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PS4, Xbox one and 3DS games reduced to clear aswell as PC and Nintendo accessories! e.g Dark Souls Remastered at £3.50 @ Tesco instore
LocalLocalFound 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Tesco Seems to be reducing alot of their stock in-store right now which includes games like Dark Souls Remastered at £3.50 and South Park Fractured but whole at £5.

Never ever anything at Guildford


The large Tesco in Streatham had nothing :(


Any at Haverfordwest


Yeah there were


I am guessing there are none in the Southport store? I have never seen any electrical stuff reduced in there! Only ever groceries and clothes

Dark Souls Remastered PS4 and XB1 at Amazon for £21.99
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Price matched with Argos who have it for the same price.
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It's not soo bad.


I imagine I will too when I get there!


I hate Ornstein and Smough a lot more!


the cheapest one managed to got is 1.5 pounds at some local tesco yellow tag which is insane. This, plus the cheap as hell ni no kuni 2, and dragon ball Z.


Really? Haven’t seen anyone post it

Tesco Extra - Metal Gear Survive £6.25 & Dark Souls Remastered ps4 / xbox one £7.00
Refreshed 17th AugRefreshed 17th AugLocalLocal
Dark souls remaster for xbox and ps4 7.00 Metal gear survive for xbox one (no stock of ps4 but still may apply in other stores) 6.25 Might not be everyone's cup of cup of tea but… Read more
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Ironic that the title is 'Metal Gear Survive' when it's very quickly been deleted from the mainstreams memory (lol) . Garbage game. DS Remaster is good at £7 though.


So good in fact that I'll allow someone else to grab the copy at 6.25 (lol)


Best MG game ever! (party)


Wouldn't get metal gear survive even if it was free.


It helps other folks if you say which store you went to :).

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[Steam] Dark Souls III  / WWE 2K18 - £6.95 each - Voidu (more listed)
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
Cracking price and the lowest I've ever seen by a good £3 or so. Use the code SUMMER18 at checkout to drop to £6.95 :) Currently £9.99 on CDKeys Some other games on offer..… Read more

Which is more than worth it. Both DLC's are pretty good.


Bioshock Infinite - £3.27 10/10 - Excellent game for a very generous price!


Also, I'm not sure if it's in stock, but Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is £3.69 if you can check out.


Around an extra £6 with the season pass if you want to dip into the Deluxe Edition (same code).

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin £5.22 @ voidu
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
Historical low price. Use SUMMER18 to drop price to £5.22. Also possible 6% topcashback (not sure as they exclude codes not featured on their website). Also Metal Gear Solid V: … Read more

I might go back to this then. I completed the original release on the PS3 and found it the weakest entry in the series, but I never played the DLC for this one.


Stick with it. The DLC has some of the best bosses in the whole series.


I heard this game is hard to get into in spite of the great reviews.


Has this expired? I'm getting a page not found.


Both are legit. And nuvem is a Brazilian store, so don't expect it to be made to appeal to a western audience

Dark Souls - Remastered [PS4/XBox] £19.85 @ SimplyGames
Found 27th JulFound 27th Jul
Good price for Dark Souls Remastered. Next cheapest is £22.99 @ Amazon/Game

If it's any consolation, they've probably done a ton of suicide runs, and died a whole bunch of times taking on bosses while underleveled. And tbb, it's not worth the effort. I prefer to just do a sucicide run to the catacombs blacksmith, upgrade a Zweihander with fire as much as I can there, and just pancake the twinks. For the most part they lack skill, which is why they resort to these tactics. Can always try kicking them off a cliff too (lol)


Apparently it's the new YouTube streaming craze. It's sad really


Praise the Sun, great price


Probably someone who's had gear transferred from a high level character. Not sure what joy they get out of it... "When invading, the player can invade anyone of a higher level than them (a lv 5 player can invade a lv 500 player). When invading a player of lower level there is a minimum level one can invade to prevent high level players from invading very low level players. The minimum level one can invade is 10 levels below his own minus an additional 10% of his/her own level (a lv 100 can invade no one below lv 80, a lv 50 can invade no one below lv 35). However, it is also possible to get invaded by a player that is of a lower soul level, but with much better gear (people transfer powerful gear to lower level characters just for this purpose)."Source: darksouls.wikia.com/wik…ers It stops later into the game as they only like easy prey.


