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Hitman 2 PC £22.30 with 3% Facebook code @ CDKeys
Found 7 h, 17 m agoFound 7 h, 17 m ago
Welcome back to a world of assassination. Hitman 2 is the most ambitious, and possibly the greatest entry in the series to date. Travel the world, experience exotic lifestyles and… Read more
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Plus tonight the elusive target is Sean Bean (starting tonight).


I preordered this few days prior to release date from CDKeys and key was meant to be available immediately so you can play the sniper assassin mode, didn't receive a key, not even on the release date. Luckily, i paid via paypal and have my money back. I did try contacting them but got no where as communication from them was minimal and every 48 hours


Holding for gold edition for £20 ish before christmas. Great deal for a great game hot ! If you have hitman 1 you can download a free version from steam which allows you to play the first games levels with the tweaked engine.



You should put PC in the title, because I just made a premature mess thinking it was ps4. I know that's usually a given with cdkeys, but given the black Friday deals we're having so far this week, I've crossed every finger for a sub £30 price.

HITMAN: Definitive Edition (PS4/Xbox One) £14.86 @ Shopto
Found 8 h, 0 m agoFound 8 h, 0 m ago
Decent price for a great game. (Especially if you missed out on the recent Very deal ) Links: PS4 Xbox One Steelbook version also available for £16.85 : PS4 Xbox One

cheers purchaced and hopefully get the £2.50 quidco


Great decision otta. You won't regret it. The content via replayability is massive considering the small number of levels. Don't forget when it arrives to purchase the free updated levels for Hitman 2 (assuming you haven't already).


Finally my patience has paid off. Mwuhahahahsha... thanks OP


Awesome game, bought in July, nowhere near finished yet. Definitely pick up at this price ( I paid £25.99).


- Includes Every Mission and Location from Season One - Features All Contracts, Challenges and Every Piece of DLC Ever Released - Get Full Access to Bonus Missions and the Patient Zero Campaign

HITMAN Definitive Edition Steel Book (PS4/Xbox One) for £16.85 delivered @ ShopTo
Found 8 h, 48 m agoFound 8 h, 48 m ago
Price drop HITMAN: Definitive Edition Steel Book Xbox One Hitman - Definitive Edition brings together all the episodes and locations from HITMAN Season One, plus the PATIENT … Read more
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Sold out now. Damn


For f*** sake!


Another game that I want has reduced in price. Black friday has been great for games. Heat


Good deal. Here's some heat.


Typing jitters perhaps :D

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Hitman Definitive Steelbook Edition - PS4 £11.99 @ Very
Found 13 h, 24 m agoFound 13 h, 24 m ago
I posted this only yestaday at just under £20 which was a decent price. Very have now just reduced this down to £11.99 for the PS4, bargain. Experience the ultimate assassination … Read more
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Hitman 2 was outstanding


Haha I’m on the same mate, and this could be 5


It sold out in the time it took me to get a reset... Missed out on three deals in two days now.




Thank you.

Hitman Definitive Steelcase Edition PS4 £19.85 @ Base
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Down to £19.85 for the PS4 and £19.99 for the Xbox One. Xbox One link:- https://www.base.com/buy/product/hitman-definitive-steelbook-edition-xbox-one/dgc-hitdsex1.htm EXPERIEN… Read more
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Was asleep so missed very deal, bought it off shopto for £15 just need to finish all other games first


Mine shipped this morning just as the Very deal came through... now Shopto You're a wiser person that I!


I'd definitely get this anyway. If you own the first game you get all of the levels etc from the first in the second game with the updated mechanics etc. So it's definitely worthwhile


Anyone thinks this might get cheaper might hold of for a bit longer lol


Why thank you Frank30uk! Hopefully my better half hasn’t ordered the steelbook from the link I already sent her as a possible Xmas pressie

[Gamesplanet Steam key] HITMAN - Game of the Year Edition (£9.99/76% off)
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
After buying this, don’t forget to also redeem HITMAN 2 Prologue for free: https://store.steampowered.com/app/863550/HITMAN_2/ This gives you access to the legacy pack, which allow… Read more

Being able to import the old stuff into the new game, especially seeing as the prologue is free, is a pretty amazing move from the devs, IMO. Props for pointing that out.


welcome to hukd newbie.great first post,hot from me :)

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Hitman 2 Limited Steelbook Edition for Xbox One/PS4 - £24.79 Delivered @ Amazon France
Found 18th NovFound 18th Nov
Seems like a price error game just came out 5 days ago. Pay in Euros using fee free card for this price. Prices includes UK delivery.
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En route , will update once I receive


You were 12 hours late bruh. Had an early start today but for some reason I stayed awake until midnight and the deals came in.


