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CiT Flash ARGB PC Gaming Case £43.08 delivered - Dispatched from and sold by Scan on Amazon
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
On back order but will be in stock June 13th. Great price for a case that has tempered glass side panel and comes with 4 aRGB Fans. Looks like a great budget case! Flash Matx Case… Read more
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I asked a question on what you had said. Answer it with your experience of the case please.


£35 for 4 argb fans is cheap-add a case which has some control and yes its a bargain.people who leave comments should at least have some idea or experience in what they post about :(


then dont :)


I don't. :|


if you have experience with this case why not say (confused)

PHANTEKS Eclipse P300A ATX Mid-Tower PC Case at Currys / PC World for £49.99 delivered
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
PHANTEKS Eclipse P300A ATX Mid-Tower PC Case topcashback and quidco 1% https://www.topcashback.co.uk/currys/ look out for giftcards I've been looking for this case around thi… Read more

Had one of these delivered on the 20th by dpd, they left it on doorstep in a right state, box had the top and front corner ripped away, case was damaged, 3 days on the phone to currys for over an hour, on chat for hours, finally got someone on chat to book a collection only for dpd to not bring labels and couldn't take it. (mad) I tried Facebook chat and managed to get someone to book dpd, who picked it up yesterday the 29th, only 9 days after delivery, wonder how long the paypal refund will take (annoyed) .


Seems the H500 is sold out everywhere and the H510 that replaced it is going for silly money so not at all comparable to this price.


I know Tech Jesus loved this case because #Airflow but at this price range I'd rather have an NZXT H500. While the NZXT doesn't have great amount of intake at the front it's positive pressure based so cools quite well. Phanteks do make some lovely cases like the P400 and P600 (y)


Don't buy it from currys. I've just cancelled my order with them as it's been 10 days and they had no idea when it would be sent out.


ebuyer. Currys also had it cheap

SaharaGaming p35 ATX Black Tempered Glasses gaming case - £49.99 @ Amazon
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
280mm watercooling system 9 x 120mmor 4 x 140mmm case fan 5 x 2.5" SDD or 2 x 3.5"HDD + 3 x 2.5" SDD HDD/SSD tool less accessories How many HDD/SSD you can instal? 5 x 2.5" SDD … Read more
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Thanks! Can't wait for my other 2 fans to come and then filled all the slots with fans! I'm sad my cpu cooler isn't RGB.. Might be the next thing to upgrade (lol) good luck! They were a little misunderstanding to start with but got there eventually! (y)


wow its nice to see one working ! Thanks for getting back to me ill send them a email now , enjoy the case (y)


Got fan hub yesterday which SaharaGaming sent to me, and can confirm this has now resolved any issues I had with the first hub. This new hub connects via molex as opposed to sata. If you have any technical issues I’d advise contacting SaharaGaming directly as they managed to get mine sorted and even sent replacement hub free of charge with no amazon interaction


Did you get duo rings with the case? As that’s what happened to me when they were meant to be pirate turbos (:I Im gonna hide my turbos on the top and back and should look less obvious


So after flipping the top fans to exhaust rather than intake, and adding two bottom fans to exhaust out of the case (didn’t want to use these as intake as they would be blowing the hot GPU air back onto the GPU) my GPU temps have dropped 15c under load. Happy with that! Unfortunately I seemed to have ordered mismatching Saharagaming fans!

CORSAIR Carbide Series 275R Mid-Tower ATX PC Case - Currys DAMAGED BOX £62.99 @ Currys Clearance / eBay
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Key Features THIS ITEM HAS A DAMAGED BOX ! Whether you're building a powerful family PC or the ultimate gaming set up, the Corsair Carbide Series 275R Mid-Tower ATX PC Case is the… Read more
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I got one in white. Very good case. It is tempting to buy lookalike cases but they let down by a poor quality finish. Look for the corners and edges, paint will easily flake or show defects.


For sure, easy to build in case too


Paid £49.50 for this a while back, without a damaged box. Really good case though.

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CORSAIR Carbide Series black 275R Mid-Tower ATX PC Case £64.36 @ Currys / ebay
249° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
BE WARNED SOME PEOPLE ARE REPORTING PAYPAL TO BE DOWN FOR SOME USERS Over £77 from corsair This is the revised version with thumb screws, this is what a build looks like to g… Read more

I know, i posted it up already mate


White colour is £62 on Amazon


There is airflow at the front with a mesh filter, it pulls from the sides.


