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Wilko Walk in PE Greenhouse with Cover and Shelf Staging H190 x W120 x D190cm - £40 (+£5 Postage) @ Wilko
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Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Thought this was a good price for a walk-in greenhouse. I bought the Aldi one for £25 but had also seen this and whilst it hasn’t got full shelf staging (that costs £80) I thought … Read more
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You'll need to pin this gh down real good. Tie it down with a couple of ropes and anchor to some cinder blocks. Place sand bags on the corners inside and it should stay in place for most of the summer and into early autumn. Fingers crossed. Disassemble and put it away for the winter.


Bargain for people who don’t want to use it this season.


will wait till end of season picked up for £7.50 last year


Nice deal. Been looking for something like this to protect some tomato plants - weather so random at the moment - hailing here (north london) most of the day


Unlike some of the plastic greenhouses, these ones have reinforced covers which outlast the cheap clear ones many times over. It’s usually around the zips or ties that these split. Seems good value.

Gardenline Walk In Greenhouse with six shelves and Heavy duty cover + 3 Year Warranty £24.99 delivered @ Aldi
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Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Update 1
Back in stock online
Walk In Greenhouse with six shelves and comes with a heavy duty cover and ground pegs, as well as a 3 year warranty. Well reviewed scoring 4.7 out of 5 and free delivery dispatche… Read more

Mines full of tomatoes now much stronger and better than last one


Yes mine is just on concrete, in the corner of the garden so a bit sheltered.




Yes put some bricks on the lips.


I want to put this on concrete so couldn't peg down do you think it would be OK?

Horti Hood 90° Wall Mounted Folding Greenhouse £43.55 delivered @ Crafty Arts
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Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Excellent price for this. Elsewhere you are looking at around £84 to £120 and the mini version is around this price. A great way to germinate your seeds, grow on your plants and t… Read more

Anyone received a dispatch email?


Does the job.


Good idea. Got a tent that won't be getting used any time soon


Never seen these before - what a great idea


£39 on Ebay and Amazon. If people want one.

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Mercia Traditional Greenhouse - 4 x 6ft (More options in OP) - £339.99 delivered @ Robert Dyas
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Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Time to setup your greenhouse for the growing season (y) Click here for all greenhosue options Palram Hybrid Greenhouse - Green - £289.99 delivered Palram Mythos Gre… Read more

We are talking the same ...mines the green metal one too The Harmony model ... I just tightened nuts/bolts up when I built it and been fine for many years (y) only issue I ever have had is the small rubber bungs for the roof opening went loose / missing in a high wind ( I left it open by mistake ) ..Palram sent me some in return free of charge (y)


Mikbish, just seen your response. I dont think we're talking about the same greenhouse if you dont recall tightening bolts! There's a lot of them. I wasnt talking about the wooden greenhouse - the main post - but an alternative metal one someone posted in reply.....


Good for isolation, husband, boyfriend.


I like the aesthetics of the wooden greenhouses but I can’t help but think with the extremes of temperatures and humidity you get in a greenhouse that they must be more susceptible to rot. My budget is around £600 and I’m looking for something about 6’x8’ or 6’x10’ but I just can’t decide what to go for.


Couldn't disagree more ! I have had this several years now and still standing strong as new ... I used 4" x 2" wood for an outer base to build it on , direct onto the garden ..Used a few paving slabs inside to walk on etc . Can't recall even having to tighten any bolts either must of been cr*p at meccano ! lol :-)

Outsunny PVC Garden Greenhouse with plant shelves for £75.59 delivered @ eBay / mhstarukltd
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Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
If you have a big garden and wanted to start growing your own tomatoes, peppers, green beans, cucumbers, or even aubergines, then this large PVC greenhouse could be just the thing … Read more



I have done that in the past. The shelving in my greenhouse was my old blowaway plastic one.


