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Dead Space 3 - PC £3.99 @ Origin
TODAYTODAYFound 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Part of EA's April sales on Origin. Cheaper than CDKEYS price at £6.99 :) "Journey across space to the icy planet of Tau Volantis with Isaac Clarke and Sgt. John Carver to discov… Read more

Somehow not surprising -_- Still, at least there's Alien if I'm desperate for a space setting horror game


For sure, that'll be a day 1 purchase for me if it ever happens, but with EA in charge of the IP, I ain't holding out much hope. They already shut down the studio responsible for the series (Visceral) so I'd be inclined to say the series is well and truly Dead (Space. ooft bad pun!)


Awesome, sounds like a great list. Hope they remaster the first dead spaces too one day :/


Hmm, the survival horror genre in general has been fairly sparse the last few years (everyone's obsessed with those goddamn battle royale games!!!), but some of the best horror games I've played in the last few years that stood out to me: Alien Isolation (my 1st pick for a true survival horror, impressive graphics too, fun fact developed by a small UK studio!) SOMA (indie title with a focus on 1st person psychological horror but with a fairly good budget and decent graphics, fantastic voice work and an ending that will stay with you long after you've finished it) Resident Evil 7 (good return to form for the RE series after the abysmal RE6, has a fair bit of combat but also has very good atmosphere, played in 1st person view which is a first for the series but it works surprisingly well here) Resident Evil 2 Remake (3rd person action horror, best game of 2019 so far imho, this is probably the closest to a Dead Space style experience) Outlast Trinity (pure survival horror, no combat, run and hide with only a night vision camera to help you through the dark areas, terrifying, 2nd best pick) PREY (developed by Arkane, the guys who made Dishonored) and is a 1st person action horror, it has some similarities to Dead Space that you will appreciate such as being set on a space station, alien threat has overrun the station, being able to float through zero gravity space, etc. I really enjoyed this one and is well worth playing) The Evil Within 1+2 (these one's are a bit more action oriented but still quite enjoyed them) I'm sure there's a few indie gems on Steam but I'm not too much of a PC player these days so not sure what to suggest there. I played all of the above on console. I hope that helps somewhat!


That sucks :( If you wanted to play that style of game (horror/survival) but wanted a fairly up to date game with new graphics, would you suggest anything?

Titanfall 2 Ultimate Editon - £6.24 - Origin
TODAYTODAYRefreshed 16th AprRefreshed 16th Apr
Titanfall 2 Ultimate Editon on Origin for £6.24

Was watching a you tube video other day, showing how good the single player is, delighted to pick it up for this price.


waiting for a deal on this which always seems to be for the Xbox.


Very good game with a great SP campaign!


Loads on Xbox, seriously brilliant MP. Best current gen possibly tbh.


Play it almost daily (evening and weekends) and rarely have to wait long for a match... Couple of mins at most. I keep looking for a game that can match it... They all just feel slow, awkward or half finished. PC version so much better than console IMHO (Xbonex) too...

Star Wars Battlefront II - Standard Edition | PC Download - Origin Code £4.99 @ Amazon
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
CHEAPER DIRECTLY FROM ORIGIN - CHEERS BUZZ Good deal for anyone that missed the Origin sale recently. If it defaults to PS4, just change it to PC (I'm on mobile and it's being r… Read more
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Not a great start. Installed and this is crashing my entire PC every time I launch it. :(


I'll amend / expire.....cheers!




Currently £3.74 at Origin mate.

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Burnout™ Paradise Remastered (Origin PC) £4.49
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
I think this is the cheapest the game has gone. Description Make action your middle name as you rule the streets in Burnout™ Paradise Remastered. Tear up the town from hectic do… Read more
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I don’t think this is true, the remaster was sold separately and I didn’t hear any otherwise. Have you got a source?


Oh did I? Didn't know haven't logged into it in ages


If you had the original on origin before it launched the remastered edition, then you got it for free


Still one of the most fun racers. Def better playing this version but not a massive leap


Loved the original on PS3, wonder if my 7/8 year old laptop would play it or struggle due to graphics. i5 processor and 8gb ram, only intel graphics though.