I find the airflow pretty decent.


Dunno if your joking but no ahaha, could leave a external one on the top ;)

Corsair Carbide Series 275R Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Case - White £62.07 @ Amazon
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Features & details Full Window Side Panel: Edge-to-Edge full window side panel shows off your system in style. Clean and Minimalist Design: Clean lines, curved edges with soft … Read more
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Gutted that I paid 80 for mine but it's a really nice clean case, I have 2 data ssd's and 1 mechanical HDD + an m2 drive. All fits nice and cables are easy to manage.


I just use mine for gaming now mate ahaha, it was originally built for where I work but someone new started who only really liked mac so i snapped it up real quick (lol) . So happy with that because i spent so long picking the parts and looking at all the Adobe etc suites and what parts would be best to do xyz, definitely fate in came into my hands (lol) . If you want i can price up how much it costs to build my system now days?


Great advice mate, I will wait for real 10 gen reviews. I need it for professional use, so less about flashiness but more about reliable continuous power-horse productivity. Adobe After Effects (multiple layers), Unreal engine, 3DS Max etc What do use your beast for?


Both amd and intel is safe choice fella. I think maybe give it a week or two until more 10th gen reviews are out. And i don't have any temperature concerns with my current case, only thought about upgrading to something else because of it being more flashy if that makes sense? I find airflow fine tbf. I looked at the COOLERMASTER MASTERCASE H500M MESH but only because it's flashy if that makes sense? Are you building one for hobby use or professional use? What kind of video resolution are you looking at?


Thanks. I agree, I’m going for the Intel mate - safe choice! Now the question is, do I go for the i9 9th gen (9900k) or the new 10th gen? I believe we need more GHz than cores. I guess, having the top components is great but pointless when the case traps in heat and therefore degrading the performance, rendering, exporting etc. So regarding your case how do you find the airflow? Which £200+ case are you considering? Really appreciate your advice mate.

Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 Gaming Case Non Window £59.99 / Window: £68.11 From CCLOnline.
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 Gaming Case Non Window £59.99 / Window: £68.11 So last month the Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 Non windows case in grey came on offer, but has gone slowly back… Read more

Great price for a rock solid case. If you like the Bequiet cases, Get the new Pure Base 500 DX case if you have the extra money to spend. It's far superior airflow and a lot of decent features in it. Just building in one at the moment Plus subtle RGB that you can choose to match your build. Although it is a 89.99 so more expensive that this one which I don't think has the glass panel. Great cases and even this one is built like a tank and functional.


Window case sold out


https://www.amazon.co.uk/ARCTIC-F12-Silent-Ultra-Quiet-Configuration/dp/B0119T0D4I/ref=sr_1_15?adgrpid=56944290127&dchild=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrIrC3JzW6QIVKIBQBh1WRQM9EAAYASAAEgJSBPD_BwE&hvadid=259043740927&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=1006904&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=6861445405607191458&hvtargid=kwd-316822063111&hydadcr=6857_1716590&keywords=f12+fans&qid=1590657450&quartzVehicle=700-431&replacementKeywords=fans&sr=8-15 u can get something like a universal rad stand to put the fans on, however in this case u can bend them so the fans are tilted, so it fits personal id just make something up, little blocks so the fans just come of the psu shou, because yeah its tight, but it will defo help with extra air, u have the closed case?.. so "looks" are not needed here.


F12s?? Can you elaborate please? Link would be helpful. Two at the bottom?? Where??


having 2 fans on the bottom and one at the top will also help and assist u too get some nice f12s.

GameMax Osmium Gaming Case £48.99 + 3.98 postage, from CCL Online
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
GameMax Osmium Gaming Case reduced to £48.99 + £3.98 postage. ""free with orders over £50"" buy this hdmi cable: 2m HDMI Cable and get free postage.. u can never have enough… Read more

I am a system builder. I bought 20x EG RE75 from ebuyer when they had them and I have to say they were great. The only issue they had is the front glass was not fully glued on the plastic bezel and there was some gap in between.


This is not an EG, EG copy alot of case designs and cut a hell of alot of corners. poor fans, metal structor isnt the same, weaker body in regards to their copys of gamemax pretty much goes for alot of EG, some isnt bad depending what its copying, if its cutting corners on a cit, i.e they copied the cit seven which is a basic 30 case as it is and cut afew corners but for £20 it was more worthy lol. so it depends which one it copys, when it comes to fans thats one of there weakest element.


