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Google Pixel in Very Silver (Refurbished A1 Pristine Condition) - 32GB/4GB Memory, 5in Screen, SD 821 Processor and 12MP Camera - £249.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Just seen this deal on Laptops Direct and thought it seemed a pretty decent deal, especially considering it is guaranteed updates for a minimum of 2 years after release and will ge… Read more

Everyone has their own requirements, the fact is the Pixel is a great phone. There are enough reviews on the web to back this up. If in doubt go in to a Currys and try some devices out, then go and buy it from a proper retailer who adheres to customer laws... When seeking opinions on forums though, exclude the chaff by applying a troll filter. If someone is talking generic, unsubstantiated trash, they are trolling - and so should be ignored. Todays trolling has been brought to you by yoyo59.


Never handle it, follow the charging instructions to the letter. It will still die one day out of warranty.


So right. I got this Samsung a5 2017 suite me fine. I just use it for Facebook and pictures of kids but I did like look of pixel and thought it was good price here and then people saying how bad it is. I never know what they mean by stock android. Lol


You're mistaken (in my opinion and from my experience). I've tested the app on multiple devices - including a U11+ and whilst the app makes a significant improvement it does not make it a better camera than the Pixel 2 - which still exhibits better dynamic range due to its low level optimization and the fact that the app was built for the hardware. The page you linked to demonstrates that, to my eyes at least. Those photos also don't factor in focus speed, shot to shot time or the overall consistency of photos in a variety of scenes - such as backlit subjects. Portrait mode is also significantly better on the Pixel 2 as all the G Cam ports are just using the mode from the Pixel 2s selfie camera, so depth analysis and edge detection is inferior and it only works when a human subject is detected. Your opinion is your opinion though, so I respect your choice. Personally I think the Pixel 2 is a lovely device. I haven't tried a Pixel 2 XL. I'd still use a 1st gen Pixel quite happily as there is very little to complain about.


No difference even in low light photography because hardware very much same

Google Pixel XL in Very Silver (Refurbished A1 Pristine Condition) - 32GB/4GB Memory, 5.5in Screen, SD 821 Processor and 12MP Camera - £299.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Just seen this deal on Laptops Direct and thought it seemed a pretty decent deal, especially considering it is guaranteed updates for a minimum of 2 years after release and will ge… Read more

Ahh poo Gave heat thinking pixel 2 xl


Discontinued, give it to a baby for his/hers first tablet maybe, pricey one at that.


Old phone , price of new one


Bear in mind this is version 1 so battery may have some wear.

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HP MT41 AMD A4 Laptop 8GB 250GB HDD Factory Refurbished With Free Kingston 16GB USB 3.0 Memory Stick £211.46 @ Scan Free C&C or £4.79 store drop off.
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Cheap Grade A Microsoft Certified Refurb. HP MT41 14" Windows 10 Home Premium (A4 4300M/250GB/8GB/Radeon 7420G) - Grade A Microsoft Certified Refurbished Features • Model Number:… Read more

It's got a displayport


1600 passmark. Yikes. Get an atom like my t100 for longer battery life


Rubbish specs for the money. Might as well spend extra 100 quid and get something with an i3 or i5. Old dual core amd processor will struggle.


Must be nearly a decade old this surely?


This must be ancient! I don't see any HDMI connection

DM MINI TYPE-C Adaptor OTG function Turn normal USB into TYPE C USB flash drive @ Ali Express (SSK) Delivered
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Great if you have a TYPE C Phone and need extra storage for Holiday This Type-C Adapter is compatible with most android phones, for ensure available please REMIND: 1) Make sure y… Read more

Still waiting for phone ordered 2 months ago . Cannot even dispute for another month


They were 2p each a year ago or so....



Got a couple of these when they were a few pence. They work well.


What do you except? Chinese websites always take long with deliveries.

Toshiba 64GB TransMemory USB 3.0 Flash Drive at BT Shop for £10.50
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Toshiba 64GB 3.0 USB Drive, Previous Been On Offer For Amazon Prime Customers But This Is BT Shop With Free Delivery £10.50 Delivered More Than 50 In Stock At Time Of Posting

We're talking 10 quid....?


I have the previous version (16GB USB2.0) of this which is slightly faster, 4MB write 35MB read With SSDs coming down again I wouldn't bother with el-cheapo USB storage if you want something reliable and quick, get an SSD and put it in a USB enclosure. Integral 120GB from mymemory for £25 and a usb enclosure for <£5 will easily sustain 200MB read/write The SSD in a repurposed seagate 2.5" USB caddy gives me near 350MB read/write horses for courses and all that


I'll be using this to plug into the USB on my tv and play DVDs. It doesnt meed to be mega quick.


