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Find out what it's like to manage a Premier League team in a relegation dogfight, or experience the elation of promotion by purchasing Sports Interactive's Football Manager 2018 – the latest in a long line of superb management simulations. Budding Jose Mourinhos can get hold of a version for their system at bargain prices at the HotUKDeals Football Manager listings. Read more
[Steam] Football Manager 2020 (PC) - £16.99 @ CDKeys
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
The game, as with the rest in the series, allows the player to build a football team from scratch, or to take over management of an existing team. The player must use funds wisely,… Read more
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Reasonable deal. It's in game pass pc too at the moment


Many thanks, some good prices.


How accurate is it? When you get to March 2020 does it simulate sitting at home waiting for further instructions?


Yeah I have bought loads of games from them before using paypal


Is HRK legit? Just never heard of them before. Thanks.

[Steam] Football Manager 2020 - £17.49 - CDKeys
347° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
CDkeys Daily Deal. Previously £17.85 at Shopto, but that's now back up to £28. So I think this is currently the cheapest around. Save the talk for the touchline and walk d… Read more
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Could've done with this 8 weeks ago...then I wouldn't have cut my hair with kitchen scissors, painted my house in left over paint colours and conversed with the Mrs !!! Damn it


Probably gonna cave in at this price, just finished my Uni degree and it’s lockdown so nothing else to do lol.


Installed (y)


Yeah. It activates on Steam for both PC and Mac.


Can i buy this and use it on my Mac also?

[Steam] Football Manager 2020 (PC) - £17.85 @ Shopto
339° Expired
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
The game, as with the rest in the series, allows the player to build a football team from scratch, or to take over management of an existing team. The player must use funds wisely,… Read more
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Showing £ 28.85 for me too - expired?


There's no Premier league official license. Others have said you can get a mod which is true.


Hi its showing up as £28.85. Am i doing something wrong? Thanks


What licenses is it missing? Just Juventus or?


You can easily download a hotfix for that

Football Manager 2020 £15.67 @ Gamivo / Gamezilla
204° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Save the talk for the touchline and walk down the tunnel to a living, breathing football world with you at the very heart of it – this is a world where your opinion matters! Talke… Read more

i went to get this there, and all add ons make it not really a deal, Paypal charging, Smart price subscription. COLD


Is this code still active?


I bought something off there the other day without any issues.


Did the transaction work okay? The reviews for Gamivo aren't great.


Has this expired? Not working for me?

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Football Manager 2020 £18.19 Gamivo / Gamezilla
205° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
For all those who are missing their football fix. Buy from gamezilla and un tick the customer protection. You might get it cheaper if one of the many discount codes for gamivo are … Read more
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Yeah seems like the best way to get it atm considering the service is £3.99/month and has tons of other good games.


That’s a good point about FM19... I want to get a football manager game for my young lads for the switch but it’s only the latest FM2020 that is available... a bit pricey if they find it too complicated


Should I just stick with FM19 or upgrade?


Still cheaper than CD keys but yeah your right. Sneaky of them to not mention that until you're already buying it.


£18.55 with the fee

Football manager physical copy £19.99 (+£2.99 Non Prime) on Amazon
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Cheapest I've seen for physical copies of the game

Yeah, It's the way I play it as my C drive stopped working (y)


That's good then, so I can run it either way as long as I have the code. Thank you.


No, You just need the activation key that comes with the physical disk, activate and run through steam.


If you buy the physical copy do you need to have the disc in every time you want to play the game? I ask as I'm looking to buy a new laptop soon and whilst my current one has a disc drive, the new one likely wont.


I posted the same deal a week ago and it was colder than an Eskimo's nuts. 'Tis strange here.

Football Manager 2020 (PC) - £19.99 @ CDKeys
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Football Manager 2020 PC (EU) Download now 50% off. Potentially £18.34. Was previously £29.99 at CDKeys over the last few weeks. Also now on sale on Steam for £26.79 If you have … Read more
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Downloaded this thanks



D.Crockett Thought this might intrigue some, might get on the download tomorrow, given I have a Surface 3 (not the pro, just a surface 3) from a few years ago, not a hope of something as intensive as FM working on it.


Such a weird game. You buy it, they don’t fix the bugs until January, so why anyone buys it full price in October is beyond me. Great game though, worth £20. Physical copy at Argos for £20 right now


FM is probably the most resource hungry game out there, graphically no but the amount of database calculations makes it so most people can only have a handful of domestic leagues switched on......with the GeForce machines I imagine you could get away with switching most leagues on, but then you’d be able to play it on a tablet too with the geforcenow app, the holy grail!

