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My wedding is fast approaching and I am looking to get my teeth whitened. I have sourced some quotes from local dentists and also some teeth whitening firms in London and it appear… Read more

I went down the dentist route. Was around £300 I think and that was for the moulds and 4 syringes worth of gel. Made a noticeable difference using it overnight for a few weeks, going from one end of the scale to the other. Teeth became a little sensitive as a result but that wasn’t a long lasting thing. I just felt more comfortable going via my dentist instead of ordering strips from America or the like. I can get a “top up” every 6 months with my regular check up though once a year is probably enough if you don’t regularly drink teeth staining drinks. And that’s basically one syringe worth of gel for about £30.


i had philips zoom whitening done at a private well-rated clinic in bangkok thailand while i was out there (as it was cheaper) - dont recommend it though, didnt whiten my teeth that much and left them super sensitive for ages. my 2p/advice - dont worry about how white your teeth are


The wife gets some Colgate ones from America , small strips go on your teeth there a lot stronger than what’s allowed in the uk and the work great .


Don't be Ross (lol)


There was an older thread on Ask which recommended buying Opalescence syringes and doing your own moulds (can't find it now) though some HUKDers weren't keen on regular use of peroxide on gum enamel. Not to mention finding a reputable source. I've used Crest Whitestrips "Supreme" (they seem to be the best-rated, I've tried a few newer 3D White versions that weren't as good) though you'd have to buy them on import or from ebay. They definitely work, even first time. The problem with the strips is they don't cover every tooth, right to the back of your mouth (at least, not with me).

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Teeth whitening
Can anyone personally vouch for a trustworthy online dentist to carry out teeth whitening and straightening at a reasonable price? There’s tons out there and I don’t trust online… Read more

Following... Any good toothpaste you can recommend?


So you want to put bleach in your mouth?


How would that work? Would the dentist reach through your screen to perform the procedure?


Just order a DIY Philips zoom kit or buy some crest whitestrips and do it yourself (at a 70%+ saving) :)


I know someone who went to India and came back like bingo from the banana splits and were happy with it(lol) (excited)

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Decent teeth whitening toothpaste/products
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of some decent teeth whitening toothpaste or products? My teeth are generally in a good state, but I drink a lot of coffe… Read more

I was nervous but watched quite a few Youtube videos just before application and they came out well. Worst case scenario you end buying more putty for £6 and another return postage £3.


This is the road I want to go down, I think my worry is I'll mess up the tray moulds (lol)


A really good tip... A family member had a treatment done recently for £450. The dentist basically made custom trays takes a week or two to come back and they gave Opalescence syringes to apply for a week or two. You either wear them overnight or more powerfull version for a few hours. So I went on ebay got custom bespoke trays made for about £30 I had to send the mould off and then it arrives a week later. Then ordered Opalescence syringes about £40, got the same thing i would have paid hundreds to the dentist. Now others in my family have done the same.


These are excellent, I did make the mistake of falling asleep. With them once which didn't help my teeth for a few days but the difference is brilliant. Id definitely recommend these although I'm looking for a product which uses gum shields instead, purely because recently for some reason I've started producing a lot more saliva and it makes these uncomfortable and I move them about when trying to sort that out.


Please can you recommend somewhere else to buy from? As these are all out of stock. Thanks

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baking soda teeth whitening?
Has anybody used baking soda to make a paste to whiten your teeth? I've recently discovered the taste for coffee and in return had my teeth stained. I want to try some sort of co… Read more

Miswak sticks are well worth trying: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miswak Cheap, natural and effective.


another option is coconut oil, they sell it in tescos.


She advertises Oral B 3D white toothpaste, I doubt that's what made them white :D


Yes,it leaves your teeth feeling as if youve been to the dentist, not sure whether its whitening them yet,only time will tell.it was reccomended on "this morning "program wonder if holly willerby uses it ,her teeth are white.


​Sure, I pay about £35-40 sold and fulfilled by amazon.com for a 20 treatment pack (the professional effects ones are the best shape). They arrive in about a week and the price includes any import duties payable. Avoid marketplace sellers and ebay.

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teeth whitening
My local dentist is charging nearly £400 for zoom whitening (at home ). This consists of 6x Philips zoom take home syringes, custom mounds to fit my teeth and an explanation of how… Read more

Might as well go and buy a tin of dulux from bnq try that as well ;)


Had it done under supervision of a private dentist, my teeth used to be yellow. I paid £400 and was also given the syringes, custom mounds, etc. Went back half way through treatment for more checks etc to ensure everything was going well. It was 5 years ago and people still comment how good and clean my teeth are. A couple of weeks ago I received a complement. Best money I've ever invested. I won't never buy anything online.


Keep getting offered whitening and keep refusing because the damage it can cause. I also have a cap on a front tooth which was not a match for my teeth colour when it was fitted. Whitening doesn't work on caps and crowns etc so you may have to have new ones fitted. If it's true that peroxide can cause cracks then trust me you don't want that agony. That's how my 6 odd hours of root canal started. Rather have my kids continue to take the mick than walk round looking like I've got false teeth already. People look odd with brilliant white teeth and orange fake tan skin comes next, no thanks.


what?? done in person - can I not just send my teeth on their own? X)


Except maybe your teeth ;)

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Has anyone done the Groupon teeth whitening deal
Just hoping to get some reviews for any of the Groupon teeth whitening deals they are running. If you did buy one which did you go for, I've bought a Leeds one where they do the la… Read more

The use or sale of tooth whitening products containing excessive levels of hydrogen peroxide is a breach of the Cosmetic Products Enforcement Regulations 2013. These offences are prosecuted by Trading Standards. But more importantly you are buying from ebay, there are soo many fakes out there. people will put anything into fake strip (brand them as genuine) and unsuspecting end users suffer.


You are right but if you know what you're looking for and go with well known brands, there are loads of good stuff out there that is much cheaper than a dentist and just as good.


Well that's not true. Crest Supreme Whitestrips contain 13% peroxide which is far higher than most high street ones which also contain low levels of peroxide. I would recommend the Crest Supreme's or failing that Plus White gel which is 6% peroxide. Obviously the Plus White will take longer to get results. You'll need at least half a course of the whitestrips (42 strips) to notice a difference but full course (84) will give great results.


I would not buy from ebay. I work in a dental surgery and have seen some horrific cases of whitening bought off the internet or done by beautician. The bottom line is these characters use incorrect concentration of the whitening gel which can essentially cause burns to your mouth. Go and see your dentist.


might as well get a cheap kit off ebay it will be same quality and probably cheaper Groupon have awful products and worse Customer service