Bought this the other day from Amazon. Is anyone else noticing a crazy amount of invasions from people with ridiculously levelled up gear? I used to be able to compete at PvP but now I'm just one shotted every time

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PSN Summer Sale: GTA V £15.99, Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition £20.49, Assassin's Creed Origins £24.99, Dark Souls: Remastered £21.99, Hellblade £14.99, Nioh – Complete Edition - £19.99, Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection £12.99, LA Noire £15.99
Refreshed 11th AugRefreshed 11th Aug22/08/2018Expires on 22/08/2018
A new sale's starting. The full lists are in the comments, courtesy of Bubaman and my redundant self :). Here are some of the juicy ones I found. The ones in bold are the cheapes… Read more
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That’s got to be the cheapest I have seen GTA amazing how the game keeps its value


I'm downloading it now. I'm just worried that if I start it, it'll be the only game I play for the foreseeable:).


HZD was literally one of the best games i've ever played. Enjoyed it so much


Picked it up last night. Looks good and glad I read up on the differences between SS and SS delta first. Just need to finish Off Final Fantasy 6 and God of War collection first


Thanks for sharing. (y)

[Xbox One] Prey - £6.95 / Titanfall 2 - £3.95 / Xbox Digital TV Tuner - £3.95 / Sega Mega Drive Classics - £15.95 / Dark Souls III - £7.95 / Ashes Cricket - £5.95 (Also PS4) - TheGameCollection
Refreshed 16th AugRefreshed 16th Aug
As seen above, The Game Collection's Summer Sale which ends on the 3rd :) Titanfall 2 - £3.95 TV Tuner - £3.95 Dark Souls III - £7.95 Ashes Cricket - £… Read more
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Why does this keep getting bumped? Two of the offers aren't even in stock, one being Prey (hasn't been in stock for weeks now) which is even used as the post image


Ah right thanks for the rapid reply


Don't think so. Needs a proper antenna, a dish is for catching satellite signals.


Do you happen to know whether I can use the TV tuner with a sky satellite dish? (Not a sky q dish)


It works on Linux. I have two. It gets shirty if your signal is marginal though.

Dark Souls Remastered (PS4/XBONE) £22.99 @ Amazon
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
First price drop since the recent release Credit to mixmixi - Amazon are price matching Game if you'd prefer to order from them.

Wonder how the PS4 Pro/X support is on this?


Gahh already played this to death but tempted to go back. Why god? why? I have a pile of unfinished games like the tower of pisa.


If only I still had the receipt ;(


Buy it from amazon at the cheaper price and return the amazon sealed copy to game? (angel)


URGH, I bought this from game earlier this week for £30

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition [Steam key] - £4.99 @ Bandai Namco Store (then possible Remastered Edition for £15.20 at IndieGala!)
Found 7th JulFound 7th Jul
When Dark Souls: Remastered was released on Steam, the original PC version - the Prepare to Die Edition - was removed from sale. This was slightly controversial as a) people wanted… Read more
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I think today there are simply not enough exclusive titles for consoles to justify buying one. The pc have almost the same titles as consoles have now and you can just plug your pc to the tv and furthermore costumize the graphics etc. to your liking, so it´s getting almost pointless getting one for a few exclusives that sony or MS pays the developers to develop for their own products make people buy them. Maybe i´ll get one cheap at some point if it has got enough good titles on it that the pc cant offer, i doubt it though. Today theres nothing a console can do that a decent lowbudget pc cannot. I still love my ps2 to death since there are plenty of great exclusives on it. I love old retro platformers and i dont need a console to play them anymore since there are so many great indie platformers coming out for the pc now. They need to come up with something different like nintendo did with stuff like nunchucks and that kinda stuff.


