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£10 FREE Credit...Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership @ Amazon £14.99 (£4.99 with credit or £3.50 students)
Refreshed 22nd Dec 2018Refreshed 22nd Dec 2018
Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership + £10 FREE Credit | Xbox Live Download Code Students get extra 10% on student accounts
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I've said it a million times. These credits are not free, it is a bundle. It might seem like a good deal for this bundle though.


Sold 8 on Stay clear of eBay, sold 8... 4 so far have been fraud. Rediculous odds I'm afraid. Merry Christmas and all that. Putting them all on G2A Edit: 5 out of 8!! (lol) (lol) (lol) . It's a good job I'm not reliant on that isn't it! Just increases the base cost with less profit. Some right b***ards about. Christmas of all times. Will make it around £260 all in with a controller. So maybe 70-80 profit in it plus a controller. eBay have the cheek not to remove the final value fees too. I don't bloody think so.


Not available?


Yeah I got them over 12 hours, I've chanced putting some on eBay too. 3 sold totalling around 9.60 each after fees. So put another 10 on there and left the 30 on G2A. I'll just see how it goes. I assume the live codes dont expire for a few months? It's the credit which needs using ASAP anyway. Cheers!


You have to list in Euros, so it depends a bit on the current exchange rate, but it's €0.15 to create a listing (so one listing for all the keys) and then selling fees are €0.35 plus 10.8%, so you'd have to sell them for €11.75 to get £9 after fees. I sold mine for €11.49 when I first did this, but current cheapest is €10.89, so that would leave you with £8.42, which is still about a 50% discount. So did you manage to buy all of those just today? Not sure whether to push my luck with Amazon or not - could do with another controller and trying to decide whether an Elite one is worth it, even with the discount.

Xbox One X 1TB Console - Forza Bundle + FIFA 19 + 3m Xbox Live Gold + £10 Xbox Gift Card @ Smyths Toys £399.99
Found 2nd Oct 2018Found 2nd Oct 2018
Xbox One X 1TB Console. With Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport 7. Plus Fifa 19, 3 Months Xbox Live Gold and £10 Xbox Gift Card.

FYI, this offer may say 'not available for click and collect' but I can confirm (assuming the shop has stock) you can buy this bundle over the counter as I did yesterday evening.


I think forza 4 is available with game pass now so you could even sell the digital code online to make this even cheaper


Yes?? :/ They asked what version of FH was included, not if you get FM included too.



Those two games can be traded for £16 cash or £23 voucher, if that helps people make up their minds.

Boom Boom RocketXbox marketplace with gold £1.01
Found 5th Jul 2018Found 5th Jul 2018
Boom Boom RocketXbox marketplace with gold £1.01
Set off an amazing display of fireworks with Boom Boom Rocket. As rockets fly against a spectacular cityscape, time their detonation to the beat of the music to unleash some awesom… Read more
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Oh right. Hadn't realised app had error Ed whilst posting


why have you posted this twice?

Minecraft: Battle Map Pack Season Pass Card (Xbox One) £1 Delivered @ ShopTo
Found 30th Apr 2018Found 30th Apr 2018
Minecraft: Battle Map Pack Season Pass Card (Xbox One) £1 Delivered @ ShopTo
This is currently £7.99 on the Xbox store! Can’t get enough of the Battle Mini Game? Grab the Battle Map Pack Season Pass and get Battle Map Pack 1-4 as they become available to… Read more

This Season pass card has now been delivered. I'm still confused as to what it actually does - my son already has Minecraft with the Explorer's Pack included for the XBox 1 and he says he can play the mini games with this already. What will the Season pass actually do, and will he be able to use it if he already has the mini games with his Minecraft - I'm just wondering if the mini games will be updated automatically without having to add the Season pass? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


Its only compatible with 2014 version of minecraft.


Can someone assist me please. We've redeemed the code on Microsoft store, it's installed. We can't see it in game. They are just 4 servers that appear but they have random games, we can't see the battle mini maps?


