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Fallout 76 is the latest in the much loved post-apocalyptic RPG franchise. Under threat of nuclear annihilation, players work together (or not) to survive in the largest, most dynamic Fallout world ever created. Shoppers can find the best offers and discounts on their Fallout 76 purchases using the listings on hotukdeals. Read more
Fallout 76 (PS4) £10 @ AO ebay
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Fallout 76 (PS4) £10 @ AO eBay I know it’s free now, but I believe it’s worth £10 for anyone who decides to play it after the trial is over
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It made me laugh when Todd pretty much admitted to knowingly releasing unfinished buggy game, so they could take in the feedback and make the game into the game we all want. Essentially, they released a beta which people bought for a full price to test it for them. This is what completely changed my mind about getting the game. Also, their pitch at E3 pretty much revolved around it like it was something new and something we should all be hyped for.


Give the trial a go. It's not bad, better with friends though. I'm not a fan of it being multiplayer though.


Out of stock and already posted


Pretty much how most people feel, myself included. This completely bombed and they have had flack from all angles, I think Bethesda know people are not going to just take it! I certainly didn't and I'm a massive fan of Fallout. Downloaded the trial but haven't even motivated myself to try it. I think people took it for years before though and all the recent fightbacks from consumers has put the point across to all publishers that it will no longer be accepted.


Ignore all the haters it is a really good game. Especially if you play online with friends. Also 76 are adding 100 npc characters which will bring this back to the same standard as fallout 4

MICROSOFT Xbox One X, Forza Horizon 4, Forza Motorsport 7, Project Cars 2, Tekken 7 & Fallout 76 Bundle £379 Currys
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Xbox one X. This bundle was previously down to £400. An extra £20 off this five game bundle.
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Maybe, but I wouldn't bet on it.


Don't know.i can't give them away.


Save yore £30. X3 absolute rubbish games. Currys PC World will be giving away Project Cars 2, Tekken 7 & Fallout 76 with toasters soon.


one day curry's will get rid of those games

Fallout 76 Power Armour Edition (PS4) £99.99 @ Game
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
PC 99.99 as well no Xbox unfortunately with the announcement at E3 yesterday this game gonna get patched & improve for sure Bethesda Game Studios, the award-winning creators of… Read more
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Ours arrived today. I'm glad we'd forgotten about it - Bethesda shouldn't have bothered. I hope for the sake of those who ordered the Doom collectors they're not using the same profit margin when they designed it.


I'm curious. How's the quality? Is it exactly what was advertised?


My replacement canvas bag arrived today (y)


Includes bin bag and broken game... (skeptical)


this one might be breaking the record of the coldest post ever

FREE - Fallout 76 Trial - 10th-17th June 2019 [PS4 / XBoxOne / PC]
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Fallout 76 will be free to play for 10th - 17th June. Announced at E3 2019. Available for all platforms. A free update is also available for Elder Scrolls Blades starting fr… Read more
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Xbox here, thanks though :)


Yep. I quite liked the trial, but noticed that the price on CDKeys went from £15.99 to £17.99 and now £18.99 during the week. It's hard to pay that for something you know has previously sold much lower. I *almost* convinced myself to buy direct from Bethesda to get the classic trilogy of Fallout games included, but their 50% off deal must have finished yesterday, as I added it to the cart early afternoon, but it had reverted to full price by late evening when i was about to pull the trigger. Greenmangaming have increased their price to £41.99! Not finding anywhere cheaper than CDKeys just yet, other than a £1 or £2 by using dodgy key trading sites.


It seems to have worked as far as Bethesda are concerned as I've noticed that CDKeys were selling the game for for £6.99 a few months ago and now they are selling it for £18.99!


Been playing it during the trial and seems to be OK - I got dumped in the middle of a shoot out when it lost connectivity to the server, but it's quick to load (compared to ESO) and feels a lot like F4 (difficult to balance thirst, hunger and rad poisoning, constant battle with over-encumbrance, etc). However, I think I'll stick to ESO / Wolfenstein / Metro until they add this to Gamepass.


If you play on ps4 you may be in luck https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07D7BNPPY/?smid=A3NB7SGRB1RICY&tag=idealouk-zanox-21&linkCode=asn&creative=6742&camp=1638&creativeASIN=B07D7BNPPY&ascsubtag=BRQHSVnArueEyVlDmLemig&th=1 other platforms are more expensive unfortunately. I want it on pc

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Fallout 76 (Xbox Avatar Items - Helmet/T-Shirt/Vault Suit) Free @ Microsoft Store
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Some Fallout 76 themed avatar items currently for free on the Microsoft eStore Fallout 76 T-51b Power Armor Helmet The T-51b Power Armor Helmet was once standard issue for A… Read more
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Bit of fun innit mate


Can we change the number to 13?


Keep Calm And Dress Your Avatar Why does this tripe attract heat - it's nonsense? If this was some hardcore achievement I might understand but this is utter piffle.


