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Lurpak 500g £2.75 @ Tesco  Instore and Online
01/10/2019Expires on 01/10/2019Posted 15 h, 10 m agoPosted 15 h, 10 m ago
Lurpak 500g £2.75 @ Tesco. Instore and Online. Until 01/10/19 For those who swear by Lurpak. We actually prefer Aldi's Nordpak or Lidl's Danpak, but some of my friends say they d… Read more

500g Country life in Tesco is only £2, only 50% butter though. https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/253002927


Tesco own brand is £2.20 and higher butter content.


Agreed: at under £2 all the time the Norpak is the same as Lurpak (unlike many supermarket own brand ones). The key is to look at the butter % on the ingredients. Some people just have to have a 'brand'.


I used to Know a working girl at university that was called Lurpak


Managed to get this for £1.95 at my Sainsbury’s local so may be worth checking there if passing.

250g Salted Butter  £1.25 or 2 for £2 @ Heron Foods
Posted 20th SepPosted 20th SepLocalLocal
250g Salted Butter £1.25 or 2 for £2 @ Heron

Impressive knowledge! Thanks


Code FP046 - Gower View Foods. Supplies Tesco and probably still Aldi and Lidl. Also sold as Country Life. Heated.


It’s not the same size in farmfoods...there’s is only 225gms this is 250gms. Farmfoods is a good alternative though


Our Farmfoods only has unsalted in.


If you have a farmfoods near you their brand is 99p

LIDL Super Weekend 28 & 29 Sept All Butter Cookies 200g £0.79, Spanish Valdepenas Gran Reserva 75cl £3.49
28/09/2019Starts at 28/09/201929/09/2019Expires on 29/09/2019LocalLocal
Heads up Super Weekend 28th and 29th Sept All butter cookies 200g Sultana or Stem Ginger £0.79 Spanish Valdepenas Gran Reserva 75cl £3.49

Exactly, those ginger cookies are usually £1, not £1.19. Last time they were 49p on the weekend sale, now they increased it to 79p, not worth it to be honest. I may get a couple packets of the crisps though.


Their prices are going higher and higher! A lot of them aren't even that good of a deal these days


Already posted:- https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/lidl-deals-19-25th-sept-pineapple-75p-aubergine-red-onions-49p-26th-2nd-oct-plums-99p-celery-35p-broccoli-potatoes-59p-salad-55p-3296415#comments

Ghee 500g - £2.99 @ Home Bargain
Posted 13th SepPosted 13th SepLocalLocal
Ghee 500g £2.99 @ Homebargain Cheapest 500g ghee pack , Started using - good quality too. Another brand 500g price compare FYI And 1kg carotino ghee is the cheapes… Read more
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picked some up today - so hopefully national


Gheesome!!! :D


Cooked for the first time with this recently... Gheeee does it smell!!!


How is this on the front page? Is literally everyone on this forum middle Eastern lol



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Farmfoods  pure irish butter 227g block only 99p @ farmfoods
Posted 6th SepPosted 6th SepLocalLocal
Just had a big leaflet posted from farm foods and the price of the butter just jumped out at me as it's a cracking price for 227g blocks...it might be our last chance to get butte… Read more
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Plenty of both salted and unsalted in stock with a good date - great post thanks (y)


(y) All good have a nice day


Cheers @simate and everyone else for my new cup (y)


Last Tango in Paris?


We all have a bad day now and then....so you can begger of with the xmas bit (lol)

President butter unsalted 250g 87p @ ASDA (Kingswood Hull)
Posted 5th SepPosted 5th SepLocalLocal
Not very often butter get on sale or price reduced. This is a bargain for butter lovers. Time to stock up. Expired date in 02/2020. Found in Asda Kingswood Hull.
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Quite a few left in Bromborough this morning after I grabbed three!


Wow...thank you so much...shelf price £2, scanning for 87p


That's for their own brand butter though


£1 at farmfoods


A million THANKS to you OP If you hadnt flagged this , I wouldn't have known . Love love this Butter Thank you 😘

2 for £3 or £2.85 Each - Bertolli Butter with Olive Oil @ Morrisons (Online & Instore)
249° Expired
Posted 3rd SepPosted 3rd SepLocalLocal
This is spreadable and delicious. 2 x 400g for £3

Yes it is comparable to spreadable anchor, Lurpack etc


Does it taste like butter?


