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ICELAND nationwide - Get three bottles for £2.50 in store ( Mayo, ketchup with honey and chunky burger sauce)
LocalLocalFound 31st MayFound 31st May
Average 83p per 250ml bottle is very good value. In store packs near the tills in my local

oops, sorry, about that, my mistake - you should go for the large bottles if you find that convenient and cheaper.


Sorry, that's my bad, dont know why i thought you were a lady. Its been a long day...LOL...hope I didn't cause any offence?.... (embarrassed)


50% agree, it is the Hellman's brand (not like any other brand would make honey ketchup) but on the other side I'm a man a real man!


davewave: fair enough, I think the Hellman's sauces are better than Supermarket own brand, but that's just imo. :| Awkward, Those were all Hellman's and current prices from different stores checked using a website mysupermarket. Supermarket sauces would be about half this price ha.


I think you will find that the lady is talking about exactly the same brands as the ones posted and not supermarket own brands.

Iceland - Hellman's Chunky Burger Sauce £1
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
Really nice burger sauce, cheaper at Iceland than elsewhere.

Think I'll give this a go


Yes I agree, the best one by far


Very similar to mcdonalds burger sauce nice stuff


Never tried it but goin to.


This stuff is super tasty. Heat

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Heinz Tomato Ketchup 1.35KG now only £1.99 in Poundstretcher
LocalLocalFound 16th MayFound 16th May
Reduced to £1.99 until 20th May
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Got 2 bottles as bbe date until 05/19 so thanks op for posting this deal


You’re both welcome :)


Thanks for telling us, really useful info (y)


Yet here you are telling us.


Can’t stand ketchup, HP all the way :)

Hellman's tomato ketchup sweetened with honey Home Bargains Hayle 29p
Found 30th AprFound 30th Apr
Hellman's tomato ketchup sweetened with honey 29p (Home Bargains, Hayle)
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I wish I had a Home Bargains near me!


No I genuinely though it tasted fine, it's close to the use by date so maybe that's why the stuff you tried was rotten, could just be personal taste also. I buy the regular stuff also but to me this stuff just tasted sweeter but very similar.


You sure you're not thinking of one of the other Hellman's sauces? Sweet is a long way from how this stuff tastes, it's more a sour, chemically flavour to me.


More tomatoes in this than the regular stuff. It's just sweeter by my tastebuds (shock)


If you buy it you’ll be wasting 29p

Heinz Tomato Ketchup 665g for £1.50 reduced to clear @ Tesco (Potters Bar)
Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
Potters Bar Tesco store has their 665g Heinz tomato ketchup for £1.50 each. Not sure if other stores have same offer too.... you want to check.

Found that an awful lot of Poundstretcher's food is either short-dated or out-of-date...


Must be national as i posted a few days ago


Thanks. Though a lot of folk do their main shopping at one of the big supermarkets. You can't exactly do your weekly food shopping in poundstretcher. I notice on their website they don't seem to sell this size, only a larger one 1.35kg for £2.39. Handy if you need a big one and don't mind taking a special trip there.


Cheaper in poundstretcher


Also in my local too. Was going to post but then found the 1kg bottle for £1.79 in Poundstretcher.

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Heinz Tomato Ketchup 1kg only £1.79 @ Poundstretcher
LocalLocalFound 26th AprFound 26th Apr
Best before 1/5/19
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A lot of ketchup butties :p Hot


Great price

Tomato ketchup 1p @ JTF (£5 minimum spend applies)
LocalLocalFound 25th AprFound 25th Apr
1kg bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup for only 1p . Just show the cashier the screenshot picture to get the offer. Minimum spend is £5 and only 1 voucher per person.
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Of wine ! ?.


Probably get sued by the Conservative Party for nicking their motto. ;)


Easy, just get 500 bottles 😄


I work it into my shopping as its easy to spend a fiver i.e a bottle of wine for the weekend ?.


