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AUKEY Essential Oil Humidifier 220ml with LED £7.99 PRIME / £12.74 (non Prime) (w/ £12 off Promo Code)
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
What you will get: 1x AUKEY BE-A7 Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser, 1x Power Adapter, 1x User Manual, 1x Measuring Cup, 24 months worry-free warranty and friendly customer service AU… Read more

What’s the promo code? Or has this deal expired?


I obviously won't buy it. :D


Don't buy it then and move on


Bargain. Ours arrived yesterday. Good product. Can't go wrong for the price.


more stock available with promotion also on :)

VicTsing Wood Grain Cool Mist Humidifier / Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser - UK PLUG - £13.19 delivered w/code @ Gamiss
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
As usual with Gamiss, you need to be signed in for the code DSGMMAR2 to bring the price down to just £13.19 Delivered - 14 soothing LED light. there are 7 colors mood light… Read more
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Thanks (y)



Any poisonous to mother-in-laws!?.......seriously.


Which ones????? 😬


You need to be cautious about what oil you add. Some are poisonous to cats etc

TaoTronics Essential Oil / Aroma Diffuser 400ml Wood Grain for Aromatherapy (Noiseless High & Low Mist Humidifier, 14 Hours Continuous Mist, PP Build, Low Water Protection) £16.99 Prime £20.98 Non Prime @ Amazon (Sold by Sunvalleytek-UK / FBA)
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Thought this was a reasonable price now, would make a great Mothers Day gift, love the wood grain effect rather than the usual plastic versions. You need to redeem the on site prom… Read more
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I saw this on the WISH app - and the peoples reviews are positive and include photos - it's a lot bigger than people expect, there are different colours such as black woodgrain also. I like the WISH app for ideas, then I just find it cheaper on ebay and get the item there usually haha


Got this yesterday. Lovely looking and only three drops of essential oil in the 400ml gave a lovely scent. Subtle light which wouldn't be too bright as a night light. Hot!


As i just found out :-0 (mine arrived today)


I think the problem is the oils. And possibly poorly-regulated power supplies. I'm pretty sure tea tree oil is poisonous to both cats and dogs, so steer well clear of those


Legend, thanks

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Honeywell Hot Mist Humidifier - £32.99 @ Argos Diffuser oil compatible
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
Looking for a decent hot mist humidifier as after a year in my new place have realised I have suffered alot of throat & chest problems due to the dry air. Might be useful for… Read more
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I think this is based on the common understanding that warm humid conditions are ideal for bacteria and virus’ to multiply in. Reading around this I found that whilst this is true, apparently drier conditions are more suited for the transfer of the flu. So a more humid environment is actually better for you. Interesting stuff. The real reason germs spread Sadly I can’t find it on the Argos website any longer and the link doesn’t work.


Wow! Thanks


Quick review as I picked mine up. I have had issues with waking up with dry throat and eyes for a while now. Bought this yesterday. Filled with water and kept on while sleeping. Easy to use and comes pre built. You do have a noise which is like a kettle that's just starting to get water hot but not more.. It is very sturdy but due to hot steam output would not trust a child or pet to be around it. It's not the best looking design and that comes from the Mrs.. She said it looks like a huge jug..


