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PNY 'Attaché 4' 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Memory Stick 80MB/s = £8.99 @ 7Dayshop
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
Seems a cracking price for a 64GB USB3 drive with free delivery as well. Not the fastest or anything, but can't fault it for the price. Posted on here for £10.99 in May2018: ht… Read more

Very good price for this.


Yeah, I guess you could say that & also for PNY. I bought this PNY 8Gb drive over 10 years ago & still have it - because of the size, use it now only to install operating systems with. It was the fastest USB2 for the money at the time & it didn't disappoint: PNY Attache Optima 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive £17.99 & (not pre-order)


Very good price from a reputable brand. Heat given.


Can't go wrong and the honest write speeds quoted always scores points with me for a retailer. Most hide the realistic write speeds and quote nonsense. WYSIWYG is always appreciated.


Good find heat added


Just 4Mb/sec write speed?


Plus being metal means it's conducts the heat away from the chip, which is why its hot to the touch


Mine does run hot sometimes, but I dual booted to windows 10 on it at one time and strangely it didn’t seem to run that hot even whilst it was the OS. It ran Win 10 quite well, although the 32gb was a bit tight.


Don't knock that - I leave it plugged in over the winter and turn the central heating off. Toasty.


In theory, yes. The fastest drives around do tend to be larger enclosures because they can safely use faster chips that will generate more heat.

iPhone & iPad 16GB memory stick - £26.99 @ Argos (free C&C)
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
I was looking for a way to back up my photos from my iPhone and also be able to view them on my TV. This device does the trick and seems to have dropped quite considerably in price… Read more
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Yet here you are commenting.


Fair enough.


If I could be bothered I'd log into my router and see where the app connects to. Or maybe they've updated the app to be GDPR-compliant and it'll now clearly tells you when you install it, where it intends to connect to


Thanx. :-D Yeh, the iPhone passkey was initiated too, and the like. But I believe a non-genuine lightning cable was rather used at those times (£Pound Shop one's, etc?). Weirdly enough (as I mentioned earlier), Window's 7 had no qualms about the same. But Window's 10 however ... (Something has clearly 'altered' during those respective Window's versions?).


What's the SanDisk 'phoning home' nonsense thing all about? - sounds a bit ominously deceptive if you ask me? ... ) (Eg. Some unscrupulous data gathering/data mining of sorts, perhaps?). :-( Just as well you killed it dead! (when you had the chance ... )

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SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Flash Drive USB 3.0 Type-C - Silver, 64GB @Amazon - £15.99 Prime / £20.48 non-Prime
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
Looking for a type c version for a while. This looks a good price and worth a punt. It’s currently Cheaper to buy in 64gb than 32gb, so looks a bargain

anyone know write speeds for this? (from experience) ahh, found it:


I've got this and feels sturdy to me, not cheap or flimsy at all


I use a 128gb version of this I paid about 27 for.... Not flimsy and works fine for me.


They're alright devices and do as described, but they feel cheap and flimsy. Used to transfer photos from NAS onto Pixel for unlimited Google photo storage. Done this about 20 times (30k photos) and it's starting to show wear and tear. I wouldn't pay anymore than £15 for a replacement.


£14.99 delivered at Picstop

SanDisk Ultra 32GB USB Dual Drive USB 3.0 £6.79 @ Amazon Prime / £11.28 non-Prime
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
MicroUSB and normal USB. Quite fast read and write speeds. Cheap at half the price.

This is true, they look cool but mine fell to pieces the day I bought it. I now only buy solid metal USB drives with no moving parts.


There's a new design of this out but its so fragile and awkward that i've gone back to ordering this style. I use them for playing & transferring media on older devices that have limited storage. Patriot Stellar is also good, more rugged but slower. good find at this price. thanks for sharing.


I'll second that. I've used these for 2 years also. Never had a problem with them breaking. Don't get me wrong i could break it if i wanted but I'm careful with my tech as i like it too last (y)


Well you can hear from me now, have had it for over 2 years. Use it to play lossless music in the car.. Works flawlessly and has yet to fall apart.


Would not recommend. Purchased to have on my keys and barely ever used it. Then after a few months it came apart in my hands. Have heard they are very cheaply made and prone to breaking easily.

