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Neo Copper Electric egg cooker - boiler, poacher & steamer (fits 7 eggs) for £11.99 delivered using code @ eBay / neodirect
31/05/2021Expires on 31/05/2021Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
I like the look of these things, as I always fail to make decent boiled eggs. Yours for £11.99 including delivery using the code PROMOSMALL. It looks like an eggcellent product. … Read more



Like it (y)


I do not need this.... Yet I've bought one....


Use a plastic freezer / sandwich bag crack the egg into it place in the boiling water. No egg white loss and no separation probably not the most environmentally friendly method mind. But itnworks


Yep. I'm a pretty good cook, but poached eggs are something I just never get right.

Worcester Bosch magnetic system filter 22mm £99.99 delivered at Trade Supplies Online
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Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Worcester Bosch magnetic system filter 22mm £99.99 delivered at Trade Supplies Online£99.99 Free P&P Free
Specifically designed to combat the damaging effects of system debris and pollutants. Large capacity for collecting heating system debris with a high first-pass collection rate. Ea… Read more

Good luck, Mr Whick...


Thank you so much for this!! We have a great local plumber so I think I will ask him for a no obligation quote for one and to dose the system and see how bad tha damage is! Else I think I’ll give it a go myself, I’m an engineer myself, but more control systems and not plumbing so will see but I recon I could give it a good go!


There are quite a few things one needs to do before working on a CH system. People have been known to skip those steps and end up flooding their home or wrecking their boiler. Please make sure you have all the info u need before you attempt any modification of a pressurised CH system. If you are going to install any filter - might I suggest you start by looking at the magnaclean range. Whatever you do - keep the box and the spanners you get, safe and reachable. Register the warranty & keep the receipt. There are many brands out there. Some say go for solid brass units - as they are perceived as more reliable. Others focus on units that effectively filter out non-mag debris - as well as magnetic. Main thing is - check warranty offered & what it takes to maintain it. I personally have a magnaclean on my system - and have never tried any other. But that just means my experience is limited. There are service kits available for the magna's - you need to have them present before the person servicing the unit arrives. they consist of rubber o-rings - so best to order them closer to the service rather than bank them and leave them in a drawer somewhere. Do significant research - and look at where and how you could fit one into your system. Space and access sometimes dictate your options - and please note I am not a qualified plumber, but I understand the concepts behind all of these solutions quite well. Have fun - but no too much!!!


Thank you so much for your time, this is really helpful. Im going to look into this. I already get my boiler serviced yearly so I’ll check if they can service one of these too.


Its a 10yr warranty if fitted & serviced right. I would recommend an expert fit & service it if you value the warranty. The boiler service should typically include servicing these items as standard too. However - it is easy to install yourself - if you have an eye for detail. Its important that you cut any copper pipes square & also crucial that you deburr & clean them properly too. (I have no experience with plastic pipes). Ideally you will inspect the o-rings at servicing incase they need renewal. Inhibitor: The water supplied by the mains is reactive to central heating components - causing degradation & damage - internally. A system filter like the magnaclean - physically removes loose particles in the water. An inhibitor chemically "inhibits" chemical reactions in the system - to prevent chemical reactions and the damage that comes from that. They work as a pair to protect your entire CH system. Inhibitor has a limited service life & the dosage needs to be correct when added. Personally I choose sentinel XL inhibitor - and I purchase the dosage check kits too. Sentinel XL lasts approx 2 years in the system. Then you need to replenish with a fresh bottle & dose check again. In the video above - there are a couple of steps missed - like how to pressurise the unit (& bleed it) - then check the pressure on the boiler to see it the CH line needs to top up. I will have inadvertently left some things out - and others can add improve on this post - but i'm typing it up on my lunch break (10mins) so it won't be perfect. Hope some of this adds to the discussion. L

20% off car and boiler cover using code at Warranty Wise
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Posted 27th Dec 2020Posted 27th Dec 2020
20% off car and boiler cover using code at Warranty WiseWarranty Wise Deals
Was looking for car cover this morning and noticed they have 20% off their prices :) 👌

Click4Warranty vs WarrantyWise - any thoughts?


Well spotted @jack.fisherhP9 thanks for sharing! (y)


Oh yea I get that .... wasnt gonna claim Day 1 - gonna get whatever it needs done first, then try and hold out til end of the month (jan)


I think you sign up to a 12 month plan so if you want to claim from the first day you can, but your still going to have 11 months of payments to pay.


Im being serious? Its only started last week, and from reading reports could be anything like a fuse, on-board ECU reset or a gearbox repair. Its has a MOT, Service but needs two new tyres and brack pads which im getting 1st week in Jan as long as the service book is upto and items in the last service repaired, can they really refuse?

