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Free Contact Lens Trial at Specsavers (Kirkby, Liverpool)
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th JunLocalLocal
Free trail at specsavers Kirkby just found it on there website today , great deal as I live in toxteth park area in Liverpool and we only have asda opticians. This deal says you ca… Read more

You have to becreally careful with Specsavers. Different branches vary enormously but i I would say most branches I've tried were garbage. Numerous times they've messed up my prescription and tried to convince me I just needed time for my eyes to adjust. I go nowhere near them now.


Yeah, these were just daily chuck aways.


Depends on the type of lenses you were trying out. Daily or Monthly disposable you’d probably have been ok. Has permeable. You’d have to pay and get a refund as they are long term solutions you clean.


I tried one of these trails before, but the contact lenses just got stuck to my feet. Worst trail ever!


When I tried this some time back, the free trial was "in shop only"!!!! I had never tried contacts before and thought this was a good way to see if they were good for me. They said I would have to buy them if I wanted to walk out the shop. Never got my business again after that. Maybe they have learned from that and now offer a real trial in the real world.

Complete RevitaLens 240ml contact lens solution + lens case - £1.10 instore @ Superdrug
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Posted 26th MayPosted 26th MayLocalLocal
Complete RevitaLens 240ml contact lens solution + lens case - £1.10 instore @ Superdrug
£1.10£5.9982%Superdrug Deals
This has to be a mistake price in Superdrug, normally it's around £10 so I assume a '0' is missing :) I've purchased it in Bournemouth Castlepoint, I don't know if it's nationwide … Read more

Haha good job, then it's deffinitely mispriced. I took 4 to till first, then went back and took the last 2 as well 😁


The shelf in my local had the full price tag - 10.99. Took it to the counter and scanned at £1.10. Had the smaller 100ml ones scanning at 65p - ideal for the hand luggage. I cleared the shelves!


Great find op


It's not a mistake, it's just Superdrug usual reductions on discontinued products. I have seen it at this price in a couple of stores over last few weeks but as it's not something I would use I didn't pay much attention, prices and reduction times vary though so not necessarily this price in all stores yet.

2 FREE PAIRS OF GLASSES FOR KIDS @ Specsavers (Liverpool Kirkby Opticians) Kids Completely Free - Under 16
14/03/2020Expires on 14/03/2020LocalLocalPosted 22nd MarPosted 22nd Mar
2 FREE PAIRS OF GLASSES FOR KIDS @ Specsavers (Liverpool Kirkby Opticians) Kids Completely Free - Under 16
Found another deal from My local Specsavers ( WISH I GOT SOMTHING FOR FREE) At Specsavers, all glasses in our kids’ £64 and £85 ranges are free with an under-16s’ NHS optical vouc… Read more

It’s a good deal however when we took our daughter in for her first eye test we were told she needed glasses for a stigmatism. Got our 2 pairs but after a couple of months we took her to the hospital for a second opinion (refer from GP) and they confirmed she didn’t need glasses, her prescription was the lowest they can possibly get and unnecessary. We’ve since heard for others with the same experience, from different branches of Specsavers. I’m sure they are just being over cautious but we could have easily made our daughter wear glasses for years which aren’t actually necessary.


Thank you I will look in to this yes we do have the lenses thinned


Do you pay to have extras on the lenses or upgrade to designer glasses? All stores will offer 65/85 kids range free of charge standard lenses with uv protection. Some stores will allow upto the £89 adults selection for older children. Anything above this or extras on lenses will be charged on top. Hope that helps


Not in Stratford upon Avon I end up paying around £150 for my children’s glasses


Fantastic deal 🙌🙌🙌

Free Glasses with Contact Lenses @ SpecSavers
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Posted 21st MarPosted 21st Mar
Free Glasses with Contact Lenses @ SpecSavers
Im bound to get slated by you wonderful lot but i thought this was worth posting as this happened today. My manager lost a contact lense today and went to specsavers and because s… Read more
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Same here, just checked... I use dailies vitrea and I'm £60 pa plus checkups and free glasses better off on the specsavers scheme compared to that online retailer, quite surprised by that.


On paper Specsavers Lensmail seems quite expensive, but as others have said when you take into account everything it's a decent deal. Solution works out quite cheap, it includes a £20 checkup, and guarantees free replacements if you lose lenses (at least a pair of monthlies a year, but they are very relaxed with this). I didn't know about the glasses perk, but that helps sweeten the deal even more!


If you’re on a direct debit for lenses, you get free pair of glasses every 2 years (y)


If you are subscribed to a monthly plan and lose a contact lense you can ring the lensemail telephone number and then collect a replacement lense from store for free.


