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The Elder Scrolls V 5: Skyrim Special Edition PC £5.99 at CDKeys
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Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Get your instant download of The Elder Scrolls V 5: Skyrim Special Edition on PC with CDKeys.comThe top 3 reasons to play Skyrim Special EditionSkyrim is one of the most popular an… Read more



Available on xbox game pass if people don't know about it :) Heat added


I used to be with it! But then they changed what it was... Now what I'm with isn't it.. And what it is, is still bloody Skyrim actually never mind.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind (PS4) - £3.80 delivered @ Rarewaves
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
New physical so a fair amount of gameplay for the money (imho) PS5® enhanced version coming soon as a free update. Includes The Elder Scrolls Online Base game and the Morrowind Ch… Read more

I've ordered and have had the order confirmed, paid through PayPal. But I keep getting an email from them saying my basket still has morrowind in it and j need to complete the purchase. I click 'complete order' and it just takes me through to the order confirmed page. Then I get the email again.


Only ever ordered twice from rarewaves, first time cd was smashed to pieces because of a thin plastic bag as packaging, second received a US import copy of a game that was listed as PAL. Cant be trusted IMO


:D sorry to disappoint you. I have all three in my pile of shame too, shows I have a problem when I make games up lol


Haha I actually had to Google it as I thought wtf when did that come out and how did I miss it


Lol my bad, its been a long day. I meant Borderlands 3. Or did I (flirt)

The Elder Scrolls Online - Greymoor Upgrade (PC) - £5.99 at CDKeys
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
The Elder Scrolls Online - Greymoor Upgrade PC (Base game required) includes: Greymoor DLC The top 3 reasons to play The Elder Scrolls Online - Greymoor Upgrade PCThe Dark Heart… Read more

I was hooked on Skyrim for the Switch then thought I'd take the plunge with this on Stadia last month for £15 which came with base game and all previous DLCs. What little I've played has been good, I've only scratched the surface. The only downside for me is the combat feels limited compared to Skyrim, but it's understandable for the type of game it is and the performance that's expected. I recommend it to anyone who likes RPGs.


Don't buy this game. It will consume your life!!! ;)


As someone who is trying out ESO+ with a week free trial, the XP boost mentioned above is not worth thinking about. The game however, does everything it can to push you towards ESO+ if you want to have any crafting mats. There are so many, and they stack to 200 at most. My max capacity bank is just full of mats, so my character have to hold some. Then there's the extra busy work when doing crafting quests, which if you have ESO+ cuts down some of the busy work. Plus as an ESO+ subscriber your bank capacity is doubled, so you need to spend less in game gold to hold the same amount as a non-sub. With mats instantly vanishing into your ESO+ crafting bag, you're now free to loot more items which can be sold/dismantled. You also get access to all the DLC and chapters excluding the most recently released chapter - which is currently Greymoor. When the next chapter (Blackwood) releases, Greymoor will join the list of content you get with ESO+. Annoyingly the full Greymoor version on CDKeys has gone up, but it's available for ~£12. If you don't have ESO, or have only got the base game then IMHO that's the one to get. It'll give you all the main chapters up to and including Greymoor - so base game, morrowing, summerset, elsweyr and Greymoor. You'll not have any of the 'DLC' though, but it's still a lot of game. ESO+ varies from £7 to £9pm depending on how long you sub for. You also get 'Crowns' (ESO fake cash) which allows you to purchase random fluff, or the DLC you don't own so that when your sub expires you can continue going to those places, doing those dungeons. Is the sub needed? No, I've played for a good while now without it. That said the amount of time I would have saved because of needing to do inventory 'busy' work would be immense. As someone who dislikes subscription models, I'm incredibly tempted, but am rather annoyed how much of an inventory hog they've made it and it does feel very much like it's deliberate to push you to ESO+. I kinda wish they'd do a cheaper tier sub with the crafting bag and maybe some of the older DLC and that's it.


gameplay is fun


It's not upsetting me, i just think its sad when someone states their personal opinion as fact. Fact is that gameplay experience in ESO goes a lot further than XP points. It can be the thing that puts other people off playing or even trying a game.

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The Elder Scrolls V 5 Skyrim Special Edition, PC - £6.99 at CDKeys
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Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
The top 3 reasons to play Skyrim Special EditionSkyrim is one of the most popular and moddable games of all time. Don't miss out on the ultimate RPG experience!Prepare to live anot… Read more

This is now £9.99


never should have come here.


I've heard Wabbajack is v handy for installing mods.

50% off Bethesda Games @ Nintendo eShop (Doom 1,2,64 £1.99 each) Doom Eternal / Elder Scrolls Skyrim £24.99
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Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
50% off all Bethesda games on Nintendo eShop until 15th April, Russian store in brackets as the lowest regonal price, instructions on how to buy from there at the end of the post. … Read more

I love the WooD games!


We’re getting to the stage now where you could probably purchase DOOM to play on a Smart Fridge (lol)


I agree about the ones you love the most as I did keep one, Secret Of Monkey Island for Sega CD loved that game as a child, rest was just padding the collection out.


You'd have made a lot of money! I still love physical, but I need to try and hold off for the ones I love most (and have good artwork)


I used to own a lot of limited run games but ultimately realised it wasn’t worth it, replaced them with digital and made some money back to boot