Order shipped. (y)


Out of stock on ps4 😪 actually gutted


Is it still available?

Hitman 2 Gold Edition (PC) £38.80 (with 3% code) or £39.99 @ CDKeys
Found 14th NovFound 14th Nov
The gold edition of the newly released Hitman 2 is back down to £39.99 at CDKeys (was £49.99 when I was looking to purchase last week). It'll set you back £74.99 direct from Steam.… Read more

All expansions are included in the price. RRP is $99. Wow. This is so cheap.


Brand new game plus all future planned DLC :) Fair enough if its not for you, but there are certainly plenty of PC games that would be hot at this price. AC Odyssey was hot at £38 for just the base game.


Go for it ! Dirt cheap for awesome game. Gold owner here, would you do it again? Yes !


When did £38.80 become a hot price for a PC game - I missed the memo?

Prologue free + extra HITMAN 2 content for owners of HITMAN 1 (Steam, PS4, and XBone)
Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov
HITMAN 2 prologue is available now free for everyone. This contains the same training levels from the first HITMAN. In addition, and according to IO Interactive , you will be abl… Read more
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You can actually access the legacy packs now in Hitman 2 free prologue. You first need to boot up Hitman 1, there is an option to download Legacy pack for Hitman 2 on the menu. Once done, boot up Hitman 2 free prologue and then you can access the legacy maps in Hitman 2 and get trophies for them. (y)


You can get HITMAN 2 (with all its HITMAN 1 content) right now. You don't need to wait. I will edit the post for the 100th time right away. (lol)


Thanks, this cleared it up for me. I bought the Hitman season 1 digitally on release day, then bought the GOTY upgrade digitally when it released as well, yet these Legacy Packs are unavailable to me and I wasn't sure why as people made it look like you could get them without the need for Hitman 2. So when I eventually buy Hitman 2, these Legacy Packs should be accessible then, which makes sense.


This is actually quite a nice idea. I can now replay all the Hitman 1 levels in the revised HITMAN 2 style and it has trophies. I will upgrade to get the full game at a later date for sure


This is so confusing, however I've come across this great piece of info on Reddit, to clear things up: *INFO ABOUT THE LEGACY PACK* ------------ Ok as usual with their packs and upgrades, the Hitman situation is a bit complicated. So after a bit of tests and trials, here how it is: a) If you don't own any episodes from Hitman 1, you get only Hitman 2 - Prologue (always free), and the title doesn't stay in your steam game list, unless you have it installed. b) If you only own "Episode 1" AND/OR "Episode 2" from Hitman 1 (from previous givewaways), again the result is same as before. c) If you own ALL Hitman 1 episodes or Hitman 1 GOTY, then in Hitman 2 you get 10 DLCs. But in order to get them you have to install Hitman 2, run it, and then you get a message that it needs to restart. After that, the game stays in your steam game list, even if you uninstall it. Finally, if you only own the Hitman 1 episodes, but not its GOTY DLCs, you can buy them in Hitman's 2 page as " HITMAN™ - GOTY Legacy Pack Upgrade ". The content will probably sync with Hitman 1 also, although i am not 100% sure about that. But it doesn't matter, since there is practically no reason to install Hitman 1 again, since you have all the content remastered in Hitman 2.

Hitman 2 Prologue free on PS4
Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov
Available for free download now on the PlayStation store.

I presume it's the dlc that comes with the gold edition: Editions Info I presume the other extra two maps are already made..