Hive Active Heating™ Smart Thermostat Combi Boiler £129.98 at Toolstation
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Posted 16th Dec 2020Posted 16th Dec 2020
Hive Active Heating™ Smart Thermostat Combi Boiler £129.98 at Toolstation£129.98 Free P&P FreeToolstation Deals
FREE Next Business Day delivery is available for orders over £25 If you have a separate hot water tank buy this one below. Tanked Boiler version also available at same price. … Read more

Does anyone know if the hive have something like this? The Salus literally has the transmitter in the boiler, so no need for anything else. That's the only thing putting me off the hive, a cable from boiler to a wall with their transmitter rather than being within the boiler... unneccessery clutter.


Remember when these were £60 with more baaic looking thermostat, good ole days


Nice job!


With BG rewards, British Gas will supply and install these fir £150-£160 with an amazon Alexa...


Just a side note I’m in an old house and was having connection issues. Router quite a distance from the hub. Went on hive chat and they struggled to set it up because of weak signal so they sent out 2 x boosters free. Just had to pay £3.99 p&p and works a treat now.

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Sage Dual Boiler espresso coffee machine BES950 £959 @ Coffee friend
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Posted 1st Dec 2020Posted 1st Dec 2020
Sage Dual Boiler espresso coffee machine BES950 £959 @ Coffee friend£959£1,199.9520% offCoffee Friend Deals
I've been pondering Sage espresso machines of late and in the end went for an Oracle, mainly as my first choice (the Dual Boiler) was out of stock everywhere. I've since stumbled … Read more

That's coffee and fresh bread sorted!


I can't understand how someone can pay £4 for a cup of coffee, if you like coffee then this ends up being way cheaper and will make a better coffee.


I use these guys for some stuff... And I go in here when I'm passing...


Agreed, I spend about £30, but create the equivalent of £300 of coffee shop purchases. It becomes a great hobby finding great beans though! I’ve got a subscription with Django coffee and have a different bean every week. Awesome!


Not a shop. It was the only one. A bloke who bought it and didn't use it. Pretty good price I thought...

Honeywell Home THR99C3110 evohome Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat Kit with Wireless Boiler Control Relay Box £168.99 Delivered @ Amazon
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Posted 26th Nov 2020Posted 26th Nov 2020
Honeywell Home THR99C3110 evohome Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat Kit with Wireless Boiler Control Relay Box £168.99 Delivered @ Amazon£168.99 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Excellent price on this Evohome Starter pack. Offering interest free over 5 months on my account. Next-Generation Thermostat: The evohome is the brain of your home heating sy… Read more

Thank you for the detailed response. Much appreciated.


I've had evohome fitted in my house for around 4 years now and it has worked well. The rooms are usually at the temperatures you set, when you set them. I think the system uses your location settings to put the heating on a little earlier if it has been cold outside and this is generally effective enough. Providing the TRVs pick up the signal (they act as signal repeaters, I believe), they are reliable. Just a few issues in those years. I've woken up to a cold house on just a couple of mornings because something went wrong. Generally if the battery level is low in one of the TRVs, then it can screw things up a little. Another time, it got the clock settings wrong - wasn't picking up the NTP information via WiFi and I think I needed to enter the password once again to get it working. Although I originally bought on anticipation of savings to be made, it is really more of a convenience thing. I've got two young ones (2 and 5) and knowing their rooms aren't going to get too cold in the winter and the living room will be warm when they are up soon after 6am is helpful. Since my youngest recently began to sleep for a couple of hours each morning when she's home (hallelujah!), I've set her room to be a little warmer for just that period on those days. We're all out of the house 3 days a week so it remains colder on those days. I've never linked it up with Alexa but probably ought to. My wife has a nasty habit of cranking up the temperature in the study on the days she's home but does it via the TRVs themselves so it stays on too long! Trying to get her to do anything different/sensible seems to be a fools errand, but there you go. The phone app is simple but works well. Overall, I'd recommend. Only other downside is that the servos in the TRVs are noticeably noisy so could disturb you when they turn on the rads early in the morning if you're a light sleeper. The kids wake up even earlier in the summer when the rads don't come on so I know that's not causing them to stir when it's colder! I've read that the newer TRVs without screens may be a little quieter.


That's exactly what I thought! The design looks like it was thought up in the 90s.


I think the size of the saving will be inextricably linked to how profligate your energy use was before installing it. If, for instance, you just left every rad in the house at 22c all day long then the savings with Evohome will be substantial. If you were less profligte, they would be less.


Ive been using mine for around 5 years and except changing the batteries on the TRV's Ive had no issues. Personally the big benefit is controlling each room to the temp required and times to suit. Remember the control unit can also be used as a temp control so you don't need a Motorised RF TRV in the room you have the unit in. It is more expensive than competitors but the reliability is there.