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High School of the Dead: Drifters Of The Dead Edition (Complete Series & OVA) Blu-ray £9.99 @ HMV
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Very entertaining bit of Zombie Anime fun (not for kids). Amazon have price matched if you prefer Delivery to store free or s… Read more
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I really liked Death Parade too


Thanks all. Will check out the recommendations I haven’t seen.


Death note was good but there's others I prefer. One punch man, sidonia, attack on titan, ajin, kakegurui, erased.. all on Netflix with something different to offer.


Second season was cancelled because main producer or story writer (or another person of that kind) is dead


Ditto; Death Note is awesome. Try Parasyte and B: the Beginning

Ghost In The Shell [Blu-ray] The Anime Movie £6.99 @
Found 25th Dec 2018Found 25th Dec 2018
Also available in the 5 for £30 promotion as well as 3 of the Ghost in the Shell SACs. The year is 2029, the world is made… Read more

Got this for half the price on MusicMagpie a month back, worth keeping an eye out if you don't mind second hand. It's great on blu ray. Great movie even if anime isn't that much of your cup of tea

Free Season 1 of Some Anime's on, including Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia and more in comments.
Found 21st Dec 2018Found 21st Dec 2018
Only 13-14 hours left to claim or so, seems to be just the first series you can claim. Assassination Classroom Attack on Titan Dragon Ball Super (Japanese) Eureka Seven … Read more
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Nice find though I think it's expired now :(


Crunchy roll, free all the time


missed it by 1 F'in minute!


Full house! Great deal!


Grabbed the lot, thanks for this!

Studio Ghibli: The Cat Returns and Tales From Earthsea Blu-ray Steelbooks £8.99 each with Free Del at Zavvi
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
Both The Cat Returns and Tales From Earthsea Blu-ray steelbooks have had a small drop in price and are now £8.99 Steelbooks qualify for free delivery on the Zavvi website. The … Read more
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Love ghibli movies! They are often on film 4 too, subbed and subbed. Always good to keep an eye on their listings


Brilliant find. Actually, there are a few on over the next few days. Ponyo is on this Sunday and Totoro is on in the afternoon on Christmas Day. If anyone wants to learn more about the films, the Ghiblioteque is a wonderful podcast to listen to.


Thanks Google. The cat returns: "ON TV SOON All times are in United Kingdom Time On Fri, 21/12 Film4 11:00 Film4 +1 12:00"


Great price. Really want and need earthsea but it will look different to the rest of the blu ray collection... (horror)


Another 2 for the collection.

Anime Tales Bundle, £4.69 - 10 Steam Games (See OP) + 15% Off Your Next Game Purchase, Exclusive @ Fanatical
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
*Bundle Expires 8am UK Time* I was checking out the Steam 5 Games for £5 thread and found myself looking at bundles on Fanatical. I'm not into gaming as I was (don't be fooled … Read more
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If anyone wants my 15% off code (which doesn't work on bundles/offers) I'm happy to PM you it :)


This is all news to me. I vet all the content I pass onto my niece (as any relative/parent should) so will do a bit more research before passing this on. Thanks for a comment that has some details, rather than the weird, rather rude and obtuse evasiveness I was getting.


Steam is banning adult games with sexual content where they consider that the characters in the game to look under 18. Otherwise Steam has actually relaxed it’s rules. Some developers are crying foul because they feel the rule is being unfairly used and Steam is just banning their game without giving them a chance to change it or patch it. Ultimately it’s a case of Valve own Steam, so you follow their rules. Too many developers have skirted the borderline with “all characters are 18” disclaimers despite said characters on the product page looking well under that


Found an active code, FANATICAL10 but it doesn't work with promos/bundles :)


Goodnight. At least I am polite and informative on here and don't talk in riddles. Maybe try to be nicer in future.

Anime Blu-rays and Dvd's £0.99 - £4.99 per series on Anime On Line
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
Hey all, Was browsing Anime On Line today (MVM official store) and noticed as part of their Christmas deals they have a bunch of series going very very cheap. Includes stuff like… Read more
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Brought Drifters season 1 from them yesterday, cracking price for amazing looking collectors edition which only been out a month!


I would heavily advise playing the Devil Survivor 2 game instead of watching the anime. A lot of people, myself included, regard it as a horrendously bad adaptation. Still, it's a decent deal for being so incredibly cheap, and YMMV.


Glad people are loving it! I hope everyone's been checking All The Anime too. They've had some good deals recently as part of their own promotions. Out of the list from MVM : Devil Survivor, X, and Invaders are pretty good shows. Invaders is a little comical/formulaic, but I found it funny enough.


Nice one, OP! ;)


I have Steins;Gate on my watch list, will check out Chaos Child, cheers!

