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£3.80 per month + FREE Annual Boiler Service + Other deals! @ 24/7 Home Rescue
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Not a bad deal, I went with the landlord cover for £7.80 a month with no cost to call out!

Thanks OP, I needed a boiler service and £45.60 seems a pretty good price. Just have to remember to cancel before it renews.


I’ve been with these awhile this year it went down hill , you can read what happened here their response is shocking several emails unanswered calls dropped when talking to customer services etc


I need a boiler service and CP12 this year and will try Home SOS network @ £59.98.


I took out landlord cover with them, before cover starts they came and did a boiler service ( Well were ment too ) My old boiler had a 10 inch shower hose at the top for repressurisingthe system. Once user a little bit of water spills out of the hose and made a little rust patch on top of the boiler,also 1 rad had a litte rust on the bottom. They said if I want cove I need to replace rad and boiler cover @ £500.00. I would avoid like the plague.


Just put £100 initial payment (equivalent to the excess) + £10-15 away a month into an 'emergency saving account'. You'll be surprised how soon there is £500+ sitting there, to carry out repairs.

Posted 8th AprPosted 8th AprLocalLocal
Seen at TradePoint Dartford, but is nationwide subject to stock availability. They've also got a 24Kw boiler for £227 and the flue kit for £39.
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Don't know what you're smoking or quite what your comment means as I politely explained you were giving £50 to source it ....


Wow. I had a combi boiler installed for £250 by a gas safe engineer and baxi approved. But had quotes nearly upto 1k. They must pull these prices out of their ar*e!


Here are some for you to understand: STRANGE-O


Read again £50 more. Could it be more than what?

EON Boiler install - 0% interest for 1,2,3 years
Posted 23rd JanPosted 23rd Jan
EON Boiler install - 0% interest for 1,2,3 years
£69.44EON Deals
Free evaluation on boiler installs Our no upfront payment finance option allows you to spread the cost of your new boiler and installation over a period between one, two or three… Read more
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Honestly, switchover was painless and really quick. Not had any issues since I joined in Nov. Only con really is they make you pay your first bill upfront.


Cannot comment on the customer service side which is all what this company is really. It uses contractors to fit meters and we all know that they at paid per meter , let that settle in. Also they don't do smart meters just a buy and sell company.


What are bulb like?


I switched from EON a few months ago to bulb and saved £400/yr. This might be a cheap deal, but dam EON rips you off on energy. Have a look on uSwitch today and see if you can get a better deal. If you find bulb is the cheapest too, send me a PM - can forward you my link for friends for £50 when you switch.


Hi please can you let me know details of fitting engineer you used for installing your boiler?

Boiler Cover from £6.50 a month @ Corgi Home Plan
Posted 15th JanPosted 15th Jan
If anyone is looking for cheap boiler cover then Corgi do an essentials plan at £6.50 a month for a "peace of mind plan and service" Then more plans for a little more money with m… Read more

Updated, I got the code from a lad at work not a letter.


As others have said, this deal is for the first 6 months ONLY, the plan will revert to full price after the first 6 months. This will have been specified in the original offer letter where the promo code was found ... Poster, please correct within your description, to prevent others falling foul of this misleading offer ...


@Docman Mine is exactly the same. Took out £9 a month with £0 excess. Documents came through stating £9 a month for 6 months and £18 after. Doesn't say that nowhere on the site, not a happy bunny


Took the policy out yesterday and then cancelled today as customer service saying half price offer only for 6 months then returns to full price- although nowhere on their website does it say that...


Can't see the problem here. You get an annual service plus breakdown insurance underwritten by Sun Alliance. Unless others have bad experiences with Corgi HomePlan, then this deal outshines the opposition. What's not to like?

