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Sid Meier's Civilization V 5 - The Complete Edition PC STEAM key. £6.99/£6.64 with FB code @ CD KEYS
Found 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
The Definitive Civilization V Collection. Sid Meier's Civilization V: The Complete Edition includes the original 2010 Game of the Year award-winning strategy game, plus the two cri… Read more
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I was a big Civ II fan, but whilst I know they have their fans I was never really sucked in to Civ III or Civ IV. For me the series got overly convoluted and lost its accessibility. Civ V changed all that for me. Effortlessly balances accessibility and depth. You can jump in and learn the ropes relatively quickly, but then just get lost for countless hours in how much there is to do. I will say that I haven't played Civ VI yet, but £7 or so for one of the best strategy games of all time would be a no brainer for me if I hadn't already given it a slice of my life.


Crazy price for the insane amount of hours included (y)


An absolute classic, worth every penny. Scary to think how many hours I've spent on CIV 5 over the years..

Civilization IV: Complete EditionSteam Key PC @ £2.15 @ INSTANT GAMING.
Found 20th AugFound 20th Aug
A lot of game for the price of a bag of chips (y) With over 6 million units sold and unprecedented critical acclaim from fans and press around the world, Sid Meier's Civilization… Read more
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I had exactly the same issue. Spent a while arguing with the customer services rep as I refuse to do their job for them. It was only when I explained that they were breaking the law by refusing to replace or refund unsatisfactory goods that I got an apology and a new (working) key


ain't got the hours to put into this


Lol. They will ask you to contact Steam support to find out when the code was activated and send them screen shots to prove. If you like to do their job for them be my guest but I have no intention to waste my time for £2. I'm getting my money back from my bank.


(y) . At least you'll get your money's worth (highfive)


and the rest... (party)

Civilization 6 cdkeys for £11.99
Refreshed 25th AugRefreshed 25th Aug
Cheapest I've seen from a trusted site.
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I so want Civ 6 to be good, to satiate that 4x craving.... However having already 'demoed' it at launch, it just doesn't rectify enough of the flaws introduced in 5. (annoyed)


Don't forget that 5% off Facebook code that sometimes works (:I


Great spot! Thanks OP

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Civilization V: Complete Edition @ INSTANT GAMING - £6.81
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
This pack includes: Sid Meier's Civilization V Civilization V : Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar II) Civilization V Cradle of Civilization Map Pack: Americas Civilization V Cradle of Civili… Read more
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Yes it is (y)




I keep looking at 6 but not really sure on posting just yet. Might wait for the price to drop a bit (y)


Anyone seen any good deals on VI yet?


Good game for the price! hot

Sid Meiers Civilization VI IPad full game 60% off - £22.99 @ Itunes
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
No code req, 60% off in App Store/in game. Still expensive but good full featured game

theres a trial which gives you a good idea of the game. i agree i still think its slightly expensive


Well, it's an expansive game. Specifically at the start you have to expand like crazy!


Still expansive price.


great games, I wish more developers would sell games as a whole than add-ons with gems and coins.


True, just the price for the same title am comparing. But then again most pc gamers would say 'Sub £10, then it's worth it'

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Civilization VI - £13.99 down from £49.99 @ CDKeys
Found 27th JulFound 27th Jul
Rated 93% by PC Gamer, Sid Meier's Civilization is on sale at £13.99 from On Steam is sells for £49.99, at Game it's £36.16. Great game and a great time killer if you… Read more

This is the best civ game yet. I thought that I will hate the art style but I am actually loving it !


Same has. Pickup civ 5 if you do not already have it.


Thanks been waiting for this to drop in price, Bought it


Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn that's a lot of game for the money. As usual with Civ games though, the usual caveats apply - terrible AI, expansions make it much better etc etc.


They have Now removed the redshell spyware on steam for this game if that means anything to anyone which appears to have been an issue for many on Steam

[Steam] Sid Meier's Civilization V: The Complete Edition - £5.45 - Voidu
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Cheapest price I think I've ever seen it. Use the code VOIDU15 at checkout which is currently a site wide offer on their items. COMPLETE EDITION Sid Meier’s Civilizati… Read more

Thanks for letting me know! Actually I tried installing it yesterday on my x64 laptop (instead of my x86 tablet) and it also works fine! So I'll try a x64 install on my tablet too.


