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Free Glossybox with the purchase of contact lenses @ Vision Direct
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Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
CLAIM YOUR FREE GLOSSYBOX WHEN YOU PURCHASE CONTACT LENSES-New customers only. Glossies, we’re working with Vision Direct this month to bring you a FREE GLOSSYBOX when you purchas… Read more

You use the code GLOSSYBOX at checkout. It’s for new vision direct customers.


Seemed worth it to me too. Sadly, I haven’t had a code and no luck getting help either.


Me. You don’t get the current box you get a lucky dip from old boxes. I got a Huda highlighter pallette, floss gloss, shower foam and some other items I forgot. Well worth it but apparently not popular on here. I spent like £12 on 3 months supply of contact lenses and a Glossybox. It’s a deal for me :) I also went through a cash back website.


Did anyone take up this offer and get their Glossybox code?


You'll have to make an appointment

Vision Express 25% off contact lenses with free delivery
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Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Vision Express 25% off contact lenses with free delivery
25% off all contact lenses at Vision Express. Free express delivery Hopefully may help someone.

Seems to have expired


Thanks for the feedback I was wondering whether to pull the trigger on a test order of a months supply, would have jumped on it but the feedback is excrutiating and reflects a company not just in disarray but in absolute choas, they have not adapted or attained the necessary logistics sufficiently in the current circumstances and if it's as bad as it looks (pardon the pun!), they should not be taking orders IMO. They have enormous resources but can easily see a brand behaving like this, getting obliterated. I was blown away by Vision Direct first order, delivered next day extremely well packed and with a bag of sweeties thrown in lol (although Vision Direct - gesture appreciated but consider not all your customers want to receive gifts with gelatin in - unasked for - sent to them by mail ) Edit : Vision Direct order around the beginning of lockdown


Cold from me. Usually order regularly from Feel Good Contacts and get excellent service, however thought I'd give Vision Express a try due to current prices. Order placed and payment was taken, yet 48 hours later they've sent me an email to say that as I'm not a customer they'll need me to send a copy of my current prescription before they can do anything 'to ensure I have input the correct details'. Hmm...why accept the payment then? Or at least send an automated email as soon payment is taken requesting a copy of the prescription. As such, I've replied to their email and received a standard automated reply indicating it could be 'a few days' before I receive a reply as they are so busy. Furthermore lenses are taking longer to be delivered than normal due to the current situation. As I'm low on contacts I've re-ordered from Feel God Contacts with tracked next-day delivery (only £3.95). Moral of the story - if it ain't broke don't fix it. Not for the sake of a few quid anyhow.


Will see what happens. Vision Express has always been good to me. I had awful experiences with Specsavers.


I ordered a pair of readers the week before lockdown in store (my first ever proper pair) they were due the week of the lockdown so obviously I couldn't collect them. I had no email or text to say what would be happening, I had to go online and find that information out myself, after 4 weeks I received a pair through the post, they where too big and I couldn't take them to store to be heated up and adjusted, they also sent a 50% off voucher with the glasses and an apology. 2 weeks later I received a duplicate pair just out of the blue, these where not ordered but again too big for me. 1 week after that I received an envelope with another 50% off voucher. I don't think they know what they're doing at all and doesn't inspire much confidence that the prescription is correct or the glasses are even mine.

Proclear 6 monthly pack contact lenses £15.78 + £3.95 del @ Feelgood contacts
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Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Proclear 6 monthly pack contact lenses £15.78 + £3.95 del @ Feelgood contacts
Ideal for anybody like myself who wears contacts. Fantastic offer on monthly lenses. Plus 10% off new customer Plus Quidco cash back Mine work out at £5.39pcm



Daily contacts don't have the much higher oxygen transfer rate that monthlies do. But also don't need to either. They don't have a chance to get clogged up with protein.


You do know opticians are not doctors yeah? They fit glasses and contact lenses. Still though, price per day is king!