Free eye test posted deal on her for liverpool Store. Think there are a few offering free eye tests in Liverpool try ask them to price match any other offers. There contact lens are branded better than your average ones. They also do hearing aids free on nhs. My local specsavers store link below

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Everclear Elite Contact Lenses Free Trial - Just Pay P&P (£2.98) @ Vision Direct
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Posted 21st MarPosted 21st Mar
Claim 5 pairs of Everclear Elite contact lenses for free, just pay postage for £2.98.

This isn’t comparable if I want to trial lenses before buying a large quantity; the least you would pay for the Acuvue Moist 5 pairs would be £4.05 plus £2.98 postage, total £7.03. This deal lets you try 5 pairs for just postage of £2.98, which equates to being over 50% cheaper.


Google Accuve Moist. Result shown below. 30 lenses for £12.15 from Vision Direct 10 lenses £4.05 (5 pairs) Free orders over £49... I buy 5 boxes at a time for free next day delivery, otherwise £2.98 Postage if under £49. Image below.


Do you mind sharing where you can get the Acuvue Moist for this price from please?


Not able to add code, as 'special price applied' shows on summary basket where you would normally enter codes, which does not allow further discount codes. This 'free trial' costs £2.99 for 5 pairs, and I pay £4.05 for 5 pairs of Acuve Moist. So a 'saving' of £1 is not tempting me to try them.


Boots do a free contact lens trial. You also get an assessment to evaluate the best contacts for you. To me this sounds a better (and safer) option.

Blink eye drops for contact lens wearers with dry eyes
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Posted 30th Dec 2018Posted 30th Dec 2018
Blink eye drops for contact lens wearers with dry eyes
£0.20£7.4097%Asda Deals
20 p asda southgate was white tag not a reduced one
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I think this stuff goes onto the surface of the eyeball, but I certainly agree, it wouldn't be a good idea to introduce it into the eyeball, that would be silly...


Online theyre £6/7 per bottle so deal imo


always good to drop something incredibly cheap directly onto your eyeball.

Halloween contact lenses reduced to £2.99 various styles p&p is £2.99 @ Blue Banana
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Posted 9th Oct 2018Posted 9th Oct 2018
Halloween contact lenses reduced to £2.99 various styles p&p is £2.99 @ Blue Banana
£5.98£21.9973%Blue Banana Deals
Blue Banana have got lots of fancy contact lenses reduced down to as little as £2.99 Most were £12.99 down to £2.99 These’s were £21.99 down to £2.99… Read more
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Taken from the website for those with safety concerns ”We know some of you prefer to buy in-store and are looking for Halloween contact lenses near me but with our FDA approved lenses you can shop knowing the products are high-quality and fit for purpose. We know your priority is to find safe Halloween contact lenses UK and this is something we take incredibly seriously. We also love to bring you products at the best price. Our Halloween contact lenses cheap are made with high quality pigment and a soft material so you can enjoy breathable contacts that will totally transform your look.


I wouldn't risk your health for a look


That website didn’t include the ‘perfectly safe’ part when i read it last month. Looks like they’ve changed their mind. But I wouldn’t risk it. Each to their own


This is what is on spec savers website here’s another link to visions direct These are reduced the rrp is quite high so I would expect them to be reasonable quailty from a U.K. retailer. My lad wears contact lenses anyway so hoping a couple of hours in them will be ok and he’ll no if they don’t feel right and take them out. Me personally i’m very squeamish with eyes and wouldn’t be able to put these in. :o (nerd)


Would you risk your eyesight for a night of fun? I've been told the painted surfaces block oxygen to the eyes and can cause cells to die

Bargain 360ml saline solution (for contact lenses) at Wilko for £1.50
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Posted 15th Aug 2018Posted 15th Aug 2018
Bargain 360ml saline solution (for contact lenses) at Wilko for £1.50
There seems to be a U.K. shortage of saline solution. Today, I bought several bottles from Wilco. Only £1.50 a bottle. Supermarkets tend to sell it for £2 or more and sometimes lac… Read more
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Agreed. I bought some and used for a few weeks thinking I was saving money, and it really isn't sufficient. The main thing it lacks are the chemicals that break down the proteins that build up - eyes just felt a bit gritty after a few weeks and a soak in normal solution sorted it out!


This is saline. Its used for rinsing contacts. Its not good enough so actually need the contact lenses and store them, you need a multi purpose solution for that


It can in some recipes.


This product cannot be used for making slime as it does not have boric acid


Only if it contains boric acid?

