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500g Lurpak spreadable £2.75 @ Tesco
TODAYTODAYFound 5th DecFound 5th Dec
Both salted and unsalted available £2.75 not the cheapest it's been but a kg works out at £5.50 so not bad for what butter costs now a days.... Roll on aldi norpak comments and thi… Read more
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Why don’t you just buy proper butter and get a butter dish? Butter left out of the fridge in a dish will not go off. I’ve been doing this for years much better than getting processed spreadable crap.


Glad weve clarified that the Lurpak not the issue


Appreciate the thought but it's more my skills that are he issue... if i melted it and poured onto bread i would still mess it up lmao im what Gordian Ramsey would call a colossal waste of humanity and an embarrassment to the kitchen... I have accepted it... I have other skills (lol)


Take it out of fridge a little earlier


Spreadable... ok then... my piece of bread begs to differ rip poor slice haha

Lurpak block butter  250g 2 for £3.40 Tesco
Found 17th NovFound 17th Nov
Both salted and unsalted available 2 blocks for £3.40 around £1.70 each available instore and online till 20th November
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Good price for Lurpak but... Buy British made butter instead this is made in Denmark


Heat added. £1.75 each at my local Asda (Bradford)


Yes and I'm happy about that Tastes almost the same and less ripped bread for me, yay (y)


That's because it's got less butter fat andmore veg oil to make it spreadable


I remember but feels like it was ages ago £2 is about normal now for a block of lurpak!!!

Free sandwich today in Manchester from Lurpak . Then Leeds and Glasgow next
LocalLocalFound 10th SepFound 10th Sep
Lurpak today in Manchester are giving out free wooden spreaders and £1 off Lurpak plus a free bacon tomato or egg cress sandwich or BLT and another this afternoon, today only from … Read more
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Manchester today


yesterdays started from 7.30am to 11.30am then changed over to lunch from 12 noon so I'm guessing 4ish


Anyone know what time this ends today?


Might be even cheaper for you now seens as its in Manchester today!



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2 x Lurpak Spreadable Softest 500g tubs - £3 @ Fulton Foods
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
Currently £5 for 2 tubs in Morrisons: Link
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Good deal. Thank you.


Freeze it in an ice cube tray so it's portioned. Then just defrost when needed or if doing mash throw it in frozen..


I've bought these many times... frozen one used one. Why do people panic about dates, these have been useable 3 weeks or more past the date. Using one now and no I'll effects. I've picked the mould off crumpets and used the out of date butter....and no deaths reported!!


If the best before was pretty key then it would be a "use by" date to inform you it must be used by that date, best before is simply informing you exactly that, it's at its best before that date but could potentially be OK for a long time after so just use your eyes and nose!


Look at you Lad, spreading again (highfive)

Lurpak Spreadable 500G - £2.50 - MORRISONS - In Store and Online
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Lurpak Lighter Slightly Salted Spreadable and Spreadable Softest - 500G £2.50 MORRISONS Two for £5 Asda/Tesco (But you may only want one) £2.75 Sainsburys Offer runs 'till July 1s… Read more

Don't think you've any idea of how these things work. Big manufacturers and big retailers, there's a lot of price fixing going on and many of the big group food manufacturers will ramp up production and arrange huge deals with retailers for promotions in store and the advertising to go with it.


Have moved from butter to spreads a long time and love the difference it brings to my waistline (lol)


Errr - yes and no - and your point is?




Whats the difference between Lurpak and Flora or other spreads?

Lurpak Spreadable Butter 500g 2 for £5 @Tesco
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
Lurpak Spreadable Butter 500g 2 for £5 @Tesco
Offer valid from 25/04/2018 until 15/05/2018 Cheaper than the recent Sainsbury's offer if you are buying 2 packs.
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Also 2 for £5 at Asda




It’s not there it just says cheaper than Sainsburys offer nothing about £2.75 you check again


Read the description


Buy Norpak - save money - just as good!

