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12% Off your Contact Lens order using discount code @ Lenstore
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Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Use discount code: UNIORXA3V6F to get 12% Off your order Some exclusions apply. SHOP BY TYPE Daily Disposables Two Weekly Disposables Monthly Disposables Extend… Read more

Ah that's good, you're welcome :)


Code only valid on certain orders 😔


Great timing, thanks

25% Off Contact Lenses using discount code + Free delivery on all orders @ Vision Express
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Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Enter the discount code at checkout to get 25% off all contact lenses. Use offer code CL25 The offer includes daily disposable contact lenses, and monthly contact lenses … Read more

Interesting.. I didn't know that!


Thats bizarre! Why do they have such different prices?


Vision Express own Lenstore!


Even with the discount code, lenstore is still cheaper


I’d think it’s probably still cheaper to buy from other online sellers

daysoft Daily Disposable Contact Lenses - TWO Boxes of 32 lenses (Total 64 lenses) £11.38 delivered @ daysoft
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
These are great contact lenses, I have used them for over 10 years. These daily disposable contact lenses cost just £4.99 for a box of 32 lenses - Minimum order of 2 boxes, and de… Read more

I don’t really know how to read this, what number should I order? Thank you


Same, I wear glasses for work, and contacts for days / nights out and sports :)


These are terrible, have a DK/t of 26. Oxygen permeability is very low. They'll end up feeling uncomfortable for a normal days wear. Spend the extra and look for something actually fitted by an optometrist, or actually go for a contact lense fit and see what your base curve size is, etc. then shop online if you really want to save a penny. Protect your eyes, my wife's an optometrist and she's seen some right grotty eyes from people who think they know better than their optom. Edit: I've read their spiel on other brands, I wouldn't touch those ones with a bargepole either. They're the budget brands from other companies. Stand by what I said.


Been using these for years, not a deal though, it's their regular price.


I wear glasses for work and use these lenses for holidays and night outs and have used for years with no problems

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Bausch & Lomb ReNu 4 x 240ml multipurpose contact lens solution £13.10 prime / £17.59 Non Prime at Amazon
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Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Bausch & Lomb ReNu 4 x 240ml multipurpose contact lens solution £13.10 prime / £17.59 Non Prime at Amazon£13.10Amazon Deals
£1.36/100ml Last available back in Feb. Think it's harder to get cheaper than this if it's what you need.

I'm hardly using mine since WFH, but heat for the deal.


Nice. Thanks!


Nice (y)

Daysoft Contact Lenses 32 pack £4.99 each (Min order 2 / £1.40 delivery) @ Daysoft
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Posted 25th MarPosted 25th Mar
Normally £5.99. I've been using the company for the last 4 years and they've saved me a fortune. Standard delivery - £1.40 Express delivery - £5.76

You are implying that because lenses have a water content that this in itself is a risk (lenses should be sterile). This is not the case. The incidence may be low, and bearing in mind that the USA population is many times greater than the UK, but it is a condition that can cause blindness, as can Pseudomonas, which is also found in water. So, whilst we don't advocate blowing this out of all proportion, similarly, we don't want to leave any doubt that contact lenses should not come into contact with fluids that are not prescribed for cleaning them.


Can't imagine swimming pool water with chlorine in it would be an issue.


Yeah swimming is out, 109%, but this condition is pretty rare in the U.K. it’s much more prevalent in the states and even then 100 cases a year. I have showered with lenses in before using the simple technique of not letting water get in my eyes. Not perfectly you might say, well wearing high water content lenses alone puts you at risk, and one cannot 100% prevent water contact with lenses in the rain (droplets coming off foliage for example), and even vigilant hand hygiene etc isn’t perfect.. It’s a risk and don’t swim with contacts, but don’t let’s blow it out of proportion


Never, ever, swim or shower with contact lenses in. Fluids, other than natural tears or the solutions for cleaning and storing them, should never come into contact with your lenses. Read the following: What causes acanthamoeba keratitis?There are various factors known to increase the risk of getting acanthamoeba keratitis. The biggest risk factor is exposure to water, but poor contact lens hygiene can also cause infection. The key contributors are: Swimming or showering in contact lensesRinsing or storing your lenses in waterHandling your lenses with unwashed or wet handsFailing to disinfect your lenses properlyFailing to clean and dispose of your contact lenses appropriatelyUsing non-sterile solutionsTopping up your solution rather than using fresh solution


Yeah it’s mainly an issue for surfers, water polo players etc. that need to be able to see but can’t wear goggles. My opticians has always said if you must wear contacts in the pool make sure you take them out straight away. Agree with the showering too, that’s how most people get eye infections as they don’t realise.