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Hive Active Heating with Free Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen - £143.20 @ Hivehome
Posted 30th Dec 2018Posted 30th Dec 2018
Hive Active Heating with Free Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen - £143.20 @ Hivehome
£143.20£1483%Hivehome Deals
Price does not include installation. Price is for Hive Active Heating kit without hot water tank (not sure if this made a difference to the price). Product can be found slightly … Read more
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I have a brand new Hive 2 active heating without installation Hub, Thermostat sealed and the receiver which is not compatible with my old thermostat ( has two wire ) so I will not keep it. Text me. BR75JD


offer seems to have expired


The price without the hub and no installation is £99 how do you get it for £79.20?


persevere i had to put phone down twice on clueless operatives 3rd one was ok and my order went through ok , just waiting on it now


Ok wtaf is the craic with these fools?? - I can't add the product to the cart - the incomprehensible person on the helpline asked me for account details, which I don't have - there's nowhere to register on the website as far as I can tell - the website advertises subscriptions but doesn't say that you do/don't require one (only partially related) - nobody responded to my online chat How do they sell anything???

Posted 18th Dec 2018Posted 18th Dec 2018
Stylish white combi boiler featuring an Xtratech stainless steel heat exchanger with wider waterways in a single coil design for increased efficiency. Offers high hot water flow ra… Read more
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Genuine question, where can you get an Ideal Vogue fitted for £1200?


Baxi boilers are the ones I'd recommend too


I have an Ideal mini which is 16yr old, has had a thermostat sensor this year otherwise nothing. I also rent three houses which have vokera boilers. One has been okay, one had had an expansion tank and the other, which was my late dad's house, was a pain when he was alive. My plumbers don't recommend new Worcesters due to plastic parts inside which break. They say the Ideal Vogue models with 10yr warranty fitted for £1200 are currently the best. Need a service every year but this can be done at same time as the landlords cert for essentially nothing


It's not only British Gas that come out with that type of statement. The person involved was an old pal from school who does my annual gas safety checks. He would give me a good price, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda... I've used him for almost a decade but he blew it with all that crap. The new chap that repaired the Vokera will be getting my business from now on. He can supply and fit a new gas boiler for roughly 33% of the school pal ..


I bought a Vokera gas combi boiler from Screwfix back in 2006. It was flawless up until this year when a circuit board started to fail. Got it sorted out for £100 with a local boiler engineer. I asked about new boilers and which were the best. He said, "it's not about which one is best, it's more about which one is less $hit!" I'll hopefully keep going with the Vokera for a while yet!

British Gas Boiler & Central Heating Cover (via Sky) £2.50 per month plus £5.99 Sky Movie credit
Posted 5th Dec 2018Posted 5th Dec 2018
Just had a e-mail from Sky - so this is probably only of interest to Sky customers but might help some. The offer is 12 months boiler and central heating cover for £2.50 per month … Read more

Keyword alert? Huha? Not so deals, you might need to sort your search out. I never signed up for this crap


Both times I had BG engineers. Maybe I was lucky


The problem is, it is mainly contractors doing their work, and there is very little come-back at them if they do a shoddy job; if you have a good set in your area, be very thankful. They managed to pipe my mums house up back to front; then did a bodge repair they hid under the carpet; never even refitted the floorboards correctly. Sister stupidly gave them a maintenance contract at our old nursery; first time something went wrong they tried to claim we needed a new boiler; called in a local guy for a 2nd opinion, and he fixed it for £5 (plus his fee). After that we switched to him.


Had 2 call outs this year. No excess. And they sorted it straight away


BG = Wunch of bankers. Will wiggle out of a warrant repair any way they can; and if forced to do it, will do such a bad job, you end up paying someone else 3x as much to put the botch right.

Netatmo Smart Thermostat £93.99 @ BTShop & Amazon
Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Netatmo Smart Thermostat £93.99 @ BTShop & Amazon
£93.99£11720%BT Shop Deals
After scouring eBay for the past month trying to get a sub-£100 one of these (the sold items shows many have gone at 60-80 but could I get one, noooo)... I noticed a thread on her… Read more

Yup, show's over folks.


Says 124.99 on both sites. Expired?


Amazon price matched a few days ago. BT had still not got past the 'allocating' stage for my order let alone shipping out so I cancelled it and ordered from Amazon and it arrived the same day. Note to retailers: this is why Amazon is destroying you.


Bought - thank you!