[PC] Star Wars: Battlefront II - £3.74 - Origin
Refreshed 17th AprRefreshed 17th Apr
Cheapest price yet, I believe. Down from the last sale price of £4.99 :) Embark on an endless Star Wars™ journey from the best-selling Star Wars™ video game franchise of al… Read more
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Meh payments keep failing.


Are they about to roll out an expansion or something?


Okay thanks, ill give it a miss :)


4-5 hours.


Does anyone know how big the single player campaign is on this?

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Anthem PC/Origin £23.79 @ CDKeys
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Seems to be a lot lower then anywhere else at the moment, trust CDKeys to bring another deal. MINIMUM for Anthem OS64-bit Windows 10 CPUIntel Core i5 3570 or AMD FX-6350 RAM8 GB S… Read more
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This took a lot longer than I thought it would given the drumming it got at launch. I would still say wait if you weren't keen enough to get it at launch. It will probably be £12ish in a month or two and on EA access by summer. The game is still super buggy although less so than at launch. The loot needs a complete redesign and content is pretty thin. That said I really love playing interceptor so I hope they try and turn this around rather than giving up again. The core power based combat is really solid (guns are pretty crap). I've been playing it on PC since launch. Performance can be horrendous, the game is very cpu bound. Even on 1080p low with resolution scale set to 75% in the ini file I still get long drops to 60-70fps. I haven't had any local input lag but plenty of server desync and rubber banding.


I can't recommend anyone buy Anthem on PC in good faith. I bought it on launch and still can't play it because it runs like total crap on my PC. Lots of micro stuttering, and even worse the game prioritises things over input when it comes to keyboard and mouse so you can get horrific input lag. I had input lag spikes that lasted 30 seconds odd where you just end up running into a bunch of enemies without being able to do anything about it until the game frees your controls again.


That's about £23.79 more than it's worth, and in fact I'm willing to bet it will be £23.79 cheaper soon when it goes F2P.


It is the case, and thats widely documented. There's more to a deal than a good price. The product has to be fit for purpose and Anthem is far from that. You say it's a deal price-wise, that would be the case if the product was worth the RRP; it's not, and it's not worth the deal price. Like Fallout76 this game's value will plummet in desperation for players. This site not being Kotaku has nothing to do with it. Are you really suggesting that a deal is good regardless of the product's quality? People voting cold clearly think not and thats what you asked about so why are you resistant to the idea?


That may (or may not) be the case but this is a deals site, not Kotaku. Even if the game is pants, this is still a good deal price wise.

Origin Ohrid Lake Macedonia Gin 700 ml 46% Volume @ Amazon Warehouse Open Box Like New £23.96 (20% Reduction @ Checkout)
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
master of malt have this at £35.95 they are a good guide as there prices are ultra competitive. Banana and peach. Black pepper, mint and green apple. Produced in Royal Tunbridge … Read more
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not sure I want an 'ohrid gin, I want a nice one!




Thanks AC got one for the father in law

Mass Effect Trilogy Origin (PC) £3.89 with code @ Gamivo
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Cheapest I have seen it, use the code METGAMIVO to get it for this price and pay with PayPal. Closest price is £5.37 at InstantGaming Description As Commander Shepard, ris… Read more

edit deleted seems i need to learn to cut and paste properly all good!! hot as hell (shame no discount on DLC)


Andomeda isn't bad certainly for under a £10 its worth it. Your main squad aren't very interesting and some of them have really annoying voices and accents and sound a bit wooden. It's biggest issues are too many repatative missions, pointless R&D elements and a broken skill system. You can have every power but only 3 at a time? Odd. It just feels like they had to make every mission twice as long as it needed to be. One of the biggest story line hooks happens off screen as well and I'm not sure that works. The main quest is very easy to back burner as well with all the missons to pass so its get lost and then any sense of impending doom doesn't really come across. Your just wandering finding people to help. That said some of the more story driven missions are good and there's plenty of variety in how you approach gun fights, sniper, tank, biotic or a combination etc. Its certainly worth at least a basic play through but its not reached the heights of any of the others so far and im about 50% in


I also disagree, I think it’s well worth playing (just not on PS4). I don’t find the voice acting particularly bad, and the story is good enough to get on with. it isn’t on the same level as the original trilogy, but hey ho. I do struggle with the more open-worldy aspects, so every time I get to a new planet I’m not really looking forward to doing lists of similar quests. That said, if you don’t have the same completionist problem as I do,it might be far more fun just to get on with the main quests.


