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Battlefield 1 Revolution (Game & Premium Pass) - Origin Sale (Other Games on Offer)
21/06/2018Expires on 21/06/2018Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Back on sale again. Battlefield 1 takes you back to The Great War, WW1, where new technology and worldwide conflict changed the face of warfare forever. Take part in every battle,… Read more

BF4 is 3 years older than BF1, and the premium edition of BF4 is £17.99, I am guessing the older game is more expensive because it is more popular.


I noticed that Battlefield 1 is almost the same price as Battlefield 4, which I find weird. What's the difference between the two games? Isn't it the case that BF4 is way newer than BF1, and therefore should be much more expensive?

Battlefield 1 Xbox One £2.99 @ Cash Maxx (Bridgend)
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Just got battlefield 1 for £2.99 in cash maxxx Bridgend.. I guess it'll be the same price in every store. I got it for Xbox one so not too sure about PS4. It's the cheapest I've s… Read more
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Xbox one X actually!! What's with you all thinking Wales is a poor place? :D


They poor but they have an Xbox one. (lol)


I’d let the poor sods who live there have it for nothing


meh.. Wales only...


Is this another fencing operation like cash converters etc. 8)

PlayStation /pc/ Xbox         battlefield v £43.15 with code @ The Game Collection
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Best price avaible I think for battlefield v pc/ PlayStation/xbox

Deal has finished.


For BF1 was it about October time for the beta ? Was there different betas available ?


When is beta? Definitely more appealing than COD


It's a battle experience not a history lesson game. I think this looks awesome and it's price is fantastic considering there is no dlc or season pass. This is also so much better that the previous WW2 call of duty game....


Can you imagine being this mad at some 1's and 0's in a certain order?????

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Battlefield 1 Premium pass £9.99
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
All 4 DLCs. 8.99 for origin access members

The PC servers are not fine, most of the maps especially the DLC have no servers running them at all. Most game modes are entirely dead. I saw maybe 10 servers with people on the few remaining were empty. Theres dozens of articles online highlighting how few servers are running now and how most game modes are completely dead. bf3 has more populated servers than bf1.


Xbox servers are fine too - it's what I play on daily.


PC servers are fine. PC game is good fun.


The xbox servers are dead spend 15 minutes to acquire a server then another 5 waiting for game to be dumped into any empty map n before i get "why dont you reboot or get a better connection" ... 240mb on mobile n more on ethernet. Virgin max


A pity they skanked all the people who paid out in advance for the full versions only to release all the expansions for free. Wont be falling for that one ever again, never buying an add on again ever.

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Battlefield 1 Revolution Edition PC Origin - £13.74
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Up to 75% off games on Origin through to June 21st. Base game on sale also at £8.74

The irony is that community actually moaned that the reveal trailer for BFV wasn't as good as BF1. Gamers huh! (lol)


Yeah, but he's talking about not buying this game, that does not have loot boxes and came 1 year before battlefront 2.all bit stupid


Heat added. Still thoroughly enjoy this game! This is still such a visually incredible game.



The state of gaming nowadays.

Battlefield™ Anniversary Bundle at PS Store for £15.99
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
An absolute steal for people who would love to have a taste of battlefield before Battlefield V. 3 games for £15.99 on EUR PSN! Description - 2018 marks the 15th anniversary of th… Read more
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Great price for a lot of content. All 3 battlefield games and premium passes. I had disc versions but worth getting for the extra content and digital games 🔥.


Do I need a PS plus subscription to buy this or just if I want to play multiplayer?


I bought the bundle Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 two days ago, so annoying. Especially because I don't care about Titanfall 2 and just realised that I don't like the old weapons and vehicles from WW1 (B1). What I would like is a remaster of Bad Company 2 with the DLC Vietnam.


Hardcore died in BF1 long time ago.


:D Worth it just for Battlefield 1! Heatttttt!

Battlefield V PC Pre Order £30.39 (£31.99 without FB code) @ CDKeys
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Good Price (pirate)
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You clearly look through rose tinted glasses then. Bc2, while fun, was a pathetic outing of bf, no prone for snipers, no large scale vehicle combat, small cramped maps, most of them with very narrow attack paths, which made massive bottle necks (you were lucky to get a squad past the bottle neck in the transport Heli lol), whoever decided to let you destroy a c4 objective with lrvolution of the building it was in, just lead to tanks sniping the target when a team was too rubbish to get in for the plant (even used to plant C4 on the back of building and keep doing till it dropped haha). Bf3 was epic, still is, but the net code could have been better, but compared to BF4 net code, was way better. Bf4 is still a better game overall, just would have been much better if the netcode was better than bf3. My wish is to see a 4k remake of bf3 and 4 into one online only version, with all the documents of both games and vehicles, kit of both games available on all maps. Plus add in the new mechanics of bf1 and v (especially the lay on back and shoot, nade throw back <3 )


If you love BF1, you should love this. Personally I have BF1. Went downhill after BFBC2. BF3 was good, but not that different from BC2. BF4 & BF1 were just re-skinned cash-cows.