Create a new account? I got free delivery


showing as £5 delivery for me on standard! I think its because I setup a business account with them. The free delivery sign appears in another browser when not logged in :(

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SanDisk Ultra Flair 64GB flash drive @ Amazon - £13 Prime / £16.99 non-Prime
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Seen this and thought it was a good deal, 5p dearer than the 32GB. Checked a few places and seems to be the cheapest. Curry’s selling it for £29.99… Read more
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Slow speed not worth the bother


A cheapee alternative: Toshiba 64GB TransMemory USB 3.0 Flash Drive at BT Shop for £10.50 (with the free delivery option)


Yeah, same here in the past. If it's a DotD/Lightning offer, at least it tells you how many minutes (with a countdown clock) remaining you have to buy it before it increases in price or the offer expires. I'd recommend using something like CCC to tell you as soon as it decreases in price again (has worked great for me on many deals in the past) - When CCC sends you the change (via email), you can't hang about again, as you might miss it!


Annoyingly, I had this in my basket and waiting for something else I needed to buy to push it over the £20. Went to buy extra item and noticed the price had gone up. I'll wait until it goes on offer again.


Think amazon have caught on it was popular and put the price up slightly

Sandisk iXpand Flash Drive 32gb £11.25 @ Tesco Ashby
LocalLocalFound 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Picked up a iXpand flash drive from Tesco Ashby De La Zouch. Amazing price for this as i paid £26 for 16gb version from Sainsbury’s! They did have the 64gb shelf edge ticket on dis… Read more
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It’s ok as a backup tool, if you have an iPhone use it to free up more space on the device. You can use it to stream stuff too to the iPhone like music and video files and play via the Sandisk app but it’s a bit fiddly to setup I found it kept swapping back to my main homes Wi-Fi, all the time instead of the usb sticks Wi-Fi and so it drove me bonkers, only way to stop it was to ‘Forget’ my home networks settings then it would stay on. Then reconnect after you have finished backing up or streaming a bit of guns n roses! (embarrassed)


Lol. I've ALWAYS wondered about those Wireless USB Flash Drive things ... Interesting that?. So, it's more 'gimmicky' then, then of any 'real-World' practical use I take it?, or ...


THanks for posting. PIcked up a couple for friends who will make use of them.


I was using the term Typical in reference to the fact my local store here in NI never seems to have any deals as good as the one posted and when they do have one the night staff tend to snap them up. Very good price if you can beat the staff to it.


Only plays DRM free videos in certain formats so I don’t think it will. Here’s a link to show you what it can play

kingston 16GB USB 3.0 Drive cheap - £3.91 @ CCL
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Good deal for Kingston 16gb usb 3 drive price has gone up to 3.99 and free delivery is not showing on page any more?

Back in stock at £3.97


Amazon Echo. Order via Alexa and free delivery even below the normal £20 minimum.


Now this has been expired, for an alternative for £3.80 Kingston USB 3.1


Hows that work ?


Good price

SanDisk Ultra 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive  £14.99  Base
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Good price for 64GB version

Brilliant gadget, I've got 3 of these for the kids films (saves messing around with dvds). They're stable, quite speedy for file transfers, and don't look too bad either, lol


lucky to get one of these for £8.50 from Tesco, on a misprice, last week.. Works welll... woul dhave preferred 128Gb, though 64Gb sufficient. For £15, good price.


Used Base before for Toshiba micro SD cards and they were genuine enough.


Bought one of these for £17 on sale at Wilkinson at Christmas so this a cracker! Heat


Good price but I never used them so I don't know if it would be genuine?

Corsair CMFSS3B-512 Survivor Stealth X2 512 GB USB 3.0 Rugged Flash Drive £148 @ Amazon
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
If, like me, you suffer sleepless nights worrying about whether your pr0n stash would survive the imminent zombie-apocalypse this might allay some of your fears.

I just read the product description on the website. They said it had been fully tested and had survived a trip through the body of one of the undead and was still fully operational (after a wee wipe) when it came back out again.


Looks like a flesh light


512gb What? My first one was 128mb and I thought that was the dogs. Bargain really isnt it. Imagine all of the content you could store on there.


If it for long-term storage, why not just buy a four 128GB sticks for cheap, put them into a rugged, "splash-proof (flirt) " container (search ebay for "Waterproof Survival Case") and save yourself £100?


So all that will be left after the apocalypse is cockroaches and flash drives full of pr0n?

Toshiba USB 3 64GB Flash Drive £10.50 @ Amazon - Prime exclusive
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Looks good to me.
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Some similar cheap £5 32gb one's took my fancy instead. But thanx anyway. :-) Ps. The OP's £10.50 Deal is no longer available, it's £14.89 each now ...


the link is for the wrong price, here try this :)


It's currently in stock again. :-) BUT ... It's showing as £15.89 for though? (on PRIME?!). :-( What am I missing?, or ...


