Bought a griddle pan about 15 years ago and it’s brilliant. Cleans really well and works a treat. Bought stuff since too and it’s fine.


I wouldn't touch this brand. I bought a set pf pots & pans, supposed to be induction safe & lifetime guarantee. The non stick coating came off all the pans. I sent photos to them and they wouldn't entertain replacement. I chased them up several times, eventually they said they couldn't find my claim or photos as they'd changed computer systems. I got fed up in the end and threw the pots in the skip.

Circulon Infinite Saucepans and Frypans Set of 5 - £117.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 22nd MarPosted 22nd Mar
Guaranteed quality: We stand behind the durability of the extremely resilient and metal utensil safe pots and pans and give you a lifetime guarantee; fine materials and craftsmansh… Read more

Ha, great minds, I have sent them photos of my well worn Joseph and Joeseph silicone set and wooden spoons but they haven't accepted them. One time only wouldn't surprise me.


First time I had no bother as well but I did send them a photo of my utensils to show that I had loads of non scratch ones. I wonder if its a one time replacement only based on address, might use a friends address next time as well. Also I had no luck going via the customer services and only got somewhere via their facebook page.


They replaced first time, this time they are telling me it is due to metal in the pan (which I have not done)


Had ours 4 years and need to get them replaced. How do you go about this?


Hello, Thank you for visiting our support site. At this time, our support page is currently offline due to maintenance and updates. This work is expected to run through end of December 2020, and will be updated with new information. In the meantime, please call our product experts toll free at: 1-800-809-7166. We appreciate your patience with us and we'll be back online as quickly as possible to continue serving you! Thank you! Consumer Relations Looks like circulon aren't doing warranties anymore

Circulon 82529 Infinite frypan Twin Pack (25/30cm) - £56.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 11th FebPosted 11th Feb
Circulon 82529 Infinite frypan Twin Pack (25/30cm) - £56.99 @ Amazon£56.99Amazon Deals
About this item Guaranteed quality: We stand behind the durability of the extremely resilient and metal utensil safe steak pans and give you a lifetime guarantee; fine materials an… Read more

I hardly ever comment, but these pans are not that great. They last a year i would say. Great at first, and for this price, maybe a year of use is worth it, but don't think they are premium or great pans. Better than tefal or student stuff. Just buy with caution.




I see the good things people say here, but still, I seriously doubt a pair of alloy pans is worth almost 60 quid...


classygear, I'm sorry if you find it hard to understand but Circulon produce a wide range of cookware at a variety of quality and price points. I didn't say the new set listed by Costco is in their top tier, I said that I hoped it would be better quality than the previously stocked set. Costco have a lot of buying power and often manufacturers will produce products to specifications unique to Costco. Circulon are guilty of mixing and matching the names of pan sets in their budget ranges to cash in on the reputation of their Infinite range. Many people fall for this kind of marketing. It must be a nightmare for honest companies wanting to offer extended guarantees on their products. Most fair minded people would know if they had treated their possessions with care during use and would not seek replacements if they had been abused. For example, cooking on an open fire and hammering in fence posts is not taking care of a cooking pan, neither is stirring with a fork and cleaning with a Brillo pad. A lifetime is not 300 years unless you are a tree. Yet again, I haven't made any claims about the durability of any Circulon pans other than the Infinite range and these two pans in this deal are in that range.


Bought these a few weeks back after having a lower tier model for several years. Still in use and definitely not as non stick any more but have been highly abused. Superb solid pans if you look after them.

Circulon Stainless steel Momentum frying pans, 22 cm and 29 cm - £53.34 @ Amazon
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Posted 11th FebPosted 11th Feb
Circulon Stainless steel Momentum frying pans, 22 cm and 29 cm - £53.34 @ Amazon£53.34£8437% offAmazon Deals
Looks like a great pair of non stick frying pans from a solid brand, cheapest they've been in a while

Gosh, why do people still buy nonstick pans? These are terrible, to be honest, they use the same coating on all of them. Coming off very quickly and it does say dishwasher safe, which is not true. They've replaced the whole set, as you get 5 years warranty, but it's not worth it. Decided to go for stainless steel Stellar 5000 and not looking back, amazing quality.


Contrary to this we have now had 3 different pans from the original set replaced for free having sent photos of the damage.


And no I have never used metal utensils only Circulon branded utensils and wooden spoons.


I doubt any non stick pan is dishwasher safe really. So it's a choice of non stick ones in the dishwasher or having to manually wash a few pans everyday, which isn't exactly difficult if you soak them in hot water straight after use.


I do think they would likely have lasted longer without using the dishwasher. 2+ pans to wash a night for 4 years is quite a PITA though. Why advertise as dishwasher safe if they are not? We only ever wash on a low heat Eco wash with quality tablets.

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Circulon Total Hard Anodised Frying Pan - Set of 2 £34.99 with free click and collect @ Robert Dyas
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Posted 2nd FebPosted 2nd Feb
Circulon Total Hard Anodised Frying Pan - Set of 2 £34.99 with free click and collect @ Robert Dyas£34.99Robert Dyas Deals
I've been using Circulon pans for about 8 years and love them. They are perfect if you're making something on the hob and need to transfer it to the oven to finish cooking. These a… Read more





Thanks ordered (y) 🏾


It's mentioned in the first paragraph at the end. They are brilliant for induction here, but for some reason Dyas forgot to put that in. That's exactly what I use them with.


Any good for induction hobs can't see it mentioned

Set of Circulon Infinite pots / pans - Saucepan and Frypan Set of 6 & Wok - £121.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 31st Dec 2020Posted 31st Dec 2020
Set of Circulon Infinite pots / pans - Saucepan and Frypan Set of 6 & Wok - £121.99 @ Amazon£121.99£163.0125% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Seems like a great price if you missed out on the previous offer for the stock pot. TBH the description and title are a little mismatched but going by the RRP and the item title I… Read more

Managed to get £50 refund on my card on my second attempt. Really pick of draw on which agent you get. He offered 50 off the infinite set at first, but then after asking he put the refund on my card to keep the Premier set. Cheers again OP and others


I received mine today. Nice pans. Contacted Amazon customer service and was offered 20% refund which I accepted


I did warn people earlier. ;) To be fair, people knew this was a mistake and took a risk. All you risked was time and effort. Been there, done that with Amazon. The days of great customer service are long gone. For future reference, it is better to mention some key words when complaining. Mentioning money back rarely gets a decent result. Like people have found out, you are lucky to get a £5 voucher. I tend to go the "I'm a PRIME member who hasn't received a PRIME service". This tends to trigger a couple of months of Prime for free. At £8 a month = £16 etc. Works for nearly every late delivery as well. I'm getting lazy these days, so cannot be bothered. But with the lateness of most items, i went a long time without paying the subs.


Sounds like you had the same person as me!


Guy I spoke to was a waste of time, kept telling me he would send a replacement, all he was going to do was send the same set out again, couldn't get through to him that it wasn't the set that was listed. It's now £2 cheaper too (fierce)