I would recommend that you speak to your optician. I'd ask them if the lenses you've been prescribed are suitable for your life style. Once they resume routine testing. As for recommendations I'm not at liberty to suggest any. However here is a link to an American optometrist that discusses top lenses. Ps. I'm more of daily cl person. The thought of reusing a plastic polymer for 30 days and having the responsibility of cleaning and storing the lenses is too much. I'd rather have single use option.


I get these (in toric form) dispensed to me through my specsavers subscription What would you recommend please? Thanks

50% off Glasses, Sunglasses or contact lenses @ Vision Express
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Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
50% off Glasses, Sunglasses or contact lenses @ Vision Express
l50Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
Got this through the post, valid until 31st December
Read More

Works in store!


The code is probably for staff to use when you pay at the till.


I usually get this voucher it only works when u take it in store and hand it over and is only for the individual named on it wonder why everyone is saying code DONT work hope this helps x :) :) :)


Ah that's a shame, I had found a pair I wanted there about 2 weeks before Covid! Was hoping the code would work!


I 'can't see ' this deal doing well !!!!

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4,000 free packs of daily disposable contact lenses to people working for the NHS, police and fire service, social care staff and teachers.
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Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
4,000 free packs of daily disposable contact lenses to people working for the NHS, police and fire service, social care staff and teachers.
Hopefully should helpa few members how to claim info on link and/or info below. Vision Direct is giving away 4,000 free packs of daily disposable contact lenses to people worki… Read more

Given them away now (y)


Why? For the price of postage there we'll worth it, I've worn them twice now both 12hr shifts with no problems, no difference to my other contacts I pay more for from boots


If anyone wants the code they're welcome to it. I refuse to pay the postage


Wow! So once I applied with the code they came the next day so super fast, just got to try them out now (y)


Yeah maybe I was a bit hasty just over a week later and I've also just received a code today 👓 (y)

Everclear ADM Contact Lenses (Trial Pack) 5 Lenses - £1.59 / 10 Lenses - £3.18 Delivered (Using Code / New Customers) @ Vision Direct
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Everclear ADM Contact Lenses (Trial Pack) 5 Lenses - £1.59 / 10 Lenses - £3.18 Delivered (Using Code / New Customers) @ Vision Direct
£1.59 Free P&P FreeVision Direct Deals
Posted the discount code in vouchers as it may be useful to some but most won't see it.. So hopefully this will help someone :) without the code they'd be £5.97 for one box includ… Read more

If you are a member of Costco, they do deals on contact lenses now and again. I buy mine - Johnson and Johnson daily contact lenses for astigmatism - when they do the buy 3 months get a month free deal (£107). They do deals on other contact lenses too.


1 box left, 1 box right. Usually people have slightly different vision in each eye, so slightly different strength contacts for each. And yes you need a contact lense prescription. Normally free with a free trial I think at Specsavers. I think the company are supposed to check your prescription is up to date (within 2 years) but don't think they do.


I tried them, they are okay but not so great quality. Much thicker, very uncomfortable, itching all day!


Don’t forget 8% Quidco !!


Can anyone recommend a company that does Toric lenses cheaper than the Specsavers etc.

Everclear ADM (trial pack) Try it FREE - 2 packs, 10 lenses, £3.98 shipping @ Vision Direct
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Posted 17th MarPosted 17th Mar
Everclear ADM (trial pack) Try it FREE - 2 packs, 10 lenses, £3.98 shipping @ Vision Direct
Just ordered my lenses and noticed they are offering Everclear ADM lenses for a free trial, they are free if you are already buying something from them, otherwise you will have to … Read more

Sorry, I meant a selection of other brand lenses, not specifically the brand mentioned for the free trial?


I only ordered 1 box per eye, 10 lenses in total for free. Not sure you will get any more than that as it is a trial on just one type as fas as I know.


