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Practical Lightroom - Learn Lightroom by Working with Images @Udemy
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Adding to my previous find, here is another free (via code) Lightroom course on Udemy. You need to have Lightroom Software. Description from the course page: This course is desig… Read more



Thank you I've started using lightroom over the last few months, sure this will help me out :-)






Nice one

Lightroom Master Class-Edit Images Like a Pro+Free Presets @ Udemy
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
What Will I Learn? You will be an expert in Adobe Lightroom Classic or Adobe Lightroom You will be an Expert in Raw Image Processing in Adobe Lightroom Classic You will be an E… Read more

Thanks op... got it working on a new registration.


You got a link?


I wasn't serious either, so don't watch your back :-P


I’ve just completed and it was £0 use the code RAINING10K


Showing 19.99 for me.. and after entering the code .. it asking for payout.... any clue?

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Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan (Photoshop & Lightroom), also 90 days free if you are already signed up
Found 24th AugFound 24th Aug
So, this is on offer for £8.32 (normally £9.98). I signed up 2 days ago for £9.98 so I just went to cancel and signup again to get the cheaper price. When I clicked on cancel it o… Read more

Thanks for your reply. Bummer. :(


Before that prompt.


Thanks for the deal, muise. Can someone advise, please ? I've gone to cancel, but haven't seen a popup yet. Does it come *after* this prompt ? Or does it look like I'm not being offered the 90 day deal ?


You have to pay 50% of the remaining amount owed, so if you cancelled after 4 months you'd have to pay 50% of the remaining 8 months i.e. 8x8.32x0.5 = £33.28


Lightroom kinda, you can buy it standalone but it doesn't have all the features of the subscription version and Adobe have announced they won't release any new standalone versions. Photoshop has been subscription only for quite a while.

Adobe Creative Cloud, inc Photoshop Lightroom etc 72 apps, 40% OFF Annual subscription now £30.34 /12 month
Found 20th AugFound 20th Aug
Adobe Creative Cloud, inc Photoshop Lightroom etc 72 apps, 40% OFF Annual subscription £235 Annual SAVING!!!
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Video Editing is not part of the suite.


What's the video editing software like?



You get the full set of Creative Suite/Cloud apps, so that includes PS, LR, Illustrator for vector graphics, indesign for DTP, DreamWeaver for web development, Premiere (and Encore for DVD production) and After Effects for video production, as well as a range of animation and design apps. I get the full CC suite at work, and I use a few of the apps (PS, LR, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects, Encore, Acrobat Pro) in my current job, a few of the others I've used before, but I'm going to make an effort to learn some of the others whilst I have access to the full suite.


Honestly !!!! I have just been on Adobe Chat and spoke to a guy called Vince He took all my details of my Online Photography course etc and then stated that Scotland is not supported for Adobe there. Yet when I directed him to the website ad it clearly states United Kingdom, he again started saying there are certain regions in the UK which are not supported, yadda yadda What the H... !!!! I am in Denmark just now fora couple of weeks, which he knew because this was where the chat was initiated and he kept saying if I give him a DK address he can do the pack, told him that I do not live in DK I live in Scotland...he started again going over the whole ‘not supported’ speech. He then called me in the hotel saying he can organise the course if I gave him a DK address, told him I’m in a hotel and he asked for my friends address here.. I got fed up and said I will call back tomorrow.


Any idea if the Lr Classic is in ? As does not seem to be mentioned anywhere....




Worked for me (y)


I've not seen Photopea before but it's good, thanks for linking to it, now bookmarked for future use. I do wonder how all these different programmes now get away with looking exactly like Photoshop?


Adobe's US pricing went up in March (although not UK pricing). So might not be that cheap again next Black Friday (although very likely it will be on offer again on Black Friday at this same price).

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Darktable -  FREE Powerful RAW photo editor (Lightroom alternative) now available for windows
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
darktable is an open source photography workflow application and raw developer. A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers. It manages your digital negatives in a database… Read more
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Lightroom is a photo improvement programme that allows to correct aspects of the image. GIMP is like photoshop it is an image editor which allows to layer images on to each other, cut bits out. Warp and twist and generally make a new creative image from your old one.


Looking forward to seeing how this compares to Affinity Photo's raw processing. Thanks for the heads up!


Once you play around with the base saved profile settings which take a while to set up it just Rocks! the way it corrects perspective adjustments is just fantastic, recognised my lens and corrected. You need to set up your std profile to apply some std adjustments and one click to apply and boom! this thing is very powerful.


Were those cows meant to be so green? It looks like the white balance is very off


+1 (y) Before.. After..

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan with 20GB: Photoshop CC + Lightroom CC | 1 Year Licence | Online Code & Download @ Amazon £74.25
Found 25th Dec 2017Found 25th Dec 2017
The Lightroom + Photoshop CC subscription is discounted on Amazon UK down to £74.25. Christmas day only.