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Lurpak Spreadable 500g £2.75 @ Sainsbury's
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
The cheapest I've seen it since the pound plummeted back in June 2016. A premium grocery essential for me (along with Yorkshire Tea), always constantly on the look out for deals o… Read more

So it's still overpriced but now it won't fit in your fridge door either!


Bought the bigger 1kg for £5.50 from tesco yesterday. Works out the same price.. kind of..


The Tesco Metro near my work (not even an Extra) has an incredible selection of oils. While this is great for people who want to buy a particular brand and a particular variety of oil, the end result for the consumer is that they pay more - since the supermarkets can't use the same economies of scale if they're buying 89 varieties of cooking oil VS 3.


Seem to remember reading that the large Tesco stores have 30,000 lines and Aldi has about 3,000. Amazing how few things I can't get there!


And of course it's not unlikely that the Aldi version used the same sort of butter, given their intent to deliver fewer (but better) products rather than swamping each range with a bewildering amount of options - see most of the big supermarkets' oil and even baked beans sections for how ridiculous things can get.

Lurpak 1KG @ Morrisons £5.50
LocalLocalFound 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Lurpak 1KG @ Morrisons £5.50
Lurpak butter
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Well I didn’t know about the lower case i and capital I when referring to oneself


Dose it snot?


Dyslexia has nothing to do with lower case i instead of I. Just laziness. Old enough to know better


They could be dyslexic so no need to bring out the grammar police


2 to too two old for all that (poo)

Lurpak butter  500g £2.75 @ heron foods
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
Lurpak butter 500g £2.75 @ heron foods
Lurpak butter @ heron foods
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Bought some last week while on holiday at Penrith Aldi and i have to agree its very nice !


Me too


Silly me, there you go again, keep up the good work (y)




your so clever 👏👏👏

Lurpak Spreadable 750g Asda £3.50
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Lurpak Spreadable 750g Asda £3.50
Lurpak Spreadable 750g available instore or online was £5.50 Also Light version available for same price.
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Arla, the farmer-owned dairy cooperative own both brands. (y)


Aldi and Lidl versions are like eating Lard, despite what the ingredients state. The only one I've found that comes close is Tesco's Butterpak. This is the cheapest Lurpak has been in quite a while though


a crazy price for a spread.. I don't know who makes Lurpak but I did see an Anchor butter truck unloading at an Aldi.


I just use buitter and stick it in the microwave to soften it up a bit. Never realised the butter substitute was so expensive


I can second that Lurpack beats them all hands down (angel)

Lurpak Slightly Salted Spreadable 500G (and other varients) finally back on offer 2 for £5 @ Tesco
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Lurpak Slightly Salted Spreadable 500G (and other varients) finally back on offer 2 for £5 @ Tesco
Not been down to this price for aaaagggggesss. Fill yer boots! Deal on til 3rd April.

Asda has the 750g Lurpak spreadable for £3.50 which works out cheaper


I so much prefer Country Life. Can’t stand continental lactic butter.


Have to admit I was very impressed with Tesco's one. It was very good.


Trans Saturated fat, no thanks! Use olive oil or coconut oil instead, a lot healthier.


Generally buy Norpak from Aldi but pretty sure Tesco's own version is the same stuff. Same ingredients and tub. Lidl's version on the other hand contains Palm oil.

Lurpak Spreadable 1kg £5.75 @ Tesco
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Lurpak Spreadable 1kg £5.75 @ Tesco
lurpak spreadable 1kg
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£5.75 for a kilo of butter / veg oil is a deal? Lurpak, marketing's latest snake oil The worlds gone mad ;)


I bought a car so I could drive to Tesco to buy some Lurpak, bread, thinly sliced ham, cheese and jalapenos. (highfive)


Not the cheapest it's been but still cheaper for what's available at moments


I went to the shop and I bought Lurpak, bread and I’ll go with cheese. Who’s turn next


Yes, I prefer wafer thin ham, (nerd) Anybody got any tomatoes they don't need, to go with my Lurpak, bread and wafer thin ham :o

Best Lurpak butter at the COOP 2 X 250G for £3 or super price £2.70
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
Best Lurpak butter at the COOP 2 X 250G for £3 or super price £2.70. To get the super price use your NUS extra card minus 10% (30p) block of butter £1.35
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How about getting it right Trewithen is made with cow's milk and salt, and contains 80% fat. Just the same as all premium butters. You may like it, but it contains most of the same stuff as all butters. Of course butters do taste differently, but that's just what you prefer. Of course. If you want more fat forgo the salt and fat content rises to circa 82%.