Is there any way to get a selection of lenses rather than ordering a minimum of three boxes per eye?TIA


Thanks OP :)


Mine came today ( ordered yesterday ) with complimentary Haribo that have now been devoured (y)

Oxysept 1 Step Contact Lenses Disinfecting Solution 30 Days 80p at Superdrug (Brighouse)
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Posted 21st JanPosted 21st JanLocalLocal
Oxysept 1 Step Contact Lenses Disinfecting Solution 30 Days 80p at Superdrug (Brighouse)
£0.80£890%Superdrug Deals
Got this in store at Superdrug, Brighouse on clearance. Short dated until Feb. Got 10% NHS discount on top of clearance price :D TLC for my lenses!

Been buying the 3 pack from Amazon when it drops below £20. Really pleased with the product


Lmaoooooo. I use the EasySept peroxide, the one with the grey spider disc at the bottom which does the neutralising. The cost it is more than the most of the lenses themselves now! Too scared of laser eye treatment btw.


Haha I’m having second thoughts on using this now. I’m not so good at remembering when I’m on nights


Lol, never forget putting the pink tablet in the to neutralise the peroxide solution. You only forget once, as you try fishing out the context lens from your eye that refuses to open due to the pain. Those were the days, like Russian roulette in the morning after a night out and trying to remember if you popped a new tab from the blister pack. Thankfully I don't need corrective lenses now!

2 for £5 Superdrug All In One Soft Contact Lens Solution 360ml (each £9.99) @ Superdrug (no longer online) and instore
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Posted 13th Nov 2019Posted 13th Nov 2019
2 for £5 Superdrug All In One Soft Contact Lens Solution 360ml (each £9.99) @ Superdrug (no longer online) and instore
£5£9.9950%Superdrug Deals
Buy 2 bottles for only £5 when one bottle costs £9.99. Superdrug All In One Soft Contact Lens Solution 360ml It works if you buy two the same product (not mix&match). I boug… Read more

Also, after placing my order (of £10 for free home delivery) I was asked to share a recommendation link to receive £10 off a £50 spend. Got the email and code immediately. I think it would have been frustrating if I had done a big shop!


Oh dear, they’ve caught on. It was showing earlier. So this must have been a glitch before and now in the process of correcting


Not 2 for £5 online when i try.. 2 for £14.


Thanks and I agree. I can’t believe how expensive they are for a bottle. I think saw £2.49 each in Savers so better deal at Home Bargains.


Home Bargains do an all in one solution for less than £2 if you have one nearby. Been using it years without any issues, this stuff is so expensive in boots so still a good spot!

Bausch + Lomb ReNu contact lens solution 3 x 240ml £8.50 prime / £12.99 non prime at Amazon
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Posted 29th Sep 2019Posted 29th Sep 2019
Bausch + Lomb ReNu contact lens solution 3 x 240ml £8.50 prime / £12.99 non prime at Amazon
3 months' supply of contact lens solution, usually you can only get 1 bottle for a price like this on highstreet stores.

I understand, I too used to use two solutions. For quite a while, though, it seems that all the solutions have been refined, so are used for both cleaning and storage. I've used all-in-one stuff for quite a few years. Perhaps, the only exception may be for hard lenses?


You can :) Once it's delivered just cancel subscription....I did every 6 months frequency just incase I forget


I tried to figure out if it's possible to use this offer and then cancel the subscription, but their T&Cs are so lengthy and tricky so I just gave up.. :\


Thanks Bought for £5.88 with the 30% first subscribe order


Oh I didn't see that,but got it for 7.69 so I'm happy with that :)

Free Contact Lens Trial at Specsavers (Kirkby, Liverpool)
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Posted 14th Jun 2019Posted 14th Jun 2019LocalLocal
Free Contact Lens Trial at Specsavers (Kirkby, Liverpool)
Free trail at specsavers Kirkby just found it on there website today , great deal as I live in toxteth park area in Liverpool and we only have asda opticians. This deal says you ca… Read more

You have to becreally careful with Specsavers. Different branches vary enormously but i I would say most branches I've tried were garbage. Numerous times they've messed up my prescription and tried to convince me I just needed time for my eyes to adjust. I go nowhere near them now.