Can anyone explain to me what the difference is between the versions of minecraft and the complete story edition? Is one better than the other? My son is just starting to learn about minecraft and I haven't a clue where to start!! Thanks.


I had the same issue, what you have to do is: load up Minecraft, go to the store this will then sync and update any purchases made on your account. purchases should sync across to any other version of Minecraft you have too (Ipad, phone, windows 10). The pack contains the: Chinese Mythology Mashup, Natural Texture Pack, Biome Settlers Skin Pack, Battle and Beasts Skin Pack, and Campfire Tales Skin Pack. Given the Chinese Mythology Mashup pack alone is about £5 when bought directly from the store it's a pretty good deal.

£5 off £50 spend at
Found 30th Mar 2018Found 30th Mar 2018
£5 off £50 spend at
ficGet code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Between 30 March and 2 April zeek are giving £5 for every £50 spent. Max £30 off on a £300 spend
Read More

Didn't realise it was a cashback offer.


How does it not work? The cashback will be given after midnight 2 april or something like that


Not working for me


Also got £3 off a £40 spend on Xbox gift card or currys pc world combine these with the £20 off a £150 spend at currys ( gave me £38 off the 8tb Xbox seagate Drive Which was already reduced from £210 to £175 Ended up at £137 for 8tb seagate Xbox Drive with built in 2 extra usb 3.0 ports

$50 Canadian XBOX credit £24.63 @ Pcgamessupply - Need for speed payback deluxe edition Xbox live ca
LocalLocalFound 30th Mar 2018Found 30th Mar 2018
$50 Canadian XBOX credit £24.63 @ Pcgamessupply - Need for speed payback deluxe edition Xbox live ca
Via pcgamesupply credit is 24.63

Am I going insane, or do they charge more than the value of most of the cards they are selling? A £50 xbox live card is on "special offer" at £54??????


To base it on new titles is the right way. Like I said its not worth the hassle for me.


It cheaper specifically for the game advertised farcry isn't related. UK payback deluxe is £32 so to each their own it's the cheapest I've seen it


Save £3 pound. Only good if the game works out cheaper than the UK. So for example Far Cry 5 works out. £47 inc tax. Only a about 20p cheaper than CD keys after the 5% discount. Plus with offers on UK currency, actually its not great as Canada is slightly higher than UK on most games at the moment. SO I'm afraid cold from me, as the hassle isn't worth it. Good try though.


I was gonna say the same, very nearly ordered then realised on the checkout page, deal not quite as scorching as I first thought haha

$40 (~£29) Xbox Gift Card £23 @
Found 12th Mar 2018Found 12th Mar 2018
$40 (~£29) Xbox Gift Card £23 @
£23£ Deals
If you want, you can buy $40 (~£29) Xbox Gift Card for $31 (~£23). This is good offer because you can pre-order for this Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy which costs $39.99 in… Read more

@Nmrvsky are we still able to do this?


1 post from over a year ago on reddit. Link please.


Just go to the xbox one reddit sub and look up G2A, people get account ban's and you have to go to the XBOX enforcement Team and send all sorts of information to get your account back, All to save a few pounds, everyone knows the site sells loads stolen keys, So yeah use it at your own risk What I am saying is you can use official sites and still save a lot of money Also if I use G2A with the xbox I use it on a 2nd account so if I ever have any problems my main account will be ok :)


The problem with this site is people read the first couple of comments and vote cold based on what they have said, once a deal gets to -10 degrees its pretty much no going back as others automatically vote the way of the masses.


You say people? Who? Got some examples? Microsoft can hardly ban you for purchasing codes from a legit website which you will be able to prove... I have used G2A for a couple of years now and never had an issue so think a lot of this so called bad press is nonsense, it’s a marketplace just like eBay, Gumtree, Amazon, even Game have a marketplace now, Rakuten, the list goes on... this is always a risk yes when buying from marketplace sellers but people have been doing it for years

Xbox Gift Card 50 GBP £42.63 @ SCDKey
Found 7th Feb 2018Found 7th Feb 2018
Xbox Gift Card 50 GBP £42.63 @ SCDKey
Great price for a £50 digital wallet topup on Xbox. Perfect for those of you that prefer to buy digitally, and still want to save a little money in the process. Xbox usually have a… Read more

Bought one last week and delivered within an hour. Got another and received within 5mins. Both redeemed fine. You can get an extra 3% off taking it to £41.35 using promo code: SKXboxhotdeals Topcashback are offering 8.4% also, but use of the discount code may invalidate the cashback


SKXboxhotdeals 3% off


I tried leaving the item in my basket too, no emails with discount code though. I only left one £50 card in my basket, maybe that's why.