Tosh? Absolute twaddle mate.


Still on, but "In stock on April 16, 2018."

16GB USB 3.1 kingston Add-on item (£20+ spend) at Amazon for £4.60
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Not very big storage capacity but best price I have seen for a 3.1 for a while. Ideal for quickly moving moderately sized files ( Or legally owned videos ) * Cough * Makes for a … Read more

same price at ccl but free delivery


Ideal drives for Windows 10 install USB.


It didn't lost data it write protected itself so whatever its on it it's locked


Cheap, but only 10 meg/sec write ( does have 100 meg/sec reads though)


I can’t remember the name of the utility, but when you download memtest86 (free) it’s included. This utility allows you to low level format memory sticks and can often recover a stick that Windows can’t format it. Having said that, once a stick has lost your data once, I don’t think I’d ever use it again (well not for anything of importance).

Integral USB 2.0 128GB Memory Stick £15.99 Prime Members (£18.98 non Prime) at Amazon
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Was shopping round for a decent stick and saw this. Must be a good price as the 64GB is still listed at £16.49 Personally not what I'm after but hopefully will help someone who is… Read more
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A slow usb 2.0 stick is meaningless, im sure some usb 2.0 sticks are quicker than some usb 3.0 sticks. A usb 3.0 stick is not a guarantee that it will be faster than usb 2.0 interface allows.




The Global financial crash of 2007/2008. The natural disaster that saw the destruction of the BULK of South Korea's Samsung semiconductor factory almost obliterated about 5 year's back or so?. Then finally this whole Brexit stuff too ... All in all (to either a greater, and/or lesser extent, etc), have more-or-less played their due course part in some respects, towards your above mentioned 'declining market', like?. But yes I agree with you, there is somehow how a wee shift in tide though somewhat ... Here's hoping for a continuance along a much cheaper path?. :-)


I have Sandisk USB3 sticks which definitely work much faster than USB2, but an older Toshiba USB3 stick which is not up to speed...


I much rather slow usb 3.0 sticks, USB 2.0 or 3.0 bare no relevance on the individual speed of sticks.

At Amazon: SanDisk Ultra Flair 256 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive, Upto 150MB/s read - Black £66.29
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
Nice little (but big!) drive at a good price. Decent speeds and reviews.

Don't tell that to the politically minded for goodness sake.


I didn't even vote. (lol)


No-one will notice because the cold voting hurd are moving through.


As long as you don't intend wearing them as earrings, no-one will notice..


These get scratched very easily.

Kingston DataTraveler 16Gb USB 3.0 Memory Stick £5.99 @ 7dayshop
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Multi Buy: 2 - £5.89 (each) 3(+) - £5.79 (each) Brief Spec: Dimensions: 55mm x 21mm x 10.1mm Operating temperature: 0C to 60C Storage temperature: -20… Read more

Hahahahahahahahaha, for REAL (but only just!). Ps. I also luvvvvvvvvvvvvv wise a$$/wise crack humour like yours too, lol. A person after my own heart that. :-)


Reasonable. A couple of years ago this would have cost £16 as drives were roughly £1 per GB. Its good to see stuff finally getting cheaper, like SSD's , so cheap now, its finally possible to upgrade to a 1TB and still be able to keep the house !

SANDISK Ultra USB 3.0 Memory Stick - 32 GB Black (Currys PC World) £10.99
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
SANDISK Ultra USB 3.0 Memory Stick - 32 GB Black (Currys PC World) 5 year warranty included. Free delivery or C+C.

Yeah, the Cloud. No risk of data loss either. Next question.


Nice, thank you for the info.


What do you use a pencil and paper ? Seriously do you know of a different and smaller way to carry 32, 64 or 128GB of data around safely and securely that will universally fit into 99.9% of computers ???


Yup! Also £10 in Tesco.


People still use memory sticks in 2018?


Interesting Thread this, lol.


I'm sorry sir we haven't got the Sony you paid for, have a Beko instead.


Im getting £4.99 inc delivery


3.0 doesn’t mean it’s fast. It just means it’s got a blue plug


Terrible. Not even near USB 2.0 speeds, never mind USB 3.0. You're right. They're cheap for a reason. These are Toshiba's absolute bottom of the barrel cheapo USB stick range, made in the Philipines.

Duracell High Performance 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive £19.94 Mymemory with code
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
VC5 code for this price

Believe or not, but i bought it new on ebay for £30 :)


Yep, and I'm assuming you probably paid a 'professional' price for it too perhaps?. ;-)


Doesn't the Energizer Bunny also have a battery stuck up it also?. There's a lot of copy catting going on here ... looooool.



Ordered... 128GB USB 3.0 for less than £20 is a no brainer for me. HEAT :)

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