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Football manager with neon switch and £5 free deliveroo credit £299.99 @ Game
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Football manager for the switch has just been announced and it would appear you can only get it from the e-shop or from game. Seems to be a good deal as it’s 29.99 for the game plu… Read more
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they did the same with the vita release too and offered no optional upgrades for teams


sounds like me, used to be on it everyday, not played for a few seasons now though.. plus the new one (if even out on switch) wont be out till oct/nov time.... decisions...


Yeah I know what u mean mate was thinking the same thing but still get a few months out of it very temptedvhavent played it in a few years it stole many many hours of my life on pc hahaha


this video makes me tempted but too close to the end of the season to buy at that price


Was just considering getting rid of my switch aswell. Not a chance now how far off the pc version is this though anyone know

Football manager 2018 touch - £29.99 @ Nintendo switch
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Football manager on the go !!!
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That is a good question, and would like to know the answer too. I had the 1996-1997-1998 or somewhere round about then version of the game for PC (when it was known as "Championship Manager" and I could edit the leagues, teams etc even back then. Even in the early games if there was not an official editor there were always ways found to do it, and there were unofficial free updates available online. With a console version of course, that is inevitably going to be a bit watered down, is not a guarantee. In more recent times, but still yonks ago I had a game for the DS or 3DS, can't remember what it was, it was like a massively watered down and simple version of Football Manager. It was actually really good fun. The thing with the recent Football Manager games on PC, is despite that they are excellent and incredibly detailed, they are both addictive and ridiculously time consuming. You can spend about hours just browsing the transfer markets, using the Scouting, and even things like training players or pre season preparation can mean it is ages until you start a season. Fine if your young, or don't have a family to give attention to. Otherwise best avoided. So yeah I think the Switch will be a decent fit for some.


Had about £2.10 in reward points so I caved in and bought. The more sales it gets, the more chance of seeing Football Manager 2019 on Switch. So far I've put a lot of hours into it and I can't complain. The text can be a little small in handheld mode but I've played it for 6 hours straight in tv mode. It makes good use out of the triggers so I haven't had many issues with the controls. Obviously a mouse will always be loads better but it works on Switch. I heard that the Touch version of FM has things removed but it's still incredibly thorough and even overwhelming at times. And I always worried that team talks had too much of an effect on a result so it's nice that it's just the tactics that you have to worry about!


I have football manager on my android tablet bought off the playstore and I quite like it to be honest, is the switch version much different to the tablet version? I read there are no team talks, no dealing with the press or agents on the switch version which is the same for the tablet version, so what makes this different?


People moaning about the price and saying to wait until the 2019 version.. football manager comes out in late October/Early November so it’ll be another 6/7 months until the new one anyway. Plus if you don’t support 3rd party’s making games on platforms such as the Nintendo Switch the chances of them releasing a 2019 version will be slim anyway. I can understand People moaning about the price but you can play it on your tv with a controller what more could you want <3


Does anyone know if you can customise the leagues to your liking... so when the new season starts you could move the teams up and down if you want to?

Football Manager 2018 PC £16.79 @ CDKeys
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
Cheapest I can find right now, part of the Easter Sale.

Price now up to £18.99, expiring this deal.


not in rush .. will wait till £10 bcz is really what game is worth it with new additions .. am still playing FM17.. heat added though bcz is best price atm


Very tempting.

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Football Manager 2018 £17.99 @ CDKEYS 5% off possible making it £17.09
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
cheapest around i think? possible 5% off with voucher also

will resist till my local club sell it at £10.. last year they sold it £10 at January reviews are not that great with interface anyway .. so am not rushing playing FM17 still heat added tho bcz is best price in market atm


Might do a search on lower national league clubs as usually they do some cracking deals on fm.


getting hated on is it cheaper elsewhere?

Football Manager 2018 PC/Mac Possible 5% off code - £19.79 @ CDKeys
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
Football Manager 2018 for Steam. Includes Football Manager Touch. Possible 5% off with CDkeys Facebook code making it £18.80
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I do understand that this is probably the best around at the moment and there isn't a time machine. But surely most people either buy this around release for a bit more than this or a month or so after release when lower/non league clubs sell them off dirt cheap?

Football Manager 2018 reduced to £5.99 on App Store and Google play store. Was £8.99.
LocalLocalFound 12th FebFound 12th Feb
Been waiting awhile for the price of this to drop. Has been sat at £8.99, then I’ve just checked now and it’s dropped to £5.99. Can take over your life playingthis game! (y)

what the differance between this one and the TOUCH version


Will this run on xiaomi a1


As 5haks said only some are eligible, but worth a shot to see. Here's the link -


selected PayPal customers have been e-mailed a £5 voucher which automatically comes off any purchase when you pay via Paypal.


What £5 PayPal voucher?