This case used to be called EG RE75. It was £30 at ebuyer just before Christmas.


GameMax F15 Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CS9UbKafn4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSNKqNJiquI



FRACTAL DESIGN Meshify C Blackout ATX Mid Tower PC Case at Currys for £89.99
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
get it now , FRACTAL DESIGN Meshify C Blackout ATX Mid Tower PC Case Get great cooling performance and a remarkable amount of internal space for your components with the Fractal… Read more

+ I thought I saw a post earlier about free next day delivery for curry’s.


Im sure theres a post of the fractal which is cheaper


Don’t forget add code - COMPONENTSFNDD to £5 off making it £84.99 if you choose the free delivery option (y)


I believe this is the standard price. Its a nice case but I have always thought Fractal cases are to expensive compared to other brands


I like this case but I think this is standard price, at Currys at least

1st Player DK D3 Black Case £36.35 + £3.95 del at CCLOnline
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
1st Player DK D3 Black Case £36.35 + 3.95PP (free on orders over £50) Open Air front. RGB Fans. Matx / ITX Mb Support. £30/£40 Cases, are basic cases, they do the job perfect… Read more

Nice looking case, enjoy.


@sarden84 I've decided on the Thermaltake S100 TG at scan £45 inc del. It looks well worth it.


@mikesunboxing has urs dropped yet.?


Anybody have this mind measuring the width. I have a 23cm wide cabinet doorframe, it's wider once it's through so would be fine. But online says it 23cm.


Ha, even with that the 3 extra pcie slots were just facing the big open hole where the psu goes, and that had no psu shroud. This case literally couldn't fit an atx unless you cut out the shroud.

DEEPCOOL Wave V2 micro-ATX PC Case, Black, MicroATX/Mini-ITX, £16.99 at Amazon (+£4.49 non prime)
302° Expired
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Nice case at a reasonable price. Classic MATX case with elegant front panel design. 1x USB 3.0 + 2x USB 2.0 ports. All-black painted interior with 0.5 mm-thick panels. Accommoda… Read more

I have this and the threads for the screw holes that hold the extension cards in are not threaded! Only noticed after a couple of months as they are tiny and not something I'd check unless adding cards at the get go. Also weren't enough MB stand-offs in the screw pack. Only one 2.5" slot (unless you buy cheeks and fit them in a 3.5" slot). For the money it's sort of ok but I guess you get what you pay for.


Oh and for some reason the hole to access the back of the motherboard to screw in CPU coolers is in the wrong place. Only two of the screws are accessible. Which means if you have one of those coolers that needs screwing in from the back, it's almost impossible to use the lower drive bays, as the heatsink has to go in after the drives. You have to bend the motherboard to get access, using very slender fingers. The £17 I spent on the Deepcool Smarter case was a false economy. I would've happily spent three times as much to make life less painful. I didn't realise how bad a modern case could still be.


Perfect, just what I've been after for my bitsa build using up my spare parts. Just need a cheap lga1150 mobo and I'm golden. (y)


Amazon Out Of Stock ;(


No food option and no RGB either?.. could quite be a link here? i know we have strange folks who eat glass?..... people been eating RGB lights?. hmm.. possible!.

Fractal Design Meshify C Tempered Glass Mid Tower PC Case White (2x Fans included) - £79.99 at Amazon
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Nice case for a quiet buid at a reasonable price, hope it helps. KEY FEATURES Streamlined high-airflow design The performance and capacity of a larger tower in a remarkably … Read more

If only I had not upgrade my 750d.....


Snap. However I might push the boat and go 3900x for 12C


Have one of these running a 9700k at 5.1Ghz, and Gigabyte 5700XT. Cooled by Dark Rock Pro 4, 120mm GP-12 fan in the front facing the gpu and the second 120mm lining up with the Dark Rock in the back, nothing in the roof. Nice and quiet in normal operation. The fans are audible while benching with cpu at 200W and gpu at full chat, but it all stays cool. Nice easy build and a great case. Mine's black - I think white looks like a beer fridge, but that's just me!


Tempting for my upcoming living room build but was after something smaller... Hmm...


Best case I had hands down. Smaller than most but roomier. Don't how they did it!