Vaillant vSMART Internet Room Thermostat - Combi Pack    £131.10 Excl. VAT £157.32 Incl. VAT @ Mr central heating
Posted 15th Oct 2018Posted 15th Oct 2018
The vSMART internet room thermostat from Vaillant lets you control your heating and hot water anytime, anywhere from a single, easy to use app. Compatible with the entire ra… Read more
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I have this with my new valiant kit. Put it on a new vaillant and you can’t beat it. For new vaillant system boilers with a cylinder you don’t even need them Honeywell valves


That thermostat is sure big and ugly. It looks like ambisense is another smart heating product and is expandable and not compatible with vsmart which I think it replaces. Have to do more research on which one to go for.


This might be an option


Further research and seem Vsmart does not support heating zones :( I guess I can use those old fashion manual radiator thermostats instead.


I don't think vsmart will do zoning. Might be wrong though. Ask Vaillant tech support they are usually helpful (y)

Biasi Riva Plus 24 kw combi boiler 5 years warranty £349 Trade point (B&Q)
Refreshed 1st Nov 2018Refreshed 1st Nov 2018
Product Information Effectively heat your home with this combi boiler, keeping you warm during the winter months. This combi boiler is frost protected and is the perfect replaceme… Read more

Hi Chris_freeman i got a 21yr old gloworm. Standard set up with tanks. Its serviced every year, never failed. I want to replace with a Worc bosch or what make do you recommend? (Combi ) 4 bed detached 13 rads boiler in garage so no issues with size etc. But will need 5 mtrs copper gas supply pipe only 15mm at the moment. Whats the average labour to swap a standard boiler for a condenser boiler? Thanks for your time. Mark (y)


Thanks for that information. Maybe after this packs in then can look at something better quality.


Vokeras aren’t great. But cold weather shouldn’t cause it to just break down. Assuming the boilers in your house (not a garage and installed without a frost sensor) Most common reason for not starting in the cold weather is the condense pipe is running outside and is too small. Causing it to freeze. The condensate will end up backing up into the boiler causing it to shut off. Usually along with a banging noise. Best thing is to trace the white 21mm(ish) pipe that goes out side and pour hot water over it to defrost it. They should be run inside the house where possible, but the regs state that if it goes outside it must be in 32mm. So might be worth getting it upgraded to prevent it from happening every winter. Hope this helps a bit. Hard to diagnose something without seeing it lol


What's your opinion on Vokera? We have it at the moment. Only stopped working back in the last big freeze when everyone's did. Do you have any advice please to stop a boiler from breaking down during a big freeze?


Anyone have much experience of intergas boilers ?

EMERGENCY/MILITARY SERVICES - BOILER / C-HEATING COVER - £4.95 (1 YR) (£95 excess) 24/7 Home Rescue
Posted 12th Sep 2018Posted 12th Sep 2018
EMERGENCY/MILITARY SERVICES - BOILER / C-HEATING COVER - £4.95 (1 YR) (£95 excess) 24/7 Home Rescue
£4.95£59.4092%24/7 Home Rescue Deals
This a first year offer and for emergency / military services personnel. This came to me through Blue Light Card. Please bear in mind that signing up implying you are could be dee… Read more
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This company is terrible. They'll make every excuse under the sun to get away with you making a claim.


Current issue?


Worst company I have ever dealt with. Ever!!!


Reading the reviews on TrustScore it looks like people have had a lot of issues when it comes to claiming, even for minor repairs


That one does not include central heating (such as pumps, valves) on pipework These are the parts that commonly go wrong

Free boiler quote commercial @ British Gas
Posted 4th Sep 2018Posted 4th Sep 2018
Free boiler quote commercial @ British Gas
Seems a good deal to get a free quote and the finance option

£2400 was with hive and system filter she also gets 5yr warranty part and labour no call out charge


British Gas === Rip off. Guide price for top range boiler installation around £2000 all inclusive, may be less in the North.


New boiler £1000 to buy yourself. Good local plumber, £500 to fit, not bad shift if it's a like for like boiler.


