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Sonic Mania - Nintendo Switch - £8.19 from Russia eShop
Found 23rd JunFound 23rd Jun
86 on Metacritic looks like a good price for a good game Personally I use Revolut to avoid additional fees Change account region
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No you will have to check your specific card details. Most cards are usually about 3% so in this case an extra 25p quite a few banks offer fee free cards so it's worth looking into for when you go on holiday but just for this game it's not worth the hassle


Thanks, bargain, bought it


wouldn't buy this version because in russia sonic plays you.


I think so. All three are North America as far as regions are concerned if memory serves.


No it's down to provider.

Atari Flashback 8 Standard Console with 105 Games was £59.99 now £39.99 @ Argos - more in OP inc Sega Mega Drive / Portable Console
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Great price reductions on some Retro themed consoles at Argos today. Get deal link goes to all in the offer & will pop some individual links / info on the better buys below. … Read more
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Emulation on the Pi can be hard work, partly because it's actually not a very powerful system. It can barely emulate the SNES era. I did get Final Fantasy V working without choppy music eventually, but it took a lot of tweaking with the settings and even still there are occasional moments when it just isn't 100% smooth. For those who have a Mac though OpenEMU is excellent. It's a shame it's not been ported to Windows and Linux.


If you even get a hint that setting up a RPi is too complicated for you, then it is. My opinion is that they're a complete nightmare. SD card issues, millions of settings, learning Linux command line nonsense, I would stay well, well clear. TBH, I'd buy a Nintendo SNES Classic Edition, and then use the much much simpler process of adding roms using an app called haxchi (I think it's called) on your PC (not Mac or Chromebook). You can use an old iPod charger, or even the USB ports on your tv to power it, comes with HDMI cable, and 2 very very decent controllers. And it looks cool as f**k.


My experience of retro gaming is sticking a SMS emulator or two on my PC and downloading roms, used MAME a lot for the arcade classics too. I call that simple. The Pi stuff which I am completely new to gets described as simple, just do A, B, C, then get X, Y, maybe Z, and do D, E and F, is really that easy. But it does not really sound that simple, does it? Not compared to running MAME on your PC anyway. But yeah thanks to cgap for the good info. I am more tempted now also to get my finger out and get into it, and at least give it a try.


Balti and Vimto and Spangles Were always crap. Regardless of the look back bores


Thanks for taking the time to share this, I've tried a few times over the years to get an old pi running emulators but with no luck. Will give it another go as it seems things have become a bit more simple since I last tried.

(PS4/Xbox One) SEGA Mega Drive Classics - £17.95 w/Code @ TheGameCollection
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Xbox One LINK Game Features SEGA’s collection of Mega Drive & Genesis classics comes to a new generation of consoles – and players. Over 50 titles across all genres fro… Read more

As it is missing some sonic games, I may consider this when it is <£10 until then the PS3 version is far superior! I don’t know why they haven’t just released a base SEGA game / app and then chucked as many past games as they can in it that are available to purchase at a reasonable price in app. Could allow you to build up the library you want, when you want. (Which most peeps have anyway elsewhere).


Ordered thanks


I will stick with my original megadrive. Not a bad price.


Think it was a joke


It's not enhanced according to this review website

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SEGA Mega Drive Classics (PS4 & Xbox One) £19.85 delivered @ Base
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle Alien Soldier Alien Storm Altered Beast Beyond Oasis Bio-Hazard Battle Bonanza Bros. Columns Columns III: Revenge of Columns Comix Zone … Read more

Isn't this the same as the PS3 release?


The games The games do not work properly, either in single or multiplayer. The games freeze, the games slow down, the sound isn't accurate, even the intro movie skipped and stuttered before the patch. The whole package is a mess. You could play online multiplayer with Mega-Drive ROMs twenty years ago using Kaillera and it worked smooth as butter, there is absolutely zero excuse for the shoddy emulation in this package.


I disagree with the above these games are 25 years old and never intended to be played online. Also works out roughly 37 pence a game which is still great value. If you want to play with someone get your buddy round like old times. Still doesn't take away how good the games play on new consoles in your living room. I personally am enjoying the nostalgia.


