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Bike Lights - Moon Meteor Auto and Comet X Light Set £27.49 at Wiggle
Posted 4 h, 25 m agoPosted 4 h, 25 m ago
USB rechargeable, these lights have seven modes on each so they’ll get you the light pattern you want when navigating the urban jungle or the long roads. With the quick recharge ti… Read more
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I've very narrow bullhorn bars for commuting, would the mount fit around a standard bar stem instead; and can the light then fit pointing forwards? Sorry I appreciate that is worded badly!


Great price! Got these a couple of weeks ago at £34.99 from Tredz and they are really good for the price.


Good price for some very decent lights. Recommend.

Challenge 5 LED Bike Light (front only) for £3.29 or Rolson LED bike light set (front and back) for £6.49 both free click & collect @ Argos
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Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Choose from the single front light for £3.29, or the cycle set for £6.49 both with free click & collect from your nearest Sainsbury's or Argos store. The Rolson front and back … Read more

can anyone recommend me any good bike lights? im new to cycling and live in rural area. what is the best deal at the moment?


Really? (lol) (lol) (lol)


For that price, there's plenty on eBay of a similar quality which are usb rechargeable


No not really, but if they are just for making people aware you are cycling, then it'll be more than enough.


These are cheap for a reason and you will be disappointed.

Youpin BEEbest Flash light 1000LM £22.45 delivered @ AliExpress / Mi homes Store
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Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Someone recommended this to me so thought I'll pass on the info. 1000 lumen Type-C USB rechargeable flash light with magnetic tail Can be used as emergency power bank with 2600mAh… Read more

I'd be interested if it didn't have the strobe/sos. Having to cycle through those 'features' when I just want light would annoy me too much.


Thanks, but won't probably bother...


You might try using 'report this deal' above, then chose 'report for a different reason' then explain what you want to do, they should get back to you via the letter icon at the top of the page


How do I replace the deal image with the one in the description? It only gives me an option to load it from the deal link.

Garmin Varia rtl510 - £99.99 + £4.99 del @ Evans Cycles
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Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Deal at Evans Cycles. If you also signup for newsletter you get £5 off
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Took less than a week to arrive from Garmin, much better than the included mount.


I tried but they said they didn't have stock when my request went in, and given the Evans price has gone up in the meantime I don't fancy my chances


Don't bother. The guy comes to every cycling thread to spout the same thing. His mum kicked him out and his wife left him because of his leather and bacon sarnie habit. She left him for a fitter and less idiotic road cyclist. Hence his bitterness Back in topic tho, last week with the great weather the leather crew were out en mass. This radar did a great job of warning me by flashing red that something is approaching way too close and fast. Good as it means I can be ready to get buzzed super close at stupid speeds by the worst rule breakers and bullies of them all


Wiggle will price match


To get us back on topic - has anyone spotted this elsewhere at 99£?

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Bikehut Front Bike Light - 1000 Lumens £40 - free delivery @ Halfords
177° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Bikehut Front Bike Light - 1000 Lumens £40 - free delivery @ Halfords
£40 Free P&P FreeHalfords Deals
Found this and it seems like a good kit for £40. High power 1000 lumen maximum output USB rechargeable Intelligent Power Bar Power Bank functionality 8 modes (1000, 650, 40… Read more
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Thanks OP, I have purchased (having just returned previous cheap lights from Amazon which failed after 2 outings). As others have said, this 1000 lumen light comes in the box with the "out front" combo mount which can hold this light and a Garmin GPS.


£25.88 with 400 lumens or Lezyne 200 lumens for £18.99. You can get 10% off with bluelightcard ( I think )


I have this light. It's a proper "to see with" light, you can get much cheaper "be seen" lights if you don't want to spend this much. It would be complete overkill for a street lit commute for example. This one also comes with the out front Garmin / light mount that the more expensive one comes with. Plenty bright enough for unlit country roads on middle settings and gives great run times if you do (get about 5hours). If you don't need great run times but still need to see with, then buy the £25 500 lumen version and run it at full pelt (no Garmin mount for that one). I have gone through many eBay specials, Amazon cheapos, AliExpress etc. as I commute year round by bike on unlit roads. Reliability is the main issue with those. Had too many fail on me to go there again. Think this is outstanding value as it has great performance and reliability without going up to Exposure prices (or even Lezyne / Cateye to be honest!). Powerbank function is a useful little bonus most don't have too. The bad: It's a chunky one, both in size and weight Garmin mount wobbles due to the weight Takes forever to charge I would definitely recommend but it is always this price...


