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The PlayStation Network (PSN) is how Sony delivers downloadable content such as games, updates for existing titles, and firmware updates for consoles. Anyone with a Sony console from the PS3 onwards can sign up, allowing them to add credit to make game purchases enjoy all of the other features that PSN delivers. They can save money too, thanks to the huge list of PSN discounts at HotUKDeals.

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UFC 3 PS4 £19.99 on PSN Store
Found 11 h, 35 m agoFound 11 h, 35 m ago
Deluxe edition also available for £24.99 here:

Sorry couldn’t resist! :-P


I paid this a few months ago and wished I hadn’t. Awful game, why they destroyed the attack system is beyond me. UFC 2 is way better than this.


Does this game allow me to tap-out with Connor McGregor


a very warm welcome newbie.thanks for sharing have some heat :)

Crow: The Legend PSVR (Demo) - Free @ PSN
Found 13 h, 17 m agoFound 13 h, 17 m ago
New animated film but looks decent with the PSVR headset on. If you want to let you're kids use the headset think they might enjoy it. Starring John Legend, Oprah Winfrey, Consta… Read more
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Then it isn't for you. XD


Thanks OP - voted hot (y)


I'm trying to understand this definition of "fun" in a gaming context specifically. Watching movies or reading books is also fun, but it has nothing to do with video games...


To have fun?


I don't understand what's the purpose of these demos... is there any gameplay? Any trophies?

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Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 £28.07 at PlayStation PSN Store Indonesia
Found 13 h, 55 m agoFound 13 h, 55 m ago
On sale at £28.07 (Rp 524,560) How to purchase using Revolut: Create Indonesian account via PSN store. You will need to use an Indonesian address consisting of only City, Sta… Read more
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I remember that. Whoever it was suddenly went quiet when asked for evidence :).


Are you the guy on another foreign ps4 deal who said about 'problems' with buying from another region then couldn't produce any examples of said, non existent, 'problem or problems'?


Were this any other week, it woulda been a cracking price.


Some folks are. Other folks clearly aren't.

Beat Saber PSN turkey £20.34
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Beat Saber from Turkish PSN just a little over £20. Looks ace. Easy enough to setup ab account etc. Google is your friend.

Guess the turkey PSN store curse hits again ...


This is my daily workout on the pc for 30 min. While foods in the oven.


I played this for hours last night - absolutely loved it!! Well worth £25 :D


They're going to add more songs via free and paid DLC. Probably only original music though but it's better than nothing.


Played this at EGX and loved it. But as someone said, not sure what this will be like beyond the base set of songs. Friend has it on PC and says there's so many custom songs. Shame it won't happen on PS4. Probably still buy it anyway :D

God Of War With Optional Limited Edition God Of War DualShock £24.99 Or £50 PSN Currency Card £96.99 at VERY
23/11/2018Expires on 23/11/2018Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
God Of War With Optional Limited Edition God Of War DualShock Or £50 PSN Currency Card
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I might need a copy of that :D :D :D


Worst case is I return the game and buy it from one of the many places that have it on offer for £20 so worth the little hassle for a dual shock 4 controller for £5. I will give a update when the item arrives


Must have been changed now as no mention of controller


The 'controller' option has now disappeared seemingly.


...Very's made similar heck-up with GTS 2 weeks ago and had to send plenty of DS', but this time round they rectified title error quiet swiftly, so you can count yourself lucky, if you've manage to order before they did it, cos there is a big chance that it will be honoured (highfive)

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PlayStation plus 12 months psn £36.99 @ CD keys
Found 18th NovFound 18th Nov
Been waiting for a price drop , this will do, it’s been £39.99 for a while.

You get an email, click download , it verifies your phone number then gives you the code


Just bought this and got the extra 3% off. When I go to my account, then click Redeem Prepaid Card there is a picture of their Black Friday offer, which is more than what I paid. Do I then just click redeem tab? I don't want to end up being charged for their deal. Ta


It’s in PlayStation store, manage PlayStation plus account. Look in there , turn off auto renew


On their Facebook page on the left-hand side, it has a link you click on. It says save 3%, it used to be 5. You add your email address. It then generates a code, that you enter into the promotional discount code box on the main website for cdkeys. It's a little long-winded. But saves a bit of money.


My son has autorenew on. I can't find where to turn it of Don the computer dashboard account, so I got this offer and added it as pre-paid gift card.