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Football Manager 2018 PC £19.99 @ Argos
Found 5th FebFound 5th Feb
Says Limited Edition in description so a good deal I think. Fast-track your way to footballing history with the Football Manager 2018 Limited Edition. A double-sided Management M… Read more
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Big fan of the game but it seems quite hard these days. Wish there was a difficulty setting for more casual gamers.


This actually the first one I've bought since 2015 and up until then I'd owned every release since 1997. I tried the Demo for 16 and 17 and just couldn't get into it at all. I'm currently on a journeyman save and I've missed it so much! Still as addictive as ever. As an old school player I will be the first to admit that there is far too much faffery however what I do is pretty much delegate all the mind numbing stuff to other staff so I don't need to organise training, contracts, signings (this one is hit and miss), team talks, opposition instructions and the list goes on. Get yourself a good assistant and he does all the donkey work. I find the lower leagues are much more fun, one you get into the Prem the money involved is just ridiculous although having said that it took me until 2023 to get there (:I


Tempting 😭


must resist..... not played this in years as takes over my life! that's reserved for xcom now. but at least I can resist that as get scared due to how many injuries I get in xcom! I mean fm has injuries but not as many after a tough xcom battle!


Just confirmed it's not the Limited Edition as the Argos description stated. I've amended the deal to reflect this.

Football Manager 2018 [PC] £19.99 at Amazon (Prime Exclusive)
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
Not as cheap as some of the football club shop deals that used to be available, but pretty good nonetheless.

haha i paid £12 for this and got it next day. imagine paying £20.


Hot - Bonus points for Linux version.


Back in the day when I was a student I used to struggle to run more than a handful of leagues with a tiny database on my crappy computer- but I still played FM from dawn to dusk. These days I have a £2k 17" gaming laptop but now i'm working from dawn to dusk- with wife and kids occupying the evenings and weekends. Cant win! (fierce)


Limited Edition Standard edition for same price at Argos if that helps people -


Do you get the license for the touch version for the iphone with this?

Football Manager 2018 (maybe Limited Edition) £16 delivered at 	daggers-shop
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
Good price for those of us in the Maidstone United order cancelled support group :) The picture on the website shows limited edition but it isn't mentioned in the product name or… Read more

How do I find this? When I go on the website it's not on any of the tabs? Have they ended the offer or something?


Yep limited edition ;)


Did it turn out to be the limited edition?


Arrived this morning ,yeah finally got a copy ....cheers for the post


Good spot, I got refunded by Maidstone so thanks for this.

Football Manager 2018 £10 (£2.50 delivery) on Maidstone United club shop
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Bought it for £15 on the site a few days ago, now it's on sale for £10, seems like a good price, even from club shops

Just got a refund for mine. I suspect everyone else will see the same in due course.


Anyone still waiting?


order still on hold, not been refunded, and no game either


I ordered mine as soon as it was posted on here, heard nothing so emailed them yesterday and also received a refund this morning.. can't of had many copies left.


same just got email and refund doh!

Football Manager 2018 £16 delivered via daggers (Dagenham & Redbridge club shop)
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
If anyone is after Football Manager 2018 - Dagenham & Redbridge club shop are doing it for £16 delivered which is now the cheapest around as most have put their prices up after… Read more
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sure steam key is inside the box


It's just not the same buddy nowhere near iv played the mobile version but it's not enough haha cheers though


£16.93 at the sutton united shop Tempted, but I haven't even got through the demo yet!


You can get essentially the same game just called Football Manager Mobile 2018 if you have a iOS or Android device


It's a mess. To the point the commentary shows goals and other events as happening and then re-writes the commentary to remove them. Sort of makes it pointless. Feature wise not much different to the last couple years really except "dynamics" - which translates as lots of pointless interactions with players to handle their issues instead of focusing on the football. Oh and best avoided if you're an Arsenal fan, Sanchez is hardcoded to leave (confirmed by SI) no matter what money or trophies you offer. God knows what else might be hardcoded.

Football Manager 2018 Limited Edition £20 @ Amazon
Found 8th Dec 2017Found 8th Dec 2017
Dropped from £34.99 in the last few days, great Christmas stocking filler! Same price at Tesco too.
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out of stock at both - any other ideas ?


Thank you, I've ordered as this is on my son's wish list.


Adding more leagues increases the number of players (and staff members I think) so you have more to scout/sign. The iPad version is the same as Football Manager Touch - which is a version of the game with less features. The upside is that the game should move quicker this way as you focus more on the pitch than the backroom parts of the game.


If you are starting out with an English club. What’s the point in adding more leagues? Does this matter only if you wish to manage those leagues in the future or does it affect what players you can sign? (I’m thinking bout getting iPad version for portability but then I could get full version for same price. woul full version on PC be much better than Touch on iPad


same for me

Free Football Manager 2018 with orders over £25 at Tranmere Club Shop
Found 4th Dec 2017Found 4th Dec 2017
Online Only Just had a response from the club shop via email: The offer is only online, and the £25 minimum spend excludes postage costs. There’s a limited number left – there… Read more
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Pretty nice bonus of some football gear with a copy of the game!