A Silent Voice - Blu-ray £4.99 @ All The Anime
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
Absolutely worth a watch for 4.99. LIVE UNTIL 5PM 11/12/2018 - FREE POSTAGE It was on Netflix previously (it might still be, I haven’t got a subscription anymore) but for this pr… Read more
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It is also on Netflix- I cried like a baby ;( great film


This is available again today, just ordered. hanks OP


Thanks OP, another present for my daughter sorted.


Great film, up there with your name.


Top anime movie, highly recommended (y)

Gurren Lagann (Complete TV Series) - Blu-ray - £12.99 @
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
One of the best anime's of all time, and now impossible to watch in the UK since Netflix got rid of it this year. (Unless your a sailor..) Deal similar to the 12DaysOfChristmas an… Read more

Got this yesterday: I hope all is well today. First of all, very sorry for the delay in you receiving your order. To give you an idea as to where things currently stand, we've been speaking with the distribution centre who are handling all orders placed during the 12 Days of Christmas sale period, as you're not the only person who has flagged they've yet to receive their order. We've have been told in the last few minutes that as things stand your orders have been processed, but hasn't yet been shipped. This is because of a series of software issues at the distribution centre which we're to understand have now all been resolved. We have also been told that all going well, your orders will be getting shipped by this weekend. On behalf of the AllTheAnime / Anime Ltd. we're very sorry for the delay on this. Had we have been made aware sooner there was such an issue we could have made you better aware of the situation too. I can assure you we are in very regular communication with our distribution centre and if there's any significant update to bring regarding your orders we'll be sure to do so. I hope this helps but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Kind regards,


Thank you for that message. I've got 2 things from them that still haven't shipped so I'll give them a message with the order numbers just in case.


Mine hasn't. I contacted support about it and this was the response I got yesterday; -------------------------------------------------------- Hi Greyze, Thanks for getting in touch. As a quick update on this, our warehouse distributor had some software issues last week which held up shipments (even where the order had been processed and thus marked as fulfilled by us). I'm assured these have now been resolved and they're prioritising getting all of our Christmas orders shipped out as a matter of urgency. Apologies for any delays to shipments, and I'm keeping a close eye on how this is progressing moving forward. I can confirm that your order has been provided and processed by the fulfilment house, so should be shipping very soon if it hasn't already. Again, apologies for the hold-up, and many thanks for your patience. Many thanks for your support and custom. Regards, Andy Hanley Marketing Manager Anime Limited


Anyone's copy shipped yet?


brought this on Black Friday for £14.50 which I thought was a good price! wish I had known they would do this, even better price and free delivery (£1 for zavvi :( )

All The Anime 12 Days Of Christmas Back Again! (eg Tokyo Ghoul Collection - Blu-ray £34.99) extended till 17th!
Found 2nd Dec 2018Found 2nd Dec 2018
Same as last year cheap anime for christmas! Every day for the next 12 days, new deal's on anime blu ray and dvd's!
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Slightly disappointed at the delay, but having received one package (on the 24th via TNT), I would say the issue was pretty much outside their control, given it looks like the distribution company they arranged to improve last years performance was one of the biggest in the UK, and used by everything from small specialist DVD/Bluray retailers and music stores (along with hundreds of individual musicians/groups), to some of the big names. It looks like Sony DAOC (I think I've got the name right) who appear to be the distribution company in question* messed up fairly big time, when given the size of them you'd have expected far, far better. Even without the ATA orders, their normal distributor (MVM) was also struggling due to their own sale. Given the savings on the orders I'm not upset just slightly disappointed in the delay, and I suspect ATA are not happy about it either as they're normally pretty good when it comes to trying to keep customers happy/sorting out issues (they're the only company I've ever dealt with who have pro-actively shipped out things like replacement discs when it's turned out there was a replication/production error that required replacements). *Going by the packing slip included in the order I received.


From last years experience I didn't have any high hopes, but shockingly they still haven't learnt from their last years lesson. I expect some discount or partial refund for this delay tbh, but I can't even find a number to call to complain..