Football manager digital pc £25.79 @ CD keys
-168° Expired
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Out of stock most places

Aren't the bugs all fixed by now?


That's piracy.


That's a good idea.


If you can get a cheap copy of 2019 with a database update it’s a much better game. This one has too many glitches that take the fun out of it. Have a quick google about it before buying.


Buy a game share account off eBay if you only play offline like I do. £2.50 and worth the money to play

Football Manager 2020 PC DVD - £19.99 (Prime) £22.98 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
This is by far the best price I've found for this year's edition. The expected dispatch time is given as 1-2 days, but mine arrived today after ordering yesterday.
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It’s a Multiplatform release on Steam, so it should.


The price of this has gone back up quite a bit over the past few weeks. Argos eBay have the physical copy at £20 quid but you have to do it on click and collect.


This deal doesn't work. You click and the prices show as around £50.


Does the PC version work on a MAC?


Completed it

Football Manager 2020 for PC - Free with Xbox Game Pass for PC (Subscription Required)
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Ok so not technically free but no extra cost for those with game pass. Perfect game to install and pass some time during lockdown!
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Thanks was thinking about buying the game full priced after the demo, but £1 for a month is probably long enough for me to play before getting bored of it!


Does anyone know if you get gamerscore For playing these games?


if my Xbox game pass runs out, does that mean I can no longer play FM?


you’re wrong about Fifa games, they get worse each year hasn’t been good since Fifa 12


So if you don’t have the steam version you’re f***ed basically

Football Manager 2020 Touch - Switch SA eShop - £13.51
189° Expired
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
UK price for this title is £20.99, but with Revolut you can get it for even cheaper from the SA eShop :D Just switch your region on MyNintendo, or set up an account for SA. Acces… Read more

Got fm mobile for 5.99 on app store. With a tablet is OK for the price


All you have to do is change your main account's region to SA to buy it. You can change back to UK after, if you want. Doesn't matter either way No need to open a new account, unless you have eShop credit remaining in your account. Switching regions wipes any credit remaining so if you do have some credit on your main account then go ahead and create a second account with a separate email address. Note. Gold coins don't get wiped if you change regions


Paid £19 from SA eShop on Monday. Dang.


£12.29 with some points for me. Thank you! Very easy to switch region guys. Used my revolut card.


So all you'll really need is a spare email address, Use that to open a Nintendo account for South Africa, add it to your switch, sign up to revolut (if you wish) and then load that card up (min £10), exchange the money from GBP (you get better rates that way), and make your purchases on SA eShop with that card :) You can play on any account on your switch too, and the game is the same. The eshop-prices site will usually let you know when there are any regional differences.

Football Manager Touch 2020 reduced to £12.99 @ Google Play
148° Expired
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Decent price for a slimmed down version of the main game but includes alot more than the mobile version Good middle point if you want more to do than mobile but not everything tha… Read more

Having played the mobile, touch and full fat FM20, have to say that this one is better than the mobile version in terms of depth but doesn’t come close to the proper game.


How many other games let you do that?


That's mobile, this is touch. Mobile is stripped back even further than touch.



Absolutely dumb that you cant pay for it on either ios or android but use the same logon across both os. I have a note 9 and ipad pro, so I'd have to pay for it twice and play seperate games on either platform. Just plain dumb and archaic programming and strategy.

Football Manager 2020 reduced to £5.99 on App Store and Google Play Store.
1750° Expired
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Desperately missing my football fix, I’ve resorted to watching season highlights of 1990’s Premier League campaigns. With my FIFA days long behind me (unable to claim the TV for an… Read more

Showing £8.99 on play store. I have the 2018 mobile version can anyone recommend if this is worth the upgrade? Cheers


I had a £3 code sat in my account for off sports 2.99..bargain!


Bought this yesterday by using £2 google credit which made it £3.99. Perfect... :D:D


You’ve responded to the wrong comment, but yes I have an apple device, just like you claim to, is that what makes me an “itard”? Nonsense. Clearly too tight to spare £6 on a game.


It might be of interest to some people that the PC version got added to gamepass ultimate, so you can now download it for free on Windows if you're a member.

Football Manager 2020 PC Steam £26.99 at CDKEYS
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
Best price I can find for the current football manager in stock :)
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On Gamepass now anyways.