You need to weight it down with weights of some kind. I had a smaller one and I needed to use bricks


This is a "I like the thought of gardening... not sure if I will next year" greenhouse It's cheap tat that is going to last a couple of years; far more cost effective to get a sturdier half decent "proper" greenhouse, however, in this time where people are spending more time in their gardens, this will do the job; it's maybe you don't follow it through into 2021, or you enjoy it and and shell out for the decent thing in the future. In any case - this can have a second life. You often see the naked frame in gardens (often next to the greenhouse), as the shelving will continue for years and doesn't look out of place Also, be sure to get something on the frame at the floor to keep the thing on the ground during windy weather, as it's unlikely the supplied string will do the job - cinder blocks, or bags of compost


If it gives folk the opportunity to get growing during the lockdown then I can't see any detriment in buying so long as the limitations are factored 🌻🥒🍅🍀

Gardenline Natural Wood Cold Frame £34.98 inc delivery price at Aldi
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Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Features FSC certified Protection for vunerable vegetables and flowers from cold, frost and rain Polycarbonate glazing on lid and sides Hinged lid provides access and ventilation L… Read more



This was £22.99 in store today.


It might hold dry soil but wet soil and then water into a liner is very very heavy and it would break. If you were looking to build a pond that is raised I would use bricks double skinned as even one skin wouldn’t be strong enough.


thought maybe it could hold soil


No it won’t be strong enough for that

Mercia 6ftx6ft wood greenhouse £399.99 delivered @ Robert Dyas
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Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
Currently £80 off this version. 6 × 4 also available at £339 but a bit too small IMHO. Ideal time to be growing your own Make the most of your garden and outdoor space with thi… Read more
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get used to it more and more products excluded now even small stuff from amazon


Out of stock?


Correct (y)


Now that’s slightly different. I personally always just used the delivery companies app etc to do that myself. I was more on about if my item is late, fails to turn up or arrives damaged etc. IMO it’s then the responsibility of the seller to contact the delivery company, as they are the ones the chose to use them. Legally they are obligated to, but most will try and get us to do it.


Wholesaler is ridiculous, delivery company is usually reasonable if its a business to customer delivery company (e.g., DPD). It's painful how often customers ring up the company they bought it from to say they want to change their delivery slot or they were out and missed their parcel. Talk to the bloody courier company yourself!

Premium Grow Polytunnel 1.9x2x3m £106.94 delivered @ Aldi
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Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
ALDI polytunnel - looks a good price compared with similar sized equivalents from other sites. Ideal for germinating seed, propagating plants and growing and protecting vegetables… Read more

Any chance you have a link to the eBay seller. Looking for a poly tunnel and I'm shocked at the price some are charging.


Just put mine up in the garden - seems quite good

redmoorphil Sorry for the delay! Really pleased with ours - note is only has one cross brace bar on each side rather than 2 shown. You might also be interested in these: 10 is enough but you get 15 for only a couple of quid more.


I think you've been social distancing for too long (lol)


Smarty offers 100gb for £15 monthly rollover contract

Heritage Garden PVC Greenhouse Walk In 6 Shelf £34.95 delivered @ bobofraggins / ebay
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Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
I've been looking for a new temporary greenhouse for frowing my vegetable again this summer and found this one - which is a decent price for its size. Heritage Garden Walk-in 6 Sh… Read more

Or just a couple of bottles of water if you're looking for a quick fix.


With this lockdown, it's good time to build a large cold frame or wooden greenhouse. Yes it may cost you slightly, but the effort and time will make you more active Or you could build with scrap materials like me. I made coldframe using and old bookshelf and an old glass door materials. Quite interesting DIY


Read this as bilbo baggings 😣




Good deal thanks

3 Tier Mini Greenhouse - £9.95 + Free Reserve & Collect @ Homebase
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Posted 4th MarPosted 4th Mar
3 Tier Mini Greenhouse - £9.95 + Free Reserve & Collect @ Homebase
Get ready for summer season.... This 3 Tier Mini Greenhouse provides protection from frost, cold weather and pest. It provides warm environment for seeds, seedlings and cuttings … Read more

Even if it stays put it will flap about in the wind and eventually rip the ties. It's very much a one season item, better to spend 50/60 on a wooden one that should last a few years.


Mine's been out in the recent storms and gales - I put a couple of cinder blocks on the bottom shelf, and put it in a sheltered part of the garden, next to the water butt. Hasn't moved. :)


Let's go fly a greenhouse! I had one of these - last seen somewhere over London during the storm of 2015.


This one is a bit tougher


You mean this...