Cit seven case - £33.99 @ AWD-IT
99° Expired
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Form Factor: Micro ATX Motherboard Support: Micro ATX, Mini ITX PSU Support: Standard ATX PSU Location: Bottom Gaming Case: Yes Water Cooling: Water Cooling Ready! Supported Radiat… Read more
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It is as there's usually a removable plug, but why would you pay £33.99 for a case with RGB and not use it. You'd be cheaper getting an MN25 from ebuyer for £18, as it's essentially the same inside (both are made by CiT, I believe anyway), but without the RGB from and RGB exhaust fan. I say 'usually' because I've bought a few of these and the design of its internals has actually changed a little bit over the lifetime of this product so it could be subject to change. In fact, ebuyer were selling these CiT 7 cases for £20 last month. I've got a pair sitting in my to-build corner! As a general comment, both this case and the MN25 are very budget orientated and not really very nice to build in if you have more than one SSD or a 3.5" HDD.


Terrible company... took payment.. said item now out of stock.. and still waiting a refund


Is it easy to turn off the LEDs on this? Planning a little build to put under my telly.


This company terrible! I orederd a B450 motherboard with Ryzen 3600x chip and 16GB of DDR4 ram the parcel was late and poorly packaged the Ram was missing and i was also was suppose to get Resident evil 3 for free with the motherboard promotion again this was missing, the communication was woeful and when i did get a reply they asked my to send pictures of what was sent, no idea why! when i asked about the free game they said they was still waiting for them to come in and would send it when in stock. This package was ordered on the 20th of April and i have still not recived the game but they still advertising the promotion. I did eventually receive a refund for the missing RAM. DO NOT TRUST THIS SHABBY COMPANY. ps i still want my free game


Good case. I have just used this for latest build. I have put 3 extra fans in and it's great.

Silverstone Raven Z RVZ02B-W mini-ITX Case with Window - Black £49.99 + £5.48 del at Scan
311° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Silverstone Raven Z RVZ02B-W mini-ITX Case with Window - Black Price reduction at SCAN. Clever Space Utilisation and Engineering After introducing the RAVEN Z series in 2014 … Read more

The good thing about it too is that you can put 2 motherboards in which makes it ideal for streaming


That desk case is just redonkulious. Reminded me of the old coin opt pacman sit down table at the laundromat growing up.


I do like a lian-li case. I think they have the best case in every category. Standard build the lancool 2 looks head and shoulders above everything, water cooling you can’t beat the 011 dynamic. Once I have the budget for it I think I’m going to splash out on their desk case despite it being about a grand


I'm eye'ing a Lian-Li PC-TU150 right now, it's certainly on the lush side of things (££) but every case I've bought of theirs has been quality.


No longer available - expired

Corsair Crystal 460X RGB White Tempered Glass PC Case inc 3 x 120mm RGB Fans £121.49 delivered from scan.co.uk
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Corsair Crystal 460X RGB White Tempered Glass PC Case inc 3 x 120mm RGB Fans Solid built case with two tempered glass panels and 3 Corsair RGB fans included The colour isn't for ev… Read more

I'm not into this case either but I thought some might like the colour. I would much rather buy the Fractal Design Meshify C in white which looks miles better. Out of curiosity could you link what cases you proposed?


GameMax and Kolink have almost identical cases (yes, well built), with ARGb fans included for £56-70. This case is a joke.

Fractal Design Core 1100 Mini Tower Computer Case/ 1x 120mm Silent Fan Included/ Brushed Aluminium £32.99 at Amazon
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Nice case for the money, hope it helps. Specifications Mini ITX, Micro ATX motherboard compatibility 2 drive bays of 5,25" , two 3.5" HDD positions or 3 bays 2.5" or one 2.… Read more

Cute little case.


Sorry, but I am trying to get my head around this... why buy new cases, when so many can be had for free? At least in normal times when the recycling groups are running. The going rate for "complete" PCs at the local dump is a fiver each - I even got a water cooled one there and some (old) Xeon dual processor servers. Oh, many of the nicer cases have been stripped of components, but a case is a case... Mostly they look like new - after all they have just sat on a desk, somewhere, their entire lives.


What do you guys think of the ionz KZ07 PC case on Amazon ordered it at £22 few days ago gone up a few pounds. Received it and surprisingly the quality is really good. I’d recommend


Nice. Has the extra 3.5" bay that I need.