I doubt the devs even know exactly what it adds yet. They're a newly independent studio betting the house on this game's performance. If it doesn't do well, I wouldn't expect £30 worth of expansion content. Personally I would wait and see with regard to the dlc.


Can you get trophies from this?


Such as foliage added to the levels and picture in picture at times too. Plus it has the overall asthetic of the new game. You can also unlock a trip mine weapon.


I thought the exact same thing and they don't even give you a teaser level ! I did notice however the graphics are much improved as is the loading times....pfffft (annoyed)

HITMAN™ - GOTY Legacy Pack FREE @ Xbox.com
Found 12th NovFound 12th Nov
Once again not sure if it's a free weekend or price glitch, I always like to download and share incase it's the latter. This is the full Legacy Pack, which includes all remastered… Read more
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I think it's because I owned the first game via Game Pass, but the content, including the bonus stuff still shows as Owned on my account.


It's given me the full game of Hitman 1 & Patient Zero, thanks!


Nah doesn't look Ike it . Not in the sense that we all thought we could get the 1st game complete without having owning it. Check the size again last night and was only showing as 11gb so deleted it.


so this doesnt work then ?


No clue mate? Better of asking Buzz or someone who is more clued up on the Xbox etc

Hitman 2 Xbox One & PS4 £34.85 @ Base
Found 6th NovFound 6th Nov
Price war between Game Collection and Base. Base winning at the moment by beating TGC by a whopping 10p. Now £34.85 for both XB1 and PS4. Useful for anyone that pre-ordered at B… Read more
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My codes are for Xbox One by the way.


I've actually got quite a few codes for the sniper challenge if anyone wants one.


Someone took it yesterday they pmd me, sorry.


yes please :)


Now £34.15 at the Game Collection with code GAMERSWAG ;)

Hitman 2 PS4 £29.89 from PlayStation PSN Store Turkey
Found 6th NovFound 6th Nov
£29.89 from Turkish store using Revolut. Pre order - Available in 7 days. Quick How To Guide: Create a Turkish account via PSN store, using a valid Turkish address (City, State… Read more
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You can play whenever you like on your account... quit trolling


Of having to ask a buddy when I want to play.


What inconvenience?


Game share? £15 isn't worth the inconvenience. You're saying Sony and Xbox fans are out in force? Who do you want commenting on a PS4 deal? I'm not saying it's a bad deal though, just that I don't like digital.


It's cold because people like yourself are set in your ways and don't understand how good a deal actually is or the Sony/xbox fans are out in force. You're talking a lot more than half price if you game share. Even if you don't have friends to do that with you have to admit it's a big reduction on RRP you'd pay instore. As for the last sentence please explain because it reads to me as if you think digital games are streaming?

HITMAN 2 PC + DLC (Steam key) £24.99 or £23.74 with 5% code at CDKeys
Found 6th NovFound 6th Nov
Seems like the best price I've seen. Awesome price for a pre-order Includes Sniper Assassin Mode! Travel the globe and track your targets across exotic sandbox locations in HITM… Read more

Thanks, did not know that. Haven't tried the codes for a while!


Code is down to 3% now - can be found HERE (y)


That's the way I was looking at it too - great price for the core game, and the expansion content will presumably be released in stages later on. They will be sold as extra content - Gold appears to contain expansions 1 and 2, Silver only expansion 1. I am extra cautious of their wording given (IMO the farce of) how the previous game was released that they don't say "all expansions" or "whole season" giving them room to release more chargeable content and not include it in the Gold bundle. I lost track of how many edition names the previous Hitman title went under leading to confusion as to what version actually contained all the content.


Go gold !


Hmm it's a tough decision. I think I would get standard edition, cos it wil take a while to complete it all with all the challenges etc. By the time it's done, perhaps the dlc/season pass will be on sale!

Hitman 2 PS4 £34.95 @ The Game Collection
Found 5th NovFound 5th Nov
Cheapest yet. 90p cheaper than Base. Game released on 13th November. Can't wait. (ninja)
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used to play this game when I was like 7 year old on my old PC :D


That’s one way, but seemed annoying on the staggered release to me, and that you couldn’t complete it say within a month then sell it on. Others could buy months down the line and you’d still be at a similar level


It gave people more time to enjoy the levels and take more time exploring different ways of killing the targets IMO.