I dont see the logic


Types of HumidifiersHumidifiers are broken down into two categories: Warm Mist and Cool Mist. While both warm and cool moisture humidifiers are designed to purify air and increase humidity levels, they operate very differently. You should be able to decide which humidifier is fit for you by applying your list of factors. Let's take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of warm mist and cool mist humidifiers. Warm mistWarm mist humidifiers are designed to create a warm moisture from heated water. Because this type of humidifier functions with warm water instead of cold, it can fight off any bacteria or mold that may start to grow or develop in parts of the humidifier. This is one of the reasons why the warm mist humidifier is considered one of the healthiest humidifiers on the market.Warm mist humidifiers can collect any minerals that are leftover from the heated water.Warm humidifiers can also operate without having to replace the filters.Common types of warm mist humidifiers are steam humidifiers and vaporizers.Vaporizers can tend to be healthy because they can produce steam with less minerals than other humidifiers. This type of humidifier is perfect to use during the winter.Cool mistCool mist humidifiers are structured to disperse a cool spray/mist into the air. This mist is usually released at room temperature and can increase the humidity level in your home. There are two types of cool mist humidifiers: Evaporative and Ultrasonic. Both humidifiers produce the same results but work very differently than the other.For example an evaporative humidifier increases humidity with its fan and wick filter. The water that sits in its reservoir (bowl-like container) flows to the wick filter, which is then blown by the fan and transforms into a cool mist.On the other hand an ultrasonic humidifier uses vibrated technology to break down water into small droplets which then formulates into cool mist particles.The ultrasonic humidifier is a lot quieter than an evaporative humidifier.Minerals that are collected and released in ultrasonic humidifiers can turn into "white dust", which can ultimately float onto your furniture.White dust is not a hazard to your health and can be prevented by using distilled water.Ultrasonic humidifiers are also available with warm mist features.Cool mist humidifiers are the perfect option for humidifying large areas in your home or building.Cool mist humidifiers are the perfect option for humidifying large areas in your home or building. Pros and cons of eachCool Mist HumidifierPros: Cool mist humidifiers do not require as much electricity as warm mist humidifiersOk to use in homes with children, not as hazardous as warm mist humidifiers.Cool mist humidifiers tend to be less expensive than warm mist humidifiers because they do not require any heating elements.Can be purchased in portable sizesCons: While cool mist humidifiers are more subject to growing mold and bacteria, both can develop fungi and should be cleaned regularly.When using cool mist humidifiers that require a fan such as evaporative humidifiers, you have to replace its filter regularly.Both warm and cool mist humidifiers require frequent cleaning maintenance.Warm Mist HumidifierPros: This type of humidifier is typically quieter than cool mist humidifiers because it doesn't come built with a fan.Can slightly warm up a room if it is cold.Can be purchased in portable sizesCons: Warm mist humidifiers tend to use more electricity because of its heat.Not recommended for use in homes with children. This is mainly because the water in the humidifier can get to a boiling hot temperature and could be a serious hazard for children.Both warm and cool mist humidifiers require frequent cleaning maintenance.

KBAYBO Aroma Diffuser Cool Mist Air Humidifier Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Wood Grain​ £17.99 (Prime) / £22.74 (non Prime)  Sold by KBAYBOLIFE and Fulfilled by Amazon - Lightning deal
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Seems like a great price for this, but £62.99 rrp is way over inflated never the less a good price at £17.99 it between £30.99 and £21.99 usually KBAYBO Aroma Diffuser Cool Mist A… Read more
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You can’t it was Amazon lightning deal as per title which expired after 3 hours


Probably because it shows now £30.99.... not sure that I have to do something to get it for special prime or non prime price...


Expired as flash sale has now ended and gone back to £30


I'm as confused as you :/


Don't know why this has gone cold- it's an excellent price for 400ml diffuser that looks much nicer than the other one posted in the comments (although it does look like a bargain if the looks don't bother you).

VICKS Mini Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier £33.74 @ Amazon
Found 29th Dec 2017Found 29th Dec 2017
VICKS VUL520E1 Mini Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier for £33.74. This is the cheapest it has ever been on Amazon and quite likely anywhere else. I have bought it and love it. Even t… Read more
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I didn't realise it was the same thing. Thank you so much :)


Use deionised water, available at most stores and motoring shops. Used to fill steam irons without them scaling up.


You can get the exact same sort of devices, plus better ones, for much cheaper than this. Just browse through amazon, there’s tons. You can get a Vicks oil or similar oil on its own. This is actually quite expensive :/


Just get a 9.99 diffuser and some eucalyptus essential oil.


Ordered thanks. Comes only with one pad. Where can I get replacement cheap, plz! (embarrassed)

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This deal is back on for those who still want it. 76% claimed at time of writing


Tempted by this. Son's asthma being a 'mere at the minute.


Ordered, thanks


Almost purchased this yesterday, glad I waited thanks op (y)


I presume you are refering to this one The issue with it, is that it does not accept essential oils. Also it does not have colour LED lights. Also that seems to have questionable reviews Quite different products

300ml Electric Ultrasonic Humidifier Cool Mist Humidifier £6.99 (Prime) £10.98 (Non Prime) @ Sold by GetBeauty-UK and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 21st Dec 2017Found 21st Dec 2017
Price drop from £16.99 to £7.99. I think it's a really good price.

Depends on if the Mrs/Gf/bank manager sees the pointlessness of it first. :P


If I put it in the same room as my dehumidifier would they fight until one of them is annihilated?


Shame you can't use smelly oils with it though.... other than that, looks good for the price.