Perhaps HUKD should have a new section for these kind of deals. "For the Few not the Many" ;)

Heinz Ketchup 605ml in asda - £1.25
LocalLocalFound 25th AprFound 25th Apr
The big Heinz bottle only 1.25 salad cream was also the same price

is that a woops label. if it is, this thing is probably very short date, and isnt a deal op. Imagine if every asda woops, or sainsburys, or tesco's short date discounted item was posted on here. it would just turn into a bragging competition to see who got the cheapest on the turn milk! ;)


Doesn’t seem National. Congratulations if it was what you were going to buy anyway!


What about Mayo?

Tesco Heinz Tom Ketchup Less Salt And Sugar 665G £1.50
LocalLocalFound 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
Heinz Tom Ketchup Less Salt And Sugar 665G £1.50 at Tesco Colchester not sure if just store specific quite a few on shelf after I took a load



the 665g size?


I get this for a £1 from poundstretcher


A ketchup for more than a pound? Welcome to brexit


Have some saucy hotness @tomloaf for your find (y)

Morrison’s fort Glasgow Heinz tomato ketchup 700g £1
LocalLocalFound 20th AprFound 20th Apr
Heinz tomato ketchup 700g reduced £2down to £1 but expiry date 5/19 few left on shelf also reduced sugar and salt variety as well

the deal is the same at my local too


These were reduced to 50p in my local


Respect for not trying to get away with the 'might be national' line

Heinz very large ketchup bottle, 1.35kg for £2.39 at Poundstretcher.
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Huge bottle of the nation's favourite kechup. At £2.39 , stock up. I'm forever running out, think the wife snorts it. Hopefully this big bottle will last longer.


Treboeth Poundland Iceland £2

Heinz tomato ketchup 1.35kg bottle £2 @ poundland
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Poundland glasgow but should be national big 1.35kg bottle only £2
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Are those not 1kg bottles, Poundland is 1.350kg


Same price in Iceland for anybody with one closer :)


£1.70 in poundstretcher


The girl and the red sauce brings me back to the time off the month. There's never enough mayo.


heat for the saucy pic

Hellmann's tomato ketchup 818g £1 @ Poundland
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Found this in Gillingham retail park
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+1 for the Aldi one. Very nice. I'm not someone who only likes one brand of anything though so that might make a difference. I'll try all the beanz and all the sauces


Interesting might give the Aldi one a try one day. I do love Heinz ketchup though.


Seen this cheaper in home bargains and its the worst tomato ketchup ive tasted.


Its 39p in farmfoods


It's lovely as good as any other!!!

Heinz Tomato Ketchup 1kg £2 Iceland
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
A little bit better value than a similar deal posted a few days back. And I know there are cheaper alternatives out there and I don't mind them myself but this deal is for the peo… Read more

Its a big bottle to hold. Good for weight training for the kids.




for 1KG?


That's quite expensive aim rate for me is 17p per 100g.... normally get at home bargains.... also find this type of bottle messy.... :(


1.70 in in poundstretcher

700g Heinz Ketchup £1.59 at Iceland
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
£2 at Asda and Sainsburys

I get whatever ketchup looks cheaper. Don't really have a preference but I rarely use it with my own food. My partner is the one that eats it often and he has never complained (and he's a fussy eater). The only ketchup I don't like is the one some takeaways use with burgers. It tastes too sweet and revolting.


Also in Home Bargains Heinz, 1.35kg £2.39 ...Usually this price


I'm afraid I'm a fan of Heinz Tomato ketchup too, although w many other products have switched to cheaper own brands, particularly Lidl/Aldi ... Certain branded products I think have an edge over others...😙 (Branston prickle too ..)


