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Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Edition PC. 4.33 @ INSTANT GAMING
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
What a bunch of quality games for a fiver (y) The essential collection at an incredible value from the best-selling Real-Time Strategy franchise of all time. From the Best Selli… Read more
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I think a few of them were released freely to download. Maybe they went back on that when they released this collection. Command and Conquer and Zero Hour were my favourites. There was an unofficial AI patch for Zero Hour which made the game really challenging. Command and Conquer 1 had many ways to make your own levels and maps too using some community tools, it essentially had its own programming language which if you learned, could make your own missions.


Openra for CnC1 and RA1 fans. In future TS and RA2


can't wait for that bloody mobile game! said no one ever.


Only ever played up to Zero Hour. Wasted so much of my youth on this game. Always remember playing very reserved, building up a crazy amount of troops to go and wipe out the enemy in one go.


Yep my brain is definitely slowing down. I did a Skirmish the other day on RA2 3 enemies, 2 easy and 1 brutal, starting with zero units, brutal one wiped us all out in 5mins, how on earth do they get to build so many tanks that quick. I want to start from the beginning and work my way through every game, pretty sure I've not seen all the endings yet but you always find one game that don't work. Might build a new PC but with older hardware and older version of windows so i can have it purely for these.

[PC] Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Edition - £3.79/£3.99 - CDKeys
Found 13th JulFound 13th Jul
Cheapest I've seen this for a while. 17 cracking games (OK, a few cracking included Red Alert 2 <3 ) Price is £3.99, or if you want to save 20p, use their Faceboo… Read more
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Back down in price (y)


Well from what I remember a Renegade 2 was in the works either before EA bought Westwood Studios or after but it got cancelled. I think anything made today especially online FPS is bound to have micro transactions, loot boxes etc just the way the industry is right now unfortunately.


I’d love a renegade 2 set in the red alert universe, though with ea it’ll probably end up like battlefront 2


Renegade was my game back in the day :D


I love jumping through hopes.

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Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Edition PCDigital download Includes 17 titles @ CD Keys for £4.99
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
From the Best Selling Real-Time Strategy franchise of all time, rediscover the groundbreaking, action-packed strategy game-play that changed PC gaming forever with Command & Co… Read more
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Was it just me who thought C&amp;C 4 Tiberian Twighlight was shockingly bad? Did anyone actually enjoy it?


Worth it for generals


You're welcome for the reminder then hahaha


I tried the newer ones sevral years ago but couldn't get on with them after RA3 i think it went downhill. Going to fire it up this evening :)


Yeah it’s ace, think they’ve kept all the multiplayer modes of every c&amp;c game going :D

Command and conquer ultimate collection £3.99 @ CDKeys
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
Command and conquer ultimate collection cdkeys daily deal
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Just noticed it's included in origin access. Happy days


THANKS works well on origin!! been trying to get my CD version to run on windows 10 without success. THIS RUNS FINE




£4.99 now.


Generals was my favourite. Still breaks my heart to this day that general 2 never got made.

Constructor Plus SWITCH £26.85 @ Base (Pre-order)
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
Release date 30th March. Base have undercut the competition. Base - £26.85 delivered 365 Games - £27.99 Game - £29.99 Amazon - £34.99 Exclusive new Switch content with extra ga… Read more

I loved this on the PlayStation back in the day and looked forward to a next-gen release. However, it seems they’ve struggled to do much with the graphics or gameplay, a bit bizarre really. Is it getting a digital release too? Will be worth holding off for a price cut from what I’ve seen of the Xbox version.


To be fair they have released at least 2 patch bug fixes for XB/PS/PC. And as an apology and appreciation of customers loyalty they made the recently released DLC Expansion pack free for 2 weeks. The reviews seem to suggest has been a good game on other formats, with the criticisms being bugs on release, controls and retro style GFX. There is every reason to believe the Switch version will be smoother and it sounds exciting with all the additional and new content. And the variety of control options including touch screen (which will apparently suit this game well) is why I am looking forward to it. I would agree with anyone that suggested above average buggy game releases that rely on the facility of being able to later patch them is annoying, should always just get it right (although most are happy to accept minor bugs) if fixed.


