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Fire Emblem Three Houses (Nintendo Switch) - £37.56 @ The Game Collection eBay
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Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
I got this deal last time there was a 20% code on Ebay (and still haven't opened it lol...). Generally, Fire Emblem doesn't go much lower than £40 so this seems a good deal.

Heat. Kept an eye for this for ages but no bargains to be found - even 2nd hand on FB or ebay have been more than this. Cheers!


Amaaaaazing game.


Thanks. Ordered. As everywhere is overpriced.


Thanks for this @federer20 - I’ve been looking for months to find this game in stock below £40 and I was too late for previous eBay one. Now to finish Xenoblade Chronicles first!


I can see this being very expensive in a few years. It hasn't dropped in price whatsoever since launch.

Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Sale e.g Mario Deluxe/Mario Tennis/Mario Party/Yoshi/Fire Emblem/Lego/Mario+Rabbids etc @ Nintendo eShop
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Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
Now Live, over 190 multiplayer games reduced. Up to 75 % 90% off. Price in brackets is lowest regional price, instructions at bottom of post. A Hat in Time -30% £17.63 (13.94… Read more

Thanks, I linked my Revolut card to PayPal and works on the UK eshop that way


Great post, I didn't realise how easy it was to use Russian and South African stores - really grateful, thanks! Heat added ;)


If you use a credit card too much on any store, your ability to purchase with any credit card will get blocked. You'll need to wait for 30 days and it should clear. Yes, this is stupid and extremely frustrating.


Has anyone else’s Revolut card stopped working on the Russian and Uk eshop?


It's really straightforward buying from the Russian store like the SA store. Instructions provided in OP are really useful. Wouldn't have been able to navigate the different stores without it

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - £37.56 with code @ The Game Collection eBay
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Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
First time I've seen this drop below £40 (for physical at least). Got to love Nintendo tax (y) Description War is coming to the continent of Fódlan. Here, order is maintained … Read more

Thanks for the heads up @federer20 - expired now. I've only played Awakening previously, so hardly an expert (embarrassed) But I'm probably going to go Black Eagles, purely based on the fact they favour magic use. From what I've read, it seems to largely be a case of 'pick the characters you like the most', and you get a fair bit of time with each house before you have to make a choice (y)


Looks like it's sold out now. I went in at this price. Didn't go for the Monster Hunter or Pikmin 3 deals, but Fire Emblem at this price felt difficult to turn down, lol... I reckon this will be my sort of game. Any recommendations on which house to start with? I've never played Fire Emblem before, so thinking I'll switch off permadeath for the first run through and also play on normal mode.


Superb game


By far my favourite game on the Switch.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Nintendo Switch £34.57 (UK Mainland) sold by Amazon EU.
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Posted 10th MarPosted 10th Mar
Fire Emblem Three Houses Nintendo Switch £34.57 (UK Mainland) sold by Amazon EU.£34.57 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Playing through this right one, fantastic game!

Thanks everyone for the feedback on this - super helpful!


Best game I've played on Switch. Waiting for digital to hit this price so I can play through it again with a different house.


I tried trading in a US import before and they told me they cannot accept any games without a PEGI rating as they are a legal requirement for the selling of the game.


Yeah agree with you.


Yeah I just bought gravity rush remastered from them and it arrived with a fake cover, even has the reprint black tag in the top corner. They always told me they dont post out fake cover ones for online purchases, but they did. Been 15 days and still waiting for a refund on it and I sent it back the same day I got it.

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[Nintendo 3DS] Fire Emblem Warriors / Monster Hunter Generations - £5.95 each delivered @ The Game Collection
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Posted 23rd Dec 2020Posted 23rd Dec 2020
[Nintendo 3DS] Fire Emblem Warriors / Monster Hunter Generations - £5.95 each delivered @ The Game Collection£5.95 Free P&P FreeThe Game Collection Deals
Monster Hunter Generations Link Heroes from across the Fire Emblem universe collide!  Clash with legions of soldiers and fierce monsters as Marth, Xander, Corrin, and other Fire… Read more

That is correct, only for NEW Nintendo 3DS


Fire emblem won't work with first 3ds or 2ds?...

Fire Emblem Warriors (Nintendo Switch) £18.71 @ Amazon
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Posted 19th Dec 2020Posted 19th Dec 2020
Fire Emblem Warriors (Nintendo Switch) £18.71 @ Amazon£17.78Amazon Deals
Back cover will most likely be in French. But still a great price for Physical.

And just to add. Mine arrived and has a French back cover as expected.


Price now dropped to 17.78


It will be. The language in game always defaults to the language your console is set for. I have plenty of Japanese games that play in English.


Great game,evening your new to fire emblem franchise


Hope it's in english