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Google Home features a variety of voice-activated smart speakers from one of the tech world's biggest companies. Capable of delivering streaming audio, calendar reminders, and help from Google Assistant, these devices can also manage home lighting and heating, and hook up with Chromecast to stream movies and TV. Even better, buyers can find the best offers and discount on these cutting-edge products for less at the Google Home hotukdeals listings. Read more
Google Home Speaker - White - £39 @ Sainsbury's Selly Oak
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Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd AprLocalLocal
Spotted in Sainsbury's Selly Oak in Birmingham. Was £89.00, Now £39.00. Quite a few in stock.

I've got a couple and the sound ok to me. Mind you, I've got tinnitus. ;)


Haha, I meant I read about it :D


How did you hear it then? (:I


I've heard the sound quality is pretty poor on these units.


Posted 5 days ago before lockdown ended. Good deal

Google Home Smart Speaker With Google Assistant + 2 Year Warranty - Grade B Pre-owned - £25 + £1.95 delivery = £26.95 delivered @ CeX
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Posted 2nd MarPosted 2nd Mar
Google Home Smart Speaker With Google Assistant + 2 Year Warranty - Grade B Pre-owned - £25 + £1.95 delivery = £26.95 delivered @ CeX£26.95CeX Deals
Price drop on Google Home Smart Speaker to £25, pre-owned grade B (good condition). Delivery cost is £1.95 and comes with a 2 year CeX warranty. Older speaker but a good price. New… Read more

Mine arrived today to replace a nest mini in the garage which wasn't quite loud enough! Damaged and repaired original box, but product looks brand new, so well looked after, first purchase from cex, arrived well packed so will certainly look to use them again (y)


Might be worth checking the local Sainsbury's - sister picked one up for £25...


HEATED ! Always hot mr. Switchy, so tempted to boost my Google devices count in the house, but I have run out of rooms. I am beginning to replace with echo dots minimum gen 3, wherever I can find them : - )


This is quite interesting, I would really like to know what your motivations are. I currently have 3 google minis and a Hub and thermostat. However, I recently purchased an Echo Dot v3 and absolutely love it! I purchased an Echo Show 5 for £40 yesterday. What I love about Alexa is that the wake word is far easier on the lips for starters, Whispher mode, better microphone array on the DOTs ( 4 i believe ). Drop-In feature which is like a 2 way intercom without dialing ( becomes 2 way video chat if Echo Shows are involved ). It seems superior in most ways. Youtube integration isnt so great, but not sure that is a deal breaker for me as I dont really want to see youtube on a tiny screen. I am concerned about speaker groups though. On my Google, i use VLC or STICHER to CAST to my speaker group which is to the entire house, and not entirely sure how this will work with Alexa, so I may have to maintain both ecosystems.


Good little speaker use ours every day

Google home speaker £39.99 delivered @ The Big Phone Store
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Posted 24th JanPosted 24th Jan
Google home speaker £39.99 delivered @ The Big Phone Store£39.99The Big Phone Store Deals
Great sounding speaker for the price.

These are not so good sounding. I have one but dont use it.


Quite often CEX grade A are new, obviously no guarantee though.


+1 . . . just thought someone might find it useful if they are looking for one


That's not brand new...


Check this out instead:

Google Home Smart Speaker With Google Assistant + 2 Year Warranty Grade , A Condition - £33.95 Delivered @ CeX
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Posted 24th JanPosted 24th Jan
Google Home Smart Speaker With Google Assistant + 2 Year Warranty Grade , A Condition - £33.95 Delivered @ CeX£33.95CeX Deals
Grade B here for £29.95 Grade C here for £26.95 Hands-free help from the Google Assistant. Get answers, play songs, tackle your day, enjoy your entertainment and control your… Read more

The audio and the mic on this Google Home is better than the Nest Mini IMO.


Ordered a refurb but it was American and would not link to my WiFi. Tried everything, ended up sending it back.


Have to disagree with this, I have at least one of each of the google speakers including the lenovo smart clocks, and at this sorta price, this is the best value for money in my view. The nest mini isn't strong enough to fill a full room for music listening, they are ok for small rooms and podcasts and the nest audio which is a bit clearer and louder than this is more than twice the price. If you want a relatively loud good value google smart speaker you can't go wrong here. Assuming that you know your way round these but, for those that dont, this home is a 360 degree speaker, if its in the corner it can sound more muffled, so it sounds better when its away from a wall, there is also an equaliser in the home app settings to adjust bass and treble, not by alot but it is noticable (y)


Just Bluetooth...


Does it have an audio out?

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Google home speaker £35 in-store at Tesco Extra Sheffield
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Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd JanLocalLocal
Google home speaker £35 in-store at Tesco Extra Sheffield£35Tesco Deals
Important . During this period of heightened restrictions, it’s important we all shop responsibly, minimise our trips out and continue to help slow the spread of Covid-19. You can … Read more
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Side note, does anybody know how to turn on devices at certain times? I have a smart plug connected to a heater which I want to turn on at 6am automatically.


Spotify - you can link Google Home to your account and your Assistant devices can 'work' Spotify for you, handsfree. And Google's speakers and displays can be paired with a Bluetooth speaker if you fancy. "Routines" - are Google Assistant macros, executing a sequence of commands when given your custom trigger command...


I will see if I can get into the routine. It seems to be more popular than I thought.


When you wanna watch tv and you’ve got food going “hey Google play suits on Netflix” it’s like magic tv turns on, starts playing, on the correct profile. Can also pause, stop, skip.


Had t realised Google where dropping the free calls. They haven’t exactly made this well known.That’s a real shame. I didn’t use it much but it was handy for quickly finding my mobile.

Google Home Smart Speaker - £49 Delivered @ BT
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Posted 24th Dec 2020Posted 24th Dec 2020
Google Home Smart Speaker - £49 Delivered @ BT£49£69.9930% offBT Shop Deals
Pretty nice clearance deal for the Google Home Smart Speaker. <3 Key features Get answers from Google Command your audio Plan to do more Control yo… Read more

Saw them in store at Asda yesterday for 39


The screen should be worth at least £10 extra for most folks! This might sound slightly better, but I'd have expected them to be cleared at £39 or less... The superior sound from the Nest Audio isn't much more than this on some recent offers. So, I don't think this is a 'hot' price any more - though it would have been a few months back.


yup. clearance item looks like


Better off getting the Nest Hub tbh


Expensive for a clearance