OK, so name 5 masterpieces in your opinion for PC in the last 5 years that are better than some of the Playstation exclusives. I'm dying to know (unicorn)


'whilst spewing hate' - didn't happen. 'The PS4 alone has produced some of the best games we have seen in recent memory. ' - I can't think of a single one. 'you would be bemoaning steam's complete lack of quality control ' - how does that in any way affect the quality of good PC games? You think people are buying £0.69 asset flips instead of Civilization? Good games rise to the top, bad games disappear. I've never bought a bad game as I read reviews first. 'We wouldn't have anywhere near the amount of quality games we have on PC, or in general if it wasn't for consoles' - nope, that makes no sense. If we didn't have consoles then people would be forced to buy PCs, the price of PCs would go down, and there would be no artificial tech limit imposed by console cycles as there is now. We are at least a decade behind where we should be in graphics. Heres the problem - console games are made for kids and casuals. You can't deny that, even 18-rated games are produced knowing half the players will be below that age group. Therefore the games have to be easy, immediate, and casual. Look at the PC games being produced in the late 90's before the 3D consoles crept onto the scene. Groundbreaking. Even today Thief is a better stealth game than any console game since. Compare it to the horrific Thief 4, a consolized parody of a game. The same is true in every category. As budgets have got bigger, games have got simpler and stupider.


If only I could be so grossly incandescent!


Praise the Sun!

[Steam] Dark Souls III Season Pass - £4.99 - Bandai Namco
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
Absolutely ridiculous price. Down from £19.99 now £4.99 (highfive) Winner of Gamescom Award 2015 'Best RPG' and over 35 Awards and Nominations! DARK SOULS 3 leads you once … Read more
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Thnx by the way. I picked it up due to your heads up of back in stock


Back in stock! (I also added myself to the waiting list but I didn't get an email - just checked the site again on the off chance and it was available to buy again.)


added to a waiting list :(


i guess this is OOS as it just has a wait list icon :( I forgot to buy it after saying it was hot >.< doh!


Dark souls is my favourite game series of all time, would strongly recommend anyone to play it especially at this price! 😳

[Steam] Dark Souls III Deluxe Edition (Game & Season Pass) - £13.49 - Fanatical
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
Fantastic price on this, all time low previously is £17.99 AFAIK which is the current price on Steam. The Deluxe Edition includes the game and season pass as mentioned. The best c… Read more

Well it's 70% off on steam directly so I'm not sure they know what they're doing. 75% is hardly a grave mistake. 55% off while the steam summer sale is on, is feable. Enjoy having the game keys sitting in stock for the summer Fanatical :/


Ah thanks, oh well. Safe to buy on steam!


"Apologies, we’ve had to change the pricing as the 75% was an error on our part. Sorry for any disappointment this may have caused." :(


Ah I would have purchased this too, was just about to buy on steam


It's strange because it's as if they've doubled the original price from £29.99 up to £59.98 and then discounted it. Definitely a muck up on their side somewhere! Hope it comes back down, I'll be able to try it on my new steam link and Controller bundle

[Xbox One] Dark Souls Remastered - £19.85 - Simply Games
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
Cheapest by about £6, I think :) Then, there was fire. Re-experience the critically acclaimed, genre-defining game that started it all. Beautifully remastered, return to Lordr… Read more
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Bluepoint Games are currently working on an announced project right now so could possibly be Demon's Souls (cheeky)


Any news on a Demon Souls remake? Bit of a chore to keep getting the ps3 out!


This was always going to be heading down in price fairly rapidly , excellent game for the money especially for those that are playing the game for the first time.


Yeah this is a great remaster. Feels refreshing to be in Blighttown and it not be lag hell. On my way to the all weapons trophy for the plat, and then I'm done, for the second time... No idea why I do it to myself.


