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[PS4/Xbox One/PC]  Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar & They Shall Not Pass DLC - Free - PS/Xbox/Origin Store
16/10/2018Expires on 16/10/2018Found 13th OctFound 13th Oct
Little reminder as they haven't been posted, and a little heads up for anybody who didn't pick up the Premium Pass that the In the Name of the Tsar & They Shall Not Pass Battle… Read more
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Thanks. I haven't bought the base game yet but have added to the library for when I do.


This has worked real well as an advert for BFV. 1 is pretty ace.


I like it ye. Better than I thought, just some people don't know how to play it properly


Not played much. Any good 'how to play' tutorials?


I wish people would actually play as a real squad on this thing. 9 times out of 10 they don't. The ones who play as a real squad just go around taking everybody down

[PC] Battlefield 1 - £3.78 (£4.37 - Origin) - Amazon.com
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Cracking price for a great multiplayer game, and an even better purchase for those who picked up the Premium Pass freebie last month. PC is currently leading the race with 16k… Read more
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Same here


Important Message There was a problem with some of the items in your order (see below for more information):Battlefield 1 [Instant Access] We are sorry. Something went wrong with your purchase of this product. Any bundle discounts associated with this product will not be applied in this purchase. Anybody have same issue ? Cuz I can't buy with US address


i assure you, no one will play this with bfv about to be launched. similair game anyways.




what sub is that?

Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
One of the best trilogies ever made, if you don't have any of these games then this bundle is bargain! Also you can't get mass effect 3 on steam, only on origin. This bundle cont… Read more

Great game. Unfortunately the faces aren't as good as Andromeda's. Well, to be fair these are older. (embarrassed) /sarcasm


Incredible series, such a shame they ruined the ME name by bringing out Andromeda. If the DLC ever drops its defo worth picking it up, I got it as part of my purchase. I can't count how many times i've replayed these games!


The 'Extended Cut' is free and amended the poor conclusion to the game. Definitely worth buying if you've played the first two.


Really? I must be thinking of a different game. I could have sworn the way the base game ended was reported as awful and was not fixed till a paid dlc. If this is not the case I may buy then, thanks


Great price for these games, Am still playing these a few times a year. The DLC for 2 and 3 are now sold in bundles on Origin these days, So it's much easer to get everything,in one go and also does work out cheaper than having to buy them one at a time with the origin points. Mass Effect deal always going to get a hot vote from me

BATTLEFIELD 4 ORIGIN CD KEY-£5.95 @ kinguin / Sold by: GamingWorld
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
more stores in kinguin ,and best price was £5.95 for this game . Take action and rise above the chaos in Battlefield 4. This FPS from Electronic Arts is part of a genre-defining … Read more
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What is their excuse for just deleting peoples games from libraries?


Thanks, heat given as would rather pay extra than to pay those idiots at cdkeys who totally ruined my WoW BFA server launch.


Any PS4 deals


Thanks, just picked it up there... :{ :{ :{


EA just deleted my copy of BF4 for no reason from my library. I checked online and it happened to loads of people, and you have to hassle them to give it back... Fine with me though, as they aren't seeing another penny from me ever again. Their game quality has gone downhill, not to mention rinsing people with dlc for incomplete games. They truly hate their customers

[PC] Battlefield 1 - £4.37 - Origin Store
Found 11th SepFound 11th Sep
Back down in price (25/09) and perfect for the free Premium Pass :) Battlefield™ 1 takes you back to The Great War, WW1, where new technology and worldwide conflict c… Read more
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Awesome! Can finally add this to my battlefield collection (embarrassed)


This or Battlefield 4? Looking for a break from PUBG!


Back down to £4.37 (y)




4.99 USD via the american store. VPN, checkout using paypal and pay using a card with no fees. £3.82 at time of writing. Every little helps. Probably even cheaper from other stores (Turkey, Argentina?) but couldnt find any service to compare all store prices to find the cheapest. Let me know if you know of one.

Battlefield 4 (PC) for £3.99 (£3.79 with discount) @ CD keys
Found 27th AugFound 27th Aug
Just in case anyone hadn't bought it yet, this seems like a good price to try it out :) Discount of 5% via Facebook .
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Now £4.99, deal expired :(


12k people on PC yesterday.


Anyone online on this these days?


Good to know this, thanks.


You can get Battlefield 4 Premium Edition for £13.49 via Origin until the 28 August or via CDKeys for £17.99 HERE. The Premium Edition is also available free if you have Origin Access, along with a host of other games but that's an ongoing monthly cost. According to the Origins app, Battlefield 4 community and Battlefield 4 Night Operations are free, other DLC's are paid and some are also included in Origins Access

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(Price error?) Sims 4 Digital Deluxe + Seasons for £22.38 when you build a bundle on Origin
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Sims 4 Digital Deluxe is currently £22.49 in the Origin sale and Seasons is currently £26.24, but when you go on Build a Bundle and add both to basket, they show up as £22.38 for b… Read more
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If you already have Sims 4 on your account it offers the deal you describe - you have to not have Sims 4 on the account for this offer to work.