Sometimes, you can set up an alert to be notified


Don't think so.


Does anyone know if it comes down to this price often?


Yeah it does :)


When I sign into my account on my mac it confirms my subscription and gives me access there, too, though (I think?). And lets me share pictures between platforms

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan with 20GB: Photoshop CC + Lightroom CC | 1 Year Licence | Online Code & Download @ Amazon £69.99
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Get all your photography essentials with the new Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan 1 year pre-paid licence, including the all-new Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, 20GB of cloud st… Read more

Down to £74.25now.


Now back up to 99.99


Cheers, I'll go ahead and get this then, thanks for your help :)


Subscription Retail product Click on Visit Redeem your Creative Cloud membership on this page Sign in to your account if you have one and the codes WILL stack. Confirmed: Just purchased and just stacked till June 2019


Already posted

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan: Photoshop CC Plus Lightroom - 12-Month Licence - Download (PC/Mac) £69.99 @ Amazon
Found 10th Jul 2017Found 10th Jul 2017
Lightroom down to £69.99 on Amazon Prime deals
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Well I thought this was such a good deal that I bought a second one and have redeemed that - all went through fine and another year was added to my subscription.


Thanks to both for the replies. I'm probably just going to get this, but the only thing is that at my renewal I haggled a little bit with Adobe and they gave me a few months free to make sure I renewed with them. This is why I wouldn't want to redeem it now just in case I lose my free months... :)


I also added it to my current subscription, so covered till Dec 2018. Not sure about expiry or if you can stack more than one code, so not risking buying another. I read somewhere that you can only use one code


Not sure BUT you can stack them. ie while you current licence is running you can redeem this licence code and a year is added to your activation period. I've just done this (using an Amazon provided licence for this £70 offer) and got an email from Adobe confirming the extension. So I'm now covered through to April 2019.


Does anybody know if these codes expire at any point?

Free fully licensed copy of AfterShot 3
Found 10th Jun 2017Found 10th Jun 2017
Use the following serial number when prompted: AL03B22-QV435D2-9VTRZE9-ZGWFKBQ AfterShot 3 is a photo editor. Whilst this may not have all the bells and whistles of the full Pro… Read more
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still testing this but after a couple of days it is looking good. I haven't been nagged to upgrade maybe its a Windoze thing,im using it on my trusty 5.1 MacPro.


Uninstalled after a few minutes. Incredibly limited for what it is and the constant begging to upgrade to the "Pro" version is a complete no-go. Yet another useless piece of Coral Bloatware.


getting an installation failure


Thanks will try soon


There is no need to enter the serial number as the product gets automatically registered to your Corel account on installation. However, you can go into your account and register it again with the serial number AL03B22-QV435D2-9VTRZE9-ZGWFKBQ. Then you will have it registered twice.

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan: Photoshop CC Plus Lightroom - 12-Month Licence - £80.95 @ Amazon
Found 3rd Apr 2017Found 3rd Apr 2017
Great deal works out to be £6.67 per month. You get full photoshop and light room CC. I just cancelled my subscription to Creative Cloud, which I bought a few days ago, and they gi… Read more
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Ho do you manage that, 89quid ? Signup with different email addresses ?


In the old days, you could upgraded when you wanted to. You didn’t have to do it every year and you would still normally get the upgrade at a discount (It's only towards the end that they made the upgrade discount only eligible for the most recent versions). The changes between the versions were minimal so it made more sense to upgrade every 2 or 4 years, which worked out cheaper than renting. Also, there's no reason why they can't sell the ownership versions along side the rental. The rental pricing is just to fleece customers.


The never ending 'trial' of Creative Cloud is a solution I have no problem with, even if Norton treats the executable like a Trojan virus.


Yes, I get that but personally never feel the need to be on the cutting edge of upgrades. Still using MS Office 97 as it meets my needs well enough.


The product you're after is called Photoshop Elements.

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan £80.85 Amazon
Found 3rd Apr 2017Found 3rd Apr 2017
Normally £99 or £10pcm. I buy one of these every year. I don't actually need to renew until January 2018 but this is the time of year this deal appears for some reason.
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Voted hot. Recently had an email from Adobe saying they're putting the subscription up to £120 some time this month (because Brexit or somesuch). Already bought one of these at a slightly higher price on the strength of that email - if I buy more can I hang on to them for years and use as required, or do they have an expiry date?


Knee-jerk reaction from people who don't like the idea of subscription software, I'm afraid. I'm certainly happy to pay less than £7 / month to know that I always have the latest version of Lightroom and Photoshop.


heat from me. just bought it.