The 1600 lumen light comes with it - well the 2 I purchased did anyway.


Can anyone recommend a decent one at a budget price - like 20quid. Last one I had got lifted off the bike. Don't really want to be out £40 or £50 everytime!

WEST BIKING rechargeable bike light 350 lumens, red back light & 120 dB horn for £11.91 delivered @ AliExpress Deals / Cyclespeed Store
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Posted 7th MayPosted 7th MayShipping from ChinaShipping from China
WEST BIKING rechargeable bike light 350 lumens, red back light & 120 dB horn for £11.91 delivered @ AliExpress Deals / Cyclespeed Store
£11.91£13.2610% Free P&P FreeAliExpress Deals
Good price for a 350 lumen front bike light with four modes and 1200 mAh battery, and a five mode 120 decibel horn — the horn press button just plugs into the front light, pretty c… Read more
johnnystorm I'm sure the same ones are sold by loads of others so shop around. Possibly cheaper elsewhere but I needed some in a hurry, lost my old ones in Morocco. ;)


Nope, but you can get 600-2000ish with ridiculously exaggerated lumens claims. ;)


Which one did you get from Amazon pls? I am looking for a decent one.


At 27£ you can get 20000 lumens on Ebay


They look the same yes. However, I can't post that seller as it does not meet the hotukdeals criteria.

Cycliq Fly6 Bike Light/Camera £128 at ProBikeKit ibncfree delivery
122° Expired
Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Cycliq Fly6 Bike Light/Camera £128 at ProBikeKit ibncfree delivery
£128 Free P&P FreeProBikeKit Deals
EDITED 9th April Cycliq are currently selling all their stock with 30% off so you can get this direct from them for £140 inc. P&P if you can wait 2-3 weeks for delivery. now… Read more

They were £40 in Sept 2017 when I bought mine. They sold out very quickly but there were a few reports of people finding old stock a few weeks later reduced to £20 (and a very few found them reduced to £15). It had a faulty motion sensor which meant it switched off after 15 minutes (both camera and light). This was later fixed with a firmware update which bypassed the motion sensor (and also removed the Crash Mode so it didn't automatically save footage in the event of an accident). I haven't seen them being sold since. I guess they might come back at some point - it wasn't in their cycling stuff last month and the new range that was due on April 19th has been postponed. Most owners seem to have found that they died eventually (people who opened them up found the circuitry had corroded). Mine lasted about 6 months - but Aldi gave me my money back under warranty so I was happy enough to get a winter out of it for nothing. I bought a Fly6v for £50 instead, which I'm now upgrading having seen how much better the video quality is on the newer models.


Why these are a good idea


This just isn't true. You can't get hold of them andthey were never £20


Many thanks op for the deal and even bigger thanks for continuing to work during the crisis. If it wasn't for you and your fellow teachers how many thousands of key workers would have been lost off the front line of this battle against Corvid-19. During normal times I too cycled to work every day. On the bike I have two front lights, two rear lights and front and back cameras. All lights on even during daytime. Touch wood no accident other than somebody aggressively forcing me off the road. Having visible cameras has definitely reduced incidents but defensive riding is what keeps me safest. I.e. predict a car pulling out in front of me etc.


Code has expired but price has dropped to £128 - so £2 more than when first posted.

Rechargeable Moon Meteor-X Auto Pro and Arcturus Auto Bike Light Set - £24.99 Delivered @ Rutland Cycling
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Posted 18th FebPosted 18th Feb
Rechargeable Moon Meteor-X Auto Pro and Arcturus Auto Bike Light Set - £24.99 Delivered @ Rutland Cycling
£24.99£34.9929%Rutland Cycling Deals
Nice set for a tickle under £25 on these. They both have various modes, which you can read about in the below spec / info. As per title they're rechargeable so less messing with ba… Read more

I highly recommend this set, also from Rutland: It's super-bright and made my commute along a dark towpath much better.



Moon Meteor Storm Lite and Nebula Light Set for £44.99 delivered @ Rutland Cycling
205° Expired
Posted 5th FebPosted 5th Feb
Great offer for a pro bike light set especially, when only the front light cost £40ish. The front light is a massive 1100 lumens (shock) and battery cell is 18650 SAMSUNG lithiu… Read more

Hi how does the rear light attach,I haven't got the space on my seat post and besides I have a mud guard that would obscure it,do you think it could be attached to the angled tube heading down to the gearing I think it's known as the seat stay?