Can only see click and collect, and most of their stores are closed except for ones inside Sainsburys.


Big fan of the game but they’ve really butchered this iteration. Lots of glitches that means it doesn’t reward you for using realistic tactics. Instead you have to learn the flaws in the game engine. They’ve tried to fix it with patches but it’s still much worse than 2019 which you can get a database for with this seasons teams.


£20 at Argos.


Was posted yesterday for £19 though of course now oos

Football Manager 2020 cheapest price - £19 Delivered @ Watford FC
405° Expired
Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
Football Manager 2020 cheapest price I can find, available in the Watford store. Free delivery on £20 spend so you can add keyring etc.
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Doesn't matter, its OOS


Is this a physical copy or a download, please?


Can add to basket but can't proceed to checkout.


Thanks OP. Is this still in stock? Image says sold out but at the bottom it also says in stock and I am able to add to the basket?


My club Weymouth FC were selling for the same price a while ago. I wasn’t able to post as HUKD couldn’t verify the retailer.

Football Manager 2020 PCDownload (EU-UK) £28.85 @ ShopTo
-174° Expired
Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
Not a great price, but the cheapest digital download I could find for anyone who fell for the free week and is hooked!
Avatardeleted2244731Get deal*Get deal*

I went for this, I couldn’t find anything with digital delivery cheaper


Is it the cheapest ever? No. But its the cheapest online code exactly when I want to buy the game, so heat added :)


The trial got me hooked so i've just bought it on voidu - use the code FMSCOUT, it brings it down to £30. Instant delivery.


So has anyone bought this download from shopto, and been sent a genuine code that works on steam? Shopto has some awful reviews on some sites I've checked, yet on others it sounds good and legit.


I’ve used plenty of times in the past with no issues at all (y)

Football Manager 2020 PC/Steam £19.99 at GAME
-95° Expired
Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Football Manager 2020 PC/Steam £19.99 at GAME
£19.99 £4.99 GAME Deals
Deal available on Game for its PC version and Steam too. Next cheapest is £28.99 on CD-Keys

wait for delivery


Anyone know - Do you get emailed a steam code to play it immediately, or do you have to wait for delivery?


yes £25 with Royal Mail 48 hours


£25 delivered?

Football Manager 2020 £19.99 Prime / +£2.99 non Prime @ Amazon
271° Expired
Posted 21st MarPosted 21st Mar
Football Manager 2020 £19.99 Prime / +£2.99 non Prime @ Amazon
Something to pass the self-isolation time. Base yourself in 50 of the biggest footballing countries worldwide oversee a new era of success at one of 2, 500 clubs at every level… Read more



back in stock




Oh. That sucks. More will appear. If not. Buy from a CDkey seller. If you find it cheap and post a deal you may get some heat!


Unfortunately the cheapest on amazon is now £38!

Football manager 2020 £19 delivered or 2 copies for £30 at The Hornets Shop
185° Expired
Posted 21st MarPosted 21st Mar
Football manager 2020 £19 delivered or 2 copies for £30 at The Hornets Shop
Cheapest price I can find for the game, or if you and a friend want copies works out as £15 each (delivery free with orders of £20 or more, otherwise £4 delivery).
Get deal*Get deal*

Apparently they dispatched mine today so we will see if it comes by Saturday.


I’ve had post today


He can’t share the link because that deal is finished now but it was posted on here.


You got it from Amazon for only £0.99 more? Can you please share the Amazon link?


Are Royal Mail still working though? Have not seen a postman in days and post boxes haven’t been emptied since Monday.

Football Manager 2020 £20.50 delivered at Blackpool FC Shop
-76° Expired
Posted 21st MarPosted 21st Mar
Football Manager 2020 £20.50 delivered at Blackpool FC Shop
A fantastic way to pass the time during isolation. £15 plus postage. Why not pick up a famous tangerine shirt for £15 too at the same time?! Best price I can find for this game.
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Cant checkout it just jumps back to the basket when I try to go to payment I was going to pay the 50p more to get it sooner, I had to create a account now I'm going to get emails about season tickets and various other s#€t I hope my friends dont see it.


"Why not pick up a famous tangerine shirt for £15 too at the same time?!" I know there's a shortage of toilet paper these days, but that's a pretty expensive alternative. (lol)


Doesn't make any sense this website sometimes. More expensive here


Only for 7 days


Isn't this free at the moment?

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