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The PlayStation Network (PSN) is how Sony delivers downloadable content such as games, updates for existing titles, and firmware updates for consoles. Anyone with a Sony console from the PS3 onwards can sign up, allowing them to add credit to make game purchases enjoy all of the other features that PSN delivers. They can save money too, thanks to the huge list of PSN discounts at HotUKDeals.

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Tekken 7 PS4 - Digital Copy - £14.99 PSN
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Grab a £15 network card from Cdkeys for 13.99.

Sorry I was confused with this list Lots of lists lol


Days of Play post last edited 7th June at 08:45...


Only recently added to the days of play deal. Wasn't there when I posted this. Also the Cdkeys post was edited by a mod so didn't focus the deal on Tekken. This way people who are looking for Tekken or network card can benefit. As you can see by the heat, people likely didn't see Tekken on the long list of games in the other deal, which is why it's sometimes good to call out some of the better deals.


Haha. Very True. On holiday in Devon and saw it so picked it up. Not that anyone cares but also picked up Blinx the Time Sweeper for Xbox (£1.49) and Blade Runner for PC (£2). (lol)


Surely you should be telling us if it's any good or not if you've already picked it up? 😜

Worms Anniversary Edition (PS4) £6.49 @ Playstation Network
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Cheapest price here for some fun with the family :) Description The Worms Anniversary Pack brings together Worms W.M.D plus Worms Battlegrounds and its Alien Invasion additi… Read more
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Agreed, except there was always one friend who just blowtorched into a hill right at the start of the game and then skipped all their turns (complete with skipping rope). You either bombed them out, or more likely you just beat the cr*p out of everyone else and they won by default. Prepared me for life of course, if you keep your head down and stay out of trouble you'll probably get promoted. If you work really hard you'll end up screwing up and someone will drop an exploding sheep on your head. Probably.


Thanks, immediate purchase no hesitation on this one, superb game and one I haven't played since back when the original Xbox was a baby.


Agreed. Hence I will be buying at this price. Looking forward to this


It still is. I've recently switched from console to PC Gaming & I started my Steam collection with most of the Worms catalogue


This was so fun to play back in the day.

Mass Effect: Andromeda (PS4) – Standard Recruit Edition £4.99 / Deluxe Edition £6.49 @ Playstation Network
26/06/2019Expires on 26/06/2019Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
The game is a historical low price right now on the Playstation network, if you don't have it, I'd say now is a good time to bite :) Its on till the 26th June only so act quick if … Read more
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This game made my face hurt.


It's still awful imo - poor story and gameplay went backwards


Heat added but you're right - if you're thinking of picking up EA Access in July, avoid buying any of the games in the vault.


This will be on EA Pass for playstation in a month..


I avoided this on release due to the reviews but was really pleased when I picked it up, cracking price.

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God of War III Remastered Aprox £1.99 @ PSN HK - Use Credit - SEE OP
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Right, so this requires a little bit of work, but lots of you know how to do this anyway. If you happen to have HK credit already, then winner. I don't have a PS4 anymore, so no… Read more

Great price. Good find. voted Hot. It looks like I got this from PSplus last August in case anyone else forgot too.


How is it overrated? You can't call something overrated just because you don't personally like it lol...




Was this free on ps plus a while ago? I seem to have it but don’t know how lol


For the small initial hassle of setting up the account, with payment etc. the savings are massive. Heat Op, great game at practically giveaway price.

Destiny 2: annual pass - only £11.99 on official psn store [MUST LOGIN TO YOUR PSN ACCOUNT TO SEE THE DEAL]
17/06/2019Expires on 17/06/2019Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
With the announcement of Destiny Shadowkeep to launch in September, annual pass is now on sale for £11.99. Pretty cool considering season of opulence only launched 4 days ago. It m… Read more
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Great for anyone who got the base game for free & took advantage of the Year 1 content offer at the same time. Also good for anyone looking to get Shadowkeep, which allows you to download the base game and year 1 immediately upon pre-ordering (total of £41.98 for 2 years of content & Shadowkeep). Bungie are changing the game, life after Activision is looking good! My PS4 clan are looking to expand for Shadowkeep, currently have 7 active members but we want more members to allow more opportunities to raid & do other activities. If you want to join & get raiding at any point just send a request on to ‘The Salty Knights’. My PSN username is the same as here (y)


I quite enjoyed Destiny 2 but the weekly milestones ruined it for me, just seemed like an artificial timewall. That, and the clan sort of stopped playing, are any still active?


Haha! I think it’s fair to say Destiny 2 has well and truly lost me at this point. Forsaken, Legendary, Annual Pass... (:I


Don't you love the games that require a spreadsheet to understand what your paying for! 8)


Love it, I was waiting for this!