Game isnt good on other platforms. Terrible UI and it's extremely fiddly which really gets on your nerves in no time at all. Definitely one to avoid is this. Turkey.


I am, but the devs seem slightly... Rough around the edges shall we say. The release date has been constantly pushed back and I believe the other versions had alot of issues. Hopefully it'll turn out well though.


POPULOUS: THEME PARK: C&amp;C (The original): Anyone else really looking forward to Constructor Plus? Is something different for a Nintendo console and the Switch?

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[PC] Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Edition - £3.49 - CDKeys
Found 27th Dec 2017Found 27th Dec 2017
The essential collection at an incredible value from the best-selling Real-Time Strategy franchise of all time. From the Best Selling Real-Time Strategy franchise of all time, red… Read more
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Thanks Op, this will bring my childhood back


You can play generals zero hour with gentool.


Cant play online now - b*gger!


Have you got the C&amp;C deals on a loop? ;) (y)

[PC] Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Edition - £3.41 - CDKeys (Code: CDKEYSCYBER10)
Found 25th Nov 2017Found 25th Nov 2017
20p per title, although worth the £3.41 for Red Alert 2 alone in my opinion. This amazing collection includes 17 Command & Conquer titles, via digital download: Comman… Read more
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No command and conquer Yuri's revenge :(


Do any C&amp;C's still have an online community? I used to love them, it's a shame they don't make them anymore. Most recent RTS I played was Halo Wars - It's not a patch on C&amp;C.


Only issue I've had is once your in game you can't go back to windows then go back in you need to shut game down then reopen it


Any here play generals zero hour on LAN multiplayer and get a game mismatch detected? I get this all the time and can’t fix it for the life of me. Please help ;(


did you fix the alt tab error? I've tried everything to the letter, close to throwing my laptop at the wall! (will that help?!)

Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Edition PC (-5% FB CODE) - £4.27 @ CDKeys
Found 20th Nov 2017Found 20th Nov 2017
Collection includes 17 Command & Conquer titles, via digital download: Command & Conquer Command & Conquer The Covert Operations Command & Conquer Red Alert Com… Read more
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It does include the Campaign Missions. If you would like the Cut Scenes Etc they can be added if you have the original CD's The Original C&amp;C Games were released for free by EA they have since removed this from the official C&amp;C site in order to promote their F2P game and sales of the Ultimate Collection. There are legal mirrors available through a quick google search however :)


This campaign aswell? Including cut scenes etc?


Would love to be able to have them on Steam.


Remember playing this online with an ISDN connection! Fill up a subterranean vehicle with engineers and pop up into an enemy base and take over key facilities. Usual reaction from opponent would be total rage and toxic abuse (lol) (lol)


Awesome series!

[Origin] Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Edition - £2.99/£2.85 - CDKeys
Found 26th Jul 2017Found 26th Jul 2017
A lot of game for the coin. My personal favourite has to be RA2. This incredible value includes: 17 Command & Conquer titles via digital download, updated to run on the Wi… Read more
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Thanks! Will give it a go :)


You legend, will get them patches installed and hopefully my resolution will look better. Thanks.


I believe this is what I used as the menus were not usable in their default state:


Can you direct me to where these third party patches can be downloaded from? Thanks in advance


Says £3.99 now... prob missed the boat, but awesome games

Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Edition PC @ CDKeys - £2.99
Found 11th Jul 2017Found 11th Jul 2017
Cheapest I have seen this yet, I couldn't get the 5% discount working but wasn't fussed at this price! KEY FEATURES This incredible value includes: 17 Command & Conquer tit… Read more

Seems like this is back down to £2.99 :)


Didn't realise there's 2 different c&amp;c 3's will have to check which I have


Not C&amp;C3, C&amp;C: RA3. The Red Alert games are better than the standard C&amp;C games


Erm.... When I clicked the link the price was £4.99


Tbh I thought the same thing. It really isn't hard to install and play.

Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Edition PC (Use 5% FB Code) £3.60 @ CDKEYS
Found 22nd Jun 2017Found 22nd Jun 2017
KEY FEATURES This incredible value includes: 17 Command & Conquer titles via digital download, updated to run on the Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems Early access… Read more

Also, checkout OpenRA, which is free and open source. It ships with updated versions of Tiberian Dawn (the original C&amp;C), Red Alert, and Dune2k. Other mods (e.g. Tiberian Sun) are in the pipeline. TD is best C&amp;C!


You need to get the code and redeem it on Origin


I have downloaded steam. Is it needed for this. Can someone please tell me step by step how to play now I have purchased the game


It's showing as £2.99


thanks i loved c &amp; c back in the day some sweet nostalgia here 8)

Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Edition PC @ CDKEYS (£ 3.99 FB CODE 5% £3.79)
Found 15th May 2017Found 15th May 2017
back again same price
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Price has gone back up again (shakes head).


Isn't dosbox still the 'goto' app for emulation?


It's not emulation at all, OpenRA is a completely rebuilt engine that doesn't use a single line of the original source code. It's not 100% faithful to the original games and focuses more on competitive online play with modern netcode. That said it's still a great project...




I have this package, it's fantastic for this price. The older games in the series, definitely c&amp;c and ra1 are a pain in the **** to get running on a modern system, but you can download the software here and it does a great job of running the games. Basically it works similar to emulation but all the assets are copied from the disc/download.

[Origin] Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Edition - £3.79 - CDKeys (5% Discount)
Found 10th Mar 2017Found 10th Mar 2017
Facebook code This incredible value includes: 17 Command & Conquer titles via digital download, updated to run on the Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating syst… Read more
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​wow. that's a while. it took about 30 mins online with scans of box , cdkeys and manuals. glad the honoured it in the end.


has this ended, its showing as 4.99 on the site now?


Here to plug the awesome openra, check it out if you want to play multiplayer with a competitive scene! Check out casts on YouTube by fiveaces if you're curious


I bought this the last time it was on offer and had issues getting them working on windows 10. Seems like that's not a universal issue but just be warned it might be a problem.


C&amp;C funpark &amp; ccedit == Stealth dinosaurs with lasers :)

Command and Conquer
Found 6th Jan 2017Found 6th Jan 2017
EA released C&C1 and C&C Red Alert so they are freeware. You can download for free, you can also play online for free and Free, online, old school gaming!

This available on Xbox?

richpriest has Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert and Dune 2000 for free if anyone is interested.


If you can't afford £3.79 for 17 versions:


Great find, thanks for sharing.


Dune 2000 as well! What a game

[Origin] Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Edition - £3.79 - CDKeys (5% Discount)
Found 5th Jan 2017Found 5th Jan 2017
Facebook 5% Discount Please note: You are purchasing a code to download the 17 games. You will only receive a card with the code to download Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Ed… Read more
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Notched up to 5.99 just by refreshing the screen lol Getting like a lucky dip!


Anyone got a guide or some instructions to get these running on win10 please, can't seem to get any running


Now £4.99


What about the last game Tiberian Twilight, does it let you get past the login page?


Cheers mate!

Command and Conquer: Ultimate Edition £4.95 (PC) @ thegamecollection
Found 31st Dec 2016Found 31st Dec 2016
The essential collection at an incredible value from the best-selling Real-Time Strategy franchise of all time. From the Best Selling Real-Time Strategy franchise of all time, red… Read more

It's on Steam and GoG...


if only they released total annihilation again, so much better than C&amp;C imo.


