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Flora Plant B+tter Salted Vegan Alternative to Butter 250g £1.50 @ Salisburys
21/09/2021Expires on 21/09/2021Posted 15th SepPosted 15th Sep
Great for baking, cooking, spreading & frying Absolutely free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavours This paper wrapper is 100% paper and 100% biodegradable Veg… Read more

Yeah that's basically what it is.


Isn't this normal price 🤷 also get 50p cashback from that app I don't think I can say lol


I can believe it's not butter


The gentrification of margarine - first it was margarine, then "vegetable spread", now "plant based butter" What a time to be alive.


But suitable for veg

East End Pure Butter Ghee 500G £3.50 Clubcard price @ Tesco
Posted 10th SepPosted 10th Sep
East End Pure Butter Ghee 500G £ 4.50 £0.90/100g Add East End Pure Butter Ghee 500GAddadd East End Pure Butter Ghee 500G to basket £3.50 Clubcard PriceOffer valid for deliver… Read more

You're welcome dear thanks for appreciate this deal :)


Good price for this 500g tub, thanks @Flower786 :)


Yes or cream that is just churned. Has to be good quality butter


Dont know never tried frying with ghee.


Good for frying chicken, then?

Feather & Down Sleep Butter, vegan, 300 ml - £4.00 (+ £4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
268° Expired
Posted 9th SepPosted 9th Sep
Subscribe and Save £3.80. 'Next best price' seems to be £7.50 at Creightons Beauty ( other Amazon seller ), and is £8.00 at Boots . Wrap yourself in a blanket of relaxing ess… Read more

You can get a magic butter machine and make magic butter at home.


I've been a sufferer for 45 years. It's a nightmare, pardon the pun.


Fair point, I can see why it's addictive my GP only gives it to me for one week every 6 months when I really can't nod off and I've been awake for days on end. Oh it's addictive mentally at general Anesthetic, that stuff is lovely. As someone who has had issues dropping off to sleep and staying asleep since a child now in mid 30's, having the ability to fall asleep in second with general Anesthetic or minutes with Zopiclon instead of 2-3 hours is lovely.


Awful stuff. Leaves a terrible metallic taste in your mouth all day. On April 4, 2005, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration listed zopiclone under schedule IV, due to evidence that the drug has addictive properties similar to benzodiazepines. It's commercially restricted. The best benzodiazepine, and now highly restricted is tamazepam, as it's side effects were less but could be highly addictive with some users. Lavender, camomile and valerian root never worked for me. However nytol (non herbal) does in limited use.


Great post. Ordered to butter the mrs up before bed and hope i don't slide off her.

Happy Butter Organic Artisan Ghee, 300g £6.80 Prime + £4.49 Non Prime @ Amazon
Posted 8th SepPosted 8th Sep
RRP : £10.99 Price:£6.80 (£2.27 / 100 g) Save:£4.19 (38%) Subscribe & Save £5.78 soil association certified ghee, made in small batches by us to ensure artisan quality. … Read more

Here Milk is more pasteurized that's the reason we can not make a ghee from milk! There might be a scientific reason :/


No it doesnt taste bad or huge different however when you are boiling the butter it will have more extra leftover like tea leaf at the bottom, also if you storing in stainless steel/glass pot with metal lid will totally corrode over time due to the salt.


You would need jersey cow’s milk here to get enough cream from boiling it, even blue top isn’t fatty enough


Thanks for explaining. Perhaps someone who has tried with salted and unsalted will post if there is a difference in taste. Have you tried making ghee from cream from boiled milk? Is it difficult to do if so?


In India, ghee is made from collecting the cream from boiled milk which is unsalted. Hence my preference for unsalted butter to make ghee

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Sainsbury's Mini Mince Pies with All Butter Pastry, Taste the Difference x9 216g - £1.50 @ Sainsbury's
21/09/2021Expires on 21/09/2021Posted 4th SepPosted 4th Sep
9 All butter mini pastry pies with a mincemeat and brandy filling Filled with Brandy Infused Mincemeat Our melt in the mouth all butter pastry mini mince pies are packed with a… Read more

I love mince pies so happy we are at that time of year when you can get a dedent selection again


When does the reindeer hunt begin


Too soon


Not ideal but you know what I mean. (lol) It is still bad but not as bad as a bigger one. They could even share a mini one so that would be even better but still bad. My folks have been advised to allow themselves to have the odd treat. They have been doing well. :)


Are you sure the word 'ideal' is the right one ? :|

Lurpak Butter Salted/Unsalted 250g 97p Asda Greenhithe
Posted 2nd SepPosted 2nd SepLocalLocal
Lurpak Butter Salted/Unsalted 250g Only 97p in Asda Found in Greenhithe Looks like national

It's just been put out on the shelves at Kettering Asda. I stocked up on 25 blocks


Take a long hard look in the mirror, something carpenters chap nails into with pleasure.


Never heard of this will give it a watch and see what im missing.


Anyone confirm if it's national? I'll go out and stock up ;)


Make it into a ghee. It will last much much longer even outside the freezer. Look on YouTube for how to make ghee