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Rainbow Six Siege, PC - CD Keys - £21.99
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
I have a feeling it will go super cold... Currently have it on PS4 and have been sitting on the fence to try it out on PC. I'm happy with the bare bones @ £22, £25 you get Advanc… Read more
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I should clarify, In the normal game yearly characters are 25k renown (in game money you earn when you win/lose). It takes maybe 2-3 weeks? There's about 16 of these yearly characters to buy at this price point (and growing). They aren't "better" per say, just another very different style of play. In the starter edition it requires 50k per.. So it gives you the flavour of the game as you get a few normal characters to start off but ultimately you either spend 6 weeks grinding per character or buy the year 3 pack, which is about £30 on its own. Like I say, I only use 5-6 per side, but they are mostly year characters, don't want to go that cheap (embarrassed)


Ah I see, that's annoying and confusing.


Yeah.. Do not get the starter addition.. It will double the requirement for all characters. Meaning you have grind for ever to get anything (annoyed). Think of that as an expensive demo.. I dunno why they've done that. It puts people off playing the game.




11.99 on the steam store.

TOM CLANCY'S RAINBOW SIX® SIEGE - GOLD EDITION  £34.99 OR £28 (with Uplay 20% off discount)
Found 9th JulFound 9th Jul
Some of the deals aren't that great but if you are still looking to hop into Rainbow Six Siege on PC, the gold edition (which includes year 3 season pass + 10 outbreak packs + base… Read more
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Yeah by saying its free is implying if i buy the base version of this game i will have access to all the content ever made. Which is far from true. The only free content that is released is maps. Still great game and okay deal. But you will get none of the year 1 or 2 operators with this. Just base operators and year 3 as and when theyre released.


I mean there are a few months in between every content drop (by that i mean when they add new operators in to the game) and it is more than enough time to get enough renown if you play on a regular basis though for a lot of people that is not even an option. About the skins which can only be purchased with real money, well i can't really say anything against that.


Well isn't really free. Even If you played for 8 hours a day you wouldn't be able to unlock every operator. Skins can only be bought with real money also


Cd keys also do the complete edition for ~£45 which has a lot of content for the money. That went cold too though as like the previous poster says this seems like a lot for an 'old' game. People don't realise it's getting better and better with more and more free content being added


Unfortunately for the people who don't have R6 this seems like alot of money especially for a 3 Yr old game. The reality is that they are actively developing this game and the creators want to make this a timeless classic like counterstrike. Of lately they increased the rrp price as well because it has grown so much. Its a really backwards mentality but if you believe that this game will last another 5-7++ years that initial £35 is worth it. I'm tempted to get it on pc as well as I currently have ps4 and heard they are fixing hacker issues. (y)

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Xbox One S 1TB + Assassins Creed Origins + Fifa 18 + Rainbow Six Siege £180 @ Amazon Spain
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Good price for the 1TB console including 3 games!
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£188 if you pay in gbp or £179 if you pay in euros but I'm not sure what the fees would be to pay in euros with my Halifax card?


When I got mine from Amazon France it was despatched from a UK warehouse but it was the EU console. The console are exactly the same tbh, just need another figure 8 cable https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0094JDEPG or a travel adaptor. Register the console with my MS account and show warranty as valid too Probably conversion fees based on card registered I had the same with Amazon France, if I had used Revolut or a free currency transfer card I believe it would have been less. If anyone get it and is selling anyof the games at a decent price please let me know. Cheers!


UK or EU console?


how ? I am getting £188 with delivery


Where are you getting this price. With shipping I am getting £188 odd.

Xbox One S 1TB Assassins Creed Bundle + State of Decay 2 + Rainbow Six Siege £229 @ Tesco
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
The Xbox One® S Console 1TB in white is the upgraded version of the Xbox One®, featuring more power and a slimmer size. This Assassin’s Creed bundle includes the full game download… Read more

It will be sent into store probably anyway IF there is a clearance


They're not completely backing out of the market, they're consolidating Tesco Direct into Tesco.com. I doubt there'll be much in the way of clearance.


Extremely quiet! Can barely hear it actually. The One X is even quieter with its liquid cooler.


Random question, but how do these compare noise-wise to the old XBOX 360s? The jet engine taking off noise was a little off-putting on that old version...


In the box as download code it part of the 1TB bundle it on Front of box! and argos only 500gb

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Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition (PS4) £8.82 / Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege: Advanced Edition (Xbox One) £1.33​ (PS4) £10.88 / The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief (PS4) £8.82 / Superhot VR (PS4) £9.50 / Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (PS4) £8.82 Del
Found 22nd MayFound 22nd May
Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition (PS4) £8.82 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege: Advanced Edition (Xbox One) £1.33 Symmetry (PS4) £7.66 The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thi… Read more

I noticed that on my games as well and not sure whether to address this issue with them


Yes, mine arrived today along with Wipeout.


