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Google Home Hub pre order £139 exclusively at Currys!
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Currys have an exclusive pre order on the Google Home Hub - Google’s latest new product! The product has received great reviews I’ve ordered mine this morning! Top features: -… Read more
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I am often surprised by the lack of knowledge arround privacy, especially the "if you have nothing to hide" troop. I have 2 words that should really worry you Data mining!


Well said my friend


I've ordered two of these think they look great, Also not bothered about the camera being missing


Why do tech companies find it so hard to put a physical slider/shutter in front of the webcam? Newer laptops have this (ThinkPad) and it's literally the simplest 'innovation' - one which the first logitech webcams had Send a message to the tech companies. We don't want cameras without a physical shutter. Our devices are too easy to hack into and the cameras are easy to access.


It's the fact it's Google that bothers me more. The company caught out repeatedly for lying about its tracking practices, and that mines literally *everything* you do and now, say and watch, to enhance its knowledge about you and use that info to sell targeted ads at you. No thanks. Honestly, I'm amazed more people aren't bothered about their practices. Spooky AF.

Google Home WiFi Twin Pack in-store at Currys - £169
LocalLocalFound 6th OctFound 6th Oct
£60 off the usual price at the moment. Seems to be £229 everywhere else. Can't see the deal in the website but found it in two different stores over the last couple of days. Edi… Read more
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I just picked up from currys bolton for £169, its sorted my wifi right out :)


It only arrives tomorrow so don't know yet. Sound was good in demo and a friend has one they are delighted with.


Seems like they are discontinuing selling the twin pack - I went to my local branch in Brighton and they told me it’s for £170 but they can’t order it for some reason. I’ve called up as well and they confirmed they’ve stopped selling them. For £170 it was a steal, oh well! Funny thing is they’re still advertising the twin pack in shops - I was told to try another shop but the next nearest curry’s is 30 mins away


What do you think of the TV?


I got one from John Lewis for just under £1800 matching Power Direct I think. It was a PD flash deal. They seem to have them often though

Google Home mini - £39.99 @ Clas Ohlson
Found 28th SepFound 28th Sep
£39.99 with a free delivery over £35.
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No but lots of people have on trustpilot


I’ve never used that website, so I don’t really trust it at the moment :) have you ordered from them before? Thanks


£33.99 here

Buy 2 Google Home minis for £68.40 on Google's 20th anniversary
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
20% off for Google's 20th and an extra £10 when you purchase two Google home minis.
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"Google Home Max" - It's Google's new large version of the Home.


It is! £101 brand new or £175 for 2, delivered.



Good deal. Shame the Google Home Max is not on offer.


Literally last night I said "Hey Google, play some music on Deezer" and it said something about I need a Netflix subscription to cast Netflix. Like er you what mate?

HP GOOGLE 11-v051na 11.6" Chromebook & Google Home Mini Bundle £169.99 @ Currys
Refreshed 24th SepRefreshed 24th Sep
Back in stock 24/09 - Nice bundle, basically paying £10 for a Google Home speaker, up to 12 hours use per charge is ideal for student work, browsing and homework Chrome OS … Read more
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No chance of £1=2 dollars in the coming years sadly. For various reasons of course. It could be better I guess.


Yes far too much faffing around to get there. Still it's far too much imo for something that isn't as powerful as an i3. It's not far off but that's not the point. You only have to go a few Bob more and your looking at i5.


It used to be heaven shopping in the US 10 years ago when £1 = $2. The UK isn't such a rip off now and things like fresh fruit are much cheaper here. The CPU in the £350 machine is actually sold as a Pentium chip. In reality, I think it's a top end Celeron as the Celerons are N3060 and this Pentium is N4200. On the rare occasion I've managed to get Linux working properly, I can see the advantages, great speed, no bloat, great security, no constant updates, no Google snooping, but it's just too much faffing to get there.


The UK is never good value when compared to the Yanks. VW paid $10k per customer in the US. What did we get? $999 dollars for the iPhone does not equate to £999. The list goes on. £350 for a celeron processor and a paltry 4gb of ram!? They're having a laugh! Yes sadly the issues are seemingly never ending with distros of Linux. For some people they're rock solid but for many including myself, its just too much messing around to get it to work properly.