Thanks for this, very helpful


This is a good site to compare lights (actually shows what the beams are like in use):


Yeah but that's quite a bit more expensive and doesn't come with rear light. For most people, 1100 lumen will be plenty bright enough (e.g. commuting) but you might need brighter for off-roading at night.


These are £39.99 now, so deal should be updated. Great deal, thanks OP.

Garmin Varia RTL510 Radar Rear Bike Light £78.22 @ Amazon
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Posted 27th JanPosted 27th Jan
Garmin Varia RTL510 Radar Rear Bike Light £78.22 @ Amazon
£78.22£134.9942%Amazon Deals
When searching on amazon this comes up at £134.99 if you carry on scrolling it's all available for £87.83 which is an absolute bargain for this. Amazing bike light with radar warni… Read more
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Really useful feedback. Makes me feel like I am missing something critical. Much like the feeling I have without a power meter.


First off I'd use the proviso that the radar is only really useful on rural roads - not in towns or cities. But given that you are on a quiet country road having the device allows you to ride in a more central position out of the gutter - moving to a more courteous position when a car is approaching. Your example of the pot hole is a good one - it's not always about taking some action based on the information but sometimes about knowing *not* do to something - like swinging out around a pothole. In my view more information is always better as long as you prioritise the information...the radar is definitely not a replacement for looking over your shoulder before a manoeuvre...but I think it is a lot better than what you can sense with your ears.


That's no different than if you didn't have the device tbh. I just treat mine like a rear-view mirror. I still use my side mirrors and check behind, but it gives me an extra/earlier heads up that something's approaching.


Thanks. Managed to snag one as I had it on my alert list


That's a shame. Still lowest its been. *updated*

MEROCA intelligent auto start/stop & brake sensing rear bike light for £8.74 delivered @ AliExpress Deals / Honever Store
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Posted 20th JanPosted 20th JanShipping from ChinaShipping from China
MEROCA intelligent auto start/stop & brake sensing rear bike light for £8.74 delivered @ AliExpress Deals / Honever Store
£8.25£8.746%AliExpress Deals
This is really cool, a bike light that senses when you are braking, getting brighter when you do so. It has several modes, works as both a normal light and a brake light, and comes… Read more



Insta is crazy for absolute horse s#@$ products. Everything looks so amazing then you look it up on amazon and exactly as you say, find it for 1/4 of the price and the reviews say its crap


Its not been easy, the tolerances for building the micro generators are so fine! Looks like a brilliant product, if only the licensing/suppliers would hurry up!


Looks like I’m in the wrong game. €100,000 out of nowhere.



Auraglow USB Rechargeable Front & Rear Bike Light Set £14.99 at Auraglow
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Posted 13th JanPosted 13th Jan
Auraglow USB Rechargeable Front & Rear Bike Light Set £14.99 at Auraglow
The lights have different illumination modes for all situations. 3 modes for the headlight: Continuous bright on, continuous dim on and bright flashing. The back light comes with 5… Read more

That's how long it takes to Charge fully On the site description says that the hold around 12 hours charge


"2-3 hours charge time" - is that how long they take to charge fully or how long they last from a full charge?


Seem like decent lights with good reviews. Worth a go and an upgrade from my lidl crevit lights, 2 sets ordered thanks for the post


Paid £8 for these last week on amazon - defo the same thing and they are great CroLED Bike Lights Sets, USB...

Cateye Volt 100 XC Front Bike Light now £12.99 delivered at Rutland Cycling
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Posted 11th JanPosted 11th Jan
Cateye Volt 100 XC Front Bike Light now £12.99 delivered at Rutland Cycling
Cateye's new Volt 100 XC is capable of firing out up to 100 lumens of high intensity LED light with 2 modes and a battery life that last for 1 hour on Constant, and 5 on Flashing. … Read more

Yes you definitely need brighter to blind all the drivers coming towards you.


I like Cateye lights, I used to have a Volt 400 which had a removable battery so ou could carry a spare which was brilliant. But I can't see the point of this. 100 luments is a "be seen" light (400 lumens is the absolute minimum for something to light the road ahead) which would be great if it had a long battery life. But 1 hour on steady is useless, 5 hours flashing isn't much better. The next model up (the 200XC) manages up to 20 hours on flashing. I guess for the price you can afford 2 of these and carry a spare.

Moon Meteor C1 and Orion Light Set £24.99 @ Rutland Cycling
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Posted 9th JanPosted 9th Jan
Moon Meteor C1 and Orion Light Set £24.99 @ Rutland Cycling
46% off a set of Front and Rear lights that will make you seen. Recharge with Usb and easily removed to do this. Posting as concerned ‘dangerous’ lights getting heat on this site. … Read more

Pleased to see conversations here about cycling safety. Anything we can learn that makes us seem and stay safe has to be good.