10 Everclear ADM Contact Lenses free with code CLEAR10 at Vision Direct - just pay £2.98 postage
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Posted 13th Aug 2018Posted 13th Aug 2018
Go via link and use promo code CLEAR10 to get two boxes of 5 everclear ADM contact lenses for free. Only pay £2.98 for postage.



Her eye care is free.


Avoid lenses like these, Daysoft, etc. Made from Hydrogel, a material designed in the 1960's. Poor comfort, very poor oxygen transmissibility, high risk of problems, ulcers, etc. If you value your eyes, look for lenses made from Silicone Hydrogel. Much better comfort, vastly improved oxygen transmissibility, many are UV protecting, much less risks to your eyes. Pretty much all modern contact lenses (eg Coopervision, Acuvue, etc.) available at reputable opticians will be made from Silcone Hydrogel. Very good deals in Specsavers, Vision Express, etc. as mentioned above (also available affordably online). As with everything, you get what you pay for...


That's fair, probably not the best opening line! I guess what I meant was there is not always a saving buying online. Unless your wife's eye test and contacts check combined cost less than 31.44. Most opticians charge more than that as far as I know. So once again for me buying daily disposables online would cost me more than buying from specsavers if I total up everything. However, I can see some contacts probably are cheaper online, but I feel the majority of contacts are pretty reasonably priced in the all inclusive packages with the major players on the high street.


I got all that, but I was quoting your opening line, "I cant understand why people buy online" and cited a reason. That aside, apart from the free pair of glasses up to £45, I dont see what the wife misses out on. She has her annual eye-tests for glasses & contacts done by a local independent optician who she's used for years. The only real difference being she chooses to buy her daily disposables online instead, and save money in the process. I suppose her shout would be "I cant understand why people dont buy online" Lol, each to their own. The bottom line being as long as you are happy with your eyes, regardless of what route you go down, that's all that really matters. Her eyesight must be tip top, she misses nothing. (annoyed)

Bio True Contact Lens Solution 2 for £14 @ Superdrug
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Posted 28th Apr 2018Posted 28th Apr 2018LocalLocal
Bio True Contact Lens Solution 2 for £14 @ Superdrug
Good multi-purpose solution 300ml bottles 2 for £14.

First time for everything and all that


Wow! Never seen Bio True for £3!!!


soooooooooooooooooooooo expensive, less than £3 in Asda and Morrisons


2 for £12.86 or 4 for £22.29 from Amazon.


Great to make slime?

10% off Contact Lenses for New Customers with Code @ Vision Direct
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Posted 22nd Mar 2018Posted 22nd Mar 2018
10% off Contact Lenses for New Customers with Code @ Vision Direct
G18Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Voucher code: SPRING18 Description: Save 10% on your first order with Vision … Read more
Read More

Looked at the solutions I use, even with the discount they are much more expensive than elsewhere.

Save £15 off contact lenses from smartbuyglasses - £30 Toward an Online Order of Contact Lenses at SmartBuyGlasses @ Groupon
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Posted 4th Jan 2018Posted 4th Jan 2018
Save £15 off contact lenses from smartbuyglasses - £30 Toward an Online Order of Contact Lenses at SmartBuyGlasses @ Groupon
Was about to order my lenses from smartbuyglasses as they are often the cheapest when I found a £30 voucher on groupon for £15. Makes them a lot cheaper than elsewhere Add to that … Read more

Worked fine for me, but having said that the first time I tried the new total was incorrect. Logged out and back in and it updated correctly


Or just do yourself a favour and use Daysoft - about £13.50 a month delivered for 32 pairs.


No point buying the voucher from Groupon as i tried to order some contact lense direct from them the total came to £32 inc delivery than i went to Groupon to get the voucher for £15 when i add that voucher code to smartbuyglasses webisite they change price to £21.90 payable. Therefore it will cost more to use the voucher £15+ 21.90 = £36.90


Xan't grumble at that; thanks for posting mikepcon

10% off ALL contact lenses at smartbuyglasses.. plus possible 5.75% cashback via TCB. LENS10
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Posted 11th Jul 2017Posted 11th Jul 2017
10% off ALL contact lenses at smartbuyglasses.. plus possible 5.75% cashback via TCB. LENS10
S10Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Received an email from BuySmartGlasses earlier today mentioning 10% off all contact lenses until 11am tomorrow (12/7). I bought a 6 months supply for £140, as opposed to £210 elsew… Read more
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Acuvue Moist Contact Lenses - £12.45 at Vision Direct
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Posted 10th May 2017Posted 10th May 2017
Acuvue Moist Contact Lenses - £12.45 at Vision Direct
Vision Direct have these contact lenses on sale at the moment. Seems a brilliant price from a reputable retailer. £12.45 per box of 30. Free delivery when you spend over £50. 12 … Read more

That didn't take long lol £15.99 is a crap price. £14.75 at Tesco and (IIRC) Specsavers.


