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Greenhouse Megathread (options for everyone) From £12.00 See OP for details
Refreshed 21st MarRefreshed 21st Mar
Greenhouse Megathread (Option for everyone (y) ) Aldi Gardenline Large Walk in Greenhouse is my favourite one which is large and comes with 3 year warranty for £49.99... :D … Read more

I would avoid all of these. We had quite a large one from Wilko that was securely pegged down on the lawn at the side of the house. Having had it for a few months, we woke up one morning after a windy night to find it upside down on the other side of the garden with a trail of plants behind it. Waste of money. We bought a proper greenhouse after that.


I prefer supermarket veg, less hassle and come with free drugs :o


I got my room from Amazon link here: But its o.o.s atm, there are cheaper ones on fleabay but the quality of the finether tent is amazing! Plus check the vipon app, as sometimes they have led lights on there. I got a 600w full spectrum led light for £34.99! So check them out just in case. I would recommend getting a small 6" clip on fan for air circulation as well, also on Amazon. I'm growing 3 different super hots atm, 1 chocolate habanero, 1 jigsaw chilli, & 1 ghost chilli! Grown all grown from seed last year, had a few chillis off of the chocalate hab, & the ghost, but still waiting on the jigsaw for a chilli. The issue i have, is co2 distribution. Its hard judging how long to leave the gas contantly running?? Bought a diy kit, (usually used for aquariums) but works for grow tents as well. I tried twice, but the Citric acid (bottle A) completely trasfered to (bottle B) check online for diy co2 kits if your ot familiar with them. I'm going to use a co2 bag until i get some better info. If youe aware of how to use them correctly, please let me know. And good luck with your your chillies, i'm sure you wont be dissapointed with them growing in an indoor garden free from bugs and nasties!😁


Definitely agree, tried plastic ones that looked quality but still didn't last and was a waste of money. More plastic for landfill and possibly the ocean too. I am getting a wooden growhouse (FSC) and looking out for a proper greenhouse, seen some good prices for second hand like you said.


I'm growing chillies too. Once they get established I normally take half of my plants to put in my dad's greenhouse. I only heard about growing tents very recently and I'm considering getting one. I presume with the led light you can grow plants continually. Any recommendations on where to buy from?

Greenhouse staging instore at B&Q. Down to £15 from £45.
LocalLocalFound 10th MarFound 10th Mar
Loads of staging RTC in B&Q. Looks identical to the link. About 15 in Wellingborough store.

Very nice!!

Two Tier Mini Greenhouse £8.99 clearance at Argos
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
Small mini greenhouse to put a couple of plants in. Down from £20.
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Back up to £20 now


These make great kites. Be careful where you place them.


Yes, my mistake. I remembered buying the whole set for around a tenner but that was a few years ago.


That's just for the cover


About the same floor space but 4 tier for £8

2m Walk-in Greenhouse for £27 @ B&Q (Free C&C)
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Was £45, then £35 and now £27. Available in-store. Great for growing crops all year round and shielding them from the elements. Material - Polyethylene Comes with - Guy rop… Read more
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Oh dear, my one turned into a giant kite this afternoon in Storm Freya... That's with it being weighed down with 2x25kg bags of top soil!


It’s not green and it can’t walk .cold !


Ha ha, type in Box Kite and the same thing comes up but with some string attached...


All these years and I didn't realise that you can buy a greenhouse that you can walk into. Whatever next?


The pig in the straw house wouldn't go near this! ;-)

CLEARANCE 2 Tier Mini Greenhouse £9.99 Argos [ from £19.99 ]
Refreshed 7th JanRefreshed 7th Jan
It's selling fast !...………..Grow your own !
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cheers Tommy you are a leg end! :)

RockingTommy I have the Saxon 3 tier which is backed on to a wall and weighed down at the base with slabs. Been up 2 winters now and still standing.


anyone got any alternate links to a product similar but is good like this? Got some plants in the garden and want them properly covered during this winter break. Cheers guys


Definitely. The plastic joints just snap. Say no more (poo)


Ahhh. I had a three tier one, clearly they are using weaker materials

Horti Hood 90 Degree Outdoor Dome Greenhouse Frost Protection - FREE DELIVERY £36.99 ebay / TheVoyageBird
Found 6th Nov 2018Found 6th Nov 2018
Horti Hood 90 Degree Outdoor Dome Greenhouse Frost Protection - FREE DELIVERY £36.99 ebay / TheVoyageBird
£36.99£89.6159%eBay Deals
For those who missed it last time. I got two of these the last time around can confirm they are well worth the money, around the £90 mark everywhere else. Delivery is free Both… Read more
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£30 OR Best Offer now !