Heinz has always been very clever with its marketing. They push it hard, targeting kids and their parents in particular (much like Cadbury's) so that kids grow up thinking the only tomato ketchup worth having is Heinz. Much the same with their beans - though Branston have been very successful in smashing that particular myth. If you grow up thinking that Heinz is the only ketchup, it's difficult to shift that - but blind tests prove that people only think they prefer Heinz. People are being conned, but they don't realise that they're being brainwashed by the big brands. Ever thought why it is that Heinz are able to get away with charging four times as much for a product that actually contains fewer tomatoes? Heinz: 148g of fresh tomatoes per 100g finished product Lidl: 172g of fresh tomatoes per 100g finished product


I've tried a few different brands over the years but I always come back to Heinz and HP

HEINZ FIERY CHILLI KETCHUP 400G @ Poundstretcher - 59p
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
On A BACON BURGER MMMM Nothing beats some Heinz tomato ketchup, but how do you feel about adding some fiery chilli ketchup to your chips and burgers instead? Coming from Heinz, thi… Read more

Does the OP live in Poundstretcher? All their deals seem to be from there.


Shhhhh don't tell anyone lol serious I'm retired


Are you working for pound stretcher?!


Bitter sweet,oxymorons roll like thunder. I share your opinion on this. :{


No its Normal life mine october

Hellmans ketchup with honey - 29p @ Home Bargains instore
LocalLocalFound 31st MarFound 31st Mar
May be local, Waltham abbey store. Really good price
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Saw this in Hull Holderness Road store today.


Hey, I have a dissertation due in a month. Is there any chance you'd like to do that for me?


Great find OP!! Love Home Bargains!!


I (partially) agree with you. It is true that once heated to around 60°C honey looses its health qualities. However, the recipe for this ketchup is not known and it is possible that the honey is added during the end of the production process and therefore not subjected to higher temperature. Sugar in other ketchup types is just simple sugar, whilst sugars from honey in this ketchup should have some health benefits. It would be rather misleading for the manufacturer (unilever) to use heated honey in this ketchup. But if you would manage to check, I would be grateful if you could share their answer. Tel.number on the bottle is 0800435562 Also, normal Heinz ketchup has 22.8g of sugar per 100g, compared to 15g sugar from honey in this ketchup. So over 50% more... heinz ketchup is made from 148g tomatos per 100g of ketchup - this one - 201g per 100g of ketchup. I would choose this ketchup anytime over heinz. even if the honey was heated and is now just simple sugar.even over their reduced salt and sugar version which I used to buy. this one tastes nicer, has similar amount of salt and sugar but much more tomatoes (ie.much more antioxidant called lycopene)


Yes that’s right but I’d still take natural honey over processed and refined sugar all day long.

Hellman's Tomato Ketchup 430ml for 10p in Heron Foods Walton Road dated March 2018.
LocalLocalFound 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Ok only two more days before out of date and if you even dare to have any after that your risk of death may increase but if your like me am a bit of a daredevil and risk it? Have … Read more

Funny lot, it can't be that bad to all your family. We both like it and no bad thing if a bit like a tomato paste, just tried some and it does taste like that. All the stock bought previous over the weeks are dated March so should imagine stock in other Heron Foods if any left will be this price?


It's like tomato paste


this really is the worst tasting ketchup in the world, nobody has been able to eat it at our house and it ended up going int he bin.


There are only two Ketchups i like, Daddy's and this, although it is a £1 in our local iceland but it is a nice Ketchup.


It's better than Heinz anyway even when out of date

Heinz Ketchup I Love Chips Gift Set £3.24 **Original Price £14.99 @ Argos
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
£3.24 **Original Price £14.99 Enjoy your favourite chip supper in style with this classic Heinz Chip Cone and Heinz Tomato Ketchup bottle shaped fork. The ideal gift for the Hein… Read more
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Ohhhh..... Right then. Totally worth £14.99, never mind £3.50


you get two tiny glass jars of Ketchup.


You don't even get a bottle of Ketchup??? Who would buy this?


People on here say finding the Tesco deals is bad, BUT finding Argos deals is even worse. Quite often items can only be found hundreds of miles away. Well done Sainsburys. You are surely destroying Argos since you took over


Try lidl there own brands just as good

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