It looked like a generic code to me. But couldn't swear to it. It said it was exclusive but seemed generic to be honest.


Thanks for the tip, going to try this (y) . Really shouldn't buy an Xbox but I can't not if I get the 3% extra off! Is this a generic code or one time use code?

EA Access (Xbox One) 12 Month Subscription gift card (Digital Download) £17.99 - Smyths Toys
Found 30th Jan 2018Found 30th Jan 2018
EA Access (Xbox One) 12 Month Subscription gift card (Digital Download) £17.99 - Smyths Toys
Was looking for a friend and spotted this a couple of quid cheaper than I can find elsewhere.
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Seriously? The answer is about 7 posts above yours (flirt)


Can you stack these ea access subs? Mine runs out in march.


Presumably FIFA 18 will be added shortly.


My thoughts exactly...


Cold because EA

Xbox 1x 1TB console £429.99 @ Amazon
Found 4th Jan 2018Found 4th Jan 2018
Xbox 1x 1TB console £429.99 @ Amazon
£429.99£4504%Amazon Deals
Xbox 1x 1TB console
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Funny thing is your right it does come across as trolling. But im being deadly serious! I genuinely want to buy 1 but then i cant find any of those "must have" games to go with it - all i see is forza or gow?


Here's the only game you need, it's similar to the one you are trying to play here.


Got 1 thanks. Just cant see any must own games to play


Doesn’t mean there a bad website because they are banned on here just means they have broken HotUKDeals rules maybe they were self promoting and I wasn’t saying about buying from them only to use them to price match at ao!


I found a discount code online for gameseek ‘tenner’ and mentioned this when I asked ao to pricematch and they said no problem and reduced the price to £389.99 with free next day delivery. Mine arrived today. See my recent previous post

12 months Xbox Live + District 9 HD Rental £28.99 / Chromecast + Sausage Party HD Rental £21.99  / £20 EMP voucher + Emoji Movie Rental £16.99 @ Rakuten TV
Found 1st Dec 2017Found 1st Dec 2017
12 months Xbox Live + District 9 HD Rental £28.99 / Chromecast + Sausage Party HD Rental £21.99 / £20 EMP voucher + Emoji Movie Rental £16.99 @ Rakuten TV
12 months Xbox Live + District 9 £28.99 / Chromecast + Sausage Party HD £21.99 / £20 EMP voucher + Emoji Movie £16.99 - links below… Read more
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Guys, the deal is over... just missed it lol


Very good price. If they do hike the price up like PSplus then this will be even better.


Not working here £33 with Battle LA. TopCashback link also not working


I’m only getting the Battle LA option at £33 now ;(


Yes please

Xbox gift card £50 - £44.64 @ CD keys
Found 26th Oct 2017Found 26th Oct 2017
Xbox gift card £50 - £44.64 @ CD keys
Been looking for gift cards and came across a discount already on CD keys at £46.99 then used the 5% off to brimg it down even more 8)
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Some people shouldn’t be let loose on the World Wide Web. It’s right in front of your face that it’s Canadian dollars.