You say that like new video games haven't cost 40-50 forever. I remember new Megadrive games costing 40 quid - which with inflation from 25 odd years ago is much more than 50. Just be patient - games without multiplayer longevity drop like lead balloons these days


That’s great news, thanks

Hitman Sniper iOS at iTunes for 49p
Found 4th NovFound 4th Nov
Game 49p
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Sure and most games you end up waiting for lives to regenerate or spend hours and hours on the same levels. Was just pointing out the in app purchases.


Aren’t in app purchases optional? I don’t seem to remember ever purchasing any add on content for any game!


Don’t forget all the in app purchases. Not really 49p for the game


To the point!

Hitman 2 (PS4 & Xbox One) Preorder - Further reduction £34.85 @ Base
Found 30th OctFound 30th Oct
Update 06/11/18 further reduction to 34.85 from 35.85 Base.com has decreased pre-order price for Hitman 2. Very attractive compared to other available retailers.
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I pre-ordered on Oct 21 at 22:05 Received pre-order bonus on Oct 22 at 08:40 That is less than 24 hours. I hope that helps.


For those that have pre-ordered from Base, how long did it take to receive the download code. I realise it can take up to 48 hours.


It's on Game Pass if for Xbox One users. I expect it will start getting better discounts when Hitman 2 is releases. Although Hitman 2 will include season 1's levels.


Thanks @JayITFC, I was just looking into the PS4, I will amend the title. No @Cybernik, they will only take the money once they're preparing it for shipment, which is usually a day before release date.


Do they take payment straight away?

Hitman 2 + DLC [PC] - Pre-Order for 13th November @ CDKeys with 3% Code
Found 21st OctFound 21st Oct
As usual, CDKeys with a respectable price. Played the first Hitman and loved it. Looking at trailers and gameplay this one will most likely live up to the hype! Get your 3% discou… Read more
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good price but been burnt too many times pre-ordering.. will wait on reviews on release and then buy


wait heads up this is NOT the gold edition with the Levels Expansion pass, it is just the base game and Sniper mode pre-order bonus dlc. Gold edition with expansion pass is oos and was £39.99


Different parent company now, Square Enix owned it and IO developed it last time, in seperate episodes, what did waiting a month or two do anyway? Because paris was released then it was more than a month or two for the next episode. this time Warner Brothers are the parent company, all six episodes released day one, a month or two later will make no difference, apart from the dlc will be released like every other game that gets dlc, like Spider-man etc


Not Quite, all levels 1-6 available day one (previously released as seperate episodes in the first game) all expansion pass level dlc available afterwards like every other game with a season pass


In what way?

Hitman Halloween pack free for limited time on PS4
Found 19th OctFound 19th Oct
You can now get this add on for PS4... Once placid farm compound has been converted into a militia training camp and base of operations, under the watchful gaze of a nearby scare… Read more

The 'first' one, it's also available on PC.


Is this for the 1st Hitman or the new one?



Extract from PSN Note: Game access lasts for the Halloween Pack period, but your saved progress will transfer to the full game, if purchased.


I think that you need the hitman game as it is a pack Edit Sorry I think that you get free access for a time period and then it won’t work unless you buy the game

HITMAN - Halloween Pack - Free For Limited Period - free on xbox
Found 19th OctFound 19th Oct
The XBox one HITMAN Halloween Pack is free "for limited period" https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/hitman-halloween-pack/c0p287tqfzmr
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I don't think there is a limited time on this, limited to claim the game but not to play it. I had to wait till my Gamepass expired to test it but went on last night and I can still play all episodes they've given away free, 1,2,3 and 5. Don't remember 4 Bangkok being released unless I missed it. No issue with playing it at all and I've never paid for the game.


Someone that knows this game. If I get this, can I play it later down the line when it’s not Halloween?


Do you need the base game to play this, or is it standalone?


Will be free on PS4 and PC as well (as usual), rolls out across the day https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-halloween-pack/


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