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Flymo Easilife 200 Robot Mower £450 with voucher @ Amazon
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Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
This is £500 on Amazon but has a £50 voucher promotion that I can see bringing the price down to £450 which is a good deal.

Gone back up to over £600


See where it is in the garden at night in case it gets stuck


Good price, it seams to range from £500 onwards. Amazon and Argos. The vouchers is valid until the 3rd.


Why do you need light's, your not driving it?


looks good - shame no lights edit: my bad there are lights lol ;-) will watch some reviews - rear wheels look nice and grippy. You need one of these to park it in ------>

WORX WR142E M700 Landroid Robotic Mower 700m - £650 @ Amazon
Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
Cheapest price during the summer (depending on your view of the weather) according to the 3 camels. Good if you have the lawn setup for it and have been holding out for one.

Do you know how big 700m2 actually is? We're not talking your typical modern 10-20 m2 patch of grass here, Plus, as pointed out, no everybody is fully mobile or able bodied unfortunately.


I can only imagine how lazy you where to type that comment and not write it and hand delivery it to HDUK HQ It's about what you do with the time that you get whilst not mowing the lawn; I'm an active guy, and a busy man most days - thanks to this bot, instead of the mowing the lawn I can do other things. Or, people just like to spend some valuable time with their friends and family. Don't be so judgemental - if you like to mow the lawn, and have that time spare, then great; don't prusme everyone is lazy just beacuse they don't live teh same life as yours


Judgemental. Not everyone is young and fit enough to mow lawns and machines like this save one being dependant on paying a gardener .


im too lazy to even buy this :D (y)


It comes down to priorities for some people. Its only an hour a week to cut the grass but I myself would prefer to spend that with the children whilst they are young. Im sure that will change as they get older though.

Worx Landroid S300 Cordless Robotic lawnmower £373 @ B&Q
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
Same price as Amazon for the S300 but 25% off on the whole range that B&Q stock. Good investment if you want a great looking lawn. Product Details: Product informationSuitable… Read more
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Yes, absolutely flat. Used to do it every couple of days, but since last firmware upgrade its now maybe once every couple of weeks. It only misses by <1cm too which is annoying. the metal tabs will be sat on the plastic part at the back of the contacts on the mower. The hole digging is what i see too all the time and it is usually when its on its guidewire run. I'd still recommend it though and i'll be getting another when this dies in a few years. Mine is the revision before this where the battery isnt swappable.


Never had an issue with misplaced charging base with mine; always finds it way home - is your base level? Getting the thing around the garden without it getting stuck has been a bit of a pain; not so much that I wouldn't recommend as it is a fantastic bot, but it could act stupid when stuck, and annoys the hell out of me seeing it spin its wheels digging into the earth and making no attempt to recover., This seemed to solely occur when following the guide wire, and was missing any sort of recovery when stuck and not moving forward (it just needs to veer off out when stuck then banana back to find wire) - it's my biggest bugbear with the unit. That being said, the most recent update seems to have improved things vastly, and (touch wood) have yet to have to free the little orange wonder (down from having to free everyday) I gotta say, I couldn't be happier; my model is a larger unit but this seems like a cracking deal (y)


I have a yard force one which has started tearing the corners up, really frustrating..


Not a bad mower, been using it for a year now, got it for under £300 from amazon. It does have it flaws though. It often mis-parks in its base station, just enough it doesnt charge, so you have to just nudge it. Its getting better over time though with firmware. Its also likes to get stuck and digs three inch holes in the ground due to how it turns like a tank. The wheels are good at ripping up turf if the ground is wet. Had to bury some slabs at the corners of the garden as these 90 degree bends get ripped up and it gets stuck eventually. It will also once in a while just run straight over the guide wire and then stop with an out of bounds error. If you dont mind having the odd rescue though, it does keep the grass in good condition. oh and apple trees are its nemisis! Fallen apples fit perfectly into its cutting guide. In a month or so's time i'll be unjamming it on a daily basis :)


Nice price. Heat

Flymo Robotic Lawnmower 1200R £499 @ Flymo
Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
**Free Delivery & 2yrs Warranty** The innovative Flymo Robotic Lawnmower 1200R does your mowing for you: it mows the lawn on its own, while you enjoy your free time to do oth… Read more

Maybe but other friends who don’t have student prime seen the option. Hmm interesting well least you got the option now


yes he sent me a link to enable it even tho i asked if i need to enable anything in my settings and he said no Possibly because you have the student Prime, mines the normal version now to wait and see if any instalments pop up on items..