VegTrug Medium 1.8m Planter + Greenhouse Frame + Cover in Grey or Natural + Free delivery £139.89 @ Costco
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Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
VegTrug Medium 1.8m Planter + Greenhouse Frame + Cover in Grey or Natural + Free delivery £139.89 @ Costco
£139.89Costco Deals
Enjoy growing your own produce with the VegTrug Medium 1.8 metre Planter. Sourced from FSC certified, high quality sustainable plantation grown fir trees, the VegTrug is a sturdy a… Read more

Ok Richard


Same applies to coffee, cake, meals, basically ever consumer products. Dick


Should be as this is the deal in the local warehouse. Ends on the 8th March


Is it the same price in store?


I’ve also done a lot with pallets before.. and it’s a pain in the... to prepare... so I think this is a fair price

Natural Small Wooden Greenhouse £54.99 @ Aldi
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Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
Natural Small Wooden Greenhouse £54.99 @ Aldi
£54.99Aldi Deals
These sold out last year before I could get one. So pleased I managed to find this by chance today, ordered and on its way. Will be available it says March 1st but have received a … Read more

£54.99 for a flimsy lightweight waste of space which is end up in your neighbours garden after the weakest of storms... In the words of Arnie, that's not a shed....


Hi, bought one a few weeks ago and pleased with it, best value for the money i have seen up to now, screwed it to the wall with a single screw just to make sure but with a few decent plants on the bottom shelf i would be surprised if it moved in the wind, comes in 2 colours one in pic above like a golden colour and the one i bought which is like a silvery grey/brown


Could anyone who got one of these give some feedback on if they're pleased with it? Tempted to pick one up for the tomatoes this year instead of just using a blow away.


It it worth using any wood protector on this? If so, can anyone recommend one?


Your chillies need to be started now if you want a decent crop. Indoors with some heat source or a warm airing cupboard 80F. Depending on the type they can take 2 - 4 weeks to germinate. It will be too cold in this greenhouse to germinate them outside and with our current temperatures seedlings will not have a fun time either. Tomatoes will want to be started indoors in a week or two as we will nearing 8 weeks until possible last frost day.

Mercia Traditional Greenhouse - 4 x 6ft £309.99 at Robert Dyas
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Posted 15th FebPosted 15th Feb
Mercia Traditional Greenhouse - 4 x 6ft £309.99 at Robert Dyas
£309.99£34911%Robert Dyas Deals
Best price I've seen for this green house. A nice small sized and decent looking greenhouse that will be more robust than a budget metal framed one (as long as you protect the wo… Read more
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I didn't get that one, but did buy They have a 20% off deal currently: code BIRTHDAY20 Which is the same discount as the black Friday deal I got. Looks nice in garden, took two days to build on my own. It's only 3ft depth which does fit better in the small area I have, however I do also have 40 chilli seedlings growing indoors which will never all fit in there..


Are these any good? The reviews don't look great.




Just curious, what motivated you to name the storm?


Yes, mine has, more than I can say for fence panels

Various Wilko hose connectors from 10p and greenhouse z clips 10p for 25 @ wilko (Bolton)
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Posted 31st Oct 2019Posted 31st Oct 2019LocalLocal
Various Wilko hose connectors from 10p and greenhouse z clips 10p for 25 @ wilko (Bolton)
Local deal to BOLTON, but possibly nationwide see comments. Lots of Wilko hose connectors from 10p. Wilko hose connectors are really good and almost like hozelock in quality and fi… Read more

I've picked up quite a bit recently from the reduced section. LED bulbs @ 50p, weedkiller for £3 instead of £12, ant killer for 20p and yesterday I noticed they had flocked airbeds (single/double) for £4 and £6 respectively. Didn't need one but a great price for a quick put-me-up!


Wilko is amazing!


Thanks, updated deal. Removed references to BOLTON Town Centre


I remember seeing the z clips and the ant bait at the Gateshead Metrocentre store yesterday. (Plus their Halloween stuff reduced


Had loads of these in middlebrook store last night

Wilko Medium size walk in greenhouse now £2.50 store specific
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Posted 13th Sep 2019Posted 13th Sep 2019LocalLocal
Wilko Medium size walk in greenhouse now £2.50 store specific
These don't get amazing reviews on HUKD, most people seem to think they are worth about a fiver - so how about £2.50? West Ealing has around 10 in stock now. I bought 3 (after rea… Read more
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At £2.50 expecting these to be long lasting is a little, optimistic.


These and other cheap plastic greenhouses work well enough but one slightly gusty day is enough to destroy them. They are just not robust enough for our changeable UK weather.


