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Salter 6 Egg Boiler and Poacher - £14 Free Click & Collect @ Argos
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Was £19.00 Now £14.00 Cook your eggs to perfection using this Salter Electric Egg Cooker, which boils or poaches eggs with complete ease in minutes
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Nope you wrong, same thing.


Not exactly a comparison as a kettle and toaster is a kitchen staple and with that joins the airfryer. Single use is something like this and the George foreman


This makes coddled eggs not poached


Everyone moaning about single use gadgets, chuck your toasters and kettles in the bins please ;)


I had mine for ages, it was always easy poached eggs, not sure which brand I had but can't imagine they're all that different. Couple of eggs in there, 2 slices of bread in the toaster, easy poached egg on toast.

Baxi Potterton Promax 24kW Natural Gas Combi Boiler ErP 7219453 £593.99 @ City Plumbing
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Price appears to be good on this Baxi Combi Boiler.. The Promax 24kW is a condensing wall mounted combi gas boiler made and manufactured by Potterton. It has an efficiency rating of 89% mak…

Jumping on the thread but has anyone used Cheapest compared to everyone else online (as need a regular boiler comverted to a combi so that is an extra few quid) but is it worth saving a few quid?


Ahh the murky world of boilers ...let's hope a viable and efficient alternative will happen at some point .. My elderly neighbour has just spent 4 grand having a new boiler and one radiatior replaced !.....tried to stop her But you know what they're like ...... 'He's a lovely man etc etc ' Some plumber will be on in a minute saying I have to do that pay for course blah blah blah But 3 grand for a days work plus snagging ! Anyway've got a job buying a boiler ..then getting someone to purely fit it ...unless you know someone...a lot just won't do it I did it in my first house but that was a long time ago .. Got a guy I use ...he always swears by fact he's got one himself Ive had a glow worm ..never again. 2 Worcester's ..good ..didn't go wrong ...but like everything they're not made like they used to ....and plumbers don't like working on them as everything is hard to get to .. aparantly...and a valiant ..again same Had to replace that valiant in my last house about 3 or so years ago Ended up using boxt...they were very good to be honest and would use them again Travelled down for Yorkshire to do the job and we're still half the price of local highway robbers ..was about £1200 or 1500 quid ..with a 10 guarantee Don't know what the prices are now but you should get a Decent boiler and and all the bits with a 10 year guarantee ..fitted by boxt..for around 2 grand I'm guessing


I used a company called Warmzilla in November for a new boiler. It was a swap out in the same place as the boiler being replaced. Worcester Bosch 2000, system clean, magnetic filter, Honeywell wireless thermostat, inhibitor all for £1750. If anyone wants a recommendation I can provide a link for £50 off. They use a local engineer, I believe they are similar to Boxt but they were cheaper than them for me. They even registered the warranty for me. Highly recommend.


It’s jail time though if it goes pop!


The underlying problem with your ariston was.... it was an ariston. They are terrible boilers, even to this day. I now appreciate you were referring to a DIY partial flush. However, that is all you are achieving, a partial flush. Flushing the system is required for warranties. Therefore if client claims to have flushed the system, we would test water quality regardless. Then flush it. (Because client only done half a job) So more unnecessary cost on test kits. You can't complain trades are charging for unnecessary works, then in the next breath tell people to pull all rads off and flush one by one, without flushing the rest of the system. It comes across as if you are happy to pay half price for half a job but to be charged full price for a full job is a rip off. Furthermore, I do hope your boiler is not nailed to the wall. Regardless how expertly you swing a hammer.

ANSIO Egg Boiler Electric Egg Cooker, Egg Poacher & Omelette Maker - £10.98 Sold by ANSIO Direct and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Electric egg boiler – Ideal to boil eggs, poach. Perfect aid for a nutritious breakfast. Cooks up to a maximum of seven boiled eggs at one time. Comes with a bowl for making poached egg/ ome…

Electricity costs 4 times the price of gas. As long as the pan is small and you put in about 7 eggs, like with the device above, I expect the gas will work out cheaper.


I have one similar and take it in to my work, just add water and cooks/boils my eggs as there isn't a proper kitchen Also not that helpful if you use it like in my situation


Heating a whole pan of water using (presumably) gas just for some eggs. Much more efficient to used a small amount of water and electricity.


Struggling to see why this exists !


I just use one of these. Perfectly accurate JKG® COLOUR CHANGING EGG TIMER - Sits in the pan as your eggs cook! Boil eggs Soft Medium Hard Heat Sensitive cooking timer cooking kitchen gadget

Fernox TF1 Omega boiler filter 22mm slip socket connection - £70.50 Delivered @ Plumbinbits
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Nickel-plated brass. Fits onto vertical and horizontal pipework at a 45° orientation and is simple to install with 22mm slip socket connection. Removes magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants…
Avatar Rod_Todder
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Thank you for posting and congratulations on your first hotukdeals thread (highfive)


Had a couple of similar brass bodied vaillant ones. They didn't seem to actually do anything. I just switched to the magnetic plastic ones and threw them away. Were completely useless. You can get a decent one off ebay for £50 with the isolation valves included.


Great bit of kit. Much more reliable than the original plastic body model.


They do sell a version with valves, but it is more expensive. You don't need to isolate the valve to drain it. If you look at the second picture I listed on the deal it shows you how to clean the filter. You can drain it with a washing machine hose attached to the filter, or just drain it in to a jug.


It's doesn't seem to have any isolation valves either side of the 22mm pipe connection, so how do you stop the flow to remove it to clean? Do you need additional valves as they are normally included on the unit.

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£25 Boost Reward when you take out a new breakdown insurance policy from £8pm / £96 a year @ Homeserve / Quidco
32° Expired
Posted 9th MarPosted 9th Mar
£25 Boost Reward when you take out a new breakdown insurance policy from £8pm / £96 a year @ Homeserve / Quidco£96Homeserve Deals Offer terms and conditions× All information detailing how to receive this Boost Reward forms part of these terms and …

I have had cover with them for 8 years in a raw - faultless. Get proper annual Boiler service - whenever I called for repair - arrived within 24 hours and fixed it. Once they changed 5 items in Boiler including Heat Exchanger making boiler literally as new. I also recommend.


I was offered drain and pipe insurance last year for 75p a month … having had a new bathroom fitted I thought it might be a good idea … for a year ! I had to call them as we had a leak .. phoned Saturday .. Sunday they came out .. replaced a leaky joint … paid £30 excess only … had to call them again yesterday for a blocked toilet … 😬£30 excess again which I’m more than happy to pay …unfortunately plumber unable to resolve so will be sending in the big guns later this week ( would have been treated urgent if we hadn’t another toilet ) All a very easy and quick service ! So yes I recommend


£46 a month! Can't see many taking that on after a cheap first year deal.


Could be talking about quidco or homeserve here, applies to both (lol)


Really depends where u live for service quality. They use contractors for all boiler work. So u may get manufactor boiler guy or local Bob the builder