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£50 Steam / Xbox Gift Card for £45 with code @ Currys
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Posted 17th Dec 2020Posted 17th Dec 2020
£50 Steam / Xbox Gift Card for £45 with code @ Currys£45£5010% off Free P&P FreeCurrys PC World Deals
Update 1
Still available for £45 using code GAMINGFNDD
Important: Whenever you buy a gift voucher for use in the future, there is always a risk of businesses not being around for you to redeem it. We will try to include T&Cs relat… Read more

Managed to get a couple of these ordered yesterday which seem to have gone through but code no longer valid today... possibly expired?


this happened to me but luckily paid through paypal and disputed it so got a refund that way


I actually had one bought from Currys a few years ago that had been scratched and used! Did take it back to store and told them and they gave me a new one but I couldn't believe it. Got to be a member of staff for that to happen. I did go for this deal though and mine arrived the other day and worked fine, so thanks for the deal (y)


That's ridiculous. I'm concerned now as mine is a gift. Can't use the credit card insurance either if I've used their vouchers.


While you sit on your arse playing steam games

£50 Xbox Gift Card - £41.67 // £25 Card - £20.83 // £15 Card - £12.50 // £10 Card - £8.33 @ Currys ebay
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Posted 15th Oct 2020Posted 15th Oct 2020
£50 Xbox Gift Card - £41.67 // £25 Card - £20.83 // £15 Card - £12.50 // £10 Card - £8.33 @ Currys ebay£41.67eBay Deals
£25 Card Link £15 Card Link £10 Card Link The £50 Microsoft Xbox Live Gift Card is a great gift for gaming enthusiasts and entertainment lovers alike. The Xbox Live Gift Car… Read more

Nice own thanks for the info.


Just wanted to add for the future that you can 100% use gift points to pay for a Series X/S preorder after you have preordered. I had £38 in my gift card balance and it said on the order that they always take store credit first and the card you supply is a backup. You don't get charged until dispatch which is a day or 2 before 10th Nov if you're lucky. MS also confirmed it's the points balance at the time of charging, not at the time of preorder... I specifically asked if I could add to the balance and that would be taken into consideration when charging, and they said yes. So I ordered £650 from CDkeys and saved about £50 on my X and seagate SSD preorder.


My 10x £50 turned up have just used it on my pre order from microsoft (y)


Looks like the £10 cards were not cancelled. Should of ordered 45 of them (lol) (lol)


Just arrived. Curry’s only cancelled 1.

£50 Steam / Xbox Gift Card for £45 with code @ Currys
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Posted 14th Oct 2020Posted 14th Oct 2020
£50 Steam / Xbox Gift Card for £45 with code @ Currys£45£5010% off Free P&P FreeCurrys PC World Deals
You can get a £50 Steam /Xbox gift card for £45 using code GAMINGFREEDEL at checkout. These are physical gift cards delivered via post as far as I can see (not digital delivery) … Read more

Was about to say the same ;(


Doesn't work anymore


That's cyberpunk paid for £5 cheaper


I bought one from Currys/pc world last year and on recieving it in the post it had already been scratched and used.... I'm sure it was an isolated case but not great all the same. Had to go to the store to get it exchanged, which they did.


Excellent, thanks! I've just done it also. TCB showing as tracked at £2.50, but I guess that'll get rejected because of the code.

£5 Xbox Gift Card for 5,500 pts (auto redeem) via Microsoft Rewards
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Posted 16th Sep 2020Posted 16th Sep 2020
£5 Xbox Gift Card for 5,500 pts (auto redeem) via Microsoft Rewards£5Microsoft Store Deals
It looks like they won't be doing it for 5,050 anymore so this looks like the next best option. £5 for 5,500 at the start of every month. It doesn't mention Microsoft gift cards t… Read more

This offer is ok if you're using the reward points to pay for your monthly subscription. I've just cashed in ~250,000 points for credit so half price XSX here I come :D .


Plenty of stuff to spend them on not like they go to waste


Then I have another 85 days to to get a order in, or I'll just get a Elite Series 2 controller, or just use if for Ultimate game pass.


What happens if you don't get to preorder? They will expire in 90 days. Good luck!


I had a 168K yesterday,but converted them all yesterday, hopefully getting a nice £135 discount on Tuesday, and If I'm lucky i'll get that 1010points needed to take it up to £140. Yeah I'd rather take the hit on points than convert them automatically, as I don't know if I'll be spending those points or not. plus it kind of feels really nice when you save up the points and get a nice discount on something like a console or a Elite Controller.