Personal preference, I played andromeda and loved it, and the price it is nowadays it’s always worth checking out.


Don't. Even though most of the bugs and graphical issues have been sorted, it doesn't fix the awful voice acting, poor cliched writing and dull characters.

Mass Effect Trilogy Origin (PC) £5.19 @ Instant-Gaming
Found 31st MarFound 31st Mar
Cheapest around for a very good set of 3 games here. Description As Commander Shepard, rise to become the galaxy's most elite soldier and lead an all-out war to stop an ancient … Read more
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it is possible with mods... look for texture packs.



i thought it was a typo! Whats Yo Ho ho edition. Someones xmas present?


Made my day - Yo ho ho edition.


Probably my fav series of all time. ME 2 is just brilliant. 1 is decent some weak moment but more than makes up for it in other ways and 3 is very good - bit of a weaker cast but it really does get the feeling of doom across. I'm playing Andromeda now and its OK never reaches the highs of any of these and its hugely repetative, in a galaxy full of tech why do I walk half across a map to tell someone a relative is dead? im still surprised any sequals appear to have been put on hold with a bit of stream lining and some adjustments they could have easily kicked off some new adventures.

Lavazza Single Origin ground coffee 200gr in Poundstretcher - £1.99
LocalLocalFound 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Seems a good deal for a Single Origin coffee... I usually buy Qualitia Rossa when on offer but thought I'd give this a try for a treat...

good find (y)


Great deal, lovely coffee


Thanks bro


Have some heat.

DEAD SPACE PC Digital Download Delivered Via Email £1.25 @ Game
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Set in the cold blackness of deep space, the atmosphere is soaked with a feeling of tension, dread and sheer terror. In Dead Space, players step into the role of engineer Isaac Cla… Read more
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My friend did it the other day, blew my mind, also helps because of steam controller support for various games


Really? I haven't done that before, I'll look into it. Thanks.


You could add it as a non steam game


Cheers, bought


Agree and agree. Both classics. Good find

Battlefield 4 PC (Origin) | £3.49 (£3.39 with FB code) | @ CDKeys.com
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
Discount code: cdkeys.com/facebook-coupon Battlefield 4 is a genre-defining action blockbuster made from moments that blur the line between game and glory - moments found only i… Read more

Thanks OP. Purchased, couldn't get the code to work either but it's only a few pence. This might tempt me away from currently sinking hours into the first and greatest BF1942 :)


Online seems fine to me, i am rubbish at it though!


Hmmm, trying to buy this but the page for the 5% discount isn't working for me. Is anyone else having the same problem?


Are there many hackers?


Recommend getting this over BF1 and BFV personally. A solid shooter.

Free Month Origin Access which gives 1000 Apex Coins & "Flatline" Skin @ RogArena
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Another freebie here for origin and apex fans. Steps To Follow 1. Follow Deal link GLOBAL you should see screenshot as below 2. Press the "SIGN UP NOW" button (You might nee… Read more
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Does anyone know if there are any other methods of getting a free month of origin access?


Sold out


Sold out


Deal is now expired. Seems that they have listed the access code as "Sold out".


Mine says this reward has been sold out :(

Apex Legends - Origin Access Loot Pack for FREE - 1,000 coins (£8 value), Legendary Skin & Banner
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
I recall the last Apex Legends exploit thread was popular and didn't in any way descend into a debate on legality ( Here ), so here we go... Apex Legends released the Origin Acc… Read more

I know, as I said the vast majority of threads discussing this exploit were removed.