Makes your xbox crash periodically


Wouldn't even wear this on my digital avatar

Xbox One X 1TB (Robot White) + Fallout 76 Limited Edition - £335.62 (£325 w/fee free card) delivered @ Amazon France
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Feels like a good price here for the box and the game coming from Amazon France. You can use your Amazon UK account to order. Use a fee free card to get it slightly cheaper too. … Read more
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Absolutely no idea - I must be missing something :(


Looks like they are timing this with the next season of Fortnite


Why is it cold?


Yes same cable. Warranty is good anywhere in Europe and I believe even UK consoles are sent to German service centre via DHL.


If there are issues yes you can return.

Fallout 76 (PS4) £8.99 @ Boomerang rentals ebay
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Fallout 76 (PS4) £8.99 @Boomerang rentals ebay

For the most part is now a standard Bethesda game bug wise. Nothing like it was at release and completely playable/enjoyable. However I had an issue last night where my HUD disappeared and character refused to respond even though the world around me was still working while trying to get into my power armor. I was able to fast travel but still couldn't move afterwards so closed the game. When I logged back in my whole set of X-01 power armor including all armor pieces and the mods were gone. Never to be seen again...


No it is not. I’ve had the game since day one and it got put on the draw for a few months because of all its flaws. But I’ve been playing it every day for the past few weeks and not had a single problem with it so far and I’m not far from the end of the main quest line. Also I’ve been playing it solo. Makes it a bit harder and you die more frequent, but it’s doable.


Great deal - OOS now.


Is it still broken?

Fallout 76 hardback guide collectors edition at The Works £6.30 with code (Free C&C)
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
normally £7 but use the spring code to get discount . click and collect also available



Does this Survival guide remove the experience of F76 from my memory??


It's not a story book, it's like a walkthrough and guide for the game and some of its missions Will be out of date whenever DLC is released, and nothing that can't be found on the likes of IGN, et al.


If it's anything like the source material, it's boring, repetitive, and the characters are hollow without any personality. You read a chapter then when you pick it up next time you'll find that you have to read the chapter again. But don't worry! Visit the Atomic Shop and you can download new covers, and soon bookmarks! (Which is not pay-to-read but it will help you out a lot).



MICROSOFT Xbox One S, Fallout 76, Project Cars 2 & Tekken 7 Bundle £219 Currys
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
1 TB hard drive & 8 GB GDDR3 memory Full HD gaming with HDR graphics Watch Blu-ray and stream 4K TV shows Explore the wasteland and triumph in Fallout 76

Why do they always offer tekken 7 and project cars 2? you can buy them for £5 brand new


Argos matched the prices and have far better games


Bad deal. Much better one here. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/xbox-one-1tb-the-division-2-additional-elite-controller-gears-of-war-4-22229-fee-free-card-23134-non-fee-free-card-amazonfr-3218563?page=2#comment-37515450

Fallout 76 - PC £6.99 @ CDKeys
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Queue the terrible game comments, but in my opinion even if you only get 5-6 hours of fun out of it with or without friends I don't think its a bad purchase at this price. I know i… Read more
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£ 15.99 now...


Yerse. Pay to 'survive' I think it was.


Didn't Bethesda recently add a non cosmetic item is to the Atom store? Doesn't bode well for the future.


and free tickets to the next bethseda concert marketed as a charity event but in hindsight obviously there to mask a poorly prepped game.


Almost tempted.

PS4 Fallout 76 & DualShock 4 V2 Wireless Controller Bundle £49.99 @ Currys
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Also in Red https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-and-home-entertainment/gaming/console-games/ps4-fallout-76-dualshock-4-v2-wireless-controller-bundle-10191390-pdt.html Also in Black… Read more

I'm pretty sure the rules on here don't allow me to advertise myself and I'm hardly a business for it to be a deal but if you search it you'll find it because it's there 100 odd views and a couple of watchers


Can you put a link up?


Off me for a start as I sold a brand new black DS4 for £30 on eBay last week and actually still have a brand new Gran Turismo edition silver one up for £40 I'll accept £35 on, just putting it out there. Oh and mine are not fake by the way


"often" In other words, twice per year if you got one in time for a Christmas last year.


Lets all jump in the time machine

MICROSOFT Xbox One X, Forza Horizon 4, Forza Motorsport 7, Project Cars 2, Tekken 7 & Fallout 76 Bundle - £399 @ Currys PC World
Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Xbox one X with a five game bundle. This has probably been better at some point...queue the time machine comments...but seems like a good deal at the minute.
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Okay, I see, good luck with progressing to D


It's basic spelling.


Are you a cuckoo? Or is it baby talk?


Extra 7.5% off through work for me so have copped. Bonus that 4/5 games I'd have wanted to buy for myself. Heat added



Xbox One X  Metro Exodus Bundle + Fallout 76: S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Edition (£344.17 Fee Free Card / £355.70 Non Fee Free Card) @ Amazon Germany
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
This looks like an excellent price for this bundle. You can purchase using your UK Amazon account. Fee free cards include Revolut and Monzo. Shoot, sneak, and survive your way t… Read more
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So.im guessing the digital code etc and be put on the xvox on the uk store\account?