Royal Mode, Destructible Environments, No Premium Pass Or Loot Boxs.


Fortunately I am too cheap to pre-order anything.


You can cancel, I pre ordered Sea Of Thieves through them after which Xbox said it would be on Game Pass and they cancelled the order for me

Days of Play PlayStation Store Reductions [Burnout Paradise Remastered - £11.99 / Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC - £4.99 / Battlefield 1 Premium Pass - £7.99] - PlayStation Store
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Burnout Paradise Remastered for £11.99? (shock) cracking price. The Old Hunters DLC is an all time low I believe and a cracking price for those who picked it up on PS+. I've pop… Read more
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need advice 😁 best bang for your buck? Monster Hunter World £32, FC5 Gold Edition £60 or Ghost Recon Wildlands £16 (amazon)


My Pro was overheating and smelling of burning plastic, sent it back under warranty.... I got it back fixed 6 WEEKS LATER! Lol


Of course, but as PSN is a service and these deals are for PlayStation Store discounts you may benefit from adding 'PlayStation Store' to your keywords (y)


Just sent it back to the seller, ShopTo. Got it during the 20% off ebay voucher promotion, down to 239.89. They also didn't have a replacement unit to send me. Couldn't justify spending an x amount on another Pro when Sony wouldn't own up and fix the update they toshed up and left a fair few of us hanging in the balance, so it's PC gaming for me, which in my honest opinion is far superior anyway. I do still have my PS4 Slim though, would never part with that.


It was under warranty, just get it repaired?

[PC] Battlefield 1 for £12.99 @CDKeys
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
I know the new one is coming out soon but found this while looking through cdkeys. Decent price I say. Battlefield 1 takes you back to The Great War, WW1, where new technology and… Read more
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Well they've already given They Shall Not Pass away, In the Name of the Tsar is now free for the next week. I think we're already half way through the process.


Im sure once the new battlefield is released all the dlc for this will end up in the vault. Much better for £20 a year imo.


Think it’s best getting origin access for the extra £7 imo.


It was £9.99 on Saturday, price rose yesterday to £12.99. I still wasn't even sure then it was a great deal to be honest. It's hovered around £9.49/£9.99 since mid February at CDKeys.


If it's not the revolution edition it is not great value

[£1 off when buying two] ​Halo 5: Guardians (Xbox One) £3.99 / Division (Xbox One) £3.99 / Deus Ex (PS4) £3.99 / Battlefield Hardline (PS4) £3.74 / The Crew (PS4) £3.99 Delivered (Preowned) @ Music Magpie via eBay (More in the OP)
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
There are over 11000 items eligible for the discount. I only listed a few. The Division (Xbox One) £3.99 Battlefield: Hardline (PS4) £3.74 The Crew (PS4) £3.99 … Read more

On the main Music Magpie website they have a lot of used games for 20% off and new games for 10% off so you could poss save a bit more, top cashback/quidco too :)


I would say CeX is in more danger than GAME. But we shall wait and see what comes next. Brexit is also ahead. Those retailers which sell new stuff would feel the pressure more later on. 3 different but known video game related business have already gone out of business in the first half of 2018. I’m expecting more to come in the second half, unfortunately.


They may have negociated some of GamesCentres's stock as well? At this rate GAME need to be worrying... seeing a couple of cheap GAME deals I wonder if thats competition or panic? MM owning the second hand market at the mo. I don't think it will affect CeX much.


I agree. I feel music magpie is going to put a few more retailers out of business until they manage to fully sell the grainger games stock. They have completely spiked the pricing for other retailers :D


Absolute nuts for gaming deals at the mo. I am litrally going to get killed by the missus for my game purchases lately. Does anyone else just sit in their man cave and think..... what should I play then don't play anything as there is too much choice (lol)

Battlefield 1 Revolution for Sony PlayStation £15.00 @AO.COM
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
Battlefield 1 Revolution for Sony PlayStation £15.00 @AO.COM

I hear BF1 is highly rated bar a few niggles? That's what I got from PSN.


The battlefield games are awesome. Probably my favourite FPS games. Even the campaigns are pretty good (BF3, kinda BF4) and the multiplayer is great fun!


Yeah that's what I went for. Never played Battlefield before, but looking forward to it.


Yes until 8/6/18


Isn't it £12 on PSN including Titanfall 2??

Battlefield V (XBOX One/PS4) - £46.85 @ Simply Games
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
Battlefield v xbox and ps4
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Make this man a prime minister!:) all he says is true! Bring back Bad Comapny and end this silliness!:)


Probably the sane price as asda etc. But with simply games you normally get the game delivered a 2-3 days before its official release date. Simply games always deliver early for me and normally the cheapest price too


I swore I'd never buy another EA game, after the last Battlefield and Battlefront games. So many players said take it back to Bad Company, and they come up with this stinker! Gonna wait for this to he released on Access.


Agree completely.


The trailer for this just looks ridiculous, far too much unrealistic action with a character who has a fully functioning terminator arm!? I’m a die hard battlefield fan, but this just looks too silly (fierce) Battlefield normally brings a little realism to the table ... I think they may have dropped the ball here.