Lurpak is made in Denmark,Anchor is made in Wiltshire.


Lurpak is like Anchor - made by Arla. It's NOT butter! It's the same as the cheapest butter you can find unbranded - LOOK at the label and read the ingredients when buying butter. Majority will be 82 per cent butter. That's NOT butter, real butter is Irish or imo CORNISH or DEVON. Take Trewithen Cornish Butter (ALDI sell it too!) it's 92.2 per cent BUTTER! Not 80 or around that figure. The scared of 'fat'... arghhh 'fat!' brigade won't eat it, but that's probably because they are obese from eating anything but butter, they'd rather eat 'spreads' - oh dear, have you read the ingredients list in a spread? Ugh! It's as long as your arm! People have been scared to death of 'fat' since so-called 'healthy eating' began about 20 odd years ago and what has happened since people have been put off of 'fat'? They've all got fatter! Isn't that funny. XD You couldn't make it up. Anchor butter is no longer from NZ, it's made by Arla. Think about it, would you pay a premium price for Lurpak or Anchor if it said 'Arla Butter'? Of course you wouldn't, but that is exactly what you are doing. If you like butter, and I mean 'real' butter, pop into Aldi and get some Trewithen Cornish Butter and see what you've been missing. And you'll have some change to put back in your pocket. It's gone up (like all butter - nothing to do with Brexit. At all!) but not by a lot. Try it and then realise how you have been brainwashed. My neighbour swears by Anchor and still thinks it comes from New Zealand. Idiot. But then he moans about everything including Brexit. He voted Remain. What a surprise!


Butter prices have gone up worldwide. Not just the EU. I have family in Australia and the prices there have doubled.


Yawn. The price of butter is nothing whatsoever to do with Brexit. It’s gone up by that much around the world. It’s to do with a major shortage of the part of milk that makes butter. Keep blaming it on Brexit though.

Lurpak Lighter Spreadable & Unsalted 500g, two for £4.50 @ Waitrose w/MyWaitrose card
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Lurpak Lighter Spreadable & Unsalted 500g, two for £4.50 @ Waitrose w/MyWaitrose card
Lurpak Spreadable Unsalted and Lurpak Lighter Spreadable 500g are two for £4.50 (effectively £2.25 each) with Pick Your Own Offers. Offer on until 23 January. Cheapest elsewhere… Read more

Thanks for this. Wanted to try Lurpak but didn't want to spend stupid money. Tried Norpak then regular organic butter which was a pain to spread...


Yep, I think it's the only Lurpak clone with the same butter content. Other own brands are horrible. Norpak has gone up in price quite a bit recently but still well under £2. Can't understand why Aldi and Lidl are always called 'discounters' - it's the others which play games with dicounts, these two are just cheaper all the time (and often better quality).


Tried the Aldi Norpak the other day @ £1.89. I don't think I will return to Lurpak.


Tescos version of this is £2.25 and the only one in my opinion that is comparable. Would recommend it if you haven't got a Waitrose near you


Many thanks op. Cracking price

Lurpak Butter on 2 for £3 @ Iceland
LocalLocalFound 5th JanFound 5th Jan
As above

Put a bit in the microwave for about 5 seconds and it's as easy to spread as the spreadable stuff.


That made me chuckle. A friend of mine can't butter bread to save their life and it reminded me of them.