Not bad for a total sum of £5.65 :{


Actually didn’t realise initially but Killer Is Dead is a reseal. Remember getting it on PS3 a few years back too and that was resealed also.. different merchant as well. Lol.


Two of mine came in today (The Raven and de Blob) but a slightly interesting point for both, they're not factory sealed, they've both been resealed at some point by someone else. Not a big deal to me as I rip the cellophane off everything straight away but it's still a bit interesting and possibly a wee bit sneaky.

Rainbow six siege PC Steam - £8.03 (starter edition), £17.49 (standard edition) @ Steam
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
50% sales currently going on on steam for rainbow six siege.

Yes pay the extra it it for standard or other versions or it will cost you more. Decent game too


Shame they didn't add campaign story to it only online :/ and you need wear headphones at all times


Agreed. It's an amazing game, but the starter version is terrible. Pay the extra few quid to get the standard version (y)


Don't buy the starter edition. It's better now than it used to be but still not worth it. If you buy the standard edition you unlock all 20 default operators. With the starter edition only 6 are unlocked, and getting the other 14 will take around 100 hours. That's before even considering the 18 (20 next month) DLC operators...


Good price, imma give the free weekend a go first.

[PS4/Xbox One/PC] Play Rainbow Six: Siege Free this weekend (May 15-20th) - Ubisoft
Refreshed 16th MayRefreshed 16th May
Another free weekend upcoming for Siege :) Now at over 30million active players, and undoubtidly the best FPS this generation ;) Join over 30 million players this weekend! D… Read more
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LOVED this game since beta. its had it's issues lately but still growing player base. Console (PS4) seems to be getting low on decent players, everyone all sweaty these days and a lot less helpful when single-queing. When say decent - i don't mean pro-players - i mean people worth talking to.


That is more time than I spent with my wife in 13 years!


Squeakers? Curious. What platform do you play on? In my experience on PS4 they're few and far between. Even when I do get teamed up with kids I wouldn't automatically mute them, some of them have enough sense.


Don't worry, you won't have to, only people that tend to speak are squeakers and you can just troll them or vote them out of the match. Shame more people don't use mics though cos it's essential to communicate in this game, unless you're a mind reader?

Xbox One Wireless Controller Black + Rainbow Six Siege Digital Download for £39.99 delivered @ Game
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
In stock (y) Experience the enhanced comfort and feel of the new Xbox Wireless Controller, featuring a sleek, streamlined design and textured grip. Enjoy custom button mapping1 … Read more
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£19.99 at the moment. I forgot to mention that you can't use more than one controller with Bluetooth, so Fifa is lonely. I use mine primarily on my media center so this is a must. I have a deal active at the moment: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/xbox-wireless-adapter-for-windows-10-2018-version-1999-delivered-microsoft-store-2935621


A bluetooth adapter costs 2 GBP. How much does the "Official Wireless Receiver" cost? If the link I provided is not for the right receiver, can you provide a link?


I'm sorry, I dont understand the point you are making? You have linked to an old Xbox 360 dongle, that isnt the same as this. As I say, with laptops aside, most PC's do not have Bluetooth so you would have to buy an adapter there anyway. Having used both myself, I much prefer the Xbox receiver


And another £20 on top? https://archive.is/hQbMN


Yes you can use the Bluetooth as well if you like however, it's not as strong (the wireless delay is worse) and most PC's don't have Bluetooth. Having used both, I much prefer the dongle method.

Rainbow six siege pc complete edition year 3 dlc PC uplay - £42.74 @ CDKeys
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
Can confirm it does come with year 3 season pass + all year 1/2 operators
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Good price - Though, may be overwhelming to have all operators unlocked at once as this game has a STEEP learning curve. Best to focus on a couple of operators and learn them and most importantly the maps.


Yes, it launches uPlay even if you launch through Steam. Which is why it always amazes me when people insist on getting the Steam versions. Just 'add non-steam game' and you can still use the Steam overlay.


It's a glorious game!


Is that so? I so if I buy AC:O RSS or Far Cry 5 on steam do I have to play through Uplay? That's fucked up. Also,what about achivements?


The 2/3 year age thing is meaningless at this point. Recently, the devs of the game were talking about developing this game for 10 years! As for unlocking ops for free, look at it this way... anyone jumping in right now is going to think one of two ways - 1. some might want to play through the game and unlock the ops for free, while 2. Other players would rather get them all in a pack like this so they're unlocked and playable straight away. As for the cost, the new retail pricing is around £28 or so, so spending £14 to unlock 3 years worth of operators, get paid currency (R6 credits) thrown in (and other perks), is a decent deal for new players. Heat!

Xbox One Controller (White) + Rainbow 6 Siege Download Code (Xbox One) £39.99 @ GAME online
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
Xbox one controller (white) with “free” RS: Siege DL code.