Origin means I'm addicted and I should seek help. :D




Not working? Have to buy an expansion pack, gamepack and stuff pack all together, unless im missing something?


I used to like all the wallpaper options...!

Burnout Paradise Remastered PC £4.49 if you own the original. FREE to those subscribed to Origin Access
Refreshed 12th SepRefreshed 12th Sep
£17.99 if you don't have the original game Saw this on the front page of origin when I logged in, as long as you had the original on Origin, you should be able to get the discoun… Read more
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Are there any comparisons between this and the old version?


Technically, you don't need to own it to login as it doesn't link and lock... but you are probably right.


If you ever played it on any pc you have to login with your ea account, that’s how they would know.


just downloaded the old version on my newly built rig last night. Looks like I'll be installing this tonight


This worked for me, I don't have Burnout Paradise on Origin yet I still got it for £4 (I have wa access that's why it's cheaper than 75% off)

[PC] Battlefield 1 - £4.37 - Origin (Revolution - £9.16)
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
How much?! :o Battlefield™ 1 takes you back to The Great War, WW1, where new technology and worldwide conflict changed the face of warfare forever. Take part in every batt… Read more
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Is a great price (still on as of 1/10/18) furthermore the BF1 Premium pass seems to be free currently if you own BF1. So get base game + Premium pass for £4.37...


For anyone picking this up, there is a huge difference in how the game plays with a keyboard/mouse compared to a controller. Had to stop using a controller found it very frustrating


Might try this again, played it a while ago using a G4560 cpu and RX480 (4 gig) and found multi player unplayable but recently upgraded to a i5 7500.


Thanks OP. Had to take the bite on the Revolution version at this price. I was very nearly tempted by the CDKeys deal from the other day. 8)


Also look at both these Free deals that were posted recently, for DLC to add.. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/battlefield-1-apocalypse-dlc-free-for-the-next-week-3014249 https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/battlefield-4-china-rising-naval-strike-battlefield-1-apocalypse-free-origin-3014873

Battlefield 1 PC - £7.99 @ CDKeys
Refreshed 12th AugRefreshed 12th Aug
Battlefield 1 takes you back to The Great War, WW1, where new technology and worldwide conflict changed the face of warfare forever. Take part in every battle, control every massiv… Read more
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BF1 has been out for nearly 2 years and (a lot of) people still play BF4. Just because BFV is around the corner does not mean that BF1 will all of a sudden die. Player base is still huge. Personally I'd go for the revolution edition. It's only a fiver more and increases the map count and therefore the player count.


Not sure. I only had a quick go of the single player


Great price


Does Origin Access Basic include the BF1 DLC?


For £20 you can get the origin access. Not worth get one game for £8

Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Edition PC. 4.33 @ INSTANT GAMING
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
What a bunch of quality games for a fiver (y) The essential collection at an incredible value from the best-selling Real-Time Strategy franchise of all time. From the Best Selli… Read more
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I think a few of them were released freely to download. Maybe they went back on that when they released this collection. Command and Conquer and Zero Hour were my favourites. There was an unofficial AI patch for Zero Hour which made the game really challenging. Command and Conquer 1 had many ways to make your own levels and maps too using some community tools, it essentially had its own programming language which if you learned, could make your own missions.


Openra for CnC1 and RA1 fans. In future TS and RA2


can't wait for that bloody mobile game! said no one ever.


Only ever played up to Zero Hour. Wasted so much of my youth on this game. Always remember playing very reserved, building up a crazy amount of troops to go and wipe out the enemy in one go.


Yep my brain is definitely slowing down. I did a Skirmish the other day on RA2 3 enemies, 2 easy and 1 brutal, starting with zero units, brutal one wiped us all out in 5mins, how on earth do they get to build so many tanks that quick. I want to start from the beginning and work my way through every game, pretty sure I've not seen all the endings yet but you always find one game that don't work. Might build a new PC but with older hardware and older version of windows so i can have it purely for these.

Origin Premier Access £89.99 or £14.99 a month - pc only
Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
"EA has announced Origin Access Premier, a new PC subscription service which will get you access to new games as they arrive. It starts with the next FIFA and Madden, and will als… Read more
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Did you recover your account?


Unfortunately I was randomly refunded and banned today, it was linked to my xbox account and I can no longer access anything. I hope i can convince them to get my account back. Be careful!!!


Has anyone else that has tried this, been banned? Tempted at that price.




I've never heard about this. Source???

Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC (Xbox One - Free for Gold subscribers) (on PC in Origin Store) (on PSN)
Refreshed 1st AugRefreshed 1st Aug
Battlefield™ 1 Apocalypse* is the fourth expansion pack for Battlefield 1, available standalone or as part of Battlefield 1 Premium Pass. Enter a living hell and descend into the m… Read more

Can you play this if you don't own BF1? I'm assuming you can't but it says standalone...


Caporetto is an absolute mess, worst map I've ever played on any BF game


Free until August 6th.