On offer at coop, the 500g spreadable tun for £3 (y)


Why are these deal never at a store near me in Kent seems a complete waste of time posting £2.00 for 250 grms


The price of Butter has gone up recently Hence why this would be a good deal, my local sells 1 block for £2.25

Lurpak Spreadable - £3 - Morrisons
Found 23rd Dec 2017Found 23rd Dec 2017
Lurpak Spreadable - £3 - Morrisons
£3£3.7520%Morrisons Deals
500g of Lurpak for £3 in Morrisons. All types. We've waited all year for this. Slice the Turkey. Crumble the cheese. Pop the cranberry. Grab the crusty loaf. And reach for the L… Read more
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I won't buy Lurpak anymore its just a rip off,As Senukas says above Aldi or Lidl brands just as good far cheaper.


Lurpak was good when it was real lots of the use to be top brands.....recipe changed full of carp fillers now your just paying for the name....there's better out there and cheaper..... try some and enjoy the journey :D Have yourself a Merry little Christmas......... :D


Not so long ago it was £2 on offer. It's disgusting the way prices have increased on groceries this year.


This is a pretty poor deal really. Supermarkets have been trying to get away with charging £3.75 for the 500g tub but are clearly having problems making it stick. Little wonder since it was regularly retailing for about £5 up until a few months ago and consumers are a bit more savvy than they think. £3 is probably at the upper limit of what the market will bear. I also noted the introduction of a new 750g tub a while a go and thought what the hell is that all about. It is very deceiving and could easily be popped in your trolley thinking it was a 1Kg tub only to find out later that it's far from the bargain you thought it was. You really need your wits about you. If it's not this then you find that the weight of products has been reduced or your get x amount fewer of items, all of course at the same price you paid before. Shower of thieving barstewards. Brexit Britain? Same old Rip of Britain!


And now the 1kg tub is replaced with 750g @ £3.75 on offer ! Government ought to look at price fixing on this top of the range product (& others). Supermarkets or Lurpak are guilty let them sort it out & soon.

Lurpak slightly salted spreadable 750g - £4 @ Asda
Found 9th Dec 2017Found 9th Dec 2017
Lurpak slightly salted spreadable 750g - £4 @ Asda
Seems the best value at the moment considering the recent price rises. Instore asda.

I buy Tesco butterpak now. I swear it's lurpak. My mother, who pretty much only eats lurpak aggrees.


Packs have really shrunk now , remember you could get1kg for that price.


Been this price at Asda quite a few weeks now, so possibly offer finishing soon.

2 Lurpak  (250g) for £3 at coop
LocalLocalFound 6th Nov 2017Found 6th Nov 2017
Plus nus discount

It's not spreadable it is the blocks


The supermarkets change the deals on Wednesday


My partners mum's guilty pleasure. 'ere love, get thi gob round this Lurpak".


Plus nus discount. Unless you live in Lincoln :( Heat added.


Erm as they have bought four and it doesn’t come to £12, then, no.

Lurpak Butter, Slightly Salted or Unsalted (250g) Only £1.50: Save 45p @ Sainsbury's
Found 26th Sep 2017Found 26th Sep 2017
Lurpak Butter, Slightly Salted (250g) Only £1.50: Save 45p Lurpak Butter, Unsalted (250g) Only £1.50: Save 45p
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Lurpak has become very expensive as of late. Hardly any deals on it any more :(


Link goes nowhere?


That was 89p less than a year ago, it was £1.40 last week, £1.33 the week before.


well to me : Chicken is chicken as well. Bread has no comparison, as there is so many types


Butter is definitely not butter. That's like saying chicken is chicken or bread is bread.

Lurpak salted butter 250g for £1.50 @ Iceland Foods
Found 21st Sep 2017Found 21st Sep 2017
Lurpak salted butter 250g for £1.50 @ Iceland Foods
Lurpak butter salted 250g for 1.50@ Iceland Food

Butter has really shot up in price...


£2 in tesco now


In a lot of the supermarkets lurpak has gone up to £2 a pack. So this offer makes it cheape


Why putting that as a deal ??? Totally normal price. And why people vote up. 200* crazy


Same price Sainsbury's

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