Agree with everything you say kwl. I bought a refurbished Acer 15 from the USA for just £206. (I don't consider the uk price of £350 to be good value for the hardware,) Linux support came with an update last night. I really think with first Android support, and now Linux, it's almost a new start for Chromebooks. Having used this Acer with the touchscreen for just a few days, it's like they've overtaken what Micro$oft was trying to achieve with Windows 8. It's always a risk going for something new, but at only £206 it feels like a bargain as the experience in just a few days is so much better than Windows 10. I can see high spec Chromebooks appearing as Linux and Android ultimately will require more resources. Like you, I also had a poor experience with Linux, (Mint for me,) and it came down to software and hardware not getting on. When I eventually got the drivers sorted, on the next reboot, it would always break the Grub2 bootloader. With this Acer 15, everything just works. Better than my Asus FX503 which is 3 times more expensive. As Micro$oft have gone subscription with office, I think it's a matter of time before it does the same with OS. Maybe time to invest in some Google/Apple shares?

Instore only buy a Google Home and get a Google mini free. - £129 @ Currys
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
I just bought a Google Home for my granddaughter in store (Exeter) and got a Google mini for free! Offer on until the end of the month. OK not for everyone and this will be … Read more
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Found our home + minis very handy. They get used a lot more than expected.


I think the idea is to use this as a starting block to fully automate your home. We still use ours & the sound quality is good


Once the novelty wears off, this is just more landfill


I don't think this is much better than the mini. Not to impressed by the sound quality. I would be much happier with one with an audio jack.


Not a bad deal but I'd still wait until googles conference in a couple of weeks to see what new products they are launching

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Google Home Refurbished With a 12 Month Argos Guarantee £67.99 @ Argos Ebay
Found 11th SepFound 11th Sep
Google Home Voice-Activated Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Google AssistantRefurbished With a 12 Month Argos GuaranteeSimplify your everyday life with the Google Home, a voice-act… Read more
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I've been thinking of the Echo for home, but wondering how the Google Home works with Amazon Music (as I have Prime)? Can you ask it to stream songs on Amazon? Thanks Mark.


Such a good product. Thought it was a gimmick when I bought it but use it all the time. Bought a logitech harmony hub to go worth it... walk through the door and dsy "okay Google turn on sky" or "turn on the xbox" and it fires everything up while I'm making a drink


Fantastic deal, use ours every day. Brilliant product.


Great spot, enjoy the heat.

Google Home Mini in Chalk £33.99 @ Go2Games
Found 8th SepFound 8th Sep
In stock now!
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Update on this - I've had my money refunded by Paypal. No mention of the device. I'll see if Google can fix it. Beware these guys - complete cowboys.


Better price than the 2 for 20th anniversary deal with less heat. You've got got heat from me!!


Not the same at all. I use mine mostly for radio and music the odd question, cooking and timing. You can do it all on your phone but it's just not as convenient. If nothing else it's a decent WiFi radio and Bluetooth speaker.


Why bother with this device just use your android phone and say OK Google. Exactly same functionality


Cold normal price.

Google Home Max UK launched today @ Google Store - £399
Found 30th AugFound 30th Aug
Fully expect this to go cold. Not for everyone. Sonos 5 challenger....but with assistant support they can't deliver. Not strictly a deal but some might find this useful 20x more … Read more
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Thanks alot for the response. Really appreciate it. I would go for cc option as I've got various ones dotted round the house. Just hate keeping tabs on charge for the speakers... Ggggrrrrrr


I know this is months late but maybe it's still a relevant answer... What you're looking for are active speakers, as in they power themselves. Take a look through some examples and hopefully that answers your query? I have a pair of Q Acoustics BT3 and am very happy with them although being bookshelf speakers they obviously lack in bass, if that's your thing. You can plug a Chromecast into them via the audio-in or just connect directly to the speaker, ruling out the need for the Chromecast in the first place if you want to just stream from a browser/tablet/phone.


Errrm. How? Edit. Googled. Wow, didn't know they released that. Thanks


Ahh TV, Sky Q all the same to me (lol)


You can pair a bluetooth speaker to a Google home, but there are known performance issues with the audio stuttering that is yet to be fixed.

tado Smart Thermostat Starter Kit v3 + Google Home Mini Charcoal £184 Delivered @ BT Shop
Found 30th AugFound 30th Aug
Nice little bundle deal if you were looking to smarten up your heating system. The tado Smart Thermostat has everything you'd expect and more from a modern thermostat, with remote … Read more

V3+ just announced so expect older generations to be reduced shortly.


Yes fitted mine at the weekend after tado supplied me with fitting instructions for my exact boiler and relay receiver. Customer service was amazing and fitting a doddle.


I'm Android and Google Home all the way, so looks like the V2 and an extension box will do me! Excellent


Unless you need Apple Homekit, go for the V2 and save yourself that amount on the thermostat.