6L Ultrasonic Humidifier + air purify with remote control £24.74 Sold by Joly Joy Co., Ltd and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Found 13th Dec 2017Found 13th Dec 2017
Been looking for a humidifier, this seems to be a very nice one. air purifying is a plus; even has a remote control. It's 45% off now. They also have a simple humidifier only visio… Read more
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It’s out of stock now. Try the other vision which is cheaper if you’d like a humidifier. Check the link above.


Can someone point me to the voucher please, thanks


Not a lot of reviews. But for that price I would willing to try. If it’s not good, we could return it easily to amazon.


I was thinking the same 🤔🤐 If you need a dehumidifier for a damp house invest in an EBAC......JMO (y) (y)

Finether Colour Changing LED Light Ultrasonic Humidifier Air Diffuser Purifier / Atomizer 100ml £4.18 Del w/code @ GearBest
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
Excellent price for this delivered, you need to be signed in & use code DUHFA to bring the on site price down to £4.18 delivered. Seems to have really decent reviews across t… Read more
Mod & Ed Get dealGet deal

Got mine today , very pleased ☺


Mine arrived today, seems to work well.


Code showing expired


Just received mine...seems good and super quick delivery!!


What ...?

2 X Large DRY AIR CAR/HOME DEHUMIDIFIER BAG MOISTURE ABSORBER at Ebay/SealProducts for £9.99 delivered
Found 18th Nov 2017Found 18th Nov 2017
these are great for your car . stops your windows from misting up on an evening now the cold weather has arrived ,you also get a free small pouch too ,these are showing on there we… Read more
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Smarty pants, thanks for info I did not know that


Air-con does not work when the temperature is close to , or below freezing . Whilst the air-con light may be lit - it will be switched off in case the condensate drain pipe freezes ( it will state this in the manual ) .So on the really cold days when you need it most - it does not work for demisting.


Put the a/c on - it's NOT just for hot days!


Perfect for my mother-in-law’s bloomers.


You can use a sock with silica cat litter crystals. Works as good as this one, easy to buy and cheap.

Dehumidifier removes damp £3.14 - ebay /  rscommunications
Found 16th Nov 2017Found 16th Nov 2017
I bought these expecting it not to work that great, was I mistaken the thing actually works. I was looking at dehumidifiers but there so expensive this is a cheap option but the on… Read more

These are perfect for under the stairs type cupboards where we keep coats and shoes that are often damp, there is no radiator under there so it can feel a little damp, these at 69p from pound stretcher keep it alot fresher. For larger scale or whole house problems these would be next to useless and would end up costing far more longer term than just buying an electric de humid, best one I have come across is the EcoAir classic, a very efficient model that effectively removes water from the air.


No, no display sadly.


I have one of these on every window and they do work!


This may be of use for anyone after a proper dehumidifier;


Ooohh sorry, grammar police!!

ALDI Dehumidifier 10L per day / 2.7L Tank / Compressor / Continuous Drain / Available 22/10/17 - £69.99
Found 21st Oct 2017Found 21st Oct 2017
Looks like a genuine dehumidifier that usually costs £100 in Argos / LIDL etc.The quoted performance of 10L per day is consistent with the similar models that are £100. In reality … Read more
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I agree with your sentiment, there are a great number of items placed on this site that are not thoroughly researched and displayed on the premise that a huge saving will occur. In order to see if a deal is of value we should compare like with like as you have stated.


I can't see anywhere in the thread where DrDoolittle stated that? That was actually fireman1 rather than hessy1984, but reading the thread hessy1984 does seem to agree with the statement when they questioned it by telling you to 'do your sums'.


It was your example of comparing to one that is £140 and "say it's 100% cheaper". It wouldn't be 100% cheaper it would be 50% cheaper. 100% cheaper is free (you have removed 100% of the cost).


One shouldn't state an item is 50% cheaper when comparing £100 vs £69. 99. Was this point not obvious?


Sounds good - you should list it as a deal!

Vax DCS3V1HP Power Extract 20L Dehumidifier, 450 W, White/Black £149.99 @ Amazon
Found 26th Sep 2017Found 26th Sep 2017
Cheapest it has ever been . Fast and efficient moisture control. Removes up to 20L per 24 hours and is perfect for rooms up to 30m Humidistat monitors and maintains your desired h… Read more

It was £127. Vax has a 5.5l water capacity. But they also do not expect you to have to empty it 4 times a day! Expertise will say a 3 year warranty is valuable too. Night mode on the Vax is simply the low speed fan setting. They keep quiet about the accoustic noise level. Both are noisy.

ruthbear have it for the same price if anyone doesn't want to use Amazon. Decent price; am considering one.