I did a fresh install of Windows last night, and it fixed the problem. Therefore I am putting my problem down to previously installing Windows 32 bit. No idea why it choose that version of 64. It defo works on the 64 bit version though


Mods my boy, mods!


Voted hot but wish I had voted cold as order was rejected despited ordering from their site in the past.


Used them for the first time myself and all seems fine. Received the code straight away which activated in Steam perfectly. Just use a credit card for extra protection. 27p Quidco tracked as well 8)

[Steam] Galactic Civilizations® II: Ultimate Edition Free
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
Free again, but instead of from Humble Bundle, it's directly from Steam. Get the complete GalCiv II saga including Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords, the expansion pack Da… Read more
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Thought this would be a nice upgrade to the version I already have (and have never played). It turns out I already have the Ultimate Edition !! Still, just got the free guns of Icarus from another post .... probably never play that either. Good times.


I believe that's the ultimate purpose of Steam (nerd)




Very addictive game, many a late night till sunrise playing this many years ago, much like civ games, but in space obviously. For free you can't go wrong really.


Thank you, I seem to collect games even if I'll never play them.

[Steam] Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition - Free - Humble Store
Refreshed 18th MayRefreshed 18th May
Get the complete Galactic Civilizations II saga including the acclaimed PC strategy game of the year Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords, the award winning expansion pack Dark A… Read more
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Looks like this has now expired, it's on sale at 50% off.


muchas gracias :{


Thanks Buzz..


Interesting, but I doubt its a patch on Space Empires IV ;)


This was one of my favourite games back in the day when it was released. Poured many hours into it. It is basically Civilization in space. What I love is the ship builder. It is extensive. You can create more or less any type of starship you can think of, and send them into massive 3D battle. It adds a lot of personality to your CIV. The game isn't as deep as CIV, but at the time, it was a big step up from my other fave...Star Trek Birth of the Federation. Well worth a free download.

[Steam] Civilization V: The Complete Edition - £6.69 - WinGameStore (£5.93 - Voidu)
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Currently 20% cheaper than the Steam sale pricing. Use code pcgames5off at checkout. Edit: Found it cheaper at Voidu using code Voidu3 - It's £5.93 The Complete Edit… Read more
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You need to have/create a Steam account and have the Steam client software installed. When you buy the game you will be given a license code which can be redeemed through the Steam software. Steam will then download and install the game for you.


Hi, I haven't used one of these download services before. I assume when you buy, you get a link to download the files? Do you then install them in the normal way or can anyone help explain the process for a novice?Thanks


Still prefer this to the newer Civs that have come out since.


Welcome to HUKD :) The price in the title is using the pcgames5off mate. It's in the first line of the description.

PC :- Civilization V: The Complete Edition £7.99 Reduced from 34.99 ( ** Steam Key ** )
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Civilization V: The Complete Edition as a Steam Key. Sid Meier’s Civilization V: The Complete Edition is the definitive collection for Civ-Fans who have fallen victim to the famou… Read more
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I got bored of this pretty quickly, Early turns are different but so many limitation in other respects. AI war. Crippling unhappiness meaning you can't capture 3-4 of one AI's cities. Sure for this price maybe fun to try. I guess the warmonger in me was too eager to capture cities. I also found once you clear the Ai army it's almost a stroll to take out all their cities. Oh wait you can't raze them due to unhappiness created by this. So frustrating! Maybe I missed something here. I got more fun out of Civ 4 and Homms 3.


Most people figure that out pretty quickly. It would genuinely be a great game if it had decent AI but the devs just concentrate on silly stuff life cartoon graphics which doesn't enhance the gameplay at all.




The computer AI is really dumb. The computer player could be on the verge of completely wiping you out, you propose peace, and they suddenly agree! As for the rest of the game, once you realise that all you have to do is avoid war (ie not encroach into territories) and then get bombers / nukes, it's game over for all the computer player(s). The AI is stupidly simplistic and hasn't improved either with Civ 6.


It's a good game - have spent many hours on it - but at the end of the day what really lets it down is the AI. It's just so easy to win even on the hardest difficulty level. The developers simply don't seem to know how to program good, intelligent AI responses the computer player(s).