Please expire, it’s gone back up




No worries man. The one from currys is the red one, but you’re probably better getting that from game too if it’s your thing, because it’s only £41.99 and you get a Siege Download Code thrown in


Sorry never realised posted came with game code


Currys had them yesterday in store £39,99 said £10 off Online too https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-and-home-entertainment/gaming/gaming-accessories/microsoft-xbox-one-wireless-controller-red-10158408-pdt.html

Xbox One Blue or Red Wireless Controller Plus Rainbow Six Siege Digital Download - £39.99 - Game
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
£10 price drop on this :) Xbox One Wireless Controller Blue + Rainbow Six Siege Digital Download - £41.99 Xbox One Wireless Controller Red + Rainbow Six Siege Digital D… Read more
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Blue is now £44.99, red now £49.99


It's C+C from store, 1 - 3 days. 1 per customer. Heat.. Drrrrink!!


A cracking price for a cracking game and great looking controller


In store, or online only?


Mint just means new as I asked them to confirm in the past

Xbox One S 1TB + Extra Controller + Assassin's Creed Origins + Rainbow Six Siege £159.90 @ Microsoft Store Portugal (Via Gamesdeal)
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
You need to purchase 6 x €30 cards and 1 x €50 cards . Pay in dollars and use the code Allkeyshop at checkout. Pay using Visa if possible as the unavoidable payment fee of 2% i… Read more
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EXPIRED. Seriously, this has een expired for like a week now. Why does it not show as expired?:s


Why is the deal still not being expired? :S


This is expired now


Yup received mine today, 2 controllers


Please everyone ignore his comments. There is a controller with the Xbox and then another separate controller.

Xbox One White Wireless Controller + Rainbow Six Siege Digital Download - £49.99 @ GAME
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Xbox One Wireless Controller (Blue, Red, White or Black) + Rainbow Six Siege (XB1 Download) - £49.99 Experience the enhanced comfort and feel of the new Xbox Wireless Controller, f… Read more

Thanks a lot! Never even heard of this site looks like one to keep an eye on


Was just from Google shopping yesterday. Here’s one for £13.11 https://uk.mmoga.net/Xbox-Live/Xbox-One-Game-Keys/Rainbow-Six-Siege-Xbox-One-Download-Code.html


Any idea where I can find it for that price? It's been around £20 on cdkeys now for a few weeks


Download’s worth about £13.50 for the code.



[Xbox One/PS4/PC] Rainbow Six: Siege Free Weekend (February 15-18th)
Found 6th FebFound 6th Feb
Free weekend coming up for one of the best FPS title this generation (y) Join over 25 Million players this weekend! Discover the intense gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege f… Read more
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Suerte mate im unable to respond to your PM about Sins of a Solar Empire®: Rebellion as it says you haven't allowed messages etc but i still dont have the game anyhow, i hope you see this.


Those pointing at cs-go need to remember it's really a pc only game. It's like tf2 and overwatch. Tf2 might have been first bur the console port was trash. Neither are current generation games either even if they are still popular. From this generation there aren't many games like rainbow 6. Overwatch is far too different to be included in my opinion.


If anyone in the UK plays R6 on PS4, feel free to add me. My PSN name is Heienlo.


I think you'll find anyone that has killed anyone ever must he cheating. Thats the impression I get anyway if I forget to mute everyone anyway.


I don't really play mp games because I suck but I put 50 hours into this and my k/d ratio is 0.71.

Ubisoft Sale (Rainbow Six Seige £17.99, Ghost Recon Wildlands £22.49, Rayman: Origins £2.95) + More in OP @ Gamesplanet
Found 29th JanFound 29th Jan
The Ubisoft PC sale has kicked off today, with up to 75% off Ubisoft titles. If you are a PC gamer, chances are you'll find something worth picking up! Click the link for a full li… Read more
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No, you are wrong. Rainbow six siege is 11.99 on steam for STARTER EDITION. Rainbow six siege STANDARD EDITION (which is the one presented here) is on steam for 34.99. Rainbow Six Siege - Year 2 Gold Edition is 59.99 on steam. source: http://store.steampowered.com/app/359550/Tom_Clancys_Rainbow_Six_Siege/


Nope it's just the standard the year 2 one is £34.99


Might be a different version. There's a starter edition and a full edition.


Rainbow six siege is only £11.99 on steam!


Missing the deal here - why is this so hot? All are cheaper elsewhere???

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege Xbox One - Only - £12.99 @ CDKeys
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is the upcoming installment of the acclaimed first-person shooter franchise developed by the renowned Ubisoft Montreal studio. Tom Clancy's Rainbow … Read more
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3 expansions but without it is still a great game. Very tactical. Anyone know how u get Vegas 1&2 free with this?


How many expansions does one have to buy on top of this to make this game the "complete experience".

Xbox One S Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels 500GB + Rainbow 6 Siege  + Halo 5 + Extra Wireless Controller
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
The Xbox One S Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels Bundle (500GB) , features a full-game download of racing favorite Forza Horizon 3 including the best-selling Hot Wheels expansion , an… Read more
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I do wish people would stop expiring their own deals just because it goes cold.


Gona get chilly in here

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