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Various discounted paints on Clearance at Wickes - free Click & Collect
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Posted 3rd Aug 2020Posted 3rd Aug 2020
Various discounted paints on Clearance at Wickes - free Click & CollectWickes Deals
I am looking for paint to do more DIY. Come across the clearance section on the Wickes site. Some good 50% off paints. Some decent, normal colours that can used. Varying availabili… Read more

From my experience with using a couple of tins of Wickes white emulsion it was very poor. 4-5 coats to cover a medium grey. I had a b&q value one that worked better. Hopefully the trade one is superior.

Crown Paint Emulsion Paint 10L, Brilliant White / Magnolia - 2 for £20 + free collection @ Toolstation
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Posted 28th Jul 2020Posted 28th Jul 2020
Crown Paint Emulsion Paint 10L, Brilliant White / Magnolia - 2 for £20 + free collection @ Toolstation£20Toolstation Deals
Crown Paint 2 for £20 at Toolstation

Bought couple of these and they aren’t as watered as people are making out here. Decent coverage and if you use it with sprayer one coat is enough for repaint or two for fresh walls. That’s just my experience.


Great story. When's the book coming out? I'll buy it.


I think screachy music emanating from the blindless open windows of a starkly lit terrace council house where two track suit clad teenagers take it in turns to either paint walls or feed pizza to the belt secured child in a stroller doubling as a paint courier, endlessly encouraging each other that it's a great colour - far better than Sharons' , and what good value this fecking stuff is. It's, "weeker good". Over the years i've seen this story played out at a house nicknamed "eighteens ", not always with Crown paint alone.


For a mis-coat? Don't paint it would be best (embarrassed) (embarrassed) But if you need to mist coat then this stuff is ideal, eversoslightly coloured water can be the only way to describe this stuff, virtually translucent when it goes on but gets whiter when it dries


Anything cheap and white. I've used this in my house (bought about 8 when they were last on offer at 2 for £16 a while back), but would get whatever is on offer...would personally go for the Leyland that screwfix are doing for £10 if I was buying more (but haven't used it. Also make sure it's non-vinyl and water it down (I go for about a third water, 2 thirds paint). Just get something better for the top coats.

Crown emulsion 10L 2 for £20 at Toolstation (free C&C)
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Posted 5th Jul 2020Posted 5th Jul 2020
Crown emulsion 10L 2 for £20 at Toolstation (free C&C)£20Toolstation Deals
new catalogue launch at toolstation on 06/07. will include crown emulsion 10L 2 for £20 brilliant white and magnolia

using this for mist coat on new plaster, and very pleased with the result to be fair. Even watered down, the coverage was good. Will be using this to do the u/coat in whole house, so thumbs up from me


Perhaps the average DIYer doesn't know what "contract" means or implies. They see the word "contract" and perhaps think "that must be good stuff, the professionals use it"? It's marketing BS for crap paint. Some people will be taken in by it.


Does contract not at least indicate to a buyer that it's a cheap paint that doesn't have high opacity, and little durability, so is useful for a mist coat, ceilings, and very low traffic areas? You're not going to see 'contract' and think you'll be getting good results painting over heavily-stained walls.


brilliant paint


Avoid. Spend a bit extra and by Dulux ,cuts job time in half using decent emulsion.

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Crown Pure Brilliant White / Magnolia Silk Emulsion 2.5L or Magnolia Matt Emulsion 2.5L for £3 @ Morrisons
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Posted 6th Jan 2020Posted 6th Jan 2020
Crown Pure Brilliant White / Magnolia Silk Emulsion 2.5L or Magnolia Matt Emulsion 2.5L for £3 @ Morrisons£3£863% offMorrisons Deals
Good price for these Crown paints at Morrisons £3 each for 2.5L Crown Pure Brilliant White Silk Emulsion 2.5L Crown Magnolia Matt Emulsion 2.5L Crown Magnolia Silk Emu… Read more

OOS for magnolia


Only the Crown Pure Brilliant White Matt Emulsion 2.5L for 10£ is left, others are oos

3 FREE Crown Trade Matt Vinyl sample pots (Voucher)
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Posted 25th Oct 2019Posted 25th Oct 2019
3 FREE Crown Trade Matt Vinyl sample pots (Voucher)FREE£0.01
TRY 3 for FREE Deciding on a new colour for your home can be difficult, which is why we’re offering you the chance to try 3 for completely FREE! Can’t find your perfect colour? We… Read more

either :)


Do you have to print it off or just show them the code?


I take it that means it never expires as there are only 30 days in June! I have querie dthis with them to see if it will still be accepted in store.




It states valid until 31st June 2019 - has anyone used this recently? Sounds great to me. Thanks