I’m shocked at how bad this looks 🙈


It's an utter stinker. Not worth it even at £20.

Sega megadrive classics PS4 the game collection £19.95 @ TGC
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
As above, £19.95 delivered.
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Fat fingers just voted cold by mistake. Sorry op, great deal.


Tempted by this but know it's just me being nostalgic and I'd NEVER play it. Really not sure how many would be different...


Played it with a mate, input lag ruins some of the fun unfortunately.


All of the multiplayer games have online play.


Blame Michael Jackson for that.

SEGA mega drive ultimate collection ps3 Xbox 360 - £2 @ GAME
Found 2nd JunFound 2nd Jun
Searching game website and found these

Just the Sega Classics released by M2 for the 3DS offers the most accurate and feature rich emulation to date. The 3D effect is also surprisingly brilliant coupled with the 16bit pixel art.


Any more information? Haven't had a 3DS and thinking of getting one now.


Pretty easy platinum too.


The emulation is worse than the ps3 x box 360 version, and dont get me started on how bad streets of rage 3 is, they butchered the sounds


Ps3 and xbox 360 games for £2? More than likely at 1 point they did cost this,

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SEGA Mega Drive Classics (PS4/Xbox One) £21.85 Delivered @ Base
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
£2 drop since my last post. SEGA’s collection of Mega Drive & Genesis classics comes to a new generation of consoles – and players. Over 50 titles across all genres from al… Read more

It's very noticeable. The more I played, the more I noticed. It's an irredeamable stinker. Give it a miss.


yeah I decided to wait a little,ideally £15. that being said the used ones on eBay go for over £21.85 at the moment. I want this and Street Fighter collection but rather wait a little more for better prices.too many unplayed games.


If it's booked though, it'd probably be smart to wait til the price drops surely?


I will still pick it up,just because of convenience and that awesome double sided poster inside. I have the real console and some carts all boxed and complete and also a very expensive flash cart for it that has the whole library loaded inside,but with new TVs and no scart port it’s just too much of a hassle to hook it up. this will be fine for some quick 16 bit fix.


I still use original hardware but this is still nice to have for a quick gaming session now and then despite its problems it’s well worth owning (y)

Sega Mega Drive Classic 81 Built In Games Console - Retro - £46.99 eBay nu-shop
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
Cheap retro gaming

Dpending on the games, you may want to just get many of the ROMs on steam and run them on an emulator. This way you can also get Sonic 3 but you lose out on e.g. Mortal Kombat.......of course there are alternative ways to still be able to play games like this. At least this way you have access to better emulators.


Yeah its made by AT games, stay away from it


This doesn't have the same SNES mini quality to it but it does have more than three times the built in games and the ability to play cartridges too. Might wait to see what the new mini mega drive is like which is actualy produced by the same company as this one, AtGames.

Sega Mega Drive Classics (Digital) - Mexican Xbox Store £15.48
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
This deal is for those who buy digital and want the easiest method to get the best price on this. On the UK store it is £24.99 (with 10% on preorder price) which isn’t bad but I fo… Read more
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Can you be banned for this? I thought it was bannable downloading from other regions


This works. Microsoft did ask me for an address so i just found a random Mexican hotel and used that and it worked. Playing it now


Was afraid of that, will try one day, for now Brazil gift cards are normally not too much more


Mostly but these ‘bundle’ types drop like stones :D same as rare replay was well surprised on that one


Don’t all games do this eventually?? Unless it’s GTA V ...

Sega Classic Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - FREE on Google Play Store
Found 9th MayFound 9th May
Free Game to play and download 1.99 to remove ads / ads are not very common maybe one every few levels, hope to get 1000 heat great game (y)

I was gutted when SEGA stopped making hardware. Forever childhood, forever nostalgia!!!


Installed but passed, the required Google profile information is intrusive.. maybe it's just me


Wow you have a great memory... :S


Use luckypatcher to remove the ads (android rooted devices only) I will say only use this to trial the game if you like it buy it.


