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Amazon Basics 3-Speed Oscillating Portable 3-in-1 Air Cooler (Fan, Humidifier, Purifier) with Timer and Remote Control £44.34 @ Amazon
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Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
3-in-1: Air purifier, cooling fan & humidifier; with 3 speed levels for fast cooling, 7-hour programmable timer and remote control; 60 Watts Ioniser Air Purifying Technology: With buil…
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Had 1 in a caravan not exactly same model very similar had ice blocks in the bottom etc. Done nothing. Paid similar to this, worth a punt I suppose with good returns


Great for getting the wallpaper off and thats about it (y)


If you have a bad damp problem with mold etc this is just going to add to the problem by adding more water into the air 😞 they both do different things so how can you compare them ?


For the people obsessed with dehumidifier: An humidifier is far more useful than an dehumidifier. A lot of people due to bad advice does use dehumidifiers for no reasons which sometime can be a cause of health problems.


So for anyone wondering. This isn’t an air conditioner. -Super low power to run. It’s essentially nothing more than a fan and a water pump unlike an air conditioner. -No need to stick a pipe out the window unlike an air conditioner. They are pretty much the only plus points. This is a swamp cooler. They work by you filling up a water tank and then constantly feeding water through a sponge that sits behind the fan. As a result it adds water (humidity) to the air to make you feel cooler, rather than actually dropping the temperature of the room. The problem is the UK is already a very humid place most of the time. So you’re at risk of feeling really uncomfortable with high humidity levels if you overdo it. If you want an air conditioner. Buy an air conditioner. If you are worried about the cost of buying, or running an air conditioner then buy a good fan instead. This probably isn’t the answer.

Beurer LW110WHT Air Humidifier/Cleaner, 7.25 Litre, 38 Watt, White £56.44 @ Amazon
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Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
Beurer LW110WHT Air Humidifier/Cleaner, 7.25 Litre, 38 Watt, White £56.44 @ Amazon£56.44Amazon Deals
Air humidification and air cleaning in one unit Auto-regulating humidification of ambient air by cold evaporation Cleans air without filter pads: removes dust, pollen, animal hair and odou…

''Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.'' expire please

Vicks VUL505 Cool Mist Personal Humidifier NOW £26.50 @ Amazon
Posted 18th JanPosted 18th Jan
Vicks VUL505 Cool Mist Personal Humidifier NOW £26.50 @ Amazon£26.50 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Compact, portable humidifier compatible with VapoPads to help easy breathing Maintaining moisture level between 40-60 percent in your home and can help reduce the survival of flu viruses…
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Ours are a different model. But can't see why it would'nt work on any model of humidifier.


Sorry but can you do this on this model? or do you have a different humidfier


Replacement pads for this are over £1 each. We just add a free drops of Albas Oil to our humidifier.


Same price as Argos


Great price thank you :)

Hoover Air Purifier 700 with Humidifier and Diffuser - £181.13 @ Amazon
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Posted 11th JanPosted 11th Jan
Hoover Air Purifier 700 with Humidifier and Diffuser - £181.13 @ Amazon£181.13 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
H-PURIFIER 700 is the connected Hoover air purifier designed to assure a superior and intelligent air purification experience: a unique solution against pollutants and seasonal allergies to …
Avatar marcinlwalczyk
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This just dropped to £196. It's a good purifier, it's large to cover bigger areas. The app doesn't work unfortunately, it's possible they can fix it, but it has been 5 months since I did a test with the engineers and it seems to me they are unable to fix it. At this price, it's worth it. Leave it in auto to do it's thing which it does really well, or in Max or sleep mode for night time.


Thanks for sharing your first deal @marcinlwalczyk (y)


i have a xiaomi 3H and a xiaomi Pro H and they're great


Are there any other good recommendations for a purifier?


Had on trial this one. It is the size of aircon, very big and heavy so takes lots of space. As for features, it has many flaws. When you put water for humidification or to work as a diffuser, air quality sensor detects small droplets and treats them as a pollutants, pushing unit to work on full speed at purifying space. And it is loud then. Same if you are vaping in the room-it gets angry, treats this as a pollutant and again, works on full blast. So maybe good as air purifier alone. But as for humidifier or diffuser- big no no.

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Air Purifier and Humidifier 3000i Series - £343.99 delivered @ Philips
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Posted 16th Nov 2021Posted 16th Nov 2021
Air Purifier and Humidifier 3000i Series - £343.99 delivered @ Philips£343.99 Free P&P FreePhilips Deals
Visualise and control your air - anywhere, anytime. This 2-in-1 air purifier and humidifier balances its two functions to perform in rooms up to 80 m2 against allergens, dry air discomfort, …
Avatar cuteangel90
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What's the man in your second video called? ...


There youtube video doesn't look promising the comments are turned off and alot of dislikes most likely they know they are full of sh#t Watch this video

doggysoft Rensair traps and destroys 99.97% of airborne bacteria and viruses, including the Coronavirus family. Only going off what I've read.


Never i leave my windows open 24/7 no stop humidity getting to high No such thing


I can't decide between the two yet. I'm sure I've seen air.purifier that claims to handle viruses too so if possible I want that to be included. With the Meaco you have to pay extra (£10) for the HEPA so don't forget.

Daniel James Homewares 2-in-1 Air Cooler Evaporator & Humidifier with Remote Control £40 @ Weekklydeals4less
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Posted 3rd Jul 2021Posted 3rd Jul 2021
Daniel James Homewares 2-in-1 Air Cooler Evaporator & Humidifier with Remote Control £40 @ Weekklydeals4less£40 Free P&P FreeWeeklydeals4less Deals
Efficient Cooling – 80W Evaporative Air Cooler features 5L capacity water tank and 2 ice boxes to give great cooling and humidifying performance Louvers design with Oscillating swing in 120…

Online through the website, Friday evening.


I had similar thoughts but (1) the snapshot above is after registration. (2) regards 'closed till 31st'... could be true ... but an odd way to restrict that they will remove all buy links from the website. Waiting for someone who has ordered with them recently to advise.


I was going to ask 'how did you order' ?


Maybe you need to register first or its because they're closed until July 31?


Not able to see the add to basket option or order link. How to order ?