Battlefield V 5 PC £32.99 / £31.34 with fb code @ CDKeys
Refreshed 6th JunRefreshed 6th Jun
Dropped from yesterday - now £32.99!

Sure, but the idea is to closely follow the facts of WW2. You are sacrificing realism for diversity. The fact you can respawn, is a game mechanic - and is essential for the genre. Having a female on the front cover does nothing but serve diversity, and put off those who were hoping EA might make a serious BF game once again. I’m all for women in the Armed Forces, served alongside many myself. Excluding female characters wouldn’t offend anyone, as it’s historically accurate. It’s literally political correctness spoiling the illusion of a potentially excellent WW2 driven game. When running into combat as a female, I won’t be buying the fact that this is a WW2 game. Simple. Better to make a “current day” game with plenty of legitimate female roles.


It’s still a kids version of Squad, with the base building ripped straight off the game.


Only EA go battlefield 1942, 2, 3, 4, 1, 5. Marketing morons


EA ,,, stick it where the sun don't shine.


it's not just the experience of BF4, it's the experience with most AAA titles. Time and time again they missell you products, or add microstransactions etc. trying to squeeze as much as they can from you. I payed £60+ on BF4 (game + DLCs) and played for like 3 months, don't get me started on Destiny 2 , the examples can go on. Buying on impulse because you are excited by the series or over-hyped by streamers/youtubers makes you a child - yes. If you are mature : you have self control and learned from past experiences. The idea is simple, the gaming industry it's like the wild west now, so many hit and runs, if you buy Early access, if you pre-order or even better pre-order from Known offenders you open yourself to be taken advantage off . This site is not just for the best prices it's a community that gives advice. In this case, take or leave it.

Battlefield Hardline only £3.27 used at music magpie
Found 27th MayFound 27th May
Gotta be worth a few pounds to try out the story mode right ???
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Good deal. Enjoyable campaign and the multi-player is still very popular and quick to join a match.


great story, have some heat (excited)


I hear that! (highfive)


Heat from me, just to add to my back log collection


Heat. Well worth that for the story... And MP if people still play it

Battlefield 1: Revolution Edition - PS4 £15 Delivered Prime / £16.99 Non Prime @ Amazon
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
Experience the dawn of all-out war in Battlefield 1. Discover a world at war through an adventure-filled campaign, or join in epic team-based multiplayer battles with up to 64 play… Read more

Better than free compared with the offer , you are getting 2 games and £4.00 in comparrison .


I think that’s a no brainier that one. :D


Getting Titanfall 2 practically free is pure chef kissy fingers.


Better off getting the BF1 Revolution and Titanfall 2 deluxe bundle for £11.99 if you have ps plus.


You get the following if it helps: The bundle includes: - Battlefield™ 1 base game - Battlefield 1 Premium Pass with 4 themed expansion packs: They Shall Not Pass, In the Name of the Tsar, Turning Tides and Apocalypse. - Red Baron Pack, Lawrence of Arabia Pack and Hellfighter Pack – containing themed weapons, vehicles and emblems.

Battlefield V PC Preorder (Origin) at £32.99
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
edit: Sorry--seems to have dropped even further, against my expectations. Apologies where necessary to those who bought at £35. --------------------- Hello! Battlefield V (PC) … Read more

Never been let down with my experiences with battelfield games so its a pre-order from me :)


Not been pay to win 'for a while', yes since it nearly got shut down for breaching gambling laws in a bunch of countries and they were forced to change it. Otherwise it would still be pay to win, as would future titles. If you enjoy day one DLC, and getting half finished rushed out games, then thats your choice, dont try to convince people that EAs practices have any intention to benefit the end user. The only silly thing I see is a 'gamer' White Knighting EA.


BF2 has not been P2W for while? You know this is cosmetic only? try are just looking silly now (skeptical)


if its pay to win like Battlefront 2, or 'expansions' that lock out half of the player base, or not supporting career mode to shepherd you into ultimate team, you are kinda being coerced into buying them, and I am saying no, that's the whole point of my posts...


No adding up needed, it says it on your profile :{

Battlefield 1 - Revolution Edition (PS4 / Xbox One) now £15 delivered @ Tesco Direct
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
Looks like it's on offer at Tesco Direct :) Don't forget to go through TCB to get an extra £2.50 cashback Join the strong Battlefield community and jump into the epic battl… Read more
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My bad, misread your comment thought you were after the tesco offer. This seems to be OOS though to be fair so I'll leave that link up for anyone who may be interested :)


ao eBay store has it up 'new' for £15 if you're still after the physical version (although check the above post - all dlc free);


I'm only seeing the 'Tsar' dlc for free :( Guess it's expired.


Just a heads up. All the DLC is currently free on PSN store. So if you want to save some money and want the disc version. Buy it for £6 at CEX and get the DLC for free from PSN. software&superCatName=gaming&title=battlefield 1 (no dlc) 1


At this price bf 1 is a steal Plenty fun to be had yet from the Great War before it all goes quiet on the western front and bf V hits. Still decent player base and some history lessons thrown in too

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