Ah, so the price is instantly £75 Cheers

PHILIPS Hue White & Colour Ambiance E27 Starter Kit & Google Home Mini Bundle - £149 @ PC World
Found 28th AugFound 28th Aug
Currys/Pc World are offering what seems like a great offer for those wishing to get the hue white & colour ambiance starter kit at a price of £149 plus there are throwing in a … Read more

Can be bought cheaper following the Currys pricing mistake. I have a couple sets myself (y)


Thank you for the info. Didn't see previous post despite searching.


I meant i can sell it to you or anyone interested in this group


How so?


Was lucky enough to get two of these for £79 each when the deal was posted a couple of weeks ago unfortunately it isn't possible to source a time machine to get them for that price now (embarrassed)

Nest Hello Doorbell plus free Google Home Mini plus £10 voucher @Argos Code HOME20 £183.20
Found 27th AugFound 27th Aug
Thanks for the heads up on the Ring Doorbell, but my home is wired up to Google rather than Amazon so I thought I would check out the Nest Hello prices. Yes it's a lot of money fo… Read more

I've been quite happy with mine. Familiar face alerts don't always register the person, but I'd say it has a 70% hit rate. I'm going to buy the subscription as I also use it as a 24/7 camera due to some burglaries recently in my area. It ended at lunchtime today and I forgot to renew it in time, so I've probably lost all my familiar faces annoyingly. I'm not too bothered about the video history being lost, but oh well!


Free Nest Aware trial ended now for me and didn’t really get the familiar face notification only once when I tested it on the google home mini. Not even the postman was announced, he had put the letters in the letter box and left. seems it’s just as bad as the Ring version 1. Will keep it as the video live view is better and I can see it on the Echo Show. I’ll wait and see if the notifications are better before subscribing, Nest community forum very vociferous about the delay and Nest don’t seem to acknowledge this or say they are going to do something about it.


Paid for installation, guy had to drill through the wall so yeah sometimes easier to let an expert do it, especially if it's only 50% yours...


Mine is working great so far. Familiar face doesn't always work, but it's not a massive deal for me. Notifications come through quickly. Only thing I haven't figured out is how does it prioritise between sending to my phone and also my wife's phone?


Did you know you can merge duplicates? Just hold down on a face then select all the ones you want to merge. There's a merge arrow top right

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker - Chalk £32.30 delivered w/code  @ AO
Refreshed 30th AugRefreshed 30th Aug
Bit cheaper than elsewhere, Google Home Mini Smart Speaker Chalk for £32.30 w/code EXTRA5 . Free delivery and 2 year manufacturer warranty. Google Home Mini Smart Speak… Read more

I'm a single guy in a tiny flat. It's barely worth putting in controllable lights since the light switches are always so close to me anyway. I'm def thinking about it though. I'm on a free trial of YouTube Music but the Mini doesn't seem to understand that so I'm still using the YTM app to cast to proper amp and speakers. tl;dr still trying to find a use for it and not succeeding. Does anyone genuinely say Hey Google how doe I make beans on toast?


I saw a good deal on tinfoil that should sort any issues.


That's what they want you to think :/


I ChromeCast music to my Home Mini (so I have the controls on both devices), set alarms/reminders and often ask it the weather. What smart lights have you got?


No problem, enjoy! I hadn't looked at them in while as I was fairly happy with the custom ones I'd created, but it looks like they've overhauled the options and made them much simpler and more powerful. There's some really good examples of there use in the ready-made section, I might have to revamp mine now (y)

PHILIPS Colour Ambiance E27 Starter Kit & Google Home Mini & Hue White Bundle - £149 @ Currys
Found 24th AugFound 24th Aug
Turn your house into a smart home with this Google Home Mini with Hue White and Colour Ambiance 27 Starter Kit. Control your electronics, get information from the web, change your … Read more
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How do I expire this.


I am planning to make £250 by selling 5 sets i got


I missed out on the deal last week after they cancelled it. The handling of my complaint has been an absolute disgrace to the point that I'm going to have to make more of a complaint about that!! Shambolic customer service.


Blasphemy!!! Ban him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


£78.94 and made £60 selling the google mini + hub.. I mean, £18.94 for 3 bulbs and a dimmer.. (party) (party) (party)

Google Home refurbished with 12 month guarantee @ Argos eBay
Found 23rd AugFound 23rd Aug
Google Home for £67.99 refurbished (A Grade) with 12 month guarantee and free delivery. Limited stock. Google Home Voice-Activated Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Google As… Read more

Refurbished my backside, mines just been delivered with a big hole in the material base, right at the front, and its registered to someone else as back garden speaker. going straight back.