Good evening. I hope all is well. You're receiving this message as you placed an order during our recent 12 Days of Christmas sales. This is email is to provide an general overview update on where things stand with orders currently, though we appreciate many of you reading may have received your orders. First of all before going any further on behalf of everyone at All The Anime / Anime Ltd. we want to profusely apologise for the delay in receiving what you ordered. We want to make sure we give context for what has happened, what we've done (and continuing to do) to try and rectify this, and what the current standing of things are. This is going to be a long message, but we want to make sure we as clear and transparent as we can be on the situation. What's happened - To give full context (and in case you're not aware), we contracted a distribution centre - different to who normally fulfils orders for us, so as to cope with demand - to handle the fulfilment of all orders during this busy period in a timely manner. Although thousands of orders have been fulfilled, the distribution centre finally made us aware earlier this week that there will still many orders unfulfilled despite claiming that software issues that had caused delays in shipping initially were fixed, that all was in hand and ultimately not alerting us to the situation despite us raising many concerns about the status of fulfilment for well over a week prior to that. Needless to say we're incredibly frustrated and unhappy with the poor service of the distribution centre at this critical period, and we're even more unhappy that this poor service has been passed on to our customers. Though in the grand scheme of things we are a small company, the quality of service we provide is something we take pride in. It's something we have built for our online store over the years and it's not at all fair that your experience ordering from us has been impacted in this way. Since then for the past 48 hours we've been working with the distribution centre to ensure that any outstanding issues are resolved, and to try and get visibility on where things currently stand so we can accurately update all our customers being impacted by this. We have finally been granted the information we've been requesting, hence why you're receiving this message now. Where do things currently stand: Now that we have this information we've been requesting, as we mentioned earlier thousands of orders have been fulfilled. At time of writing around 1000 orders have already been shipped to customers, while there are over 2400 orders currently being prepared for shipping, with the plan being (all going well) for the majority if not all of those to be dispatched tonight (Friday 21st December) via the TNT courier service. Whether these orders will be able to arrive in time for Christmas at this late stage is something we simply cannot answer I'm afraid - although a significant portion of these orders should arrive with customers on Monday, obviously this being Christmas Eve means we can't make any guarantees of these orders arriving in time for Christmas itself. Beyond this batch of orders, we have been told the remaining orders will be picked and packed for shipping over the coming days with the goal being to have all of those being dispatched across the 27th and 28th of December when courier services resume after Christmas. Though we've been assured that all of the remaining orders are going to be shipped as fast as humanly possible, I'm sure you can understand given what we've said above why we're not taking that completely at face value. How do I find out the status of my order(s)? We know a lot of you have contacted us since midnight this morning (Friday 21st December) asking for an update. We are responding to all of these queries as fast as possible as we're sending this and will continue to do throughout tonight and tomorrow as needed. If you would like to get the latest update on your order(s), please respond to this email providing us the order numbers in question and we'll update you as soon possible. Can I cancel my order? Yes. We understand that what you ordered may have been intended to be a gift for Christmas, or simply put it won't arrive in time for you. We're more than happy to accommodate any cancellation requests. To do this please respond to this email with the order number(s) in question and we can do that for you. I will add it's entirely possible that due to the processes of the distribution centre your order my still get shipped, but we can discuss returns and such separately should that occur. A final word: Once again on behalf of everyone at All The Anime / Anime Ltd., we offer our deepest and sincerest apologies for this. Despite our planning of utilising a distribution centre that's meant be well equipped in dealing with the demand of orders we received over the sale period at our site, we have been let down tremendously by their service. We know this doesn't change the fact this has impacted you, but please know we have been and are continuing to do everything in our power to get this rectified as timely as possible. We're truly grateful for your custom, support and understanding at this time, and please rest assured that we share your frustrations and will be doing our utmost to ensure that this kind of situation is never repeated, even during a busy period such as this one. Kind regards, Jeremy Graves Marketing Executive, All The Anime / Anime Ltd. -- AllTheAnime.comFollow us at |


bloody piss take ..we wont get anything till the new year but to be fair there were some very good prices on the items not going to complain until january comes