Latest SanDisk Ultra 64GB-3 Dual USB(Micro USB + USB 3) Flash Drive USB M3.0 up to 150 MB/s £14.19 (prime) @ Amazon/ free click and collect
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
Decent price for this latest dual(Micro USB/USB 3) 150 mbp/s device. Free up space on your OTG Android phone Back up photos, videos and contacts Retractable design with dual mi… Read more
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Yeah, would love a type C for my note. I suppose I could finally get around to putting the micro sd that's been sitting around for 3 months...


Nowt! :D


I really want this but getting the Poco F1 soon so will have to look for type C instead :/


Wats rong withhit?!


Like your spelling?

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Kingston DTIG4/32GB Data Traveler G4 USB 3.0 @ Amazon - ONLY £4.97 prime / £5.96 non prime
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep Large, colourful loop easily attaches to key rings Practical cap protects the USB plug an… Read more
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I can't get more than 5Mb/s writing to these. "USB 3.0" probably just means "compatible" rather than their speed rating. Ordered three, will probably return two.


Are you returning? Mine received today, didn't open it


Received mine..awful writing speed..very slow


Thanks, ordered for my sister. She gave me a pen drive to amend documents for her - blimmin heck, the thing is rusty and coming apart, so I got her a new one!!!


Hasn't this been posted already?

SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Flash Drive USB 3.0 Type-C - Silver, 64GB  £15.00 (Prime) / £19.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
** Cheapest according to camelcamelcamel. UNIQUE DESIGN: The Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C Flash Drive is a reversible connector. It includes both the dual USB Type-C and USB Type-… Read more

The bundled software that comes with this drive is crap! Doesn't even recognise the drive! lol


That doesn't surprise me one bit ... Such pen drive 'designs', rarely incorporate lanyard 'capabilities' within them anyway?. So I was more surprised to hear it rather had!, hehehehe, then I would have been if I'd heard it arther didn't, etc?. Interesting input though. :-)


Hi, Thanks for this, I purchased a 16GB one over a year ago for my USB C notepad, however mine does not have anywhere where I can connect it to a lanyard or keyring.


From one of the reviews: "The major issue is that the package doesn't come with a lanyard for connecting the USB with keychain and I have to buy those separately. The position of the connection for lanyard is at the middle of the body which is very odd. But given the price/performance and the reputation of Sandisk, I can live with that." Just in case it helps anyone out, as I was looking to get one of these and keep it on my keys.


I had the screen filter on when took the screenshot :D

SanDisk Ultra 256GB Dual USB Flash Drive USB M3.0 up to 150 MB/s OTG £44.79 Amazon
Found 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
256GB of fairly-fast USB / OTG storage

Yes you’re right, I didn’t see that even for just the size it’s the best priced branded 256GB stick. MyMemory had some cheap 256GB own brands but not Sandisk or anyone else like that.


Fair enough - I've done the same, rather than replace my USB+micro-USB dual-connector memory sticks. If I had none and was buying, though, I'd probably buy the USB+USB-C ones. The deal we're commenting on at least has the advantage that it seems to be the cheapest 256GB+ stick from a reputable brand.


Yes, I've seen those before but that's a good 33% more than this one. I'll probably just stick with a regular USB stick and USB-C OTG adapter.

cowbutt has dropped in price in the last few days, too.


I know That's what I meant If you have a SD card slot then you don't need this If you do, you don't need this

256gb memory stick - £27.75 @ MyMemory
Found 26th AugFound 26th Aug
Hi, sorry if I am relisting but this is just to good to miss 8) the code is for 10% and free delivery

Hi guys, got this stick today and I’m testing it now. It’s reading as 235gb capacity and appears to be writing around the 46 mb/sec. it’s everything that I need. It may not be the fastest out there but at less than 25 quid it will do me


Free postage?


I bought one of these when they were on offer last month. I've had free flash drives that feel better quality! It looks and feels like it has come out of a Christmas cracker. I was so disappointed and that was before I had even tried to use it. Voted cold as it's not a deal to buy a flash drive this bad at any price. (Sorry OP) :(


It's a real lottery.. I had my first drive reading around 300MB/s / writing 230MB/s .. It was sent back as it had bad sectors testing with H2testw.exe. The return disk had 12.5MB/s write speed .. The disk should have a a usable capacity of around 238GB (?) , It was showing 230GB. It's going back..