Ohhh they enabled it for you or a link with it, that’s so strange :/ am I on some different version ? I am on amazon student prime ? Maybe that enables it more (I’m not a student)


well no i contacted amazon lol the Cs didn't know much about it so he had to find out then sent me the link


It’s just appeared ? I think if you view something enough times maybe it enables it? I dunno

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LANDXCAPE LX799 300m2 Robotic Mower - £279.99 at Amazon
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
WOW, great price on this little robot mower, same company that produces the worx landroid
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I have had this mower for about 2 months now (replacing my old Worx one) and it is just a simpler version of the more expensive models, just like a car, you can spend more but it still does the job and it cuts the lawn brilliantly, spend more if you want but you don't get many extra features, this one has spinning blades on the bottom, height adjustment, a programable timer and a rain sensor, everything else is just not needed. My lawn is much better looking than when I used to cut it every few weeks with the mower, I can go into the garden any day of the week now and it always looks great, 10 minutes strimming the boundary every 2 weeks and my 120ft x 40ft garden is done, you won't regret the purchase.


Come back on here and give us a detailed review when you get it, no less than 500 words


In the video you can see a rain sensor near the large red button. The sensor is just two small metal dots next to each other.

ajbgatenby1 I also found the above which seems like it could be a good deal. The reality is this is probably the start of the cheap Chinese versions of the main brand mowers. Sometimes these can be great (this Xiaomi phone courtesy of HUKD is brilliant) but its a bit of a gamble.


spot on. Descriptive and punny

Flymo Easilife200 robotic lawnmower at Amazon for £469.83
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Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Been monitoring for a while and Amazon significantly dropped price on this Easilife 200, which is the newer model of the 1200r.

Was this one an accidently inclusion:-


can buy a hoover for £40 yet £200-400 hoovers are rife, its not about the cost its about the result and the ease. If you own a nice looking garden, then coming home to a fresh looking cut garden daily is priceless.


Thanks for the post. Good deal, I have a similar model.


Nice. Thanks for sharing @Rick_Dass


Bosch Robotic Lawnmower Indego S+ 350 (With App function & Alexa) - £579.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Bosch Robotic Lawnmower Indego S+ 350 (With App function & Alexa) - £579.99 @ Amazon
£579.99£69917% Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
NONE LEFT NOW, this was an Amazon sold and delivered deal, price now £799 - £900 or £899 if you shop at John Lewis! - Amazon Limited Time Deal - Bosch Robotic Lawnmower Indego S… Read more
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nice one man, glad you're happy with it (y)


Well I have been using this mower for a while now and everything is absolutely PERFECT, I decided to bury the wires a cm or so down and now no sign of where they are buried. Yes I was unsure about these and have been browsing for a couple of years, but having had first hand experience this is definately the way forward, the grass is looking lovely and not one trip to the dump with grass clippings, the time saved mowing the lawn can be used elsewhere, my heart only has so many beats and I am damn sure I'm not wasting them on cutting grass (lol)


£800 - £900 will buy you a robot mower from Ambrogio or Husqvarna which will cover a bigger area and will last for longer.


I'm happy with my 2 robot mowers that cost £250-280 each thanks!


The Amazon sold and shipped deal has NOW ENDED at £579.99, if you want one they are now between £800 and £900 so a minimum of £220 more, well done to those that got one if it performs like mine you will be very happy, feel free to put any reviews on here as it may help others in the future, John Lewis is still £899 and these are the only other options available from Amazon now

Flymo Easilife 200 robotic lawnmower £496 @ Amazon
-230° Expired
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Flymo Easilife 200 robotic lawnmower £496 @ Amazon
£496 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Flymo EasiLife 200 Robotic Lawnmower Tackles gardens up to 200 sq m, although research online says this is an identical machine to the larger models except it comes with a shorter… Read more
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Keep an eye on their socials, they seem to run promotions quite a bit..


You got an amazing 20% discount! Looks like they've now changed it to a 10% discount code. DDOM20 Unless you were given a different generic code that still works for 20%.... :)


Thank will check


I'm not sure to be honest, don't have my Manual to hand. The manual for each model is on the yard force website.. Should have the answer there. Cheers


Can the base be kept off the lawn. I want it tucked out the way on the patio. Can it make it's way to the lawn from a far?