Cyclist's just need to understand that they need to point there bright lights down a bit to avoid blinding folk. Also don't have them on full brightness unless its a pitch black country road/trail. Whenever i cycle at night on a road i have the light pointed just in front of my tyre and rotate it up if i'm going through trails etc. Basic common sense that most folk lack.


I'm struggling to understand what point you're trying to make with your car headlamp analogy. Car drivers don't have the option to pay to make their lights legal. Headlights are aligned at the factory not to blind other road users, and they are part of the MoT test, emphasising how important this issue is. So if they don't pay their car will not be allowed on the road. "Road legal" cycle lights are only road legal if they're adjusted properly. And unlike a car headlamp, that is trivial to achieve. The complaint comes from me as a cyclist and a pedestrian. Only this week I was crossing the road in front of both a cyclist with a stupidly bright light and a car with legal headlights. Yes, some car drivers will complain about anything, but if you provoke them, they are more likely to complain, and they are more likely to behave badly towards other cyclists, displaying lazy stereotyping in the same way as you. And if the police get involved, they are more likely to take the driver's side if you have been using lights irresponsibly.


They're road legal lights that meet UK standard. Pretty certain if new cars came with lights that blinded oncoming drivers a bit, but they could pay £50 and change them, 90% of drivers would stick with the ones that came with the car. And drivers will complain about lights no matter what type you have, too bright, too dim, flashing so they blinded me, not flashing do I didnt see them. That's before you get onto the fact that many cycle paths here are raised above the road so, unless you get off your bike and adjust all your lights, you will blind drivers anyway. I've learnt to get lights that work for me and my commute. In the past drivers would punish you for lights by blinding you with full beam. Now if course you can high power strobe them back from a distance, which seems to stop the wholly dangerous practice of blinding an oncoming cyclist. (y)


In the real world, I spent possibly £45 on this light, because, like you, I shop around for a good price. They come up/came up on eBay occasionally for that sort of figure (new). Meanwhile people rave about lights costing well over £100. Deliberately blinding drivers is not the same as making them aware of your presence. Protecting yourself as a vulnerable road user can be done without endangering others - including pedestrians and cyclists whom you blind at the same time, or are not then seen by the drivers you have blinded, and become the innocent victims in this. What a contemptuous display of selfishness! No wonder frustrated motorists talk about "bloody cyclists" as a group to be hounded off the road when you give them all the ammunition they need to feed their prejudices.

Halfords Super Slim Bike Light Set (Run Time: Constant 40 hours, Flashing 80 hours) - £3.99 + Free Click & Collect @ Halfords
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Posted 5th JanPosted 5th Jan
Halfords Super Slim Bike Light Set (Run Time: Constant 40 hours, Flashing 80 hours) - £3.99 + Free Click & Collect @ Halfords
£3.99£4.9920%Halfords Deals
This stylish Halfords Super Slim Bike Light Set consists of lights that won't look out of place on any bike, whether you have a classic sit-up-and beg cycle, or a super-sleek roa… Read more

But for the money, handy as an emergency set in case your main ones fail or run out. If you rely solely on these to be seen then you're asking for trouble.


Buy something that’ll keep you safe eg 46% off


Rubbish and frankly dangerous . You need to be seen . These are pennies on eBay . Look at Rutland sale for super bright front and REAR led or get the LIDL rechargeable LED set for £7.99.


I'll keep an eye out for them thanks.


The button on top has a slightly different symbol on it I think without going to my bike to check

CatEye AMPP500 USB Rechargeable Front Light for £26.91 @ Halfords
690° Expired
Posted 4th JanPosted 4th Jan
CatEye AMPP500 USB Rechargeable Front Light for £26.91 @ Halfords
£26.91£32.9818%Halfords Deals
Cateye AMPP 500 Front Bike Light 500 Lumen maximum output 220% larger side lens for a significantly wider beam and enhanced side visibility Opticube lens technology for supreme … Read more

Just to add that my old power bank died and for the last few weeks of the winter season, I was using the light with a smaller power supply with less output. The light automatically adjusted from having three power options to just on and off - so budget for a decent power bank that has enough output to "fast charge" appliances.