My mum and dad go quoted £8000 off British Gas for a while new system. Got it done for £3000 in the end by a local company


Should be £1600 Ish

Boiler filling loop at Toolstation for £8.25 (free C&C)
Posted 29th Aug 2018Posted 29th Aug 2018
Boiler filling loop at Toolstation for £8.25 (free C&C)
£8.25£11.9931%Toolstation Deals

Can’t please everyone


Riveting, is there a sequel coming? ;)


There are lots of deals on here that I don't think are deals, But this falls into the same category as the packet of cream crackers that are 10p cheaper this week than they were last week at Morrisons, If I can Google Boiler filling loop and get an eBay return for £5.54 with free delivery, Can't really call this a deal, And it just clogs the site up, But your at 200 degrees, So what do I know.


Hi thanks for you input. I understand you aren’t going to like every deal! I know there are other products available at a similar price this was more aimed at showing a decent deal and to prepare for the upcoming winter which could possibly save someone from having to call out a heating engineer and sort the issue themselves (y)


I did, This is a ridiculous thing to post, Were are you getting the 31% off, It's £8.25 in there printed catalogue, It's one of thousands of things in there catalogue that may or may not be cheaper than last year, Should we go through the whole catalogue just randomly posting stuff that's cheaper than last year. This is the sort of rubbish deal that just clogs up the site, Of all the good deals the Mods delete because they don't meet some arbitrary criteria, They let junk like this stand, Shame I only get one cold vote.

24/7 Home Rescue Boiler Annual Cover - INSANE deal (£95 Excess)
Posted 29th Aug 2018Posted 29th Aug 2018
24/7 Home Rescue Boiler Annual Cover - INSANE deal (£95 Excess)
So I was just in the market for boiler cover and this came up! Closest cover to this is £4.95 (w/ £90 excess), so grab yourself an absolute bargain! From the MoneySupermarket Web… Read more

Terrible company


I was put on to an agent after 10 minutes. Still no reply so I am sceptical. :/


I am asking if them if they auto renew,


Aaahhh...I think I know what that means ;)


Come back and update. Hope it doesn't cost you!

Amazon - Deal of the Day - Electric Egg Boiler/Poacher - £12.79 (Prime) / £17.28 (non Prime)  Sold by Andrew James UK LTD and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 13th Jul 2018Posted 13th Jul 2018
Amazon - Deal of the Day - Electric Egg Boiler/Poacher - £12.79 (Prime) / £17.28 (non Prime) Sold by Andrew James UK LTD and Fulfilled by Amazon
£12.79£20.9939%Amazon Deals
20% off these andrew james appliances they also have: ice cream maker: rrp £27.99, now £22.39 coffee grinder:… Read more

Every third Thursday of the month


People who live in houses without a cooker? They do exist. Usually houses in multiple occupation


You use an ice cream maker as much as that?!


Ha ha ha. Yet again I have to say that I love this site. Yes, I buy things that I don't need because of it. But its worth it for the laugh I get from comments like these. The pure anger coming from some of you over an egg boiler (lol) If it annoys you that much, don't buy it!


You could buy 2 of those from yesterday at £6 each, make 8 eggs at a time and save 79p? But at the end of the day, I think we all just want to throw off the yoke of boiling eggs in a pot (y)

Free Boiler Cover and Service with British Gas. £20.50pm x 6 months = £123, but £125 back.
Posted 19th Jun 2018Posted 19th Jun 2018
Free Boiler Cover and Service with British Gas. £20.50pm x 6 months = £123, but £125 back.
British Gas is offering £50 Gift Card and £75 TCB on Homecare Four Its £20.50 per m9nth with no obligation to stay. So given you receive your Gift Card and TCB in 6 months effectiv… Read more
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My point was that it isn't really free though. Yes, if the cashback is paid in 6 months then you can cancel and you make a £2 profit (if everything pays out). ...BUT if you take up the offer of the the annual service or make any call outs and then leave before the 12 month minimum term, you are charged full price for anything you've had (according to the terms and conditions) If you didn't get charged then this would be a smashing find and I'd have snapped it up.


