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Free Udemy Courses: Big Data on AWS, Power BI, Search Engine With Python, Photoshop, Management Consulting, Network Ethical Hacking & More
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Posted 12th JanPosted 12th Jan
More free courses. Source: Facebook - List of 80 Courses [4.5] [7h 16m] Master in Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Service Code=6316D1A5159C7245FE92 2 Days left at this price… Read more

Thanks again


Anyone can find a Matlab course please?


How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel for Your Business Code=33D1A8F29EE17F7DEJAN 2 Days left at this price ! - now £19.99. Thanks for finding these deals op.


Cool, mate. Thank u so much!


Fyi: The aws cloud practitioner / solutions architect courses aren't all £9.99 Practice exams are £15.99 and the cloud practitioner is £11.99 I'm still getting them all but was surprised by the difference :(

Photoshop Secrets by Rikard Rodin ($27 Value) Temporarily FREE at Nucly
Posted 8th JanPosted 8th Jan
Learn how to take multiple visual elements, put them together in Photoshop, and create an incredible final image!Learn my Photoshop secrets, tricks, and tips that will help you cre… Read more

The examples on product page are so bad, my god!


More than a touch of used car salesman about him though!


Go to YouTube. Don't waste your money :)


PIXimperfect is ace (y)


Thank you

Free Udemy Courses: Complete Cyber Security, Python, Ethical Hacking, Microsoft Excel, Brain Training, Bootstrap, Adobe Photoshop & More
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Posted 4th JanPosted 4th Jan
Update : Many might have expired by now in this post but here is new list added just now here - Free Udemy Courses: Python, Web Development, Sourdough Bread Baking, Google Certi… Read more
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Am I missing something!?...says £10.99 and all codes I tried have expired!? (confused)


New List added here :


Don’t really rate these courses that much, seems the free ones quite poor Good app called Mimo if you want to learn Python kinda like duo lingo in that you actually do some coding


[4.1] [3h 45m] Data Analytics A-Z with Python Code=2F7C817525D263FCD7A8 2 Days left at this price ! [4.5] [14h 56m] Adobe Photoshop CC: Your Complete Beginner to Advanced Class Code=NEWYEAR21 1 Day left at this price ! Coupon codes do not work for these courses. Udemy say not valid


Not showing as free for me either.

Adobe Lightroom Photography plan 1-year subscription 20GB £99.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 25th Dec 2020Posted 25th Dec 2020
Not the cheapest it ever goes, but if you're like me and an annual subscriber who renews when Amazon have an offer on, here's your heads up that the price is currently reduced by 1… Read more
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I will caveat that I've never actually had to cancel a plan, but from reading of Adobe's terms, it would seem that a cancellation fee of 50% of the remaining balance of the annual contract would apply. I have to say, on an initial glance, I'd initially thought that a "pay monthly" plan would allow one to cancel at any point, but it's pretty clear that it's actually just an annual plan with monthly payments as you say.


I used to use standalone Lightroom, and would upgrade every year for the new features. This would cost me £60-100 a year depending on if you get lucky with retailer deals at the time. Then I may or may not have used pirated Photoshop which as people have said was a very unaffordable £600+ for a one-off licence, and you did not get any new updates in later versions (eg pay for CS4, and you don't get CS5 one year later - that'll be another £600+ please - or whatever an upgrade charge would be, maybe £300-400?). So for me, I used to pay up to £100 a year anyway JUST to keep Lightroom up to date. Today, I pay £80 a year (depending on a good Photography Plan deal) and I get all the latest Lightroom updates AND the very latest Photoshop version, AND as a bonus, I get some cloud storage (which I don't use). What's not to like?


i might be wrong but I thought you pay monthly but are stuck paying for a year term?


You can purchase direct from Adobe month by month cancel anytime. Compare plans | Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan


Without the subscription model, I may never have switched from using Photoshop Elements with Lightroom. £89.99 a year at the time (I've paid between £69.99 and £89.99 since) was a lot more palatable than shelling out £600 odd upfront for a CS6 perpetual licence then £200 odd every time an update was released. Plus I was already forking out for new versions of Lightroom and Elements on a regular basis.

60+ Free Udemy Courses: Microsoft Excel, Power BI, Python, Agile, Scrum, PHP, Website Design, Public Speaking. Photography & more
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Posted 25th Dec 2020Posted 25th Dec 2020
Merry Christmas !! :) [4.3] [4h 2m] Microsoft Excel Masterclass for Business Managers Code=DECOPE20 2 Days left at this price [Highest Rated] [1h 3m] Beginners Course on Po… Read more
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Nonsense! I would advise people not to waste time with these courses. They are all plagiarised materials gotten from other contents, and these Indians try to charge for plagiarized materials.


Unfortunately you only get a certificate with paid courses.


Do you get any kind of certificate or anything from doing these?



Where's the free photography course mentioned as couldn't find it, and the photoshop course?

Free Udemy Courses: AWS, Business Analytics, Python, Excel, Photoshop, Lean, SEO, AutoCAD, C++ Programming & More
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Posted 16th Dec 2020Posted 16th Dec 2020
Some more courses & as usual codes are valid for 1-2 days only. Source : Reddit [4.1] [29h 49m] [2021] Business Analytics Course 2020 (Version 7.3) Code=BUSINESS15 1 Day… Read more

Shows £15.99 after applying the code. What am i doing incorrectly?


Thanks MartianMan


Is it possible to get more than one of these courses at a time/over different periods? I missed out on the accounting course with many many hours of material, but am interested in the QuickBooks course mentioned here. Though, I don't want to get it and find out I can't grab the full accounting course later if it comes back on sale. Edit: nevermind, just found my answer by reading comments in another thread, and the course I wanted is back on sale anyway :D


AutoCAD course showing as £12.99 too.


Asana 2020 course is expired, showing as £12.99 now, but otherwise thank you! Yet again some amazing courses (y)