Flymo 1200R Cordless Lithium-ion Rotary Robotic lawnmower £190 @ B&Q
574° Expired
Posted 29th JanPosted 29th JanLocalLocal
Flymo 1200R Cordless Lithium-ion Rotary Robotic lawnmower £190 @ B&Q
Picked up one of these from the North Shields branch of B&Q, had a clearance sign saying reduced to £266 but scanned at 190. There was one left on the floor at the edge of the … Read more
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might be worth checking tunbridge wells.


Picked up the ex-demo at Cribbs Causeway for £130 (last in store). The staff member told me that the reason for the clearance was that B&Q are de-ranging these to make way for a Macalistair model at a similar or lower pricepoint. They expect their margin to be higher on the Macalister version. So they will keep the Worx models in as their high-tier, and Macalistair will fill in for the Flymo 1200r at the lower end.


Just picked 1 up from Castleford, they had 2 in stock. Great find


Just been to my local one in Halesowen and they only had the display model left. They didn’t know it had reduced in price themselves, still had it on display as original price £510, reduced to £380. They checked and realised it had dropped to £190, so because it was ex display I asked if they would reduce it again. I got an absolute bargain, they sold it to me for £150. Thanks , this has to be my best bargain on Hotukdeals. Nice one WhiskeyMartin. Thanks


Sounds like there’s still stock out in the wild, worth phoning your local or calling in.

Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower now £350 at Argos
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Posted 24th JanPosted 24th Jan
Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower now £350 at Argos
£350£54336%Argos Deals
Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower Up to 400 sq m, 18 V If you are a lawn aficionado then it may not be for you but for most people it does the job and does it well. One… Read more

True story I'm afraid! It was at the Alnwick Garden a few years back.


Is this a joke or a true story? (embarrassed) Mine never ended up in the river in my garden!


I remember seeing one of these on demo once. Well, I say on demo, someone didn't tell whoever set the demo area up not to put it next to a pond... Good news is they do float.


Not really. It has a tilt sensor which is quite sensitive. Also recommend cutting the grass first. It's designed to take off a millimetre or two and mulch.


Interested to know how effective these are on sloping/uneven ground. Any owners that can advise? Thanks

Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower Up to 400 sq m, 18 V £400 @ Amazon
1082° Expired
Posted 15th JanPosted 15th Jan
Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower Up to 400 sq m, 18 V £400 @ Amazon
£400£54326%Amazon Deals
Equal to previous best price on Amazon. Great robot mower for the right garden. We have 2 and would not be without them.

The Flymo 1200 R is a rebranded Husqvarna.


I bought a worx s300 last year, it has WiFi so can be controlled via the app which was the most important thing for me - I can send it out to cut while I'm at work / on holidays etc... It's great.


Not sure. I looked at the worx ones before buying but there was no spare parts service and I didn't want to end up with an repairable machine in a few years time. Worth checking that they have spares available now though as it was a few years ago.


How does it compare to Landroid s300?


It is an old model but there are lots of other makes out there that cover the same area, will be more expensive but better quality (Husqvarna, Robomow, Ambrogio etc.)

Yard Force Robotic Lawnmower at Amazon for £299.99
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Posted 23rd Nov 2019Posted 23rd Nov 2019
Yard Force Robotic Lawnmower at Amazon for £299.99
£299.99£349.9914%Amazon Deals
I know next to nothing about the brand, but this is the cheapest robot lawnmower I think I’ve seen? Uses a Samsung battery too which is a good indicated and has similar features to… Read more

Hmm to bite or not.. looks like a new release


Nonsense - I have a similar one ( Flymo 1200r) and the lawn is great with no ‘muck - fantastic purchase


These are great for spreading muck around the garden (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


I've ordered the 400i from amazon warehouse, (used, very good) for about £191 including the 20% off. I think it's the model up but you take your chances with amazon warehouse. Reviews are mixed, people seem to live it or hate it. I'll find out on Monday. Seems a good price for this model.

Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawnmower Up to 400 sq m, 18 V £400 @ Amazon
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Posted 5th Oct 2019Posted 5th Oct 2019
Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawnmower Up to 400 sq m, 18 V £400 @ Amazon
£400£4419%Amazon Deals
Lowest price it's ever been from Amazon according to 3camels, usually around the £500 mark. This Flymo 1200R Robotic lawnmower is perfect for freeing up your time to do other thin… Read more

I'm sorely tempted - this could save me a lot of time, I have quite a lot of lawn with a low ornamental box hedge round the edge on two sides, can I let it bounce off the hedge or do I have to install the wires round all the wiggly bits of hedge?