[PC] Sid Meier's Civilization IV: The Complete Edition - Free - Twitch Prime
Found 15th FebFound 15th Feb
Everybody probably already owns it, but you may as well claim it and bulk up that Twitch Prime library. Remember Devil May Cry is coming at the end of the month :)
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Thanks for posting. I always forget to check twitch.


Thanks, free whats not to like, link makes it really easy if you have Twitch Prime. Also I will try to remember to install Devil May which I liked as a consul game.


​Same, thanks


Ignore :)


Where do I find this? I've just signed up to Twitch Prime and I click on the link in the OP and it's just a list of games I'm guessing to watch? Where do I claim the free game? Thanks :)

Civilization VI Free Weekend - Steam
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
For those who didn't pick it up in last month's Humble Monthly (y) Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in … Read more
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Damn, wish they had done this before I bought it. Thought I'd like it, but didn't and the rest of the monthly games didn't make up for it ;(


You can play online but I never. I understand it’s really popular. It’s not like C&C though, it’s turn based and more like a board game. That said I hate turn based strategy games but I love the Civ series. I also prefer Civ V though. Don’t like the new graphics style and something about the previous one was just better. It consistently has more people playing as well.


I’m going be on this, I need a game for the weekend before kingdom come deliverance comes out


Is this game pvp online? A bit like command and conquer?


Personally, I hate that they removed automated workers and attached road building to traders. I always end up with no workers by accident.

25% off pre-order deals (incl. Civ VI Rise and Fall, Kingdom Come: Deliverance) @ GMG
Found 6th FebFound 6th Feb
Cheapest place I've found for Civilization VI: Rise and Fall that isn't a shady key site.
Read More

Both of them is cheaper on CDkeys with 5% code, Kingdom come deliverance is quiite abit cheaper too(£3.70) this is why i dont really like greenmangaming, with their fake sale discount code. but they do have much bigger selection. and sometime it does have good deal


Takes FFXV down to £26.24. Very tempting!

Civilization VI £16.99 @ CDKeys Deluxe Ver is £23.99
Found 1st FebFound 1st Feb
Thought this is a good price at the moment Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an emp… Read more
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i'd go for the humble monthly offer over this.....


Okay guys thanks for the heads up :) Off to Humble Bundle I go


Humble Monthly currently have this with 2 DLC's and a copy of Owlboy. It's $12 a month, you can place your order and cancel the auto renew, you only have one day left on this offer.


Currently (for another day, at least) the regular version is about £8 or so, on the Humble Monthly Bundle. Seems like a good price for the deluxe edition, however.


Better deal as part of the Humble Bundle Monthly

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall - £17.99 (£17.09 with FB code) @ CD Keys
Found 28th JanFound 28th Jan
Pre-order of Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, cheapest I've seen it so far is with CD Keys. Remember you can save 5% by using their Facebook discount code.

I think that was intended as complementary to this deal, rather than an alternative.


Here's a clean link: (of course, if anyone *did* want a referral link, I'd be happy to oblige ;) )


Perhaps just a link to the hotukdeals post about it; This is a different deal though. As tek-monkey says, it’sfor the base game and couple of DLCs.


seems like a good deal. thanks for posting.


OK, think I worked it out. First result in Google for humble monthly is an ad, and contains a referral code. I just copied the url without checking, but assuming that is why my comment was deleted you can easily check and see that the referral code was the one on Google and not my own.

22% off PC games: Civilization VI: Rise & Fall, Far Cry 5, Kingdom Come etc. @ GMG
Found 25th JanFound 25th Jan
Was looking for deals on the Civ expansion when I came across the 22% discount. Not quite as good as the 25% off voucher the other day, but still decent. To obtain a voucher, log … Read more
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Hmm... Far Cry 5 is a bumped price and with discount is still more expensive than other sites


I just found Civ6: rise and fall on cdkeys going for £17.99


Kingdom Come: Deliverance £25.99 on cdkeys plus 5% discount code making it £24.69


I didn't scroll down enough mate :D voted hot either way (y)


Hmm, I'm seeing vouchers for 20%, 22% and 25% on selected titles: Their page says "every customer is VIP" but perhaps deals aren't available for everyone then.

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