Thanks for the reply (y) 🏿

MyMemory 32GB Elite USB 2.0 Flash Drive Memory Stick - 5 Pack £19.95 Delivered @ MyMemory Ebay
Found 19th AugFound 19th Aug
Certainly not fast sticks, but a 5 pack with decent capacity and free delivery.
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They (op) are certainly double the storage capacity!


But are they faster / slower than these ones:


Have we not had a post yet saying its better to buy a set of usb 3.0 ones for same price without a link for said usbs?


I've stopped buying high capacity drives - because I keep losing them; I lost a 128GB and a 64GB just over a week ago; and the total for the year is probably close to 1TB !!! mSD are the worst, I have lost dozens of 32-128GB cards over the past couple of years.


Good price as sometimes all you want is a 16 or 32GB stick. Plus it's really annoying lending out a high-quality or capacity stick to a friend/family for them to lose it. I have a handful of sticks like this for OS installs, etc. I can sacrifice £4 per stick for convenience!

Toshiba 32GB TransMemory U202 USB Flash Drive - White - £6.98 + £3.98 delivery @ Ebuyer
Found 19th AugFound 19th Aug
The Toshiba TransMemory U202 USB flash drive makes it simple to store media securely - with a design that's small in size, but big on storage. Specifications Interface - Hi-Spe… Read more
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I had the 16gb version of this and it was rubbish, OK for read speeds - could watch a HD movie off it, but write speeds were horrendous. Even a very good price is not worth it if the product isn't great. (skeptical) I'd recommend SanDisk.


Not voted, but just be careful with USB drives. It has been said many times by different posters that one copy of important data is not enough, I have several desktops and laptops, and regularly find that some machines will reject certain drives, but nearly always acceptable to a Dell Laptop. No consistency, so I don't think the fault is with the desktops. If you do have any important data two copies is the minimum. If you have a Google Account you get 15 GB Online free, which should be plenty just for important stuff. If you are concerned about confidentiality then you could use WINRAR to encrypt and reduce the backup file size,but there is no such thing as absolute secrecy anymore.


Nice one, thanx. :-) Interested. :-) Thanx for that.


^^^ Yeah, 4 quid for standard delivery, am i also missing something here, the same one on Amazon is only 99p delivery.


Erm, you'll need to add at least £3.98 on for delivery unless I'm missing something? Freezing deal, sorry.

SanDisk Ultra Fit 64 GB USB Flash Drive USB 3.0 up to 150 MB/s for Just £11.69 @ Amazon Prime / £16.64 non-Prime
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
High-speed USB 3.0 performance in a small, ultra-low-profile flash drive.Operating Temperature: 0 C to 35 C,Storage Temperature: -10 C to 70 C.Compatibility: USB 3.0 (backward comp… Read more



I've been using mine jammed into the metal thing. You'd think I'd order a better one now (:I


Has the heating been ID as a problem? I have one of these that runs 'quite hot' and thought it was off. However the last SD card I got (Samsung a few weeks ago from Amazon themselves) actually heated up my card reader quite a bit. So got me wondering if the heat is becoming a normal with memory.


Same thing happened to me. Now the actually PCB falls out.


Yes, got this and also the new updated black style which was meant to have cured the heating problem; The only time I find it does not heat so much is if it is plugged into a USB 2.0 Port.

SanDisk Ultra Fit 64 GB USB Flash Drive USB 3.0 £11.69 prime / £16.18 non prime @ Amazon
Found 7th AugFound 7th Aug
SanDisk Ultra Fit 64 GB USB Flash Drive USB 3.0 up to 150 MB/s This seems to be the lowest price out there at the moment and is Amazon (Prime available too) Maybe not the… Read more
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Yes, about that price, maybe you can find it cheaper at 7 days shop or base. I have the 32gb one, used it only for about 2 weeks. Maybe my imagination, but to me it seems faster than the metal one. Did not do the proper real test, but testing with software it gave me good figures. Probably unrealistic, as manufacturer suggested max 130 speed and my tests suggested 140-150.


Plastic version is £13.99 on Amazon. Interesting that although it is the newer version its write speed is slower - probably to keep down the temp.


They have just turned up, I have one plugged in to a machine and I will see how it performs, if you don't hear back from me it means my house has burnt down :D


Good price but I wouldn't buy again. After a while both of mine broke apart when I unplugged from a USB port. They literally fell into bits. I suspect the heat go to the plastic and made it brittle.