Although it impacts the convenience of just speaking to the echo, you can turn the mic off and use an Echo remote which should mean it'll only be listening when you press the remote button. Both the Echo and Google Home activate with false positives; for us the Home was far more enthusiastic when not required; even in a room where it should have been completely quiet, you could hear the activation sound kick in. Spooky. So much so that we've now got it on a smart plug and ask the echo to turn it on only when we want to use it. That may change now that I've finally been able to link the GH to an external bluetooth speaker, a feature that wasn't available when we first purchased it and meant that the Echos ruled the roost for playing music etc. The Home's radio streaming ability seems to be more reliable than the Echo which often just stops playing. This may be due to a number of factors, WiFi, bluetooth etc. so ymmv.


main difference that i've found between them in terms of activation is that you can't actually talk about alexa without her waking up, but because the keywords for google to wake up are different, you can. both do burble occasionally when you don't expect them to, but alexa seems to do that more often for me - i have them both in the same room, so comparing is pretty easy. for me, i like alexa's brevity and the fact that the smart home integration via the alexa app gives you buttons to turn things on and off, which google's home app doesn't. to be fair, i'm now using smartthings instead so that's not much of an issue for me any more. google does voice recognition which is much better in a multi-user household, but tends to babble on a lot more when turning lights on and off. really, though, they're much of a muchness, and it mainly comes down to what you're using with them rather than the devices themselves as to which is better. i lean toward google, but then i use their services heavily (email, calendars, etc) and have a multi-user household (2 adults, 2 kids) all using multiple devices.




Love my Google Home, have this and 2 minis in my house so far. Very useful in the kitchen when your hands are not free and for controlling Chromecast devices.

Google Home Mini £34 Argos - available in Chalk, Charcoal or Coral
Found 23rd AugFound 23rd Aug
One of the lowest prices on a single Google home mini.

Not a silly question. I read the blurb and saw the reviews, it says it only works with your voice. But this is a LIE!! I'm a female and a Londoner with a London accent. But if I listen to Australian on YouTube, male or female it responds to the point now where I have to put it on silence of I want to watch or hear anything. Also it sometimes responds to older male radio 4 presenters and I've no idea why. Even if I didn't think any of those sounded like me, they definitely don't sound like each other! You have the option to correct errors like this by saying hi/hey Google send feedback.... But it doesn't stop it from happening in the first place (or apparently the second or third...)


Free delivery via Currys as mentioned above if you can't c&c


Looks good to me as I missed out on the BT offer the other day, and I'll get a £10 voucher for buying 3 (cheeky)


Same price at Currys Pcworld if it helps anyone


Standard price? Another non existent deal.

Google Home, Save £30 @Argos £99
Found 19th AugFound 19th Aug
Google Home, offer also available on Google Store
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Great Dust Collector !!!


I don't have a problem with either but I think Google is more likely to give you a useful answer but Echo has better sound.




Go in to and check the play back if you hear lots of static try a couple of things give a blow into the mic holes at the top or run the hover brush over them a few time's if still bad do a factory reset failing that Just order a replacement product from Google via RMA process.


I find google doesn't hear us, whereas Alexa hears us 99.9% of the time

Two google home devices for £134.30 delivered - Google Ebay store
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Putting two in your basket qualifies for a £50 discount, then using the PIGGYBANK code reduces by a further 15%, so £134.30 delivered for two.

Occasionally eBay runs a promo where your final value fee (fvf) is only a quid when you sell something, instead of their usual extortionate fees, so that's when I sell all my stuff n things


I have one for sale if u r London based ?!


Sorry how does the £1 work please ?


Its gone so quickly


Ah crap I missed it while trying to find a second buyer. Oh well

Google Home Mini - 3 Pack - Coral £76.49 from eBay / communication-gadgets
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Great price, only Coral left in stock

Thanks for update all, looks like they've raised the price. I've edited the deal to reflect


Looks like it although coupon part says to get for £76.49, base part in there shows as £89.99 so guess that part only updates once a day and shows retailer has increased price


These are showing at £99 base price so with discount they are only £85, presuming this deal has gone??


just paid £29 for one :)


Coral is the only decent colour choice anyway! (y)

Google Home Smart Speaker White £84.15 w/code @ Ebay AO
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Use code PIGGYBANK Thanks Trick23 Simplify your everyday life with the Google Home, a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. Use voice commands to enjoy music, g… Read more
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Even better if you order two at the same time from google ebay store, as there is a £50 discount, then with the PIGGYBANK discount takes it down to £134.30 for 2, delivered.


"Alexa... Alexa... ALEXA!!!"

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