Yeah, these were just daily chuck aways.


Depends on the type of lenses you were trying out. Daily or Monthly disposable you’d probably have been ok. Has permeable. You’d have to pay and get a refund as they are long term solutions you clean.


I tried one of these trails before, but the contact lenses just got stuck to my feet. Worst trail ever!


When I tried this some time back, the free trial was "in shop only"!!!! I had never tried contacts before and thought this was a good way to see if they were good for me. They said I would have to buy them if I wanted to walk out the shop. Never got my business again after that. Maybe they have learned from that and now offer a real trial in the real world.

Complete RevitaLens 240ml contact lens solution + lens case - £1.10 instore @ Superdrug
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Posted 26th May 2019Posted 26th May 2019LocalLocal
Complete RevitaLens 240ml contact lens solution + lens case - £1.10 instore @ Superdrug
£1.10£5.9982%Superdrug Deals
This has to be a mistake price in Superdrug, normally it's around £10 so I assume a '0' is missing :) I've purchased it in Bournemouth Castlepoint, I don't know if it's nationwide … Read more

Haha good job, then it's deffinitely mispriced. I took 4 to till first, then went back and took the last 2 as well 😁


The shelf in my local had the full price tag - 10.99. Took it to the counter and scanned at £1.10. Had the smaller 100ml ones scanning at 65p - ideal for the hand luggage. I cleared the shelves!


Great find op


It's not a mistake, it's just Superdrug usual reductions on discontinued products. I have seen it at this price in a couple of stores over last few weeks but as it's not something I would use I didn't pay much attention, prices and reduction times vary though so not necessarily this price in all stores yet.

2 FREE PAIRS OF GLASSES FOR KIDS @ Specsavers (Liverpool Kirkby Opticians) Kids Completely Free - Under 16
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Posted 22nd Mar 2019Posted 22nd Mar 2019LocalLocal
2 FREE PAIRS OF GLASSES FOR KIDS @ Specsavers (Liverpool Kirkby Opticians) Kids Completely Free - Under 16
Found another deal from My local Specsavers ( WISH I GOT SOMTHING FOR FREE) At Specsavers, all glasses in our kids’ £64 and £85 ranges are free with an under-16s’ NHS optical vouc… Read more

It’s a good deal however when we took our daughter in for her first eye test we were told she needed glasses for a stigmatism. Got our 2 pairs but after a couple of months we took her to the hospital for a second opinion (refer from GP) and they confirmed she didn’t need glasses, her prescription was the lowest they can possibly get and unnecessary. We’ve since heard for others with the same experience, from different branches of Specsavers. I’m sure they are just being over cautious but we could have easily made our daughter wear glasses for years which aren’t actually necessary.


Thank you I will look in to this yes we do have the lenses thinned


Do you pay to have extras on the lenses or upgrade to designer glasses? All stores will offer 65/85 kids range free of charge standard lenses with uv protection. Some stores will allow upto the £89 adults selection for older children. Anything above this or extras on lenses will be charged on top. Hope that helps


Not in Stratford upon Avon I end up paying around £150 for my children’s glasses


Fantastic deal 🙌🙌🙌

Free Glasses with Contact Lenses @ SpecSavers
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Posted 21st Mar 2019Posted 21st Mar 2019
Free Glasses with Contact Lenses @ SpecSavers
Im bound to get slated by you wonderful lot but i thought this was worth posting as this happened today. My manager lost a contact lense today and went to specsavers and because s… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Same here, just checked... I use dailies vitrea and I'm £60 pa plus checkups and free glasses better off on the specsavers scheme compared to that online retailer, quite surprised by that.