As mentioned above be aware that this drive has known problems with overheating. I have 3 all do the same thing.. they get hot and the transfer speeds drop within a couple of seconds from 110mbps to 19mbps. Really bad performance when transfering large files. This has never happened on my 3 year old cruzer blade usb (which is probably why they have held their value).

MyMemory - Integral 64GB Arc USB Flash Drive - £12.99 - Free Delivery
Found 7th AugFound 7th Aug
also 5% off using code "VC5" I have one of these, good robust design Integral ARC USB 2.0 Flash Drive - designed so that you can take your data anywhere in style. The all metal c… Read more

Hectic. Didn't know that. I hear what you're saying. I'm not saying the above the deal isnt a hot one because it is. It's just that for some of the genuine sellers out there who are selling the genuine product at a lower price and if you want to save more money or want to go with the deal above - then go for it. Life is full of adventure and risks. You're going to come across a lot of genuine things and fake things in your life. There is no avoiding that (unfortunately - for the fake things).


Haven't you ever heard about false sellers copying reviews of others ? I didn't know it was possible but they do it. Also doing their own reviews.Bidding on their own items etc. Search google


Have you actually done that ? I have. How long it takes is ridiculous I will say one occassion was sorted quick - they seemed to know the character (Based in Ireland with a Polish name) who was selling 64gb SD Micros which were actually 2gb - sorted quick but... Simple alternative - DON'T TAKE THE RISK. Use legit sellers Like being offered M&M's and told 1 in every 4 will make you sick Why would that be a good deal ? But much much more - WHY take the risk ?


Best is read the reviews before you buy. If someone is selling fake usb drives, especially on EBay or Amazon - their account gets cancelled immediately and anyone that has bought gets refunded


Well there is always a way to test them once received and if you're buying through E-bay, especially with PayPal you have buyer protection. If something is not as advertised, they have to refund you your money. No risk to the buyer really if the seller is selling fake usb drives which are supposed to be higher memory I.e. 32gb and only turns out to be 16gb or has a slower processing speed as described. For me - because of the protection in place... I'd take the chance. The only thing you'd lose is the time of having to wait for it to be delivered and a bit of effort if fake having to buy somewhere else.

Amazon - Integral 32GB Arc USB Flash Drive - £5.99 (Prime) / £10.48 (non Prime)
Found 7th AugFound 7th Aug
they are out of stock, but you can still order, or just buy from mymemory (free delivery) looks like amazon have price matched mymemory:… Read more

Cheers. I'm out.


Write speed 3MB/s, that has to be a new low! Even the read of 12MB/s isn’t great. It’s worth the money for the casing alone though I guess.


Cheers OP. Handy to keep on my key ring (y)

Kingston 32gb 3.0 USB Flash drive £5.97 (Prime) / £10.46 (non Prime) (64gb version only £16.19)  @ Amazon
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
Cheapest its been on amazon. I have loads of these and will be picking up a few more. Never had any problems with them. The 64gb version is only £16.19 too
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Thank you!


HUKD must have added that at the end. I didn't put that in the title *fixed (y)


Bought this, heat added.


Good price - thanks for posting this. Heat.


Also coming up as 99p for me, also I’d rather carry around one usb stick rather than two :)

Integral 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive - Black £19.95 @ Mymemory
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
Description Key Features - USB 3.0 specification - Transfer your digital content such as HD video, photos, games and large documents - Fully compatible with USB 2.0 (USB 2.0 … Read more

Thanks, ordered the MyMemory 256gb!


This one Banner&utm_content=tile6


which one?? found one usb3.0 at £27 but write and read are also poor


write speed is very but very poor


Spend an extra £8 and get the MyMemory 256Gb stick which is also significantly faster.

Integral 32GB Arc USB Flash Drive £5.99 @ mymemory
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
Description Integral ARC USB 2.0 Flash Drive - designed so that you can take your data anywhere in style. The all metal capless design features a loop to ensure that the drive will… Read more
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Hahahahahaha, it's only got a 32GB maximum capacity though?. If it was a 1TB+ Hard Drive or something, then yes, perhaps the then USB 2 on it would be 'different' ... lol.


"USB 2 for high data transfer" 8)


Sadly now, yes. :-(


Even better then. :-D


The Samsung Fit is meant to be much better than the SanDisk one to be fair. I have a SanDisk one but rarely use it as I don’t like leaving it connected and it’s too small I don’t like carrying it in case I lose it.

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