Don`t understand why cold, voted hot. Thanks OP


You certainly can - not sure about stacking them..... Office 365 allows you to stack up to 5 years.

Adobe Creative Cloud: Photoshop CC Plus Lightroom - 12-Month Licence £69.99 @ Amazon
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
Lowest price ever. Not sure if you can buy multiple and stack codes or use other codes later.

It's back to £99


Can I cancel i my existing subscription and add this? Anyone know?


Searched and it didn't come up. lol.


Already posted :p Good deal though...



Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan: Photoshop CC Plus Lightroom £6.85 per month for 12 months
Found 29th Apr 2016Found 29th Apr 2016
My sub just ran out from a cheap deal last year so i was after another and came across this link. Normally its £8.57 per month but with this link you get it for £6.85!

Did this work on the same account? The reduced price is supposed to only work for your first year. I'm due to renew in November and don't want to pay the full monthly price.


Still works thanks so much. Shooting Raw means I need something like lightroom. Free opensource don't have the capability to handle the RAW files from my cameras.


This is still working today - same as shredder, I also just bought an 80D and so had to upgrade. Result!


This is still working I just signed upThanks.Just got new canon 80D camera and raw files not valid in version 5.7 HOT


I used to use creative cloud but now I've changed to affinity worth a look if you use a Mac. One off fee of 39.99. Affinity

Adobe CC Photography Plan: Photoshop & Lightroom - 12-Month Licence - Download (PC/Mac) at Amazon
Found 1st Apr 2016Found 1st Apr 2016
Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan: Photoshop CC Plus Lightroom - 12-Month Licence - Download (PC/Mac) Back on offer at £79.99 again (usually £100) 12 months licence (instant… Read more

Can you use both the PC & Mac versions or would you need to choose one / buy it twice?


Was just about to ask the same


Anyone know if you can stack codes - like buy 3 at £79.99 each, add them and get 3 years? You can do this with Office 365.


You said you'd bought the student version without surrendering proof and you just let it 'roll over' every year. Am I to take it you are an actual student then? (_;) If so I apologise but my point of a student version cannot be used commercially whereas this version can still stands.


Flout the licensing rules? Where did I say I'd done that?


Strange... it's still showing as free to me and I don't have Kindle Unlimited.


Dont let Gordon Ramsay hear you say that he will be angry and you dont know what you might find in your meal


as far as i can see the specific haze tool is just a general slider but if its in the gradients section then thats not too bad in dxo its 'targeted' as it only (mainly) affects the low contrast areas and leaves the higher ones untouched...think due to black levels per area i dont like the local adjustment brush so much as tbh i am not good as using it so for me a simple tool is better than my simple skills either way... the book told me nowt about haze! X)


LR you target areas with gradients so as not to 8introduce artifacts where the tonal shift isnt needed, dxo i believe isnt targeted, so contrasty landscapes, i couldnt use it.


something like dxo analyses the scene and only works on the areas of low contrast so its not a filer as such, sure i can look through a tutorial and follow all the steps etc but dxo is enough and does a basic replication on the problem areas certainly better than saying lightroom can do something and not telling you how which tbh it cant - its the user doing it in this case anyway all the slider/graph stuff in these programs are basically quick fix things and can affect other parts adversely - clearview is no different the lightroom cc haze filter is just the same probably so no matter

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan: Photoshop CC Plus Lightroom - 12-Month Licence £95 @ Amazon
Found 27th Mar 2016Found 27th Mar 2016
Adobe CC Photography Plan includes: Photoshop CC Lightroom CC 12-month licence for PC/MAC
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I notice it pop up every couple of months. There are several other companies that sometimes offer a discount too if you google


How frequently are we talking?


I missed it at this and am now hunting for a better deal....


Didn't know it was now free. Cheers


Worth mentioning that the Nik collection owned by Google is now free and works very well with this :)

Free Online Courses including Photoshop, Lightroom, Graphic Design, Photography and more - Shaw Academy
Found 20th Feb 2016Found 20th Feb 2016
This has been highlighted over in the deals section. But it really needs highlighting in freebies. **I am giving full credit to alex-_ for the heads up on this one** Shaw Academy… Read more
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Accomplished designers have to work to design a logo and this takes work. To design a logo, you need to invest time and effort. It is not equivalent to just playing on the computer for a few hours.


Yeah the guy said the videos get put online in your student account . It's basically someone talking over a PowerPoint presentation lol


I missed last night - my own fault! (see previous posts) Seems they are going to sort it out for me - looking forward to it :)


did anyone do the course on mobile app development last night ? Seems OK he kept going on about the advanced course so seems there doing these very basic so you buy the advanced courses.


My apologies - just re-checked my emails - and followed them through. It now appears I am registered on for 4 April. The fault was mine - sorry! Thanks again to OP :)

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