This game is amazing...1st playthrough for me on release of remastered...now on my 3rd playtrough..and still want more...class

[Xbox One] Dark Souls III - £6.95 / [Switch] Super Bomberman R - £19.95 - TheGameCollection
Refreshed 23rd JunRefreshed 23rd Jun
Weekend Triple Whammy. Valid until Monday at Midnight :) Dark Souls III - £6.95 [ Price comparison ] As fires fade and the world falls into ruin, developer FROMSOFT… Read more
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Ordered Sunday. Came today, brand new still sealed. Well chuffed for £7. Heat added.


Already have Dark Souls 3 on ps4 but had to bite at this price! HEAT!


cheers ordered


I bought Dark Souls 3 yesterday just had it delivered. Great find Op, thank you. Heat added.


A code for ds1 inbox....not bad..a few hours there for cheap

[PS4] Dark Souls: Remastered £24.99 @ PSN
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
Then, there was fire. Re-experience the critically acclaimed, genre-defining game that started it all. Beautifully remastered, return to Lordran in stunning high-definition detail … Read more



My dark souls collection is ever growing, currently sitting on a dozen physical copies of th games and several digital ones. Can’t seem to say no with this franchise. I’ll be buying the PS4 and Switch versions eventually.


I got it retail for this price :)


The quality of deals has dropped lately. It has become more of a popularity contest rather than actual deals. 24.99 isn't really a deal on any level, 7 year old game that hasn't really been remastered, just tweaked to play on new gen systems just a pound less than last month and also for a digital copy. Don't add heat because you like the game, this is not facebook


Stone cold classic. Sens Fortress is epic game design IMHO.

Dark souls 3 psn season pass £7.99
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Complete dark souls dlc season pass for £8.dark souls 3 game also just £12

I beat the first boss after a few attempts (and an NPC summon) but the swamp area made me quit the DLC. They basically just dumped a load of enemies into a difficult-to-navigate area with infrequent checkpoints, annoyed the (poo) out of me.


Yeah would really prefer this on the Xbox as i find it easier to use the controller for extended periods of time. But this is almost too good an opportunity to pass up.... decisions.


There are two expansions, Ringed City and Ashes of Ariandel.


How many DLC areas are there? I completed the base game but not the DLC, if there is only one I might not bother


Be warned, the Ringed City dlc is not for the faint hearted. The first boss has given me tourettes.

Dark Souls 3 £11.99 @ PSN
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Buy now or wait for lower price?
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Season pass is also £8


M8 i did a not hit run, blind folded and only using a guitar hero controller. u git gud scrub... ;)


Git gud


mmm dark souls getting reduced prior to PS plus monthly games being announced....Do I wait :D


Bloodborne is by far my fav now, took me a little longer to click than the others but the faster more instinct based play style it pushes on you is superb when you really "get" it. Plus the art and world style is gorgeous.

[Xbox One] Dark Souls III - £7.95 / [PS4] Mafia III Deluxe Edition - £8.95 - TheGameCollection
Refreshed 8th JunRefreshed 8th Jun
As fires fade and the world falls into ruin, developer FROMSOFTWARE and director Hidetaka Miyazaki continue their critically-acclaimed and genre-defining series with Dark Souls III… Read more
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Trying to decide whether to send back this order and just buy the Deluxe edition on the sale for £20 which includes DLC Any deals on the GOTY edition or is it just worth doing that?


The Xbox One version of Mafia 3 Deluxe never seems to be on sale :(


Literally couldnt read your comment without sounding like Yoda (lol)


They've surely got to be making a sequel to Bloodborne (best game of all time IMO). The only game I've ever fully Platinumed!


I am really keeping my hopes high at the moment for bloodborne one. Only thing I was really enjoying in bloodborne in compare with DS was those visceral attacks. I mean backstabbing is fine but not fun. I kinda am sure there will be a bloodborne 2 announcement. I can see new merchs for bloodborne are currently available for preorder which is a bit odd for a game released moons ago.

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