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[PS4] Battlefield 1 Turning Tides & Apocalypse DLC - Free - PlayStation Store
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
For those who missed the Premium Pass, the BF1 Turning Tides & Apocalypse DLC is now available free to download on PS4. Battlefield™ 1 Turning Tides Battlefie… Read more
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This game should be killer. Thanks :)


After not playing this or COD for a while and has been playing Overwatch since, when I tried playing this again my head feel dizzy. Sign of old age :)


Cheers for this , started play this again after a years absence. I’m really enjoying it again


Both also free on XB1: 1&devicetype=xbox&lc=1033


Why would you be annoyed? Do you complain about PS+ games that you bought 4 years ago?

Battlefield 4 Premium Edition PS4 £7.39 Playstation PSN
01/11/2018Expires on 01/11/2018Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
Complete Edition of good shooter game for acceptable pri e. Enjoy! Prince is valid until 1.11.2018.

Thanks. Bought through the app and downloading ready to play later


It’s just all round more fun and fluid than others. destroys any cod I’ve ever played. Vehicles are a bit OP but infantry is really fun too. Lots of different ways to play and things to do. Fun with a decent squad too


What makes this the best battlefield? Played the first 2 on PS3, got into battlefield 1 on PS4 after the recent deal. What makes it better? Got really bored of the COD franchise


Does anyone still play this? As in, is it still easy to find 64 player servers etc?


Best bf ever made

Battlefield 5 PC/XBOX/PS is just £35.99 (digital code) @ CDKeys
15/11/2018Expires on 15/11/2018LocalLocalFound 16th OctFound 16th Oct
Buy battlefield 5 at and save a lot of money. (Deluxe edition is £45.99)
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Errrrr... Yeah, sorry. None of that is what I am upset about. They have a women in it, so what? I thought you were on about the loot crates, incredibly poor DLC and treatment of developers.. This whole women thing is to draw in more female players, it's a good thing. If delicate people are upset about that then it's pretty obvious why! Battlefield Computer games are hardly the bastions of historical accuracy now are they? If Dice and EA want to try and open up the market for their intellectual product then they can... All I care about is getting half a game for full price and having a game that feels realistic in places but is fun to play and has a good multiplayer base with a diverse selection of people to play with.

Norseg Also this isn't the first time Last time I checked EA was censoring words like "White Man" and "DLC" someone had to type in those words and write the code so it's not some error , you could say Black Man and Free DLC (shock) Quote: Söderlund says, there are “a lot of female people who want to play, and male players who want to play as a badass [woman].” Battlefield V is promoting the sandbox experience over total simulation, which may have been the point of the franchise. Either way, EA DICE are reiterating an age-old maxim: if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. He also called people "Uneducated"


Did they? Can you link it? I'm no fan of EA. I'm still on the wall about giving them my money.

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Battlefield™ 1 Apocalypse / Turning Tides DLC Free @ Xbox
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
Go over the top in the most gruesome and infamous battles of WW1 and conquer bitterly contested ground in a deadlock struggle. Never before have the nightmarish horrors of the Grea… Read more


Does this DLC include any single player content?


any news of getting it for free on ps4?


ta (y)


Thanks for this

[PS4/Xbox One/PC]  Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar & They Shall Not Pass DLC - Free - PS/Xbox/Origin Store
Found 13th OctFound 13th Oct
Little reminder as they haven't been posted, and a little heads up for anybody who didn't pick up the Premium Pass that the In the Name of the Tsar & They Shall Not Pass Battle… Read more
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Thanks. I haven't bought the base game yet but have added to the library for when I do.


This has worked real well as an advert for BFV. 1 is pretty ace.


I like it ye. Better than I thought, just some people don't know how to play it properly


Not played much. Any good 'how to play' tutorials?