B A R G A I N !

Lurpak Butter 500g x 3   £6.99 @ Costco - Starts 19/08/2019
250° Expired
Posted 17th AugPosted 17th AugLocalLocal
Lurpak Butter 500g. Slightly salted. From the new booklet that arrived today. 3 x 500g. No VAT. Costco.

Just a little FYI - these are double sized blocks (normally 250g) works out £1.17 a block which is an absolute steal for Lurpak


I can’t believe it’s not pixilated :3


Must be how wide it spreads


can someone explain was is going on here...?


Why is this NSFW? LOL

Yeo Valley organic butter 250g - £2 / £1 after cashback at Asda Checkout Smart
180° Expired
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Checkout Smart currently have an offer of £1 off Yeo Valley organic butter at Asda. Its £2 per pack so you get it for a quid after cashback. It can be used up to 10 times! My freez… Read more

I downloaded the CheckoutSmart app the day this deal was uploaded. Today was the first chance that I had to visit Asda. I can confirm that the deal was still active today and I have received £1 into my Checkout Smart account. The app was easy to use and very quick to process. Thank you spd.x.2 - sorry, cannot add heat as expired.


Wait! What? This deal has been on here for three days now and there's still not a single mention of heart-attacks or cholesterol! All you healthy-eating preachers are slipping!


Had been buying these before the deal was posted. Use it for a lot of my frying and baking. Tastes nice. Bought 9 just now. All they had otherwise I would've bought 20. (lol) Thanks for the upload. Payment processed within 10 minutes of uploading the receipt. Uploaded the receipt whilst in Asda lol.


Indeed as at Thu 15/8 my CheckoutSmart is saying 1 day left - ie to close of play Friday, though always check on day you intend to purchase, just in case they pull an offer prematurely - ie act as if you were making a claim and see if the offer is available to claim (as sometimes they pull it from the advertised listing, but it's still available to actually claim.)


Not expired yet. Still today left.

Asda Brompton House all Butter Sweet Hearts and Coconut Macaroons - £1 Instore @ Asda
341° Expired
Posted 10th AugPosted 10th AugLocalLocal
Found at Asda (Livingston) not sure if store specific as on line shown as £3. Normally the cheapest I can find these is £2 at Poundland or Home bargains.
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Fab deal


In Leicester also, probably nationwide. I bought them for £2.50 a week ago!


Yummy. Heat!


Going to my local Asda on Monday morning. Will find out cos I love the Butter Sweet Hearts & generally buy them from Poundland for £2

Willow 250g 75p @ Iceland
Posted 9th AugPosted 9th Aug
Cheaper than most places.

Naff stuff


Love it. Warick Davis and Val Kilmer we’re both great. ;)


Usually 50p


awful stuff. really is bad.

Lidl Bakery All Butter Pain Au Chocolat 3 for £1 @ Lidl
782° Expired
Posted 8th AugPosted 8th AugLocalLocal
Usual price 49p each.
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I have a problem with these.... Can't stop eating em


Given that their bakeries clearly comply with food hygeine standards, I'd suggest it was quite the opposite


You're not alone mate (:I


Went into Lidl last night only to be met with some "non-working class" chav who took offence to my rather inoffensive t shirt, jeez some peeps really need to take a high dose chill pill.


I had three of these for brekkie this morning. Went down nice .. Kindest regards

Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter and Rose Body Scrub Peace and Glow 250 ml pack of 4 @ Amazon £7.02 Prime 11.51 Non Prime
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
These Can Also Be Added To Subscribe And Save For A Further Discount. Love Beauty And Planet sugar and rose exfoliating body scrub smoothes away dullness Love Beauty And Planet p… Read more
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Yet another NON deal! delete these things!! the op is to lazy to bother (oh and Muted)


£10.83 now, not sure if I bite on this or not, Thier shower gel was amazing!.




Heat added


Oos already!

Lurpak Butter Block - slightly salted 250g £1.70 at Iceland
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
£1.70, was £2.00
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Yes, block butter the best. Bit hard to spread on bread, but I always only keep a quarter of it outside the fridge and it's spreadable then.


Errr thanks for that history lesson in butter there! (:I Ewww the tub stuff sounds rank when you put it like that, only block butter for me from now on!..... if my hips and a.s.s grow then I'm blaming you! :p


Not really. Plasticised vegetable oil flavouring and stabilisers are much more tasty. Seriously though, it was invented during rationing as a butter substitute.