Why are all the major European MS sites doing deals except UK? Should we expect something over here soon?


Cheers mate (y)


@reindeer333 available again. (y)


Before you scream "Best deal ever", please look at the included games. Metro Redux = almost no value, Fallout 76 = worst game ever. Metro Exodus - well yeah a relatively new double-a game, that will probably soon be on sale.

Xbox One X + Fallout 76 + Fifa 19 £325.85 @ Microsoft Store Italy
Posted 5th AprPosted 5th Apr
Please follow the steps below carefully to ensure that you can checkout. If you do not follow the steps below the option to pay on the final page will remain greyed out. Steps: 1… Read more
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How would the warranty/returns work if it came to it?


Gamivo is a site (similar to CDKeys etc...) where you can purchase cheap(er) Xbox credit etc... You can then redeem this credit on your Microsoft account to get a cheaper console.


I've had an absolute nightmare redeeming my EUR currency. The deal I tried to buy with it over a year ago was unavailable when it said it was still selling. After staff tried and failed to purchase on my behalf I've been back & forward with them while waiting on another decent deal. Finally found one this week and they told me the currency can now only be used on Windows or MS store so I can't buy an XBox through their website (confused) Anyway just a rant to warn people about that- the deal itself is hot and I've voted as such (y)


Just out of interest wat is gamivo?


I have two Microsoft accounts. Best way to do it. One set up in UK and One in Ireland so can get deals all around Europe. I still have 800£ is credit on my UK account from the last time when 50£ card was around 37£ from Gamivo.

Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Protect your head from your own fists! The power armour edition helmet™ is strong and will deflect self-inflicted damage from rage quitting due to errors in the game. These may in… Read more
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What do you do ? Sit in your bedroom in the dark with the lights out wearing this helmet playing the game ? Sounds a bit naf to me ! For 100 sheets i'd be spending it on some scuba gear or something and getting out and enjoying life :p maxmix


I mean in theory this should be a hot deal? I havent seen the Power Armor Edition else where Just a terrible game


I fell for the pip boy, shame on me (lol)


That is pretty much the only good thing about it. Lucky for me I got most of my money back.


Had that gut feeling. But it did look cool in the display

Xbox One X (White) + Rare Replay + Gears of War 4 + Halo 5 + Fallout 76 (£303.26 Fee Free Card / £314.61 Non Fee Free Card) @ Amazon Spain
Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Pretty good price for the X plus 4 games :) You can pay using your UK Amazon account. Fee free cards include Revolut and Monzo. Please note that Rare Replay, Gears of War 4 and Hal… Read more
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Looks like this has expired now


Just got 15% offered for expired codes. I make that £255 for an Xbox One X and Fallout 76. Best deal ever. :) (y)


They have a live chat on their site.


They’re telling me to contact Microsoft as well, which I did on Twitter, but Microsoft are ignoring me!


Yes all Three. They asked me to contact Microsoft so I did. They told me two codes were redeemed on 13th March and third was redeemed on 1st April at 6pm. I got the codes same day at 8pm. Sent Amazon a screenshot of this and within half an hour they got back with 3 options, return for replacement, return for refund and 10% refund. I replied saying I would accept 15% , they replied in 20 minutes to say its been refunded. Amazon have been very fast in replies, max I had to wait was 30 mins.

Fallout 76 PS4 for £11.85 Delivered @ Base
Refreshed 19th MarRefreshed 19th Mar
Fallout 76 PS4 for £11.85 Delivered @ Base
£11.85£15.9926%Base.com Deals
Only PS 4 for the price, XBox had price increased. Bethesda Game Studios, the award-winning creators of Skyrim and Fallout 4, welcome you to Fallout 76. Release Date: 14 November… Read more

I’d agree with all of this.


I paid £11.99 from CDKeys, easily worth the money. A lot of people criticising the game can’t have actually played it.




Currently unavailable


Brilliant game for a niche audience. It doesn't have a great story but it provides the framework of a great Fallout RPG experience for people that don't mind setting their own goals and role playing as traders, raiders, doctors or maze masters. (lol) I have personally put over 600 hours into it since release. Having paid £40 on release means an hour of entertainment has cost me less than 7 pence (popcorn)

MICROSOFT Fallout 76 & Xbox One Wireless Controller Bundle or PS4 Controller various colours £49.99 @ Currys
Posted 12th MarPosted 12th Mar
MICROSOFT Fallout 76 & Xbox One Wireless Controller Bundle or PS4 Controller various colours £49.99 @ Currys
Get gaming with this fun Xbox One Fallout 76 & Xbox One Wireless Controller Bundle . _____________________________________________________ Fallout 76 Explore the post-ap… Read more
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Trust me, it's doing it's best to save you your money!!


im not seeing it.


(cheeky) such a joker OP.


Yeah basically! You could get a much better coloured one for the price!


So basically 49.99 for a controller as the game is practically worthless lol

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