On paper Specsavers Lensmail seems quite expensive, but as others have said when you take into account everything it's a decent deal. Solution works out quite cheap, it includes a £20 checkup, and guarantees free replacements if you lose lenses (at least a pair of monthlies a year, but they are very relaxed with this). I didn't know about the glasses perk, but that helps sweeten the deal even more!


If you’re on a direct debit for lenses, you get free pair of glasses every 2 years (y)


If you are subscribed to a monthly plan and lose a contact lense you can ring the lensemail telephone number and then collect a replacement lense from store for free.


Free eye test posted deal on her for liverpool Store. Think there are a few offering free eye tests in Liverpool try ask them to price match any other offers. There contact lens are branded better than your average ones. They also do hearing aids free on nhs. My local specsavers store link below

Everclear Elite Contact Lenses Free Trial - Just Pay P&P (£2.98) @ Vision Direct
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Posted 21st Mar 2019Posted 21st Mar 2019
Everclear Elite Contact Lenses Free Trial - Just Pay P&P (£2.98) @ Vision Direct
£2.98£7.9663%Vision Direct Deals
Claim 5 pairs of Everclear Elite contact lenses for free, just pay postage for £2.98.

This isn’t comparable if I want to trial lenses before buying a large quantity; the least you would pay for the Acuvue Moist 5 pairs would be £4.05 plus £2.98 postage, total £7.03. This deal lets you try 5 pairs for just postage of £2.98, which equates to being over 50% cheaper.


Google Accuve Moist. Result shown below. 30 lenses for £12.15 from Vision Direct 10 lenses £4.05 (5 pairs) Free orders over £49... I buy 5 boxes at a time for free next day delivery, otherwise £2.98 Postage if under £49. Image below.


Do you mind sharing where you can get the Acuvue Moist for this price from please?


Not able to add code, as 'special price applied' shows on summary basket where you would normally enter codes, which does not allow further discount codes. This 'free trial' costs £2.99 for 5 pairs, and I pay £4.05 for 5 pairs of Acuve Moist. So a 'saving' of £1 is not tempting me to try them.


Boots do a free contact lens trial. You also get an assessment to evaluate the best contacts for you. To me this sounds a better (and safer) option.

Blink eye drops for contact lens wearers with dry eyes
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Posted 30th Dec 2018Posted 30th Dec 2018
Blink eye drops for contact lens wearers with dry eyes
£0.20£7.4097%Asda Deals
20 p asda southgate was white tag not a reduced one

I think this stuff goes onto the surface of the eyeball, but I certainly agree, it wouldn't be a good idea to introduce it into the eyeball, that would be silly...


Online theyre £6/7 per bottle so deal imo


always good to drop something incredibly cheap directly onto your eyeball.

Halloween contact lenses reduced to £2.99 various styles p&p is £2.99 @ Blue Banana
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Posted 9th Oct 2018Posted 9th Oct 2018
Halloween contact lenses reduced to £2.99 various styles p&p is £2.99 @ Blue Banana
£5.98£21.9973%Blue Banana Deals
Blue Banana have got lots of fancy contact lenses reduced down to as little as £2.99 Most were £12.99 down to £2.99 These’s were £21.99 down to £2.99… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Taken from the website for those with safety concerns ”We know some of you prefer to buy in-store and are looking for Halloween contact lenses near me but with our FDA approved lenses you can shop knowing the products are high-quality and fit for purpose. We know your priority is to find safe Halloween contact lenses UK and this is something we take incredibly seriously. We also love to bring you products at the best price. Our Halloween contact lenses cheap are made with high quality pigment and a soft material so you can enjoy breathable contacts that will totally transform your look.