Was on here last week or fortnight at £29.99, I bought one. Not unwrapped yet so can’t comment on quality.


For the purpose I need them they are great. We've had a few gusts since they've been up and they've fared well but to be honest with you, I made sure they were rolled back/secured after recently loosing the shed roof to a gust (annoyed)


No better than an umbrella in any sort of light breeze. You will find yourself hanging it up and rushing to move your plants. Complete waste of money


Are they solid and would they last long in strong winds?

Horti Hood 90 Degree Outdoor Growing Dome Greenhouse- FREE DELIVERY at ebay/thevoyagebird for £29.99
Found 27th Oct 2018Found 27th Oct 2018
Horti Hood 90 Degree Outdoor Growing Dome Greenhouse- FREE DELIVERY at ebay/thevoyagebird for £29.99
£56.99£89.8937%eBay Deals
Cracking price compared to everywhere else. Delivery is free.
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That’s what I was thinking.


No longer on sale


How many adult size bikes would this cover?


Super. As long as you have no wind. Mine wasn’t just blown down but metal posts mangled!


If this thing is anything like the plastic greenhouse our neighbours used to own it wouldn't last five minutes in a gale (even with bricks weighing it down). Entertaining to watch though.

Outsunny Walk in Polytunnel Greenhouse - £59.99 delivered @ aosom
Found 4th Sep 2018Found 4th Sep 2018
Outsunny Walk in Polytunnel Greenhouse - £59.99 delivered @ aosom
£59.99£107.9944%aosom Deals
• A Spacious walk-in polytunnel greenhouse, 4 x 2 x 2 m of greenhouse helps to create your very own indoor garden • PE cloth cover ensure all your plants are protected from unsuit… Read more

Very quick delivery


I only looked at the proposed options and they were all of the same. Will check for more thanks!


In the same website you can find reinforced options with discount as well


This does not look too sturdy. Could anyone propose anything firmer < £200?


Just to clarify, I have contacted the support team and they confirmed that the metallic frame is included.

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Mini greenhouse £3.50 instore @ Wilkos
LocalLocalFound 25th Aug 2018Found 25th Aug 2018
Mini greenhouse £3.50 instore @ Wilkos
Mini greenhouse- in store at Wilko . Now only £3.50. Plenty left on the shelf in Ilkeston
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Thats a good idea, like a giant money box. Are you saving up for a real greenhouse?


That's even hot hot Heat added


Paid £2 in mine

Wilko Mini Greenhouse £5 @ Wilko (free c+c)
Found 23rd Aug 2018Found 23rd Aug 2018
Wilko Mini Greenhouse £5 @ Wilko (free c+c)
£5£1567%Wilko Deals
Wilko mini greenhouse further reduced now only £5, free c+c. Has previously been on offer online for £10 and £7.50, so looks a good price. Good reviews. Wilko Mini Green… Read more
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Shame, 'Product Discontinued'. I dithered and then didn't get one when it came down to £10 and I've only just seen this post. It might be worth checking to see if there are a few left in the shops, though.


Can you grow some herbs for me Chanchi? Ganja!


They're great little cheap shelving units these. Got one in my airing cupboard for towels and stuff. Paid £10 for mine. Gutted!


Back in stock


Several on the shelf in Ely store today - but priced and scan at £6 - I bought one. Other great garden deals in store now.

Wilkinson - Small PVC greenhouse £2.00 instore (Bexleyheath)
LocalLocalFound 12th Aug 2018Found 12th Aug 2018
Wilkinson - Small PVC greenhouse £2.00 instore (Bexleyheath)
£2£7.5073%Wilko Deals
Shelf edge says £7.50 but scans at £2.00 possibly store specific. Found in the Bexleyheath store.

£5 in my local 2day (fierce) its a rubbish branch


Ohh great price, my local too


Wilkos are gradually reducing ALL the gardening items nd its nationwide.


People moan about these being thrown away after a year... I’ve had mine 4 years and it’s fine, I just looked after it

wilko mini greenhouse £3 In store Hounslow
LocalLocalFound 11th Aug 2018Found 11th Aug 2018
wilko mini greenhouse £3 In store Hounslow
Willow mini green house. In store Hounslow.
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Great find

Mini Greenhouse only £7.50 @ Wilko
Found 9th Aug 2018Found 9th Aug 2018
Mini Greenhouse only £7.50 @ Wilko
Great value mini greenhouse available at Wilko. Mini Greenhouse with 3 Shelves is ideal for seed propagation, plant growing and hardening new plants before planting them out. … Read more
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It is normally starting to get reduced around this time of year to £5 or sometimes £2.50