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Xbox Gift Card - £50 (Xbox One/360) £45.99 @ CDKeys
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Posted 3rd Sep 2020Posted 3rd Sep 2020
Xbox Gift Card - £50 (Xbox One/360) £45.99 @ CDKeys£45.99£49.998% offCDKeys Deals
Get 5x of these cards and get the Xbox Series S for £229.95. Get your instant download of a £50 Xbox Gift Card for Windows/Xbox One/360 from The top 3 reasons to buy… Read more

From my chats with MS they just by default take store credit before using your card you selected as a "backup". I've stocked up on enough store credit to pay for my X and Seagate expansion SSD. When I chose "change how you pay", it says "We have Microsoft account balance on file for your order and MasterCard ** as a backup. You can change your backup here."


Hi fleebleflam, I don't suppose you have the name of the person you spoke to who sorted this out for you, do you? I have been having no end of problems with my credit since placing my pre-order on the 22nd. I had £454.52 in my account ready for the 22nd but when I placed my order the system would only let me use £254.52 out of my credit so I had to add a credit card so that I could place the order. The problem is I had £124.52 expiring on the 1st of October so I got in touch with support and after some very long discussions with about a dozen different agents over chat and phone I was told that the only option was to wait for my credit to expire, then get back in touch with support to get the credit added back to my account. 17 days after placing my order for a Series X I am still trying to get my credit back and I am now waiting on a "Ranger" from MS to look into my account and see if they can do anything about the expired credit. If you had a contact name of the person who helped you I could name drop and see if they can get it sorted out for me. Ideally I want to get the credit back then get the payment type changed to take the credit right away so I know it's all taken care of and then I don't have to wait until the start of November to see what happens with the credit I have. Sorry for the long wall of text but I'm really getting fed up with MS support and any more ammo I can fire there way that would help getting this resolved would be amazing. Cheers.


Yes, it does seem to be slightly difficult to change your Microsoft account payment method, to your Microsoft vouchers!! Is anyone else having this issue? If so, call Microsoft and ask them to change your payment method. I had to call Microsoft CS on 03448002400. I spoke to 2 different agents, the 1st one said yup, sure i'll get that changed for you now! Kept me on hold for 25+ mins, and eventually i had to end the call!! The 2nd agent said it can't be changed, and your payment method will be the method you selected when you pre-ordered! He then went on to say, all pre-order customers will receive an email shortly before despatch, asking them if they want to change their payment method. Well this wasn't good enough for me, and i used the Microsoft website Contact me banner. (you can't miss it, it's the big blue one) I waited in the queue system for a good 20 minutes, and spoke to a very knowledgeable agent, who assisted me with what i needed to do! This very nice lady changed my payment method, and paid for my Series X pre-order straight away!! I double checked my vouchers, and yup, they had all gone but except for 1 penny!😁 So, if anyone is having issues with changing their payment method on their MS account to pay for their series X/S, then simply go to chat support and they will sort you out! Good luck you crazy shopaholics!! XD 🤘




We have brought enough to pay for the series x, how do you change your payment method on microsoft so it takes the gift card balance and not card on file when we pre purchased? Or is it automatic please. Thank you 😁

[Xbox One] £50 Xbox Gift Card + 6 Months Spotify Premium (New Accounts) - £45 with code delivered @ Currys PC World
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Posted 7th Jun 2020Posted 7th Jun 2020
[Xbox One] £50 Xbox Gift Card + 6 Months Spotify Premium (New Accounts) - £45 with code delivered @ Currys PC World£45 Free P&P FreeCurrys PC World Deals
Enter code FNDDGAMING at checkout for price shown :) The £50 Microsoft Xbox Live Gift Card is a great gift for gaming enthusiasts and entertainment lovers alike. The Xbox Live… Read more

Use PAYPAL2020 gives an additional 2% off, have used it a few times over the last couple of days for xbox gift cards.


It links your bank acc to your email, so you need to use the revolut app and create a virtual card each time


May sound like a daft question but can you make a new account on Spotify or does it link your bank card to email so can't use same card on multiple accounts?


Any info on the paypal code please?


If you have Twitter try dming their Team Knowhow.. include your name address email and order number in the first message explaining you havent recieved a code and they should get back to you in a day or two. They did for me.