I wouldn't risk your health for a look


That website didn’t include the ‘perfectly safe’ part when i read it last month. Looks like they’ve changed their mind. But I wouldn’t risk it. Each to their own


This is what is on spec savers website here’s another link to visions direct These are reduced the rrp is quite high so I would expect them to be reasonable quailty from a U.K. retailer. My lad wears contact lenses anyway so hoping a couple of hours in them will be ok and he’ll no if they don’t feel right and take them out. Me personally i’m very squeamish with eyes and wouldn’t be able to put these in. :o (nerd)


Would you risk your eyesight for a night of fun? I've been told the painted surfaces block oxygen to the eyes and can cause cells to die

Bargain 360ml saline solution (for contact lenses) at Wilko for £1.50
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Posted 15th Aug 2018Posted 15th Aug 2018
Bargain 360ml saline solution (for contact lenses) at Wilko for £1.50
There seems to be a U.K. shortage of saline solution. Today, I bought several bottles from Wilco. Only £1.50 a bottle. Supermarkets tend to sell it for £2 or more and sometimes lac… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Agreed. I bought some and used for a few weeks thinking I was saving money, and it really isn't sufficient. The main thing it lacks are the chemicals that break down the proteins that build up - eyes just felt a bit gritty after a few weeks and a soak in normal solution sorted it out!


This is saline. Its used for rinsing contacts. Its not good enough so actually need the contact lenses and store them, you need a multi purpose solution for that


It can in some recipes.


This product cannot be used for making slime as it does not have boric acid


Only if it contains boric acid?

10 Everclear ADM Contact Lenses free with code CLEAR10 at Vision Direct - just pay £2.98 postage
390° Expired
Posted 13th Aug 2018Posted 13th Aug 2018
10 Everclear ADM Contact Lenses free with code CLEAR10 at Vision Direct - just pay £2.98 postage
Go via link and use promo code CLEAR10 to get two boxes of 5 everclear ADM contact lenses for free. Only pay £2.98 for postage.



Her eye care is free.


Avoid lenses like these, Daysoft, etc. Made from Hydrogel, a material designed in the 1960's. Poor comfort, very poor oxygen transmissibility, high risk of problems, ulcers, etc. If you value your eyes, look for lenses made from Silicone Hydrogel. Much better comfort, vastly improved oxygen transmissibility, many are UV protecting, much less risks to your eyes. Pretty much all modern contact lenses (eg Coopervision, Acuvue, etc.) available at reputable opticians will be made from Silcone Hydrogel. Very good deals in Specsavers, Vision Express, etc. as mentioned above (also available affordably online). As with everything, you get what you pay for...


That's fair, probably not the best opening line! I guess what I meant was there is not always a saving buying online. Unless your wife's eye test and contacts check combined cost less than 31.44. Most opticians charge more than that as far as I know. So once again for me buying daily disposables online would cost me more than buying from specsavers if I total up everything. However, I can see some contacts probably are cheaper online, but I feel the majority of contacts are pretty reasonably priced in the all inclusive packages with the major players on the high street.


I got all that, but I was quoting your opening line, "I cant understand why people buy online" and cited a reason. That aside, apart from the free pair of glasses up to £45, I dont see what the wife misses out on. She has her annual eye-tests for glasses & contacts done by a local independent optician who she's used for years. The only real difference being she chooses to buy her daily disposables online instead, and save money in the process. I suppose her shout would be "I cant understand why people dont buy online" Lol, each to their own. The bottom line being as long as you are happy with your eyes, regardless of what route you go down, that's all that really matters. Her eyesight must be tip top, she misses nothing. (annoyed)

Bio True Contact Lens Solution 2 for £14 @ Superdrug
107° Expired
Posted 28th Apr 2018Posted 28th Apr 2018LocalLocal
Bio True Contact Lens Solution 2 for £14 @ Superdrug
Good multi-purpose solution 300ml bottles 2 for £14.

First time for everything and all that


Wow! Never seen Bio True for £3!!!


soooooooooooooooooooooo expensive, less than £3 in Asda and Morrisons


2 for £12.86 or 4 for £22.29 from Amazon.


Great to make slime?

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