Not a jot of evidence in any of the above...?


unfortionately a lot of the threads on reddit discussing the exploit were removed, however there are some that mention bans (but also have plenty of comments with people adamant the bans are a lie...so who knows) https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/b1xnt1/origin_access_exploit_bans_waiting_for_respawns/ https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/b0knf8/psa_dont_do_the_1000_free_apex_coin_exploit/ https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/b0a2pm/psa_to_people_using_a_certain_command_line_for/


An example of a reddit thread where someone has been banned for this would be great, thanks.


Well firstly, no not in respect of the fraud, because that is obvious, you are claiming something through code manipulation you know you are not otherwise entitled to. In respect of the bans it was all over reddit at the time this was popular, lots of people probably didn't get banned but plenty claimed they were. They were apparently permanent bans. This exploit was also blamed for the fact the battle pass was delayed for a week. I get it, we are all after good deals, but the line has to be drawn somewhere and this wasn't something that should have existed let alone advertised, and is in no way the same thing as say pricing something wrong.

Register your ASUS products now to get a free Origin Access Basic code and an exclusive vinyl
30/06/2019Expires on 30/06/2019Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
In order to acquire a free Origin™ Access Basic code, please register your ASUS products to particpate in this promotion. With this code, you can experience Anthem™ for 10 hours an… Read more

The link goes to the events page. There is no sign of the offer there just anti-virus protection keys.


Yeah for anyone doing this, note that the site started dishing out other customers' email addresses to random people and giving you access to their products. Some even reported that they received emails to their own inboxes from other customers trying to email support! Steer clear. https://old.reddit.com/r/GameDeals/comments/azo641/asus_register_your_asus_products_now_to_get_a/ei9clb6/


My Asus VG248QE monitor stopped worked correctly a few years back and Asus replaced it without any issues, there's always two sides. Also, deal no longer available it appears (annoyed)


Same here most of the parts in my rig are asus, my wife laptop is asus (7yo) best nexus devices were asus luckly got nothing to complain


Doesn't work - looks like the site glitched and they took it down, how typical :) Good find nonetheless.

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin PC Steam Key £0.89 @ Instant Gaming
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
Price stated is with paying by Visa - £0.92 if paying via Pay pal :) Deployed just minutes before the blast triggered by the original F.E.A.R. team, you assume the role of Speci… Read more
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back to £1.42 now... at this rate by tomorrow it will be 0.89 again. (y)


it's now £2.09 (mad)


What a game, bargain


ancient but great game

Battlefield: Bad Company 2/Vietnam DLC (PC) - £1.99 Each @ Origin
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Neat game here at a good price on the Origin Store. £3.62 at Instant-Gaming is the closest price I can find for it. MetaScore of 87 https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/battl… Read more
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There are still people playing. Fun game


The last great Battlefield game in my opinion. I do not think the vietnam dlc is well populated but I did manage to get in a game last time I tried. As others said the destruction is so much better in this one. I do not know why they dialled it back after this. The maps also seem to be more open and better designed as opposed to a bunch of bottlenecks we have had since.


Also my favourite bf in the series. If they did another bad company i may be tempted to buy. I didnt realise server were still popular - i might revisit this game. The others are poor in comparison


Best battlefield cause of the destruction and map design, their new ones have no destruction and the maps are so poor. Only one I liked was the Karkand pack in BF3, but that died cause they keep releasing new games.


Fortunate sun just started playing in my head

Battlefield™ 1 & Titanfall™ 2 Ultimate Bundle £10.99 @ Origin sales
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Seems a good price for these two games, cheapest BF1 price on its own seems to be around £8. Sorry if this is a repost couldnt find it on the search. Get the complete First Perso… Read more

cold from me. Battlefield 1 is deserted its tough to get a game and Titanfall is available for much less. EA are just trying to cash in on Titanfall's resurgence. Titanfall 2 is awesome by the way


Thanks for the heads up, it appears you can get just Titanfall 2 Ultimate bundle for £6.24. Not interested in Battlefield 1, so might just pick up Titanfall!


Plus you get the Red Baron Ion warpaint for Titanfall.

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