I wish people would actually play as a real squad on this thing. 9 times out of 10 they don't. The ones who play as a real squad just go around taking everybody down

[PC] Battlefield 1 - £3.78 (£4.37 - Origin) -
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Cracking price for a great multiplayer game, and an even better purchase for those who picked up the Premium Pass freebie last month. PC is currently leading the race with 16k… Read more
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Same here


Important Message There was a problem with some of the items in your order (see below for more information):Battlefield 1 [Instant Access] We are sorry. Something went wrong with your purchase of this product. Any bundle discounts associated with this product will not be applied in this purchase. Anybody have same issue ? Cuz I can't buy with US address


i assure you, no one will play this with bfv about to be launched. similair game anyways.




what sub is that?

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Xbox One FREE Battlefield™ 1 ~ MAPS ~ They Shall Not Pass & In the Name of the Tsar
Found 2nd OctFound 2nd Oct
As time of writing there's 1 hour left to get the Premium Pass for BF1. If missed the 2 expansion Maps are Free for the next 7 days.

Can start with whichever one you want really, I enjoy 3 and 4 but headline was brutal




I couldnt disagree the series and think this 1 is a beauty....3 and 4 were a low for me....cant see why u couldnt start with this one myself....and it will have a bigger playbase i would of thought


Oh I don’t know I’d never played battlefield at all till a friend bought me this and it’s sucked a surprising amount of my life away Plus it’s Edjamacational


Thanks, ill do that!

Battlefield 1 PS4 (Pre-owned) £5.93 Music Magpie
Found 25th SepFound 25th Sep
Back in stock for £5.93 Music Magpie have 10% off preowned games at the moment so if you didn't want the digital version on the previous deals you could get a physical copy for £6… Read more

You've just made my week seeing this. Picked the base game up on PSN the other week for a few quid and was gutted I missed the free premium pass. Just added it to myself account, thank you (cheeky)


Oops! Unfortunately it looks like someone took the last one.


They shall not pass was the only decent dlc IMO but this is a bargain nonetheless.


I'd imagine so mate. That's the second time in 8 weeks it's been so low.


Do you think they will reduce the price of the game for xbox from the store again, as they had the price of £5 and some pennies not long ago? I already have it with ea but a pal would like it!

Battlefield V £32.73 Overkill’s The Walking Dead £36.38 Fallout 76 £42.46 Just Cause 4 £25.43 Pre Orders from PlayStation PSN Store Turkey
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
Battlefield V £32.73 - Available in 61 days Overkill’s The Walking Dead £36.58 - Available in 50 days Fallout 76 £42.46 - Available in 55 days Just Cause 4 £25.43 - Available i… Read more
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That’s true, I did play just cause 3 really liked that. Still going through new tomb raider at the moment and have pre ordered RDR2 that will probably take much of my gaming time up so hopefully any new games that are released like Just Cause 4 will come down in price. 8)


Ah ok, was just gonna say if you’re new to PS4 it’s easy to fall on the slippery slope and feel the need to buy all these games that you probably won’t have time to play anyway. We’ve all done it!


Yes mate since launch but recently traded in against a PS4 Pro


Have you had a PS4 long Dave?


Just cause 4 now over £50 on Turkish PSN.... I missed the boat! ;(

Battlefield 1 full game and premiums pass  PS4. £3.99 on UK Psn or £2.59 from Turkey PSN
Refreshed 24th SepRefreshed 24th Sep
Full game a available on UK PlayStation Network. Update {25/9/18) The premium/season pass is now free again through the PSN..... Full your boots and enjoy Can get cheaper throug… Read more

I cant remember: if I download the Battlefield 1 game from the Turkey store, does the DLC work that I purchased from the UK store?


This game is tons of fun, at this price with all of the dlc is an absolute no brainier. If you don’t have a PS4, buy one just for this XD


3.99 and the season pass, fantastic. Thanks for posting.


Bought, thanks.


Sorry I meant all the other battlefield bar this one for the picky person. Lol

[XBox] Battlefield 1 Preowned £4.99 @ Game
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
Good price for preowned physical copy. Specially for those who got free premium pass few days ago thanks to @BuzzDuraband

Picked up a copy today..was going to post. Great game.