Thanks for this! Xbox one add on, another welcomed edition! Cheers


Just so everyone is fully aware this is also free on PC along with the China Rising dlc for Battlefield 4. Assuming you have collected all the previous dlc's for free, so should have all of them for both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1

Dragon Age Inquisition - Game of the Year Edition PC (Origin) | £7.99 (£7.59 with FB code) | @ cdkeys.com
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
Possible 5% discount (£7.59) with the cdkeys FB code. Dragon Age: Inquisition - Game of the Year Edition Includes: Base Game Flames of the Inquisition Arsenal, Armor, and Armored… Read more

Wasnt to bad, but first was the best!


Significantly worse, but better than 2.


Worse I'd say. More open but a little bit blander.


Is it comparable to Origins ?


Got it for like 4 quid a couple years ago, tbh it wasn't a very good game, but you'll get your money's worth in length if that's what you're after.

Assassin's Creed Origin Deluxe Edition (XBOX Download) £16.99 @ Amazon (Student Prime Day Deal)
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Just seems to work with deluxe edition. Add to basket, and current Prime Day deal is reduced even further, from £62.99 to £16.99

can i assume the student code wont work if i dont have prime student :( Edit: Nope.... Fek !


It's fine. When you click 'place order' it asks you to verify your card, which once you are done takes you to the next screen (below). You don't buy instantly and have to check the order before finally buying it.


Student15 works on this. I'm not buying the game but just checked and it reduces the price massively.


Time to pickup Origins. Thanks.


I have Student Prime and haven't used the code yet but I can't add to basket, it only has a button directly saying 'Place Order' Bit wary of clicking that and immediately getting it at 31.99 :(

The Sims 4 - Standard Edition PC/Mac (Origin) | £14.99 (£14.24 with FB code) | @ cdkeys.com
Found 15th JulFound 15th Jul
Possible 5% discount with the FB code which makes this game £14.24. The Sims 4 is the only game where new Sims with unique personalities open up deep, rich, and sometimes weird po… Read more

£17.99 now


Nope - tied to sub. Hence why I said it was an alternative :)


Can you keep the game after the year if you don’t renew?


Nice price for Sims 4 alone. I have just been reading about Origin Access too. If you don't want a year's sub, it is also available for £3.99/mth and you can cancel at any time apparently. 115 games currently available for unlimited play when you're a member. That's a pretty good deal if you like the games on offer!


Alternatively, you can get a year of Origin Access for £20 which includes The Sims 4 Deluxe and lots of other games. Basically comes down to if you think you will get a years worth or more gaming out of The Sims 4 Voted hot, as cheapest around, but just flagging an alternative that may be better suited to some people.

EA PC Download Sale - Save up to 75% @ GAME
Found 13th JulFound 13th Jul
Was Now Game £49.99 £14.00 Battlefield 1 £54.99 £13.75 Battlefield 1: Revolution £14.99 £4.50 Battlefield 4 £29.99 £18.00 Battlefield 4 Prem… Read more

That's the nub right there. Stop paying and you've no access to the games. For some people they don't care as clearly they are happy paying for a rental service and that's fine. But then there's old school people like me who wish to own what they pay for. E.G. I want Fifa 17 so I'll happily pay £6 to own it forever. Whilst I'd love to be able to have the time to play all the other games I don't and neither do the majority of people. How many times have we all bought games that were going too cheap to ignore yet knew from the outset that we will never play them? Just another game to add to our ever increasing accounts just because....well just because it was cheap. It's a false economy IMO.


OK, so it includes some DLC then. And you don't get to keep the games if you stop paying ofc.


Not true. BF4, BF Hardline, Star Wars Battlefront, Titanfall, PVZ, Crysis 3, Mass Effect Andromeda, Mass Effect 3 and 2, Dragon Age: Origins are all the respective ultimate/deluxe/complete editions.


IIRC Origin Access does not include DLC.


Origin access is £19.99 for a year and includes every game on this list and some others like Cities Skylines, Mad Max, Prison Architect and the Mass Effect games. Unless you're really hung up on the idea of owning the game permanently, I'd defy anyone who is looking at more than 2 games on this list not to get their fix and better value from a year of Origin access. These aren't even the best discounts we've seen on these games, and they sure as hell aren't listing the actual normal prices, they're listing what they were at launch. Titanfall 2 has been £6.24 on Origin before, and £9.99 on Amazon, with the regular price being £24.99 not £49.99 like Game would have you believe their giving as a discount. Mirror's edge has been £3.99 from Amazon and has a regular price of £9.99 not £49.99 Battlefield 4 has been £3.75... you get the idea I'm not going to vote either way, because the fact remains these are probably the best prices if you're looking to buy today, but I would strongly encourage people to look at the Origin Access deal instead.

Battlefield V PC Origin Code £29.91 (£31.49 without FB Code) @ CDKeys
Found 8th JulFound 8th Jul
Under £30 now :D
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Seriously the amount of people that use scripts to make weapons have no recoil and wallhacks in this game on PC is massive,its a fantastic game but on PC there are too many cheats and who can blame them when the cheats are free and the chances of being caught almost non existent. get it on console and you cant go wrong





Well that's just not true.. Maybe you just don't have the skills to compete on pc?


Sometimes I wish there was a comment "dislike" button.

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