It wasn't. The only way you'll be getting 20L a day of water in either of those machines is by pouring it in yourself


Was posted here at £125 a while back. Aldis one uses 350w for 20l.


Does I have WiFi? Image suggests so!

LED Light Ultrasonic Humidifier Air Diffuser Purifier /  Atomizer £4.76 w/code  @ Yoshop
Found 18th Sep 2017Found 18th Sep 2017
Very good price for this, click link, add to basket, checkout and enter code BLKRTU03 If you want a laugh, go and read the blurb on-site ''You can use it anywhere you like so th… Read more
SuperEd Get dealGet deal

I can't remember to be honest. However, the person who put this deal in says the following: 'IF you have issues adding your address / Country on dropdown, choose Germany then re-select UK and should be good to go.'


How did you put in your address when you registered? It only accepts American addressees when I try


Thank you for the advice, will try it.


Genuine question We have a dehumidifier, is this supposed to cancel each other out?


Clear your cookies and then use a different email address.... Sorted

Silent night thermoelectric dehumidifier - £39.98 Delivered @ Groupon
Found 9th Sep 2017Found 9th Sep 2017
Silent night thermoelectric dehumidifier was £83.99 now £37.99 @ groupon 70 watts 2litre tank can remove up to 600ml per day auto shut off light indicator to show when full and nee… Read more
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Exactly my point, Silentnights means nothing might as well any cheap Chinese brand. Particularly avoid this!


Ebac onl


Thank you for your comments. You have saved me some money.


How about fix the problem permanently? Contact Envirovent


600ml per day, lol, spend a bit more and get an Ebac.

Essential Oil Diffuser, 100ml Mist Aroma Humidifier 8 Color LED Lights, Waterless Auto Shut-off and Adjustable Mist mode £9.99 (Prime) £13.98 (Non Prime) @ Sold by NeloodonyDirect-UK and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 28th Aug 2017Found 28th Aug 2017
Specifications: Material: PP Water Tank Capacity: About 100ml Input Power: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ Ultrasonic frequency: 2.4MHz With Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS Feature: 1.Auto shut … Read more
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it is expired, I would like to wait for a better price.


its 10.99 now :(


I recently bought a similar looking one made by 'Holan' - looks 100% identical apart from the top removeable plastic part is a different shape. The base unit, charger and little jug attachment is identical in the pics and it also has the exact same features. Mine was £10.95 (non-prime) from Amazon with a 120ml max fill stated limit, although they are probably the same base unit. Works extremely well. I'm sure this is the same with a different shaped top part. The are very light simple devices yet produce instant visible mist and aroma which is actually really cool and surprising when you see them in action. The soft LED lighting is also nice and doesn't look cheap and nasty. Would definitely recommend these things, although this price for non-prime is more than what I paid.


Nope not me. Just received it is a little small. Will try out


Thanks for the warning vassy1, I'll pass.

Essential oil diffuser cool mist humidifier was £29.99 now £7.00 prime / £11.75 non prime Sold by SumbayEU and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 11th Jul 2017Found 11th Jul 2017
This oil based humidifier /defuser has a double discount on it. Original price is 29.99 and discounted to 19.99 and then also has a £12 code at bottom of listing to bring price dow… Read more

Anyone else wondering why this is so much cheaper than similar items? And they keep popping in and out of stock. It's a bit strange


Good advise, not something that would come to mind. Good to know. Thanks


Had a friend who used one of these and scent warmers all the time, everything in the house seemed to get a coating and felt sticky to the touch after a good few months. Took a while for the to work out the cause, but if you have 2 warmers and a diffuser going where do you think the 5 blocks each week evaporate to.... Also extra humidity is great for encouraging mould growth and dust mite numbers so not always good for allergy sufferers. Heat for the price! Great if your house is well ventilated!


Showing as currently unavailable for me


thank you. ordered a couple to give them a try.

Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier just £9.99 prime / £14.74 non prime over 50% off Sold by SumbayEU and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 26th Jun 2017Found 26th Jun 2017
Essential Oil Diffuser 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier with Color Changing LED Lights Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser now only £9.99 Price:£29.99 Sale:£19.99 & FREE UK Delivery on orders… Read more
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We don't. When he goes to relos' houses and they have the glade plug in types. Same effect with the car air fresheners.


​What are you putting in it? That'll likely be what sets the eczema off.


How is this for people with allergies? This plug in ones set my son's eczama off.


Not available now!


Can you use any brand of essential oils with this?

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