Gift cards are not included in the double up. I just checked their website


yeah absolutely!! kids and gaming can be an expensive habit hey...... but totally worth it (y)


Yeah I got digital so I game share with my son, £85 beats paying for 2 discs and 2 season passes (y) ah £25 will be ideal if they do


Ah, it all makes sense now......WOW, That's one hell of a price though!! I just went for the standard edition,got it for £25 ...... well, that's all depending on whether VERY honour their discount code? (you know what those scoundrels are like) ;)

Sniper: Ghost Warrior (Xbox 360) £1.79 With Gold @ Xbox Marketplace
Found 1st Aug 2017Found 1st Aug 2017
Sniper: Ghost Warrior (Xbox 360) £1.79 With Gold @ Xbox Marketplace
Currently £1.79 from your console, or online at Xbox Marketplace via the link. (Gold exclusive price) Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a first-person tactical shooter that places the pl… Read more
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back to £11.99 now


I enjoyed this game, admittedly it does have it's faults but just as a run though for fun it's worth it.

johnwillowlfc doesn't appear to be


Is it backwards compatible?

Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate (digital Xbox Play Anywhere), 3 months Xbox Live, £10 Xbox Credit - Amazon Prime deal £54.99
Found 11th Jul 2017Found 11th Jul 2017
Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate (digital Xbox Play Anywhere), 3 months Xbox Live, £10 Xbox Credit - Amazon Prime deal £54.99
Digital being the marmite this could go either way. On offer til 23.59 tonight, couldn't see it posted
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The 3 expansions it came with total £50, so it was the base game free, £10 and 3 months xbl for £5, it wasnt overall a bad deal


Does not include the porsche car pack or the most recent one ( or any to come out from now on)


I agree, only thing that was putting me off. Its like these season 2 passes :(


So this doesn't include the expansions, not very ultimate.


Bought this earlier with the two expansion packs. Core game is cheaper elsewhere but made sense (to me at least) to get all the additional content. The Live and £10 credit were a bonus!

MICROSOFT Xbox gift card points £15 for a £10 @ Smyths
Found 11th Jun 2017Found 11th Jun 2017
MICROSOFT Xbox gift card points £15 for a £10 @ Smyths
£15 worth of MICROSOFT points for £10. Best I've found and seen! Order 2 and get free delivery (£20 or over)

Off not of.......


There were 11 there earlier.


3 in stock in Newport :o


3 in Newport for 1 lucky person!! £45 for just £30.


Should have gone to school as it's specsavers not specksavers

£5 Xbox gift card for £3.89 @ CDkeys (£3.70 with FB like code)
Found 26th May 2017Found 26th May 2017
£5 Xbox gift card for £3.89 @ CDkeys (£3.70 with FB like code)
Hello :) Edit: Save an additional 5% by liking their Facebook page or sommat (thanks Nathan) *Worth noting that this credit expires 90 days after redemption, it doesn't last fore… Read more
Avatardeleted800342Get dealGet deal

Did you get the discount code to work?


nah, went with it!


Did you find anything better mate?


Anyone having trouble with the discount codes? Last two I've just tried are flagging invalid. Yes I am logged in.


​Is £4.29 still a good deal or is there a better way still?

12 months Xbox Membership + Let's be Cops HD  £29.99  @ Wuaki
Found 26th May 2017Found 26th May 2017
12 months Xbox Membership + Let's be Cops HD £29.99 @ Wuaki
12 months Xbox Membership + Let's be Cops HD £29.99 Ideal for the weekend! -Stock usually goes pretty quick, so if you want it, move it!
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if you have a Rakuten account you can login with that instead of subscribing.


Brought Thanks my expired today


​No, why not use another email address and let someone else watch the film.


already listed here -


​How close is yours to expiring? Debating whether to wait as I've got just over a month left of my 12 months.

£18.02 worth of Xbox credit for £5 (2100 Microsoft Points card) instore @ Asda Walthamstow
LocalLocalFound 24th May 2017Found 24th May 2017
£18.02 worth of Xbox credit for £5 (2100 Microsoft Points card) instore @ Asda Walthamstow
Can be redeemed on an Xbox One. You will be redirected to by the console and then you just click 'Confirm' and the credit will be added to your account. Credit lasts for o… Read more

I purchased D4 Dark Dreams Don't Die (Xbox One game) today using the credit I bought from Asda.


so can you use this for Xbox One content, or only Xbox 360


£15 in my local, had loads aswell




Happily i'm a hundred and ten miles west now.

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