Detroit - Becoming Human £15.99 PSN
23/11/2018Starts at 23/11/2018Found 18th NovFound 18th Nov
Although currently showing as 24.99 in the PlayStation Store. HOW FAR WILL YOU GO TO BE FREE? Detroit, 2038. Lifelike androids have replaced the human workforce. They never tir… Read more

Heavy rain was absolute bobbins. Laughed hard when he killed himself. Hopefully this won’t be as bad. Bonus of it being a physical copy is that I’ll be able to incinerate it, if it is.


My daughter was gutted this is not on the Xbox. Any similar games to this you folks would recommend?


Oh yes i still remember that like its yesterday, i should really replay that game some time soon > i think i got the platinum for that in about 3 days cause i just played it solid.


Well enjoy your time hanging around and telling people you dont like things. Have fun mate


Heavy rain was just incredible. I listen the ost to this day

£35 PSN Credit £29.26 @ Electronic First / £29.96 @ CDKeys  (With Facebook like)
Found 17th NovFound 17th Nov
Was looking for a birthday present and this was the cheapest price I could find! CDKeys PSN credit link:… Read more
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I reckon 12 month code straight up. You are saving over a tenner already. Leave the discounted wallet codes for game purchases.


Is this the cheapest way to get PS+ now? Or is it better to buy a 12 month code from CD Keys straight up? I'm not familiar with deals or what's the standard prices since the price increase. Thanks


Electronic First now OOS


CDKEYS code not working for me (maybe because I've used the code before?). Are you guys creating a new account every time you use these codes? EDIT: Never mind, yes you DO need to create a new account every time these days. How tiresome... (annoyed)


Just purchased from cdkeys with the discount. Now waiting for the code to arrive. Just in time for the Black Friday sale!

‘RAW DATA’ PS4 PSVR game. £30.99 now £7.99. Closest thing to an “i,Robot” shooter
Found 17th NovFound 17th Nov
Neo-Shinjuku - 2271. The massive and seemingly benevolent Eden Corporation owns the world. The elite hacker resistance movement SyndiK8 has unearthed the sinister reality behind Ed… Read more
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Just played the demo. I couldn't get on with it. Aiming with the move controllers was problematic as well as tying to actually face the enemies. I recommend trying the demo before buying (it's on demo disc 2).


I would also suggest avoid playing VR before bed or if you are feeling tired, it can exacerbate motion sickness symptoms much more quickly. Similarly games with any lateral motion (i.e. Battlezone, RE7, Robinsons, Skyrim) can also cause severe motion sickness - for anyone starting out I would always suggest turning off smooth turning and keep to teleportation where possible at least until you have your 'VR Legs'. It takes time but eventually most people can get used to it. I am hoping the VR scene is here to stay - I am loving the extra immersion it brings and I couldn't imagine playing RE7 or Wipeout without VR now.


Thanks @aidanaedy & @BubaMan I find VR quite exhausting, which probably isn't helped by the fact I only ever get to play late at night. I don't think people suffering from motion sickness are necessarily affected by the same games. E.G. Wipeout and Thumper don't bother me at all but the Transference demo made me almost hurl. So it's worth trying out a few games to see what works (or doesn't) for you.


This, moving you head is better, often I take it and I end looking at the wall instead of the TV when I first started lol It's a really god game, played it months ago.


You can turn with the stick in that game but I recommend you don't - your actual head movement should be enough.

Spider-Man PS4 The City That Never Sleeps Season Pass - £11.99 @ PSN
26/11/2018Expires on 26/11/2018Found 17th NovFound 17th Nov
Spider-Man PS4 season pass reduced from £15.99 down to £11.99. My wallet was empty so I topped it up with a £15 PSN voucher from CDKeys that's currently going for £13.99 (£13.85 w… Read more
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You can buy a code from CD keys to redeem at a later date, £1 more although it's out of stock at the moment.


Well you don't get a code to redeem, it'll be synced to the ps4 profile you buy it with if that makes sense.


Ha ha! I'm just the same, I used be down with the kids and know what was going on what everything meant in terms of gaming an then I go and do something stupid like have a couple of kids :) I've ordered the main game for my son for Christmas, he's only 6 but loves Disney Infinity Spider-man so he'll hopefully love the main game, plus I can then play it! :) This seems a very good price for the 3 additional games stories but it's his Birthday in March so I think I'm gonna hang fire till then.Hopefully it'll be this sort of price then.