Here They Lie (PS-VR) £5.79/ £4.99 (PS+) @ PlayStation Network
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
A decent game at a good price on the Playstation Network right now. MetaScore of 62 Description DEATH IS NO … Read more
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I have to concur with lefox360 - I have never felt sick on any other VR game. This almost put me off entirely, beware!


Heh still can't get through a psvr deal without "this made me feel sick". To balance it, no nausea or migraines here. I play standing up, maybe that made a difference? Sadly they do force some comfort settings on you but luckily the art style and lighting mask them some it doesn't effect the enjoyment for the majority who aren't prone to motion sickness. This is an awesome game, underrated. It's more a 'walking simulator' set your expectations when it comes to gameplay. But the world has a distinctive that's degenerative. I felt like I was playing through a David lynch movie throughout. It's creepy, gorgeous, and will leave a lasting impression on you as you're left to interpret the message. Well worth this price!


some of the worst nausea and migranes ever experienced, and the only ones using VR as i am in no way queasy or prone to the condition. The way you move with flash-forward (position trasportation), huge vertical apartments and chasms, na the use of black and white palette just makes it restricted to a 15 minutes play session gaming in one go, more than that and you were warned.


Looks spooky. Thanks for sharing


£4.99 with Plus ;) Not the best game ever but it's the cheapest it's been (excluding free with Plus) - Heat. Dunno if it's been patched but it's one of the games that can make you feel queasy... You can play without VR though (y)

Red Dead Online - Free treasure maps for PS+ Members
08/07/2019Expires on 08/07/2019Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Looks like happy days ahead for Red Dead Online users with PS+ membership. Details Starting 10th June, all players with PlayStation Plus that play Red Dead Online by 8th July… Read more
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Who cares, give me Charles DLC or I’m out


Red Dead Online was the biggest gaming disappointment I've had in a long time. Shame, as Red Dead Redemption [1] had such a great online experience.


I've tried playing online and as soon as I ride off I can't go anywhere? IT'S RATHER POO . NEEDLESS TO SAY I'VE NOT BOTHER PLAYING RD NOW


The problem with Red Dead Online is the economy is completely ruined by Rockstars greed and a desire to sell you Gold bars. They want to limit progression through playing as much as possible. Not giving players value for their time or any kind of rewarding gameplay loop, Rockstar continue to reduce earnings of all XP and Dollar gaining activities to try to make players pay for Gold Bars. But I guess this is how online games work now...


Surely you need PS+ to even play Red Dead Online?

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4) - £10.85 Delivered / £12.99 Digital @ Base & PSN
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Cheap and cheerful price for a good game. Closest is £11.99 at Game If you prefer digital then thats also available at a historical low of £12.99 on the PlayStation Netw… Read more
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Love this game


Do credit cards protect your purchase for digital codes?


Bought this today in Argos for £9.99


10 pounds in sainsbury instore


Are you Dave Franco's character from 21 Jump Street?

PS VR Starter Pack + Blood and Truth + Move Controllers £219.99 (or) PSVR Mega Pack + Blood & Truth + Move Controllers £249.99 @ Very
Refreshed 7th JunRefreshed 7th Jun
Get Move Controller for £40 with this bundle as most places it retails at £69. No Credit account required, Pay with Credit / Debit Card or PayPal. Use Code: JUNE20 at checkout.… Read more

wont let me purchase megapack with controllers. But every other deal it will????


JUNE20 code expired :( but other code worked... NWMQY


£246.98 (party) (party) (popcorn) Thanks OP. Super Deal.


Got my set with the controllers today. I’ve been very skeptical about VR. I was wrong. It’s bloody awesome. The ocean descent blew my mind. It was like being in the sea. The shark looked so real. When you look down you really feel the depth. VR playroom is so much fun. So glad i bought one. :D


You did well. I did say in a previous post that you needed to add controllers and there was a error in the title. I guess they would rather lose £20 and gain a sale. I suppose they leave themselves open to manipulation if they don't list things correctly.

Days of Play Offers at PlayStation PSN Turkey - Days Gone £27.66 DMC5 £22.26 FC New Dawn £15.26 God of War £15.48 Spider-Man £18.76 + MORE
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Note: Starling Bank cards are the only cards known to work on the Turkish PSN Store. HOW TO GUIDE Create a Turkish account via PSN store, using a valid Turkish address (City,… Read more
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Anyone know why when I purchase Borderlands from the Turkey store, it's locked on my UK account? Is it because the DLC that comes with the game is region locked?


You need to be a UK resident to apply for a Starling Bank account sorry


I used to buy games with Revolut before it was banned in Turkish PSN :( . I'm not from UK, is there some way for me to get the Starling Card or I need UK residency?