Price has increased to £15.99 per box

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Posted 21st Apr 2017Posted 21st Apr 2017
Lens123 Visioncare Experts are giving away Trial Packs of Contact Lenses for FREE! You can claim a 1 months supply of a monthly or bi-weekly lens, or 10 days of daily disposable c… Read more

just ordered mine, missed it last time. ive just made a new thread on this oops!


I didn't get charged. sooo..... idk.


​Just look up on their website what contacts they offer, pick a brand and input your contact lens prescription.


Do you need to be on Prescription Glasses in order to be able to cash this Deal in or something?, or ..... As the link at: On their web site it says: "Free Trial Pack £0.00 Enter Prescription (Contact Lens Brand and Powers) R & L" Or, am I missing something?.


Code not working?

32 Sets of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses £12.98 delivered @ Daysoft
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Posted 5th Mar 2017Posted 5th Mar 2017
32 Sets of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses £12.98 delivered @ Daysoft
This is not a "deal" as such, this is their normal price for a months supply of lenses. I'm only posting it because some may not have heard of them before and it hasn't been posted… Read more

feel good are cheap as are lenson esp for bulk orders vision direct also I also use too as you get free sight test and contact lenses aftercare from vision express if you buy lenses on line with them wearing toric dailies means mine cost a bit more so i shop around and stock up with whoevers cheapest


I always use Feel Good Contacts. £26 delivered for a three month supply of lenses (monthlies). Fabulous customer service and speedy delivery in the four years I've been using them. Plus, Specsavers allow a free trial of their lenses every 12 months, so I use them to check over my eyes for free. Winner!


Used to be a strong believer in these but have now moved on to a different brand. Comfort-wise they were pretty much equal to start with but I found these tended to make my eyes feel dry sooner.


​Hmmm, try getting a straight answer from them though, such as "how did you manage to release batches of lenses with incorrect pH if you conduct stringent tests?"...


the silk ones burn

Total care contact lens solution £3.20 120ml instore @ Tesco
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Posted 4th Feb 2017Posted 4th Feb 2017LocalLocal
Total care contact lens solution £3.20 120ml instore @ Tesco
Blink total care lens solution shelf edge label says £9.95 scanning at till for £3.20. Found in Tesco Pontypridd unsure if available elsewhere. Suitable for hard and rigid gas pe… Read more
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£3-£3.50 is normal price, hubby has been using this for years.


Same price in Asda has been that price for a long time. That is for hard lenses


I bought the last bottle of this in Chelmsford a couple of weeks ago, so not sure if they are clearing stock, definately worth scanning though because shelf edge was still full price. Last time I looked in home bargains the solutions appeared to be only for soft lenses , I've not looked in savers though so I would be interested too , the solutions for hard lenses are always more difficult to find and certainly at a decent price.


​Are you talking about soft contact lens or hard contact lense solution? There's a noticeable difference between the two types so as a wearer of hard lenses it would be good to know. thanks in advance


Check out either Savers or Home Bargains for the best value contact lens solution - it's £1.99 for 360ml and works exactly the same as the posh branded stuff for me!

10% off Your first Order of coloured contact Lenses with voucher @ Vision Direct
Posted 4th Oct 2016Posted 4th Oct 2016
10% off Your first Order of coloured contact Lenses with voucher @ Vision Direct
016Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
INSTRUCTIONS: New customers Only Enter the code at the checkout.
Read More
FREE DAILIES TOTAL1 ® contact lenses
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Posted 21st Sep 2016Posted 21st Sep 2016
FREE DAILIES TOTAL1 ® contact lenses
Claim your free DAILIES TOTAL1® now! Lenses that 9 out of 10 wearers agreed that when worn they felt like wearing nothing at all! The lenses include ground-breaking water-gradient … Read more

if you go throuh the home page you can find a store locator


god almighty I tried, specsavers tried charging me £35 for contact lens fitting test etc, had to order the lenses etc, took 2 months and lots of hassle. not free since you need to pay optician


You have to to print out a voucher, take it to your opticians and u get 5 free ones by the looks of it. Optician has to be running promotion but couldn't see a list of ones that were. cba.

5% off Contact Lenses when you Spend £65 with voucher @ Smart Buy glasses
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Posted 1st Sep 2016Posted 1st Sep 2016
5% off Contact Lenses when you Spend £65 with voucher @ Smart Buy glasses
5CLGet code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the code at the checkout. MINIMUM SPEND: £65
Read More

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