Club has replied: --- The offer is only online, and the £25 minimum spend excludes postage costs. There’s a limited number left – there selling fast! However you promote it could you ask them to follow our Twitter @trfcstore or the club on Facebook – we get new stock regularly and it’s always posted on our social media. --- Can a mod change this, as it's online only, not the offline deal which seems to have been edited on Edit: found the tweet for the deal:


Yes, not so much use if you're not interested in the Tranmere garb itself, but if you are then it'll work out nicely. I've emailed them asking for some details - not sure why the mods have marked this as 'offline only' though, as they do delivery on the club shop and there's no indication that it is only for in-store purchases. Hopefully they'll confirm.


Saw this the other day, but decided against it due to having to deal with getting rid of Tranmere gear somehow. Good deal if there is someone out there that is a fan though.


I bought their left back for £40

Football Manager 2018 £20 including delivery @ Chester FC Club Shop
Found 4th Dec 2017Found 4th Dec 2017
Football Manager 2018 in stock at £20 delivered, for those that have missed previous deals. Still a decent price with 1st Class postage included even if was available at £18.50 p… Read more
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Good stuff, same with me. Mine came next day and Limited Edition. Perfect.


Received mine last night. Was also the Limited Edition - which as far as I can tell means an extra pullout with some hints and tips. Cheers OP.


Sorry you missed out. If you periodically type in on twitter “football Manager 18 club shop or fm18 club shop” on Twitter, you should find another deal soon. That’s how I’ve been keeping track of who’s selling them.


Sold out now :(


No worries. Yeah the game is more involved than ever, so depends what you’re after. I like the depth of detail, and when I’ve got a computer that can run it at the speed it should be with full leagues etc it will be even better

Football Manager 2018 - £19.50 delivered @ Ebbsfleet United
Found 4th Dec 2017Found 4th Dec 2017
Cheapest available. I ordered on Weds, it was delivered on Friday. Would make an excellent Xmas gift! Football Manager 2018 is the most realistic and immersive football managem… Read more
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Thanks. Just need a new pc or laptop now


Wow, that arrived quick, only ordered early hours yesterday morning :) thanks again op


Awesome thanks managed to grab an order earlier on and took a chance. Thanks for replying . Added heat as cheapest price I have seen


Got it on eBay, brand new & sealed, plenty going recently :)


Where did you get it for £23?

Football Manager 2018 £20 + £1.75 P&P at Gateshead FC
Found 20th Nov 2017Found 20th Nov 2017
After the Dover deal on here being out of stock this is the next cheapest ive found at £21.75, its still in stock as ive just ordered a copy.

anyone else recieved theres


Yeah I had that email sent to me earlier today, ive just seen it as it was in my junk folder


just got another email saying order complete


Glad to hear another has come, guessing who ordered when I did they are starting to come from today


Same, was a nice surprise in the post this morning.

Football Manager 2018 £20.00 + £7.00 P&P or Collect from EBB Stadium
Found 20th Nov 2017Found 20th Nov 2017
Probably one of the cheaper options for buying this game at the moment (no doubt it will be cheaper at other club shops) Also probably best for collecting if you are local to Alder… Read more
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Box comes with a code to redeem and all copies come with touch.


I'd like to know with these physical copies do they come with a steam code and have touch version included?


Other deals over the weekend from non league clubs saw it around £19 including postage so very cold! Also how can postage be £7 for such a small item


just wait till it goes back down to around £18 with P&P


Tony Pulis should get a copy with his payoff.

Football Manager 2018 £20 with free p&p @ FC United of Manchester club shop
Found 18th Nov 2017Found 18th Nov 2017
Great price, and good publicity for FC United too :D Managing FC United on the demo at the mo, so this is clearly karma. Not sure that's a requirement to get it at this price th… Read more
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Mine arrived this morning :)


I was a little worried about the lack of confirmation and lack of game ! - I checked the my orders section on the website and it was only dispatched yesterday (having been ordered on the 18th) ! I guess you cant be too angry for what is presumably a small club shop at a small club for 20 quid ?


Still waiting too


I’m still waiting, did you receive an order number? Not received anything. Apart from PayPal confirmation from PayPal. I placed the the order last Saturday.


Anyone received their orders yet? I’m still waiting

Football Manager 2018 £18.60 INC P&P at Dover Athletic
Found 18th Nov 2017Found 18th Nov 2017
Cheapest Deal I can find right now. Southport FC will sell them for £16 Inc P&P if they have any left after the game. Its a gamble if you wait. But for a extra £2.60 for a guar… Read more
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I Received Mine on Monday!! Still slowly transitioning from FM17


Thanks to the poster for the link to the Dartford FC deal. I ordered and paid for it on Sunday, but not had any confirmation email yet. Has anyone else who was lucky to get that deal heard anything back?


out of stock



Why is there limited edition version what do you get in that over the standard version

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