Love this game so much fun


Not on Xbox no it only got enhanced about a month or so I think.


Only for the past month or so, and it really does look beautiful <3


Hasn’t it always been enhanced.

Battlefield V Deluxe Edition Pre Order £45.99 / £43.69 with fb code at CDKeys
Refreshed 16th OctRefreshed 16th Oct
XBox One Pre Order of Battlefeild V Deluxe Edition
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Good plan if you want to see the battlefield franchise die, personally I would like to be able to play Battlefield until the day I die.


64 players is too much, DICE did make great games .... Battlefield 1947 was a gem still got it on my Xbox 1 I think. Bad Company 2 with the Vietnam map packs was nostalgia and just great. Battlefield 1 seemed good but it was just too big, the maps were all over the place with players being spawned next to opponents. These a rookie mistakes. Activision is no different, Black Ops 1 & 2 were great games.


Same as Activision then?


I think single player reviews go up today


Bf4 is usually well populated still

BATTLEFIELD 4 ORIGIN CD KEY-£5.95 @ kinguin / Sold by: GamingWorld
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
more stores in kinguin ,and best price was £5.95 for this game . Take action and rise above the chaos in Battlefield 4. This FPS from Electronic Arts is part of a genre-defining … Read more
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What is their excuse for just deleting peoples games from libraries?


Thanks, heat given as would rather pay extra than to pay those idiots at cdkeys who totally ruined my WoW BFA server launch.


Any PS4 deals


Thanks, just picked it up there... :{ :{ :{


EA just deleted my copy of BF4 for no reason from my library. I checked online and it happened to loads of people, and you have to hassle them to give it back... Fine with me though, as they aren't seeing another penny from me ever again. Their game quality has gone downhill, not to mention rinsing people with dlc for incomplete games. They truly hate their customers

Battlefield 4 PC/Origin Code £4.39 / £4.17 with FB Code@ CDkeys  (+ Claim BF4 Premium for Free)
Refreshed 12th SepRefreshed 12th Sep
Firstly, thanks to @hairray, who posted the free Premium content I love BF4, got loads of hours of play time and thought that there might be people out there looking for the bas… Read more

I am having issues signing in to origin, is the site down??


Back to 5.99


The code is redeemed via Origin. You can add it to your steam library as a non Steam game if you prefer though. Just be aware this sometimes increases launch time given it's run through a client. Plus it can sometimes interfere with in game enhancements like instant video capture etc.


NeoTrix: Yeah same here. I used to play all of time, I got pretty good. Not so much now. Still enjoy it though


can the key be used with steam or strictly with origin only?

Battlefield 1 / Physical Disc (Used) + Premium pass download - PS4 £7.99/ XB1 £4.99 Delivered @ Game
Refreshed 12th SepRefreshed 12th Sep
For those who like physical disc BF1 - XB1 @ 4.99 + Premium pass download BF1 - PS4 @ 7.99 + Premium pass download Then follow the link to get premium pass XB1 Premium pass … Read more

Last chance to grab this and get the premium pass from psn/ms store Offer for premium pass expires today No need to download premium pass just complete the purchase on store. XB1 pre-owned reduced to 4.99 @ game


Just picked up a PS4 copy for £6.99 at cash converters, best price locally for physical copy.


Nice find can't go wrong...have some heat...


Don't you just love troll accounts :/ Saddo (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


Hmm, the PS4 price on the PlayStation store is bugging me, as is the concern the premium pass purchase before getting the game is showing as a purchasable £54.99 "Revolution" pack instead of the premium pass, despite the receipt showing the premium pass. So I'm going hunting today locally to see what they have, would prefer a £6 price point for the PS4 if possible based on other formats. But seeing as I have both a cash converters & cash generator locally whose pricing seems very erratic from store to store I might just get lucky. Otherwise I might think sod it, my time is worth more than a couple of quid saved trying to go on a proper hunt for the cheapest copy.