It's free to play but is full of ads. You can pay £1.99 to remove ads.

Sega Mega Drive Classics (PS4 / Xbox One) £22.50 (Using code) @ Monstershop (Pre-order)
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
Cheapest price yet I believe.

Great price for a great collection, just ordered. The retro collections usually keep there value. I've read somewhere sonic 3 has been removed because of some copyright infringements. But definitely worth every penny if you love your retro gaming :D :D


Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle Alien Soldier Alien Storm Altered Beast Beyond Oasis Bio-Hazard Battle Bonanza Bros. Columns Columns III: Revenge of Columns Comix Zone Crack Down Decap Attack Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine Dynamite Headdy ESWAT: City Under Siege Fatal Labyrinth Flicky Gain Ground Galaxy Force II Golden Axe Golden Axe II Golden Axe III Gunstar Heroes Kid Chameleon Landstalker Light Crusader Phantasy Star II Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millenium Ristar Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi Shining Force Shining Force II Shining in the Darkness Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master Sonic 3D Blast Sonic Spinball Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Space Harrier II Streets of Rage Streets of Rage 2 Streets of Rage 3 Super Thunder Blade Sword of Vermilion The Revenge of Shinobi ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron ToeJam& Earl Vectorman VectorMan 2 Virtua Fighter 2 Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair Wonder Boy in Monster World No sonic 3 and knuckles.... it's a miss for me




Is this exactly the same as the 360 version?


Cool! We now have 501 different ways of playing Mega Drive games. I'll keep waiting for a Saturn or Dreamcast collection.

SEGA Ford Racing: Full Blown Twin Arcade Machine £4,995 at liberty games
Found 30th AprFound 30th Apr
About the Game: Full blown racing! Sega released the Ford Racing game in 2006 as the perfect way for players to experience what it would be like to take the classic '78 Ford Cap… Read more
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True, but that would make me a hippocrite, so I'll like yours instead!


You really should of liked yours for the irony.. feel like that was a missed opportunity :(


Nice, but honestly would rather get a "Tiny Arcade Machine"!


He liked his own comment?! How sad can you get!


Thanks OP, bought this to burn it on a Youtube video and get 1million views.

Sega OutRun 2 SP Deluxe Arcade Machine - £40995 @ Liberty Games
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
About The Game: OutRun 2 SP saw Sega release a whole new number of features to the classic OutRun 2 cabinet, designed to challenge and entertain players of all skill levels. All … Read more
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Great deal to all those Hotukdeals lottery winners out there who have the money to buy overpriced arcade games that are too big to fit though any door. Be nice to show of to your poor commoner mates covered in stench.


Can i use google chrome on this


For a mere £40,000 I can point you in the direction of a Rom.


That's a lot of fifty p's to recover.


Free delivery?

Playstation 4 - Capcom x Sega Humble Games Bundle from $0.01 to $15 (£10.74) US/Canadian PSN - Deal now Live!!!
Refreshed 24th AprRefreshed 24th Apr
This is now live: As with all Humble Bundles, a portion of the proceeds will go to charity – in this case, to Save the Children, American Red Cross and, or… Read more
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Thanks, I took the chance that they would be the same and bought the top tier humble bundle and put my physical copy on eBay (still new sealed too) and over a month later it's still on eBay (annoyed) Guess it wasn't as in demand as I thought, unless the humble bundle killed demand for the physical version, though I still thought collectors might like it...


Too late to reply to this but yeah it's the same game only difference is the poster and art book. And the slightly larger box


Far too late to ask in this thread but I've failed googling so far. How do you download the ps3 games? It won't let me log in using my usa account on my ps3? The ps4 was easy to follow and i got them installed. I assumed the ps3 was the same process but it just says: You cannot sign in using another user's sign in id :S


Does anyone know if the Valkyria Chronicles Remastered is the same (contents wise) as the boxed Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Europa Edition? I realise it obviously won't have the physical extras but will it have all the same content/DLC? If so think I might sell my boxed one, which with a bit of luck might pay for this bundle at top tier with a little leftover...


