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Adobe Lightroom CC 1TB - 1 year subscription £32.42 Amazon
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Posted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
Fantastic deal for those using Lightroom CC. 1 year subscription for half price

Question if anyone knows, if I buy this now how long is it valid, as in my creative cloud runs until January. Can I keep this until then before activating it? Paying £20 a month right now for the 1TB photography plan!


You just purchase a code to redeem on the Adobe website


Ah that's a shame, I hope it comes back in before mine runs out


How does that work? I use LR and PS all the time (old versions from years ago) but as I don't do it professionally I find the plans quite expensive


Not been back in stock sadly.

Adobe Lightroom (PC/Mac) 1TB for 1 Device and 1 Year subscription Key Card and Download - £58.95 @ Amazon
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Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
Dispatched and sold by Amazon. Decent price if you only need Lightroom. The combo (LR+PS) subscription seem to cost around £20 more when on offers. Only minor issue is that they … Read more

Thanks for the poke, but I don't use Lightroom. However, if you see any deals for After Effects :D


This is now down to £32.42 on Amazon so could be worth another look


I'm not keen on these subscription models, and most basic things come with your camera software - white balance, cloning etc. But I subscribe just for the focus stacking, which I use all the time. I might give Helicon a go and just not bother with Adobe.


Sure but you can't buy those older licenses anymore and they don't update it for newer cameras so you don't get all of the profiles


I think Adobe have decided there's a market for Instagrammers who will do all their shooting and editing in the move, using iPad and iPhone. Not for me.

Adobe Creative Cloud Photo [20GB]: Photoshop + Lightroom, 1 Year, PC/Mac, Download/post - £89.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
Adobe Creative Cloud Photo [20GB]: Photoshop + Lightroom, 1 Year, PC/Mac, Download/post - £89.99 @ Amazon£89.99 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
It's that time of year again - the annual Adobe sub to Lightroom & Photoshop that comes around once or twice per year. Amazon's Top Deal: £89.99, ends in 8 days. Buying from … Read more

I had to wait 24 hrs to use the final 3 codes, all working now. Awesome job.... Anyone know of a similar deal for Acrobat Pro and Illustrator?


I'll have none of this subscription CC nonsense, I demand to use and have full ownership of my applications with the purchase of perpetual software. (mad)


When I added the codes, It seemed to me that they only updated the expiry date after inputting the 2nd code, I noticed this a couple of times so it might be worth putting in one more.


Thanks for this, I've been using classic forever... I'm just trying to work my way around the new ui, I have about 2TB of my images stored on my desktop but this version wants me to use the cloud (20GB free!!) so gonna stick with classic. As an aside, I'm also using Topaz denoise AI and Topaz Sharpen AI - incredible software (I think they do a free 30 daytrial). Loving my R5...


Added 4 to the basket and input the codes one after another worked ok, got a bit greedy and went back and ordered another 9 codes, first one worked ok next one invalid, just going to give it a couple of days and try again, should be ok.

50+ Free Udemy Courses : MS Excel, Python, 2D Animation, Javascript, Web Development, Adobe Lightroom, Java, Youtube and More
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Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
50+ Free Udemy Courses : MS Excel, Python, 2D Animation, Javascript, Web Development, Adobe Lightroom, Java, Youtube and MoreFREE£0.01Udemy Deals
Have fun learning. [4.0] [3h 44m] Master all the MS Excel Macros and the basics of Excel VBA Code=DB4CCBFCB63F4404C5CE 2 Days left at this price ! [Bestseller] [8h 54m] Crea… Read more

[Highest Rated] [7h 32m] Local Lead Generation Rank & Rent: The A-Z Definitive Guide Code=RANKANDRENT2021 1 Day left at this price ! looks like it's dead. Thanks for t'others.


Thanks all super dooper


Thanks as always MM


Tai Chi....coolio


thanks for the links.. great work.. heat added.

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FREE Lightroom Presets for Black & White Landscapes for Desktop and Mobile at Northlandscapes
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Posted 28th JanPosted 28th Jan
FREE Lightroom Presets for Black & White Landscapes for Desktop and Mobile at NorthlandscapesFREE£0.01
FREE Lightroom Presets for Black & White LandscapesTurn your landscape photographs into high contrast black and white images with only a few clicks.

Thanks so much for mentioning my deal here on hotukdeals! I have four additional FREE Lightroom preset packs for landscape photography on my website for anyone interested: (scroll down to the bottom of the product list) FREE Dark & Moody Lightroom Presets FREE Autumn Forest Lightroom Presets FREE Dark and Moody Forest Lightroom Presets FREE Lightroom Presets for Astro Photography


Same here but the funny thing is I still go back to the first ones I got many years ago lol


I have more presets than I have photos, but I never turn them down, thanks OP 😁

Adobe Lightroom Photography plan 1-year subscription 20GB £99.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 25th Dec 2020Posted 25th Dec 2020
Adobe Lightroom Photography plan 1-year subscription 20GB £99.99 @ Amazon£99.99£119.2116% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Not the cheapest it ever goes, but if you're like me and an annual subscriber who renews when Amazon have an offer on, here's your heads up that the price is currently reduced by 1… Read more

I will caveat that I've never actually had to cancel a plan, but from reading of Adobe's terms, it would seem that a cancellation fee of 50% of the remaining balance of the annual contract would apply. I have to say, on an initial glance, I'd initially thought that a "pay monthly" plan would allow one to cancel at any point, but it's pretty clear that it's actually just an annual plan with monthly payments as you say.


I used to use standalone Lightroom, and would upgrade every year for the new features. This would cost me £60-100 a year depending on if you get lucky with retailer deals at the time. Then I may or may not have used pirated Photoshop which as people have said was a very unaffordable £600+ for a one-off licence, and you did not get any new updates in later versions (eg pay for CS4, and you don't get CS5 one year later - that'll be another £600+ please - or whatever an upgrade charge would be, maybe £300-400?). So for me, I used to pay up to £100 a year anyway JUST to keep Lightroom up to date. Today, I pay £80 a year (depending on a good Photography Plan deal) and I get all the latest Lightroom updates AND the very latest Photoshop version, AND as a bonus, I get some cloud storage (which I don't use). What's not to like?


i might be wrong but I thought you pay monthly but are stuck paying for a year term?


You can purchase direct from Adobe month by month cancel anytime. Compare plans | Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan


Without the subscription model, I may never have switched from using Photoshop Elements with Lightroom. £89.99 a year at the time (I've paid between £69.99 and £89.99 since) was a lot more palatable than shelling out £600 odd upfront for a CS6 perpetual licence then £200 odd every time an update was released. Plus I was already forking out for new versions of Lightroom and Elements on a regular basis.