Fancy your own Crystal Dome? THE GARDEN IGLOO 360 DOME with PVC Weatherproof Cover was £849 now £699 Del @ Cuckooland
Found 1st Jun 2018Found 1st Jun 2018
Think this looks fab & it has great reviews across the net too. Next cheapest I could find is £849 & it is as much as £1150 at some retailers! You need to use code 50GIGF… Read more

A guy bought one, installed in the garden, added bed in a tent and is renting that as a room on AirBnB :)


Cheaper in Wilko :


Perfect just need a couple of cute robots.


cover - transparent soft PVC you will be lucky to get one season out of this - either you will rip it yourself in an accident or the wind will destroy it - the zip entrance wont last either this is not much different to one of those transparent plastic tidy tents you can buy which are also a waste of money for the same reason if it was hard PVC panels then maybe worth that sort of money


2 months and it’ll be green

Mini Greenhouse now £10 / Walk in Greenhouse Cover and Stage Now £30 @ Wilko
Refreshed 27th May 2018Refreshed 27th May 2018
Mini Greenhouse now £10 / Walk in Greenhouse Cover and Stage Now £30 @ Wilko
£10£1533%Wilko Deals
Back down again price ready for the Bank Holiday weekend. Thought these might be of use to an "amateur" gardener or those with kids like mine who like to grow seeds, Igrabbed one w… Read more
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Beware of buying the large version unless you plant to secure the plants to the shelves. First windy day the flexing of the frame caused our plants to be thrown off the shelves last year.


I have foolishly bought a few of these types of greenhouses over the years. The either blow away or pull themselves apart due to whatever you use to weigh it down. Avoid the hassle of having to throw or away!


I bought one recently and quite impressed. It’s better than a more expensive one I had a few years ago. Time will tell but I think it’s good value.


Oops ! I haven’t gone through the post completely... cheers !..

Mini Greenhouse now £10 /  Walk in Greenhouse Cover and Stage Now £30 @ Wilko
Found 17th Apr 2018Found 17th Apr 2018
Mini Greenhouse now £10 / Walk in Greenhouse Cover and Stage Now £30 @ Wilko
Free click & collect on both, get deal button goes to all, few other offers also so worth a nose on-site Mini Greenhouse with 3 Shelves is ideal for seed propagation, plant… Read more
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I've cable tied mine one - but don't be surprised of howmuch they bow under the weight!


Every year mine have broken in winds. Every year I get frustrated! I have tied them, I have weighted them with bricks, I have tied and weighted them - this year I will just avoid wasting my money


I'm just worried this might blow over in the wind if you leave it free standing. Has anyone got any experience with these


Obviously joking and voted hot (y) I’m gonna get one


The mini greenhouse stayed put for over 2 years. Tied it to fence post and weighted it down with two bricks. (y)

Heathcoat and Ivory gift set - gardeners greenhouse £4.76 Prime @ Amazon
Found 30th Mar 2018Found 30th Mar 2018
Heathcoat and Ivory gift set - gardeners greenhouse £4.76 Prime @ Amazon
£14.40+ elsewhere Who loves a garden loves a greenhouse too" is born the gorgeous gardeners greenhouse. Packed with a moisturizing Shea Butter and Elderflower infused Hedger… Read more
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This would make a lovely gift for a lady gardener.

Wilko Mini Greenhouse now £10 C+C @ Wilko
Found 23rd Mar 2018Found 23rd Mar 2018
Wilko Mini Greenhouse now £10 C+C @ Wilko
Thought these would be great as a starter greenhouse or for anyone with a small garden. Our Mini Greenhouse with 3 Shelves is ideal for seed propagation, plant growing and hardeni… Read more

A good buy - I remember getting one for my Mum 10 years ago £14 !


These blow over easily in strong wind so careful where you site them. They're best tied to a wall.

Rion Grand Gardener Green Greenhouse ~ 8 x 16ft for £143.95 delivered @ Homebase
Found 12th Mar 2018Found 12th Mar 2018
Rion Grand Gardener Green Greenhouse ~ 8 x 16ft for £143.95 delivered @ Homebase
Good size greenhouse for dedicated gardeners (y) -- Rion Grand Gardener is an ultra-spacious premium greenhouse with excellent features for the hobby gardener. Its barn shape d… Read more
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Ditto. Thats what my neighbour did 5 yrs ago, he has never had a problem, probs the others didnt set theres up properly....


I had my refund today. It came in 2 parts though - the delivery payment came back separately so check again.


They took my order and charged £143.95 Inc delivery. They cancelled my order and refunded £140.00 - and kept the delivery cost. Bit sneeky I think !!


Still waiting on my refund too.


No text - no email - no refund...

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