Would love a Yakuza 0 discount code if available please!

Sega Megadrive Classics PS4 & Xbox One game £22.99 with prime discount / £24.99 non-prime
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Not sure if this has been posted, however please remove if it has. Amazon have the Sega Megadrive Classics game down to £22.99 with the £2 prime discount. Beneficial if you're a p… Read more
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Yeah, it's just that in the press release they specifically mentioned trophies, so I'm hoping for something good.


Less than 50p a game, don't know how anyone can complain at that.


Midway arcade origins is better on xbox, plus its backwards compatible.


I absolutely loved that game. Played for hours.


Wish they carried on the streets of rage for the new generation consoles.

SEGA Mega Drive Classics (PS4/Xbox One) £23.99 Delivered (Preorder) @ Base
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Pre-order , Due for release on 29/05/2018, Base takes money on despatch. Nearly £2 cheaper than previous Simply Games deal and current cheapest pre-order by the look of it. SEG… Read more

I'm pretty sure that trophies are mandatory for new PS4 games. Ditto for achievements on Xbox One.


Almost guaranteed to, even the last gen collection on ps3 and 360 had trophies and achievements so would be pretty shoddy if this didnt!


Does this have ps4 trophy support?


Don’t understand why Sega can’t launch a ‘Sega Classics’ game/app on console stores with a few games bundled at a low price point. Then have in app options to purchase any game /game compilations from the back catalogue of their consoles (that they can license etc). The game/app would handle the emulation and boot up the correct emulator for the game seemlessly, if done correctly! Would really open up the Sega vault and allow us oldies to relive our youth whilst at the same time maximising usage of old content that generates little revenue by bringing it to a whole new audience! These discs of 50 megadrive classics are getting stale. No Eternal Champions? No Micromachines? No Olympic Gold, Aquatic Games, Skitchin’ .... I could go on....and on... the fact it is missing sonic 3 and sonic and knuckles AND is largely what I have in the PS3 collection, means I shall avoid this until I see it for less than a tenner.


Yeah most definitely.

Sega 3D Classics e.g. 3D Streets of Rage ~£1.20 @ 3DS eShop russia
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
3DS / 2DS consoles that do not have a NNID linked can change region in the settings on the console to take advantage of lower prices from other countries eShops :) In the sale at… Read more

Indeed pirates! (pirate)


You mean thieves?


Yeah it's for those running devices with cfw ;)




Love SOR2 <3 worth the price if you don't have freeshop (flirt)

Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar

Skyrim VR is excluded from the EASTEREGG promotion :(.


I spoke to a Fanatical representative before submitting this post and they confirmed that it was a dud code, similar to the Easter Egg in GTA S.A :)


"supersonic" works on the dreamcast collection too. Makes it £3.60


rocketman - no idea what it does mind!


Nice little trick on the website when you activate each of these cheats! (ninja) It's worth entering the codes yourself just to see the effort that Fanatical put in to this campaign. I managed to use the Konami code and the Doom "IDDQD" cheat but couldn't get any other known codes to fire. Any hints?

Massive in-store apparel sale in GAME
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Lots of hoodies for £10 - e.g. the SNES one pictured (normally sells for up to £40) - also other franchises (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo) Lots of t-shirts for £5 - PlayStation, Se… Read more
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Got the Nintendo Hoody and Destiny 2 hoody in Coventry, trying to think of a reason not the get the Zelda duffle bag backpack thing


Managed to grab the orange and a blue one from the Lewisham Game. Brothers gonna be over the moon! Was the tee I wanted to get him for Xmas but it was like £18.99+ then postage.


Thanks for this, picked up a few bits for me and the Mrs, the Destiny shirts are nice for £5, the 3 class logo/crest. Nice and subtle so people dont know im getting ****** over by Activision for microtransactions as i'm walking around...


Not for me as I'm a medium (:I


WTF happened to the comments on here to descend into arguments about how garments fit people?!??!!

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