Great product. I know three people with these now... brilliant.


You can run the boundary wire (not the guide wire) around to a front section but you would have to lift the robot to the front and put it in manual.


You’ll need to start raking them up. Yes.


I think you’d have to carry it between the lawns.

McCulloch Rob 1000 robot lawnmower £699.99 @ Amazon
-96° Expired
Posted 13th Sep 2019Posted 13th Sep 2019
McCulloch Rob 1000 robot lawnmower £699.99 @ Amazon
£699.99Amazon Deals
Well rated robot mower I have been looking at all summer and this the cheapest I have seen it. It is the same price at very Amazon lets you pay it off in 5 interest free installme… Read more

The camel shows quite a lot of times it’s cheaper than that. Would aim to get it for £580 or less. But does show it went down to £469.99 in August 2018. I don’t have a time machine but I have patience so will see what happens on Black Friday.


Yeah mine was the Rob 1000 not the Rob 400. I think the main difference is the battery capacity. I tend to run mine 6 hours per day 7 days a week on a 30m X 20m lawn. It takes approximately 2 days to cut every patch of grass as it's running a random pattern including a few islands for the kids swings and the odd tree. I don't think people necessarily realise that's how they're designed to operate (I certainly didn't until I'd got it)


Note this is the larger model for bigger lawns. I'm not sure which one was on offer before but it is cheaper.


Shame it doesn't have lidar, my garden is like an episode of total wipeout. Would love xiaomi to release one based on their vacuum cleaners for £300.


Paid £469 about 18 months ago so not the best price unfortunately. If you're in the market now for one however can't recommend enough.

Worx Landroid S 300 20V 18cm Robotic Lawnmower 2.0Ah for £324.98 with code delivered @ Toolstation
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Posted 19th Aug 2019Posted 19th Aug 2019
Worx Landroid S 300 20V 18cm Robotic Lawnmower 2.0Ah for £324.98 with code delivered @ Toolstation
£324.98£499.9835%Toolstation Deals
Thought this was a good offer. Nearly £200 cheaper than other places. (y) Use code AUG19 at checkout to get discounted price (must be logged in to use) WORX Landroid S … Read more

Expired. Gutted.


I bought one of these, I have a 3yo and a puppy (great dane), and a trampoline. The trampoline was the issue - I bought some lengths of decking, and cut them to fit just inside the legs, then drilled 2 holes in each end, and fixed them to the legs with cable ties. Now the mower hits the wood instead of banking on the trampoline legs and knackering up the blades. Dog & kids don't touch it. (And it they did, it stops immediately it's lifted and sends an alert to your phone. The lawn looks better even after a couple of mows. ABSOLUTELY worth the money. Pain in the arse putting the wire around, mind you. I used an edging tool and buried it in the lawn.


I have a fairly steep incline in my garden and it deals with it fine. I also have a toddler. She loves watching buggy cut the grass. It's not really fast enough to be dangerous although I would never let her out in the garden without us anyway. And buggy is programmed to cut the grass when she is in bed. We just turn it on ad hoc when she wants to see him. So far, it's fantastic. Coupled with the Worx strimmer with two extra batteries I am very happy.


Does it work on banks, have a couple in my garden?


Mines running around the garden now and it's doing a pretty damn good job considering the grass is longer than a supposed to be

Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawnmower £399.99 Amazon Prime Excl
221° Expired
Posted 15th Jul 2019Posted 15th Jul 2019
Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawnmower £399.99 Amazon Prime Excl
£399.99Amazon Deals
I missed this last time and have been waiting for prime day... Here it is £399 Probably me members only and no 0% payment option. Although £50 cheaper then the last time it was on… Read more
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how do you house it? ie do you need to buy one of those garage things? I'm scared to leave it outside - rain / theft!


Damn, missed this! I have the Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum, and am concerned this Flymo sounds a bit basic compared to that. Anyone know of any better lawnmowers? Ideally one which doesn't rely on the boundary wire? Or someone able to compare how well it navigates around compared to a robovac as a comparison? I don't want to be disappointed, like I probably would have been with one of the Eufy vacuums (lack of room mapping and logical approach to navigating). Thanks


Well mine has been operating for nearly two years now and never cut through the wire... until this morning. You're a jinx!