Similar story to everyone else find a local plumber you can trust. I had the good old service when I was with them before then I used someone else who took a good hour to actually service it and even showed me everything British gas had missed was a real eye opener. I wouldn't let them near my boiler if it was free. Just con men up selling stuff.


Sounded fantastic until I read through the comments


Had home care cover for years now and really got my money back several times over. Always have to negotiate prices every year but then again I have to do that with all insurance and phones and internet etc. Would always highly recommend this cover.


Be aware of the old boilers T & C! Good thing I became my own engineer! Circuit board changed- Check Pressure sensor changed -Check Diverter valve changed- Check Paying over the top for simple jobs - FAIL!

15% off Home Services at John Lewis Home Solutions (Selected Accounts)
Posted 28th May 2018Posted 28th May 2018
Got this voucher code through the mail direct from John Lewis, seems it can be used by anyone. John Lewis Home Solutions offers home services, such as plumbing, electrical work, g… Read more
Read More

Not sure about this. They couldn't fit a washing machine in my house, had to kink the pipe to swap them over. Was quite surprised for JL.


Tried British Gas local heroes last week to fix a slow draining bath, fantastic services backed by 12 months warranty :)


Great idea from John Lewis - a name you can (sort of) trust in the murky world of home repairs.

GROHE 30058001 | Red 2.0 Duo Tap | 4L Boiler at Amazon for £598.72
Posted 30th Mar 2018Posted 30th Mar 2018
GROHE 30058001 | Red 2.0 Duo Tap | 4L Boiler at Amazon for £598.72
£598.72Amazon Deals
Normally around £1k. Cheaper than buying 110 £5.49 kettles

expired. was about to buy as well and they've put it up to over a grand. what a joke.


I might be looking at this wrongly or missing something but don't you use energy to keep the water at boiling temp all the time?


I think so yes, Most likely power near as dishwasher in etc We have these at work, to be honest its nothing special...


Not everyone does, I agree, but a very high or very low temperature is usually a good indication. I'm talking about people complaining anyway, not the post temp


I usually buy 240 kettles

Free boiler for some under the Npower eco boiler scheme, Not a complete scam.
Posted 21st Mar 2018Posted 21st Mar 2018
Free boiler for some under the Npower eco boiler scheme, Not a complete scam.
Boiler Grants Could you qualify for a free boiler ??? Most websites offering this are a scam. Having had the new boiler fitted today I can confirm it not a scam. This is a deal a… Read more
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Everyone who works for a living provides a service to somebody. Landlords are no different. And when all's said and done, we all go to work to earn money. Landlords are no different in this respect either.


Do you have sources for your stats? If I said 99% of landlords are honest people who do any necessary repairs to properties on time and are fair with their tenants, and what you see on watchdog is the scumbag 1%, you'd scoff. Having worked quite a lot in privately rented properties, I've seen both sides. There are scumbag landlords who will spend nothing on their properties, regardless of tenant welfare. But I'm in properties more often than not to carry out repairs because of scum tenants who respect nothing and leave previously reasonable properties in a terrible state. My point is that there are a lot of decent landlords getting tarred in exactly the same way as benefit claimants.


In your imagination they are perks, for 99% of people on benefits those "perks" are just enough for people to survive. Unfortunately people see the other 1% on Channel 5 and tar everyone on benefits the same.


Not at all but I am chose whom I rent to. And I don't provide a service I provide an income for myself the same as you go to work to provide your salary.


You'll be telling us all you provide a service next. (angel)

Hive with installation £142.40 at John Lewis cheaper than Amazon
Posted 19th Mar 2018Posted 19th Mar 2018
Hive with installation £142.40 at John Lewis cheaper than Amazon
£142.40£174.9919%John Lewis & Partners Deals
This Hive lets you control your home heating from the thermostat or your phone, wherever you are. If you have a hot water tank, you can control your hot water too. With such wirele… Read more
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Is got one


Yep got one! Thanks OP


Did anyone manage to purchase this before it went out of stock? This is a brilliant price for this!


Missed it!!!!



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