I whole-heartedly recommend OpenRA. It has all the nostalgia of the original Command and Conquer and it simply works (both campaigns and online multiplayer). You can play Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert, Dune 2000 and Tiberian Sun will be along soon. OpenRA is constantly being developed (it's even better than the originals) and it is cross platform: whether on Windows, Mac, or any flavour of Linux, it will be a pain-free install. Also, it's FREE! Here is the link: You can play by yourself, online with people from around the world, or over LAN. Tiberian Dawn is where the real fight is at - I'm playing that right now!


Thanks OP, been looking to get this for a while.


It may only be 16p but for the 20seconds maximum it takes to click through quidco first. That's a pro-rata rate of £28.80ph The pennies all add up.

All 17 Command & Conquer Titles The Ultimate Collection @ Origin - £6.24
Found 29th Dec 2016Found 29th Dec 2016
Command & Conquer Command & Conquer: The Covert Operation Command & Conquer: Red Alert Command & Conquer: Red Alert: Counterstrike Command & Conquer: Red Alert:… Read more
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Thanks - got my copy today! :) There's a scratch off - so you can see the key.


In a large part it was EA's binning off of Westwood Studios but also, more importantly, when EA purchased Westwood back in the late 90's they started to dictate release timetables and content. This saw many of the WW team jump ship until the final WW developer left in 2003 - right after the launch of Generals. It would have been interesting to have seen what journey Westwood would have taken us on with the evolution of the franchise had EA not interfered. It may have remained close to it's Dune 2 roots...but then again they may have evolved further away anyway. EA's subsequent releases were mostly playable but just not the same. C&amp;C 4 was the worst in my opinion. I have no clue what they were thinking (or smoking) when they released that pile of junk - absolutely painful. C&amp;C 3 and Red Alert 3 were for the most part at least fairly fun and playable. I gave up after giving C&amp;C 4 plenty of chances to reel me in. We just need either a fan made or original WW developer made Dune 2 rebirth and I'd be happy :)


while we are here... what do people think of company of heroes and any other games they recommene? i enjoyed coh but later on it gets manic in the mission i am stuck on. it might be the last. are you supposed to use the pause button to change orders or is that cheating as you cannot do it in multi player. just the pc always has an advantage when so much going on! Maybe i am too old so play turn based games like xcom and panzer tactics hd mainly now and shy away from rts.


also days at uni playing red alert. two computers linked up. building lots of electricity plants to survive their attack and the glee wuen your sole warrior parachuted in and destoyed everything after you knocked their electricity grid out! the guard dogs!!!


i still recall that panic alarm in generals when nuclrar bomb facility detected and you had a short time to blow it up or get wiped???? ​oh i loved generals..... was gutted after buying the later games and they were so rubbish. i never knew why. someone said new programmers. makes sense as i loved dune. but how did they ruin it??? surely same game but new graphics and level design was all that was needed?

[Origin] Command And Conquer: Ultimate Edition £3.79 (CDKeys With Facebook 5%)
Found 18th Sep 2016Found 18th Sep 2016
The essential collection at an incredible value from the best-selling Real-Time Strategy franchise of all time. From the Best Selling Real-Time Strategy franchise of all time, red… Read more
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just one question.does online play on red alert 2 work?Desolator.readyyyyy


I will agree to disagree.


Then we'll have to agree to disagree. I didn't see anyone else coming up with anything like that, basically, the way he put it was actually using his own head.


Not at all, acting like a idiot on the internet and just quoting other people isn't funny using your own head for originality is usually funny.


Not really. It proves you don't have one though.

Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Edition PC £4.39 @ CDKeys
Found 11th Sep 2016Found 11th Sep 2016
The essential collection at an incredible value from the best-selling Real-Time Strategy franchise of all time. From the Best Selling Real-Time Strategy franchise of all time, red… Read more
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A slighter higher price at £5.15 here if anyone is interested -;currency=GBP


So has RA2 I think!! RA.....not so much.


Obviously not oh great wise one


You don't know how supply and demand works. Cdkeys don't generate the keys they buy them.


But being digital they have an endless amount of keys? Seeing as it isn't a physical copy they could produce as many as they like?

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