This offer has expired, would have bought if I seen it in time


Thanks, that is all very helpful indeed, (you can probably tell my product design standards (y)

Yard Force Robomower Powered by Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery now £389.99 Amazon
-41° Expired
Posted 24th May 2019Posted 24th May 2019
Yard Force Robomower Powered by Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery now £389.99 Amazon
£389.99Amazon Deals
or 5 monthly payments of £78 = £390 total Delivery from tomorrow 25/05/2019 for Prime members. Yard Force Robomower Powered by Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery, SA500ECO, 8 Kg The Yar… Read more

How do they overcome the 2 cup grass capacity on a biggish garden?


Btw heat added.....


Will these run over paving slabs etc? Just wondering where the base would go. Small garden. 60 minutes is ample only takes me 15 minutes to cut....


Bought, read lots of reviews etc. seems better than the WORX one and not much more expensive so giving it a go


60min runtime is a little low. If you can get the Worx S basic when it’s on eBay for £250 I can recommend from experience that’s it money well spent. Cheaper, runtime longer, grass can grow through base, and they cut closer to the edge. Whilst it doesn’t have true 2 zone capability I’ve run the wires down the side of the house to the front and it’ll happily cut there too

Flymo 1200R Robotic lawnmower £408 @ B&Q
62° Expired
Posted 23rd May 2019Posted 23rd May 2019
Flymo 1200R Robotic lawnmower £408 @ B&Q
Meant to be the best budget one around This Flymo 1200R Robotic lawnmower is perfect for freeing up your time to do other things as it can be programmed to mow independently at ti… Read more

I'm kind of going against a robot mower now, not convinced my garden is suitable and will probably need a normal mower for the front garden. Also discovered these monsters !


Indeed, in that morning the price bumped up from 500 to 550. Another used one (same quality level supposedly) was 470. Just got lucky, hope when it turns up it's going to do the job! My mum is lugging a massive heavy flymo around, after I did it for her once I said that was enough I'll get them a robot.


Cheers, it'll be dependent on the new price, you probably got it when the they were ~£450 new


If you're not after a brand new, worth keeping an eye on the Amazon warehouse. I've recently ordered a 'used very good' 1200R for £360 for my ageing parents. Prices fluctuate a bit, and I think I got lucky as now you can only get an acceptable on at that price


Damn - oh well. I can currently get the Gardena Sileno 250 for £500ish here - £599 with 100EUR cashback Does anyone know if this is a decent robo mower?

WORX WR130E S300 Landroid Robotic Mower 300m² - £399.99 @ Amazon
Posted 23rd May 2019Posted 23rd May 2019
WORX WR130E S300 Landroid Robotic Mower 300m² - £399.99 @ Amazon
£399.99Amazon Deals
For those of you with lawns and not enough time to manicure them! Cheapest its ever been based on the Camel
Get deal*Get deal*

Here's the Welsh version


My council has started to charge £40 a year for garden waste bin collection, so this could potentially pay for itself over a few years. Also factor-in not having to do it yourself, and the lawn being in better condition.


Pity the 1500 model is still a grand


Just noticed this is reduced at B&Q


I've got a different make/model and it's one of the best "useful" gadget I own... not because of lazyness, but because it's actually better for the lawn to be cut regularly. Fine if you're able to do it every other day, but if not then this is a good option. Of course the other option is to save yourself some money and do it yourself whenever you want!!! ;)

Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawnmower  £449.99 @ Amazon
225° Expired
Posted 1st May 2019Posted 1st May 2019
Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawnmower £449.99 @ Amazon
£449.99£50010%Amazon Deals
According to this site the best robot mower for gardens under 400m² . Details from amazon Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawnmower, cuts a lawn size up to 400m²Designed to cu… Read more

I've marked as expired. Interesting now that Amazon claim the RRP so at £550 it has £450 off. Maybe I should post again as that's a bigger saving (skeptical) I hate marketing BS.


Offer has now expired. Mine arrived yesterday. Need to get an outside plug rigged up so will have someone do that next week then good to go. Well pleased :)


For the tiny amount it cuts off daily, no, its not, as it mulches it and feeds the lawn. Surprised a lawn expert like you doesnt know that? And i'll be honest - having stripes in my lawn doesnt come on to my radar of things i am / want to be proud of in my life. Sorry if in yours it is.


Not picking up (mulching) is better for your lawn - it feeds it.


When I was looking last year there was a guy saying he put stripes in his lawn before buying his robot lawnmower. And it's such a light presence that after 2 months of daily or bi daily cutting the lines were still there

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