I've had no issues with it at all. So long as you don't mind the external battery pack (obviously not supplied at that price point), you can't go wrong. The only difference that I can see between the version now being sold and mine is that mine has a metal shell but the listing seems to suggest that the current version is ABS. I know people moan about Chinese stuff but nearly everything like this is now made in China and provided you pay enough to avoid obvious junk, you will rarely if ever get junk - I will never buy bike lights from a branded seller again.


Was there any noticeable quality problems. Could you please give an insight into how good it is as I might buy one if its decent


This one is all enclosed , 2000 lumens and £70. A bit of a jump in price but good for the lumens, well made too.


I'm toying with shoving LED H3 lights into two aftermarket car fog lights, & powering them off a golf buggy/wheelchair 12v battery. With the large reflectors & perhaps 800 lumens in each, might get some of that slowing down to figure what it is, response too.

CREE LED bike lights . One front £4.99 / Two for £7.99 / Two + Rear Light £9.99 @ Digitalsave
192° Expired
Posted 26th Dec 2019Posted 26th Dec 2019
CREE LED bike lights . One front £4.99 / Two for £7.99 / Two + Rear Light £9.99 @ Digitalsave
Super bright, zoomable CREE LED bike lights will light your way and let everyone know you’re coming one at £4.99, plus rear £8.99 or two front and one rear at £9.99. doesn't se… Read more

Question: are these rechargeable (e.g. via USB lead, if so: micro, Type-C, proprietary?) or replaceable battery powered (if so what type and quantity)?


First thought when I just looked at the solarstorm x3's was Johnny 5 :D


solarstorm x3 from ebay or china ( aliexpress etc) I sue for commute along a canal path and for MTB night rides. Just make sure they are dipped on the roads. You will be seen,


I've been using Xanes lights for a while and pretty happy (apparently cannot post links to it as banggood seems to be banned).


Any recommendations, which are value for money?

Moon meteor storm pro bike light at Fawkes Cycles for £69 delivered
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Posted 20th Dec 2019Posted 20th Dec 2019
Moon meteor storm pro bike light at Fawkes Cycles for £69 delivered
Moon Storm Pro bike light 40% off. Not bad for an all in one light under 70 quid and 2000 lumens (real ones too, not chinese ones!). Seems solidly made and can easily be teamed u… Read more
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I have no use for a 2000 lumen light (because I'm not an off-road cyclist), but the massive battery life on lower settings is very tempting. 31 on 120 lumens would easily get me through a weeks' commuting. 230 hours in daytime flash mode sounds like a fantastic DRL that would need charging every couple of months. Love my Cycliq lights for city commuting but really wish the battery life was better.

Exposure lights joystick mk13 front bike light £89 @ Cyclerepublic
-74° Expired
Posted 16th Dec 2019Posted 16th Dec 2019
Exposure lights joystick mk13 front bike light £89 @ Cyclerepublic
Not the latest model and I can’t vouch for them personally but they always get good reviews. Comes with mounting kit and 5.87% Quidco is available.

I have three now two on bars and one on helmet my old exposure joystick ie 5 years old and still going strong was a little dim compared to the new ones. 3 is a perfect setup on the bars one on the helmet for night rides . And on medium they last fot hours and when you ate in pitch black in the woods you need reliability unlike the cheap Amazon specials that have been hit and miss for me.. Great price


This is a headtorch for your helmet so when you are riding trails in the woods you see where you look, need bar mounted lights as well for optimal setup.


Yes I have a Scott Scale 720 which gets used a lot. I currently have an Olight M2T with the bike mount which has worked great for a long time. It also doubles as a great carry around flashlight. I’m not saying this torch is crap it’s probably a very good piece of kit but I’d rather spend less on the very good setup I have. But anyone stating the flashlights I originally mentioned are cheap Chinese are just showing their ignorance.


From that reply I assume you don’t ride bikes off-road in the dark so clearly not qualified to comment ;) No mention of warranty on Amazon’s page, although if the rofl website is to be believed and you are happy to deal with an overseas company and the risks involved, then yes it looks good as a regular torch, but I’ll stick with my exposure arsenal for now ..


If you think Rofis is cheap tat then your clearly not qualified to comment on flashlights

B'TWIN ST 520 Front/Rear LED USB Bike Light Set - Black £15.99 @ Decathlon London Wandsworth (in-store only )
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Posted 16th Dec 2019Posted 16th Dec 2019LocalLocal
B'TWIN ST 520 Front/Rear LED USB Bike Light Set - Black £15.99 @ Decathlon London Wandsworth (in-store only )
£15.99£19.9920%Decathlon Deals
Instagram Christmas calendar deal (promotion for one day only )Looks like one of them best selling product . Good feedback online .
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