[PC] Battlefield 1 - £4.37 - Origin Store
Found 11th SepFound 11th Sep
Back down in price (25/09) and perfect for the free Premium Pass :) Battlefield™ 1 takes you back to The Great War, WW1, where new technology and worldwide conflict c… Read more
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Awesome! Can finally add this to my battlefield collection (embarrassed)


This or Battlefield 4? Looking for a break from PUBG!


Back down to £4.37 (y)




4.99 USD via the american store. VPN, checkout using paypal and pay using a card with no fees. £3.82 at time of writing. Every little helps. Probably even cheaper from other stores (Turkey, Argentina?) but couldnt find any service to compare all store prices to find the cheapest. Let me know if you know of one.

Battlefield 4™ Premium Membership Free! All 5 DLCS & More... Free @ EAStore
Found 11th SepFound 11th Sep
Battlefield 4™ Premium Membership, Lock in all five expansion packs, priority server access and more... You must own BF4 to redeem this! @BuzzDuraband has been super cool at po… Read more

Wooh! More noobs to annihilate.


So dated? Are you having a laugh?


Can't sign in to Origin/EA keeps saying: "Sign in is unavailable right now, please try again later" Anyone else got this issue??


Its ok I have unvoted now


Tried it tonight, BF4 looks so dated now (shock) Perhaps I have been spoilt by BF1 and BFV

[Xbox One] Battlefield 1 - £5.25 - Xbox Store
Found 11th SepFound 11th Sep
I think this is definitely worth a share with the Premium Pass going free today. You're effectively getting the Revolution Edition for a cracking £5.25. Both the game and the Prem… Read more
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for anyone sitting on the fence, I think the performance is significantly better on xbox one x vs ps4 pro. The frame drops are much rarer and the resolution drops less frequent. It almost feels like a different game


Yes, thanks for listing, eventually went for BF1 over BF4; The reviews kept changing my mind but feel they are both such good deals with the free extras at the moment so just plumped for the latest version.


As you predicted Origin have it cheaper. Do Microsoft allow you to play this xbox one purchase on the pc, I've heard of this but never tried it? What about the pc version for £4.37 from Origin, is that pc only?


€4.99 for the Game and get the Premium for Free on PC - that's a no brainer deal.


Brilliant price for a great game. I also played the bf5 Beta so I'll be back to bf1 till november for now.

This week's Deals with Gold, Ubisoft's games sale on Xbox Live @ Microsoft Store
Refreshed 11th SepRefreshed 11th Sep
Here are (most of) this week’s games deals for Xbox One and Xbox 360, inc. Battlefield's, Crash Bandicoot, Outlast II and many Ubisoft's franchises like Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, … Read more

Only 11 Assassin creed deals ?


What countries are possible?


Can't knock Rainbow Six Siege for £12!


Yeah think we're out of luck, keep our ear to the ground to see if it changes. Let me know and I'll let you know if I hear anything.


Just wasted a few hours trying with no luck. I can occasionally get it connected to Live in a different region but can't complete purchase ;(

Battlefield V Deluxe Edition Xbox One Code £43.69 (£45.99 without FB Code) @ CDKeys
Found 8th SepFound 8th Sep
Good Price (pirate) £79.99 On Xbox Store £69.99 On Amazon UK
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Totally correct, it's gone was graphically and I don't understand how you go backwards when your moving forwards. Such a shame as I love bf


It's a game, but why do people have a issue with women in it with one mechanical arm lol, you should enjoy all the different things they Brin to the table, and it is historically correct too so why all the historian gamers are having a issue with it I don't get, bloody enjoy it for what it is a Game. Now for the quality of the game it's a back step as I lived battfield 1 was graphically amazing but for some reason. Battfield 5 looks 2 polished as someone said before.


With what?


Good luck with that


30? It's out in 2 months

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