Happy to help (y)


Thanks joey. Very good points. Il think it over. Also thanks for all your moneysaving tips. Saved so much money since following you on here

Days Gone @ Turkey PSN store (with PS+) - £26.25
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Cracking price if you have PS+ for this region (you can use 14 day trial for price if not subscribed) ***Note Turkish PSN will only accept Starling as card payments***** THIS WOR… Read more

Nah!, go for it. Bit slow to start with but soon gets you hooked


Tempted at this price but the negative reviews are holding me back


The reviews haven't agreed it looks like - this has a lot higher expectations


Please support these developers. They've made a solid single player game. It's very much worth the play so check it out if you can!


Yeh it will defo get the same DLC as UK store you will just need to purchase it through the Turkish PSN store (which is always a few quid cheaper than UK anyway)

Astro Bot Rescue Mission £15.99 @ PSN - £14.24 PS+ Plus Price
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Finally a drop! Was looking forward to this :)

£11.30 on the Turkish store I agree with everything that been said before if you need a taster pick up the first PSVR demo disc it has a short demo.


It's better. You're not prepared for this game, let me tell you. I'm not even into platformers these days, but this one blew me away. And pretty much everyone else, too.


In my opinion it is, brilliant use of VR, great level design and just so much fun to play.


Highly recommended (y)


is it really that good? not seen any bad words for this game. may have to get it

£30 PSN Credit for £25.21 with FB Code / Otherwise £25.99 @ Electronic First
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Not much to say on this, other than it's cheaper that usual and with the PSN sales it will be worth grabbing some credit to make the prices even better. If you only want £30 worth … Read more

Checked your spam inbox?


I never recieve the code from Electronic First FB, anyone help me out?


Just used this. Totally hassle free. Thank you


Very slow five time they sending me a message to asking for more information if I know what better not buying


Used them one time. Seemed ok. Anyone else?

Playstation Network Card - £35 (PS Vita/PS3/PS4) £29.99 @ CDKeys
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Only a fiver but still worth sharing i thought.

For the first time you use them, they email you asking for your postal address and then after that they send you the code. So overall, no their not as quick for a first purchase but I got my code from them within 20 minutes


I've never used them. Are they as quick as cdkeys?


It’s £29.79 at electronic first.


Thanks! Heat added :)

Hello Neighbor Bundle - £13.49 @ PSN for Ps Plus users or just £15.99 for non PS plus users
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Get two games in the Hello Neighbor series at a discount! This is a must-do to learn all the Neighbor’s secrets! Hello Neighbor is a famous stealth horror game about sneaking into… Read more

Creepy, thanks


Thanks op


Missed this one on the Bubaman list , kids will love it Big list below

Ramadhan Sale at PlayStation PSN Store Indonesia - Far Cry 5 £7.71 Rainbow Six Siege Digital Deluxe £7.73 Watch Dogs 2 Gold £6.38 + MORE
17/06/2019Expires on 17/06/2019Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Indonesian PSN account required, if you’re new to PS4 or don’t know how to go about buying games from the International PSN stores please follow this guide for purchasing from the … Read more
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Some people say they vote these deals cold because they 'clog up the feed' (even though they only appear once every few weeks and the UK PSN sales result in a lot more individual deals being posted). Others vote cold on principle ('HUKD not HIND'). The prices don't make a difference to them. I just wish they'd consider the other HUKDers who would want to avail of these, but will probably miss them because they've gone cold.


I wonder if those people who actually voted cold checked the prices out. Heat added, amazing deals.


Ramadan is not a religious festival it's a holy month in the islamic calender. No one is debating why they are having a sale. People are just pointing out that this is the equivalent of them have a 'Lent sale' 3 days before Easter or a 'summer sale' in October.


I'm not religious but I'll welcome any auld excuse for a sale (party). Here's hoping the code works on the PS+ sub offer. Now will I get Watch Dogs 2 gold edition for £6.38 or get the standard edition for..£7.81..


Ramadanadingdong who cares which religious festival they are using to promote the sale just get some games bought. Far Cry 5. Digital deluxe is a great price as is the Gold edition of Watchdogs 2. Doubt I'll get to £35 though so worth waiting until days of play and adding a couple of current AAA titles. Heat as ever Joey

Batman The Telltale Series: The Enemy Within (PS4) £8.99 @ Base
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
In this latest chapter from the award-winning studio behind Batman - The Telltale Series, both Bruce Wayne and Batman will be forced into precarious new roles. The Riddle… Read more
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A complete game? Yes. A complete story? No.


Why does the game not work if the studio is closed? Isn't this all 5 episodes so a complete game?


It’s kind of pointless playing this now that Telltale have closed down.

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