Will be the first and last time using them thought it was too good to be true to be honest lol below is the official response: IMPORTANT NOTE (UPDATED 20/12/2018): If your query is relating to a 12 Days of Christmas sale order which has not yet been received, please note the below update on this situation: Firstly, we can only apologise profusely for the delay in you receiving what you ordered. To provide a little context as to where things stand, we will say that although thousands of orders placed during our 12 Days of Christmas have been shipped, we've been informed today by the distribution centre - who we purposely contracted to handle all fulfilment of orders in a timely manner - that despite claiming that all previous software issues that had delayed shipping initially had been fixed, that all was in hand and all remaining orders were to be shipped out by close of play today (Wednesday 19th December), we have now been informed that no further orders at all have been shipped over the past couple of days. Needless to say we're incredibly frustrated and unhappy with the poor service of the distribution centre at this critical period, and we're even more unhappy that this poor service has been passed on to our customers. We take great pride in the quality of service we have built for our online store over the years and it's not at all fair that your experience ordering from us has been impacted in this way. But with the above information in mind I'm sure the only question you want answered at this point is what is the status of what you've ordered and will it arrive before Christmas. Unfortunately there's nothing more we can do to expedite the speed of shipments at this current time, and we're working tireless with the distribution centre to assist where we can to make shipping of your remaining orders as fast as possible. The best case scenario at this point that some of the outstanding orders will be shipped before Friday (21st December), with shipping continuing into the weekend and beyond until everything is shipped. We're assured that orders are being shipped as fast as possible now - and I'm sure you can understand why we're not taking that completely at face value at this point until we see evidence of this - given how close we are to Christmas at this stage, we would say it's now highly unlikely that said shipments would arrive in time for Christmas. We understand that what you ordered may have been intended to be a gift for Christmas, and we offer our deepest apologies for any inconvenience caused. But we'd rather be up front with you about that now we know where things currently stand. If you would like to cancel your order, we are more than happy to accommodate that request for you. If you let us now the order number(s) in question, we can get that sorted for you. (I will say it's entirely possible that the order may still ship - due to the way the distribution centre operates - and you may need to return items after the fact / refusing delivery of them, but we can discuss that further as the need arises.) Once again on behalf of everyone at All The Anime / Anime Ltd., we offer our deepest and sincerest apologies for this. Despite our planning of utilising a distribution centre that's meant be well equipped in dealing with the demand of orders we received over the sale period at our site, we have been let down tremendously by their service. Surely an email would of been nice they managed to email me every day about the deals....

Shin Godzilla [2 Discs Blu-ray Set] £6.99 delivered @ Base [Also part of the 5 for £30 offer they are running on Manga / Anime Blu-rays]
Refreshed 1st JanRefreshed 1st Jan
OK, I realise this falls under the 'niche' category, but I've been waiting for this to drop to a decent prive and just spotted this over on Base. Japan is plunged into chaos upon t… Read more
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Thanks so much for the heads up of this offer. I managed to pick up 'We Are X' for £6.99 and that has been on my list for an age!


Mothra could beat them both!


Shin Godzilla is decent. We watched it ages ago but me and my son still crack up at the man running down the side street away from the water (lol) (it's when Godzilla first appears on land). However, that Netflix version is terrible. It's a decent idea but soooo uninteresting and boring. Also regarding another comment about the slowness of shin, Japanese movies, cartoons are all like that. The dialogue scenes are unbearable sometimes.




Thank you...was just about to post the same thing. It's clearly satirising bureaucracy, and they constantly made the wrong call, even when trying to do the right thing.

Death Note Poster (2 styles) 51.5 X 36cm only 82p delivered @ Tie Ler Online Store / Ali Express
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 10th Nov 2018Found 10th Nov 2018
Spotted these whilst browsing for Death Note stuff for my son and thought they were a bargain at just 82p delivered. Can't grumble at 82p with delivery. Two styles to choose from. … Read more

It's not that bad. It's also not good. But certainly watchable.


If you haven't watched the Netflix "adaptation"... don't (horror)


My son dressed up as Light Yagami for Halloween


Nice, I cosplay L from death note


I though it meant Death Note as in - “I’m going to kill someone”

Ghost In The Shell SAC (Blu-rays) only £6.99 each @ Base [The Laughing Man /  Individual Eleven / Solid State Society]
Found 6th Nov 2018Found 6th Nov 2018
Great price for these Ghost In The Shell SAC Blu-Rays. Three to choose from:- Ghost In The Shell: SAC - The Laughing Man [Blu-ray] "The year is 2030 and six years have passed si… Read more

Now included in their new 5 for £30 promotion.

The Garden of Words From Makoto Shinkaito to buy @ GooglePlay
Found 27th Oct 2018Found 27th Oct 2018
Whilst not having a very long run time this movie is the epitome of quality over quantity. From Makoto Shinkai (5 Centimeters Per Second, Children Who Chase Lost Voices) comes a … Read more

Love shinkai, beautiful film. Heat! :D


Great film!


The movie was just about the two characters connecting regardless of age. If it happened within a school setting then it would have probably crossed a few lines but it didn't.


Great visuals, like all the Shinkai productions are. Story is a bit creepy though. If the genders were reversed, I doubt it would've come out over here.


It’s also on Netflix just now for anyone who has that. Heat added and if you haven’t seen this, do - it’s beautiful in every wayxxx

Oblivion Island - Haruka And The Magic Mirror (Blu-Ray & DVD Combo) £6.99 delivered @ Base
Found 25th Oct 2018Found 25th Oct 2018
Not your 'run of the mill' anime. Mainly, I suppose because of its CGI look. Nonetheless, this is a really good Anime movie, with all the surrealness and entertainment you'd expect… Read more

Yes. You took the words right out of my mouth.


its a really good film this, really enjoyed. kinda like an alternatate take on Alice and Wonderland.

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