Agreed... not all of us want windowed PC cases and probably far better at shielding RF intereference than glass

Phanteks Evolv Glass Mini-ITX Case (Black/Red) £67.97 @ Laptops Direct
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Big on features and small in size, the EVOLV ITX is a budget oriented chassis that uses a metal exterior, complemented with a tempered glass side panel.
Get deal*Get deal*

No need to tell me. I can even tell you how much it cost a few years back, i.e. £200 minus HP cashback of £100... So I gathered what you use it for but my point was not to scrutinise other slightly bigger solutions, as everything has it's purpose. And whereas in your case you are happy with what you got, I could still argue you are limited just to 4 HDDs... so not so fantastic and slightly bigger case would be better ;). BTW - I loved "old" prices of small servers, you could get decent stuff for under £200, whereas now you need to at least double the price if not triple for the same specs :/.


That miniserver hardly gets used. It's more of glorified NAS but I think some have squeezed okayish ITX sized GPUs in there. Socketed CPU but the BIOS only supports some and max TPU is 35W. Not a bad case for a server though: easy to change drive cages, 140mm system fan (AFAIR) and iLO (integrated-Lights-Out: HP's remote management over ethernet).


Good thing other people won't be buying it so they can fit it on your desk, then


Will your miniserver take a decent GPU? If not, you could get smaller cases, or simply buy optiplex ultra small form factor which can be sat behind your screen...


Trolls? Nice. Guess it depends what people want, but for me part of the appeal of ITX is to have case on the desk not under it. My HP Microserver Gen8 is 230x245x232 so 13.1 litres. It just about fits on a desk (or bookshelf). A case this size does not.

NZXT H510 Elite - Premium Mid-Tower ATX PC Gaming Case £99.98 @ Amazon
365° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
OOS but you can still order for £99.98. Only black colour available at this price.

NZXT cases are more and more becoming form over function. I loved my old one I had but it wasn't the coolest of cases. I now have the fractal design meshify C which is cool running, lovely to look at and ridiculously spacious considering the size.


Thank you for the advice :) (this actually made me laugh)


No, it's an aquarium for your fish.


Is this just a case or the pc? I'm new to these things so I'm not sure.


The price is good but according to gamernexus the thermals are bad mainly due to the glass front panel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTWYifGSUXs&t=1106s

Fractal Design Node 304 - Black - Mini Cube Compact Computer Case £75.98 @ Amazon
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Probably the best price delivered at the moment. Great for small file severs, NAS, Plex or even a compact gaming system. Featuring a unique modular interior for outstanding confi… Read more

Been running a Gaming/HTPC with a gtx 970/i5 4690k using the node 304. Still hooked up to my TV for about 6 years now and love it. Just recently bought the node 804 for my desktop pc as I like the understated look of FD cases. If you're looking to build an itx build I highly recommend it. For a server there's room for 6 drives and extra SSDs. With larger GPUs you'll lose a bay, I've removed it down to one bay for airflow, two drives and an SSD in there!


I have literally just finished building a new HTPC using this node 304 as the build case. It is a beauty and I cannot recommend it enough. The new PC is to replace my aging/dying HP Microserver I built in 2013 with Windows 8 lol, which I use exclusively as a media streamer. Parts I used AMD Athlon 3000G MSI B450I GAMING PLUS AC Mobo 16GB Corsair DDR4 500GB WD M2 drive 4TB Segate ironwolf HDD Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 Seasonic 450W Fanless PSU It runs beautifuly and is DEAD silent. I switched the case fans to the lowest setting (3 speeds) and when watching movies the temps barely rise above 35 C. Yes its a gaming mobo and I know I can swap in a much better CPU later if I want and add in a proper GPU but for now, size of the case and features its a winner!


Oh for sure, I have multiple small form factor builds so I hear that and get it, but I'm just wondering why and at which point we all decided that it's okay to keep spending more just to get less in return. Socks, pants, ties spring to mind as other good examples of other things you spend more on just to get less material back in return. XD


You had me at glass panels and RGB lighting, and the number of fans. I think this product is aimed at a different audience ;)


PWM fans are very common now, and you can get them cheaply and easily from decent manufacturers. If you don't want to invest in Noctua fans, then both Fractal and Arctic make good ones at reasonable prices. Most motherboards will have decent fan control built in, fan controllers are primarily for where you want easy access to manually adjust fans yourself or where you want to have more fans than you have headers on the motherboard(or simply want a tidy cable run). Fan controllers built into modern cases are usually just pwm controlled from your motherboard, the old fashioned ones with physical controllers are a lot rarer now.

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