Yes and much more healthier as well


Seriously though, is the block much creamier and tastier than the tub? (shock)

Meadow Butter Blend 250g £0.50 @ Morrisons
Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
Cheapest price I've seen this butter go :) Slowly melting into a delicious creamy risotto; spread over a hot, steaming jacket potato; roasting the chicken in the oven ahead of y… Read more
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Ugh........... (zombie)


Depends what you like the taste of! Waitrose essentials unsalted is lovely, smells lovely.


What’s the best then? Lurpak butter?


Calling it butter when it is mostly oil is very misleading. reindeer thanks for all your posts, but you really should not be calling this butter.


It will be ok for baking etc, cheaper than stork.

Morrisons The Best West Country Butter With Sea Salt 250g for £1 @ Morrisons
Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
Possibly the cheapest 250g block of butter in UK :) 250g Made in Somerset with sea salt crystals
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Bought some today in Redcar for £1. Lots left.


Still going strong in Edinburgh. Great price!


morrisons no longerstock this product ,false information


Re c_1st, I find cream goes grainy when frozen. There's no need to freeze cream or butter as they will both keep if unopened for months in a fridge at the correct temperature - 2/3C. Cream is pasturised so the bugs have been destroyed and then its sealed, effectively as good as being in a tin. You don't really need to keep it in the fridge until its opened. That's why you can buy cream or yoghurt at markets in normal temperatures. Some butter producers freeze butter to mature it, so if that's what you want, I agree it does freeze well. Morrisons is very poor on special offers because they often only have limited stock and run out of the product. I think that's deceptive and underhand. That's why I don't buy much from them. I tried to order the maximum 12 packs of this butter online but they couldn't supply it by my delivery date of 5 days later; I asked they how they knew they wouldn't have it by 5 days time and as usual, they didn't answer the question! Conversely, Lidl usually have stocks of specials.


Beat me to it :) In Sutton, Surrey.

Whole Earth Peanut butter 340g £2 @ B&M
178° Expired
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Whole Earth Peanut butter on offer at BnM bargains for £2 for both smooth and crunchy. Smooth also available for £2 at Tesco if that's easier to get to for you (y) https://www.te… Read more
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Agreed avoid as has palm oil. Aldi peanut and almond butter are brilliant.


I like the Whole Earth PB and thought they used sustainably sourced palm oil?! Tried that Meridien stuff and it was slop! Never tasted anything so awful. Took it back and got a refund.


Aldi's also now do a palm oil free range of smooth and crunchie peanut butter. Plus no sugar.


lots out there I've had this a few times

Farmfoods Pure Irish Salted Butter 0.99 each instore
332° Expired
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd JulLocalLocal
Farmfoods salted Irish butter 227g for £0.99 Cheapest butter at the moment. Normally priced at £1.49 each or 2 for £2.50 Priced on shelf label Ilford branch

Sorry, no such information on the pack I'm afraid


Unsalted is the same price. Got to be cheapest in the UK...




No guarantee Kerrygold IS grass fed now though! https://www.irishcentral.com/culture/food-drink/kerrygold-lawsuit-grass-fed


I have no idea if they are. But someone who has bought this might know if it's on the label. No Farmfoods anywhere near me, so I can't even check.

(From 2nd July) All Butter Croissant 6 Pack £1 @ Tesco
1095° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Good offer starting tomorrow :) All butter croissants. An all butter recipe, layered and folded for a light, flaky croissant. Offer valid for delivery from 02/07/2019 un… Read more
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Lasts me a day


£1.50 in my Tesco Superstore (on the shelf and item), I asked and was just told stuffs cheaper online. (annoyed)


I like you


99p in my local Tesco Express. Even better deal than this 8)


Sainsburys prepacked must be the worst .. cant remember the last time I had a nice croissant. Will give these ones a miss too mind, nice find nonetheless.

250g Adams Best Butter £1 @ Heron Foods
350° Expired
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th JunLocalLocal
250g of Butter £1 at Heron
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Great price for butter


My mum says they used to buy Adam butter 40 years ago when they lived in the Lancashire area , I wonder if it's the same one!


In Oswestry (y)


It's got a nice fragrance to it Update: none in longton heron, so disappointed 💔


It’s good quality butter. Makes lovely Asian foods with it

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