If I buy this can I give it as a gift with the game for Xmas or does it have a limited life - I'm clueless about gaming 🙈


Details here: Additional story content is hte main attraction, but there's more to it than just that.

Micro Machines World Series - £4.99 @ PSN
Found 17th NovFound 17th Nov
Cheapest I've ever seen this game so thought I would share... £4.99 for the full game on the PlayStation Store.
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After reading some reviews I've actually just bought the ps1 version on disc for £2 to play on my PS3. Can't wait


This game is so terrible that Cdkeys were basically giving it away for under £1 on steam and people STILL didn’t want it


We once managed to get an 8-player game going (two to a joypad) on one of the original games. Pure bedlam & ridiculously fun :).


Agreed, if you got out of shape (even a minute amount) handling wise you were out, in the bowl or on the floor lol


I was a sucker who brought it on release but for a fiver you can't go wrong

Beyond Two Souls free as part of PSN Plus Membership Indonesia
Found 17th NovFound 17th Nov
Great game for free with PSN Plus Membership Indonesia cost only 14.98/12 months ATM. Grab a bargain.



Great price for a year's membership and a fantastic game. Of course some people will have the game because it was included in UK PS+, but not everybody has/had membership.


Let's not start with these none deals now.


This is poor, was hoping we'd get the same as kiwami and bullet.


A lot of people will already have it when it was given away on UK PS+ Check you don't already have it.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Bonus Edition (English Ver.) £6.20 - PS+ only @ PSN Indonesia
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Best price Ive ever seen used psn plus membership and Revolut card on Indonesian PSN market enjoy

£8.30 without ps plus. Still tempting



To be fair he’s correct


Can we just let @joeydeacon have the monopoly on the PSN Indonesia deals? Less duplication then :p


I don't think you understand what whining means. He's making a constructive point about the site. How are you supposed to know what the deal is without reading it?

Nectar double up - works on PSN vouchers!
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Hi, A bit late in the day as it finishes on Sunday but I just went to Sainsburys and you can double up on various departments including entertainment. They had various Playstatio… Read more

9 here! :D


That’s what I fear. It was “only” £35 doubled into £70. I will check in the shop. I need to blame me only... shame on me! (devil)


I'm pretty sure the small print says the points are gone and if you let the voucher expire you've lost out ;(


Thanks for reply. Are you sure? Because when they have edited the vouchers in store, the point have been removed from my account.


They don't take your points until you use the voucher

Batman Return to Arkham (Both Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Remasters) for Canadian $7.49 + PSN
28/11/2018Expires on 28/11/2018Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Absolutely crazy deal, you will need a canadian psn account to download this. The downloaded games work on your UK psn account You can buy top ups from here: https://www.pcgames… Read more

Can you use Revolut in anyway for this?


I had a read after and a plan to do so. I’ve got an American account already made so I’ll be purchasing it later.


Couldn’t see the Canadian or the $ at the end on mobile. It capped off at Arkham City.


What gave it away, Canadian or $? (flirt)


Instead of getting excited why don't you spend 5 minutes creating an account & reap the benefits? I'm not having a dig at you but always on these deals there are comments from people that simply haven't bothered. It's a site about saving money & people complain at posters that post deals that save money.

The Last of Remastered PlayStation Hits (Uncut Edition) PS4 £3.55 from PSN Canada
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Basically if you have a PS4 and don't already own this then welcome to the bargain of the year. Price is $5.99 CAD. A Canadian account and credit will be required. Top ups can b… Read more

Would be hot at £355.



Most people don't know about it. Weirdly though if you play the US version online from the UK then it still connects to UK servers but shows the additional content. I believe the US version won't work online from Germany and most other EU countries at all.


wow i never knew about this, good thing i got the remastered version from the us store back in the day


this is a must.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PS Vita) - £3.99 @ PSN
26/11/2018Expires on 26/11/2018Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Cracking price for a great game

Downloading now at this Price! Only had a vita less than a year. Only this and uncharted 4 I haven't played. Will get 4 soon Have some Heat 🔥🔥🔥


only vita came i completed:) . brilliant game !


Heat added Excellent price Believe it or not I just completed 2 chapters on demo early today and Was looking for a hard copy, but for this price I might just get this - Thanx for sharing OP


Bargain price



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