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Updated 16th Feb 2020Last updated 16th Feb 2020 by Hacked
Why do Woman wear trousers and show their knicker line !
I am nearly 50 and hate to see a vpl. !!

Ah, ok. Thanks TT. 2 million members there are bound to be a few nutters (annoyed)


This time last year, NP23 was getting some rather abusive private messages from someone ranting about the palm oil debate and attacking her because she uses an orangutan avatar. I found out because she’d gone silent and in solidarity many on the JHT and Weather thread changed their avi to an orangutan to support her. It was just a throw back really.


I did wonder why so many banned accounts were in one post! Completely failed to notice the dates (embarrassed) What's with the orangutan avatar TT?


Would get the wife in a spot of bother at work, she already wears stockings most days


And still true 10 years later

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Updated 7th Oct 2019Last updated 7th Oct 2019 by Sacredarts
Nice looking chest of drawers £29.99 @ B&M Best deal i've seen in a long time

Looks like the ones that I had built in many years back.


You’ll get what you pay for