I agree with much of the sentiment of your post. I also try and avoid stuff which is bad for the planet. These have already been manufactured, and I will be using them to grow plants. I hope they'll produce something of value before their end. If the reviews are correct - and I'm sure they are - I hope Wilko will think about this. They seem like a responsible store.


This product is discontinued


An absolute waste of time and resources these. Save your money or donate it to charity. These are just pure landfill rubbish.

Wilko Mini Tomato Greenhouse £4 Instore @ Wilko (Leigh)
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Posted 5th Sep 2019Posted 5th Sep 2019LocalLocal
Wilko Mini Tomato Greenhouse £4 Instore @ Wilko (Leigh)
Loads of gardening bargains in Wilko right now.
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I’ve just bought a few of them at £1 each from the Gateshead store but I doubt there’s any left now.


Good for one summer, then end up in landfill. Unless you're responsible enough to take the metal poles to your recycling centre. Really not worth it; buy one of them ones with reinforced outer and pack it away at the end of the season. (y)


Oh no!! I was robbed - I paid £6.......😹😹


Got one for big tomatoes?


Thank you! Mine all keeled over this week with the wind and not all of them have blushed. Gonna get one of these for next year a although I might use it for my cucumbers

Wilko PVC Greenhouse - Reduced to Clear - £10 - Instore @ Wilko (Leigh)
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Posted 5th Sep 2019Posted 5th Sep 2019LocalLocal
Wilko PVC Greenhouse - Reduced to Clear - £10 - Instore @ Wilko (Leigh)
£10£2050%Wilko Deals
Loads of gardening stuff reduced to clear in Wilko at the moment. This was £25 when I bought one a while ago, it’s pretty good and at £10 it’s a bargain! Still shows £20 online, bu… Read more
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Went to the St.Albans branch after phoning first to check and they had a reasonable amount of Garden stock left much of which was 75% off. I was hoping to get a polytunnel but they didn't have any of the big ones. Plenty of mini greenhouses and cold-frames which I don't really need. Did pick up a nice heated propogater for £4.50 down from £18, half a dozen rolls of weed membrane fabric at 75p each and a number of packets of seeds. Wilko seeds were 10p and the Johnston seeds 30p a packet.


stock left in Mansfield


Thats a good idea will give them a call this morning. Thanks


Leamington Spa. Could be worth calling up the store and asking if they have any gardening stock left?


Which Wilko is that? I was thinking about visiting my nearest Wilko (St.Albans) but its a 45 minute round trip so not just down the road. I am after gardening bits and pieces but not sure if its worth the bother. Has anyone been to the Wilko in St.Albans and know if there are any garden related bargains still in stock?

Walk in PE Greenhouse with Cover and Shelf Staging (H190 x W120 x D190cm) for £10 @ Wilko (instore)
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Posted 4th Sep 2019Posted 4th Sep 2019LocalLocal
Walk in PE Greenhouse with Cover and Shelf Staging (H190 x W120 x D190cm) for £10 @ Wilko (instore)
Good value greenhouse :) In store only offer Ideal for seed propagation and plant growing Durable with removable cover Easy to assemble Our Medium Walk-In Greenhouse … Read more
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5 of these left in gateshead store. Priced at 10 quid each


I have one of these (paid more) and it's great! Shelves aren't the most sturdy but good space and no leaks etc


I’ve got it too for £10 in Wigan store


They had a large stack of these in West Ealing today - but £12 (marked as £24 - half display price)


probably none as most stores have reduced their gardening stuff for the past few weeks :(

Aluminium Greenhouse (6ft x 8ft) save £100 now £250 at Argos
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Posted 2nd Sep 2019Posted 2nd Sep 2019
Aluminium Greenhouse (6ft x 8ft) save £100 now £250 at Argos
£250£35029%Argos Deals
Other than the fact that's its not glass but polycarbonate it seems a good deal Aluminium frame and comes with . 4mm twin-walled polycarbonate roof panels to aid insulation d… Read more

thanks bought reviews seem fine il leave my other half to assemble shel be fine


Silicone them in place. Quite as owt then


Good to frighten away the local kids though


Bought one of these and it was a bit of a faff to erect (think Ikea wardrobe but worse). Only downside is that when it's windy the polycarbonate windows make a right racket and it sounds like there is a gang of Rolf Harris's going effing mental with their wobble boards :)


Hot Order for my next cannabis grow

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