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Battlefield V 5 | PC Origin | £5.99 @ CDKeys
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
About Battlefield V The Battlefield series goes back to its roots in a never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2. Take on physical, all-out multiplayer with your squad in modes … Read more

For me - it was backwards. Never liked idea of BF1, so did not played on PC past beta, but then got it for free on my X and decided to give it one last shot after complete dissapointment with BF5. After one match got hooked... Controls are pretty good for a console, but still - console controls. Recently installed on PC - started playing and at a same day - bumped into aimbots. After week I can now identify majority of hackers by nicknames as EA won't ban them even if you report multiple times. Some are so annoying, that they even crashing servers now... Thinking to return to X... :/


Is it the same game where you got completely different episode after character died ?


It is average, some great ideas but very forgettable. The whole game had some great ideas but just fell flat on its arse, they struck golf with BF1, I still can’tfigure out how the screwed BFV up so badly.


Luckily I have prepared myself by playing lots of Warzone. The cheating on that is out of control and equally, Activision couldn't care less.


I made the switch from battlefield pc to console, this being one of the main reasons. Yeh the controls are nowhere near as good and it's not as immersive but there's no fun in getting killed by cheats

[Origin] Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PC) - £11.79 @ CDKeys
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
A galaxy-spanning adventure awaits in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a new third-person action-adventure title from Respawn Entertainment. This narratively driven, single-player gam… Read more

1080p maxed out on an i5 4690k and hd580. Took some tweaking, ran awful at first but a couple settings changed after a judicious Google and sorted.


I ran it with a Gtx 1060 / 4790k @ 1080p and had a steady 60fps with all the eye candy on but I guess your mileage may vary. Great game if you can forgive the backtracking but I’d snap it up at this price on pc. Some genuinely striking environments to stand still and gawp at.


4 hours in I uninstalled it. Awful game.


This is also included with stadia pro this month. If you haven't signed up yet you can get a free month trial. Not played this on there, but I've been playing Resident Evil 7 and performance is fine.


Appreciate the feedback guys. I bought myself a gaming rig for the first time in about 20 years recently which should handle any game out at the moment without any difficulty at all, and the last thing I want to do is to be frustrated by a game that's poorly optimised. Think I might give this one a miss. Plenty of other games to be getting on with.

Titanfall 2 PC Origin Key £5.04 using code @ Eneba / Zeus
31/05/2021Expires on 31/05/2021Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Given the massive resurgence this game is currently going through (750% increase in player count on Steam - highly deserved in my opinion) I thought it would be worth finding a dec… Read more

Hi. I've enjoyed the single player campaign (not quite finished) and just joined multi player I'm a bit confused about the "upgrades" you get for grinding as used to CS-GO / Valorant / R6S where you're all the same. The longer you play the better weapons you get? Seems a bit unfair. But I guess a bit like PES as you get better players the more you grind. So not sure how good matchmaking is going to be?


It only came down to £5.61 eventually. That was good enough for me so I bought it.


Has this expired? The discount code only knocks off 38p for me leaving it at £7.86 ?


Came out at £4.81 with Paypal for me? 8)


I regret not buying the battlefield 4 and titan bundle. Was around £4 at one stage and now around £10! Not used to prices going up - always expect them to fall if you wait! But this is on my radar for sure...

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[Origin] Battlefield V (PC) - £6.39 @ CDKeys
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
The Battlefield series goes back to its roots in a never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2. Take on physical, all-out multiplayer with your squad in modes like the vast Grand Op… Read more

I totally understand, the two games get compared often but I think they are massively different games for different types of players. I am a long time BF player and I love the strategy and planning my next move in conquest. I recently played ground war in Modern Warfare 2019 to me that was completely boring because no one cares about objectives it was just one big death match and kill streak and chaos. BF to me is very much a casual war simulation which is exactly what I am looking for objecvie based, strategy and tactics. In BF run and gun doesn't work in the long term whereas COD is completely run and gun. For you BF maps are too big for player count but to me COD ground war maps were too small for the player count. The gun customization is limited in BFV because this game does have a tiny hint of WW2 LOL. If you ever played Battlefield 4, the gunsmith in Modern Warfare is completely copied out of BF4




This game pales in comparison to call of duty, the maps and player count in each map is far too big and the gun customisation is poor.


ill take Hardline over having a killstreak up your a$$ and 1 shot quick scoping sniper kills anywhere on the body every 5 seconds any day. Just me but I had a bit of fun with hardline, was a fun experiment.


Voted hot, its not a bad game for just over a fiver but i'd recommend a game called "Enlisted" over this. Its free to play and delivers a more authentic and fun WW2 experiance.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition PC (EN) (EA Origin) - Includes all games remastered - £34.99 @ CD Keys
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Great deal for this remaster, a lot of content in one package. Cashback also at Topcashback, up to 2.9% for existing customers or 7.5% for new. Game description: Mass Effect L… Read more

Nah Dead Space needs a remaster first . The SW library is huge and fans have very different ideas about which they consider 'the best' Tomb Raider....Done Batman.............Already near perfect Resi..................Done Bioshock.........Done..sort of Mass Effect ...Done Dead Space....


I've never replayed an RPG before. Just seems like a huge time sink when you already know the story, but i did love these games. I think I'll wait a bit for it to drop more and some mods to come out for them. Wish they would do KOTOR next.


I saved all the main characters was just the ship crew i lost. This was very early on though before i realised i had to do things a certain way.


Make sure you have all the ship upgrades (3 of them in particular) and ensure everyone is Loyal. This definitely helps. Be sure to pick the most appropriate people for each of the sections during the final mission too (Think who is best for tactics (Garrus), engineering (Tali) etc)


The price for this will (or should) drop rapidly. Personally I found 2 the best then 1 with 3 being a chore, but we're all different. The whole remaster is a good idea the price is just way too high.